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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. is the biden administration recklessly ebb dangering american citizens by allowing infected illegals from some of the poorest countries in the world where medical care is rare and vaccinations are even more rare to illegally enter our
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country, then than them over to non-government organizations like the catholic charity. >> when border patrol drops folks off at a charity. the charity gets overload and they drop them off at a hotel without even telling the local officials. that's not right. the charity needs to tell the local officials, especially if there are covid positive. what i'm asking on the biden administration is to do a pause. >> when texas governor greg abbott had enough of biden releasing covid infected illegals into texas border towns, he issued an executive order that barred the transportation of migrants who could be carrying covid-19. biden's administration threatened the governor to rescind his executive order.
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he said the governor of texas was jeopardizing the health and safety of non-citizens in federal custody. notice his concern is for noncitizens. not american citizens. yet the federal government wants us, american citizens to mask up, even if we have been vaccinated. even when we are inside. nancy pelosi tells congress and staff to mask up in the people's house or face arrests and fines. the truth? the biden administration failed at their effort to get us vaccinated by july 4. now we have to pay the price. but it's not just their failed message that is creating so much mixed confusion. it's their hatred of donald trump from the beginning that caused people to hesitate to get the vaccine. >> let's just say there is a vaccine that is approved and distributed before the election. would you get it? >> well, i think that will be an
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issue for all of us. i will say that i would not trust donald trump. if donald trump tells us to take it i'm not taking it. >> i trust vaccines, i trust the scientists, but i don't trust donald trump. at this moment the american people can't either. judge jeanine: now, you want to mask us because you clearly failed in your effort to get us vaccinated because the totalitarian impulse within you is so strong, nothing makes sense. a news report says that 50,000 illegals were released without a court date when less than 10% bothered to show up at i.c.e. facilities. is that your argument? is that the reason we should mask up so we can protect those who are not vaccinated in the event of a breakthrough?
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this attempt to mask us at a time when hospitalizations and deaths are almost at an all-time low is laughable. isn't the goal to keep people from dying of covid? this new delta variant isn't nearly as lethal, though it is contagious. this is your excuse for mandating people were a mask indoors? you don't monitor people coming in from the southern border. when i flew into new york i had to give my life's medical history on a form and give it to the national guard. i was a believer when that genius fauci said give us two weeks to flatten the curve. the way i figure it, this was 64 weeks ago. now randi weingarten from the aft says they want to try to get
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our kids in school. what's with the try. you expect parents to send their kids off for 6 hours breathing who knows what from a mask most often made in china? you don't think our children suffer from that alone when they are the least vulnerable? some people are sceptical because this is an emergency use vaccination. why not push to accelerate approval for the vaccine. it's sad you think that we are so stupid that we don't know what you are doing. you are teeing us up for another lockdown no matter what you say. so when we go into the 2022 election you can divide this country more than it's divided already by pitting us against each other, pitting us against illegals, pitting us against the government. if we are vaccinated we still have to wear a mask inside.
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that's plain stupid. you say you are following the science? no, you are not. you are relying on a study from a foreign country rejected in a pier re-view where the vaccine was not available. you lost us. even the most loyal people can't stay with you because nothing you say makes sense because you defy logic. if you vax, no mask. now we have to wear a mask and maybe double it inside. what's the points of a vaccine if you have to mask up and inhale whatever is in those masks. you called us every name in the book. we were the science deniers and the granny killers. but in truth you are the science deniers and granny killers. democrat governors like cuomo and gretchen whitmer, you intentionally sent vulnerable patients into nursing homes and lied about it.
