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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  July 31, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> you never know. paul: if you have your own hit or miss, tweet us at j er.fnc. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot, hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ legal battle laying out the court, justice department suing over order by governor right out of it, he wants to limit ground transportation of migrants what he says may be carrying the coronavirus virus during that in the name of protecting the health of texans and americans across the country, he said.
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hello, welcome to our great brand-new hour of fox news live. i am eric shawn. >> good to see you at this afternoon. i am in for our fell. two other big stories we're watching, more confusion over the biden administration communications about covid. rochelle rovinsky clarifying comments she made to fox news about the possibility of a nationwide vaccine mandate and protesters vandalizing the home of los angeles mayor eric custody after he signed a decree to restrict homeless camp at the beach. eric: we have fox team coverage and all of these stories at the white house. more on the changes. christina coleman without effect but first live on the border in texas. the very latest on the continuing flow of migrants. hi, rich. reporter: good afternoon and border patrol agents say they are encountering in this sector, rio grande valley between two and 3000 migrants a day, some days are more. many other going to border patrol claiming asylum. others are trying to evade
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border patrol. this is from the sector chief for border patrol and tweeted out for migrants stuck inside a plastic tote another within tightly patting. 102 degrees with no circulating air. there's also covid concerns as agents and out to migrants. local officials say when many are processed, they are coming into the community and some of them have covid-19. >> if they don't show any symptoms and there is nothing to test and then the individuals are being released into the rest of the communities. reporter: greg abbott authorized state troopers to stop vehicles with migrants. the justice department is suing texas to rescind that order. federal government department of justice is now suing saint the executive order obstructs
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federal government arrangements with nongovernmental partners and directly interferes with the administration of federal immigration law. in a letter to mayor carlin, under long established emergency response used by texas in partnership with the federal government, i have the authority to control the movement of people to contain the spread. the department of justice filed an emergency motion, they are looking for a judge to help texas essentially stopped the practice immediately on this issue. eric: a hot and windy border. thank you. we will have more on the alarming concerns of the migrants, possibly spreading over into our country. beth will be on that straightahead. jillian. jillian: nava conflicting messaging, more on the coronavirus on the biden
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administration. rochelle rovinsky back comments made on fox news this evening now saying there will be no nationwide vaccine mandate. growing fears of the delta. at the latest search of cases. mark meredith is live with more. reporter: good to see you, white house trying to convince americans now is the time to get the other vaccine but it's also facing a new challenge, try to make sure people who are vaccinated don't spread variants of the virus to those who have yet to get the shot. the cdc is dealing with new guidance coming out ever since the delta. has dominated was going on in hospitalization what potentially recommending millions regardless of vaccination status or mask endorse. it's not a federal order. the individual cities and states to decide how to proceed. cdc said recommendations were updated to ensure the vaccinated
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public were not unknowingly transmit the virus to others including unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones so well this prompt more to get the vaccine? it appears it may already be doing so because we are hearing a staffer who claims for the first time we've had four days in a row of 700,000 shots, that's about 3 million getting their first shot the past seven days i'm also a significant increase but there are questions about how the federal government is going to reach its goal to get more people vaccinated. last night but they are have the cdc director on and asked whether or not we would see a nationwide mandate. >> i want to start there, are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> something i think administration is looking into, something i think we are looking to see through the vaccine. eric: . reporter: the cdc directed said there were no and eight, i was
