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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 1, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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got approved for loans. >> i was just talking about this very thing however restaurant owner did not get the money because of exactly what you are saying. that does it for us up next is "fox report" which starts right now. >> five people shot on one of the most famous streets in the country in the violet weekend in new york city one mayoral candidate says we are losing grip on gun violence. good evening i'm in for jon scott and mrs. "the fox report". please are busy this weekend in new orleans in new york city to metro areas where shootings have spiked we have team coverage and charles lawson has more on the
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shooting on bourbon street but we begin from the game shooting in new york city and habitat candidates for mayor are commenting. >> ten people shot last night and now the nypd is looking for the form and responsible. two of the men wearing hoodies and facemask opened fire on at bystanders before they repeat step by two other men on mopeds fleeing the scene. any and at least 40 bullets fired ten people shot between ages 19 and 72. thankfully nobody's suffered life-threatening ones. please leave that is gang-related. three of the wounded were the targets this comes after the nypd lieutenant shot in the ankle on friday night by a gang member who was arrested at least 25 times before as recently as november.
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and then the officer was shot legal. >> on —- shot in the ankle spent the officer will be okay shootings are up over 21 percent compared to last year 104 percent compared to 2019. both candidates to be the next new york city mayor spoke today at the site of the mass shooting in queens. new york city mayor de blasio was blamed for not making appearances at either the shooting or the hospital where the wounded officer is. >> with the defunding of the police of $1 billion by mayor
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de blasio who should be here when the police officer was shot by a gang banger he is missing in action. where all of the other elected officials that represent this area that are part of the defined the police movement quick. >> we reached out to the mayor's office calling for more funding and police officers on the streets. jillian: not just the big apple that across the country let's go to new orleans were there was a shooting overnight leaving at least five people hurt and sent terrified crowds running through bourbon street in the french quarter we have team coverage more on this story. reporter: just before 3:00 o'clock a.m. as hundreds were out partying on bourbon street. several gunshots rang out than a large crowd of people start running for their lives looking anywhere they can to
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find a safety. five people wounded. new orleans police tells our affiliate all our adult men between the ages of 26 and 51. injuries are not life-threatening at least one person was targeted but not clear the individual has to the shooting new orleans like several other cities in the midst of a spike in crime while the police department is short and officer and they recently address the issue. >> new orleans should be at 1600 commissioned officers now we are at about 1000 what puts us that 60 percent where we should be. we have a backlog of calls and i have to be prioritized we can be waiting hours in a call that should be answered in ten minutes or less. reporter: there is a spike of
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at least 316 shootings in the city compared to 191 this time last year. 65 percent increase and in june the mayor announced a plan to reduce gun violence in the city focusing on preventing crime. the city is investing $1,000,000.70 new cameras to monitor crime 24 hours a day. right now the focus is to figure out who is responsible for the shooting on bourbon street. jillian: a four -year-old girl fighting for her life after being shot in the parking lot of an indianapolis funeral home yesterday. the man got out of the car into an argument with someone and a lot opened fire and sped away the little girl is hospitalized in critical condition. for the people wounded and in stable condition. developing news out of washington where the u.s. senate is in a rare sunday
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session hammering out a one.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. if it passes president and democrats will set their sights on a three.$5 trillion spending package which they plan to pass without republican support. we are life on capitol hill with the latest. reporter: they have been working all weekend and chuck schumer said the text of the infrastructure bill is being finalized imminently. i don't know what that current definition of imminent is in washington because he said that six hours ago so there is a delay of the bill getting to the floor but the majority leader says they aren't track and they are not stopping with just one point to trillion dollar bill. take a listen. >> we know this bill is not everything our country needs.
