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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so you've got the covid vaccine because they told you to get it or they forced you to get it because as joe biden himself explained, it was your patriotic duty to get it. protect yourself and protect others, good people do that. and the only way we can stop the spread of this virus and returnd to normal life is by taking the vaccine. if you get the shot, you can have hot dogs on the fourth of july. nobody told you that? so you got the shot and now, surprise, surprise, they are demanding that even after you
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got the shot you wear a mask again even when you are outside. what's going on here? why are they saying this? there's got to be some reason for it. we've been wondering all week so we asked the cdc to explain the reasoning behind it. they couldn't tell us. today, they did. what an explanation. it turns out the covid vaccine, those wonder drugs that wereeh absolutely perfect, more impressive than the moon landing, the drugs you were not allowed to question in any way, i don't actually work in the way they told us they did. t the science is more complicated than we thought. there's still an awful lot we don't know. these are after all experimental drugs and they are behaving like it. the bottom line is a huge number of vaccinated people are getting covid. some of them are getting very sick and even dying. that is true around the world,
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iceland, gibraltar, israel. in small countries with high vaccination rates are seeing big spikes in covid cases and it'she every bit as true in the united states. according to the cdc today, t fully three quarters of the people infected in a recent outbreak, for example in massachusetts, had already been vaccinated. the cdc announced that vaccinated people can carry the virus with them and they can easily spread the virus to others. as the cdc the cdc conceded, "breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as on vaccinated cases." okay, so now we learned that virtually everything they told us about the covid vaccine was wrong and we were right to keep asking questions. keep in mind that if you had written any of what we just said on facebook yesterday, you would've been censored immediately for misinformation if not for a hate crime, and yet now that is the official finding of the u.s. surprised? you shouldn't be surprised because science can change like that, it changes quickly. it is never really settled despite what they tell you. if the biden administration had just admitted that from the very beginning we would be a lot better off right now.sp most americans understand that medicine is complicated.
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even great medicines,ad chemotherapy for example, don't always work. and you don't know when they are not going to work because there is a lot that you don't know. most people can live with that honest uncertainty. they can handle the truth. what they can't handle is being lied to relentlessly buy their leaders and shamed if they asked questions and that is exactly what's been happening. you remember a few weeks ago, july 8th, tony fauci was asked directly by a reporter whether this vaccine would work against the new indian variant, the delta variant. the honest answer would have been, we are not sure, or, we hope it does. but fauci is a liar, that is not what he said. as usual, fauci pretends to know what he does not know and could not know. the answer, fauci replied, is l yes, it does. fauci said that on the record and he said it more than once. they all said that again and again and again every day. and they shout it at you if you ask follow-up question. you would think with the new cdn
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announcement today they would be apologizing. at the very least they would explain how they got it so completely wrong but they are not doing that, not even close because that would require humility. it would force them to relinquish some of the immense power they have gathered themselves over the last 18 months and there is no chance of that. what they are doing instead is blaming you for the whole thing. they are punishing the country for the disaster that they made. it's your fault. here's the white house today announcing that a new round of crush and lockdowns could be on the way. >> if scientists come to you at some point down the line and say it is our opinion that there should be shut down school closures, you would do that. >> we listen to the cdc and the experts and their guidance. b the cdc is a body that is very well respected and we follow their guidance. >> tucker: uh-huh. joe biden leaving by helicopters at the same thing, new lockdowns
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could be coming. you heard, the cdc is a body that is well respected, as if repeating it again and again makes it true. the question is, respected by whom? many times do you have to get it completely wrong before people stop respecting you are believing you. is there any limit on that? and while we are at it, why are lockdowns the response to a failing vaccine? who thought that up and what is the justification for? doesn't seem to be much. look at the u.k., they have vaccination rates similar to ours in the u.s.p in britain, big spikes of the so-called delta variant but the british government did not reinstitute lockdowns. they did not force a mask mandate, so what happened next?i covid cases and deaths in the u.k. plummeted. the question is why does the united states need more lockdowns? why the forest masking? masks are of limited medical value as the authorities once
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told us. they clearly hurt kids, they obviously damaged society. you can't breathe when you wear one. the biden administration is now requiring masks. here's the surgeon general demanding that vaccinated people wear masks outside. >> if you have interaction with folks who are on vaccinated. let's say you are a parent like me who has young children at home who are not vaccinated, that is a circumstance where we are being extra cautious and even if you are fully vaccinated, wearing that mask outside or in an indoor publicic location is an extra step for protecting those at home. >> tucker: we are not evenen going to repeat for you for the third night in a row the actual data on the question of covid and young people. are your small children at risk of dying from covid? no, not unless they have a profoundly dangerous pre-existing condition like leukemia, in which case, beware. otherwise, they will be fine.
