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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," we'll do something here that i don't think is typically done on television. before i bring on our two great guests. i want to have a chat with you. look at what is going on in the school system, the abuse our children are taking.
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we have federal bureaucrats, whether medical or educational, telling our charge. they are going to wear a mask even though science does not support it, even though science shows us. if we don't defend our children and stand up for our children, what use are we? we didn't turn our children over to the government. we didn't turn them over to school systems or to the teachers unions, that is what i want to talk about briefly. american marxism, thank you over 600,000 copies sold in over two weeks. it is not because my name is on this. it not because i am on fox or radio. there are a lot of people on fox and radio is books. why is this is a run away bestseller? it is not me, it is because of you, the contents of the book, american marxism.
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the last chapter i have a section, we choose liberty and education. now we need to address this. i am thrilled that parent are showing up in numbers at school board meetings they are abused. the entrenched unions and educational bureaucracy and school board members, the cabal, they have no intention of doing what we demand. they call it public education, yet we have no say in anything that takes place, not even transparency, it has to end, i have a plan. a plan, not just for parents but for those of us who care -- taxpayers, grandchildren. it is this. couple things. we need to adopt strategies of
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left in some respects. they have an -- we could use boycott divestment and sanctions too, again institutions that are undermining our country, and destroying our children. we could apply it to state and local affiliates? we have the power of freedom of information act in every day. we should use that in every state. for what? how do they hire teachers? promote teachers, what is in the contract with the teacher union. in the schools, assuming those computers and laptops and telephones have been given or
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leased by them, by the school system. that is covered by foia. it is time to dig in. not just from outside and protest, i'm for that, but it is time to get tactical. how are the budgets decided? the school board meetings, they have the executive sessions, why? what is discussed there? and lawsuits can be brought. there are expensive but there are legal groups, i have links and contacts in last chapter of the book. the civil right act in 1964, amended education, and 1972. your children are not supposed to be subjected to a hostile educational environment that preaches, that indoctrinates about racial stereotypes. we need to be -- if your kid is
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being taught by a teacher who is teaching them marxism, and louis farrakhannism, dressed up as critical race theory, you say, i don't want my kid taught by that teacher, period. what kind of training materials are given to teachers? you have a right to foia that information too. cloudard and pivon, overwhelm the system, get all of the information, finding out what is going on. but other shoe. many years ago, when i was president of land mark legal foundation. we filed complains with the internal revenue service. against the national education association and a number of the state affiliates. a lot. you can do this too. you don't have to be a lawyer, it's time to liberate your
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school systems to prevent them 42 from being play things, here is a complain filed against years ago. the unions are required to file a internal revenue service tackx form and provide that information on their web sites, if they don't, they are violating the internal revenue service code, you could still contact them and demand a copy. what about that form? they are required to provide the government with certain million political expenditures they are using, so it is public to you. what they are doing with moneys and dues, if they are fully accounted for. we found in landmark legal, it is not. you have indirect contributions and inkind contributions that
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are not reported, political expenditures are not limited to money, but include cost of using a follow, person nil -- facility, personnel, equipment. how do you find this out? foia. how else, the internet, a lot of times they confess to the things they are doing, the time spend by an organization employees directing volunteer campaign efforts, must be accounted for. mark, this is too much information, this is great ! look at newspaper articles and press release. see how much time they are involved in political activities, they are coordinated with the parties. or coordinated with other union and so forth that is to be reported. on their tax returns, and rarely
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is. ne-- does not report on 990, they are supposed to. you did on, you are trying to also show, they are not reporting all moneys from general operating funds, what else? demonstrate the use of tax exempt resources that support political activities. funneling general revenues to uses funds -- you can look for this. they have to reporter plug nickel they of using for political purposes, they are sloppy. they are arrogant. the other thing on their web site, and press releases, they told but these political things they are doing. they cop that's information compare to tax returns, i said, we should create community committees. in the committees, maybe a local account or a local lawyer or have people who are want to dig
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in. compare what they're doing. to what they are reporting. the information is out there nobody looking at it. nea and state affiliates must comply fully with reports requirements, irs enforcement of internal revenue service code, enables public members and nonmember feed payers to receive accurate information. the evidence in the complain. is they failed to disclose the full extent of their political activities. i'm not going to read it all. you have tools at your finger tips, think outside of the box. i help new "american marxism" in the back of the book.
