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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 2, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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country as well. that will do it for me, neil will be back tomorrow. in the meantime, you can catch me fox business 2:00 p.m. eastern time making money and remember an interesting theory, the market a all extreme high, but this will be a big job support on friday. a lot going on. thank you for watching. in the meantime, buckle up because "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone dana perino, greg gutfeld, jesse watters, katie pavlik, and this is "the five." >> things are going to get worse. if you look at the acceleration of the number of cases, the seven day average has gone up substantially. >> at warring from those with major hypocrites after a weekenn rules, washington, d.c., ariel
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bowser spotted mask was at a wedding after saving the city's mandate just hours before and chicago mayor lori lightfoot whose celebrities after threatening new covid restrictions. she has also been criticized for allowing that mask to be discussed in the first place. nearly 500 guests have been invited and 200 workers are expected to staff the event. just to get a point on that jen psaki the white house press secretary commented on the party, obama party, take a look. >> president obama has been a huge advocate of getting vaccinated and this event according to the public reporting is outdoors and moderate tone. the guidance is the steps people can take when a public setting, and/or specifically with the new guidance. >> dana: jesse, did you get an invite? >> jesse: the big story about
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that is that barack did not invite joe. [laughter] no, they were best buddies for eight years. i could see trump not being attended to a birthday party but not inviting to barack obama's party? he doesn't want anybody more powerful than he is at the party. i can understand that. if i had a birthday party would i invite hannity? no. i don't want anybody sucking up to sean but to me. the other thing i have is covid coordinator at the party. >> dana: that is a new thing. >> jesse: so what are they supposed to do shoe eric holder and the head with the temperature gone? you can go, eric. sneeze downwind? it's like a useless job and they probably make more than i am. pearl jam's? barack doesn't like pearl jam's. of course they are not because michelle doesn't like pearl jam. it doesn't make sense.
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>> greg: i love how you were able to pivots but you were to pivot on her? [laughter] >> jesse: pearl jam. >> greg: it's her fault. >> dana: president obama hasn't been out there saying put masks on. he doesn't have any power now. i'm vaccinated, my friends are vaccinated, i'm throwing a party. isn't that what we should be doing question what >> greg: has come i'm going to take this as he's a leader. he's telling americans, it is time. covid is over and so was climate change, right? between 500-700 people, how many private jets will be landed in the airport. we know do not flip the last covid, the threats of doom keep you from your 60th birthday party. i'm totally for it, but i just think it's like white? president obama, does he still need more love? hey, think about all the celebrities that are going to be
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there. it is just going to be hilarious. >> dana: along with jesse. >> jesse: i'm not going... tucker is going. >> dana: lori lightfoot to some extent but we have seen this movie before. >> greg: she made the deadline after the wedding like we weren't supposed to notice that. and it used to be that laws were for everyone but not so much anymore. we only have law for the law-abiding. have you thought about this? we don't have any laws anymore where people who really need them meaning the criminals and politicians. so when there is a surge in crime, the instinct is to go after the criminal if common sense, but instead, they talk about creating more laws for gun crime, for basically laws that would be followed by the law-abiding. so the suggestions and everything we hear in the order that we are given, they are for people that you know will do the right thing. but no one ever pressures the people who are doing the wrong
