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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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drives our stock price even higher ♪♪ >> actually the summit the original coke ad but that is how you fight back in with humor. freedom matters. it does matter, protected, all made in the usa. the supply favorites, little sisters of the poor, get your all cotton beautiful t-shirt all made in the us, drive the liberals crazy, freedom matters, goodfelt. >> the mask messaging this continues as democrats are accused of breaking their own mandates, latest incidents that have republicans crying foul. jillian: mexico is blocking the us from sending some migrant families back. this threatens to make the crisis worse. todd: breach of the rules, ongoing investigation into this gesture made on the world stage and what it could mean for that american olympian. "fox and friends first" on tuesday.
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♪♪ jillian: this is not on our playlist. heather: have you ever heard that song? jillian: i have not. todd: aretha franklin heard that song? listen to debate. jillian: we have. we can say that. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: covid confusion, president biden will address the nation over concerns about changing guidelines as the us reaches a new milestone. jillian: mask mandates are spreading throughout the country. todd: better late than never. >> reporter: the white house announcing as they hit their
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fourth of july goal of americans receiving one shot covid vaccine with 60% fully vaccinated cdc director rochelle will in ski warns the delta variant is surging. >> remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. vaccinated people can spread the virus if they get a breakthrough infection the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than those who are unvaccinated. and in fact places with more vaccinations generally have less disease. >> this is more restrictions go into effect, louisiana becoming the first state to implement a mask mandate, in new york governor cuomo asking private essences to mandate vaccinations, florida is becoming ground 0 in a mask mandate battle. >> 20% of the cases we are seeing are in florida. there are steps and precautions that can be taken including allowing schools to mandate
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masks and allowing kids to wear masks which is not the current state of play. >> reporter: governor desantis pushing back, ignoring governor desantis's efforts to protect florida, jen psaki is playing politics with the pandemic of the white house to be more concerned about the flip-flopping of the cdc which is inadvertently promoting vaccine hesitancy with their confusing contradictory public communications. senator lindsey graham tested positive in a breakthrough case tweeting this, i am very glad i was vaccinated because without vaccination i would not feel as well as i do now. my symptoms would be far worse. senator graham will be quarantining for the next 10 days. >> it seems we just got back from our weekend and this thing has gone in so many directions. since you feel it is very
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unsettling the confusion is abounding throughout life but there's one thing we can always rely on during the covid experience, the democrats will be very hypocritical when it comes to mandates and their own practices of said mandates. that is been a double standard since it started, the latest, the obama party coming up and muriel bowser but let's start with the obama party if you will. here's jen psaki defending the masses barack obama birthday bash. >> president obama setting the wrong example how serious covid 19 is by hosting a big birthday party with hundreds of people? >> i would note former president obama has been a huge advocate of individuals getting vaccinated. this event is outdoors and in a moderate zone. >> at this point, who knows what
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is going to happen going forward, i don't know, you don't know. jillian: my understanding is it is going to be outdoors, from the beginning people set outdoors is the safest place to be and then we saw a lot of outdoor venues and bigger gatherings being shut down, people weren't having their weddings, graduation ceremonies. we did see outdoor plans diminish and i understand people if they are not vaccinated have to get a negative covid test. todd: there will be a covid doctor monitoring everything. if you're going to lecture us all the things we cannot do why do you then go do something? jillian: one final point about this party, even if you get a negative covid test you still have a number of days where you could be positive, just because
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you get a negative covid test doesn't always necessarily mean you will be negative at that moment in time. >> we will it scientists tell us what we need to do so would of trump did this party? regardless of whether it is a good idea or bad idea if trump did it, literally every single media outlet would be up in arms before we knew any details, the superspreader event of the century, so many organizations, the white house said this will not be a super spreader event, you don't know that. >> cases are going up in states across this country. all eyes are on florida because there's been nearly 22,000 cases saturday, a single day high since the pandemic started but it is not enough to look at cases. you have to look at deaths,
