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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  July 31, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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track and field. >> richard: unless jamaica gets in the way. >> they are so far down on the count. >> richard: take the gold away. >> shannon: greg is done. >> jesse: that's it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. i know i will. ♪ ♪ [national anthem] by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilights last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare
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♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ grave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave? ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ pete: a renewed tradition here on "fox & friends weekend." that is our nation's anthem performed by the u.s. army field band and soldier's chorus. thank you so much for being here. can you believe it, guys?
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it's january 31st, year of lord 2021. rachel: january? pete: july. lawrence: i was like whoa. rachel: give him more coffee. pete: going to be four hours, everybody. stick around. [laughter] rachel: by the way, if you thought that pete, that manly pete drinks black coffee i'm telling you it's very frothy. lawrence: he was bragging on me this morning about but not have -- puts cream on coffee. rachel: it's not cream. frosting. pete: i don't want to go down we have european coffee maker in the green room, dave. for some reason it makes euro coffee. lawrence: you need to get it black. rachel: pete and euro not words you normally see together. pete: let's not go down that road. rachel good to see you. lawrence, good to have you. who knew you were working on
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january 31st. lawrence: rachel wants me to get a suit brand. rachel: i do want you to own a suit brand. pete: locker down, got it you will be forgiven. demoralized when it comes to covid-19 and mandates and lockdowns and masks. what is coming and what isn't? will your school require them or not? a lot of confusion out there. a lot led by cdc and mixed messaging. if you watched our channel yesterday in the 6:00 hour on "special report," dr. rochelle walensky the cdc director had more comments about the possibility of a nationwide vaccine mandate. take a listen. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> >> um, you know, that's something that i think the administration is looking into. it's something that i think we are looking to get the approval of from the vaccine. over all, i think in general, i am all for more vaccination, but, you know, i have nothing further to say on that except
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that we are looking into those policies and, quite honestly, as people are doing that locally, those are individual local decisions as well. rachel: pete, she said that and then she back -- pete: something i think the administration is looking into. rachel: she said that but then, a little bit later, she tweeted something -- she wanted to backtrack it. she was not happy with what she said. she said i need to clarify. there will be no no aide in mandate. i was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. there will be no federal mandate. so, she said that on bret baier and then right after has to backtrack. i don't know but, pete. but we have kids. we have teenagers, especially, you heard them lying one of the signs they are lying is they can't get their story straight. it feels to me and how you guys feel. it feels to me like there is one level of conversation happening behind doors at very high levels and there is another story they are telling the public but, you
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sometimes they can't get the story straight because they're lying to us. lawrence: unions and lobbyists and people influencing this administration. rachel: exactly. lawrence: this administration cdc has been political from the very beginning. we saw it with the opening of the schools. they clearly said it was safe to reopen the schools and then we learn later on that there was guidance given from the teachers union and jen psaki said that, hey, actually, she wasn't operating in her official capacity even though there was a big cdc logo right behind her. i any americans are saying we're not surprised by this. we are going to live our lives anyway. we know what the white house is doing. we know what the cdc is doing. it just seems to me that they are more influenced by the polling, they want to go a certain direction are where their allies are. rachel: and donors. lawrence: and donors. the moment they get pushback they try to get back in gear whoa, maybe we should clarify a little bit. pete: exactly right. it feels like the private conversations are all around wanting to of course that,
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wanting to lockdown, and wanting to mandate. they know the public is not at a point where they will accept that "new york times" op-ed saying the nation cannot simply revert to have the broad tactics employed during previous surges and expect compliance. they know -- they have told people too many times this is what you have to do and why you have to do it. people say the science doesn't match that why am i doing that? they are having -- it and then we are all confused. rachel: i remember having a conversation with you, pete, probably a month or two left, you said you went to your school, just like i did, to say hey, why are you still masking and muze ling our kids only two months left. in the fall it will be okay. we kind of went along with that okay. fine. two more months. all right. you can muzzle my kids two more months and now we are hearing they may end up doing this again in the fall. there may be school districts that don't want to do it, but there are a lot of litigious
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situations out there. so if the cdc is saying that and local health officials parrot it, it's really hard for schools. even private schools to go against that mandate. lawrence: to build on that. rachel: or go against that policy. lawrence: celebration july 4th. the white house said it was going to be a celebration. dealt with covid and moved past this now there is mixed messaging because the president is saying this about restrictions. let's take a look. >> should americans expect more guidelines coming up. more restrictions because of covid. >> ? all probability. by the way, we had a good day yesterday. almost a million people got vaccinated. about half a million of those people for the first time, for the second shot. i'm hopeful that people are beginning to realize how essential it is to move. lawrence: so the question is what do you do now if you are a private business right now? what do you do? do you start preparing? do you already start to prepare the lay people off, to cut wages at this point?
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because it is almost very clear now that these liberal cities are going to put these lockdown measures back in place. pete: feels like big tech, they stood at the podium we are not requesting to censor. we are going to give a list of things to private businesses to censor like facebook, twitter. in this case saying well the federal government can't mandate it put tons of pressures on businesses to lockdown or to do mask mandates or covid requirements. it's coming. schools are the scary one. i'm at a point where i said i'm just not going to take part in it i'm not going to put my kids in school if they require masks. i'm going to home school or find another school. it's really stressful to think about because the actions aren't there. or i'm not going to businesses that require a mask. i'm just not doing it. rachel: maybe i will send my kids over to your house for home schooling. pete: maybe we will have co-opt. lawrence, you were out in l.a. recently. lawrence: we were out in l.a. and covering this homeless
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crisis. countly on the plane back we got notice saying the mayor had passed and ordnance that you have to clear by midnight. this was the mayor's home. it was essentially vandalized by protesters that were upset about this if venice beach, right? this is a statement from the mayor's office. he says homelessness is an emotional issue for many angelenos and i am as passionate as anyone ending the crisis on our street. i even respect the rights we all have to make our voices heard. vandalism doesn't bring our unhoused neighbors indoors and we have to stay focused on saving lives. now, just very weird that after fox, after we on fox specifically aired this story and he has been very resistant. he has been against the sheriff when he is trying to enforce laws that are already on the books that all of a sudden, when there is public backlash,
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because the mainstream media hasn't been covering this story. the moment that the media starts to cover this story that he passes this ordinance. rachel: you shined a shot light on it you showed the needles in the sand the trash everywhere. i can't believe they let people pitch up a tent and stay there weeks on end. and businesses are suffering in. i used to hang out on this beach in my 20's. it's so much fun. iconic american beach, you know. they trashed it you shown a spotlight on it obviously there is people resistant to cleaning it up. if not, why we have place vandalized. pete: it you spoke to sheriff villanueva who would be charged with fixing that homeless crisis in los angeles. here's a portion of what he had to say. >> as we have been going through here, people are saying thank you for cleaning this up. the businesses that have been impacted by this. how does that make you feel?
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>> well, it makes me feel grateful that people are getting the help that they need. but we just don't have enough. i needed the resources. if i had the resources of the stiff l.a., we would have this entire thing cleaned up in about 90 days. i told my deputies, do not fail to do your job because someone else is not too long their job. we're going to uphold our end of the bargain. we are going to arrest the people that need to be arrested. pete: a great message and difficult one to deliver when you feel like your mayor doesn't have your back. the mayor took one strong move because of the reporting does he have the backbone to stand by it? >> no, he doesn't. it goes to show you this sheriff is a democrat as well. all of these are democrat officials. he is the only one that has this law and order mentality and it's because the businesses, the residents are saying, look, we are being stolen from. the beach is out of control. this anarchy in our cities out of control. he is like, you know, i will be the guy. i will be the guy to step up.
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we have a lot come up at 7:'0. more of that venice beach package with the sheriff villanueva. a guy with a clear message. rachel: yeah, it will be interesting. stay with us going to see more on this really great reporting that you did, lawrence. thank you. all right. we're going to turn now to your headlines. deputies blame new progressive police reform laws for not allowing them to chase a potential murder suspect. the county sheriff in washington state pointing to a new law that forbids authorities from using force to pursue someone. they were it man wanted in a deadly shooting at a kohl's saturday night. officials in pierce county have yet to make any arrest. more than 100 people spend the night in cars after a mudslide closes a colorado highway. rescue crews are working for more than nine hours to carve a path through the debris fleeing nearly 30 people trapped inside a tunnel. thankfully, remarkably, no one
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was hurt. officials say the slide was caused by heavy rain on an area burned by wildfires. road closures causing backups and hundreds of cars long. new york city mayor bill de blasio enjoys a day at the beach as violent crime plagues his city. the democratic wearing a bright orange hat. i have a kid that has one like that. he was also wearing some new balance shoes and some socks to play beach volleyball. are de blasio taking heat earlier this week after showing off some less than impressive basketball skills in the bronx. he failed to sink most of his shots while promising to do a better job crime. lawrence: his form is absolutely awful. to be that tall and not be able to even hit the rim. rachel: what a waste of height. pete: who plays sand volleyball in socks and shoes. he is like a caricature of
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himself in that bucket hat. lawrence: that's my mayor. pete: that's not my mayor. lawrence: i'm the only one locked down. pete: thank you for joining us here on january 31st, 021. that'sly what said at the top of the hour. that's the day it's going to stay. rachel: i like summer better but all right. pete: another example of rules for me but not for thee. speaker pelosi violating her own mask rules by taking off her mask during a photo op. how dare she? arizona congressman andy biggs reacts to the mask hypocrisy. ♪
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hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? “buickenvision2021.” oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking. [all together] me too. - hey. - you really outdid yourself. yes, we did. the all-new buick envision. an suv built around you... all of you. i think we should include in the reconciliation bill immigration. >> i believe immigration some piece of that honors lawrence speaker pelosi and president biden pushing to include immigration in the $3.5 trillion budget plan that democrats hope to pass without senate
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republican support as crisis looms on our southern border is this the right approach to immigration reform? republican arizona congressman andy biggs is here to react. never let a crisis go to waste. we got the border that is completely open, congressman. and they want to talk about immigration reform? shouldn't that be after they secure the border? >> yeah, lawrence. that's exactly right. and when they talk about immigration, they are not talking about massive immigration reform per se. they are talking about amnesty. so they have the daca amnesty and then other forms of amnesty that will provide amnesty, basically for millions of people and what that does, that exacerbates the problem on the border because that becomes another draw factor incentive it come up here illegally. that's why it's ludicrous for them to each be talking about it while you have 190,000 people come across illegally in june that we apprehended. who knows how many we didn't apprehend. lawrence: it's interesting
3:19 am
because you can see the photos of folks continue to pour. in record numbers. you see the polling as well. is he getting killed on law and order. he is also getting killed on immigration. what do you think the incentive is to not bubbling down on the border? >> well, i think he is playing to a couple of areas. number one, his base, when he ran for president all of the democrats who ran said they wanted an open border. this is what an open border looks like. the second thing is, by throwing amnesty this there. they really believe they are going to create a new demographic of democrat voters. that's really what this is about those two things right there appease your base and put in democratic voters. why do they need to do that because the rest of their policies are so terrible and americans are starting to realize that. lawrence: congressman, i want to shift to this. you guys have been told on the house floor that you guys have got to have masks. even though many of you have guys have been vaccinated. i want to get your reaction to this. this is congresswoman speaker
3:20 am
pelosi, obviously. on capitol hill taking off her mask. let's take a look. >> can we take off our masks for the photography? >> yes. yes, ma'am. >> thank you. we have both. [inaudible] lawrence: so it's okay for her to too it for a photo op., but if you guys do it, and your staff, the staff can be arrested. >> yeah. that's right. i mean, nancy pelosi loves power and control over everybody else. but she, you know, this goes back to the hairdresser type thing where she got her hair cut and permed or whatever while she wasn't allowed to do it. she thinks that she can be, because she is an elitist that she is above whatever rule she sets for anybody else. so it wasn't -- lawrence, it wasn't just even that photo op. she had actually had another event earlier that day where she
3:21 am
had took her mask off and basically she doesn't think she has to comply with this and, she is threatening to throw my staff into jail if they don't comply to her whims. then maybe she should start getting some fines as well. lawrence: or maybe she just doesn't believe what's coming outs of her mouth. maybe she doesn't believe the science she keeps touting. congressman, thank you so much for joining the program. >> thanks, lawrence. lawrence lawrence people are so fed up with this. from the city that brought you meatless monday. berkeley will start serving vegan meals in jail. the plant based push coming up. ♪ day daytime i'm just as natural ♪ natural as can be ♪ at night i'm a junk food junky no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73.
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♪ back with quick headlines. quitter biles will not compete after consultation with medical staff. she has now withdrawn from four events. still possible she will compete in the floor exercise and balance beam finals. and swimmer united states ledecky winning the 800-meter freestyle. she has won seven gold medals. meanwhile caleb dressell breaking his own world record in the 100-meter butterfly dressell winning by two tenths of a second for third gold of the game. team u.s.a. tying china in first place on the medal count. there you have it. rachel: following the olympics? lawrence: i am, sadly. we have got to do better. we just got to do better. pete: it helps to compete. that's always good. just to do the event is i bone.
