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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> it is monday, august 2nd. things are going to get worse, a stark warning from bidens' chief medical advisor as the delta variant surges. what republicans say the federal government should do to get americans vaccinated. >> plus, terrifying scenes across the u.s., gunfire ringing out in new york city and on the streets of new orleans, hurting innocent bystanders. the new push for public safety and what the puck, an nhl star is accused of throwing his own games on purpose and this morning he's playing defense.
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"fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> good morning. >> i'm sure he's dancing from wherever he is, connecticut, the song is playing. >> you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning, i'm ashley strohmier. >> i'm carley shimkus. both jillian and todd have this morning off. >> dr. anthony fauci connects,, quote, pain and suffering as the delta cases surge but not any new lockdowns. >> this comes as lawmakers call for full fda approval of vaccines to help ramp up shots. we have a report from washington with the latest on the front. good morning, caroline. >> reporter: good morning, ashley and carley. dr. fauci warns that cases are way too high right now and they're going to get worse but
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he did have a spot of good news. >> i don't think we're going to see lockdowns. i think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak, but i believe enough to not a allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. >> reporter: the rate of vaccinations is going up. the white house reported that since the week of july 5th there has been a steady increase but not fast enough for federal officials. here are the stats. 164 million people in the u.s. are fully vaccinated, almost 50% of the total population. but the country is seeing more than 72,000 new cases a day which is a jump of 44% compared to the previous week. because of that, masks are making a come bask in parts of the country, even for those who are vaccinated, with government officials citing breakthrough cases from the delta variant. the director of the cdc clarified over the weekend there will not be a nationwide vaccine mandate. a eight states plus d.c. and puerto rico have already imposed
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some type of mandatory mask requirement and more could be coming. south carolina is not one of them. >> we like to give the information to the people. we don't require them to do things. give them the right information, not exaggeration or hyperbole, make all the choices available to them and then let them make their decision and it's working. >> reporter: now some lawmakers are calling on the fda to give full approval to the vaccines. they are now under an emergency authorization. ashley and carl hey, back to you -- carl hey, back to you. >> thank you. >> dan bongino says in his opinion democrats are hoping to use the pandemic as a midterm election tool. take a listen. >> we had joe biden just back in may tell us, you know, we think we've got this thing under control. you can take the masks off and go back to living your life. something we were doing anyway down here in the free state of florida. but you wonder why they flipped the light switch and all of a
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sudden went back to a 24 hour fear agenda. i can tell you what my sources are telling me, they're telling me the democrats think they're going to get routed in the 2022 election. >> carley, bongino brings up a good point. why all of a sudden are we so concerned about masking and bringing all this back where there's been a huge push for people to be vaccinated, i mean, giving out cheeseburgers, french fries, millions of dollars to get back to normal life and all of a sudden out of nowhere we're bringing mask mandates back where you mentioned you're more likely right now in d.c. to get shot than to die of covid. >> that's right. one of the big threats throughout the coronavirus -- threads throughout the coronavirus pandemic is all the hypocrisy that's taken place where elected leaders are calling for people to stay home and we saw a bunch of them go out. it's happening again. didn't learn from last year's mistakes. in washington, d.c. the mayor, muriel bowser, implemented an
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indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people and there's pictures of her officiating a wedding, sitting inside, indoors, without a mask. her office released a statement and said on saturday, july 31st, mayor bowser officiated an outdoor roof top wedding ceremony, followed by an indoor dinner. the mayor wore a mask indoors in compliance with the mandate. we have a picture that shows something else and the organizers and venue staff worked to create a safe environment for the staff and guests. like i said, the picture, there's no food in in front of her. she is wearing a mask -- she is not wearing a mask inside as she asked everybody else to do and she should feel comfortable not having to wear a mask inside because if you are vaccinated, vaccines work. you are protected. and that should be the message for all people moving forward. >> and then you spoke to a woman who was there at that wedding, he tiana lowe.