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thing to do the right. politicians and criminals, no different. >> jesse: the move at that wedding, greg is to have always a drink in your hand. >> dana: i don't know, richard, what did you think about the cc scandal does your? >> dana: i've i like the solution to the problem and it's rather funny. i think the mayor, she said that she had a mask on the whole time but people show a little different. >> dana: the social media team... >> richard: i would be pretty upset also so. but listen, i'm not a fan of mayor de blasio, but i think it is the right way to do it. what he said today was, look, i asked strongly encourage folks that are vaccinated to wear a mask indoors because we want to stop the spread of variant but i will not put out a mask mandate. that is the right way to go. if you are trying to encourage folks to get vaccinated, which is what the goal is, to
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encourage people to get vaccinated especially when we had a week who reported highest number of covid cases in a single day in the entirety of the pandemic. we also know there is 10,000 people in florida over that that are currently hospitalized. the only way to stop this is vaccination and understanding the vaccination is more effective than the covid treatment if you catch covid and you end up being hospitalized. we will have to do it with a carrot and not a stick. >> dana: vaccinations are up. they met the deadline. 70% of the first shot by july 1st, august 1st. >> we are meeting those goals but when you look at the way people's lives are being controlled and the kids going back to school and that kids be massed, the panic pushers on covid are not afraid of covid come apparently. people like mayor bowser or gavin newsom in california, they've never been afraid of this in a way they are pushing everybody else and acting that
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everybody is terrified about it. the question is, why not? if it is as serious as they are saying with every aspect of their lives, you would think they would be taking it serious, but they have not been taking it seriously. it was more important to hang out with people at the wedding. and then a reporter, she was not invited and how dare she report the news. when there are big decisions being made by the cdc director, by the white house director in the white house top covid advisors today who is from the university of minnesota sang the masts that we are wearing, and 95 masks are not working too slow the spread. when they put the government mandates in place with small businesses or corporations to do the same, you are affecting people's lives, livelihood, and kids to go back to school with social interaction with each other. so i think it is a bigger question of, why are they acting like everybody needs to panic and possibly locked down again and do all these things when they are not doing them and
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implementing rules that none of them are affected by it? the people that go to barack obama's birthday party are not affected by these rules. they can fly on a private jet, have things deliver to come all the people mandating these issues skirt the rules are not a fight stomach affected by it. >> greg: it is an interesting kind of class warfare in a sense that you can tell people to do the things that you, your cell can endure, but they can't and over time, their lives get worse. and i even put myself in the exception. i was able to walk all the way through this. we were able to work from home and that's why we wanted to get back here. we are giving advice to people and yet, we are not taking the advice. >> dana: it is different than a restaurant on her who got through this and i'll looking at the possibility of -- today, they said there might be more restrictions come in. the >> richard: i think what the cdc said is there is a high
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infection rate and low vaccination rate. here is the threshold, when you get to this point you have to go to masking and to this point, locked down everybody knows what that threshold is and so people aren't an alert when something comes out from the cdc. >> jesse: it's not clear. according to those guidelines come every single city right now, you have to wear a mask according -- >> richard: i'm agreeing with you on that one. >> jesse: you are agreeing with me. >> dana: you are crazy! and american athletes being investigated for protest at the olympics and guillain-barré plans to do the same. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: mr. potato head is team usa is ready for the olympic games... ...and so are mike and eddie! show me the olympics. they easily catch every single event with the award-winning xfinity voice remote. show me bmx racing! show me swimming. track and field. shot put. skateboarding. water polo. climbing! discus. surfing. dressage. dressage? it's horse dancing. magnificent. with the best of the olympics, and everything else you love, it's a way better way to watch! cheer on team usa with xfinity x1.