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having portions of the federal government, there will be no federal mandate. the white house says you're not looking to impose any lockdowns like we saw in 2020. however, the president said yesterday on his way out that it's possible more covid tight restrictions are coming but didn't say what they could mean. the white house is focused on the economy because of course never happens with the virus as the country is supposed to be exiting the pandemic, it's a big impact on the economic agenda. the white house is waiting for the new july jobs report due friday and the big idea of where it is the summer. >> when you hear the possibility of more restrictions, your mind automatically go to the business owners who have been on the brink or lost their livelihoods because of their restrictions so i know is something a lot of people don't hear and i know you will keep us updated. eric: new guidance wearing masks sparking confusion and
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contention at capitol hill. lawmakers are outraged turning up the mess mandate and prompting a yelling match on the floor of the house. >> there's confusion about masks across america so it's no surprise is also about where you have to mask up on capitol hill. >> which is it? vaccines or masks? to the vaccines work or not? do the mask work or not? i'd like to know which it is. reporter: masks aren't required but masks are across the capitol rotunda in the larger 435 number house. if there's one doctor in the house and senate, doctor brian has given different mask guidance for each chamber. republicans toured about the house and senate split. >> if you walk across the hall, is somewhere around the rotunda you don't have to wear it anymore but now the science is different. reporter: democrats defended by
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half. >> birth emigrating the attendant physician? has gone this bad? reporter: minorities leader mocked the top doctor. >> that is beneath a minority leader, answer pelosi called mccarthy a moron over rejecting masks. >> to say wearing a mask is not based on science i think is not wise. reporter: a new memo from tom major says his officers could arrest visitors and congressional aides if they didn't dawn masks. >> it's up to my office just make sure people comply with that mandate and we get folks a choice, either put the mask on or leave. reporter: mask confusion is laced with politics. pelosi claims she's following monahans guidance requiring masks. republicans pin it on pelosi.
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>> madame speaker, you are not god to threaten arrests on others for their own personal medical decision, nothing short of a medical apartheid. reporter: house members who don't wear a mask are subject to a fine. washington d.c. has amassed mandate but that doesn't apply to congress. the house and senate can make their own rules. eric: thanks. jillian: california where crime hits home for los angeles air eric garcetti. protesters vandalized the home last night hours after he signed a city ordinance banning homeless encampments. christina coleman is live with more. reporter: lapd is investigating the vandalism. so far, no arrests made it look at the aftermath here, graffiti on the walls and sidewalks and lots of trash left at the mayors house. he responded to the vandalism friday by saying this doesn't help bring are on house neighbors indoors. the protesters opposed the ordinance regarding the
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homeless. it prohibits sleeping, sitting or storing items on public property your parks, libraries, schools and other facilities. people who violate the new law can receive citation. the city council approved the ordinance wednesday with a 13 -- two vote. >> it will be areas that i think have great concerns like parks and schools, entrances around businesses and locations around homeless housing solutions vardy put in our areas. reporter: critics question where the homeless would go after leading their encampment. they say there's not enough shelter to house them. it would be tougher homeless people who violate the new law to actually pay for a citation. >> to criminalize the homeless population. >> we are not criminalizing anyone for being homeless, we are helping them get connected to services and making our streets safe and clean and
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passable. what's hard to ask here? reporter: l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva set the ordinance doesn't fully stress la's mountainous homeless crisis. >> is a step in the right direction but they didn't go all the way. all they did is try to appease the public outcry without actually addressing the problem. reporter: outreach team to offer shelter and services to the homeless. the law goes into effect in 30 days. jillian: thank you. we will have more ahead on crime and america's biggest cities including sharp rise in murder rates when homicide detectives join us live later this hour. eric: the lone star state justice department in the state of texas over the latest order dealing with illegal migrants. he wants to stop transportation of migrants infected with covid.