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that is why after the bipartisan infrastructure legislation passes this chamber, it will immediately move to the other track. passing a budget resolution with reconciliation instructions. both tracks are very much needed by the american people and we must accomplish both. reporter: looking live at the senate floor where they are in session but no action. before they tackle three.5 trillion-dollar package i have to get the infrastructure bill on the floor that's where we have been today with amendments offered by republicans and democrats. to get this past the need ten gop votes and susan collins believes the votes are there. >> this bill is good for america. every senator can look at bridges and roads and the need for more broadband and waterways seaports and airports to see the benefits a very concrete benefits, no pun
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intended of this legislation. reporter: she is also confident at some point this week they could pass that trillion dollar deal and then she says they take up the 3 trillion-dollar package but already this morning aoc says that they sent just that bill over to the house side they have the votes to kill it. jillian: we will see. thank you. a lot of people still confused of the cdc reversal on indoor mask wearing as it urged the fully vaccinated now to wear them and hotspots. the president is restricted —- suggesting new restrictions are coming as the delta variant spreads. we have the latest from the white house. reporter: the president is
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likely to face new questions about the governments pandemic response as we see the surgeon cases at the same time vaccinations on the rise. officials today reporting they sought 800,000 different doses administered on sunday along with new vaccinations going out and the numbers of those are on the rise since july 5th. right now 164 million people fully vaccinated close to half of the total population more than 70000 new cases per day with a double-digit increase officials say they have a ways to go to end the pandemic. >> we have 100 million people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not vaccinated. we really have to get those people to change their minds and make it easy for them and convince them to do something
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because they are propagating the outbreak. reporter: the cdc announced much of the country to mask up regardless of vaccination status. that created allied of confusion and criticism for who has to mask up and when and where it select individual states and republican governors are speaking out but with a mask mandates. >> not exaggeration but to make all the choices available and it is working. reporter: tomorrow we hear from new york city mayor de blasio who will give updates what the city will do with masks. for those that are indoors mayor bowser you can see in the photo yesterday not
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wearing a mask indoors we asked the mayor's office and they say because she was eating and drinking but she is also spotted in a number of different photographs not wearing a mask but a lot of those events were outdoors so the mask mandate only applies indoor so there will be a lot of people wondering why is the mayor doing all of these events are not wearing a mask at the same time? the president is at camp david mo be back at the white house with a new jobs report on friday. jillian: a lot of confusion and frustration breaking it down. the next guest will call on the fda tomorrow to fully approve the vaccine as an effort to stop hesitancy and move approval booster shots. thank you for being here.
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>> you are right. we need to be focused right now to get vaccines with those 20 percent of american adults and to protect the most vulnerable that is why i am calling on the fda to give full approval for the current vaccinations to kill two birds with one stone. one fourth of the people that have not been vaccinated said they would if there was full approval and also focusing on those at risk then they can get the third vaccination with a booster shot in people's arms. looking at real-world evidence from our friends in israel 95 percent to have died recently have comorbidities. friends in the uk say 220,000 with the delta variant. 80 percent of the people were over the age of 50 and two thirds had a cold identity and had the vaccine as well.
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so protect the vulnerable. it's that simple it has the biggest impact of all things. jillian: to back up what you were talking about the kaiser family foundation survey that asks people if they are more likely to get vaccinated and then for emergency use receiving full approval and those that are in the way and see category to the point that you just made and then to be fully approved and where you go with that in the meantime the white house puts blame on republicans for creating vaccine hesitancy the republican party has been delinquent to embrace the science they need to be vaccinated. is this the republicans fault quick. >> of course not.
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works on —- work speed all the president had to do was ride the trump train. i don't care what party you are. and to have full authorization and that something the fda can do as well to get the emergency use authorization for the more traditional vaccines to help some people as well. we are taking this virus without some type of community and then to select the common cold to focus on the people of our senior citizens and underlying healthcare conditions we will see the
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morbidity and mortality fall way down. focusing on hospitalization and death not the number of people that are carrying the asymptomatic virus. >> and then to pull this up for those who want to wait and see. 39 percent democrat 41 percent republican. in the meantime let's talk about capitol hill starting off with bipartisan one.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package. have you yourself seen any of that quick. >> texting me about every two hours since yesterday afternoon but regardless hats off to all the people and bipartisan senators who have worked so hard. two thirds of americans want
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an infrastructure pan on —- plan for the future but and hard-working americans. and then to take a decent bill and make it even better. and with those amendments just to support the infrastructure bill. jillian: senator collins seems to think there are enough republican votes. do you think ultimately it passes that is this a win for the president quick. >> i think it is a win for america. senator collins has done and incredible job. one of the sharpest people i have ever met. nobody is ever prepared walking into a meeting. she probably has the votes to get it across the finish line. right now there is $550 billion of new money , 200 billion will come from covid relief dollars.