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say "show me the olympics in 4k" so you can watch in stunning 4k ultra hd. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: the olympic podium being used to protest american shot put saunders after crossing her arms above her head during
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the medal ceremony this weekend. she says it is to represent a oppressed people and telling the international olympic committee to try to take it, the metal. this comes as olympic them or thrower glenn berry turned on the american flag during the national anthem if you look at trials and says she will do it again if she reaches the podium saying "i feel like i've earned the right to wear this uniform. i will represent the oppressed people. that has been my message for the last three years. all those people that hate me, they are not here so they can't affect me." all right, katie, what do you think? come and take it. >> katie: well, we will see if the investigation plays out and the international committee on what you are allowed to do protesting. but i don't want to focus on the people who are not proud of the country they are representing. i think we should focus on those making our country proud like the men's relay team and a golden swimming, that was amazing and i love watching that. to emphasize the point, our usa
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athletes can get up there in protest and come back to a country where they have freedom and the freedom of speech to speak out against things they think are unjust. in the meantime, there is a polaris runner, her name is -- her last name starts with t come i will not try to say it. >> jesse: just try to say it. >> katie: she spoke out against the officials and criticize them. her life is in danger and she's trying -- he thinks that she will be killed. >> jesse: well met, such a jerk. >> katie: anyway, the point is if you are an american athlete you can protest and come back to your country and live freely as if you are from another of other countries and the majority around the world have no right to do so or to do that when they go home. >> jesse: tomato or tomato. >> richard: i actually agree with you today, katie, on that
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point. and makes my life easy, belarus. but i think that is great that you can go to the olympics, win a gold medal, civil medal, bronze and express your disagreement with a country pier that is what makes america great. this is nothing new. with all this and that might and 68 games tommy smith and john carlos the united states and mexico city. we have seen muhammad ali did the same thing. listen, politics and athletics have been connected to, even richard nixon with tennis in china. this is nothing new and i'm happy to see these players are expressing themselves. >> jesse: i actually don't mind this as much as some of any thing really drove me nuts but this is not the best, not the worst spirits before they were amazing things, including that guy who was tripped by that guy on our team, usa and tripped by the guy at botswana, and he was on track to win. instead of getting mad, gets up,
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shakes his hand, and they run together. >> jesse: that's not my reaction. >> dana: no, that would not be your reaction. but here is the thing, first of all, quinn perry wants to protest my first, you have to win. >> jesse: yeah, right? >> dana: you might get a medal, but when you are... this is the thing about it, if you are going to do this, you can't preview it. it loses all of its impact. >> jesse: right. >> dana: first of all, we don't know if you will win a medal. second of all, here she goes. listen, if you decide to do this, that is your right and you think that is your right, you have to understand that everyone has a right to an opinion about that actually is well. so then don't get mad if you get a reaction. >> jesse: you have a lot of strong opinions. >> greg: first of all, i go back to the activist for an
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olympics, activists with fixed physical fitness. i always worry about that, they are out of shape, overweight, and miserable. if we could get them into repeated physical fitness or perhaps something like -- it's not like the activist olympics and just let them -- i think it would be beautiful. your point is, we have the athletes with political points. this is a political show. i should be able to make comments about athletes. i don't think a lot of people are very good athletes. >> richard: they have to win the gold or silver medal. >> that's my opinion. and people like to watch the olympics because they like to root for somebody, your team, team america. it's not a personal, athletic endeavor but you are representing your country so it's not like the nba, nfl where you can live in l.a. and be a fan of the next next, whatever. but a lot of people who want to
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support them come up they come off as unthankful brats. see, in my opinion, the athletes come a lot of them are ungrateful brats. are americans rooting against the american female soccer team? i know a few who are. and it is because they come off as super smart. and the olympics are graded for national pride -- every day you want to know how many metals. >> jesse: china. >> greg: i should say being woke, number one, jesse, doesn't matter if you come from a racist country. that is the message. and the idea of winning doesn't matter. the number of metals doesn't matter. i think the athletes are unique specimens and that no longer matters either because they puncture every one of these aspirational values their behavior. so it doesn't really matter to me.