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that is what the numbers say. and yet there is the surgeon general, whatever that is, telling you to wear a mask outside with your kids. this is crazy, let's just say it out loud. even the people enforcing the rules demanding you change your life and that you put your entire life on hold don't actually believe the rules they are imposing on you.ti look at this video of nancy pelosi from today. keep in mind she calls for the rest of people who don't wear masks on the capitol grounds anr yet, there she was just moments ago. check this out. >> can she take off her mask? >> yes, ma'am. thank you. >> we have both.ff >> tucker: oh, so when masks are inconvenient for you, you get to take them off like when you are flying a private plane to washington or when you want to picture that shows your face. but anyone else who takes it off gets arrested. right.t. and they are going, they arees
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doubling down and tripling down here tonight congressional democrats have called for a vaccine mandate in congress. everyone in the building, members and staffers would be required to get a shot that the cdc told us today doesn't work very well and by the way, whose long-term effects cannot be known. but they are telling you they must get it, you must get it, your kids must get it in order to return to school. the question is really, how long are americans going to put up with this? what happens when large groups of people start to resist these mandates, as inevitably they will because they are too unreasonable, they are to on r rational. they are pushing westward something awful. maybe that is the point of threatening to arrest people who aren't wearing masks at the capital. once they've done that, what will they do next call out the national guard? that would be fine with the media apparently. journalists are doing everything they can to convince you that
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emergency members are absolutely necessary and everyone who doesn't obey is a threat to the country. civil rights should be suspended in the case of covid. they are lying to make that point. r nbc affiliate kshb posted this report that scared the crap out of people. children's mercy hospital -- not only because of youths who aren't eligible to be vaccinated but also ending mask policies. wow, really? when you don't make 3-year-olds get the vaccine or hospitals fill up and millions died. the icus are flooded against all because children and people who won't wear their mask because they believe in qanon or they are racist. that is what they are telling you and not just in kansas city, everywhere. is it true? in this case it is true. no idea what the local news media were talking about. "we continue to meet the needs of our patients requiring hospitalization," the hospital
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wrote in a statement. mainly due to respiratory illnesses. illnesses that are not related to covid. in other words, now come in kansas city the hospitals were not flooded with qanon believers who refuse to wear their masks. they lied about that, so why would they be lying about that? what is all of this about? we discovered they had been telling us something that is not true according to the cdc. they redoubled their efforts to make you believe what all of us know is false. listen to what vaccine expert said recently. this is what she said to "the washington post." "we really need to shift to preventing serious disease and medical consequences and not worry about every virus detected in somebody's nose. it's hard to do but i think we have to be comfortable with coronavirus not going away." we have to be comfortable with coronavirus not going away. what does that mean exactly? alex has been writing about this
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since the day it arrived on our shores. he writes now for sub stack which cannot be censored, that is what he writes there. thank you so much for coming on tonight. if anyone has been vindicated, it's you. are you in my view are a completely mainstream person spending your life in the mainstream media and you have been vilified as an anti-vaxxer or a villain. how do you understand and respond to what the cdc told us today about that subject? >> we have so much to discuss, tucker, but the elephant in the room, twitter where i have several hundred thousand followers has banned me againav from posting so i cannot post for at least the next week. it is very clear that i'm goings to get dumped by the platform, that i'm going to lose my voice they are because i'm not going to stop posting the truth. the thing they have banned me for tonight, tucker, is that
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yesterday night i posted about pfizer's own clinical trialy results for the vaccine for the covid vaccine showing that more people had died in the placebo arm, over all, not from covid, van in the vaccine arm and basically this meant that the vaccine does not appear at least in this trial based on these results to reduce all causes of mortality. apparently, you are not allowed to say that. you are not allowed to quote pfizer's own clinical trial results because it is misinformation. nobody ever said i fabricated anything. nobody is even saying in general i am very, very careful, once in a while human beings make mistakes but i correct them very quickly, nobody said anything like that yet twitter is not going to let me post so yes, sub stack is the place to go if you want to hear from me. i don't care whether the people who sign up sign a paid or free, i just need to be able to reach people. so going back to today, it's a very clear that these vaccines are not a magic bullet.
