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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  July 31, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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his mother says he loves to take a long she's shopping and drive around the store and shopping carts his mom posted picture on social media, a copy i have someone to get his very own car. eric: that's wonderful. that's fantastic. jillian: pet does offer us. ♪♪ >> trump and tyrus, welcome to the big saturday show. laura. the texas government is trying to stop the influx of illegal immigration at the border but bidens see rj is stopping him. tonight governor abbott has strong words for the d.o.j. carley. ♪♪ >> epic right on cancer culture.
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canceling people is doing to our country. >> tyrus. >> it's a big saturday show that means it's time for big saturday plus. we talk about what's really annoying this week and i'll give you a hint -- leaving a little food on your face. [laughter] >> first, more possible coronavirus restrictions as a delta variant spreads, president biden says americans can expect more rules are coming. >> should americans select marked guidelines coming up due to covid? >> in all probability. we had a good day yesterday. half a million of the people kat vaccinated for the first time so i am hopeful because people are beginning to realize how essential this is. >> the cdc box is backtracking
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overcome as he made about a possible nationwide vaccine mandate. here's what she sat on special report asked me. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> something i think the administration is looking into, something i think we are looking for the approval of the vaccine. overall i think in general i am all for more vaccination but i have nothing further to say on the accept we are looking into those policies and honestly people doing it locally, those are into vigil as well. >> an hour later, doctor tweeted to clarify there will be no nationwide mandate. i was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. there will be no federal mandate. okay. lara, i want to start with president biden and he said more restrictions for americans may be on the way. your thoughts?
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>> i'm just wondering how much people are going to take because some people are going to say enough is enough. we've been in this for the year end a half. we've done everything asked of us from day one. we now have vaccines and they are telling us it doesn't even matter if you're vaccinated, you've got to wear a mask i can. sometime people are going to push back and say enough is enough, small businesses can't survive and we need kids back in school. god forbid we have to go back to in-home learning for kids are literally sitting in front of an ipad or computer all day, we note that doesn't work at some time people are going to say enough is enough. >> personal freedom and choice of everybody has had the opportunity to get the vaccine, why should business be forced to shut down again her child be forced to wear a mask to protect somebody was voluntarily chosen not to be vaccinated?
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>> absolutely. you are both right. obviously this is a pandemic but just because of that, that doesn't mean we are not a free country. people have the autonomy and dignity to make these decisions for themselves and they are going to make the best decisions they can make for themselves and their families and children. of course they are very concerned about their neighbors and make good decisions about how best to behave so they can protect their neighbors as well but the problem is, in this environment, the best with the federal government is to give clear guidance to provide clear information and do it in a timely fashion and completely accurately and if at the very least what we get from a penetration is very confusing, it's hard to figure out, get heads and tails about the vaccines, the mandate, masks and
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all of us addition from the very beginning democrat politicize this which i think is a big reason why he see a lot of people very suspicious about this but at the end of the day people are going to make their own decisions and the best thing we can get from the federal government and officials like doctor belinsky is straight up accurate and timely information and we are not getting that right now. >> tyrus, another big ever present part of the covered era has been hypocrisy. nancy pelosi got her hair done at the salon when nobody else could in this week she said masks would be required for all members of the house and it already looks like she's breaking her rules on that front as well. look at this. >> can we take off our mask? >> yes, ma'am.