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you're not really that good. you're boring. i don't care about that. i used to care. i actually used to put forth compression because you were a part of the american team but now i don't give a damn. >> jesse: what is the difference between mexico and the united states? >> greg: could point. >> jesse: it doesn't even exist anymore. >> richard: and sanders, she was after the chinese anthem and the medals pointed handed out. she waited. >> richard: josie come on saturday, 1-2-3 in the men's 100. >> greg: i love jamaica. >> richard: i'm a proud make an american. >> richard: 1-2-3. >> jesse: you aren't even in double digits. aoc threatening to blow up a major bill if the radical
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get yours today. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you may qualify to get eargo at no cost to you. ♪ ♪ >> dana: democrat civil war in d.c., alexandria ocasio-cortez not happy with her own party for allowing a covert era eviction moratorium to expire. aoc is threatening to blow bipartisan infrastructure deal if our left demands for trillions of dollars in more spending aren't pushed through congress. the house and house leadership have the opportunity to vote to extend the moratorium. and there were many here we of conservative democrats that threaten to get on planes rather than this vote. we have to relate just call a
2:27 pm
spade a spade. we cannot in good faith blamed the republican party when house democrats have the majority. if there is not a reconciliation bill in the house and if the senate does not pass the reconciliation bill, we will uphold our end of the body and not passed the bipartisan bill until we get all of this. >> katie: dana why is this your favorite story? >> dana: the moratorium is my favorite but let me comment on one thing and they want to hold up their end of the bargain but she's playing with a smaller hand so the infrastructure bill is going to pass the senate and has the potential of getting republican votes. the reconciliation bill has no chance of any republican vote. she can talk about the house margin, but that does not matter. and she is making the senator's life so much better as she sits there as moderate democrats, i'm trying to be pragmatic and get things done. good for her politically. imagine for one moment, just forgotten.
2:28 pm
extending the eviction moratorium. and speaker pelosi puts out saturday night laming brett kavanaugh. the only reason it was extended for another month or two brett kavanaugh said fine, i will do with this time, but this is not constitutional. congress needs to do something. then they sat on their hands. president biden, does he think the senate should extend it? not all landlords are warren buffett. and all of a sudden, back rent. but here's the kicker of all of this, remember when states could not get unemployment money out and it was so frustrating? why are we as the federal taxpayer offering more and willing to pay all of this in the state can't get money to everybody and not able to pay electricity bill and the stress through no-fault of their own is happening but now this case the federal taxpayer gets $49.6 billion to the state and they can't figure out how to get this money out, they sat on it in new york $2.7 billion in the
2:29 pm
democrats turned around and said actually the landlords are to blame. the landlords should apply for this money. i think this is absolute incompetence at the federal level. and actually come up people know that this moratorium needs to end but hear me out one less thing. if they pass the moratorium for another four or five months, what does that tell you? christmas. do you think anybody will want eviction notices going out at christmas? the moratorium never ends. then what happens? yes, this is my favorite story for different reasons. i didn't even get about sleeping on the sofa of the capital. >> greg: you talk about it, no, you go. >> katie: do you want to talk about sleeping on the steps of the capital when millions of job openings and restaurants having hard time getting workers back to work and having a hard time and they actually owed to the bank as well? >> richard: it is a balanced approach. and dana pointed out $50 billion of money to set to deal with the
2:30 pm
fact that both the landlords behind the mortgages and the renter that can't find jobs or work for various reasons and this money should be used but the census bureau saying because according to the census bureau, 3.6 million folks will be impacted when this moratorium goes away. so this is about government working for the people. both state, federal and local government and cori bush for sleeping on the steps of the capital just because we are having a conversation about this issue. wait a minute, where did the $60 billion go and how did the $60 billion get to the right people, which is what the white house is trying to say? where is this money and why hasn't it got to the people that allocated it? congress passed it and how do we not give this to the renters to begin to pay this money so they can stay in their homes and not be victims. >> katie: jesse, why are they
2:31 pm
not having this conversation in june when it is clear that it needed to be passed in congress? >> jesse: they were focused on january 6th, katie, that is why. aoc needs to pay for someone else's rent, no, i don't know it's not. he helped a lot of american people with what, free money, free rent for nearly a year when they needed it. they don't need it anymore and they can help themselves. what did joe biden say? this was a workers job market? the work last, yesterday, 62 covid dad deaths, and 102 people died in car accidents, okay? so we have to neutralize the threat of covid with vaccines. and we know that aoc wants this and show it's in the green new deal and she even wrote it. she's actually on the committee and she didn't see this covered.