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and we know from the data in the u.k. and in israel that more people who are vaccinated are dying than not, and even if you adjust for age and you adjust for the fact that people who are vaccinated are sick or in general and older, you don't ge. numbers of preventing infection and serious infection that or anything like what was promised. so that is one issue. a second issue is this issue that because the vaccines are leaky, that is what they are known as, they are not sterilizing vaccines, they don't protect you 100%, there are going to be a lot of people out there who are carriers and in some cases it appears thoseueow people have very high viral loads and don't know it. they can pass the vaccine on both to other people who are vaccinated and people who are not. ironically there is this notion that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated when the reality is actually the reverse and this is some of the cdc guidance.
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then we can pull back even further and say this, right now we know the deaths in thers united states are much, much lower than they were a year ago and certainly several months ago. the vaccine may have something to do with that. much more to do with seasonality and frankly, to do with herd immunity.nt another giant issue here. we are not telling people who have gotten covid and recoveredt that they are probably safe and probably safer than people who didn't get covid and got vaccinated. that is what the evidence looks like right now. i want say that is definitive but certainly it is stacking up that way. there are so many things that don't make sense about what we are doing right now and frankly, i don't understand it, either. i don't understand the push to vaccinate kids who are not high risk, why we are not telling people honestly if you've had covid that you don't probably need to be vaccinated and i don't understand why people like me can't talk about these things without getting censored.
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>> tucker: this is one of the craziest things i've ever seen and i'm afraid the backlash against it will include a total abandonment of belief in any scientific authority whatsoever. these people are devaluing their own currency at a faster rate than i've ever seen. i want to believe the cdc and anthony fauci. you don't want to live in ay country where there is no medical authority. don't you think we are moving towards that quickly? >> listen, i had my daughter vaccinated this week, okay? she went in for her well-child visit, she got her vaccine and in the past i never would've thought anything about that andd now i know, like, they've lied about covid so much, about the effectiveness of this vaccine so much, i have questions. it didn't stop me from getting her vaccinated but yes, you're right, we are all questioning authority as we never have before but how can we not?
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>> tucker: that's right. because they are lying. they are absolutely lying and we know that. alex berenson, godspeed. >> you tell them the truth. >> tucker: thank you. the southern border is open. and hard to believe that it is true but it is true, look at it, we did. in a brand-new episode from our documentary series we took an in-depth look at what is going on friday at the border in south texas. people who live there are afraid, really afraid and there is a reason for that. here's a clip from the episode. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: arthur invited our team to a cook out with friends and family. while we were there, though border patrol stopped and eastbound train carrying illegat migrants right next to their property. >> it sounds like the helicopters are coming. >> tucker: a police helicopter appeared overhead. the children fled the cookout and sought shelter inside the house. the man headed for the perimeter of the property with guns. >> what's happening right now? >> they caught some illegals on the train.
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>> be sure to take the ar with you. >> we've got kids hanging around the pool and we are really worried about their well-being. >> tucker: heads for a weapon. >> i've got a pistol right here, just in case. >> tucker: sometimes ten times a day the arthurs ride the fence line along their property to see who is hiding in the brush. >> you want to die?r: i don't. >> tucker: that episode is called "the illegal invasion" because it is an invasion. it is on fox now, you can stream it whenever you like. it was a little over a year ago that minneapolis was the epicenter of a revolution that completely change the country. it was supposed to make it better. whatever happened to minneapolis? tonight, we are going to tell you. and the event that crystallized
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what happened in minneapolis is a shocking execution that took place in broad daylight. horrifying. we will take you on a special edition of "inside the issues" on "tucker carlson tonight." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: our leaders have never been safer or more secure. the federal areas of
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washington, d.c., look like the green zone in baghdad. nothing bad happens there. the capitol police have a bigger budget than the police department in detroit or but just outside this wonderland where lawmakers live, ten cities are popping up everywhere in d.c. and across the country. those cities are full of drugs, weapons and human waste. they are ignored but not by our kevin corke. he's got a story on it. >> this is frankly shocking reality at the nation's capital. homeless encampments as you point out, once relegated to quadrant of the city now encroaching on one's well healed neighborhoods in either thequ local or national governments seem compelled to ask. homeless encampments in the shadow of the venerable watergate which for now will stay according to authorities despite furious local complaints about drugs, harassment, human
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excrement and even weapons. similar camps have strung up right at the heart of dupont circle and despite repeated pleas for public safety concerns, the u.s. park police for an hour refusing to dismantle those camps. this is, by the way, a city that is a burgeoning violence problem spiking over the past year but murders surging in the cities and shootings happening outside of nationals park and 14th street, which is a very popular restaurant neighborhood in washington. the most disheartening part of what's happening here is it doesn't appear to be any sort ot righteous indignation or vocal criticism of the city'sng leadership that you would certainly expect. as this once proud city continues to suffer. tucker. >> tucker: kevin corke, thank you for noticing that. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> tucker: it's not just washington, d.c. across the country cities are in trouble but particularly in the
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state of minnesota. minnesota for many years was so tranquil that people laughed about it, all those nice scandinavians. they actually mocked minnesotans for being too nice. not anymore. just southwest of minneapolis, a woman was beheaded on video in broad daylight. >> shakopee police were called to the intersection. a search warrant believed when they arrived, they found her to decapitated body lying on the ground next to her car. a suspect is in custody. the suspect was in a long-term relationship where domestic abuse was a long-term problem.ex court records reveal that the subject was convicted on charges in 2017 and was facing arson charges allegedly for trying to burn down his apartment. on the most recent charges he was released on $50,000 bond this spring. >> tucker: kendall qualls is a former congressional candidate from minnesota, a republican. he's been thinking about why minnesota has become a lot more dangerous than it used to be. thanks so much for coming on. what happened to minnesota?