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and with that regulatory process. so there is some opportunities to improve the bill. jillian: we will keep an eye on it. senator marshall. thank you. have a good night. accused of betting on his own team and throwing games to win money. >> more migrants than we have ever seen in the rio grande valley just taking place here in texas where border patrol agents are overwhelmed and overstretched. coming up in a few minutes.
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jillian: alive look at the southern border with our drone and taught - - texas migrants continue to surge in the busiest sector of the border from the rio grande valley. we are alive with the latest. bill you have been a number of times. it seems like it is not getting any better. reporter: good evening. it's not.
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some thought that once the summer heat would show off it would taper off these numbers are ridiculous justice last week alone the rio grande valley had 20000 apprehensions and when we cannot develop most nba arenas and we went to show you what we just shot a couple of hours ago. look at this video. this is about 15 minutes east of where we are. the biggest group of migrants we have ever seen in all of our trips held and apprehended possibly upwards of 1000 people we can only access this area with the drones it is a very popular across the area. migrants for over all day long it is a massive swarm being held under the bridge to stay in the shade. it is brutally hot that's just one part. look at this area la joya,
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texas this morning border patrol helicopter was pinning down groups who illegally crossed in the brush they contract down 30 of them and then apprehend them. it is a daytime thing and nighttime thing. we shot this last night and as usual at least 100 in size they had to use the pickup trucks to shuttle back-and-forth and this comes off the heels fox news reporting down the street covid a positive migrants are held in local hotels and they are releasing them by the hundreds to a catholic charity then quietly put some of the local hotels without telling city officials at those went out in public and they said what is going on is not sustainable. >> if all we do is release
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these people after the cross the border illegally we continue to reward them under catch and release they will continue to come. we are not making a dent what needs to be done we don't need more agents but good policy and that administrations failing to give us that. reporter: look at these photos another aspect to the border crisis is the human smuggling border patrol stopped a vehicle with four migrants being smuggled son hidden plastic boxes one way is hidden in a roll of carpet they had to cut it open and find him it was 102 degrees with no air circulation. incredibly dangerous but this is happening every single day. out here live border patrol completely overwhelmed. telling us multiple stations are extremely overcapacity by several hundred percent to stations had more than 3000
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migrants held in their custody. so nothing is slowing down on the first day of august. jillian: it is unbelievable to see those images and hard to deny them as well. lie that the border from t15. thank you. republican party has the best fundraising year ever but is that for next year? we would bring that up with representative teethree next. but today, for women living with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. more time is possible with verzenio. proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start and antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever,
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>> if you're just joining us here is a look at our top stories the dixie fire in northern california the state's largest has burned over 241,000 acres at only 24 percent contained. firefighters are working round-the-clock to keep them away from paradise that file
3:30 pm
or killed 85 people. the roman catholic diocese in albany new york says they covered up sexual abuse by priests for decades. the bishop who has been accused of sexual abuse themselves as the diocese send them for private treatment instead of contacting police. simone biles has pulled out of monday's floor exercise final however she said she has not decided to participate in the balance being finals on tuesday she was pointing to mental health that she pulled out last week. for these and more stories download the fox news app and scan the qr code. former president trumps political action committee raising more than $82 million in the first half of 2021 but this comes as susan wright lost her race for the house see in texas.