2:32 pm
and she tried to get support for it but she waited for the last minute and blame the biden white house for it. aoc is the least effective member of congress mama basically. she has never written a bill that has gotten to the committee and her entire career. she is not an effective legislature. she would be much better on cable news. >> richard: you talk about her quite a bit, jesse. >> jesse: all the stupid things she does. i say we talk about people do that is stupid. speak to greg, brought about a movement, the far left democratic party has this movement going on for a long time. universal income and the government paying everything and that private businesses getting off of the hook. >> greg: this is the reason you can't compromise with temporary solutions. even if you give a temporary solution to an elective, they will make it permanent. there is no such thing whether mail and pallets are moratorium,
2:33 pm
you give them -- sure, we will get back to normal. no, they won't come a moratorium they don't know what that means. and i have to say we don't talk about her at all. we talk about the stories and always very, very respectful. she's incredibly talented, but she hasn't lived enough to be that arrogant in her wisdom here that is an issue with the problem with the democratic party is that they are hard, loony left are young and ignorant in terms of wisdom. they don't know how the world works. and they will not listen to me. i said this before, "the five" we raise the flags, called out the culture, the mob mentality, but when we do it it doesn't land with the democrats. so you need the remaining, sensible i.e. older democrats to take responsibility, you know, pretend you didn't hear from us. make it your idea and we will salute you. but it is time for old people
2:34 pm
and the democratic party to take their party back from the young and loony. >> katie: the boomers, come on, boomers. >> greg: the wisdom challenge. >> katie: coming up america arms themselves for a major crime waves but they are running into big problems. that is next. ♪ ♪ what matters most. that's how we've become the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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♪ ♪ >> richard: americans are raising to protect themselves with a spike in violent crime in new york city. ten people were shot including innocent bystander when a masked gunman sprayed and panic in new york. people running for safety after shots erupted on bourbon street leaving five wounded. americans are buying guns in record numbers but a new report
2:39 pm
says that a man is creating a shortage on ammunition. katie, you are a second amendment enthusiast so what do you think about the shortage? >> katie: it is not a new shortage, a shortage for about a year now so it's been a problem here this is the perfect story because national shooting for months, august and people are encouraged to bring something new to the range. but let's make a flag. the problem now is it is hard to find ammo so you have to bring your own ammo, if you want to take get to the range. but pretty simple, richer, if you defund the police in dangerous situations, criminals in jail and people want to protect themselves and 84 million people went out to protect themselves. the left, it's not the people they wanted to be but minority and women's buying guns too to defend themselves in places all over the country. if there is a shortage of 8 million new people bogging two rounds for one day at the range,
2:40 pm
which is not a lot, that's hundreds obillions of rounds of ammo. if people could be entrepreneurial and open up more -- >> a business opportunity. >> richard: i wrote up in forbes, why they buy guns but the reason they pointed out, one, -- they missed trust law enforcement to serve them well. they decided to protect and their own hands. but the guns among african-americans 52.2% amongst african and american women, the newest first-time gun owners. what do you think about that, dana? >> dana: it makes sense but also, one of the reasons you need ammunition so people that are new gun owners can go to the range and practice or go to the nra instructor or whoever they decide to go through in order to use it appropriately and actually protect themselves and not harm anyone. including themselves. >> richard: greg? >> greg: this is a perfect opportunity to talk about the
2:41 pm
environment. when will we start recycling the bullets? i do have friends that make their own bullets out of the shells and the gunpowder. it takes a long time. >> dana: reloading. >> greg: when you have a ammo shortage, don't look at me or the nra. the democrats have to look at themselves and the media for denying the rise of crime, mocking and demoralizing the media. justifying looting and riots and that creates a legitimate explanation and reason for citizens to arm up. they are solving their problem. gun control, the fourth time i've said this, is dead! if leaders can't get illegal guns off of the street, you will not get the legal ones off because you ain't -- i mean come in this claim it's not happening. again, horrible crimes being committed in the reflex is to react to the criminals but direct the action against law-abiding here this is a scam to pretend that they are seeking remedies when they are covering