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we'll have a texas congresswoman's reaction to that straightahead. ♪♪
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walk back, greg abbott responding to the justice department after it sued the state for his order to have
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state troopers pullover and reroute vehicles carrying illegal immigrants. the d.o.j. claims the government is interfering with federal immigration law. he says it's within his authority because some of the migrants could be covered positive and wants to contain a potential outbreak. let's bring texas congresswoman beth, here to react. she's on the health transportation committee and in urban texas. oh boy, there's a lot to unpack so let's begin with, where do you think this is going? >> i think it's probably going in court. you see the governor and members of the state legislature trying to do everything they can to protect their state and the administration is doing everything i can from opening up the border knowing they were opening up the border, hundreds of thousands of people to come through illegally. those are not being tested, they are not wearing masks. we know for a fact some of them have covered and they are
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spreading it in the administration is doing nothing to prevent that. to contrast that to what you saw in d.c. this past week where you've got the speaker of the house threatening to arrest visitors and staff for not wearing masks. it two completely different messages the administration democrat sending out, it's a dangerous message and trying to do everything we can to work with texas to make sure we protect texas. jillian: we do here stories from these towns, stories of people saying migrants, once they are in the country placed in hotels regardless of their status are able to leave the hotels go into the communities in the restaurant and referred stories of people sitting at tables coughing. people in the communities are probably concerned. what are you hearing to people who say you lived there? >> i am hearing exactly that. friends of the border we've got people talking to us who said
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they don't feel comfortable being on their own property. people are coming over armed, gang members, potential terrorists crossing the border and don't feel comfortable on their own land and they don't see the administration doing anything other than feeding it. i note texas and government and others are interested in completing the wall. i wrote a letter to secretary mayorkas' last week saying you may not know this but the state sold land to the federal government with the understanding the land they were selling would be used to build a wall. this administration there not want to build a wall, the state office went back. i sent a letter asking why can't they get their land back? committed to making sure it's actually having an get we don't
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have our federal government willing to work with us. i will let you know i get answers to those questions. these things are still up in the air. jillian: in the meantime, it's fair to say they heavily republican site along the border but not just republicans. you know very well that texas democrat henry has been calling on this administration to do better and we have a quote here, a democrat administration, i've been very respectful about the administration and as i said, you have to listen to me, i want you to listen to the border communities and i want you to listen to the men and women of dhs and their families. why do you think the administration is not listening to a democrat than? >> i think they are playing politics, hell-bent on allowing people into this country illegally. i think their focus is more on outside countries and pretending that it's on our country.
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i think it's sad to have to have members trying to do everything he can to make sure the laws are upheld and being completely ignored. playing politics and the safety of our nation and honestly who got such a place that the majority of the americans are starting to open up this good. the of ministration of newport was doing reversing the policy to trump administration working in absolutely knew what was doing and did it anyway. it is 15 people working at the border if you go down there, it's not just for a photo op but i encourage whoever they are going to have as their border star that they go and talk to the members working with customs and border protection and talk to find out exactly what the issues are and where people are coming up on it having borders prevent them from coming over and allowing people to claim seven the first day in the country with three remain in
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mexico policy, it remained, kept them from coming into states. we have all of these conditions and people coming over without being tested and how is a result of hundreds of thousands crossing our border illegally, almost every month it's going to get worse before it gets better. jillian: we are running out of time that i want to get your opinion on this, lindsey graham have an idea on some what they think should lead the administration border response, listen to what lindsey graham has to say. >> bottom line, we are urging president biden to create a special position to bring order to chaos, put somebody in charge whose focus is just on the border and problems associated with it that would have great ability in the eyes of congress. i can promise you most
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republicans respect jay johnson. jillian: what you think about that? >> is important to get somebody whose focus on this and doesn't just take it as a joke. what's happening at the poor is serious and it's a humanitarian crisis. we need to sit down and listen and being willing to work with leaders are from across the aisle on solutions that will protect this country. i am optimistic but not necessarily as helpful as i could be that the administration will take it seriously. jillian: thank you very much for joining us. appreciate your time. eric. eric: it's been 46 years yesterday since the disappearance of jimmy hoffa. in the years, there have been many claims what happened to the labor leader and where he ended up authorities told our investigating information aired on our fox nations riddle.