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let's listen to what she had to say. >> i was at the wedding and i grabbed that photo and let me tell you, there were hundreds of people in there, all unmasked, at this four star hotel and when i wept up to bowser, what i did was call her out in terms of why are you here with a bunch of people, you are maskless. other people are maskless. does that not reek of hypocrisy. >> not only does it reek of hypocrisy but it also is confusing everyone. because you've got these leadsers saying one thing and then literally within the same breath doing something totally different. >> absolutely. i know. it just becomes a bit of a power grab that's so obvious. on capitol hill you have nancy pelosi saying all staffers, all house members have to mask up and then you see her, she's taking off the mask during a swearing in ceremony because she feels comfortable enough to not wear a mask because she's
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vaccinated. that's how everybody else should feel too. >> well, of to bring up the point with pelosi, we have talked about i feel like ad nauseam, there's rules for masks in the house but not the senate. there again, more hypocrisy. you know, what is it? what do they want us to do? what should they be doing? none of it makes any sense. >> that's why people have a difficult time trusting the federal government right you now. even the people that are telling us to follow the science aren't following the science they're telling us to follow. >> turning to violent week ends in major cities. a manhunt is underway for two men who opened fire on a street in new york. >> marianne rafferty joins us live with the latest. good morning, marianne. >> reporter: good morning. more violence in the streets over the weekend across the country and in new york a hunt for a pair of masked shooters who fired on a group of people standing outside a laundromat on
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a crowded street in queens. police say 10 people were shot and out of those three were intended targets. the et rest were innocent bystanders. after firing around 37 shots, the suspects sped off on mopeds. >> this was as i can most accurately describe it, it's a brazen, coordinated attack. >> reporter: democratic mayoral candidate and republican curtis sliwa in agreement on the dangers facing the city. >> we have to come to grips with the fact that we're living in a city where someone can drive up on a moped, shoot people, hop back on the moped and get away safely. we have to come to grips that we are losing the grip on public safety and we have to respond immediately and treat this like the crisis that it is. >> and with the defunding of the police by a billion dollars, by mayor de blasio who should be
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here, and you have to say where are all the elected officials, some who represent the area, who are part of the defund the police movement. >> reporter: and in new orleans, tourists are sent running when bullets fly on bauer don street, the police association blaming budget cuts. one person is in custody. in chicago, the city saw a rise in shooting incidents, 461 so far this year, compared to 402 this time last year. interesting to note, homicides are down slightly, 105 why july of 2021 compared to 107 the same month in 2020. cpb subject david brown met with president biden in early july to address the rise in crime and the administration committed to providing resources to combat gun violence. >> none of those numbers reasons to celebrate.
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thank you so much. >> now to a fox news alert. here's a live look at capitol hill where the senate is one step closer to passing the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, following a rare weekend session. majority leader chuck schumer expects a final vote could come in a matter of days. but progressive congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says there are more than enough votes in the house to tank the bill unless congress passes a bigger spending package along with it. >> wyoming senator john bay barrasso says all americans will be stuck footing the bill for the democrats' spending plan. listen. >> this wasn't a negotiation with nancy pelosi. this was a hijacking. and this would be terrible for the country, for the economy and she's not just a hijacker, she is also an arsonist because this is putting additional jet fuel on the flames of inflation and we know who is going to be hurt by this. the people that are going to suffer under this are people living on a fixed income, all americans are going to pay for
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this through inflation, through taxes. joe biden says well, we're only going to raise taxes on businesses and some people making a lot of money. you cannot fund something this expensive without everybody in america getting hit. >> the stage is now set for the next debate over president biden's $3.5 trillion budge he . >> the time is 11 minutes after the hour. e-mails obtained by fox news appear to show special treatment, special media treatment for the 1619 project's nicole hanna jones during her tenure fight at unc. we talk to joe concha about that coming up next. >> if you're looking to bring home the bacon, you better do it now. this is upsetting. we'll tell you why the breakfast favorite may soon be disappearing from store shelves. better not be from mine. >> mine either. ♪ i'm on the hunt, i'm after you. ♪