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this is just in respect to unions, they said we're teaching critical race theory whether you like it or not, i am sure they are working with cdc to require your kids to wear face masks, they did that two months ago. the unions are at war with your kids and with parents and our communities, we're subsidizing the whole damn thing, hundreds of billions a year, we don't run our school simms, they runt school systems, who are they? >> you don't agree with them. i'm not telling you about every individual type of every, i am talking about the -- teacher, but the institution of public sector teacher unions, they are the enemy of public education, they fight school choice in the inner-city, they demand tenure. they demand pay raises. and i can go down the list, i know i'm not going to be most popular individual in the work with teachers, but i want teachers to understand, i am not
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attacking you, many don't want to be associated with these unions, joe biden wants to get rid of right to work laws in every state, every state, the public sector employees are unionized and the individual teachers cannot break free. there is a lot we can do. there is a lot with litigation, and foia and protests and internal revenue service, there is a lot we can do, getting cameras in classroom is critical, next time that contract comes up with teacher union, you want those cameras, if they threaten to strike, move your kids, at least temporarily, this is a battle worth fighting and winning, this is one area to discuss. tough to do it in 10 minutes, check it out in "american marxism." we don't have to take it these organizations that we subsidize directly and indirectly, they
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are supposed to work for us, we're not supposed to work for them, do you like the education your children are getting? do you like the fact test scores are dropping and they're taught radical ideologies and teachers union tells them, you have to take it and your tax bill comes every year, the property taxes, you pays, if you don't pay they take your home away. folks, folks, let's claw our way back, and let them stand on heels, i'll be right back. >>y safelite story? i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, i chose safelite. they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system. that's service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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mark: welcome back, we have a great patriot, congressman jim jordan. january 6, let me put context. 1978, jimmy carter released from prison three puerto rican terrorists who shot at members of congress, wounding 5. he released them. on last day of his president see, bill clinton granted a full
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pardon to susan rosenberg. a member of weather underground. she allegedly participated in 1983 bombing of u.s. capitol. the explosion blowing off robert byrd's door, damaged the senate cloak room. a year after -- a close friend of barack obama, who helped launch his career, he and michelle obama were close him for years, after two of his friends blew themselve up in a townhouse turned bomb factory. he wrote, we cased white house, pentagon, was like -- big was off on a technicality. we see black lives matter, and marxist organizations and violent in the city, done to
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portland courthouse, and billions of damage. maybe 15 people killed in the summer that period of time. i do not support breaching any government building, i spent my life standing up for law enforcement. i was chief of staff to attorney general of u.s., i know a political motive when i see one, i know a phony committee hearing when i see one, they don't want to get to all of the facts but promoting politics, what your take on this. >> you are right. we condemn violence on january 6 and. violence of last summer, democrats have been inconsistent. you are right, this is about politics, i am like you, capitol police risk their lives that day, and every day.
