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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that's what's firing me up. that doesn't frustrate will be back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday shall. fox report with john stott starts right now. ♪♪ >> cdc director changing to nonna mandate on vaccines as the president leaves the door open for the return of covid restrictions. i am mike emanuel and for jon scott and this is "the fox report". >> the cdc doing cleanup after the comments on fox using the biden administration was looking into making vaccines mandatory and meanwhile telling reporters that american should probably expect more restrictions as the delta.
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has an increase of covid cases all of this as the cdc reverses course on indoor masking even for fully vaccinated americans. we have lawmaker reaction to mass confusion but we begin live from the white house. reporter: vaccination rates are going up and that is good news with adult of byron lawn —- delta virus. the first time we had four days in row over 700,000 shots. 3million got there first shot and also a significant increase. the white house is trying to motivate more people to get the shot it is offering to reimburse employers for those who have time off and also to make sure they can pay people. the pentagon is examining whether the vaccine could be required for armed forces and
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federal workers and contractors will get tested they cannot prove they got the vaccine or to wear their mask in the office. the cdc faces blowback over the latest guidance millions of americans wear masks indoors even if fully vaccinated. it's only a suggestion it's up to cities and states. also the cdc director is clarifying remarks she made to fox news during an interview last night. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> i think that's of the administration is looking into and we are looking into the approval of the vaccine. >> less than one hour later she said there would not be a nationwide mandate i was referring to private institution and portions of the federal government.
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there will not be a federal mandate that cdc is revising guidance that says everyone k-12 parents teachers and staff all required to wear masks or suggested to be even if vaccinated and that is a nonstarter for some republicans including the florida governor who signed an executive order to make it optional. forcing kids is bad policy. parents are best equipped to decide if they want their kids to wear a mask. local authorities should be able to override the decision of the parent. the white house is under immense pressure to get kids back into the classroom and then there are concerns if the variant could complicate my know we will be getting the latest jobs report on friday and where things were the variant before that started to take off and what that means to an economy as a whole.
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mike: thanks. dozens of past republicans and staffers march mask list to produce on —- protest a mask mandate. the requirements reinstated but the gop says it is nancy pelosi pulling the strings. the policy creates mass confusion and more partisan divide in congress. >> there is confusion about masks across america so it's no surprise there is also consternation about where you have to mask up on capitol hill. >> which is it? vaccines or masks? do they work or don't work? the masks work or they don't? which is it? >> masks are required in the 100 member senate and in the larger 435 member house. one doctor for both the house and senate capital attending
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physician has given different guidance for each chamber. >> if you walk across the hall you don't have to wear it anymore. now the science is different. >> denigrating the attending physician? hasn't gotten this bad? >> a minority leader marks and marks the top doctor. >> that is beneath a minority leader. >> house speaker called him a moron to reject the mask. >> to say that is not based on science, i think is not wise. reporter: a memo from you capital police chief say his officers could arrest congressional aides and visitors of they do not have a mask. >> it to make sure we are complying - - people are complying with the mandate. you can put the mask on or you
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can leave. reporter: mass confusion is laced with politics. policy claim she is following monahans guidance but republicans and this on pelosi. >> madame speaker you are not god to arrest people for their own medical decisions this is medical apartheid. reporter: house members who don't wear a mask can receive a fine. now there is a mask mandate in dc but that does not apply to congress. the constitution says the house and senate can make their own rules. from capitol hill, fox news. abby. mike: the justice department files charges over those migrants to be carrying covid-19. meanwhile our fox flight team i'm sorry more the 150 migrants those that were detained and loaded into buses. now we are lives from the
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border in texas. reporter: border patrol agent say that's what they usually see with the larger groups this week. sometimes as large as ford 500 by grants coming across the rio grande river keeping them occupied processing. what you have here is two or 3000 migrants per day. sometimes a little bit more or less. last week there were 20000 apprehensions. there are covid concerns as agents hand out masks to those they apprehend. local officials say the federal government is still paroling positive migrants into the country. >> not everyone we encounter we only test those that have symptoms on everybody has symptoms. we release people out the door. day in day out with tests for covid and more keep popping up.