3:26 am
lawrence: i actually feel sorry for her. rachel: i do. we should talk about that later in the show. i heard a podcast about it that really kind of opened my mind to some other thoughts about it anyway. pete: open your mind quitting? rachel: no, no. lawrence: we should talk about this. rachel: all right. we have another story because from the city who made meatless mondays the law in california now berkeley is set to serve vegan meals at public events, jails, senior centers, those poor seniors and other city buildings to cut, quote, half its spending on animal base wasted products all in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when i first heard the story, guys. i first heard about it with the prisoners that's great we are going to save money. inflation is up. meat is expensive. they are going to punish them with plant based meals. but that wasn't it at all. the reason was they wanted to
3:27 am
cut down on greenhouse emission. lawrence: that's exactly right. plant based stuff is actually more expensive. like think spend on this money and it's disgusting by the way. not to mention can you imagine. rachel: as a true -- lawrence: can you imagine as a senior, you are preparing for your last days, and they are going to punish you with plant based feud. no you should be able to eat whatever you want. you don't have to worry about your weight anymore or any of that stuff. on your way out. rachel: pie for breakfast. pete: on your way out. lawrence: have you lived your life. pete: listen, i'm think serving it jail cruel and unusual punishment. i'm for the death penalty and i'm not for this. lawrence: don't they give prisoners like their last meal choice. pete: sir, here is some plant based don't worry they taste like lamb burgers. rachel: plantain is delicious.
3:28 am
pete: a council member in berkeley establish new city of berkeley goal 100 percent plant based food no meat allowed. decrease animal based 50% by 2024. they will issue a progress report by january 31st, 2022. it is an absolute religious based obsession with the world ending in 10 years because of emissions and the weather that leads people to say you can't have a cheeseburger or a steak. lawrence: i don't understand who is calling for this? who is asking for this? are the people especially with the crime going on in that area. like are they asking for this? i just -- it just seems so absurd. rachel: there is also problems that happen because if you are going to go vegan, i lived with a vegan once, and it wasn't very fun. i will tell you that they need a lot of vitamins because, you know, you have to be very conscious of, you know, your
3:29 am
hair can fall out if you are not eating the right stuff. because there are good things in meat. we're made to eat a little bit of meat. pete: to answer your question, lawrence, no one is asking. few people on twitter radical activists. few people there still going to burger king and where messiah whopper. rachel: i guarantee if this happens in prison we will have to pay for supplement and vitamins they will start complaining that their energy level is low. lawrence: i see a lawsuit. rachel: i see a lot of problems with this vegan thing. coming up, beer, something you guys can both agree on. bottled water and ice cream, something i love. those are just some of the items expected to see a price surge as inflation rises. a look at the impact on your wallet. ♪
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3:34 am
and joe biden slaps cuba with more sanctions as calls grow to help protect its people from the country's communist regime. the president hosted cuban american leaders at the white house. the sanction targeting the island nation's police force and several of it top officials for orchestrating censoring pro-democracy protest. more sanctions are expected. and chalk this one up to only in new york city. a manhattan restaurant owner attempt to take his outdoor dining game to new heights. literally. this east village eatery started building a two story shack, a dining shed on the sidewalk. new yorkers taking notice on social media calling it insane. the city's department of transportation now ordering the shed be taken down saying it's too dangerous. that is the height of covid insanity indeed. rachel? rachel: sounds innovative. pete: that's true. rachel: thanks, pete. risk families more than 20,000
3:35 am
strong, are taking a stand against lockdowns and mask mandates for their kids. in a letter to their governor, tony evers, and president biden, nearly 40 groups representing the parents say, quote: simply put, these are not your children. they are ours. and they, too are americans with rights. they are our responsibility and our most beloved. they are not yours. we are strong. we are united. we are in control. we have never and will never co-parent with the government. love that. one of those concerned parent, mother of four, amy richards joins us now. amy, you know, this letter, if our viewers haven't seen it, i hope they will find it online. what's the name -- can they find this letter? >> i think they can find it most simply by searching, this is truly a grassroots effort so we don't have one combined spot to go. rachel: okay. well, it's an amazing letter. what's been the reaction from the schools that you are dealing
3:36 am
with, particularly your own child's school? >> our own school relaxed protocols. we know we are good for the fall. they are looking more at local data, but there are a lot of schools out there, which affects thousands and thousands of families that haven't made that statement yet. and they are leaving concerned parents groups who communicated out all of last year and worked hard this past spring to end these protocols. so there are a lot of nervous parents out there. they are hearing what's being said on the national and state stage. and even more concerning, sometimes, is what's not being said by our elected officials. we need them to come out strong for us. our message is very clear. we're saying, as a parent, moms and dads everywhere, guardians, hey, come on, joe and tony, listen up. these are our kids and not yours. i'm going to count to three. number one, you are not going to be putting masks on my children again. number two, we are not going to allow you to put pressure on
3:37 am
businesses and other organizations to ultimately coerce us into doing things that we do not approve for our children, and, inth, number three, you are not going to lock them down again. they are not prirns, these are our children. we are going to raise them and give them the quality of life that they deserve as young people who are not affected by this pandemic. rachel: tricky in wisconsin. governor receivers a teacher's union guy. a former superintendent. you say we are not going to let you do this. but how do you stop it? your district says it's optional. we have been talking this morning, pete and i, saying they told us just get to the last school year. but now with all these cdc guidelines, you know there going to be schools in wisconsinened a across the country that are going to use those recommendations because they are afraid of getting sued. let me give you what the wisconsin health department has said to us and have you react to that on the other side. they said, quote: we must protect our children as they head back to school this fall. along with all of the wisconsin
3:38 am
ites who are at increased risk for being hospitalized from covid-19. vaccines and the additional protection from wearing masks are the best combination of tools to achieve this goal. that is from the wisconsin health department. you know your school districts across wisconsin are going to be looking to that. what do you say to that? >> i say the same things parents groups and individuals across the state have been saying. you have no credibility. do not pretend that you are trying to protect our children when, as parents, we experienced them being harmed in different ways. you know nothing about my child. we are not idiots. we are parents, we're mothers, we are fathers, we are business owners. we are the people keeping these schools running in terms of extracurricular activities. we stand up to every time we are called on for referendum. and i think that everyone just needs to stop and remember who is in control of their own lives. we have wonderful school boards
3:39 am
who have come out in support and i think that anyone else out there sitting on the school board needs to take a hard look and reach out to parents and start replicating what other schools are doing. rachel: well, amy, you are a brave woman. you are right. this is cruel to our children. i agree 100 percent that we should not co-parent with the government. thank you for all the work that you are doing to represent millions of parents across the country. thank you, amy, for joining us. >> you are welcome. thanks for having me. rachel: all right. well, let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. adam: hey, rachel, beautiful out here in fox square. that's not the case in the entire country. across the deep south the heat is on today. let's dive into those temperatures and already early this morning as far north as kansas city 80 degrees. that is the beginning of what is going to be a lot of heat watches and warnings. that's what you are looking on this particular graphic. getting up into feels like temperatures well up into triple digits as high as 110 across a
3:40 am
whole lot of areas. extreme heat is the story in the southeast and south. pay attention quickly what's happening out west. we will see more heavy, heavy rain. possibly more mud slides before the day is over. those are the weather headlines for now, rachel, tossing it back into you. rachel: a little bit of rain is good but not that much in colorado. looks pretty dangerous. all right. thank you, adam. well, up ahead, squad member ilhan omar wants to give americans over $1,000 a month saying, quote: poverty is a policy choice. so where is that money coming from? that story up next. ♪ i do it ♪ ♪
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ask your doctor if it's right for you. ♪ ♪ work real hard ♪ barbecue on july 4th pete: it is a certifiable
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beautiful day on the island of manhattan in new york city. that's a lye shot of the statue of liberty. we hope it's just as beautiful in your neck of the woods. welcome back to "fox & friends." here is a story for you. minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar introducing a new guaranteed basic income bill that would give americans making up to $112,000 a year more than an extra $1,000 a month. where is all this money going to come from? fair question. dan is a personal finance expert from he joins us now. dan, good morning. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: is this universal basic income she is proposing? what would it look like. >> the idea is they would have $100 a month payment for every adult in addition oa $600 payment for every child monthly. it would start to phase out at certain incomes. at $75,000 a year for example. that's her proposal. we will see where it goes. it you might remember, pete, in the presidential elections
3:45 am
candidate yang proposed something similar $1,000 a month for everyone over age 18. pete: is this going to get a lot of reception in the democrat caucus. we already have the $600 child credit it expires. you are saying this is meant to replace that and add on top of it? >> correct. will it get traction? i think it. will you look at the state of the parties and political parties where they are today. it looks like a lot of folks are going to think this is a good idea. pete: a lot of the indication the democrat party is moving toward that universal basic income. paying people already. why not put a ring on it and do it regularly. >> money from heaven. free money. pete: where would we get that money from. >> that's part of the problem it's unaffordable. we are talking trillions of dollars aer i don't. even if you raise taxes you will never cover that really. that's the first problem. the second problem as you know there is a theory it creates a disincentive to work. if you are going to receive money each month. perhaps it's not essential to go out and find that job. pete: already seeing that in covid when people are getting unemployment checks. >> correct. pete: i presume something like this would accelerate that.
3:46 am
>> correct look around us employers are saying we can't find laborers. >> there are willing bodies out there and capable bodies but we can't bring them in the door to get them working. pete: imagine we are paying people outside of a covid context, man, that would be incredible. i have to ask you about inflation though because from things like basic items like beer which is a basic item for me. bottled water. ice cream. take your pick. it's all up. why is it continuing to go up? >> yeah. so this is a real punch in the purse purse for most of us. right? this is what we feel as middle class folks. really a couple things. demand is up as we emerge from the pandemic, we are shopping more. that's a good thing but supply hasn't kept pace. as you know there is a problem with the supply chain. there is problems, difficulty getting stuff to the market for lots of different reasons. finally, with massive stimulus, incredibly low interest rates. used to be helicopter money. now it's c-130 money. we are plowing money across the country. all that money and liquidity prices go up. pete: as you look forward, i mean, this is part of what you do. do you see policy makers making
3:47 am
the types of decisions we would need to rein that in. >> the fed and biden administration says this is transitory. it's temporary. but, if you are at walmart this morning shopping for groceries for your family, it doesn't feel temporary, right? so we will see if it's actually temporary or not. we don't know yet. i suspect at some point we will see these rates go up. interest rates go up and that will start to rein in some of these costs. pete: the biden administration fame mullsly canceled the pipeline. they take a very different energy approach. is gas an energy core to inflation? is it different or special? >> it is different and it is special. and it is core. it's all of those things. each of us uses it. whether we use it in our homes or cars. that's the one thing that you and i, that's that that tax that you and i feel every time we fill up, right? so gas is higher and it is 45% higher today than it was a year ago. you and i feel that every time we swipe our card. pete: absolutely. >> at the gas pump. pete: everyone inside the supply chain as you are talking about takes energy to produce anything. >> ripples on through.
3:48 am
pete: dan roccato, thank you so much. pete: great to have a guest here on "fox & friends." way better than remote. after covid shut them down last year. america's biggest air show is taking flight thisser i don't. up next, we head to the skies over america's dairy land. ♪ ♪ this town ♪ ♪ we gonna rock ♪ this town ♪ new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts.
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3:51 am
lawrence: welcome back with a quick check of your headlines, facebook want to become your next house of worship. the tech giant coo hopes one day churches will start hosting services in virtual reality on the platform. it is unclear whether facebook
3:52 am
will censor any religious messages as is done with the political posts and the government accountability office rejects protests from jeff bezos over a decision a ward are elon musk. nasa looking into awarding contracts to a couple of companies but announcing in april the $2.9 billion deal will be going to musk spacex. over to you, pete. pete: races all over the place. thank you, lawrence. of a getting canceled last year the biggest show in the country is back. rachel: hundreds of thousands of aviation enthiewsists are in oshkosh, wisconsin this weekend. lawrence: grady trimble takes us there. hey, grady.
3:53 am
this week america's dairy land is also the center of the aviation universe. more than 10,000 planes and a half a million people descending on oshkosh, wisconsin from all over the country. >> we are from texas, northeast texas. we are here for the greatest are aviation in the world. >> bringing the little guy out. >> before your time in oshkosh, have you ever seen anything like. >> this nothing like it. we took off with the geico maneuvering with less than 5 feet between the planes. these precision pilots fly for commercial airlines as well. they say air shows like oshkosh help recruit the next generation. >> all of us never pass up the opportunity wave at the kids out there. sign autographs and take pictures with them. >> each one could be a future
3:54 am
pilot. >> you have to look at every one like they are going to be your airline pilot when you are retired. >> also here military heros who fought for our freedom as far back as world war ii. this refurbished hell cat painted to look exactly like the aircraft navy ace don mcpherson flew in the south pacific. >> it's just amazing they could restore a plane that looks so beautiful and so much like it from off the assembly line. it's brought some memories i thought i had forgotten six months in combat. >> for one week in the city of around 70,000 people, its airport is the busiest in the world. >> in oshkosh, wisconsin, grady trimble, fox news. pete: thank you, grady. we will wake him up in a couple of hours and ask him a few more questions. rachel: nothing cooler than an air show i grew up with them.
3:55 am
air bases around the world that sound of freedom little bit of the sound track of my childhood. that's why it's so important the stories we are doing about the military. where it's going and how it's going woke-a-fied. we make sure the military is always focused on being the best and making us proud. lawrence: and winning. lawrence: and not staying in wars for years without winning. pete: see that picture of that world war ii vet. imagine being in combat that many years ago and then seeing the exact plane the same way that you flew. rachel: pretty cool. pete: last day of the week long air show in oshkosh, wisconsin is tomorrow august 1st. if you are in the air. rachel: you should go. it's really awesome. pete: very cool. we have a big show still ahead. it's not just lawrence jones, we know you are here for him. we also have larry elder. harmeet dhillon, ken cuccinelli and dr. marc siegel answering our covid questions joining us live. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
3:56 am
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♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america.