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now even your mega donors are coming after you. labor unions. you can't mandate labor unions tell their employees they must mask up. that's an issue for collective bargaining unless they are in it with you. the biggest question of all. what is the ends game? if everyone in america is ultimately vaccinated but the rest of the world is not, do we still have to mask up? mr. biden, by letting in illegals nonstop, a million from january to today, and that's an understatement, you are guaranteeing that we'll never be free your to tallarian impulse to d form totalitarian impulse to control us. here with reaction to my open and give us the latest information we need to know about the del taco individual
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strain, fox news analyst dr. marc siegel joins me now. all right, dr. siegel. we have got this delta variant because it came from india, a country where they weren't vaccinating people. is that correct? >> i'm almost speechless. your opening ended at the most important thing that's going on in the world right now. which we are almost not talking about here in the united states. which is less than 10% of the people in india are vaccinated. we are calling it the delta variant with you makes people forget where it came from. but it came from india because there were thousands of case and no vaccine. guess what happened, the virus transformed itself. in africa, less than 1% of the people are vaccinated. even if this whole country were vaccinated which i think is an
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extremely good idea. your point is correct even if it were. your point is so correct it's a worldwide problem. in other parts of the world where billions of people live, there is so little vaccine, the variants are inevitable, and one may come along that evades the vaccine. judge jeanine: the biden administration is opening the borders, throwing count welcome mat, giving migrants with covid to ngos like the catholic charities. they go to restaurants and they are sending them into the interior of the united states. but let's keep going. >> agree. judge jeanine: let's assume that their messaging is then a failure. they want to get all of us vaccinated.
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why are people assuming it's the trump people who aren't vaccinated. isn't it the any authority community that's mostly unvaccinated? >> that's a point of what they call misinformation. that's right. the minority community is not fully vaccinate because of hundreds of years of distrust that can't go away overnight. and independents are not vaccinated. but you said in the opening i want to emphasize. imagine wait would have felt like if president biden praised president trump and reverse himself about the distrust he showed for the vac sooner. what if he said 9 months isn't a speed vaccine. how about saying the team president trump put together involved research that went back since the 1980s within sped it in a way that was scientifically
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correct and accurate plus the military. what a breath of fresh air. maybe he gets some people to be vaccinated if he talked like that. >> certainly your point is to a certain sternlt he and kamala harris are responsible for the distrust people have by saying they wouldn't take it. and that's the vaccine we are all taking. if we are vaccinated. the delta variant is nowhere year lethal. in terms of hospitalizations and in terms of lethality and in terms of the number of cases. i think we have some full screens that show there are very few if any of these cases that set the line almost at the bottom. the hospitalizations in the united states were low here. daily covid hospitalizations. then we have the cases. then you can see it's low there again.
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then we have the deaths and that flow. all of a sudden they want to mask us again. what is this about? look how low that number is. >> 2 know more about what this is about than me. you have been in politics for many years. this is fear to control. they don't message the ideas of the low death rate. it's always how many cases there are. not about the fact that almost everybody vaccinated gets either a mild case or no case. that positive messaging might get more people to take the vaccine. but it's always you have misinformation. we have correct information. this idea that -- instead of talking about it in personal terms. protect yourself, protect your family, you will get a mild case at worst. all it is is fear messaging to
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control the non-ending pandemic. judge jeanine: it will be non-ending. the more people come in from the southern border, the more variants will come in. talk to your doctor. you get a doctor's input. we are protected but we are wearing a mask to protects other people. does that make sense? >> gentlemen, we are using a mass to be protects the unvaccinated. the border is one place where this is going on. team streaming in bringing covid. they are not taking the vaccine at the border. a lot of people at the border at risk of covid are not vaccinated. we are asking the vaccinated to wear a mass to be protect the unvaccinated. to protect the unmasked unvaccinated. judge jeanine: they took a risk. they decided to take a risk. it's like ice skating on the fond when the ice is thin.
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randi weingarten talked about the fact that people understood the age of 12 can't take the vaccine. my antennas go up, is that going to be her new argument for not opening schools? should parents vaccinate kids with an experimental vaccine for kids under the age of 12? >> that's not on the table. buff beware of the teachers union, beware of any attempt to close schools. beware of fear-mongering. beware of teachers who love to teach remotely. it's better for a teacher to teach reef motorly than for a poor 6-year-old who isn't enable to ashowed an ipad. mental issues climbing out of control. substance abuse climbing out of
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control. they have to be open. study after study has shown decreased risk of spread in schools. if you take the same kid and pull them at home with their parents, that's when more spread occurs, not in schools. judge jeanine: it's a sad situation we are in. but that goodness for you. thanks for being on with us tonight. next. we investigate the surge of deadly drugs flowing into the u.s. that are killing our kids. and why the democrats refuse to take the necessary steps to stop it. riku was born in 2014. he was diagnosed at the age of 3 with medulloblastoma. there was a mass. we were debating whether to watch closely, or do the surgery to take it out and see what it is.