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>> can we take off the mask for the photo, tyrus? >> you know it's like that old batman movie for the joker says you have to break one rule. of course batman wouldn't do that. unfortunately batman is not in our government. the irresponsible miss of mainstream media and politicize asian of medicine which is never a good thing and we are seeing how well they are prepared if you give an interview from the field of science, he shouldn't have to use things like and -- you should have a prepared statement with all the facts are there nothing but questions asked how much change with the information is if you're just giving us facts. would love to say give us straight and we'll deal with repercussions of honest answers but the american people aren't
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getting that so the frustration is that. we have politicize asian on both sides of the fence where everybody has something to say about nothing and when you look at the cdc to be that strong voice of just the facts in this is where we are at and giving us that news, americans take back news but we can't take inconsistencies in what about prisms, we need facts when dealing with criticism. when you have to tweak to clarify facts, i kind of have an issue with that. >> inconsistencies and it feels like another round of more frizzy and not for me. mayor bowser announced there would be a mandate for people wearing masks from a vaccinated people wearing masks inside. she announced thursday that mask mandate would go into effect today but there are pictures online that shows her, she's celebrating her birthday party inside last night not wearing a
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mask so here we go again. it's always hypocrisy. charlie talked about it, we seen it from day one. remember during the campaign when harris and joe biden for saying we don't know if we are going to have the vaccine because the trump administration is in charge of it. now they want everybody to get vaccinated it is exactly what everybody has been talking about. mixed messaging, the hypocrisy and then to see mask mandates going back in d.c. and d.c. has had low rates of covered. i don't understand why they are doing this. then of course is that the mayor massless and it looks like they had a nice time with dave chapelle. a fun party. i have the numbers here, there were 69 new cases of covid-19 yesterday over the last two weeks in washington d.c., four people died charlie, the reason
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we shut down in the first place and the reason masks were implicated were to stop hospitals from overflowing cases of death. four people died in washington d.c. over the last two weeks which means one -- actually one person died. that means there's a great unlikelihood you could be shot to death in d.c. than die from covid. >> exactly. and if we've learned anything the past year which was a tough year, it's that the lockdowns don't work. masks apparently don't work and if it's the silver bullet is the vaccine and the administration needs to spend their time convincing people to get the vaccine with accurate and clear, on politicize information. i know a lot of people who stop on the vaccine and they are not getting it not because of political reasons, not because they don't think there don't
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work, they've just not been convinced of it. this administration isn't getting them and i think it has a lot to do with the hypocrisy and dishonesty talking about the data in a has to do with the idea but everything seems to be politicized with these people. >> it's so true and 80% of seniors, 60% of adults have gone vaccinated. some who have not are because they have natural immunity seems like such a win, i've never seen an administration being so unwilling to take a w than what happening right now. next on the big saturday show, bidens the object putting a stop the latest push in texas to stop the flow of illegal immigration. governor abbott is fighting back. ♪♪
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d.o.j. sued to stop the governor executive order that would have allowed troopers to stop vehicles suspected of hiding illegal immigrants. governor abbott saying the biden administration created a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the state of texas. this stems from the by the administrations refusal to enforce immigration laws and about illegal immigrants with covid-19 to enter our country. the texas defending his order to the attorney general writing your actions combined with the actions and formation of the biden administration directly conflicts with my authority as governor. tyrus, i can't ask you, how did we get to a place where the federal government is suing a state that's enforcing the law? was going on here? >> i thought maybe this morning when i was grabbing my vitamins that maybe i was taking a couple of crazy pills because i'm
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losing my mind reading some of us. we are hearing rumors of vaccinated adults having to wear masks and schools being shut down but you can stroll in from the border mask free, possibly containing whatever strength of conflict going on in mexico right now it is awkward and will fly to various parts of the united states where you can spread mark corbett it makes no sense to me. illegal or your path to citizenship in the country, take all of it. we're still independent. it's the progressive's agenda where they live in fantasyland twitter land where they can make great are plastics, the things they are going to do with the actual reality. you want to defund police and make it where troops can't do their jobs by the border and then cry when corbett is in your neighborhood and when crime is in your neighborhood so the absolute hypocrisy of the
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twitter world the progressive's lives in their trying to stop the government from enforcing laws that are not extreme or out protect citizens of texas which affects us all because a lot of these illegal immigrants are being shipped to different north carolina and pennsylvania in different parts of this country and it got crazy for the american people to tell us we can go to school, you might have to put up but if we stroll in from mexico who basically have to run the plate and that is insanity. >> i think you want to do if you come across the southern border seems like you can just do and the rest of us have to follow the loss. that is the problem so many people have, it seems like we are prioritizing people breaking our laws by illegally coming into america over american citizens and coming incredibly frustrating to the america people. >> so well said. the number of detainees testing
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positive for public have increased by nine 100% in the rio grande valley specter. canada our northern border is closed right now by southern border is wide open and people are coming in from countries with a very low vaccine rate which is why lindsey graham, a democrat and republican calling on president biden to.border czar. the root causes of illegal immigration but somebody who will tackle the issue but i don't think that is going to happen. this ultimately oils down to the folk. democrats need illegal immigrants as voters and want as many here as possible for that reason and that was made clear when alejandra mario chris told cubans not to come to america and what he was talking about people coming from mexico he said i'm not saying don't come, i'm just saying don't come right
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now. a very different message for those two groups of people. >> we still have a four star, he pointed her out. kamala harris is. she's taken another trip but look at this, it's not to the southern border, she's going to vietnam, nowhere near our southern border and but what from the vice president spokesperson apparently said the trip is to strengthen relationships and expand economic support. his attic, is she just done for the southern border, are we over that now. >> i think so, i think they are happy with what i would call the catastrophe at the border right now. let's say for arguments psaki the federal laws that prohibit people from coming into our country with covid or whatever is against the law. if you have a problem with that and change the loss.