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reporter: citing concerns texas governor abbott has authorized state troopers to stop vehicles of migrants. the justice department is suing texas to rescind the order. the federal department of justice says the executive order abstracts the federal government's arrangements with nongovernmental partners and directly interferes with the administration of federal immigration law. in a letter to an attorney general merrick garland to long-established emergency response laws used by texas in partnership with the federal government, i have the authority to control the movements of people to contain the spread of a disaster. this will fight itself out in court beginning next week as the two sides have their first big discussion in front of a judge on this issue. mike: illegal fully on —- fight along the border in texas.
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thinks. the dixie fire has now become the 11th largest wildfire in the states history since july 13, burned nearly 250,000 acres of landousands ofn ordered to evacuate. as of friday just 23 percent contained. this part of california is no stranger to wildfires. in 2018 the campfire engulfed paradise killing 85 people. crime comes to the front door of l.a. mayor garcetti leaving trash and graffiti at the mayor's home just hours after he signed an ordinance tackling the homeless problem. we are live in los angeles with more. hi christina. reporter: lapd is investigating the vandalism. no arrest have been made.
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look at the aftermath. graffiti on the walls and sidewalks. lots of trash left at the mayor's house thursday night. he responded to say this does not help bring our house neighbors indoors. a new ordinance for the homeless says that sleeping or sitting or storing items on public properties or public places near libraries or schools they could receive a citation. the city council approved on wednesday with a 13 / to vote. >> it will be a relief to areas that i think have grave concerns like parks and schools and interest around businesses and locations around homeless housing solutions. reporter: critics question if the homeless where they would go after leaving the encampment. there's not enough shelters to house them. also for those who violate the new law to pay for a citation.
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>> to criminalize the homeless population. >> we are not criminalizing anyone we are helping people get connected to services and making our straight on —- streets safe and clean impassable. >> l.a. county sheriff says it doesn't fully address the mounting homelessness crisis. >> it's a step in the right direction but they did not go all the way. they just try to appease the public outcry without addressing the problem. reporter: outreach teams will offer shelter and other services before a new law goes into effect in 30 days. mike: my from socal. thank you very much. the ending schools from teaching critical race theory.
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the no see rt for kids act would keep it from being incorporated into curriculum. missouri republican congresswoman, senior member of armed services committee introduce the bill and joins me now. welcome congresswoman. >> thank you. good to be here. mike: so to keep funding from ever being used in dod schools to teach crt. keeping dod schools that the united states is inherently racist. keep dod schools that a student should feel guilt or english because of their race or behavior of historical members of their race. keeping dod schools the moral character or value is determined by the race. why, in your view, congresswoman is this necessary? >> as a former schoolteacher also senior member of the armed services committee. the thought department of defense could be teaching our
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children their country is inherently racist and certainly the children of men and women in uniform is important. we need to make sure this doesn't happen. the department of defense overseas 70000 of men and women in uniform and 160 bases around the world and in america. i want to make sure they are taught this is the greatest country in the world. they should be proud of our country and not be ashamed of who they are based on their skin color. mike: playing a clip and then i will ask you to respond. >> we do not teach critical race there he. we do not embrace critical race theory. i think that is a spurious conversation. mike: your thoughts, congresswoman? >> if he doesn't like it then read my bill and make sure it doesn't happen. but we know in the air force academy and other
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academies, they are teaching critical a scary. we do know the biden administration supports a lot of this in the department of education through all k-12 schools to enlist a very radical crt group as a resource. only after public outrage did they pull that back from guidance. we have an administration who is very sympathetic to this and i want to make sure to be proactive that our kids whose parents are defending our nation are not taught this poisonous curriculum. mike: we have talked before about your big picture concern of critical race theory why does crt alarm you so much? >> no child should be taught their destiny is determined by their skin color or america is inherently racist nation that is a changing of history that is very toxic. certainly in the military, we
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need to be working toward unity and cohesion and not dividing our troops into different groups based on their skin color doesn't make sense and we need to embrace our traditional model of e pluribus unum. it is the strength of our nation we come from many different backgrounds. we are all americans and that should be the goal. that's what we teach our kids. and the future is limitless. the american dream is alive and well. and not be indoctrinated for something that would be damaging to them and ultimately to be taught in our country. mike: i have been told being a minority party in the congresses frustrating. you don't set the agenda. it's difficult to get legislation passed. do you thank you can went over a few democrats to get the bill passed in the house? >> i think we have a very good chance on the armed services committee. we are in the process with the