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3:59 am
lawcious lawrence segment.
4:00 am
you glois comfort four hours. rachel: wait until hour four. lawrence lawrence i feel it of. pete: really glad you are here. it is july 31st. not january 31st. lawrence: he got it right this time. rachel: starting off the show thinking it was january. moved up. decided to come back to summer. pete: what a beautiful day. rachel: gorgeous. pete: i can see the moon right there. we hope it's just as beautiful where you are by the way and thank you for joining us. lawrence: there is a lot of news happening. especially doj going after god's country. over governor abbott's transportation of illegals that are there on the border to be clear the biden administration knowingly importing covid-19 across texas. no one to the disease. while the biden administration is openly pondering looming
4:01 am
shutdowns and mandates on u.s. citizens to control the spread of covid-19 at the same time the administration is knowingly worsening the problem by importing covid-19 at extreme rates. it is unbelievable. rachel: it is. lawrence: what this administration is doing. and to go after the state of texas when they don't want to do anything about immigration. they can do something to stop this. this is why a lot of folks and the republic of texas are saying we shouldn't have to be doing the federal government's job here. if you want us to stay out of it, then come and do your job. it's on the heels of this. it is amazing to me that they're going after states like texas trying to do their job for them when there were folks like in california, right, when you had judges allowing felons by the way out of the back door of the courtroom and administration didn't could anything. texas trying to solve their problem and they go after texas. rachel: pretty solid over from the texas.
4:02 am
if we suspect you have code and have you come here illegally we have a right to stop your vehicle and check to make sure you don't have covid. and if you did take you somewhere else. i don't think he was suggesting taking them pack across the border. pete: i don't know that they have the jurisdiction. lawrence: they don't. rachel: exactly. and the federal government said not only you cannot do that we are going to sue you for trying to stop illegals with covid in your own state. it's kind of crazy. pete: we are going to sue you as we facilitate daily super spreader events. that's what the federal government is doing right now. they are not just allowing people to come into the country as we have talked about ad nauseam. they are facilitating the transportation, the housing, the transportation across the country. they say they are providing ppe. okay, throw a mask at somebody. do you think that's going to solve the problem? and example after example come out you are putting them, stashing them in hotels, moving them around. with charities that aren't overseeing this. the federal government is facilitating the spread of covid through their policies. greg abbott is -- governor
4:03 am
abbott is simply saying we want to take control of that a little bit. we have a sovereign state here. yet, the doj sues the state. it's a reminder of how bassak wards i can say that, right? rachel: on the weekends you can say that. pete: on the weekend at 7:00 in the morning. they are obsessed with covid everywhere else dealing with illegals. rachel: part of the frustration, i should say, lawrence, the vice president was hut in charge of the border she has done nothing. working on root causes. basically she is not going to do anything about the border until she fixes central america? it's kind of crazy. lawrence: that's going to take years to fix. by the way, this is supposed to be a doj nonpolitical. they were going to restore the integrity to the doj. at the department of justice. and as we see right now. that they are an arm of the democratic party. vice president kamala harris isn't doing anything. the one democrat that has been
4:04 am
outspoken about this is henry cuellar. is he there is he in texas. he has been working with senator graham. listen to what he has to say. >> look, i'm a democrat. democratic administration. i have been very respectable and supportive of the administration. but something has to change when it comes to border immigration. >> we are urging president biden to create a special position to bring order to chaos put somebody in charge whose foe success just on the border and all the problems associated with it that would have credibility in the eyes of congress and that's jeh johnson. pete: i thought they already created a special position. i thought that was the vice president's job. now, she is taking a trip. it will not be to the border. it's traveling to asia. ains. rachel: she going to fix asia now. pete: as far as from the border
4:05 am
as conceivably possible. just put somebody in charge, anybody in charge. we could talk about this. rachel, they don't want to solve the problem. this is a problem they could solve. they don't want to address. jeh johnson, is he fine. but he was obama's dhs secretary. when you are clamoring for jeh johnson. lawrence: that's the best you can get right now. pete: best you can get in this administration. rachel: this was a created problem. this is deliberate. this is on purpose. we all can see it. we ought to just stop pretending like it's just that she doesn't know how to do it or -- let's just admit. pete: other priorities. rachel: they know exactly what they are doing. deliberate wrath by design plan and they're executing it. pete: and when we saw that they were blocking people coming from cuba. that, to me. lawrence: i know we have got to move on but we have got to talk about the disrespect for henry cuellar. this is a guy that is a democrat solid record with the democratic party that is saying my residents are being impacted by
4:06 am
this. they wouldn't even meet with the guy. rachel: they're mad at him for telling the truth. lawrence: directly impacting his district. there is absolutely no concern. which tells you that this is the progressive agenda. this is not the -- the new democratic party is this democratic party. pete: you are not allowed to be a democrat inside the modern democratic party if you believe in border enforcement. rachel: what it really tells you is that the democrat don't care about their own people. democrat who mostly live along that border. it is mostly minority. the border patrol, who is being impacted who are getting covid by the way are a majority minority force. so, this actually exposes a lot. that ideology always trumps people, humans. lawrence: that's why some of those areas have started to flip. city councils are flipping. if you tonight care about the issues that matter the most to us, which is public safety, government's number one priority, then we are done. pete: exactly right. well, another issue we talk a
4:07 am
lot about on this program is big tech censorship. you see a lot of it when it comes to covid or misinformation, which i think is one of the most dangerous words in our lexicon today. the people who define it can change that definition whenever they want. you tonight know when you are running afoul of it until you are blocked. we have an example of some big tech censorship which has everyone raising their eyebrows not quite sure why they did this. there is a charity that helps police officers, okay. this is not about covid or border policies. the charity that helps police officers. rachel: police officers with special needs children. pete: there you go. here is a screen grab of the facebook post that went up and the warning that it is against our community standards. >> this is the post. please say hello to a friend of blue hearts for heroes ron leonard. ron is a volunteer police chaplain, ron is and his therapy dog mollie are available to respond to law enforcement community across the great state of texas which a crisis occurs. somehow this goes against the
4:08 am
community standards on spam? rachel: what does this mean spam? lawrence: algorithm. what has become very clear is police equal bad. they didn't even read the post to figure out that they were actually helping special needs folks. and that just shows you right now that there is a problem with what's happening in big tech right now. that they are part of the problem why the culture war, why people hate the police right now. right? pete, you can talk about legitimate criminal justice reform all day. but when you have algorithms that are essentially settings, that's the only way this is happening. if police equals bad. then this is why that post was blocked. rachel: they got a spam in the. just think about how many, whether it's blue lives, christian faith pages. pro-life pages getting quietly spreaded. they are not getting out there. they are not able to do that. we have a quote from matthew silverman a co-founder of blue heart for heroes.
4:09 am
by the way what a wonderful organization to help cops with special needs kids. he says if a picture of those who stand for law and order goes against your standards, i find it hard to believe you actually have standards great point. pete: we are going to have him on the program matthew silverman co-founder of blue heart for heroes. tomorrow i believe. you are right, lawrence, it's wonderful that organization helps families with kids with special needs. it shouldn't have to be a requirement. it should be any iteration of what cops doer single day. but when you -- i'm glad you said that it flagged the algorithm and what else are they blocking? how much are they suppressing it. you don't know, we don't know. by the way, we reached out to facebook for a comment tens of thousands of employees we have not heard back yet. maybe we will. rachel: doubt that. pete: i doubt it too. turn to a few additional headlines this morning. members of the so-called squad sleeping outside the capitol
4:10 am
building after the face fails to extend moratorium on evictions. congresswoman cori bush, "ona presley and ilhan omar demanding lawmakers return from summer recess. bush who herself was briefly homeless in the past was the first to camp out. the moratorium ends today. and we are learning new information about the russian solar winds hack that infiltrated at least nine government agencies last year. the doj revealing it has mostly impacted the u.s. attorney's office. hackers gaining access to emailings from 27 different federal attorney offices. 15 states as well as the district of columbia. believed to be the largest cyberattack in u.s. history. pete: aids alert president biden to something on his chin. take a look at this. >> this issue is ongoing each year as we have discussed it gets worse.
4:11 am
it effects real people. pete: that is amazing. joe biden apparently to eat the small yellow crumbs off his chin. some speculate it's egg yolk. the leader of the free world. something he had something on his chin. he tries to do it carefully then does what, you know, every 6-year-old boy does, just sort of flips it into his mouth real quick. lawrence: that is nasty. pete: makes the mistake of turning the card around so the press can see. lawrence: it is always the note card. pete: like ron burgundy. rachel: danger of putting somebody in his condition, it's kind of a train wreck. you feel bad watching that. lawrence: i know we got to go. there needs to be investigation. who writes the note card? i want to know who writes the postcard. rachel: nice of the aid. pretty nice. pete: sir, there is something on your chin. took care of it down the hatch.
4:12 am
rachel: cdc releases new data. they say that this data supports the call for masking up. but does the science actually back them up. we are going to ask our own dr. marc siegel he is up next. ♪ ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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pete: peert peter in may you mak forever. >> that's true at the time. new variant came along. they didn't get vaccinated. it was spread more rapidly and
4:16 am
people, more people were getting sick. that's it. lawrence: president biden getting really defensive over his administration flip flop on masks. now requiring them for vaccinated americans. this as the cdc releases more data in an attempt to back up viral levels as unvaccinated. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. doctor, you know, they are basing it on one study. there is not a lot of information about this. so can you break it down for us? >> absolutely, lawrence. good morning. first of all, i have talked to several hospitals around the country, including here in new york. just to dispel this you, the idea if you get covid and vaccinated you will have the same amount of virus is likely not the case. it's less. it's less. it's not as low as we would like. but it's less. your chances of transmitting it if you get covid and vaccinated much less. the data that you are talking
4:17 am
about is coming the of india, that's one study which actually has been withdrawn. also, very importantly. >> kaiser family foundation put out a very intense survey yesterday of hospitals and cases across the united states. first they concluded there is not enough data. there is not enough. there is not enough transparency. guess what's new here? not enough cases reported to the cdc so they are basing it on limited data. but most importantly, almost all the cases that they are seeing, the vast majority are in the unvaccinated population. so, it's looking like throwing on a mask if you are vaccinated is most likely to protect those who are unvaccinated and that's where the mixed messaging comes from. lawrence: doc, i have got to ask you and this may be an obvious question. why do they continue to do this with limited data? it causes a lot of confusion for the public. does the medical community support this type of posturing from the cdc? >> well, to be totally fair, you know, i interviewed cdc director
4:18 am
walensky this week. i think they are in a tough position not having enough data. they are also very frightened about the delta variant which is definitely six times as -- if you have a case of covid, with the delta variant six more other people can get infected. it's pretty contagious. but projecting uncertainty or changing your message or projecting fear like i just said is absolutely not the way to do this. because, if you are vaccinated your protection is over 90%. so that's the messaging they need. vaccinate, you are protected, period. instead, the fear messaging is not working. lawrence: not working, just come back to us when they have new information that has been vetted. i want to switch to this because we talked about this delta variant and the spread of this. do we need vaccine booster shots? >> so, lawrence, that's a fantastic question. i wrote about that yesterday. and my position on that is israel, it looks like, after six months and pfizer has been
4:19 am
working hand in hand with israel. it's almost like israel is one big laboratory for the vaccine which is amazing. it looks like after six months the elderly and those who are immunocompromised need a booster. now, here in the united states, we are not at the point of saying that yet. we are also a month or two behind israel in terms of when we started this vaccine. but i got to tell you, i got my vaccine in december and january and i'm already starting to look at this. and i think we are going to need boosters for a large percentage or at least for certain groups. people over the age of 60. people that are immunocompromised. they are already starting to say that i think this is going to happen over the next month or two, yes. i think we are going to be looking at boosters. >> dr. marc siegel always separating facts from fiction giving us all the information you need to know. thank you so much for joining the program. >> always a pleasure, lawrence, thank you. lawrence: still ahead, while thousands of illegal immigrants pour into the country. of the biden administration is making a drastic cut in legal immigration. our next guest is a legal immigrant outraged by the
4:20 am
policy. plus, we are going log rolling with the duffys. rachel's family shows off their skills coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ lawrence: your news by the numbers. first, 2022, california governor gavin newsom predicting if he loses the recall election, there will be profound consequences nationwide. newsom revealing his loss could lead to, quote, weaponization of recall process. republican hopeful larry elder joins us later. next, 74, happy birthday to arnold schwarz the actor and
4:24 am
former governor of california receiving birthday wishes from his daughter catherine who shared an old photo of the two on crush that and finally, $700, that's how much this slice of princess diana 40-year-old wedding cake is suspected to set at an auction. it is being sold as a memento an employee of prince charles grandmother back. that's your news. rachel: held up pretty well. lawrence: back to you, rachel. rachel: thanks so much, lawrence. thousands of migrants are pouring over the southern border illegally. meanwhile the biden administration is announcing that they are going to process 100,000 fewer green cards this year. my next guest immigrated to the u.s. legally and he says law and order have no place in biden's immigration policy. he joins us now. mike, welcome so much to the show. really appreciate you joining me. i am the daughter of a legal immigrant can.