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they could change the laws of they want to but they don't. his they couldn't even get their own members to agree with these insane things the democrats like kamala harris and joe biden say they want to do about basically removing the borders and grant amnesty to the illegals of the country and they can get their own party on board and it's been a problem for decades for that reason so when you have an administration like the biden administration completely disregarding federal law and we saw this under the obama administration are you have federal government, the white house refusing to carry out its most basic borders which is to enforce our borders and not only are they refusing to enforce our laws, they are prohibiting states from enforcing the laws,
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federal laws the federal government refuses to enforce so you start to realize okay, this is about something else and what you said is right, it's about getting voters into this country, democrats believe will be borders for them. if they are willing to politicize this and turn it into a weapon to increase their power and there is nothing they won't do that with. >> that is the truth. may be time for a new border czar at the very least. next stadiums are turning walk and bill maher has had enough. his epic rant on cancel works or straightahead. ♪♪
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♪♪ welcome back to the big saturday show. of the olympics doing well? bill maher says counterculture olympics shows how much counterculture is spreading across the world. >> please don't make the objects into the oscars. >> what's that? they did already?
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[laughter] young people have to stop flattering themselves and had they been around been, everything is acceptable now. >> why do we allow the people who just want to -- who always win. this is called a purge. it's a mentality that belongs in russia. how bad is this atmosphere we are living in? before the people who say cancer culture is overblown admit that it insanity swallowing up the world. it's unfair points, lara. i hate to give him credit for he gives good reports. i'm reminded of the people used to think that% in the rest of the universe revolved around the earth instead of the other way around because -- it's also probably why they're convinced every bit of global warming has to do with them if not science i
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was wondering, do you think all of us palletization with concerning politics into every corner of our lives makes things better or worse? >> clearly it makes things worse and i am shocked but i also agree with bill maher. i don't want to upset him but maybe he's on track to be a bit of our conservatives because the ideas are wildly different than anything on the left and i know he calls himself a democrat but obviously infusing politics into every facet of our world is terrible. you can even go to the olympics now and escape into sports without having it touch that. it's sort of sad but maybe it's got to do with social media or because we are all so connected
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or maybe just that we are so lucky to live in such an amazing place like the united states of america. we could've live and places and have bigger problems. we've got to make stuff up like this. i don't know but i'm all for less politics personally. >> i think you're right, all of the insanity have unintended consequences but perhaps pushing a lot of people toward more open conservatism which is a good thing but carley, who are a news person. would you rather cover the olympics or politics as it relates to the olympics? >> i am a big fan and it's interesting because i'm not watching right now and i think part of it has to do with the time difference. thirteen hours ahead but the other thing is that some aren't watching for more political reasons and that's on both sides of the aisle. i saw a video of college
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students saying they are not going to watch because they don't want to root for america and on the other side conservatives are annoyed and i know, i know. some conservatives are watching because of the healing and soccer and one of the nbc executive says it's going to be the most meaningful limits of our time before pleadings came out when the olympics started and ratings have gone way down. one of the examples bill maher gave in terms of cancel culture as it relates to the olympics and the director of the opening ceremony because of something making a joke about the holocaust but he made in 1998 which is before libyans were even born so the next time somebody says cancel culture doesn't exist i want to try to remember this as an example. >> probably wise. tyrus, you are an athlete, would you rather win or wine?
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>> i don't even drink wine as a rule so whining is not in my repertoire. >> the other wine but here's the deal. bill maher forbing the adult in the room, these days regardless of your political affiliation being an adult in the room you find out you have a lot more in common with the other adults in the room for somebody to make a joke as a standup comedian decades ago and to lose his job now is really terrible and making an individual lose his job because he made a fat joke in his private conversation he obviously needed to go. we are the most sensitive culture in the history of mankind for things that didn't even happen to you are affected you, you can make a tweet and someone loses their job, their career, we need to get back,
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some ceos, someone somewhere needs to say sorry, not sorry, i said it and it doesn't affect my job. we'll have to take my job much the old fashion way and earn it. you have to start being adult in the room and calling it what it is. the only thing worse is allegations with no found links or findings or truth in it and when exposed, there is no consequences. they're going after the so-called woke and put their butts back to sleep because they clearly overslept commonsense. >> the real losers here are the great athletes and performers of the olympics. >> we should start focusing on that. social media to turn their back, they don't need to be on tv for that. they have social media so they don't need to be the top. let's focus on the ones winning it if you're going to protest the olympics, show america what time it is from defect.