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national defense authorization act we have the committee hearing october 1st and 2nd. i will introduce this as an amendment. we will get a lot of support for it. i am hopeful with the full house floor i will offer it there. but who can oppose this idea? surely democrats and republicans can embrace we are teaching our children that america is great and not divide them by skin color. mike: you're also running for the united states senate see you are doing events all over missouri. what concerns are you hearing from constituents about critical race theory in classrooms? >> this is the number one issue. we have parents groups all over the state. we have individuals who are interested in running for the school board. parents don't want their children taught their future
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and destiny and worth is top of their skin color. they support teaching america's greatness in the school should be teaching the abcs not crt. we need to get back to academics. it's concerning looking globally at the test scores from our scores with math and science and reading compared to other countries. we have to get serious and get back to teaching academics. not only so our kids can have the best education possible that so we can compete as a nation in the future. mike: what is your message to parents civilian and military that are worried of what's happening in the schools? >> they need to get involved. the schools work for them. the school board answers to them. i doing courage them to run for school board and to know and ask questions to get
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involved if they are relegated to learning at home because of covid. that several parents learn for the first time that crt was being taught from radical proposals and now parents are involved in pushing back as they should. i encourage them to get involved, run for office and make a difference. mike: missouri congresswoman hartzler thinks. mike: for - - are exciting's force beaches to close and now they are being asked to keep an eye on surroundings in the water. reporter: shark expert say there is no need to panic but they are getting some advice to stay safe if you do choose to get into the water. there advice coming up after the break. because with the right pain reliever... life opens up.
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mike: swimmers on high alert after shark sightings after beaches off of long island. lifeguards are using patrol boats and jet skis to ensure swimmers are safe. shocks were spotted earlier this week. reporter: that beaches were crowded today with families and friends coming out to
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enjoy the surf but it has been pretty busy out here with shark patrol as well this is the very spot there have been some shark sightings and that is something we have seen here. there doesn't seem to be a lot of worried people here scanning down to the water people have been having fun but the same time last fourth of july now this has prompted nassau county officials to fire up shark patrol unit skimming the waters with jet skis and boats and lifeguards to have any signs of underwater activity orphans do signal the need to blow the whistle to get swimmers onto sure. some fishermen got a taste of
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a sand tiger shark after reselling and getting that and they could get him right back into the surf. >> clearly you have no fear. >> it is their home. we are just enjoying their home. i'm not too worried based on statistics. >> i feel okay now and i trust the lifeguard but if they were a little older i wouldn't want them out too far. reporter: according to tracking 27 attacks have been in the united states that is compared to a total of 78 shark attacks worldwide last year. this last monday lifeguard on long island said he felt something hit him under the water when he came out of the surf he had a gash on his calf. there is no need to panic any uptick is from warmer waters and the shark population getting back to normal.
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for years they have been overfished and now we see a return to normal with that population so people have been in the water having a good time just trying to be careful. mike: live from long island thank you very much. the president changes course on the covid pandemic will there be restrictions or lockdowns? how will this play out in the 2022 midterms? next.. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life, including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at mike: this is "the fox report". the bottom of the hour if you are just joining us here is a look at the top stories i will republican governor says the state will not use federal funds to pay people to get the covid vaccine after the administration urge state governments thursday to use coronavirus relief funds to offer each new vaccinated
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person $100 as an incentives. 56 percent of the people older than age 12 are fully vaccinated. please say they have identified a suspect that killed a teenager earlier this month. thirty-one -year-old williams is accused of 17 -year-old castro in the head as he sat in the passenger seat of his father's pickup truck while leaving astros baseball game the manhunt is underway police are offering a 10000-dollar reward for information leads to a interest. to rapid transit trains collated friday evening leaving 25 people with injuries. the massachusetts bay transportation authority is looking at what caused the crash but they said speed could be a factor from our of these and other stories download the fox news app scan the qr code.