3:31 pm
we will bring in congressman emmer also from the rnc chairman. the overall question is what the republicans need to do to regain control? >> you have to have great candidates to win races, the right message, and enough resources. that's how you do it. that is what we are doing right now in terms of recruitment and messaging. i have some things i can tell you about the economy and the crime wave across the country and what battleground voters think of those issues. then fundraising. jillian: let's talk about that specifically and look at some numbers this graphic will show the combination between the three of national fundraising committees it looks like democrats are closing in on
3:32 pm
republicans first are looking at the numbers of the unions. here is a graphic i was talking about here. 20152017 and 2019 and 2021, pretty much neck and neck the gop with 205 million. i understand republicans are raising a lot that sewer democrats. >> if you look at the house , we raised over $45 million the second quarter this year. in fact over 79 million the first six months. that is almost double what we raised at this .2 years ago. right now we have at the end of the second quarter of june, $55 million cash on hand which was 11 million more than our counterparts i feel good
3:33 pm
about it but we have a long way to go. jillian: remind people who they are voting for there are a number of issues the economy, covid-19, delta variant and crime. look at the "washington post" poll that says 59 percent of americans think crime is a high-level problem. i am sure with that crime staggering all across the country, the top of the hour we reported five people wounded on bourbon street multiple shootings in new york city ten people wounded outside of a laundromat we have recruitment down and retirements happening earlier and more often will crime be the number one issue quick. >> we were in the field last month doing a survey of almost 100 battleground house
3:34 pm
districts. almost 75 percent of battleground voters believe crime has increased across the country and in their communities. listen. everybody recognizes democrats are now the party of defend the police and actually identify the fact the democratic efforts to defend the police across this country is directly responsible for the surge of crime and caught on —- across our country. jillian: we could combine the next few topics because with immigration and the efforts by border patrol, it is devastating to see that report. that with migrants testing positive and then crime and drugs and other things across the border. in addition to covid restrictions and tightening up
3:35 pm
restrictions in some areas across the country which has people upset and confused and frustrated and in the economy on top of that if we do have more lockdowns, how does that impact everything? >> talking about the economy, this is what we survey with the battleground district. it is pretty clear that the battleground voters are concerned or very concerned about rising prices and the higher cost of living and attribute that to the democrats. if you look at the issue everybody sees it and feels it. whether the price of gas at the pump or groceries in the grocery store. prices are going up across the country it is the biden white house and democrats that they blame for that. in fact the president, when it comes to rising prices, the
3:36 pm
president is 30 points underwater with battleground voters. jillian: congressman and rnc chairman congressman emmer is interesting to see what people vote for when it comes time for that. thank you. now christina is live from los angeles following this story which i think is so fascinating where an nhl player is accused by his own wife for throwing some of their games. reporter: she says he is betting on the games claiming that her husband is a gambling addict and her instagram story she tagged nhl somebody ask them how they can let player gamble on his own games that and when on his own games with bookies also a casino gambling
3:37 pm
for dummies book when your own teammates give you this book you think they are trying to tell you maybe you are not the best at the tables. his pregnant wife also claims he told her the house is being taken by the bank at the same time he told her he was going to europe on vacation. he strongly denies the allegations and released a statement on twitter to say unfortunately i like to address the completely false accusations my estranged wife and soon to be ex-wife has made against me. i have never gambled or bet on hockey or a sharks game and have never thrown a hockey game. he said he looks forward to cooperating with the nhl investigation. the nhl commented the integrity of our game is paramount and the league takes these allegations very seriously. we will conduct a full investigation at this time. november 2019 he was reportedly sued by a casino in
3:38 pm
las vegas for over half a million dollars in debt. in january he filed for bankruptcy according to the new york post. this happened just two years after he signed a seven-year 49 million-dollar contract with the san jose sharks but he denies the claims and the nhl investigation is underway. jillian: that is unbelievable. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. thank you. despite the concern over the delta variant only .08 percent of those have tested positive we will try to clear up this confusion coming up. (phone notification) that is not accurate and savings like that
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we need to focus those are on vaccinated the most vulnerable because if you are vaccinated you have a high likelihood not to be and at hospitalized that's okay they are. that is important so now in massachusetts we saw this outbreak with hundreds of people testing positive that's
3:44 pm