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god bless them and god bless all other law enforcement in the country that do it every day, it would be nice if democrats had consistency, they don't, everything for them is about politics. now this is -- about politics, i said last week, they don't want to address one of the financialal questions -- fundamental questions, why wasn't there a better security posture that day. press report indicate nancy pelosi vetoed having january guard before that day. and on that day, she hesitated in calling them up. why would she hesitate? why not have national guard here if the press reports are accurate. what could be her reason? what we saw all last summer is my hunch, democrat talk about defunding police, and we saw them defund police, we saw democrats, rioters and loot everies who attacked law enforcement. destroyed small businesses, who
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attacked innocent civilians, we saw democrats raise money to bail them out of jail. with that backdrop, it is hard to say we need more of you here on january 6 to protect the capitol grounds and personnel in the capitol. i don't think that i want to get to the question, i think that is why they kick mr. banks and me -- the speaker didn't let us go on the committee. mark: congressman jordan, did she not call federal law enforcement in portland stormtroopers? were they not attacking a federal courthouse? with federal employees unite after night for 3 months, with molotav cocktails and worse? did they not attack the white house, and harm over 60 secret personnel, and park police and burn a church almost to the ground. did the media not come to their defense every step of the way, not paint black lives matter initials from one boulevard from one city to city, did nancy
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pelosi speak out in defense of cops and against violence at this time, sir. >> no, democrat members of congress said we need more unrest in the street, while it is happening. so, that -- there was over 100 day siege, it is never really stopped in portland. no, that all took place, then just last weekend, i think there were 12 people murdered in chicago. in one of our major cities, one city, just that weekend. part of this is also, i think part is -- january 6 committee, i think part is they have nothing else to talk about. they can't talk about crime in the streets driven bief by everg they said about police, they can't talk about the crises on southern border or talk about the fact that price of every good and service is increasing. what do they do? attack president trump one more time. mark: you make an important point, nance is in charge of security. -- nancy pelosi is in charge of
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security sergeant in arms reports to her. has not been called to testify, we know nypd in a norfolk fbi office got rumblings of events, they passed that on to fbi, christopher wray, did nothing, seems only person who was concerned was then president of united states donald trump who offered 10,000 national guards men who were turned down, when we come back we'll pursue that a little bit congress man jordan, we'll be right back. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim...
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>> welcome fox news live, u.s. senate in a rare senate session to hammer out the infrastructure bill. chuck schumer said that a vote could be held in a matter of days, lawmakers have not seen the final expectation of the bill, if infrastructure passes democrats to set their sights on 3.5 trillion spending package, republican support for that bill is not likely. >> millions of americans face being forced from their homes, now that moratorium on evictions during covid-19 pandemic has expired. some democratic lawmakers said
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they were blindsided by the president's inaction, he decided against challenges a supreme court ruling that signaled there could be no more extensions without congressional action. now back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: welcome back, jim jordan, forth here is to paint january 6 as an insurrection. nothing that took place this summer. i am not aware of a lot of unarmed insurrections, but that said, the effort is to former president donald trump as perch --person who incited it. let me ask you, if you are inciting an insurrection, did you send unarmed civilians, into the capitol building and offer 10,000 guardsmen to protect the capitol building. >> you are right. former chief of staff said the other day that white house
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offered national guard ahead of time. against press reports indicate speaker pelosi turned that down, leaving police officers in a situation they should never have been in. then, you are right, how do you incite a riot? a -- anything when you say, when president trump said peacefully, patriotically make your voices heard, everyone saw his speech. no one thought there was anything wrong with the speech. but now, after we had the unfortunal instance to january 6, you have left, democrats go aferg this. going after this, i come vicinitied they have to -- i am convinced they have to do this, what else can they talk about? this is the worst start to any administration in my lifetime. from peace and now, we -- the border situation, the chaos on the border, mark. march was worst month on record
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for illegal crossings, until april, april was then, until may. then may was worse until june. that is what you call a bad trend, they are doing nothing to correct it, they are making it worse, they have nothing else to do. what is their play book? always the same, attack president trump, they did it with mueller, 30 million dollars, and 19 lawyers and -- ithink that american people e through this. the answers that need to -- questions that need to be asked and answers we need to get, should be with the posturing of the security that day. everything is on the table but that question. this tells you political nature of this commit snow i agree
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100%. why should we trust pelosi and the democrats? the murder and mayhem on our streets right now is something their party has unleashed. by trashing police forces across the nation. they have embraced black lives matter. which is a marxist, anarchist violence organization, and they are lead by marxists, they have been trashing police officers from sea to shining sea, how come officers from that day are not testifying, including those who have questions with nancy pelosi and leadership of democrat party in house of representatives there are a lot of questions, but she does not' to pursue him. >> the guy who heads capitol police union, he would like to talk. you talk about the democratic not square with american people, they keep use term, the big lie, how about every lie they have
5:31 pm
told us over last few years, they told us protests were peaceful, they told us that they -- it was republicans who tried to defund police, they told us that president trump collide cod with russia, for 4 years they told us 2016 election was stolen. just days before the election, hillary clinton said, her election, she said it was stolen. i guess rule is only democrats are allowed to object to election results, we can't raise concerned about states unconstitutionaly changed their election law, you did a great piece on this a few months ago. pennsylvania is best example, saying that law said, said election ends 8:00 tuesday.