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impressive! that's 'cuz you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? welcome back. newly surfaced e-mails show a dean once asked abc news to protect 1619 project writer nicole hanna jones during her tenure battle at unc chapel hill. >> here to react, fox news
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contributor joe concha. okay, joe, so what makes her so special to be protected? >> very interesting, right? who needs protection in these situations an it's just another example, gals, on how the isms have shifted in terms of those who used to practice or teach journalism are now engaging in activeism. yes, please protect a political idea log whose work has been shown to be inaccurate including the claim that the revolutionary war was fought to preserve slavery. what a joke. people ask how did the media become so partisan and a biased. it starts with journalism schools across the country, they're supposed to teach pursuing the facts without fear of favor to party, all under the guise of journalism. >> have you a new op-ed in the hill out criticizing cdc director rochelle walensky for
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being a bad messenger when it comes to covid-19 and something that happened on bret baier's show on friday you say points to that very point. the take a listen to what she had to say. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> you know, that's something that i think the administration is looking into, it's something that i think we're looking to see approval of from the vaccine. >> of course, the big walk-back, joe, on twister happened 20 minutes after the show happened. she wrote, to clarify there will be no nationwide mandate. i was referring to private institutions and portions of the federal government, there will be no federal mandate. they're having a tough time getting their story straight. >> rochelle walensky obviously is an excellent medical professional, a great doctor. it's different being a spokesperson at the same time. as you said, the answer that she gave around mandating vaccines
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on a federal level, that quickly caught fire on social media and she had to respond an hour later. this keeps happening time and again with walensky. because she said, for instance, that she thinks the variants could morph into something that makes the vaccine useless. it's kind of like the head of nasa saying that oh, an asteroid could hit earth and destroy us all, it's a very, very, very miniscule possibility but to openly talk about that is reckless. a recent npr poll tells the whole story, says that nearly half of americans have trust in the cdc. that number used to be in the 80s okay. web md poll in may said 77% of americans think that trust in the cdc has decreased since start of the pandemic. it's hard to see that the number isn't higher as we enter august. we need a spokesperson for the cdc, professional, disciplined and not dr. walensky who clearly when she goes to interviews shares too much of her feelings and not the data and the facts.
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>> yeah. i couldn't agree -- he joe, you did such a good job in that segment, maybe you should be the spokesperson for the cdc. my vote's on you. >> oh, i don't know about that. i'll be a spokesman for bacon, how's that sound. >> i like that even better. >> i took that one already. >> oh, yeah. joe, thanks of so much for joining us. >> thanks, joe. >> and up next, america is now seeing an ammunition shortage. our next guest says it's due to a surge in new gun owners as crime surges across the country. hear more from him, next. >> aoc issues a major ultimatum over the senate's bipartisan infrastructure deal. cheryl casone is breaking it down for us, coming up next. ♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle. ♪ i'm losing my mind just a little. ♪ hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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senators unveiled the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal with a vote expected this week but progressives are threatening to tank it. >> cheryl casone from our sister network fox business joins us with the latest. cheryl: good morning to both of you. as the senate wraps up negotiations on a $1 trillion infrastructure package, chuck schumer seems optimistic. >> the bipartisan infrastructure bill is designed to bring our infrastructure up-to-date for a new century and that is a significant achievement. cheryl: but the fate of the bill once it reaches the house could be he derailed by in-fighting within the democratic party. >> if there's not a reconciliation bill in the house and if the senate does not pass the reconciliation bill we will uphold our end of the bargain and not pass the bipartisan bill until we get the investments in. cheryl: what she's talking about is the anti-poverty and climate package, it could face a
2:25 am