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the search for hoffa was buried in a metal trough under an elevated highway in jersey city, new jersey. so we went there and guess what we found. >> it remains the greatest mystery in american history. what happened to jimmy hoffa? the legendary junior leader disappeared july 30, 1975. he was on his way to a meeting with mafia bosses in detroit. finding his remains would help solve the historic case. his father, paul pola and his dump in new jersey for the fbi suspected hoffa was buried. frank told fox nation office body was transported from detroit to the dump where his father bury him. >> you are saying your father buried jimmy hoffa? >> yes. my dad later in the years said he couldn't fit in the drum beat
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first. turn him and put him in headfirst. >> use said he couldn't fit in? >> he couldn't get the legs to bend right so he had to take out and put him in headfirst. >> his dad took an excavator like this one dog a 12-foot deep hole and buried the battle with half his body and it under a pile of other burials and then covered up the dirt. frank took off expert daniel to the exact spot. a dusty plot of land a few feet off the property line of his father's former dump in jersey city under the elevated skyway. it's used by a local waste management company to start empty dumpsters and owned by the new jersey department of transportation. >> we are here, this is the spot. you turn it on, fired up. reporter: fox nation frowned penetrating radar systems to use ground penetrating radar.
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ground penetrating radar uses radio frequencies to scan underground and see the unseen. when we hit, multiple frowned shapes that the technician says is metal. the half-moon images piled on top of each other, exactly where and just like what frank said we'd find here. barrels and the drum holding jimmy hoffa. >> something that's metal. >> we found several round shaped metal objects buried here, some on top of each other which fits him exactly into this is another spot here which is the round shape of what could be barrel. exactly where frank pointed out to dan right here. saying this is where jimmy hoffa is buried.
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>> for now, the land remains as it is. it's illegal for fox nation to pick up the barrels so the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa remains until law enforcement digs up what we found. for more, watch our episodes of the search for james hoffa on our streaming service, fox nation. eric: shocking to see round what we were told was metal buried right now, still there under the skyway in jersey city on the ground penetrating radar scan. several sources do back up what frank said in the washington author investigative journalist who frank first told about this spot, he says it's the best information he's ever heard about the case. meanwhile, the fbi told us as with any missing person investigation, the fbi is committed to locating mr. hoffa. throughout the nearly six years since his disappearance, people
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have come forward with information, when we are able to develop credible leads, we pursue them and we will continue to do so until the case is solved. right now, the hoffa family, the current president of the teamsters in his, barbara retired judge, they wait for the results from enforcement and cash our series all four episodes of riddle streaming on streaming service fox nation right now, we hope there finally will be answers. more news when we come back.
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right now, shot in the ankle last night police say by unknown gang member within two sent dozen rest. luckily the lieutenant is going
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to be okay. the shooting comes as major metropolitan areas are starting to address a rise in violent crime. new report shows' department 16% so far this year end big cities across the country, nonpartisan council on criminal justice finding 259 more murders in the first half of 2021. the first half of last year and preliminary numbers of the case disturbing trend is trickling down to smaller cities, too. let's bring in from washington d.c. contributor ted williams. let's start with new york last night. the lieutenant is part of a squad because after guns on the streets of new york city. they are in the bronx police say there's a violent struggle for eight to ten minutes with this known gang member, click on james and shot the lieutenant in the ankle, eight valleys. does this surprise you?
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>> it sure surprised me but it's not surprising. that lieutenant was fortunate. you've got the accessibility to guns. those now in our society with this uptick in crime, one of the things going on while also when you talk about defunding police departments, that's another thing that's causing an uptick in crime. i've got to tell you recently in the state of texas they are talking about it's everybody, carrying guns without any regulation, it creates a problem. police coming to a scene and they go to the scene from if it's a goodbye or back i they
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are trying to get and rest in a got to tell you, somebody is going to get cearley fiercely harmed in the state of texas the rest of the country. eric: we have those calls and you see protesters right there defunding police, putting that money into social programs. social workers and that sort of thing here we have lieutenant, god bless them all in the street, shot last night, is that a way to get a gun off the street bike defunding police? >> it's the most stupidest thing you could think about in a time when crime is rising, you're talking about taking money away from police department when anything they want to feel safe and anybody who wants to defund