4:25 am
i know that nothing upsets legal immigrants more than illegal immigration. why are you so -- what is your reaction why have you so upset about the fact that he is cutting legal immigration at the same time is he facilitating all this illegal immigration across the southern border? >> thank you, rachel. first, i think americans and people going to america, they love america because of law and order. we have process, which they are trying to escape. so that's why they are seeking asylum. but, you know, this whole green card thing, it's not a surprise. i mean, you know, biden has been in office for almost five decades and really probably the least productive president ever. so, and so there is -- to me, it's not a surprise. and really, when you look at -- at this whole green card issue, i don't know why people are
4:26 am
surprised because at the end of the day, that's not part of the biden administration policy. clearly, the biden administration policy it open borders. if you have open borders, why do you need green cards. rachel: you became a citizen. you went through the process. by the way, you served as a firefighter for 30 years. you became a city council. obviously very productive member of our society as someone who is the daughter of immigrant. it's beautiful. makes people feel loyal to america. i love her more. what is being lost by doing this? >> well, when the government can control your life, because they give you everything you have know that. look at any country where the government run your lives and that's basically how the left looks at things. they think that we're not smart enough whether it's get ids or living in the rural area to be able to use a copy machine.
4:27 am
>> i believe that -- that america offers so much that it's worth doing the work. and, again, i'm a good example. you know, mexico come over and learn the language. learn to assimilate. and then became a firefighter. i mean, every kid in america wants to be a firefighter. i'm very blessed. i was able to do it. and not only that but become elected official in the city that you raise your children in. and this process of getting your green card. i got my mother's. i couldn't find mine. i have my mother's green card right here. part of the process that allows you to understand the system. better yourself and better standard of living. i think if you go through those
4:28 am
steps, you become a better citizen and a productive citizen. rachel: there is no question that the citizenship process changes people for the better. makes them more productive, more loyal and more likely to love our country. you are a great example of that thank you so much for joining us this morning. this new policy is a head scratcher but we are happy to get your thoughts on it thank you so much, mike, for joining us. >> it's not a head scratcher actually i think we understand. rachel: thank you so much. los angeles is trying to restore the beauty of venice beach by clearing out homeless camps. lawrence jones went to the boardwalk to see the harsh reality what he saw next. stay with us. >> it's just circle ling the drain. guess what, when the government takes care of you, this is what your life becomes. >> we need real permanent solutions. ♪
4:29 am
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pete: welcome back. scenes like this one showing a fight breaking out amongst the homeless sadly a normal occurrence on the boardwalk in venice beach. rachel: this video was shot wednesday the same day lawrence was there talking to residents about their continued frustration with the crisis facing the city. >> i spoke with l.a. county sheriff alex villanueva about his efforts to keep law and order. take a look. >> just about two months ago, this very place was littered with trash and tents everywhere. people living in those tents.
4:33 am
that provoke l.a. county sheriff to clean up the problem. well, those very tents and the people that lived in them are back. rachel: what you are seeing right now is the best the beach has ever looked in about a year. what's really sad is it is temporary. lawrence: how has this impacted your business and the surrounding businesses? >> our business has been virtually destroyed. >> this used to be such a happening place and it's just circling the drain. when the government takes care of you, this is what your life becomes. >> we need real permanent solutions and we need to focus on that instead of all of this law enforcement, all of this money cleaning up, running around. lawrence: what do you mean by all the law enforcement? if they are breaking laws. >> la laws do you think people are breaking? >> i want the good people to find a place to live, but the bad people have got to go. prostitution, the drugs, all this crap, that's got to go. lawrence: what about the people that commit assaults?
4:34 am
>> well, that guy is in jail. i was punched and then the guy walked away. it's crazy out here, guys. >> this is where kids go play. it's been taken away from them. >> is it safe for them to play right now. >> would you let your kids play here if there are needles in the sand, there is weapons found in the sand. >> we are cleaning up pipes, needles. you see people shooting up every single day. i'm a teacher, i can no longer bring my kids out and feel safe. lawrence: the sheriff has attempted to clean up. it looks better. there is still a problem here. >> yes. >> i know that [inaudible] did what he is calling encampment to homes program where a lot of people got hotel rooms. >> sheriff actually was going to clear the beach by july 4th and it looked like he was going to do it, too. >> after the sheriff came and said our city councilman come in and he wasn't happy about us having a sheriff here. so, when he came, in he got a $5 million -- basically he got $5 million to do what have you
4:35 am
seen. that $5 million has not translated over to businesses coming back. and has not translated to people being able to feel safe walking our boardwalk. >> we need law and order. the one person who has stepped, in when all other elected officials have failed us, is sheriff villanueva. >> we want to see all these shops full and that is preventing it right there. >> so this right here, now, you say these are new people right here? >> some of them are new. >> a special unit identifies these folks right here. what is the first step to go and talk with them first and assess the situation. >> they assess the situation. where did you come from? why are you here? what are you expecting? what does it take for you to get into shelt to take supportive services? lawrence: we have been going through here. people are saying thank you for cleaning this up. the businesses that have been impacted by this. how does that make you feel? >> well, it makes me feel grateful that people are getting the help that they need. but, we just don't have enough. i need the resources. if i had the resources of the city of l.a., we would have this
4:36 am
entire thing cleaned up in 90 days. lawrence: what is preventing law enforcement from going out there and enfor thing the current laws on the book. >> for this chunk of city right here, it's two things. it's called the mayor, eric garcetti and councilman mike bonnin and district attorney that's not going to enforce anything no matter what. that really does not help in terms of promotes a lawlessness environment. however, i told my deputies, do not fail to do your job because someone else is not doing their job. we're going to uphold our end of the bargain. we are going to arrest the people that need to be arrested. lawrence: you are a democrat. this has nothing to do with political party this has to do with the rule of law and public safety. >> thank you. that's exactly this transcends politics. this is about public safety. this is about people feeling secure. they can come here to the boardwalk and enjoy a day with their family. lawrence: so, guys, we reached out to councilman mike bonnin.
4:37 am
we would have loved to walk with him. did he give us a statement. quote sheriff deputies show up on the west side of los angeles and whenever alex villanueva feels threatened is by scrutiny of scandal appalachianed department or programs that show the real solution to homelessness is housing not threat for arrest. the work of st. joseph center has gotten 183 people and counting off 6 venice beach in recent weeks into housing. this is his statement. rachel: sound like they don't like each other. lawrence: exactly. we reached out to gavin newsom and mayor garcetti and district attorney gascon but did not hear back from them. pete: you were interest two month ago. how different is it today. lawrence: i have to be honest it does look better. pete: what does better look like less? lawrence: that's the last section of the beach that has the tents. you still have people paying folks $100 to move their tents out of in front of their businesses. imagine a business owner that is
4:38 am
already struggling with crime and everything and then, of course, the pandemic and los angeles and they are paying people to remove their tents. pete: left wing activist not happy about this. did report earlier that mayor garr sety's house was vandalized. and, i mean, it may have been because of some of the reporting you are doing, lawrence. once there is scrutiny put on it, unfortunately. lawrence: same day. that same night we were on the plane back from los angeles to new york and we got the notices saying from our bureau that he had implemented this ordinance and they were going to enforce it the question is did they enforce it? we will probably have to take a trip back there. rachel: got to go back to venice. pete: should be a good assignment. rachel: it should have been. lawrence: y'all come with me. rachel: head up to malibu after. turning now to your headlines. at least 25 people are hurt after two commuter trolleys collide in boston,
4:39 am
massachusetts. transit authorities say both were headed outbound when it happened. passengers recall being thrown around like rag dolls when the two trains collided with each other. investigation is underway. cheryl williams stapleton is out. the democratic senate -- or state lawmaker, i'm sorry about that state lawmaker resigning amid a criminal investigation. it involves accusations of alleged racketeering, money laundering and alleged illegal kick backs. now stapleton denied the claims but says her resignation is in the state's best interest. a new york mother of 10 shares her impressive 5:00 a.m. morning meal prep routine. watch this. ♪ ♪ tumble out of bed ♪ and stumble to the kitchen ♪ pour myself a one cup of ambition ♪ yawning, stretching, trying to come to life. rachel: i love her.
4:40 am
the tiktok video has been seen more than 18 million times. alicia daugherty has six adopted and four biological children with her husband josh. what a family. that is unbelievable awesome mom and dad. so glad we could show that this morning. those are your headlines. pete: when it documents that many kids you have to do food communism. [laughter] everybody gets the same thing whether you like it or not. do you know what i mean? you don't get to pick and choose here. rachel: i'm not a diner, i'm a short order cook. we are all having the same thing. lawrence: i loved how different names on the packaging as well. i think there may have been different stuff put in there. rachel: she a lot more organized than me. let me say that but i love her background music. a little dolly parton helps in the morning. pete: i saw him in the green room so i know he is here. check in with adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. good morning, adam.
4:41 am
adam: it is beautiful out here on fox square. that's not the case across the entire country though. really warm, kind of spicy weather across the southeast like buffalo sauce diving right in to that forecast. and we see heat watches and warnings already piling up stretching into the plains but including portions of east texas all the way into the florida panhandle. areas where it is going to be a real hot one today. these are your feels like temperatures. 105, 110 degrees. that's today that also lingers into your sunday forecast. it's not just about the heat in the southeast though. we are seeing heavy rain across the western states. and there is going to be some flash flooding watches and warnings before the day is over. could see some mud slides because of wildfires and the sort. that is something we will certainly be paying attention to here over the course of the weekend. but, for now, those are your weather headlines, back over to you. pete: spicy weather like buffalo sauce. i expect the food and allergies to continue in each hour. thank you, adam. forcing businesses to close because of his lockdowns,
4:42 am
governor cuomo is now begging them to come back. will begging work? why would they want to? one owner with restaurants in new york and florida claims to differ next. ♪ ♪ make no excuses, excuses ♪ ♪ your momma raised you better than that ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ ♪ ♪ so i'd like to know where you got the notion ♪ ♪ to rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. ♪ ♪ rachel: back with some quick headlines, an i willly no woman is facing charges for dangerous encounter with a bear and cubs at yellow stone national park. she allegedly ignored park regulations to take pictures. rules stipulate that visitors cannot go within 300 feet of bears or woods. pete: why did knot she not move? rachel: i don't know, crazy. faces several charges including threatening wildlife and
4:46 am
ignoring limits and a baby alligator is arrested after it was caught taking dip in a family's hot tubs. texas police say it was seen swim without regard to the owner's wishes. it was released back into the wild. i didn't know texas had so many alligators. i thought it was a florida thing. pete: i didn't know you could arrest an alligator. does he know he has been charged for trespassing? rachel: they will just let him go anyway. pete: rachel, thank you very much. from the animal kingdom to a different kingdom. king cuomo begging businesses to come back to new york city after devastating shut down orders. >> workforce by labor day search back in the office. we need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops and the services. it's not just about your business. it's about all the spin-off economic activity that your
4:47 am
workers bring. pete: can you imagine watching the entire thing? somebody has to. thank goodness they do. instead of giving them incentive cuomo recently added another major source of revenue, just ended it. cutting off takeout cocktails. buddy foia jr. owns restaurants in new york and florida, he joins us now. buddy, thanks so much for being here. is begging going to work to reopening new york? it's a good start. begging people to get back to, would. we have been saying that going on a year now. pete: what about incentives. you can beg and i can beg my kids to do a lot of the things. if they have skin in the game or reason to do it especially economically for businesses, is he providing incentives for businesses? no incentive whatsoever look at the past infrastructure and lack of business environment going on for decades. a taste of other states which
4:48 am
has happened. our hand has forced us to expand in florida. once you get a taste of friendly environment including your employees get a taste of state tax or lack of it, all of a sudden that medicine is a little sweeter. we are actually expanding in florida for a second location in november because of how sweet it is to do business in florida versus new york. pete: buddy, you are treating your new york business almost like a half year, six month business. so you are -- but you are going to be open full time in florida. >> full time in florida have not shut down we anna marie island. the restaurant has been packed sold to capacity through the summer months so far. and it location, ninth year anniversary on lake george chateau on the lake is monday. so nine years on monday. first time in nine years we will be shutting down in mid october. don't get me wrong, the winter has never been a busy business
4:49 am
for us up here, but it paid the bills. do you know what i mean? we didn't make a whole lot of money it paid the bills and kept our employees businessy. now we are shutting down on october 15th. and we are expanding to another location with our new york employees down to florida. pete: you are right. once you get a taste of freedom it's tough to go back and lock yourself down or submit yourself to these type of measures. >> onces employees have their new york paycheck tax structure. once they got a taste of that medicine they want more. pete: rough to compete with that buddy foye jr. thank you for your time appreciate it. pete: up next as the world lumberjack championships get underway this weekend rachel and her husband sean duffy -- that's not taped, that's live -- going to join us. lawrence: whole family. rachel: family is championship
4:50 am
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lawrence: welcome back the final of the lumberjack world championship. lucky to have our own real life lumberjack in the fox family. pete: yes we are, joining us from hometown former u.s. congressman and former world champion speed climber sean duffy. there he is. rachel: joining sean are some of our kids and some of my family, my brother-in-law brian is there they are all showing off some of their log rolling skills. sean, where are you at? tell everybody what's going on this weekend? it's a big deal. >> it is. lumberjack world championships. 6 st. here is the competition of all the old skills, the lumberjacks used to use in the woods modern day competition, log rolling,
4:54 am
chopping, sawing, tree climbing but modern day sport. we call this is the olympics of the forest. what's cool here is that we don't turn our backs to the flag and we don't kneel for the national anthem, pete. stand up we love america. pete: i believe that this is log rolling, this is my brother brian, is he a five time world champion log roller. you stand on the log and try to get your -- i'm going to jump on in a second and do that with brian. lawrence: all in the core. >> your core is so strong you would be good at log rolling. rachel: for sure. >> lawrence you could log roll in suit and tie and great. it's kind of quiet right now. this place is packed and this is going to be the finals today in all these sports and people come from all over the country to see
4:55 am
what happens here. but just quickly, guys, so because of covid, we don't have our australian and immediately to it's mostly the u.s. and canada come and compete in sports, biggest competition of this kind in the whole country very cool and here in wisconsin. pete: sean, i know your brother is a world champion log roller. we have some tape. you are a world champion speed climber as well that in the middle much the screen on the right there is sean duffy in 1994. climbing to the top of 90-foot pole in record speed, sean. how do you do that? >> back 2349 day i was about 20 pounds lighter, pete. and a lot stronger back then, try to do it now pete i can do it but it's amazing when you are carrying that much weight up a tree and makes it really difficult. but, you guys, hey rear going to jump on in a second log roll. we are going to show you some of the other sports we have. log rolling, and see some
4:56 am
chopping. rachel: get on that log, sean, we want to see you do it, look at this. that's brian duffy and sean duffy. pete: world champion. rachel: this is how it's done. lawrence: who will be the champion today? rachel: you can splash your opponent. you can kick water on them. get them to try and oh. he defeated him. that is the danger, by the way, you can -- pete: you could land really badly. lawrence: defeated a world champion. by the way, sean. go ahead. go ahead, sean. >> evita is out here log runner. paloma is cold. patrick is dressed up in lumberjack gear. he is sitting on the bench. he doesn't want to participate. rachel: can't tell him what to do. listen, sean, we have our podcast coming out this weekend.