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hospitalizations, hospitalizations and deaths, they vaccinated, unvaccinated. if you have people just single-handedly looking at case numbers that is where a lot of confusion comes into play because we are seeing different mandates coming down across the country. we knew that would happen when it started in la county, but you have to look at the whole picture and those were vaccinated, the majority of people, getting is really all. >> another area of confusion is when you tend a birthday party for us on friday night and the wedding on saturday and all of a sudden on sunday the rules of changed. talking about the mayor of washington dc, a little bit of controversy because somebody on our show yesterday was at the wedding, unclear if she was invited, she said she wasn't invited after she was, for not being invited but snapped this
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photo at the wedding and here's what she has to say when confronted about it on our show yesterday. >> i was at the wedding and i grabbed that photo and let me tell you there were hundreds of people, all unmasked, why are you here with a bunch of people, your maskless, other people a maskless. doesn't that become hypocrisy? already dc has had 11 homicides in the time since we had our last coronavirus death. jillian: they claim she was eating or drinking when the photo was taken but i saw one person in that photo, that gentleman right there, wearing a mask and i don't see anyone else wearing masks or putting anything up to their mouths as if eating or drinking, just pointing that out. >> if you're going to call for do-it-yourself. that is all-americans are asking. i don't think any american is saying this works for this doesn't work. if you're going to be a leader in leading others just the
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consistent with your messaging and time and again the liberals, democrats are not consistent with that message. >> if you put rules upon others then you yourself have to follow those rules. we saw that situation with gavin newsom. one full we need to follow is moving on because there's another story out there 9 minutes after the air. senator josh halley criticizing the biden administration over its handling of the pandemic. >> we are seeing president biden in the left using a campaign of fear and intimidation in order to keep the country in a perpetual state of crisis and centralized control of power over people's lives, president biden has got to stop forcing america to live in fear, time to talk about the end of this pandemic, the end is now incited how we are going to get there but that is not what you hear from this white house, you have constant drumbeat of fear mongering, conflicting guidance,
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conflicting statements, demonizing people who don't agree with him or have concerns about this or that aspect of the pandemic. it is a failure of leadership. todd: a few supports is the white house explaining a first of its kind global leaders summit focused on ending the pandemic but the white house says it has nothing to announce at this point. that we move on to demonstrate. jillian: the biden administration says migrants will be turned away at the southern border while covid cases search. todd: the number of migrant arrest in july remain at the highest level in decades. jackie ibanez in studio with the latest. >> reporter: the biden administration revealing a policy to expel illegal immigrants due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. the development of homeland security releasing a statement saying, quote, title 42 is not an immigration affordable public health authority and its continued use is dictated by cdc
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and governed by cdc analysis of public health factors. many called for the end of the policy. aclu is resuming a lawsuit against the biden administration over the use of title 42 ending settlement talks but as covid 19 cases rise among migrants buses of migrants are still being moved across the state including to laredo where hospitals are reaching capacity. >> very insensitive, even cool to create this environment where people are competing for beds, we are asking injunctive relief, put a halt to this. >> border patrol agents are continuously overwhelmed at the southern border, the ap reporting at 210,000 migrants arrested in july alone, 21,000 more than in june of this year. the rio grande valley and el
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paso sector reporting the highest number of encounter the family units crossing to the us. coming up later this hour we will hear from brandon judd, national border patrol council president who says he isn't surprised with the surging number of migrants. todd: thank you very much. jillian: scotsman jim jordan demanding answers after he said the whistleblower accused the white house of failing to enforce border policies. >> it was a lower so they are not detaining people they are supposed to detain are sending back people there supposed to, or testing the individuals they are supposed to test, just releasing them all over the country, 75% aren't following the protocols. i don't think we will get much of an answer. we just have to hang on, highlight as much as we can until republicans take back the house and then call them in fractional hearings and get more answers. jillian: fox news obtaining is
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showing a 900% increase in migrant covid cases in the rio grande valley sector alone compared to the past 14 months, 12 minutes after the hour, we are learning the cdc's updated mask guidance was based on the covid spike in a popular vacation spot but should that impact restrictions to the rest of the country? we are asking harvard medical professor next. todd: a muslim group, an immigrant from iran appears to be silenced while denouncing critical race.. >> you made the mess and didn't even have the guts to tell me that you were the chair of the board. todd: coming up more of what she said before she was cut off when "fox and friends first" rolls along. ♪♪