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police in the back city. eric: interesting president biden's post- budget $350 billion to hire more cops to put police on the streets at the same time progressives in his party calling for defunding police. how can we support the police? you've been on the fence know what it's like. what can we do as average americans to support law enforcement? >> we can appreciate good law enforcement officers. we can get this up the front of the table, give police more tools they need to make arrests, try to invite police officers to live in your communities. have a program for police have frequent in the community. more police officers you have in the community, the more opportunity there want to be driven away from the community
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and that is what is needed. you you have to do it forcefully because you need police in various cities. eric: national night out is coming tuesday and police to show support each other show support law enforcement officers risking their lives to protect all of us. thank you for your service. >> my pleasure. eric: right. jillian: mass public protests in france continuing for a third straight weekend over a new coronavirus task. french lawmakers passed a bill requiring people use of mass to get into places like restaurants amid the delta variant. he is live with more in london. reporter: delta variant is a
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concern and we must be cautious as cases rise in the country but we saw today thousands of people marching to the street parents who don't agree with her measures, they see it as a threat to their beauty, they don't see why they should have to prove a covered vaccination to get into public places. it's a motive issue in clashes with police as the protest get heated up. despite the dealings running high in paris, there are some polls indicating french people support the idea of the vaccination pass which essentially means the pass itself means you have to have a vaccination or a covid test to enter many public places. healthcare workers are required to be vaccinated to do their job. there are currently about 20000 daily covid cases in france, a
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wave of infections there and so far only around half the population vaccinated so not everyone in front is protected yet. the government is set to press ahead with proposed changes with the vaccination pass and that used to be put in place. back to you. jillian: unbelievable. thank you. eric. eric: bareback, shark sightings have officials on high alert in new york but there coming kat far north beachgoers are coping this weekend. coming up, a typographer working on a new shark documentary. ♪♪
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a series of sharks sightings in new york prompted beach closures on long island. lifeguards something for him and
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then started a been in the water. authorities are trying to keep everybody's safe as people flock to the beaches the summer weekend. live on lido beach in new york. that it wasn't a goldfish that fit the lifeguard. [laughter] reporter: you've got that right and there's a couple of those shark sightings and was been talking to people all day long. a lot of people say they know about shark sightings. they are not nervous, their right to proceed with caution may enter the surf especially if they've got their kids with them but the shark sightings this week have happened close to shore up or down this sand here on the south shore of long island have come about the same time shark sightings started happening in the same spot last year. once again nassau county officials fired up chuck patrol unit giving the watters among the south shore of 111 for veins or underwater activity i would signal the need to blow the whistle for lifeguards to get swimmers to shore.
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>> will send out jet skis, both in look for baitfish in water. we'll walk for any birds diving the ocean and anybody who reports are shark and we will get people to shore and they will tell us if they see something topic. reporter: according to tracking, there have been 54 total shark attacks around the globe this year. twenty-seven of them in u.s. watters compared to a total of 78 shark attacks worldwide in 2020. this last monday lifeguard among evidence had he felt something hit him underwater and when he came out, he had a gash on his calf check out with these fishermen wrinkled offshore right in this spot last week. he shark after wrestling with a big fish in getting the hook out of its mouth they were able to get him back into the water. most shark experts will tell you there is no need to panic, you
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just want to be careful and be aware of your surroundings in one big thing everybody says in terms of advice is if you are going to swim out in the water, be sure not to get into the dish when there's fish gather together and you see birds on top of the water, that's when you don't want to go there because otherwise he might be mistaken for baitfish. eric: oh man especially with that shark, i'm so glad they say that, but to. be safe on the water. stay on the sand last month. jillian: i do not want to be mistaken as a baitfish but for mark, but bring in a shark researcher and cinematographer on the documentary sin which was viewed earlier this month and stars in it farm director, good to see you. we heard laura talking about what to look out for if you go into the water but maybe this is a dumb question but what if
1:46 pm
you're out there if you do see a shark? >> i would tell people first not to panic. majority of sharks out there don't pose a lot of risk to humans. the ones who do normally don't want anything to do with us the best thing is just to back up out of the water and give the animal space. right now around this time of year is just getting warmer and we are seeing more shark activity but the visibility is not that great. there's a lot of turbulent water it is good to keep an eye on your surroundings and snow they can't see very well and you want to be able to see them. stay away from ducks, don and people fishing on the coast. you delete that attracts watters to them. how you saw in the report a guy catching a shark, it's like bait in the water he usually does that so keep clear of them and be shark smart.