long road in the house by the two being tied together, it could mean he delays for both bills. chuck schumer wants to wrap this up but if she and her other progressive democrats in the house get their way or get their voice heard, we could have a problem for both bills and this is bipartisanship out the window if it goes down this road. >> i feel like there will be a problem in california, the only thing good about california will be the weather, now they're making it hard to get bacon. cheryl: if you're in california and like bacon, i'm sorry about this story. a california law is set to go into effect next year, it requires more space for breeding pigs, egg laying chickens which will likely lead to higher prices for consumers. the california restaurant association's really worried about bacon supplies because with california production slowing down, businesses aren't going to be able to import from other states. so, yes, a bacon shortage is looming in the state of california. >> we could have done without
2:26 am
the little pigs. that made me cry. >> the pigs were cute but they taste good too. you knows what else tastes good, taco bell. cheryl: great news for you. taco bell is giving out free tacos for a year to 100 super fans, if you are a member of the rewards program you get to enter. just enter to win, scan the bar code from your last receipt, upload it to the app and the company is going to be celebrating the one year anniversary of the program, this is how tear doing it. i don't know, should we make a plea on national television for carley's 100 free tacos. >> i'm on board for that. a new taco bell just opened in my neighborhood, one of the fancy ones that serves alcohol, very excited. cheryl: oh, nice. even better. beer with a taco. >> thanks, cheryl. >> we've got this now, this is not good news, gun sales climb by over 21 million in 2020 and
2:27 am
that's creating an ammunition shortage in the united states as manufacturers still struggle to keep up with demand. here to discuss is public affairs director for the national shooting sports foundation, mark aliva. tell us what's happening here. a lot of people are buying guns and there's this nationwide ammunition shortage. how bad is it? >> good morning, carl each thanks for having me. it's making things very difficult for gun owners. again, 21 million guns were sold last year and so far this year 2021 we've had nearly 9.8 million background checks for the sale of guns of we're waiting for the numbers to come out from the fbi to see was july background checks turned out to be. every one of the guns that were sold including the 8.4 million estimated new gun owners from last year have been injected into the markets. each of the gun owners needs ammunition. we're seeing that just about the same thing that happened last year with toilet paper also happened with ammunition, people
2:28 am
got scared when they weren't able to see they were able to find ammunition on shelves. so people started stocking up on what they needed. that caused a little bit of bump in the ammunition market. >> that's such a good point, surge in demand for guns means a surge in demand for ammo. do you know if this is also affecting law enforcement because it's a pretty scary thought to think of police officers not having ammo to put inside their guns. >> the larger metro areas usually have their own contracts with the manufacturers, able to buy in bulk and buy for the year. but your smaller police departments like towns where i live in, they are buying their ammunition from local retailers so it does have an effect on their availability to train their ability to maintain their own standards. so far, at least in areas where i've seen, areas where i live, you're seeing some of the ammunition starting to come back to the shelves and police officers are able to get what they need. it's something that all departments have to plan for.
2:29 am
>> how long do you think the ammo shortage is going to last? >> the manufacturers are tellings us it could last upwards of 18 to 24 months as they try to make sure they recover. manufacturers are making as much as they can as quickly as they can. what's being made today is put in a box and sent out the door tomorrow and it's on the shelf. people are asking he me, where is the ammunition going. if you're not the one buying it, it's your next door neighbor. people are buying the ammunition at high rates right now. we're thinking this will probably be with us for some time. >> there's a reason why more people want to buy guns, crime is up, people need to feel safe and like they can protect themselves in case of a scary situation. so mark, thank you so much for joining us. appreciate you breaking that down for us. >> great. thanks for having me this morning. >> ashley. ashley: facebook refuses to pro he moat an illinois police group's officer of the year post citing sensitive social issues. we are talking to an illinois police chief next.
2:30 am
and this guy is getting nothing but love. the smooth had security guard burning up the ball field, coming up. [laughter] ♪ you want it, baby you got it. ♪ in the city ladies look pretty. ♪ guys tell jokes so they can seem witty. ♪ tell a funny joke just to get some play
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>> welcome back. heavy rains causings massive flash flooding across utah.