4:57 am
from the kitchen table. this week is exciting. we are having real world and so he is john brennan the country singer from the l.a. season. this is a really fun conversation back to the real world. pete: we'll check back in with you we are doing our own competition on the plaza. we will need your input. rachel: by, honey. ♪ ♪ coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala. a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala reduces eosinophils, a key cause of severe asthma.
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nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: look at that cruise ship ready to go back to work in florida. welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. lawrence jones in for will cain along with rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. thanks for inviting me back. rachel: love having you. lawrence: always fun. we always get into some trouble. [laughter] [laughter] lawrence: waiting for our pizza
5:01 am
hut. a little angry this morning. pete: that's a fact. supposed to be here at 6:30. i was counting on it for breakfast. pizza hut doesn't open that early. got some new swag. rachel: it's his favorite pizza. the phi is in new york but favorite pizza. pete: by far. my 9-year-old for his birthday wants to go to pizza hut, too i'm passing it to the next generation. lawrence: that's how you do it. the father taking the lead and imparting it. pete: do you know what this father took his league on yesterday pete balling with seven kids and in the third game i call it the massacre. because no one on my team died and i killed everyone else on the other team myself. i shot a couple of them in the face. lawrence: could you imagine pete teaching them strategy go here, go there. pete: so much more. rachel: by the way the hegseth kids are doing a lemonade stand in the area this is where capitalism starts right there. pete: fresh made lem none made two dollars. a little high on the price.
5:02 am
rachel: inflation. pete: we have a whole heirachy. all the kids care who gets the fire hose if they mess up. lawrence: teaching them young. rachel: you are fired. pete: they learn that as you know, we will not be requiring masks at the hegseth lemonade stand. if it's ignoring cdc guide adaptation they will have to put up with it. there are no restrictions coming to a state or a city near you. if you are paying attention at all, you see that that is happening and the justification is delta variant which used to be known as the indian variant but now we name it after greek letters so that's a thing. here are the states where there are new retribulation, california, connecticut, illinois nevada washington, all democrat led states unsurprisingly. this as other states like texas are saying they are banning mandatory vaccines and mask mandates. governor ron desantis in florida is signing an executive order saying you will not-i school districts can't require masks in
5:03 am
school. >> we have, very different approaches in different states this new. rachel: going to be interesting to see what happens. i mean, will people -- like will this cause people to go do you know what? i'm done with this. i'm going to move to a state maybe that's more tree? we don't know. we do know in florida, for example, even though desantis has said you can't have mask mandates there are some mayors within the state who are saying, do you know what? we're going to put this in place. it's not clear yet where the citizens fall on that. are they with their mayors or are they with the governors? i suspect probably with the governor. lawrence: this is why they passed these state laws in texas and florida. because, as you know, the big cities are ran by the progressives there. and the state is saying, look, we have control. we give authority to the counties and to the cities. so it ultimately the buck stops with us. we know a lot more. you know, a lot of these conservatives like abbott and desantis made some mistakes initially they said, look, they freaked out a little bit. but they said now that we have
5:04 am
got no information and we know the science, if we have done well as a state, we're not implements these government crushing regulations that are going to hurt small businesses and not make people more safe. rachel: right. that's what's interesting. there is so everywhere confusion about cdc guidelines. this delta variant, of course, causing the government, to you know, yesterday on bret baier we had the cdc director say well, maybe we might possibly -- we're looking into maybe you know some lockdowns, some more stricter measures. pete: national mask mandate. then she walked it back. dr. marc siegel was on the show just a little earlier saying all this mixed messaging is just driving all of us nuts and it's not good for trust in our will bureaucrats. take a look. >> projecting uncertainty or changing your message or projecting fear like i just said is absolutely not the way to do this. because, if you are vaccinated, your protection is over 90%. so that's the messaging they
5:05 am
need. vaccinate, you're protected, period. almost all the cases that they are seeing, the vast majority are in the unvaccinated population. so, it's looking like throwing on a mask if you are vaccinated is most likely to protect those who are unvaccinated and that's where the mixed messaging comes from. pete: yeah, remember the mention saging for early lockdowns effectively the justifications is fatality rate and overwhelming hospitals. when you look at the date at that time cdc is using and we don't need to get into it. it doesn't show massive hospitalization and deaths are not up. so if you are not -- if the hospitals aren't full and more people aren't dying, got to react differently than the first time around. rachel: even with these cdc guidelines they are saying you have to get vaccinated. they are not talking about the people still after all this time, they are not talking about people who have natural immunities, and there have been some discussion among doctors that you know, natural immunities are as good or
5:06 am
better. pete: where are the studies on natural immunity. rachel: and herd immunity. lawrence: they are not doing it bret baier did an interview yesterday. one of the most troubling things that came out of that interview with the cdc director when he kept citing where is the data on this? where is the data on it? she said we are sifting through it they never had an answer. begs the question, are they really following the science? we know they are not. they even know what their own data. rachel: not fog the science and not even following their own rules. look at nancy pelosi yesterday. she was swearing in a new texas represent jake ellzey. she tells every member of congress has a picture with the speaker of the house after being sworn in. our family did the same thing. hey, can we take our masks off for the picture? this is like her going to the hair salon when the rest of us had gray roots, and she had no mask and she was in the hair salon. so she doesn't even follow her own rules. which leads me to believe that she doesn't believe the science.
5:07 am
>> big in earlier freedom caucus. he says the rules don't apply to nancy pelosi. watch. >> nancy pelosi loves power and control over everybody else but she, you know, this goes back to the hairdresser type thing where she got her hair cut and permed or whatever, while she wasn't allowed to do it she thinks that she can be, because she is an elitist that she is above whatever rules she sets for anybody else. she was at an event earlier that day where she had took her mask off and basically she doesn't think she has to comply with this. and if she is threatening to throw my staff into jail if they don't comply to her whims then she should start getting. pete: i would like to see nancy pelosi in a perm. rachel: getting her hair permed. when this it story first broke
5:08 am
donald trump called it at the beauty parlor. pete: a lot of different terms. his point one i saw on social media and elsewhere you have got members of congress saying we are done wearing masks. staff members, partying out in the hallways as a demonstration. lawrence: they could get arrested. pete: can be arrested. the capitol hill police now have the authority on the house side from nancy pelosi to arrest those members and staff as she feels like it's okay to take off her mask. lawrence: see, i think it's just the staffers, but the elected officials can't necessarily be arrested yet. this just shows you the rich, powerful, well-connected. this is why i refuse to say we are all in this together. we have never been in this all together. the people have -- she gets to go to the hair parlor as donald trump says. she never had to set out on this. it's just crazy. rachel: she had good hair through the entire pandemic. not fair. pete: that was never a be pro. on another story we have covered is if you are an art buyer, interest is a new seller in the business. is he not supposed to know who
5:09 am
you are even though hunter biden will be going to the exhibit where his beautiful artwork will be displayed. well, he was asked on a podcast on thursday -- there his artist page by the way where he talks about bringing his myriad of experiences and abstract work including the written word that it becomes his signature. did you know hunter has a signature? rachel: i didn't know is burisma on artist page? pete: part of his experience seemed to be left off. maybe that's an early draft. lived experience. lawrence: here is hunter in his own words. >> what's your response to people who are, you know, coming after like the prices of the work or just, you know, the check tores? what's been your response to that? >> other than [bleep] them. >> that's a pretty good response. >> i never said my art was going to cost what it was going to cost or how much it would be priced at. i would be amazed if my art had sold, you know, for $10. [laughter] lawrence: is he so full of it
5:10 am
like father, like son. they are just alike. and the language that is being used when they criticize donald trump's language and tone and tenure and restoring. the hypocrisy of this story. everybody knows this. any of us just watch tv the mob movement. if you want to hide money, you do it through art. because no one can really set a price on it you just bid on it. pete: one thing he knew when he, you know, put his mouth to the pipe or whatever is he blowing in to those things, last name was biden. that's the one thing he knew. and he knew people would pay for that. rachel: and i think, you know, we put a period on this topic, pretty sure trying to rush us. again, the reason we are telling this story is i believe it's really not about hunter. when i listen to him i kind of feel a little bit sorry for him. even he admits he knows his work
5:11 am
is only worth $10. i look at this and to me this is really about his tad. this is about the big guy. this is about the 10%. and victor davis hanson has a fascinating piece out. i think it was out a week or so ago. where he believed this is very passive aggressive behavior on the part of hunter biden. he believes that hunter biden -- why would hunter biden do this podcast? why we say my artwork is only worth $10? why we do the book tour? why we lose his laptop? all of this, according to victor davis hanson in this interesting piece, he believes that hunter is actually very angry at his dad because his dad has made him do all the dirty work for the family business. lawrence: in the emails that shows that. rachel: some of the emails have shown that it's about the fact that our president may possibly be compromised. may be an asset of the chinese and russian government because of the work that he has had his son, hunter biden do to make the family rich. it. pete: artwork doesn't help.
5:12 am
lawrence: will that story be censored again. pete: new development in the search for a missing tennessee 5-year-old. the three siblings of summer wells have reported been taken into state custody. her mother claims the boys were removed for reasons unrelated to the disappearance. summer was last seen on june 15th. her parents think someone took her from their rural property. a live look at capitol hill as the senate prepares for a rare saturday session. senators will try to push through a $1 trillion infrastructure plan after voting to start debate on it last night. the bipartisan bill includes $550 billion of new spending, even if it passes, speaker nancy pelosi masked or unmasked is refusing to hold a vote until a second $3.5 trillion bill is passed through reconciliation. what a mess. texas and oklahoma will be suiting up for the sec. board of regents voting
5:13 am
overwhelmingly to accept the conference invitation. both schools intend to stay into the big 12 until june 2025. remains unclear what will happen to the remaining big 12 schools. and those are your headlines. lawrence: upset releasing statement after statement. he says that he is not going to punish the kids for this happening. but he was upset that he wasn't notified about this. pete: what happens to the big 12? it feels like it's going to fade away. lawrence: bye bye. pete: new super conferences. lawrence: they should have did better whether they had the opportunity. pete: rachel, good comment on that one. rachel: like do do do do do. pete: rightfully so he. border czar kamala harris is planning a big trip. guess where she isn't going, ken cuccinelli reacts to the vice
5:14 am
president dodging the border crisis yet again. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car. whether it's a year old or a few years old. we wanna buy your car. so go to carvana and enter your license plate answer a few questions. and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds. when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot and pick up your car, that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car,
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5:17 am
♪ >> hasn't changed when it comes to border immigration. we are urging president biden to create a special position to bring order to chaos, put somebody in charge whose focus is just on the border. and that's jeh johnson. rachel: democratic congress cuellar and graham pleading with the biden administration to take real action at the border and tap jeh johnson as the new border czar. this as vice president harris announces a trip to asia despite the crisis at the border intensifying. here to react is acting dhs secretary ken cuccinelli.