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[♪♪♪] judge jeanine: fatal drug overdoses spiking to terrifying record levels in the u.s. the last year affecting adults and our young vulnerable kids. fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid. is largely to blame as seizures are skyrocketing at the border. and there is no end in sight. so the drug cartels continue to become more emboldened. former dea special-ops division
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agent joins me now with in depth details you need to know about this epidemic. thanks for being with us. for my viewers, the need to know you were in charge of this division that coordinated agencies from three different countries and the agency response that result in the sinaloa cartel kingpin he will el chapoguzman being captured. people don't think it affects us or our children. what's going on. >> the orange county sheriff's department in california just published statistics that showed over 1,000% increase in fatal overdose deathsn from fentanyl. it up to 432 deaths from 30.
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this is alarming news that we have never seen in the history of our country. we have poisonous fentanyl coming from labs in mexico. they are running their billion dollar migrations. they are putting the fentanyl in meth. they are making xanax, oxy and they are putting poisonous fentanyl in the pills so kids are being deceived. we don't just have an opioid addiction crisis. we have massive fentanyl murders and toy soonings. all parents -- murders and poisonings. they are buying stuff on social media. they are make it with pill presses they are buying from china and other countries, and
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making it in our backyards in america as well. >> we have the m30s and the blue 30s. but the fentanyl is being pressed into them. what is the point of that. if a kid thinkser in buying oxyx oxycodone or xanax, what's the point. >> they don't care about human life, they care about making billions of dollars. they can buy fentanyl from china. but if they can produce mass amounts of these pills, more and more customers will need the product. on the border in phoenix, arizona it costs $2 a buy a pill
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at the wholesale level. and if you sell them for $4. 40 to$50 a pill, that's why the cartels are doing it. it's all about the money. judge jeanine: what is the role of china. >> the chinese have been producing massive amounts of chemicals for making methamphetamine for example. they are pumping aught 7 tons of methamphetamine every three days. in the fentanyl world they are sending the chemicals to the chemists in mexico making the fentanyl poisoning. so the cartels are starting to take over the importation, the manufacturing and the distribution of the fentanyl that's killing kids ated record levels. judge jeanine: why is the united
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states government not stopping this? we are not saying anything they don't know. you were in the department of justice. >> they are not even acknowledging what the currents problem is. they don't want to attach it to the open border policies to make them look bad. but the problem is kids are dying. they have a responsibility to do what they get paid to do, protect americans. judge jeanine: so we have to live with open borders and all the crime attached to it and it looks like intentional killing by pressing fentanyl into the pills our kids are buying. >> i would say this is a chemical weapons attack. china is behind it. the cartels are doing the dirty business. the cartels are so greedy, they don't care that it's killing
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because they are making billions. judge jeanine: thank you so much for being with us. a reality check for democrat leaders as they seem to be change their tune on the push to defund police. but is it too late? is it too little to save our cities? luther reynolds sound off next. >> you arrest them and they are not staying in jail. what happens when they get out? they continue the crime and the victimization and the violence. somebody needs to
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i'm ashley strohmier. judge jeanine: calling for more police and more funding from two unlikely people this week. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and seattle mayor jenny dur ken seem to have opened their eyes. his frustration is at a boiling point with the increasing crime and repeat offenders continuing to get out of jail. charleston police chief luther reynolds joins me now. i understand charleston for the last decade or so has been the
12:31 am
number one tourist destination in the country. and it's been a beautiful town. and you seem to have the support of the city council and the mayor. but you are angry about what's going on in the country. >> i'm very angry. i talk to my colleagues around the country. there is a resounding theme. we have great support here and we have a safety. our state since recording data since 1960 recorded the most violent crimes, the most killing in the history of our state and we are on track to do worse this year man last year. every -- this year than last year. every victim has a face. i hear the sounds of a wailing mother who just lost a child. you can never gets that owds of your mind when you hear that, see that, and witness that. it's preventable, it's
12:32 am
predictable, and there is so much more we can do when we arrest armed violent repeat criminal offenders which we are doing all the time. they need to go to jail and they need to stay there, and that's not happening. judge jeanine: what do you think of the seattle mayor jenny durken, the summer of love. now she is like maybe we have to fund the police. they are not stupid. is this a political narrative they went with and they were willing to have people die on the streets to go with that narrative? what is that about? >> i can't speak to seattle. but i have spoken to robert conte. he's spoken out row cently. they are getting funding reinstated appropriately so they can adequately protect their city. when defunding occurs, the
12:33 am