2:34 am
a rushing river cutting through a salt lake city park while one man was seen kayaking in a street. i guess he had to get around somehow. carley: in cedar city manholes were seen overflowing on a main road. they saw more than 2 inches of rain in an hour. ashley: meteorologist adam klotz is here with the fox weather forecast. what do you have for us, other than all of this? >> it will be more of the same for folks in the west as heavy rain continues to batter those areas, take will happen again today and probably the next couple days. i begin with the temperatures out here early this morning. as you see in the southern tiers of the country, 70s and 80s, to the north, temperatures around the 60s. this is where we should be this time of year many this is where the rain spreads across the country, you see rain across the south and more rain across the western states, particularly in the afternoon hours. i think we'll be seeing that once again. we have flash flood watches and warnings from new mexico up to colorado, wyoming and farther to
2:35 am
north. those areas have been scared by wildfire burning and you see the rain again today, maybe another 2 to 3 inches and we've already seen so much rain over the last week, it doesn't take a whole lot for there to be flooding in some of these areas and i think that's something we'll be paying attention to once again. otherwise, here's your temperatures across the country, 80s, 90s again, it's going to continue to feel like summer across the country, as it should. >> so warm and a lot of rain. >> exactly. that sums it up. thank you so much. ashley: facebook denying an illinois police group's request to boost their post honoring her officer of the year, the site claiming that post mentioned sensitive social issues. here to react president of the illinois association of police chief, mitchell davis the third. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having he me. ashley: i want to read this right here, this quote and then
2:36 am
i want to get your reaction on the other side of it. it says chief roderick praises officer bieber for being an outstanding officer, serving and protecting every day, for bravery and sacrifice, the illinois chief names him at the most outstanding officer of the world, for 2021. so what makes this so sensitive if this is just honoring a police officer for doing his job? >> that's our question exactly. you know, it's an officer who was responding to a call for assistance from a citizen and it almost cost him his life and even he though this officer used every effort that he possibly could before using deadly force, for some reason facebook saw this as being, i don't know, offensive or something to that effect. i'm not quite sure. that's our question. ashley: seems unclear. this is facebook's response. it says this ad content has been correctly disapproved for violation of facebook advertising policies and
2:37 am
guidelines. your ad may have been rejected because it mentioned politicians or is about sensitive social issues that could influence public opinion, how people vote and may impact the outcome of an election or pending legislation. okay. so they also in response to this, the facebook statement, also suggested that the police group may have applied for the ad boost incorrectly. do you buy the notion what that this was the right thing, saying that it was applied for in the wrong way or do you think they just see anything related to police officers or back to blue and they automatically just flag it as negative? >> so we don't think it's a thing where they're saying something against the police in general because on our facebook page we post a lot of things, objectly for our association -- obviously for our association and we never had challenges before now. we believe it's an inappropriate application of whatever system
2:38 am
they have in place to vet these different posts. ashley: okay, chief mitchell davis the third, thank you for being with us this morning. have a good day. >> thank you. carley: turning to sports, listen to this. nhl star evander cane denies his wife's allegations that he bet on his own games and tried to lose to pay off gambling debts. he tweeted a statement saying i never gambled or bet on hockey, never gambled or bet on any of my games and never thrown a hockey game. his wife posting the accusation on instagram saturday. the nhl is launching an investigation. yikes, messy stuff there. ashley: now to the olympics and team usa's quest for gold. the women's volleyball team defeated germany as the u.s. basketball team holds off the
2:39 am
brazilian side to end the group stage. this just in, the international olympic committee finding american shot putter raven saunders podium post did not demonstrate the ban on demonstrations. >> also breaking this morning, listen toes this, u.s. gymnast simone biles will compete, she will compete in tomorrow's balance beam finals. she has pulled out of three individual event finals over the past week, she cited mental health and physical safety concerns. team usa remains the total medal count leader, trails china in top spots by 8 gold medals but still we have the most medals by far. >> up next, relief for ranchers, a new proposal would help protect those living along the southern border by covering the cost of damage done to their properties as a result of the
2:40 am
border chaos. ashley: texas congressman august pluger and a texas rancher are on deck toes discuss -- to discuss. stick around. ♪ you make a grown man cry. ♪ you make a grown --
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nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ >> good morning, everybody. coming up on fox and friends,