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>> president biden warning that americans could once again see stricter covid measures as cases spike due to the variant. the president did not go into details what that would look like but lockdowns are not currently being considered meanwhile questions swirl over the masking guidance as the director is now walking back talk of a vaccine mandate. joining me now is jonah goldberg who is a fox news contributor. welcome. >> great to be here. >> a big incentive was to throughout the mask now it sounds like they are back. what you think of the administration's flip-flop? >> on the one hand i can cut biden a little slack. he is not responsible, think hes
3:32 pm
getting himself into a big problem because the white house is becoming the central fulcrum or the clearinghouse for all of the covid policies and communications and given a more partisan feel than it needs to them part of the reason i think they are doing that is the cdc is so disastrously handling the communications and messaging on this that they feel they have to do and they are not good at it either. they are running into a simple headwind we are sick of this we want to be done with it and to drive crime or the nastiness of politics but we are done want to be through with this but that is a hard portfolio for the president to
3:33 pm
handle. mike: you say if someone is vaccinated the odds of dying are infinitesimally small so make your case. >> the death rate nevermind the hospitalization rate for people who are vaccinated is a fraction of 1 percent. .zero something. yes you could get breakthrough cases that in fact you but they don't really hurt you very much if you have been vaccinated. the pandemic for the unvaccinated i have nothing but sympathy for those who are not vaccinated and get sick but is not a child voice they are allowed to make so to keep that infrastructure to get the vaccine you have to let them live with their own choices even with kids under 12 more kids die every year by far from car accidents we don't
3:34 pm
pay and kids from cars. so at this point we should give everybody all the information we can and let people make their own decisions. if individual businesses are institutions want to require vaccines i have zero problem with that actually in principle i have no problem with the national mandate but it's bad politics and will backfire so let people deal with this down in the trenches where they live. and let's just move on. i think going back to masks and lockdowns and remote schooling will drive people bananas. mike: a knee-jerk reaction after the political left for the death of george floyd to say no police that they have changed their to what about that? >> they should have this is the single dumbest public
3:35 pm
policy debate maybe of my lifetime and it says something. the polling was never in fun on —- in favor of defending police. with race and ethnicity and social economic status to have the same amount of policing or more policing in their communities. no one was in favor of no policing. the media got so spun up by listening to a handful of deluded activists who were high on their own gaseous omissions on this idea and went crazy with it. they started to tell us all policing in america was descended from slaves patrols in the south they go back to the 12th century it was nuts
3:36 pm
and that democrats sent a message so it makes total sense for them to backtrack now i do think that covid lockdown has much to do with some of the crime is the messaging that if you are too stupid to be a spellchecker in the m&m factory that they want to get rid of police altogether was idiotic. mike: we had polls abc news "washington post" poll says 59 percent view crime as a high-level problem. george soros is not given up he just gave a group called the color of change $1 million to continue the fight. he has his own security so he fights for his agenda? >> i don't know what soros is actually paying for i think he is a little checked out these days anyway but anything that
3:37 pm
you slap defined the police is a bad idea politically i think some of these other democrats understand that that politicians like aoc spending thousands of dollars on her personal security they don't understand they are talking to the tiny sliver of hyper educated really radical people and they think those people are normal americans they may want police to behave better but they also want police to stop crime in their neighborhoods if i were the republicans i would be encouraging them to go with defined the police because it is such idiotic politics. mike: one more republicans on capitol hill are really hoping they will regain the majority in the midterm elections spirit democrats decided they
3:38 pm
want to build back bloated. they jam through a massive 2 trillion-dollar covid package that only spent about 1 percent on vaccinations and less than 10 percent on public health the rest went to a literal litany of inflationary liberal spending. mike: we are nearly out of time but aoc fires back to those following at home saying that 100 percent of the focus is on blocking the biden administration at this stage we expect covid crime inflation to be dominant issues. >> i think they have to be. covid and crime have to be and inflation is a little but it is one of the most potent political issues in american history so odds are it's
3:39 pm
historical if not a real one. >> with publications spiking calling on businesses pressuring them to require vaccines but those like texas and florida are pushing back. >> businesses are coming out of a very difficult year and a half to turn around any paying customer. there is no way they would even consider asking their customers about a vaccination status. >> and then to be discriminatory it is not right. >> we are not in the business of turning away. we welcome all guest. so yes, it makes it very difficult for us to make this
3:40 pm