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what a message that would be. go back to cuba. let's go for # show up how much you can't stand this country. >> speaking of, california lena los angeles cracks down on homelessness. the response from offenders targeting the mayors next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. los angeles mayor eric as i crackdown on homelessness and
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get back rush hours after he signed a bill restricting where homeless people can kat, protesters vandalized his home. the mayor's office releasing a statement saying homelessness is an emotional issue for many angelenos and i am as passionate as anyone about ending the crisis on our streets. i deeply respect the right we all have to make voice is heard. vandalism doesn't bring our neighbors endorsed and we have to stay focused on saving lives. tyrus, eric garcetti says no more homeless encampment invent his home gets vandalized. >> when the upper unaffected get affected, it is terrible. my goodness. you mean to tell me that people came into his home and tore it up because they didn't like something he said? oh my gosh opposed to all these business, small business owners up and down the state of california who've been held captive dealing with homelessness, lawlessness, you
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can write an burned stuff, my $50 shoplift casually as if it's no longer a thing anymore as far as that goes, were to hit the gym and shoplift and then probably today's my heavy day so i'll go back and probably chopped lift again before everything causes because nothing can stay open past sunset so i'm sorry that now after years and years and anyone who doesn't know talk to doctor drew about the homeless situation in california, now it's a big deal and what vandalism doesn't work, thank you for noticing, sir. i'm laying it on pretty thick. >> no sympathy from eric garcetti romeo. >> i'm sure you will have somebody clean up for you. >> i'm sure he will get a handler to do it. >> there will be an undocumented worker to do that. again, sarcasm. >> there is a report from venice
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beach showing how bad the homelessness situation is there and some of the people who live around are set there are needles buried in the sand, weapons so you can attest to it and a lot of the businesses along the area are closing as a result. >> kind of like the border, this is -- go ahead. >> real quick, i grew up venice beach was where you went to become a star in trade and now you can't even get close to it. >> absolutely astonishing and it's entirely a crisis much like the border of their own making whether it lacks the days enforcement of all the laws that make life bearable living in cities or their disregard for the economy so people who have
2:41 pm
good jobs and it can afford housing and things but i love the fact that garcetti says as committed to as anyone. he been in office a long time and have done nothing to fix it, it's getting worse under your stewardship so i try to curtail likely at the fact that he's getting his house vandalized because i don't want anyone's house vandalized, it's a sick terrible problem but nothing he and democrats are doing and the language they use to describe it is doing anything to identify the problem or find solutions. >> and you know flora, when it comes to homelessness, there is a fine line between helping people and enabling their behavior and it seems like an cities like san francisco, los angeles, the policies are enabling the behavior and it's
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affecting taxpayers. >> i guess you get what you vote for and i couldn't be truer than it is here. i was just in los angeles about a month ago visiting a friend and i have to tell you, it is out of control the homeless situation. i tried to go for a run one morning and is everywhere. you cannot escape from when you don't enforce the rules, i don't charlie alluded to this, when you are not enforcing and then all of a sudden try to enforce it, it's almost like what happens with my kids, when i'm not clear and enforcing the rules and then go to dinner and try to enforce it, it's not going to go over well so maybe next time they should start enforcing the rules from the beginning and not letting it get out of control. >> in los angeles, sheriff alex villanueva said it's a step in the right direction but not even going to fix the problem, more needs to be done and needs more resources and money. he's advocating for an is a
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democrat so hopefully more leaders can jump on board and help them do that. next, she did it for the grant but that got her in trouble. police say a woman who snapped and up close personal bottle of a grizzly bear and her cubs, we'll talk about the silly things people do for social media coming up next. ♪♪
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what is, welcome back to the big saturday show. woman facing criminal charges after a close up photo of a grizzly bear and her cubs in yellowstone national park in may. authorities talk her through social media. investigators posted a screen grab of another social media post asking anyone to come forward with information. when you always have to go back to the old being stupid is as stupid does, listen. anytime someone says but do it for the grant, it's a bad idea. [laughter] messing with mother nature, messing with her mother and mother nature, a mother bear
2:48 pm
were defend her cubs with her own life to be this ridiculously or radomski leslie ignorant for a photo is embarrassing. the best part is to walk away. that's how my kids walk away when i raise it an eyebrow when they found something wrong. she got the hint but unfortunately we see too much where people will risk their life for a selfie zero follow-up. we could break it down but i think the video says it all and i'm glad -- here's the deal, if the bear would have attacked her, they would put the bear down and the cubs would be orphaned and it would have been awful because they can't follow rules. her dumbness is recorded forever. charlie, what the worst thing for the grandview paradigm? >> you've got the wrong guy, i never do anything idiotic for