community that need the police the most are the ones the most negatively impacted by the loss of funding. most of our budgets are personnel costs. that means you are taking the cops out of the communities. those communities that experience the most violence are the ones that lose the cops first. the people pushing this narrative of defunding. they don't have connections, too. they are not walking in those community and listening to those community members. i have heard from them. and loud and clear are they saying not only do we not want less cops, we want more police. judge jeanine: go ahead, chief. >> they want to be treated with dignity and respect. they want us to do things right. but they want the police in their communities. they want their children to be protected. when you leave some of these crime scenes. you see kids on the other side
12:34 am
of the crime tape. i look at it and i'll never get used to it. these young kids deserve our best. they deserve a lot better. a lot of kids have to go to school and take placement tests, they play sports. and some of these scenes we have had, we had over 50 shell casings, multiple guns, long guns,.762 rounds. and in every case it's a repeat armed violent criminal offender. and they are arresting regularly, and they are not staying in jail. they are getting put out. and i'm telling you, it has to change. judge jeanine: you know, this so-called bail reform is in effect in your state as well. where everybody is virtually let out of jail without bail. >> i tell you, the bond system,
12:35 am
there is so much that needs to be improved. these people, up to and including murders are being let out every day and they should be staying in jail. and even though i disagree with that decision. they disregard the conditions of their bond. they need to be revoked. they are not being properly monitored with their gps. none of the systems are working well with that. there needs to be accountability with that just like there needs to be accountability with all of us. judge jeanine: we have a segment called woke judges and we want to see that. up next we have video evidence of what could be the worst biden gaffe to date. tomi lahren and leo terrell will be here to react. don't go anywhere.
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judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." stumbling bumble be voice at it again. this time he thought he was the vice president in the trump administration. i'm not joking. watch. >> back in 2009 during the so-called great recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece, then president trump -- excuse me, freudian slip.
12:41 am
and president obama when i was vice president. judge jeanine: here with reaction, tomi lahren and leo terrell. leo, i don't think it's a freudian slip. is trump on his rain? what's with him? >> it's not a freudian slip. but trump is on his brain all the time, 24/7. he wanted to be the vice president under president trump. president trump cast a large shadow over the white house and the entire democratic party. they are afraid of donald trump. and donald trump's accomplishments in four years, he exceeded the accomplishments of obama and biden in 8 years. they willer in give him credit for operation warp speed. he's responsible for the
12:42 am
vaccine. that's a shameful attitude on the part of the joe biden administration. judge jeanine: it is. all right, tomi. >> i think it's more like slipping a cog. when you repeatedly slip. you are not slipping anymore. this is a pattern, the mental state of our president. i wish it wasn't funny. i wish we could laugh about it and it would be okay. this is the president of the united states. but i will disagree with leo terrell. i don't think president trump is on joe biden's mind. i don't know what's on joe biden's mind. it isn't the border or what's going on with the new mask man mandates. i don't know what's on his mind. i think it many ice crepe and that's a travesty. judge jeanine: i think he's
12:43 am
dreaming about driving an 18-wheeler. the most the white house could come up with is he drove in one. nobody wants to call him a liar. but let's take a listen to some sound from this week. >> we are talking about made in america today. we can talk about of what you want to talk about. you said the vaccine was the ticket to losing the mask forever. >> it was true at the time. getting vaccinated makes a difference. what happened was, the new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated. it was spread for rapidly and more people were getting sick. that's the difference. judge jeanine: leo, what we have got is him running into the car saying i'm not talking about
12:44 am
that today, i'm talking about made in america today. i was waiting for him to say they will be mad at me if i talk about that. then he shows frustration with our peter doocy. that's not right. >> peter doocy asked an excellent question. but he was caught in a lie. he said one thing in may and he's change. he wants to keep the pandemic on the brain of the american public. he doesn't want to talk about the border, he doesn't want to talk about crime. he wants to play the pandemic game. this president can only handle one issue at a time. when someone asks the question other than the script he's given. they pulled the puppet strings. he's only able to answer one or two topics. because he's not prepared, and he's not equipped, and he
12:45 am
doesn't know what he's talking about. >> what leo says is something that's very important. if is he so focused on the pandemic? why is the pandemic so important to him? >> i think it's important to everybody. but this is the typical tactic of the left. we have a surge at the border and a crime surge, so we have to bring back covid hysteria. there are a lot of other issues plaguing our nation. if they are so concerned about the mask mandate why don't they start masking our border. there are hundreds of thousands of people coming over illegally, untested. that's the perfect spot for your mandate, joe. judge jeanine: you make so much sense, leo and tomi. outrage over the latest comments by the head of the teachers union on whether kids will be
12:46 am
back to school this fall. you need to hear this and char
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judge jeanine: the american
12:50 am
federation of teachers president randi weingarten said we'll try to reopen schools. take a listen. >> we want schools to reopen and have a safe and welcoming climate in the fall. delta threw us a real curveball. the lack of the herd immunity, and enough people being vaccinated. and you know, kids not being able to get vaccines 12 and under. we'll keep kids safe. we'll keep our members safe, and we'll try to open up schools and try to move through this political battlefield. judge jeanine: unbelievable. joining me with reaction to that and a feuter outrageous stories this week, "turning point usa"'s charlie kirk. when i herd her say we'll try to get the kids back in school.