5:32 pm
democrat sued state supreme court, it said no, it ends 5:00 saturday, they just extended the election. jim mcgovern, democrat chair of rules committee, objecting to alabama, and lead prime ministet manager, and maxine waters, objected to election from wyoming. >> it was joe biden who said george w. bush was an illegitimate president. >> yes. mark: so did most of media in democrat party. we know who they are. >> right. mark: congressman, thank you for your patriotism and willingness to speak out, god bless you my friend. >> thank you, mark, same to. >> we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back, professor paul kangor wrote a great book. professor, i have written a book called "american marxism," i have taken position after months and months of looking at this, and reading what so membership of marxist scholars and professors have said. that there san americanize form of marxism that has taken hole d here. this is not a scare tactic. it is them. their words. they have secreted themselves in various parts of our culture and devoured various parts. and at bottom whether race or
5:38 pm
whatever it is, they promote a marxist idea ol. ideology of home against us and over throw of our existing society. you had an opportunity to examine this. as an expert, what is your take? >> yes. thank you, it struck me, i heard title of your book, "american marxism." i said, great title. wish i thought of that, i got a copy of the book, i started reading it what struck me was that this really is american marxism. an american form of marxism. that we're not seeing anywhere el in the world. the stuff in 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, founders of american communist party, communist party usa. broader, foster, hall, and rosenbergs, hollywood 10, they
5:39 pm
swore an oath to stalin, calling it a soviet america. so what hit me about your book, is that that is not why we are today. -- where we are today, today's american marxists have nothing to do with a sophie outcommon term, no ussr or working with putin or reaching out to china. this say type of marxism an american strain, born and fashioned here in particular modern manifestation based on issues like race and gender.
5:40 pm
mark: i think it is very important that people understand this. on my radio show and elsewhere people want to know what is going on, why, how could people believe these sorts of things, why take this project. which is why i think so many people are interested in learning about it this is not a fad. this is not a social activism, per say, it is not democratic socialism, as bernie sanders likes to self-identify, and not progressivism, as they self characterize. and progressivism is the bastard child of marxism. have we today are people pulling down monuments, burning books,
5:41 pm
shutting down debate, attacking free speech, trying to balkanize the nation on race, gender, income. is marxism dressed up as something else? >> yes with karl marx, from a number of different biographies, he had a favorite line, a character. the devil demon care, that line was, everything that exists deserves to perish. -- called it in a letter to rouse. he sought to tear down the foundation, to raze and with these modern marxists, they are seeking the familiar --
5:42 pm
fundamentally transform the orders, they seek to do it according to something else erase, gender, sexuality, but what is important to understand, you point out in "american marxism," they take general marxist framework of putting people in groups in categories, you are not an individual made in image of job, the judeo jaigz christian understanding we're all images of god. marx was an athiest. the capitollist versus the workers are and modern people today, including marxist influence strained of critical race theory, they put people in groups as well according to race, to the gender.