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just about 16 minutes from right now, we're going to talk to one texas rancher faces tens of thousands of dollars in property damage from illegal border crossings as a bipartisan group of lawmakers lays a blueprint to redirect unused covid money to the farmers on the front lines of the border crisis. that story coming up. and it's a very busy monday morning on "fox & friends," we have newt gingrich, byron donald, dan bongino and celebrity chef david burke which is great because i'm starving. a nuchal important ya law -- ne california law targeting pork pros dues is could take bacon off the table one farm owner will break down the consequences for consumers and farmers nationwide. we'll say bye-bye bacon? i don't think so. those stories coming up. fox and friends. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> coming up in about 15 a and-a-half. >> not on our watch with the
2:45 am
bay don. from property damage to safety concerns, the border criesing is wreaking ha ha sock on the americans -- havoc on the americans living next to the border. there may be a new bill to reimburse ranchers. here to discuss, august pfluger and texas rancher lynn allen. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> i want to start with you, lynn. have you experienced any property damage because of this influx of illegal immigrants coming into the country? >> no, not right now, ma'am, i have not. i haven't seen any damage at all but it is a threat, simply because of the trash and the stuff that the people leave behind them, these cattle ingest and once they he eat them, they can't digest them, it's a simple
2:46 am
thing that shortens the life of the cattle, plus they tear the fences up when they're crossing. let's go back to the root problem. they're trespassing, so therefore they need to be locked up in jail. carley: you're lucky, because there are a lot of ranchers and farmers that i'm sure you're aware that have experienced things like live stock loss, crop loss and broken fences, damage to physical structures and congressman pfluger, that's why you introduced a bill to help farmers and ranchers going through this so tell us a little bit about it. >> you're right. i'm glad to hear that lynn doesn't have any damage. this started for me -- i'm not a border district but i am close and i had folks like lynn, but in different congressional districts represented by democrats calling me and telling me about the damage that they are receiving. as we know, in june we had 188,000 illegal immigrants that were contacted. that does not include the
2:47 am
got-away numbers. these folks that are giving me a call are saying we've got houses that are being broken into, barns are being damaged, in some cases trucks were stolen, fences are cut, livestock run the risk of getting out. this really is an invasion in that part of the country and they need help. the federal government, joe biden and nancy pelosi have he completely abandoned them. luckily, we do have bipartisan support. i will tell you the most important piece about this legislation is it puts democrats into a situation where they have to choose between their constituents and the crisis that biden has created. carley: you bring up such a good point, congressman. lynn, i'll ask you, do you and your neighbors feel abandoned by the current administration? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. our neighbors, our families, we definitely went from america first to america dead last right now. that's all of the attitude where i'm at.
2:48 am
carley: and congressman, this piece of legislation that you introduced is actually bipartisan. you're a republican. but two democrats, henry cuellar and vincent gonzales also sponsored it. do you think this is actually going to pass? >> it has a chance. i think those two folks understood just how necessary something like this is, because this doesn't fix the crisis, this merely puts a band-aid on it and reimburses the ranchers and farmers that affected. we have to take steps to address the crisis. i think it's a good first step in a bipartisan manner to of say there's a problem, let's see if we can fix it. now we have to go further and we have to go after the policies. i said it many times, the policies that president trump had in place with with mexico and the northern triangle countries, we have to go back to those, back to the drawing board and actually come up with some real solutions. carley: yeah. congressman august pfluger, lynn allen, thank you so much both for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
2:49 am
>> thank you, young lady. carley: all right. good stuff. ashley: time right now, 5:00 a 48 on the east coast, first, the good. security guard busting a move during that mlb game overnight. he entertained fans at the game in tampa bay. he's an actor that performed at several games in the past. carley: he's got moves, baby. a 7-year-old girl's lemonade stand was shut down while a nearby homeless encampment goes untouched. local media in everett reports neighbors are angry the city is not addressing numerous complaints about the encampment but shut down the stand within minutes. the girl's grandmother says, quote, we need a better response to the things that are really dangerous. leave the little kids alone for heaven's sake. let them have a lemonade stand. ashley: finally the ugly. violence is never the answer, even between the angry deer who
2:50 am