12:51 am
i think she tried all last year and she wasn't successful. how do you inper bret that. >> it's reprehensible. it's not surprising. they have done such harm to inner city children and through government education in our country. we see in baltimore, for example, where they looked at a couple inner city schools predominantly black. they couldn't find one kid who could read at grade level in fourth or fifth grade. randi weingarten will be paid a lot of money this year regardless of whether kids get back in school. wealth inequalitier. >> what they call systemic racism. wouldn't it be important to focus on education and having kids in schools? one of the tragedies of the last year and a half of the lockdowns
12:52 am
is when we lost earn entire generation of kids. some of them are not showing up at all to these schools. the problem with the public sector unions is they are not accountable. they get protected. i would call them close to a cartel. and they have done such damage to so many children in america. judge jeanine: what about the fact we are seeing when they are in school, there is a story out of minnesota where fourth graders are told to hide certain information from their parents. explain that to the parents. >> this is an important story, judge. we are seeing this theme across the country. you are seeing schools trying to turn the children against their parents. this made national news on a fourth grade said she was given this survey and told not to tell her parents. think about that, judge. what's the significance of that? it's a pattern of
12:53 am
totalitarian-style governments to turn the child against the parent. they want disunity between the two. for parents watching right now. i hope you realize and understand there is a deliberate campaign by people in the media and our school to try to turn your children against you. in the famous book 1984 this was a common them. orwell wrote that the parents were afraid much their children, that the children might turn them in. orwell got so much right. how governments are going to try to break that bond and we saw that in the story in minnesota. judge jeanine: this is so frightening. our founding fathers wouldn't recognize america. you and i are having trouble with it. this is a frightening situation. education in schools are part of
12:54 am
the, you know, part of the ground zero. charlie kirk, thanks for being with us tonight. thanks for sharing that. an exciting sneak preview of my foxnation show.
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you've all been waiting for it and it's almost time for the second season of my foxy nation hit show, cancel usa. is a sneak peek at one of the stunning places i visited in texas for the new season. welcome to cancel usa. this is dallas. come on with me, we are going inside. ♪♪ >> hi there. i wanted.
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>> oh my god. this is gorgeous. welcome to the historic palace. >> where are we now? >> this is the entry to the house where people would come for the families who owned the house. >> as we walked through, this blows my mind. i feel like i am in a church. lessee throughout the house victorian family. >> that teresa. >> it is. after the storms about the catholic church became the second and replace it with ecclesiastical nature. >> that's magnificent and so unusual to have it at home. >> season to coming soon plus to forget catch the first season i thought nation right now. finally, i'm heading off on summer vacation for a couple of weeks but don't worry, we have a
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lot of great things planned for all of you on saturday nights. set your dvr so you never miss a show. thank you for watching. "unfiltered" with dan bongino is next. i'm jeanine pirro, advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". he started to ask yourself this week, why are we back to the fear campaign? we had joe biden just back in may tell us we think we've got this under control. you can take masks off and go back to living your life. some think you are doing anyway down here in the free state of florida. you wonder why they flipped the light switch and went back to a 24 hour fear agenda. i can tell you what my sources are telling me. the democrats think they are


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