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can your internet do that? >> good morning and welcome back. michael mc call calls the house republicans bombshell wuhan lab report the, quote, greatest cover-up in human history. listen. >> they were working on jane of
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function research which means genetically modified, and berating viruses to make them stronger, more deadly, they took the bad specimens out of the lab, brought them to the lab and then tried to create a super size virus to create a vaccine. >> the doctor who wrote a letter denying covid 19 was created in the lab was working with the chinese government. the commerce women wants the doctor subpoenaed and why the left doesn't want the same. >> why with the democrats not join us in getting answers to these questions. did democrats know something we do not, perhaps they know about this funding that went from us tax dollars to go on lap. jillian: we will talk to congressman craig steube about the report coming up in the next hour. meantime president biden expected to address the nation to clear up confusion over the cdc's changing guidelines as we learn the updated guidance is based on a busy to we period in
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july in provincestown in cape cod. >> the cdc says 400 people who traveled during that time tested positive for covid, about 3 quarters of them were fully vaccinated. is a nationwide mask mandate necessary later this? let's ask epidemiologist doctor martin cold north. you understand how to evaluate sample sizes better than any of us. is that proper to evaluate sample size in the proper manner when coming up with the mask mandate? >> the key thing is we can always have desires with us, we cannot eradicate this virus but if you have had covid the vaccine you have immunity but immunity doesn't mean you are not going to test positive. you can still be exposed to the virus, the virus can and do your body and replicate but what the immune system does is prevent
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you from having severe illness or death. we will always have the virus with us, there will always be people testing positive, so many people especially older people have had the vaccine and others are immune, we've seen a decoupling of cases and deaths. cases increase, not increasing to the same extent and that's what you expect when the disease becomes endemic after the pandemic is over. we are regularly answering the endemic state. testing asymptomatic or mildly since many people, if we did that for all the viruses the same way we do covid and we would all be hiding under our
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beds. >> we cannot eradicate the virus. at what point do we as a nation get to this point we say okay, this isn't going away and there may be 70 variations, mutations and we will stay on top of it and follow it but it is something we need to learn to live with and still keep our businesses open, keep our kids in school, keep our economy going and keep everyone as safe as we can and learn to live with covid. when do we get to that point? >> i think we are at that point. the lockdowns have a lot of collateral public health damage, cardiovascular disease and mental health and all those things so we have to stop this now and with normal life, most older people who are high risk, young people do not but most old people have been vaccinated and
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those who haven't should be vaccinated because that is important and stay away from big crowds. >> to follow up on that. it doesn't feel like we are at that point to me because a lot of our elected officials are still pushing these mandates and restrictions and people are seeing new levels of restrictions and more coming with mask mandates. it doesn't feel like our elected officials are living that way. do you agree or disagree? >> the feeling is not there but if you look at the data, cases are up, and covid mortality in july, the lowest covid mortality since the beginning of the pandemic in march of 2020 so if we look at the data, we should be very thankful and optimistic about it.
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probably another winter wave this winter but the key thing is that death is been decoupled from cases. we shouldn't look at case anymore, we should monitor deaths. >> we were talking about deaths and hospitalizations. before we let you go, fully vaccinated, lindsey graham from south carolina diagnosed with one of those breakthrough cases after a party and senator manchin's house vote. jen psaki singh barack obama's 500 prison sixtieth birthday bash won't be a super spreader event. how can she be so sure for an event that hasn't happened yet? >> i don't know but we shouldn't worry too much about that. we should worry about the death and at this point death has been decoupled from cases. in the situation where there
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were cases that no deaths for many of these. we should be thankful, we should start living normally. >> was very even keel, that is why we love having you on, right down the middle. time 23 after the hour. the biden administration did away with trump's remain in mexico policy. jillian: now covid cases surged and entry points are overwhelmed, migrants cannot stay there. we are talking to brandon judd next.