5:18 am
ken, you really got feel for henry cuellar, the representative there in texas. i mean, he sounds so desperate. he is so upset that. >> he is desperate. rachel: what's happening to his constituents for the people there in texas graham saying the answer might be jeh johnson. what do you think? >> well, look, jeh johnson has broad bipartisan respect for his performance as secretary of homeland security. he was the person who gave us the benchmark of 1,000 a day as a crisis coming over the border and they're at six times that at the border. they are completely overwhelmed. and, look, i give these two gentlemen all the credit in the world on the republican side, senator graham is off in the bipartisan mix immigration issues. he isn't always the toughest. to have him and then a democrat henry cuellar calling this out, first of all, is an incredible
5:19 am
vote of no confidence in maker cass, the current secretary and vice president harris who is essentially filling the role. rachel: you know the politics of this. you have been there. you saw what it was like before. you see what is happening now. just be honest and tell us what -- is this deliberate? >> yes. yes. so, that was what i was going to say. these two gentlemen, i give them a lot of credit for optimism with respect to the notion that this administration actually wants to solve the problem. interestingly enough, the greatest inconvenience for the administration is the covid-19. rachel: right. >> they just want to ship illegals in here. this is about processing them. in look at how they deal with covid-19 everywhere else in the country. everywhere else it's a hazmat emergency, but they don't give a rat's tail on the border. what does that tell you. rachel: so interesting you say that.
5:20 am
>> it's intentional. rachel: listen to this sound of dr. rochelle walensky down playing covid at the border. >> right. >> do you know the surge, how the surge of illegal immigrants with covid is affecting the overall rate, you know, it sound like the percentages down there on the border are astronomical. >> yeah. you know, i would say that the percentages in the southern part of this country are really quite high, um, and i don't necessarily think we can attribute all of that to what is going on at the southern border. rachel: notice how she skirts that fauci did the same thing. they asked him earlier in the year when we had that variant coming in from brazil and he says that's too political. i don't want to get involved in that he doesn't mind getting involved with covid restrictions for americans all over the country. >> right. so, look, when you don't get an answer to a question like that, that's an admission that it's a terrible problem in that region. and it is a terrible problem in that region. and, look, a lot of this we talk about this like public health
5:21 am
but so much of it is masks. and when you think back to the beginning of the delta variant, that was when it was most important to be keeping out, to not have an open borders policy. now, we're -- it's still the worst part of the country, and they won't shut it down. they won't even slow it down. this is terrible for american security and public health. rachel: yeah. it's a crazy time, you know, as we are trying to get out of this pandemic to have an open southern border policy. ken cuccinelli, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you. rachel: all right. up next, remember this shameless robbery caught on camera in san francisco? well the city's d.a. is defending the thief. his outrageous comments next. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
5:22 am
although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
5:23 am
show me the olympics.
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5:25 am
end serial shoplifter. the video went viral last month as the california criminal literally get away with a brazen daytime theft at a bay area walgreen's. >> the city's so-called prosecutor telling the new yorker, quote: when i watch that video, i think about five questions that people are not asking that i -- that i think they should, is he drug addicted? mentally ill? desperate? is he part of a major retail fencing operation? what's driving this behavior? lawrence: unbelievable. here to react is constitutional law attorney and co-chair of the republican national lawyers association harmeet dhillon. harmeet, let's get to the core issue right here. they don't care about the victims. they don't care about the residents but they care about the criminal, why?
5:26 am
>> well, this is exactly what happens when you elect a former public defender to be your district attorney in a city this has been happening all over the country and this is exactly the fact pattern. first of all, they care about eliminating bail and making sure that people are not held to account, make sure they turn up for their trials. this particular individual in the video in question had hit the same walgreen's as well as others around town multiple times in the days and weeks prior to the video. so, this isn't, you know, stealing a loaf of bread to eat. this is habitual criminal. and what the district attorney is ignoring is, of course, the safety of the public but also the fact that people who do this type of crime they escalate it. we are also experiencing in san francisco an escalation of violent crime. we have seen be a lot of photos and videos of elderliations being punched and kicked and even killed in the course of robberies on the streets that frankly are typically people like this one who have not been
5:27 am
punished, not even been prosecuted for their original crimes. let out. and do it again and then they get worse and worse. so, this is a crisis in san francisco. we have similar issues in other american cities. i think people are fed up. facing a recall petition right now two recall at the tuitions actually in san francisco. even san francisco has had enough of this type of abuse of the citizens. rachel: you know it's bad when san francisco is saying. here is a quote actually blaming the security guard instead of the victim, the victims and any way, are i mean the criminal. if walgreen's has insurance for certain goods or they expect a certain amount of loss, if they would rather not risk losses or escalation to violence, then maybe that's something we should know about. what do you say? >> yeah, i mean, of course we don't want to see the security guard shot and, yes, he is certainly carrying out what the corporate policy is. but the corporate policy is
5:28 am
intern generally driven by profit and safety and security of it store which is absolutely anathema to this type of regular retail crime. so, you know, the security guards in walgreen's and other stores know that if their security guards took action, arrested somebody or, even you know, shot at somebody or tried to restrain somebody. there would be calls about racism, there would be calls about brutality and they would just get sued. so, in terms of the comparison of getting sued by one of these types of criminals or the city worse, getting prosecuted for alleged excessive force, they choose to do this instead. so, what's really going to happen here and what is happening is walgreen's and other stores are closing in the city, particularly closing in the areas that can afford it the least. we talk about food desserts and places where there are no services in our inner cities and lower income neighborhoods and
5:29 am
immigrant neighborhoods that's where services are shutting down because it -- it does not pencil out to continue to do business in san francisco and it's not just this. it is gangs and robbers at the bottom of lombard street near where i live ripping off tourists every day. people are avoiding it i think it's going to take a couple years for the city managers and leaders to feel the pinch when tourists stop coming. they don't seem to care about the taxpayers and residents of the city though. pete: no they don't. harmeet dhillon, thank you for your insight. we appreciate it this morning. and i will say in the commercial break i was educated by rachel as i often am, that chesa boudin parents were -- i looked it up, confirmed it, parents were in the weather underground convicted of murder in a domestic terror attack. so he was raised by bill ayers. rachel: bill ayers another famous underground terrorist. pete: no wonder on the side of criminals. raised by bill ayers. rachel: and his whole campaign for d.a. was funded by this fund
5:30 am
with eric holder and george soros. so that's what you get. lawrence: this is what they believe like what my mom always used to say, if you will steal, you will kill. if you kill you are going to jail. i'm not getting your tail out. they should get ahead of this. stop the stealing going to lead to everything else. rachel: exactly what she said. escalate. pete: checking back in with the duffys all morning as the world lumberjack championships get underway in wisconsin. pros all the way. who goes first? sean, ouch. plus, we are celebrating national avocado day. could it be more opposite avocado day on fax square with guacamole. we are doing both this morning. ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. (phone notification) where we've just lowered our auto rates. ♪ ♪
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5:35 am
avocados use every time. so i have we have to start with sill alan throw. -- cilantro. jalapeños. pete: i don't know that was a part of it. >> that's the spice. if you like the spice, that's the key right here. rachel: i love this i'm going to get one of those now. >> okay. so i'm going to do this. i'm going to cut it i'm going to make chunky pieces. pete: i'm watching. rachel: technique. so, yeah. you can come and visit. union square location. we have two locations in new york right now. the third location is going to be open soon going to be on 52nd street and second avenue. rachel: we're going after the show. all we do right? >> use the pat la.
5:36 am
rachel: i'm messing up the technique. rach. rachel: rach how much salt. >> a little right here. >> toe pay toes. >> toe pate stos. woe got to quick do this kick quick quick telling me in my ear. we have to make. >> add onions if you like spice. add more spice. lawrence: that's what i'm talking about. >> some more sauce right here. mix it. all right? pete: man is dedicated to chris cavity. rachel: that looks amazing. actually. this is going to be the best commercial break ever for us. pete: you continue making it, chef, if you would. rachel: we will check in with meteorologist adam klotz who is really jealous. >> right here. rachel: right on. pete: do the already, adam we are going to eat. adam: give you more minutes to finish that off and start gig digging. in the forecast across the country early this morning is going to be about the heat we are seeing in the deep south.
5:37 am
dive right into those temperatures where we are seeing a fairly widespread 70 and 80's across many of the southern states as we speak. again, the big story is going to be that heat that's piling up. heat watches and warnings. it's going to get up into triple digits. 100 degrees, 105 degrees. feels like temperatures for saturday and sunday. if you live farther west, there is rain on the way. it's been raining and those heavy showers are going to continue as we are looking at some flash flood watches and warnings here over the next couple of days. and those are your weather headlines, how is that guacamole, guys over here, perfect. thank you, guys. pete: i'm here for you. don't ever say i'm not here for you. adam: he is a great guy. pete: i told him to say that thank you, adam. turning now to a few additional headlines. a meat packing plant withdrawing nearly 300,000 pounds of raw beef over possible e.coli contamination. the u.s. da says the meat from greater omaha packing was meant to be used in packages of ground beef and sent to factories had
5:38 am
in illinois, minnesota and nebraska. the agency says it has not received any reports of people getting sick from the meat, thankfully. lola palooza require everyone to wear masks indoors. after lori lightfoot went on stage maskless the same day the added to the cdc advisory list i confused yet in the mask rule comes midway through the festival and despite the fact that the event organizers say 90% of attendees showed proof of vaccination now they're wearing masks after the mayor didn't wear one. okay. got it people are upset after tiktok video shows a mom stopping her son from proposing. take a look at this. [laughter] pete: that is danny's mom yelling no. as he goes to pop the question.
5:39 am
the internet split over whether she disapproves of the union or bout the woman falling off the wall. dan made another video saying he proposed later and said headlin, i'm going to go back to guacamole. lawrence is going to take it. lawrence: save me some, pete. i'm watching you, bro. after a radical crt group appeared in administration school reopening guide, the white house says they have learned their lesson. >> it was an error in a lengthy document to include the citation. the specific site does not -- does not represent the administration's view. lawrence: but our next guest demands more answers including investigation into the ties of the abolitionist teaching network might have with education official. the president of the center for renewing america and former director of omv and he joins me now. russ, thanks so much for joining
5:40 am
me. so, we were doing this investigation here at fox news. we saw the ties for the deputy. and we saw what was in the guidance under race. it was link there. they say it was an accident. what say you? >> yeah, these errors just don't happen. this is the result of a long policy process that finds itself in a document that's meant to govern $200 billion of spending. and so this is something that we want more answers to. you know, the biden administration is trying to walk away slowly recognizing the political poison that is state sanctioned racism, critical race theory. and this network is the organization puts these teachers in the schools. that links the theory with the practice. and what we want to do is to make sure that the biden administration is held to account for the degree to which they are a part of this policy in perpetuating our schools. lawrence: russ, it's not just crt. it's this progressive world view where they say that the system has to burned down. that it cannot be fixed. it can't be reformed.
5:41 am
the errors that we may have because at our founding, at our core, we are wrong. >> right. so making assertion that all of our institutions are systemically racist. that are systemically flawed. what is the other recourse than to just pull them down. we saw that last year across the country, in this city in particular. what this leftist progressive we call it cultural marxism, they are trying to make it so that people hate this country. that think it's flawed and that our institutions are flawed. >> you know, russ, one of the interesting points of this group is that they said that you know, all white teachers are racist inherently. and that they need to be reprogrammed. how is that not racist itself? >> it is. and, you know, any time you are saying that, these teachers need therapy, that all the kids in schools are of the same have the same issues, you know, that's just what we see as fundamentally problematic, fundamentally unamerican and something that we have got to stop and make sure the biden
5:42 am
administration puts a stop to it lawrence honors my fear is this is already embedded in the culture. some of our teachers during this investigation, our investigative team did a great job. they said they have been i will infiltrating the system like 18, 20 years, you just wonder if it's too far out there, where -- where do conservatives go to fight back? does it start in the home? i think so. or is there any group that they can turn to to say this is how we take back our schools? >> they can look to the center for renewing america. we put out a tool kit to be able to take over school boards, make sure the parents have what they need. school board members have what they need. i have never seen such courage around the country. people going to the microphone with courage and conviction saying i'm going to make this my livelihoods to come out of this schools. i think we are going to be able to take back our country i really okay. lawrence: local level. conservatives have to get involved in order to make a, that. because it's there right county to county. school board to school board city council to city council.
5:43 am
russ, thanks so much for your support. >> thank you. lawrence: rachel, over to you. >> such as important topic. thank you, russ. check back in with the world champion speed climber sean duffy. sean, what have you got there? >> hey, rachel, lumberjack bowl as you for this. is the final day of lumberjack world championships. i will show you how to speed climb. ready? 1, 2, to. this is going to be a 60-foot speed climb. this is the bull riding of the rodeo, one of the most exciting sports you will see in lumberjacks. go to this red line in a second. they are slipping. and i watch the down. oh, they are taking it easy on you guys today. lawrence: a star is born. look at that. >> you you can see. in it's a race up and down the tree so it's kind of tan that going up but it's also who has the greatest backbone coming down race up and down the tree. pete: i heard they had to change the rules because of you.
5:44 am
rachel: true. pete: you fell down so fast with no fear they had to change them. >> they actually did, pete. you had to hit every 15 feet. i dropped 60. can't let that happen anymore. rachel: it was pretty sexy watching you back then, sean. see you back up on that tree. [laughter] pete: when they had to change the rules because of you dominant. rachel: all right, sean. good seeing you. check back in with you a little later. still ahead, after delays and threats from the taliban, the first group of afghan interpreters have arrived back here in the u.s. one man who served alongside them shares what their service means to our country. ♪ sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ qunol is the #1 cardiologist recommended form of coq10.