because they were in densely packed areas of bars and restaurants it is not 100 percent but it is very strong to give you the hospital that's why they say take extra precaution in a high risk situation but we need to put most focus and efforts to those who are on vaccinated in the most vulnerable like seniors. we know they were vaccinated early on their protection may be waning and they may need to get a booster. jillian: do you think kids should be wearing masks and going back to school in the fall? >> 100 percent all kids should be going back to school. that should be the nation's top priority. being out of school has had a terrible impact in so many ways on our children physically emotionally and mentally. i hate to see our toddlers having to mask up, that as a cdc recommendation an american
3:45 pm
academy pediatrics recommendation the safest way to get them back into the classroom that is so critical and important but mask is not the only solution. good ventilation. easy contact tracing and simple hand hygiene as well. jillian: what is going on in florida? there is a lot of attention right now and the cases they reported the highest one day total since the start of the pandemic and the florida vaccination rates one dose 57 fully vaccinated 40 percent that is not far off from the national average. that being said, we knew the vaccines were not 100 percent that they are preventing deaths and hospitalization and a lot of these cases. so what is happening in
3:46 pm
florida right now? >> a couple of things. if they are going about the normal daily business and one of the first states to work really hard to get the most vulnerable vaccinated. publix was offering vaccinations to seniors because we knew they were the most vulnerable. delta is the most dangerous and contagious variant making its way throughout the nation tackling those without previous infection which gives natural immunity and those that are on vaccinated or unmasked. of course it is natural to see that uptick where people go back to work and back to school so it is important if you're unvaccinated and not had previous infections to take precautions and protect yourself especially with any underlying medical diseases. it is the most dangerous
3:47 pm
variant in the past year and a half after taking care of thousands of patients. if you are vaccinated you don't have much to worry about. iso- 75 patients this weekend and then who are vaccinated had to go to the hospital nobody tested positives and we had a lot of swabs. jillian: we have talked on and off and you have been doing hard work that's why i trust what you say because you have been on the frontlines. a lot of people are fearing more lockdowns we see certain restrictions coming into play. do you think this will get worse before it gets better and at some point we can see more lockdowns? >> i don't think we should even discuss the lockdowns that should be absolute last resort the goal from day one is to make sure we don't
3:48 pm
overwhelm the hospitals to make sure we have enough staff and ppe to provide the best care to the patients that come in. 's you get to the point there are no icu bed then it is an issue. a couple of hospitals currently that are postponing elective surgery because of concerns to have enough beds for those coming in with covid. but most of people hospitalized and have died are unvaccinated the exact numbers 99.99 percent the most recent data from the cdc but i think that would be very beneficial moving forward during the pandemic. jillian: let's not even be thinking of lockdowns because that's how the majority of americans feel they lost their lot livelihoods are on the brink of it has been a test year and a half. thank you so much dr.
3:49 pm
nesheiwat. a national pilot shortage. coming up.
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jillian: will come back the largest air show in us wrapped up in wisconsin last night. canceled last year due to the pandemic. the oshkosh airshow is looking to boost interest in commercial aviation as the industry struggles with increased demand of pilots. we got to fly with the team and how shows like this could fill the gap detail.
3:54 pm
reporter: dairyland is also the center of the aviation universe more than half a million people settling on oshkosh wisconsin from all over the country. >> texas, we are here for the greatest gathering of aviation. >> we came to bring the little guy out. >> before your time here have you seen anything like this? >> nothing like this. reporter: we took off with the geico plane used to train military and world war ii. maneuvering into formations with less than 5 feet between
3:55 pm
the planes. these process and pilots fly for commercial but this helps to recruit the next generation. >> we never pass on —- pass up the opportunity to get out there and take pictures and sign autographs. >> look at everyone like they will be an airline pilot. reporter: military heroes who fought for our freedom as far back as world war ii. this was exactly like the aircraft that flew in the south pacific. >> it is amazing they can restore a plane to look like it came off the assembly line. it's memories i thought i had forgotten with me six months in combat. >> for one week in the city of 70000 the airport is the busiest in the world. from oshkosh wisconsin, fox
3:56 pm
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jillian: finally ceremonial first pitches in major league baseball games don't always go as planned. video of a cross fit athlete and and body builder first pitch at san
4:00 pm
diego padres petco park game wentlike this, impressing fans. that is it for this sunday "fox report," august 1, 2021. here is "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy. trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am -- trey gowdy. welcome to "sunday night in america." fairness is often requires a referee, we don't have to like the referee, but we should be able to respect the referee. the most recent example of duplicity and unfairness is matter in which congressional


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