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>> decius secretary a lot of mayorkas is america needs to deal with its own extremist problems. >> the mystic violent extremism is the greatest terrorist threat we face in the home and.
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these are often loosely affiliated individuals or small actors motivated by false narratives, ideologies of hate and the like. laura: domestic terrorism misses department's top priority despite acknowledging the border crisis, rent somewhere attacks and threats from russia, china and others. he says dhs is working to spot and stop any potential domestic terrorist. jillian: look at your screen, shocking drone video showing 1000 illegal immigrants held by border patrol, the largest group of migrants we have ever seen held in that area and it comes as reports show another record high border arrest in july. here to react is brandon judd. thanks for being here. i know you've seen that video. what does it say to you? >> disturbing to know what is going on but if you saw what was going on behind closed doors you would be more disturbed because
1:30 am
that is a very small fraction of what we are holding, we have 10,000 people in custody in the rio grande valley sector. it is great the american public gets to see what we are dealing with but in reality it is much worse, it is good that we have those shots but we have to understand it is much worse and the administration doesn't want you to know what is going on. jillian: why aren't we seeing more of what is going on? >> they are not allowing the press into processing centers to see the overcrowded facilities. they are not allowing you to see how many agents we are pulling off of the line to hold these people in custody. we have very few agents patrolling the border right now
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because we are overwhelmed with the number of people in custody of the number of people to continues across on a daily basis. jillian: they working hard and working long shifts and must be exhausted. there's an article in the washington examiner the talks about mexico barring the us from returning many migrant families and threatening to make the border crisis worse. this article talks about them being non-mexican migrant families, that would not be returned to mexico, those traveling to honduras and other companies -- countries up north, they decide if they can't go to mexico, what are we going to do with them in the united states because some of border facilities as you discussed at length are overrun? >> a lot of things could be done by this administration, the mexican government is emboldened because they see excuses the people i jen psaki are giving the american public, when she says we can't expel people under title 42 she is absolutely
1:32 am
incorrect. we could set up flights going back to guatemala, honduras, el salvador which we would have to do anyway when we deport people back to their country of origin. a lot of things could be done but the administration continues to give half-truths to the american public and we have to understand we can put pressure on the mexican government and we've seen this over and over again but this administration is and willing to step up to the plate and do what is right for the american public. why wouldn't the mexican government do this? we know they are corrupt in the country generates billions of dollars in revenue every year through smuggling of migrants so there's no reason for them not to push back on american policy if we are not the strong country we need to be. jillian: why is the administration not pushing hard enough on mexico? >> because they are pandering to their base, looking at what their base wants them to do?
1:33 am
visit ministration act like they don't want a second term. when president biden originally ran to unify the country he said he would work with both sides and that's not true on this topic and many other topics but on this topic we are seeing an increase because he's willing to listen to his base rather than what is best, the public has spoken they want secure borders but this administration is only listening to the base on this issue. jillian: i can hear the frustration in your voice. i know it has been a lot of long days and nights and long hours but we appreciate you being here to talk about it. 33 after the are, two jewish contract raiders say they been censored by big tech nine times in two weeks but they want to know why social media companies aren't censoring anti-semitic posts next. licy, even a
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jillian: welcome back, president biden's nominee for us anti-semitism envoy once called out ilhan omar for a controversial comments criticizing israel. she slammed omar and 2019 for her, quote, textbook anti-semitism after she claimed pro-israel americans had
1:38 am
allegiance to a foreign country and asked if the minnesota democrats remarks were textbook anti-semitism she said yes adding a part, quote, it is part of the textbook accusation against jews. their cosmopolitans, globalists, not loyal to their country or fellow citizens. omar's office has not commented. >> social media giants under fire for restricting conservative speech but failing to deal with anti-semitism. in a report revealing tech companies failed to act on 84% posts spreading anti-jewish hate. the ceo of the center for countering jewish 8, their videos were banned 9 times in 2 weeks, thanks to all of you for being here. why is this happening despite repeated calls to stop it?