decision. >> cuomo adding fully fuel to the fire to encourage businesses to require vaccination but they say this puts them between a rock and a hard place the ceo of the new york state restaurant association said the burden is placed back on restaurants him to the untenable position that government cannot make things harder again you can expect to see this play out differently between the states i like the direction like florida and texas have passed laws preventing small businesses from inquiring about a vaccination status. mike: thank you lidia. finding two american travelers were providing fake vaccine documents on top of not having proper proof of vaccination
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>> here are other headlines around the globe. wildfires year the mediterranean coast have killed six people and at least 98 fires have broken out and then strong winds and heat officials say nearly most of the fires under control in italy record heat fueling large fires on the island of sicily rescuing more than 150 people after fires were in a seaside area of the island. in kenya more than 400,000 astrazeneca covid vaccine doses have arrived from uk totaling in excess of 800,000 doses the uk said the shipments are part of an effort to donate 100 million vaccine doses worldwide in brazil a polar air mass dropping temperatures and freezing coffee crops the cold
3:47 pm
weather causes a rise of international coffee and sugar prices. in argentina two lakes have turned florescent pink is not clear why but environmental's are concerned it could be the result of contamination from the nearby industrial park. in russia st. petersburg posted the cattle boarding festival thousands of participants all had to be vaccinated dressed up in colorful costumes taking to the waters. it was like fun. thousands taking to the streets to protest a new law requiring people in the country to present day health pass to enter restaurants and other public places. we have more from london t2000 people will march through the streets of paris on saturday. they are angry about a new
3:48 pm
pass to prove vaccination status before people enter public places. there were some clashes with police they feel their liberty is at stake in those new rules come into force leaving no access to public places without the vaccination or proof of a negative covid test. despite feelings running high, polls indicate most french people support the idea of healthcare workers are not required to have a vaccination to do their job. because cases are rising again of 20000 per day and with those covid-19 confections compared to just a few thousand daily cases and only just over half of the population is vaccinated. not everyone is protected yet progress in many other countries including the us , the delta variant is proving so problematic.
3:49 pm
mike: and thank you. that is some stories from around the globe. carnival going big in the sunshine state launching the largest ship ever and we are alive with the details on the historic voyage next. limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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mike: carnival cruise lines largest the largest ship ever the mardi gras setting sail with excited passengers at a time when the industry is struggling to recover after the pandemic shutdown services for more than a year. we are live from port canaveral for the maiden voyage. reporter: carnaval mardi gras cruise ship just sailed off with 4000 passengers on board that is a person that has happened here at port canaveral since march of 2020 when the pandemic started to wrap up. we got a look at a lot of excited people waving to onlookers as the eight team decks left port mardi gras has
3:54 pm
a lot to look forward to in the next few days. the largest ship ever and once onboard it lives up to its name. it is even decked out with a roller coaster. >> we canceled and revoked finally we canceled and we booked and we are sailing no matter what. >> we had some cancellations due to covid this just happened to set our schedule with the last trip of the summer. we are very excited to do a lot the business to take care of before the mardi gras could set sail making sure it was free of any covid cases. all 4000 passengers had to undergo covid screenings. they had to answer symptom
3:55 pm
questionnaires and have temperature check show a negative test or proof of vaccination before they could board. this is a big deal for port canaveral where 80 percent of the income comes from cruise operators. so they hope the protocol will keep the struggling industry afloat. it could be an uphill battle. we heard from royal caribbean yesterday and had six positive cases identified on one of its ships. they say that passengers departing from the west now have to show proof of a negative test before they board any of their ships it is a work in progress. mike: that looks like a small city on the sea. thank you. the united states taking home more golden making history. the latest from tokyo. next. n
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mike: team usa topping the leaderboard in swimming at the tokyo olympics 26 middles eight gold. caleb tressel grab the gold and 100-meter butterfly breaking the record he set two years ago. the third gold medal of the game so far.
4:00 pm
and katie bring it home for team usa taking home the gold in the wind and 800-meter freestyle. she has one more gold medals in her career than any other female swimmer. well done. that is how fox reports this saturday night, july 31st, 2021. i will be back at 1:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. see you tomorrow. >> hello america i am mark levin this is life liberty and then with a very important show for you tonight went to great guest senator marco rubio and a former acting i.c.e. director that before we get to our great guest, hundreds of thousands if not millions of


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