stood on their hind legs. they looked like kangaroos. they were fighting over a pile of corn, they traded a few jabs before ditching the food and running off. in their defense, i get hangry too. carley: i didn't know deer could do that. is that evolution before our eyes. dr. fauci says he doesn't think the u.s. will see any new lockdowns but can we trust his word given all the flip-flops. ashley: and what about the new mask rules being put back in place? laura trump reacts, next. ♪ freedom, freedom liberty mutual customizes car insurance
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2:55 am
to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. but things are going to get worse. >> dr. anthony fauci expect no, sir new nationwide lockdown despite restrictions for the delta variant. here to react is laura scrum. how do you feel about what he just said? >> yeah. he has been the ultimate flip flopper. i don't know that many people put a lot of weight in what he says anymore. to be honest it is cowerrous we have seen that they do want to bring back mask mandates in so many places that we have the cdc director giving very confusing information out talking about she would have to talk to the administration to find outs would they mandates vaccines across the country. i hope dr. fauci is right on this one. but, remember, at the financing of the pandemic, he said you
2:56 am
don't even need to wear mask if it makes you feel better you can wear it it's not going to do much. then he went to saying well, gosh, we will have to have. everyone want to wear activist that, if you want to wear two or three masks that's better. he has flip flopped on quite a bit. >> we have confusing for the american people. what i can tell you is had they think they are going to lock everybody down again, i think it's going to be incredibly hard to do. everyone has complied. everyone has done what was required, we flattened the curve. so many are vaccinated. just let us go back to life. i hope dr. fauci is right. no new lockdowns. no new business with any of this covid stuff. let's move on with life. >> we are 15 months into it 5 days to slowed spread situation. lara, do you think that this may be just. >> i can't hear you. >> just lost audio. >> just got music in my ear here.
2:57 am
'. carley: the thing we were going to talk to her was crime. weave will work on her audio. get her up and running in minutes. the crime surgeon across the country is a big topic of conversation. and we have congressman tom emler on that topic. he was talking about it on one of the weekend shows this morning. take a listen to what he had to say. >> almost 75% of battleground voters believe that crime has increased across the country. the democrats efforts to defund the police across this country that is directly responsible for this surge in crime. ashley: we heard that right there, but also as far as the violent crime centers across the cities. put this up as well. up 3% in atlanta. 19% in new york city. 4% in los angeles. 116 in portland. i feel like every time i see that number. 28% in philadelphia. and, you know, it makes me
2:58 am
wonder if these cities seeing this the governors and the mayors, the local leaders that were pushing this defund the police movement which is now we're going to crime is up significantly in these democratic run states and counties. do you think that this has anything to do directly affecting with the defund the police movement? >> oh, i think it has everything to do with defund the police. you look around the country, this is actually those democrat run cities where we have seen violent crime going through the roof. murders are up. they all last year dee decided to defund their police department so absolutely it goes hand in hand. they have put in place policies where you have violent criminals that get arrested hours later they are back out on the street and let's not forget that on our
2:59 am
southern border we have an open southern border. gang members are flowing into our country. going across anywhere u.s.a. to a city near you. and violent crimes are up, so absolutely when you defund and demoralize your police force, this is the result. they go hand in hand. i think voters are paying attention. i think it's the reason that you have seen so many people leaving places like new york. leaving places like california, and going to cities and states where they know there are fully funded robust police departments. safety and security comes first. if you don't have that nothing else hans. carley: lara this is happening on president biden's watch. what do you think is going to happen in 2022 mid termination. >> i think they are very worried on the democrat side. have you seen a short amount of time six months that joe biden has been president, things have deteriorated in the united states. one of those things is the surge in crime and violence. so, look, i really think that
3:00 am
people are going to come out in droves. they want republicans back in office, back in charge because, you know, we are pro-police on the republican side. we want safety and security for everybody. it will be interesting in '22 and especially in 24 to see what happens with that. carley: lara, thank you so much for joining us, waking up early. we appreciate having you on. and "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> more violence in the streets over the weekend across the country. >> new york at least 40 bullets were fired. 10 people were shot. >> until democrats are out of office, i'm fearful we won't see a change in direction. >> a stark warning for from biden's chief medical examiner. >> things are going to get worse looking for pain and suffering. >> another example of rules for thee but not for me. muriel bowser spotted at a wedding. >> i was at that wedding and let me tell you there were hundreds of people in there all unmasked. >> the federal


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