1:39 am
>> i can't tell you what is in the hearts of those who run those companies. i suspect it is greed but we wanted to check what was really going on and i always say the measure of someone's morality is what they do in private not what they say they are going to do in public and when we tested these companies we checked whether they are taking action on anti-semitism and i'm talking about grotesque anti-semitism like saying israelis and jewish people should have died in the holocaust, images of violence against jews, glorification of at all fiddler, the companies failed to act in 84% of cases. it is not good enough. >> the stats from facebook are mind-boggling but look at this. a little under 11% were acted on on facebook, instagram getting a little bit higher, twitter 11%, you were banned 9 times in 2 weeks and your comedians. any sense why?
1:40 am
>> all we could think of is we are jewish, we didn't -- suddenly the only thing we could think of. >> does the government need to step in and stop this? >> we are definitely looking for some big changes here. we think we've already seen some call we got the media involved in this, we reached out to reporters and shared a story about this and ever since then things up in neutral. >> can you think of any reason they have such a big issue, despite any other reason despite you being jewish? >> know. probably not. we smile and stuff. >> i looked at some of it and it made me laugh. what steps do you want to see to
1:41 am
rain in big tech? >> the problem, the tech companies appear to have's which appear sensible on the surface, anti-semitism is upon the palin they won't tolerate on their platforms but the failure to enforce their rules fairly effectively and equally that we've seen these problems and this comes down to whether they invest their enormous profits, a few days ago they doubled their profits. why not spend a little bit of that on moderation? 30,000 more moderation's that create jobs and also held keep the platforms we all enjoy. >> this is ahead scratcher on every level. thanks for getting up with us. we appreciate it. jillian: the white house, president obama's birthday bash drawing criticism amid delta variant concerns.
1:42 am
>> we advise everyone to follow public health guidelines which the former president who is a huge advocate of getting vaccinated and following the guidance of public health experts would advocate for himself as well. todd: carley shimkus is here with the latest. carley: this is shaping up to be the event of the year, 600 people gathering at former president obama's waterfront mansion in martha's vineyard, guests include george clooney, steven spielberg, oprah, all to celebrate the former president's 60 of birthday but republicans are slamming the event with andy biggs tweeting just imagine this party was for trump, new york congresswoman elyse stephan it saying democrats are imposing unscientific mask mandate while contemplating more lockdowns, president obama is hosting 500 eric: his mother's vineyard mentioned.
1:43 am
if you or i did that it would be call the superspreader event by the democrats. the obamas are taking precautions including mandatory testing, the event will be held outside. it was reported pearl jam would be performing but a spokesman says they will not be at the party. the only people not going. jillian: there's a pennsylvania person in hot water. >> the republican committee is calling for a local school board president to resign or take anger management classes after he grabbed a microphone from a mother speaking out against critical race theory. >> this is not the way it is supposed to be. since -- supposed to save the world. they are supposed to be going to college. >> you are over your time. >> for 20 years you made a mess
1:44 am
and didn't have the guts to tell me you were the chairman of the board. jillian: the mom of 3 is a legal immigrant from iran discussing what was like to live in an oppressed country, the school board president grabbed the mic after time expired, the republican committee in chester county, conduct reprehensible and calling on him to step down or take those classes. >> i didn't know that was the words of a song. carley: a pearl jam song. looking at them all. todd: i knew there was something up. let's get back on track, the olympics, turns out these protests not as spontaneous. carley: raven saunders, the shopper who protested during
1:45 am
real pics, not a spontaneous thing, telling the new york times these protests have been in the works for weeks and athletes were in a group discussion to figure out how to protest and decided to stand for oppressed people, she said i stood for what i stood for. i got the metal. i'm going to stand on what i said and he fighting. i'm never going anywhere. here is leo terrel on that. >> the game of using this platform she's getting away with this because her race and gender. if you attack her you are either a racist or sexist or in my case a sellout. >> a spokesman for the initiation olympics, uses the organization is discussing this protests, whether it breaks the rules. >> looking for answers why people are watching.
1:46 am
todd: coming up, chicago, they don't feel safe as shootings at shocking levels. jillian: we are talking to 3 university of chicago students who want to see more being done by the mayor. we are coming right back.