2:49 pm
instagram. >> charlie, come on. [laughter] >> no photo, funny face, nothing? >> i've many times said hold my beer, watch this and then on something incredibly stupid but nothing to put on instagram. but that not all social media, it forces humans to override their natural instincts. god built us to know you don't mess with the grizzly bear. if you're messing with the grizzly bear, you're going to die. >> but bro, you don't know about the graham. you know how many likes i will get for this? talking about this, lara, i know you've been asked to do photo ops for the graham and selfies, i'm sure you get this all the
2:50 pm
time. >> i just talked about the ice bucket challenge, it's not that crazy but i remember it being a big deal back in the day i remember my husband and i taking like a few hours to set up this whole shoot and that was like what, 22nd? at least that wasn't dangerous but think about all of these people eating tide pods and putting people in chokehold until they pass out, it can get really crazy and it's sad because i feel like people have to keep outdoing one another. when is enough? >> that's a great question, when is it enough? >> i know, right? part of me feels bad because her really poor choice is now all over social media in the news and she's facing charges but you said something great, she has to
2:51 pm
face charges or the bear could have been put down and they have to set an example for us more people will do crazy things for the gram and it has to stop.hol. next, we break down big saturday plus next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. it's time for a new segment we are calling big saturday slot worry highlight big stories you may have. charlie, what you got? >> congressman adam schiff turned on the waterworks during the january 6 hearing. listen to this. >> never expected today -- to be quite is emotional for me as a husband. democracies are not defined by our bad days. [sobbing] where to find i have we come back from a bad day. god help us but i have faith because of folks like you and i never expected this to be like this but it must be an atom
2:56 pm
thing today. >> it must be an atom thing today. charlie, why are you fired up about this? >> it's amazing, my big question is, where were these guys tears last summer when people's businesses were being burned to the ground and people murdered and mayhem in the street across the country? we didn't hear them crying then but the one good thing that came out of the hearings this week is support for the hearings dropped ten points among independent. of course there are little support among regular voters as well but they want to keep this up in the reason is because it has nothing to do with anything other than its intended to be a distraction away from the issue of the skyrocketing crime across the country, democrats want to talk about that and they'd rather talk about january 6. >> i remember i was doing man on the street interview right before the election talking to
2:57 pm
people and i mentioned to a new yorker i said about what about the rice in the city and she said that was fake news, they didn't exist so i guess it depends on what reality depends on where you get your news, what is your big flop of the week? >> i have been watching the limericks, i know you haven't been but it's frustrating for me to see this mask madness at the limericks. first of all, i've been an athlete my whole leaf, i encourage anyone to run an 800-meter race the hardest you ever have and then put a mask on right after and try to do an interview on top of the fact that they are allowing people from a she one goal for the u.s. in one of his events, an american swimmer on the podium, they required him to wear the mask while on the podium and the national anthem and then for
2:58 pm
voters immediately after, the mask can come off, what are we doing? why even require the masts it's crazy, their top athletes, they don't need the mask on. >> so true. tyrus, what is annoying you this week? >> one of joe biden's staffers put in a note telling him he had food on his face. >> expand your capacity through the partnership we have, federal and state government along with local government. this issue is ongoing each year as we have stuff getting worse, it affects real people everything from children breathing. >> whatever happened to the hand signal, you've got something right here? why does it have to be a dramatic notepad? as the world of progressives, everything is overkill. it wasn't like he had on the
2:59 pm
side of his face, he could have just given the old simek which but had to be a note and i'm sure it was written too long with too many details to say yo, pops, president pops, wipe your mouth. like that. >> i don't know what happened at the end. all right, potential new york city outsourced duplex dining, a restaurant in the east village got caught trying to build a two-story outdoor dining set so the restaurant owner who wanted to do this, he later changed his mind because of backlash. okay, we're going to see outdoor dining skyscrapers but i think this, and lara being familiar with new york city as well, i'm sure you've seen this, it ends up being endorsed dining, just more expensive so why even make restaurant owners do this to begin with?
3:00 pm
that's what's firing me up. that doesn't frustrate will be back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday shall. fox report with john stott starts right now. ♪♪ >> cdc director changing to nonna mandate on vaccines as the president leaves the door open for the return of covid restrictions. i am mike emanuel and for jon scott and this is "the fox report". >> the cdc doing cleanup after the comments on fox using the biden administration was looking into making vaccines mandatory and meanwhile telling reporters that american should probably expect more restrictions as the delta


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