5:45 am
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5:48 am
operation allies refuge. they are just the first of some 20,000 afghans whose visa applications are waiting to be processed as the u.s. troop withdrawal nears completion and the taliban continues to tighten its grip on the country. our next guest served alongside those brave allies and been a strong al vo cat for them ever since. daniel elkins is the founder of the special operations association of america and he joins me now. daniel, thank you so much for being here for your service, you served alongside these men. these interpreters. translators, their families in afghanistan. 200 arrived, which is good. but are we doing enough and we are running against the clock here. >> well, thanks, pete, for having me on today and for your continued support of this vitally important issue. you know, i first got connected to the issue during my deployment to afghanistan in 2016 to 17. where works with interpreters daily to accomplish their
5:49 am
mission. it was during one of those missions where an interpreter i got to know named johnny unfortunately got shot in the head. and i remember we gave johnny life rendering aid and i watched as he was medevaced away and i always wondered what would happen. and then to my surprise months later he had recovered and he had returned to the base that we were working out of looking to go back to work to work alongside americans. and this level of commitment and dedication is something that stuck with me. pete: i have seen the same on the battlefield, no doubt. but we have got 200 here this special immigrant visa process can be a long one. are we getting them out fast enough and, you know, can we get to that 20,000 number or close to that quickly? >> yeah, absolutely. the 200 is just a drop in the bucket as have you said. and it's our concern that if we don't act with a swiftness, you
5:50 am
know, we are going to miss this mark. you know, let's not mince our words. the time is ticking. the proposed withdrawal timeline is september 11th. so we want the biden administration to keep the foot on the gas. that being said, we applaud the efforts of the biden administration. i think special thanks needs to be given to congressman mccaul, congressman waltz and congressman crow in the bipartisan effort that they have been working on this issue for a long time. but, more needs to be done. pete: you sure is talk about missing the mark. every missing of the mark is someone left behind who will be targeted immediately, him or her and their family by the taliban who is gaining ground. daniel elkins thank you for shining a light on this issue. hopefully we follow through and quickly. appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: you got it all right. up next, a father buys an ice cream truck to start a business with his kids who have special needs. their sweet story of success
5:51 am
coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ i can't let diabetes get in my way.very trip is a big deal. i've got way too much stuff to do. ♪♪ so here's what i do. i wear this dexcom g6. it continuously sends my glucose numbers to my phone, and this arrow shows me where i'm headed and how fast. check out my hygienist cleans with a round head. so does my oral-b my hygienist personalizes my cleaning. so does my oral-b oral-b delivers the wow of a professional clean feel every day.
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5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ lawrence: one ohio father finding a sweet solution to help his kids with special needs land a job. pete: back in april joel wagner brought ice cream truck to help his children that have down syndrome. after a few months the trio has sold 5,000 desserts. rachel: that inspiring dad of special heat treats. he joins us with 18-year-old son and daughter. thank you so much, joel for being with us.
5:55 am
you started this because you wanted to make sure that they had a job and learning financial skills. so much more has come from it tell us what has been the greatest thing that has happened from this adventure that you have put your family through? >> oh, it's just been overwhelming. just so many things positive that have resulted from this. and i think what really hit me the most was this last thursday i was out at a school. they were doing a summer school for special needs kids. there was a girl named mattie. she came up to the truck after we had served and she said thanks for making my day. we got in a conversation. she told me her disabilities and it just made her day. and i said hey, made, i want you to know god made you just like you are and he has something special in your life. and i drove away from that place tears in my eyes. i realize something, something
5:56 am
very important was happening with this simple ice cream truck that you see in the background that we're able to touch lives. my kids are able to learn some skills. but we're just bringing awareness to the awesomeness of each individual no matter what their ability or disability. lawrence: joel, incredible story. so passionate. i was wondering if you could ask josh what's the number one seller on the truck. >> number one seller you could possibly guess it sponge bob. >> we have fortunate. there are some ice cream -- i heard of that right away. i stocked up on sponge bob and so i have plenty of sponge bob. and i'm selling them evidence day people are looking for that perfect sponge bob. pete: perfect sponge bob. i love it, joel, if you would ask josh, what's it like to work with his dad in that truck? >> josh, what's it like to work
5:57 am
with me in the truck? he would probably say some days really good. pete: i would be pull out my notes too i do it all morning long. rachel: everyone is made in god's image. pete: we have to leave it right there. thank you, guys. ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> welcome to the fourth and
6:01 am
final hour on this saturday morning, were here in manhattan with her national numbers checking in, this is our very humble lumberjack competition. were in wisconsin pretty. >> we are going to do it, were going to bring wisconsin records manhattan edison lumberjack, lumberjack skills. >> today is rachel's day. she has john on the program. your kids on and is national avocado day. >> by the way i have this. [laughter] [laughter] >> i had guacamole. [laughter] >> but notice that i called you sir. >> joe biden did the same thing yesterday. a private taper you later on in the program.
6:02 am
the lawrence is great to have you pretty. >> that's right. >> absolutely, were glad you're here for this fourth hour and we have more you predict beautiful day here and hopefully where you are in your neck of the woods but is far as the cdc guidance, you might be confused regardless of what the weather is because one day it's a mask when it is not in one day is a vaccines could be mandatory or maybe they are not. are they allowed to do that or not, if you're confused, is because we are confused. there's a lot of confusing information on the right out with what the cdc may or may not do in the director did not help yesterday. a special report on her channel. she asked about whether or not there could be a nationwide vaccine mandate. here is her answer. >> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level. >> that is something that i
6:03 am
think the administration is looking into, something that we are looking to see approval after the vaccine and overall i think in general, i am all for lower vaccination but i have nothing further to say that except were looking into those policies and quite honestly of people are doing that locally, those are individual local decisions as well pretty. >> she said were looking into it then little bit later she thought about it and said, i change my mind and she tweeted out, to clarify there will be note nationwide mandate. i was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government, there will be no federal mandate even though she said portions of the federal government. it's all so confusing. >> it is confusing because they don't know. i thought we did a phenomenal job asking what does the data suggest which vaccine is more effective. every time you ask a question about this they keep signing,
6:04 am
the mask, she did not have any answers. there were still looking at studies and this is supposed to be the top of the chain the people are going to give the guidance. and you see ron desantis, you know what, for you with the cdc says, we will do what is best for texas and if you don't like it, just another state for sure. >> and in florida specifically what you're referring to the executive sort order signed by ron desantis, you won't be putting mask mandatory on kids schools greg abbott to say no lockdown shutdowns and things like they're taking it into their hands. and you said this earlier in six clock hour. i feels what we are saying is the public utterances are not with a really feeling feeling behind the scenes and if they could, they would mask everybody up and lock everybody down and mandate the vaccine. that is a control mindset of this modern democrat party and the science -based approach but they know that would be met with
6:05 am
such fierce resistance because were still loving people and if they haven't they try to find, is just confusing for everybody and they wanting about their lives. they have the information they can make the choice that the vaccine and so far, thankfully the vaccine to be very low cost against the delta variant and denser down hospitalizations are down and that is a great thing. it. >> a lot of people already have covid-19 and i think that we are getting close to herd immunity but you are right, about this up earlier and when you have kids and you catch them alive, their stories just don't add up previously get them from the cdc they're having one conversation behind closed doors and i don't know why they want to do that and then they come back into public and you're not supposed to tell us out but so now, they get their stories mixed up. maybe they're just testing the waters to see if we will react to it. what are they doing it. but either way, i think i just have to look at the pilings and
6:06 am
74 percent of americans say they will resist any mandates. we have been talking all day pete about kids and masking it and i think they told us last year that at the end of the school year, push through to four months of mask mandates in the fall your kids would have to be muzzled up. and i look we are. and the cdc makes this recommendation, there's a lot of local health departments that are going to follow through a lot of schools in regard to be afraid to not institute the mandates even though the parents don't want him. >> it just seems like were going backwards, according to the biden administration, we can move forward. it's interesting that they forget the words and a lot of those and speaker nancy pelosi, she said the federal government cannot require somebody to be vaccinated back in april prayed watch. >> i'm just saying, we cannot
6:07 am
require someone to be vaccinated. it's just not what we can do. it is a matter of privacy to know who is our who is in tonight king of the physicians take go give me the names of the people around vaccinated so i can let it be known to others to encourage others to get vaccinated. >> soap see with this new constitutional limit, what happens. >> nothing. their rationale will shift as necessary but the one thing standing the way is the constitution. if it all goes back to those tests pesky documents that we claim to frankly moments like this when autocrats and bureaucrats are happy. in the name of safety are in the name of public health, mornings to be done and it turns out that we are free people who can make choices rated. >> that is why they're skipping the legislative process now in
6:08 am
the and we have skip this but the companies now, are now mandating this and americans are saying okay, fine. you want to do that, i won't shop there. >> that abitibi. i walked over to disney world, i'm not going to disney world because i'm not going to go and have that experience a mask up outside read. >> new companies the believer mandating it for their employees, walmart is more than new ones and you see the list of the others that are doing this as well but you are right, i'm not going back into the restaurant that required masks. the only place in doing it is an air force visa can't teleport. there was a guy on a network yesterday and he said listen, the vaccinating people at 60 percent who have not gotten vaccinated are black employees. they can't work there anymore was a mean. so there are boxing themselves and, not just the pesky white
6:09 am
folks middle america that are not vaccinated. and because government has not been quite transparent and honest about the stuff rated. >> we were told that the virus was going to harm our kids in school in terms of the virus is not covid-19 rated it is critical race theory. in been exposed many ways through parents seeing what is going on in their classrooms and when state of minnesota my former home state has been part of this debate and just like every other city in the country, minnesota now this filing lawsuits not just in the classroom but it when a healthcare employee pushing back on the critical race theory diversity training that is happening in their company and they are saying, we are suing over this because it violates our values, as americans. >> an american doctor, on wednesday talking about why she is suing over critical race
6:10 am
theory. >> is a heavy heart that i'm bringing this forward. were speaking out in the first place. [inaudible]. racist ideology and essentialism taking of our nation it in the institutions. further seems to be a growing intolerance for ideas and it seems that this ideology is fostering that kind of intolerance. >> will good on her personally and by the way she was demoted for criticizing not wanting to go to this diversity training. i think there's this feeling especially among minorities who don't like this. it i just think that it is so that america was supposed me this united by our values and
6:11 am
our liberty as these diversity training and all of the other equity trainings and all this different youth has some said they use. all it is doing his dividing us. is having the opposite effect. it's not talking about racial harmony, is the opposite. >> is a progressive way of thinking. and i have all of us sitting here today, there's an effort to attempt to take what we have rightfully earned away from us. the argument has always been that just get out of her way and let us be. and now it saying, we need help now. we got here just fine. that is the difference between equality and equity, the whole meaning changes with one bowel party to. >> and it is deliberate. >> show them some backbone and minnesota. >> will we are turning out to your headlights, to identify this man as a suspect and road
6:12 am
rage shooting that left a teenager dead, 10000-dollar reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest and police say that he shot 17 -year-old david and had who was sitting inside of a truck with his father after master game this month. and more than one her people spend the night in cars after mudslide causes a colorado highway. crews are working for more than nine hours to carve out the debris in able to freeze more than two dozen people trapped inside of the tunnel and official say the slide was caused by heavy rains an area burned by wildfires and thankfully nobody was hurt. and pizza hut fans, you can now where, they can wear their love on their sleeves literally, all part of the limited edition casework with track suits. [laughter] on the t-shirts.
6:13 am
featuring designs inspired by pizza hut iconic checkered tablecloth's and tiffany style lamps. check out pizza hut shop .com for more information at and it is are you headlines. >> you too can look for it. >> you should put that on pete. >> a large we are going to do the segment earlier in the show but i insisted, my contract, we don't do pizza hut segment without pizza hut and is open until eight. >> thank you for asking for pepperoni because that is my favorite. >> you haven't had pizza hut since college. it. >> i am back pizza hut. >> oh this is good. yum. >> i'll be starting with these. all right, border crisis.