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show me the olympics.
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todd: a twist in the hunt for killer in atlanta, friends of katherine janice say surveillance cameras were not working at the park where she and her dog were found stabbed to death as fear grows as 18-year-old tori laying was founded in a park. rumors of a series, began spreading on social media but police say the two killings are not related and no evidence of a serial killer in the area. one of the 5 people shot in new orleans is an alleged gunman. police believe there was an exchange of gunfire between kareem carter wanted in connection to the incident on charges of illegal carrying a firearm by a felon. they are searching for the identities of people in these surveillance photos, the man in the black clothes seen firing a weapon according to police, they are asking for anyone with information to come forward.
1:51 am
jillian: chicago's crime surge, 461 shooting incident in july along with 614 victims outpacing 2020, students in the windy city beginning to take notice slamming city leaders for policies that put their safety at risk. 3 seniors, good to see all of you. the violent crime you today, the homicides, 434, the shooting incidents nearing 2000. as a sophomore at the university of chicago i'm sure when you are finishing heiskell and looking forward to college this is not what you anticipated happening in the city you now call home. are you afraid? is your family afraid? >> my family is deathly afraid. it is a free speech ethic, the
1:52 am
greatest free-speech school in the country but it is never on my list and my mom, several students have been killed on the streets and on cta so she's worried for my safety, no longer wants me to take public transportation to stay on campus and that is unfortunate. jillian: you talk about public transportation and it reminds me of july 4th, '20-year-old max lewis junior who died when a bullet pierced his neck as he was sitting on the train coming home from an internship, that story is devastating. you are a senior at the school. you have seen the change over the last four years, do you think enough is being done to stop this? >> absolutely not and thank you for having us and i love that you mentioned max lewis who story is so heartbreaking and we
1:53 am
all need to remember his story. he was traveling home on the chicago cpa from his prestigious investment banking internship when he was viciously murdered by a stray bullet and it is absolutely horrifying. he was the second university of chicago student to be murdered in chicago this year already, another was gunned down in a parking lot and mayor lightfoot and others are not doing enough. there been a lot of empty platitudes, a lot of broken promises, she pledged she would make chicago the safest big city in america and clearly that's not happening. she was at lollapalooza instead of taking crime seriously. jillian: when i was in college, we were calling in city leaders to get their act together to stop the crime that is impacting the entire city, not only that but the youth of our generation, we've seen kids, babies being
1:54 am
killed because of this violence on the streets especially in chicago. what do you want to see happen? >> a number of policies the chicago government and lightfoot have endorsed that are particularly dangerous and likely contributed to this problem, a limitation of cash bail, allowing people to return to the streets and commit corporate crimes, leading to the death of young children as young as 5, 6, 7 and older kids in the da not prosecuting people claiming they don't have resources to prosecute cases, allowing people to return to the streets, at the same time this violence is increasing me like that is flirting with defunding police and see how she can make it politically feasible while retirement of officers are surging to a level we've never seen before in chicago. all parts of the system are
1:55 am
falling apart. jillian: it is devastating. i'm sure all your families are worried sick of you guys day in and day out. keep us updated, we will talk to you, thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. >> so much more ahead when i was that age. >> can't imagine having to worry about that. a cool story, the us's carl vinson set sail on one of the most advanced air wings in history. several dozen sailors line to the flight deck after the ship the stock in beautiful san diego was on board are the 35 lightning 2 fighter jets, that is a cool plane and the cmv 22 b osprey is a cool kind of helicopter thing that sparks the first time these gentlemen deployed, the carl vincent was deployed for global military
1:56 am
operation. jillian: in the next hour. >> joe conch, greg steube and tomi lahren all live don't miss it.
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jillian: it is tuesday august 3rd. the mask missing this continues as democrats are accused of breaking their own mandates, the latest incident that has republicans crying foul. >> mexico blocking the us from sending migrant families back. how to make the crisis worse. jillian: are you kidding me? stray cat stealing bases in yankee stadium. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ hello


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