5:43 pm
according to whatever they want to do. but purpose thing is too is that they pit you against one another. they tell you, you are in that group, you are in that group, they are your foe, your enemy, and some cases a foment hatred. it divisive. this is the commonty can close call marxism. they were not talking about sexuality and gender, but karl marx of talking about pitting of people in different categories and groups. >> when we come back, i tried to look at history of these various marxist american movements that have been spawned from marxism. and who has been behind them and what you they have been promoted. and where we stand today. and what we can do about it more on that when we return with the great from -- professor paul
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kengor . that is freaky. (applause)
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mark: welcome back america, critical race theory rejects martin luther king, civil rights movement. civil rights act of '64, various
5:48 pm
decisions out of supreme court, marx said he detested socialists, they were trying to steal the fervor of the revolution. and critical race theory is of the same mind set. i want to turn from -- professor call -- kengor . >> there is a good quote in your book from walker, rejects communism it is a materialistic philosophy that rejects god, walker knew king well. and he rejected critical race theory. he pointed out that this was a postmark -- post-marxist fill on
5:49 pm
philosophy that put people in blocs. learned we were to judge people by content of their character, not color of their skin. what a lot of these critical case theorists are defining people by race and categories, they put people in different categories of oppress versus oppressor. and so this very notion it rejects humanity of the person, idea of that person as an individual made in image of god. and it forces you to treat people as members of groups rather than individuals, that is why king would have been against it. mark: i think farrakhan would celebrate it, don't you? i call it the effort to take farrakhan and wrap him in
5:50 pm
scholarship, he talks this way, he views the world this way, detests, quote, unquote white race, he is an anti-semite. black lives matter made it clear they were anti-semitic, there is a lot of overlap. but not just critical race theory, the degrowth movement out of europe's half century ago, now dressed up as green new deal, and open borders -- saying that white man is the inlegal alien here because they came from europe and took over the area, that united states is an illegitimate country, the indigenous people coming into u.s. cannot be illegal aliens, this applies to people of color too. if you are buying into the
5:51 pm
marxist movements, you are rejected, and occurred repulsive, and compromised. and then, we see in president biden issuing executive orders which embrace so much of the marxist idea ol. ideology. let me hear you, it is spewed in media. not a dimes worth of difference between major policy issues between democrat party and executive orders that president biden signed. they have done a hell of a job of devouring these ep strawings. institutions. >> what sad, they have blurred line. i have heard you talk about it on your radio show, people say, you want to call everyone you disagree with a marxist. it is getting harder and harder to separate the lines of
5:52 pm
distinction. with groups and theories that are marxist influenced or based. you have someone like blm, patrice, the founder of black lives matter, i have read her moment memoir, she said we're trained marxist. we, two of founders of blm are trained marxist, she telling you something really important about her there. you see too this is part of new left and how i think to get to your point it is spreading and branching out. the new left in -- 1960s, it was -- marcuse you talk about
5:53 pm
term sexual revolution was coined by wilm helm wright, they were freudian, it is getting more difficult to separate. mark: thank you for your career. in focusing on this. it has evolved. i have done what i can do, i'll continue to do it. to explain what is going on and who is doing it, professor we wish you well, god bless. >> you thank you. mark: we'll be right back. an: wy safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right.
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you know, we live in weird times, i watch republican party busy spending money like drunken marxists while they stand up to democrat party, say they are spending money. you watch american media, the mouth pieces it was various spawn marxist movements and then someone like chuck todd say, i don't know why they think we're liberal, we're not liberal. i watch a president of united states who is barely put one foot in front of the another, and complete his sentences, bringing here the most radical agenda and surrounded by various movements pushing that,agenda. this is why i'm talking to you, not to the establishment. not the american media. i left twitter and facebook, i'm communicating with you the american people. look the fact is that in are only a couple millions of us any
5:59 pm
time bashing this network and me -- watching this network and me, it is up to you to be paul reveres to inform yourself about the various movements that are taking place under hegemony of the marxist ideology, we should not shy from calling it what it is, because we're afraid wild be we'll be attacked, we need to understand what is going on in the country, where it is coming from, who is doing it, and then do something about it in a lawful, civil matter, we're not them, they are the ones who are violent it is important we understand, calling this book, "american marxism," really? that is what it is, how do i know? that is what they call themselves. and how do i know? because like patton said, if he defeated ramo in north africa in a tank battle, i read your book. i read their books.
6:00 pm
so you wouldn't have to, i want you to have hope, in the end we're red blooded americans, we're are the heart and soul. we love this country. nobody, nobody will take it from us. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin" steve: the bipartisan infrastructure bill literally breaking. here it is. they printed it. 2000 pages but it still not finished. they are still arguing about it. we will get response from senator blackburn. welcome to "the next revolution" i am steve hilton. republican pro- community pro- worker and especially pro- america. this is the week when the true nature of the biden regime in the democratic party and the ruling class became clear. we saw that in the chaos of the delta p


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