2:42 pm
the radical transformation of society. they want this to happen. but it's not happening. this is the best rebound you could ever imagine. god bless guns and ammo. >> katie: amen. >> richard: jesse? >> jesse: let's pretend i am a consultant. i give a bunch of democrats in the room and i say, guys, i was supposed to tell you that i have an idea to reduce the taking of black lives and reduce the amount of guns in circulation. and then s silence would fall al over the room and leaned in and say "yes, what is the solution, jesse?" first, my retainer is $50 a month and after that, well in order to do that, you take the shooters off of the streets by being tough on crime, hence, richard, saving black lives and you also by stopping the crime waves, people are less scared so not stopping on lots of guns and
2:43 pm
ammo. >> richard: the people in the black community is misconstructed by the police. >> greg: they are the victims of the looting. >> richard: but they also -- listen. i agree with you. i was a gun owner. i'm telling you why black people -- either way, we don't have any time. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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every time nacho fries came back, that bold seasoning was drawing something closer. and once they taste that warm nacho cheese sauce... they won't stop till there's nothing left. taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back, time for "the fastest." people will do anything for social media likes. look at dana. a new survey finds 1 of 3 social media users have ordered food they didn't even eat. just so they can post a picture of it. dana, that is disgusting. what do you think? >> dana: this is a great way to reduce your calorie intake.
2:48 pm
>> greg: i put out the food and chew it, spit it out. [laughter] >> dana: i'm trying to get in on that. what is that you did that one day? >> jesse: it was... >> dana: a false take. >> greg: this is my artificial stake. boy, you are so high right now. [laughter] >> dana: and it's only monday but it feels like wednesday. >> jesse, never looks as good as you think it is. but it never does. >> jesse: if i go out to dinner and she ordered some expensive dish command that guy came out and put it down and took a photo of it and didn't eat it, we would be in a fight. [laughter] i would take it home for lunch and a go bag. >> greg: what is that? it sounds like a lobster inside of a box. >> jesse: no, they put a little nice sauce, brown it.
2:49 pm
>> greg: it sounds something from a mad men episode. that is cruel to the lobster. when it cracks it open, put you back in your skin. we when we eat ribs every night. >> greg: but they were supposed to be eaten. v5 on the bone. >> greg: cockroaches of the sea. richard, do you take pictures of your food? >> richard: yes but i eat it afterward. >> greg: i don't like it when people take a picture of their finished plate. that is gross. who does that? the pope? just to keep people at home. what about you, katie? >> katie: i think it is very wasteful. the three i think that is a daring point. >> katie: very daring. >> jesse: you have to tip if you don't eat the food. quit throwing it out there. >> greg: clerk and so is
2:50 pm
cracking down slow drivers that hang out and the lane and you can only use that lane passing other drivers. or avoiding danger. this is -- i'm surprised we didn't lead with this, katie? speak to a state where you can drive 90 miles an hour on the freeway, i love this because it is annoying when someone is blocking traffic on the left side appear that should pull people over and give them tickets for driving too slow. >> greg: dana, obviously, these are women drivers. as a sexist would say. >> dana: we see it every day. it is unbelievable. just pull over, lady. >> greg: that is the best impersonation of a sexist. >> dana: this would be so happy if it happened in new york and new jersey. nothing would make him happier, like lived in germany for a while and you don't do that. >> greg: they have the autobahn there, german for fast. [laughter] >> jesse: how many false things can you say in one sentence? >> greg: i was trying to go for the record.
2:51 pm
the one you didn't even think about arkansas the whole year. nobody has thought about arkansas, no offense, we love you, or consult. he came out with the best law all year because either going 85 or you are coming ahead of somebody. so get out of there if you're not doing either of those things. dana, governor new jersey, at the on sunday. >> greg: of the parkway on sunday, richard. >> richard: i agree, low on the right. >> jesse: we are agreeing a lot today. >> richard: i like to go 85 and you are going 50 in the left lane commit makes my blood boil. >> greg: check out the rest stops. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
2:52 pm
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at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. ♪ ♪ >> dana: time now for one more thing, jesse?