6:14 am
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6:17 am
rachel: welcome back to fox and friends, vice president here's avoiding another trip to the southern border and instead visiting asia despite the border crisis seeking critical levels. our next guest owns a ranch just 66 miles from the texas mexico border she faces a growing danger as migrants travel
6:18 am
through her property every single day. texas rangers joining us out to stephanie welcome to show them tell me, what it is like to have a ranch 66 miles from the border under this open border policy coming out of the biden administration. >> it is awful it is absolutely awful and it continues to get worse. we've actually seen it an increase in foot traffic through our property read in the illegals are becoming a little bit more brave. the ring picked up by the smugglers and those behind me on the county road. it's getting worse. rachel: i'm sure you speak to other who live there in the southern border and other ranchers, envy quote you guys are americans, you deserve to have that security. week our county had a town meeting when the land owners were invited here i county and
6:19 am
there was a very large turnout read as landowners, were very angry with his administration because they put us in the situation and they are doing absolutely nothing to help get us out of it read we are angry. see tip what would be your message to kamala harris and to the biden administration to our friends, what you want to see happen. guest: i want to see them close the borders, they have to stop letting everybody come over here. it is awful. rachel: are you worried about covid-19, there's been a lot of discussion this week about the delta variant and the increases in the rio grande valley to increases and in the virus, how concerned are you and your neighbors about that. guest: mainly crime i would say is what we are worried about. yes with covid-19, the
6:20 am
individuals coming across the border, they don't care. they're not tested, that is scary as well. rachel: only reach out about what was happening in the southern parts of the work, we feel for you and were happy to give you a chance our channel at least two let our leaders know when americans on the border feel like rated thank you for joining us 70 this morning. wishing you the best and lots of safety as well. guest: thank you. rachel: coming up, vaccinated or not, essential schools are testing students and faculty regardless of one moment to a child out of the district is next. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps
6:21 am
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>> back with quick headlines, bringing the human brain implant to the market from the company said its first offering the link which helps access without using their hands. this is raise more than $200 million. and fellow check billionaire jeff gives a boost to a tiny texas town. international as the launched slide the urgent rocket. the ceo of more than hundred 50000 acres and at least 2000 of locals were hired at the facilities for now the town now expects to face the tourism predict. [inaudible]. >> thank you lawrence, forget your vaccination sense family schools are planning to test the students and faculty anyway, school district is announcing all students and employees both vaccinated and unvaccinated
6:25 am
returning for in person instruction, to purchase made in baseline and ongoing weekly covid-19 testing. cynthia a los angeles printed 2 percent out in the public school district in a private and she joins me now to discuss this cynthia thank you so much for being here is as part of our business apply and part of the reason you made that move. guest: luckily, yes, my kids are no longer there. there are so unpredictable they change think so often. my kids won't be there. it. >> do you participate in those public schools, will be testing, mass, do you think what it will get to the point where the teachers could even say, we want remote learning again how far can the scope predict. guest: one of the things last year. [inaudible]. testing was week and even at some point, it got to where and
6:26 am
they can still do the test. [inaudible]. false positives, really concerned about how many kids are going have to be shut out of the schools because there are 500 false positives. we don't know right now. >> how younger the testing. guest: kindergarten. the testing all of the kids all the way down. >> what you are right, it is parochial schools, private schools, they can avoid a lot of this. you mentioned there's a different with what you been contracting with an experienced in public schools. can you explain that. guest: it's a start contract because our public schools are fighting to get her kids back into the schools, the fighting for normalcy. and that's just felt like that was the exact opposite of what i experienced in schools. they were stalling and try to
6:27 am
come up with excuses has to wipe it might not be safe. it's a stark contrast to what i just couldn't send might kids to do that again. >> you mentioned the skin and run schools. and she said she's been trying to keep the classroom open, here is what she said pretty. >> vaccination is the number one gold standard that we needed to bring back our masks for the schools pretty were going to keep kids safe and keep our member safe and were going to try to open up the schools and a group through this political battlefield. >> to the another going to try to open schools. and teachers have that now they're going to try pretty. guest: right. it's so unpredictable. and i just don't understand why are officials won't say that we will do whatever it needs of our
6:28 am
schools. that is not an option. i don't understand like how do we get to this point again we allowed them to possibly do in-home instruction again. it is not an option. >> you are so right in the point out that the cdc except we find out that the aft was in the room providing guidance with the cdc the whole thing seems like a fight to keep the kids out of the classrooms for reasons unknown. thank you so much. appreciate your time. all right speaking of california, governor gavin newsom warm and's recall hud's quizzes nationwide. larry elder having to take the governor's mansion, joins us live next rated .
6:29 am
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6:33 am
are sick and tired to see the state of california and putting the blame on governor gavin newsom. >> and the talkshow host larry elder has joined us. sue and morning and ho california, san francisco, la and went to graduate school in la jolla. it is the most beautiful place and i think that is what is so sad about it larry, this beautiful place is getting ruined by these policies. larry: that is exactly right and those by 2.2 million californians a position at least a quarter of the more independent and democrats who voted for the spent two years earlier. and for hit them to it as a the deal, and selling the 22.2 million people assigned position and the reason for it is the bravest shut down the state and a more severe way than any other than 49 governors and he violated the science and the french laundry restaurant with the very people drafted the
6:34 am
mandate while he was violating the bandits might not wearing masks. by not social distancing and had his own kids enjoying in person private education but while doing right for the california's school students. 75 percent black boys cannot read at state level and those levels are particularly high, nearly h thirds of black parents notice in the kids back to los angeles will district among at the things they have 300,000 school public teachers in california estimated that at least 5 percent of them up bad teachers in a given year 2.2 out of the 300,000 are fired. imagine if he did that in the city, 2000 cops and imagine if . finding evidence and engaging racial profiling. we would not put up with it printed we do with teachers and there is a crime, homelessness, and an outrage of cost-of-living causing middle-class to leave the state in search of that first house. it's just outrageous that's why
6:35 am
this guy has cutting out predict. >> well said it larry spread have you in the price. one guy who doesn't like having in the races governor gavin newsom pretty recently caught in talking about the consequent as of this and here is what he said a paredes and if this was a successful recall, think it would have profound consequences nationwide and go not just to td policy making, larry as he righ. sue and this one thinks that he's help right right about. i'm asking people to go to larry elder .com, he can raise and send an amazing amount of money 1.8 million in one of the major unions .5 million into it. i've 9.7 million and you can go beyond that by going to larry elder recall newsom committee at the top individual confirmation is 32400 and i am limited, he is not. it's estimated that is going to
6:36 am
spend at least $50 million to defeat me and i still think he will go down. >> what is a game plan because i just came from california. i asked the folks about changing and their obviously upset with the leaders that when i asked them about to the republicans and they weren't too thrilled so what is the message. larry: well lawrence my dad came here in 1945 he worked two full-time jobs in the janitors able to buy a home and south-central los angeles the cost $600,000 now and i did not duplicate might eighth grade dad poverty rated that's because of the outrageous cost of living given by the environmental freedoms have a stranglehold over sacramento. i'm fortunate enough to become governor point is my family law california environmental act that was suspended for billionaire to build the sacramento stadium but they don't want to do that from building for the contractors because of the supply middle
6:37 am
class homes in the start of the many things i will do when i get up there. i'm going up there to take names and change california for the better. i've been here all my life in the in every major market when i'm in radio up and down the market, been writing about the issues of crime and homelessness in the unfair mandate lockout four years predict and i think the voters know me and want to to know me better, the going to - they will call me white supremacist in one of the talkig points it that governor gavin newsom's camp said, weitzen promised, i may be a lot of things on the white supremacist. >> will that is kind of impossible. [laughter] and i just want to see larry elder running, that's all i want for christmas. it's going to have a candidate like you. >> elect elder .com. thank you guys. rachel: remember when joe biden
6:38 am
said you would be it social setting turn out to be right. [laughter] do you remember that. [laughter] sorry it triggered me pretty. >> turning out to a few additional headlines as well, president of biden cuba with more sanctions to protect his people from the country's communist regime in hosting cuban-american leaders, very socially distance, sanctions targeting the island nation's police force in several of its top officials from censoring protests. more sanctions are affected in the white house way behind the curve there. governor ron desantis signed an executive order protecting parents right to choose whether the candidates were a mask in school. >> why would you have government force unmasked her kids when many of these kids are already immune to prior infections of the virtually zero risk of
6:39 am
significant illness. >> amen, i say amen. let the parents choose. the order was issued at the school board passing a mask mandate this week. not anymore. and in ohio father of ten, finding it sweet solution to help his kids with special needs land a job. by the ice cream truck and these children and we told us earlier that the project leads by example. it. >> we were able to test lives, kids were able to learn the skills and we are just bringing awareness to the settlement to each individual no matter what their abilities predict. >> is a great statement in the trio is sold they named the truck special-needs treats those are good headlines. >> bring them over here printed on a great dad. making triscuits have jobs and learning skills and teaching the
6:40 am
world about special-needs. >> let's check in with our meteorologist. >> this beautiful forecast out here, it is been beautiful all morning, that is has been the case across the entire country though. let's dive into the temperatures and is going be one of the big story today. seventys and 80s already firing up in the middle of the country we have heat watches and warnings across the deep south and how hot does that mean it's going to be, well it feels like temperatures, fairly widespread pretty 110 degrees for a whole lot of folks and that continues into sunday. so those are headlines here on this saturday morning and no back into you and climb back down into this bush. [laughter] >> you may have a friend. [laughter] [laughter] >> i have nothing to add to that.
6:41 am
[laughter] >> work on capitol hill. now going back home to fight for faith and freedom in his hometown we will meet him next. and lumberjack championship, we are having our own lumberjack competition) fox. who will take home the trophy, coming up. you better get ready brother one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ all the time in the world.
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was that your great-grandmother,
6:44 am
keeping the family together? was that your grandfather, paving the way for change. did they brave mother nature... and walk away stronger? did they face the unknown, with resolve...and triumph. ♪♪ there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry. >> welcome back, all politics are local. our next guest especially noses dylan joins the first generation, raised by single mother made it only through capitol hill rated freshman congressman florida congressman donald and la continues to fight for freedom and law enforcement by making his own run to city
6:45 am
commissioner. in albany georgia. that is his hometown and jaelyn george, so proud of you that you're making this run. what did you decide to step up to the plate and run for the oval office. >> yes and i have had my life, i had a praying grandmother, my great-grandmother is 80 years old and lived in my ward and i want to hear about the crime in my hometown, have about a lot printed it but i cannot let allow my city to fall apart that way. i see firsthand on the federal level and possible heart it over things that they can't control. the local politics is everything. this is what we can make a direct impact and i can help fight for my community help save my family sprayed after brothers in the praying grandmother at home and i would hate for anything having to them them's ongoing step up to the plate. >> that's a powerful message. this tough that's where everything happens on the ground. what happens when you get elected pretty. >> the first up when i'm elected up i went make sure the albany
6:46 am
police department is fully staffed an independent commission came into the city of alvin and in a study to show that we only had 52 patrol officers on the streets. this supposed to have 135 patrol officers on the street i've several in the albany police department extremely understaffed and i went on the night shift with mychool with ad he was answering calls at work from the morning shift in these were legit calls of service of people placed to the albany police department for help and the officer did not arrive to the door until four - five hours later and that is ridiculous. that is a precious and defund the police, is not an idea amongst black americans especially when your police department is majority black, the albany police, that is the case for them rated majority black and the only people fitting this narrative are liberal leaders to live in their communities in the suburbs you don't have to call the police. that's my first course of action it when i'm elected to the albany city police pretty. >> and bringing liberty. how are you going bring civil liberties make sure that the
6:47 am
people with power. >> i will make sure that we do that by restoring personal responsibility. i was young man 15 - 16 years old running around city of albany about now you have them running around committing murders and gangs. we need to allow them the opportunity to grow and learn and play safely in their communities. that's how you restore that liberty you give them since i know but the start with taking responsibility for your own actions and telling them they can do whatever they want to be because it is all about what you want to do. lots of a going to make sure we restore that responsibility among the youth the city of albany. >> a man that made it and came back to fight for his community. good luck, so proud of you and i'll be following your campaign. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> up next, new ground ultimate lumberjack right here on fox square, a yellow ready.
6:48 am
i felt awful because of my psoriasis. i was covered from head to toe with it. it really hurt. then i started cosentyx. that was four years ago. how are you? see me. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections - some serious- and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. i look and feel better. ask your dermatologist if cosentyx could help you move past the pain of psoriasis. priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals.
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delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... ♪ that is freaky. (applause)
6:50 am
kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally
6:51 am
boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at >> welcome back, the world championship, currently underway in wisconsin. we have been following at the progress with the duffy family all morning long. rachel: a week wanted to bring the lumberjack in here to fox square in manhattan for fox and friends his style competition. >> how you doing. >> today is a big competition, the i am an amazing so here, actually battery-operated power
6:52 am
by gas. so here's what were going to do pretty you guys going get 20 seconds each to cut cookies rated who are the two cookie scores are come over here printed and final to take on the trophy. you guys ready to is going first. >> and we need do i do predict. >> okay so go down once. >> are you ready. okay go. >> go go go, safety. here we go. [inaudible]. >> rachel, go go go. come on pretty you have 20 seconds. come on rachel go.
6:53 am
[inaudible]. she has four, she has five, five. >> think about that, five cookies. >> not so good. not so good. [laughter] so listen. >> she was how this is done. >> it is a world champion hot sawyer, ben pretty. >> it is a 300 cc dirt bike engine. approximately four and half - five seconds. >> plug your ears, this is really loud.
6:54 am
[inaudible]. >> that is how it is done. rachel: all right. [inaudible]. >> two - three - four, where is your timer - five. six, where is the timer. >> time is up, he still going. >> are you ready. okay go. [inaudible]. >> rachel, go go go. [laughter] go go go.
6:55 am
[inaudible]. >> that is good. [laughter] rachel: me to. >> cookies. [laughter] >> to, three, four, keep going. go go go. [inaudible]. seven, eight, nine. all right. were going to head back to wisconsin. what did you think about this competition and how did we do. suet she had to get remedial chainsaw lessons, that was not
6:56 am
very good. you guys need to go down one and they come up on the underside of the law, it is faster that way okay. safety first, right pete. >> so who is doing the show down. >> go ahead shaun. >> what was that. >> i think we realize that we need remedial training and it's unclear who is one which is classic free to stick around. lawrence one. more fox and friends, in just a moment. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon,
6:57 am
up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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7:00 am
>> i lost. rachel: everyone, lumberjack world championship. bye, everybody. peter: 15 seconds, who do you want to thank for making this possible? lawrence: i don't know. rachel: sean. peter: have a great saturday, everybody. >> the head of the cdc doing cleanup of suggesting to bret baier a national mandate could be coming and now she says that's not the case but two major employers, wal-mart, disney making of those on the job get the jab. is that giving more companies the greenlight to do the same. republican monkey mace wants speaker pelosi to see her face. >> i'm going to wear it in the chamber but not anywhere else. charles: the congresswoman is here and restrictions mounting.


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