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jillian: be shark smart. i think that's the message of the day. it's not fun to see sharks far north as the new york beaches, right? >> new york is a huge migrant place for species. we seek great white sharks pastor earlier in the year end now we are seeing a sovereign more temperate sharks in the area and the animals are naturally feeding on the coastline where a lot of fish goals are and it shows a lot of help to the ocean so if you see sharks you know the area is doing what it should be doing. jillian: one of my friends is obsessed with sharks and importance to the ecosystem and she gets so fired up when people talk about being afraid of sharks but says they are so important. for those of you who may not know, talk about the importance of sharks. >> as we talked earlier about the numbers of sharks and negative interactions people have had, we understand millions of people are in the water every year and in total, probably about nine to ten average deaths from shark occur with people in
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the other hand, 100 million sharks diet figure of the hand of man. three sharks the second we've lost i don't know how many sharks and just the conversation we've had, people need to be more aware of our danger to them and they pose to us and appreciate the wildlife we have in our area and then i think we can all coexist and share the same amazing things we all have here. jillian: people he mentioned dawn and dusk is the time to look out for but further out there in theory, most of them know what they are doing. the message is more for the casual swimmer to keep in mind. you are a documentary sin, can you tell us what that's about? >> right now directed by eli, and produced by leonardo dicaprio and michael mueller and an honest look at the state of sharks in the world today. she is looking out from the view
1:49 pm
of someone who came into the shark conservation area and really started to dig into it and doug a lot of. a lot of people take different things away from it but it's pretty impactful. i am super proud of the work but it's something where if you really care about sharks and watch hard truths about them, it's a film i would suggest. jillian: thank you for joining us and giving us that insight. appreciate your time today. >> thank you very much, thanks for having me. eric: shark smart. good words. also the day of first with the carnival cruise lines as they prepare to large ship, some of the biggest changes passengers can expect as the crews industry looks to bounce back from the pandemic. ♪♪
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game changer today carnival cruise lines lodging is largest festival yet, the mardi gras and its own lopressor, passengers will notice some changes for the ship even set sale. charles is live in florida in
1:54 pm
front of the mardi gras. reporter: the crews ship here at fort canaveral is quite the attraction and has been throughout the day. look in the distance across the border, we seen people out here all day long and all of the ship waiting and watching as it prepares to set sale in a little more than an hour and you start to understand the excitement when you see how massive the ship is. it weighs over 180,000 tons, et decks with a roller coaster on top. it certainly lives up to its name tons of food, drinks and you name it. we are already seeing a lot of excited people with the ship, many accept and swipe out in their best mardi gras attire and ready to have fun. >> we've had a couple of cancellations due to covid and
1:55 pm
this happened to fit in our schedule. last trip of the summer so very excited. reporter: before they get to the fun part, they have to take care of business first, new public screenings requiring people to fill out a questionnaire about symptoms and get temperatures checked until a negative public test or proof of vaccination before they can cruise out to sea. after being sidelined for the year, the crews industry is hoping their new covid protocol will help support a strong return to business particularly here at port canaveral 80% of the business comes from cruise operators. >> we had 40% of our workforce was let go from last july and right now we are bringing people back slowly. reporter: mardi gras is set to take sale again in a little over
1:56 pm
an hour and should be fun. eric: back to fun. we are all for that. charles, thank you. and we'll be right back.
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finally a big surprise for a 3-year-old with leukemia. a huge fan of public super chain
2:00 pm
gets his very own public car. his mother says he loves to take a long she's shopping and drive around the store and shopping carts his mom posted picture on social media, a copy i have someone to get his very own car. eric: that's wonderful. that's fantastic. jillian: pet does offer us. ♪♪ >> trump and tyrus, welcome to the big saturday show. laura. the texas government is trying to stop the influx of illegal immigration at the border but bidens see rj is stopping him. tonight governor abbott has strong words for the d.o.j. carley. ♪♪ >> epic right on cancer culture.


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