2:56 pm
>> jesse: yesterday i was in new jersey signing copies of how i saved the world. and it was a great signing at book town. dana recommended i go. and someone actually showed up in a t-shirt with going's face on it. i told him i wouldn't sign his book unless he covered it up. and i just want to thank everybody for waiting in line for a few hours. we had almost 500 people show up and you guys are amazing. if you couldn't make it there, i will be in north veil new jersey books and greeting wednesday night right after the 5:00. 7:00 sharp. you can call the store for tickets and sign your book and take a picture with you. you can even touch me. i will let you touch me. >> greg: you will regret that. >> dana: all right. i'm glad you had a good time. >> jesse: thank you. >> dana: great bookstore. i got the special picture from jesse's assistant of jesse getting ready for his book signing. so he had to gate little food in him that's a lot of books to sign. check it out. this is him decided to get a
2:57 pm
cheeseburger and just like get it down because you need a lot of energy. >> jesse: i love. >> dana: seagull eating a burger. take a picture of it. >> greg: do this thing. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ ♪ >> greg: isn't that adorable? unless explanation before i got to it but that's okay. i was going to say that i work in a lab and this is my lab. ruining the joke and whoever put that up there meet me after the show and discuss your future here at fox or how your future was once at fox. yes, anyway. >> dana: do a lot of filing at the lab? >> greg: i do a lot of filing. >> jesse: you have hiring and firing power at this company? >> greg: yes. it's weird though.
2:58 pm
i don't even know. pick a name out. pick a name. >> dana: pick my name tomorrow. katie? >> katie: tum to towers frank siller has started 537 walk to mark the 20th anniversary of september 11th. yesterday he started in washington, d.c. i actually saw him walking through arlington, v.a. yesterday and go to shanksville, pennsylvania and end here in new york city. frank, of course, is the chairman and ceo of tunnel to towers foundation and doing the walk brother steven who died 9/11. he goal through the same tunnel his brother did on september 11th and make his way to end at the world trade center for the 20th anniversary. frank, best of luck. and i hope you have some comfortable shoes. we will follow that one for sure. richard? >> richard: i was busy this weekend so, busy, but i got us
2:59 pm
an exclusive olympic footage only here for "the five" men and women 06-meter final. future olympians speeding through 196-foot track and field and tyrone, georgia. these group of toddlers are participating in the diaper dandy hosted by u.s. track and field. this footage was uploaded by rusty fields, you see beautiful loved ones running down the track. >> greg: i could take them. >> richard: sportsmanship, greg. >> greg: i could take them. i'm in shape. i'm slightly taller. >> richard: i'm pretty sure she would beat you. >> dana: watch the olympics tonight there is diving. >> richard: simone biles is back tonight on the balance beam and the floor exercise. >> dana: what about caleb, is he swimming again? >> katie: i don't know the swimmer. >> richard: caleb is done. >> jesse: dana? deign answer i'm really struggling on the time difference i love following on social media i think isaiah story is amazing.
3:00 pm
talk about sportsmanship. how are you guys doing on a monday? a lot of energy. >> katie: 18 seconds left. >> greg: somebody calls you at midnight it's hard to get back to sleep, dana. it happened? >> greg: yes, it happened. >> jesse: johnny. >> dana: that's it for us. promise to be more awake tomorrow. "special report" is up next. hey, mike. >> mike: we have energy. thanks, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. ♪ >> mike: i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight the covid conundrum delta variant sending more people to the hospital. inspiring more officials to institute and contemplate more restrictions and fueling resurgence in vaccinations sparking resistance to any new government action to people saying they have had enough. fox team coverage. rich edson at the state department with exclusive news about another possible link to the wuhan lab in china. anita vogel washington bureau with pictures ofhe


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