10:26 pm
remember when they would say minnesota nice and people would make fun of your estate because nothing interesting ever happened they didn't have a lot of beheadings, what change? >> absolutely, tucker. we have made minnesota our adopted home state because we liked it so much, we moved here years ago and it changed drastically. there is one answer to the sand one answer only it is really weak and poor leadership. we are a much better country and community than the leaders tha w serve us. >> tucker: well, that's for sure but particularly in minnesota. everything about the state in my opinion, it is beautiful, tons of nice people, it's clean, it works, and all of a sudden, the people who run the state particularly around minneapolis decided we are going to stop enforcing the law, so should we really be surprised that this kind of stuff happened? >> it goes back to leadership. you have a defined the policeur type of mantra going on with the radical politicians, their
10:27 pm
budgets are actually smaller than they used to be the previous year, crimes have gone up, they ignore that, one of the jobs of elected officials, the number one job is to ensure the safety of their citizens. and you don't get to choose which one of your job descriptions you are going to implement. in my experience and for the military, it's a dereliction of duty by not doing that number one job. this is what's happening, the criminals don't necessarily play about the same rules that we do. and unfortunately the police officers, they've been vilified. the morale is low, recruitment is down, the numbers are down and retention is down, so we are left as a very vulnerable community and the people in our community, women, children, the elderly, these people that are the most vulnerable are then,
10:28 pm
biggest victims of what we see today. >> tucker: almost 200 people murdered in minneapolis this year in the last year, the highest ever, i think. that happened because members of the minneapolis city council said we don't need police, police are bad, let's defund the why don't the families of those murder victims sue the crap out of them for doing this? >> there is an uprising around this and it's one of the things we are doing with take charge. i started a nonprofit at the beginning of the year to help take our country and our community back. it's really take charge of our families, our life, our communities. we don't need permission from federal government, from state government to take charge of our communities and really get back to the basics. the basics of what made this country great, the basics of what made this people great it's really a bad faith, and a pursuit of a better education. >> tucker: and self-defense.
10:29 pm
kendall qualls, appreciate you coming on tonight. thanks so much. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: we've been telling you about censorship for aboutre five years now but it has we had no effect on it, unfortunately. now if you express political views that silicon valley doesn't like, you lose yourr bank. one online payments provider has made that official. we will tell you the details next. ♪ ♪ next. ♪ ♪
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it's time for my monthly book club! it's an opportunity for us girls to connect and remind each other who's on mute. and this is how we have to meet. because when we spend time indoors with people, we can still spread covid faster than nancy's gossip. that's why i'm still masking wherever i go. because until i'm vaccinated, a mask helps slow the spread. which means the sooner i can get back to a friend's house to judge their interior design. we can't hear you, dolores!
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>> tucker: welcome back to a live "inside the issues" "tucker carlson tonight." paypal is one of the biggest online payment providers in the world. if you want to do business online and increasingly most of us do most of our business online, going to use paypal but maybe not anymore appear paypal has announced a partnership with the anti-defamation league which is an arm of the democratic party to come through financial transactions and find what they are calling extremists. what is an extremist? to be totally clear it is an independent group but an arm of the democratic party who acts on behalf of the bi administration, this show is extremist and so are a lot of people who are not only mainstream but moderate but oppose the agenda of the democratic party.
10:36 pm
so there is that. at the same time, facebook, twitter, microsoft, youtube and a lot of big tech companies are working on a shared database of extremists. white supremacists and far right militias. nobody is for white supremacists and far right militias. the question is, what is a white supremacist and a far right militia? they get to decide and that means they are shutting everyone down who criticizes the biden administration. jesse kelly understands this, he's the host of "the jesse kelly show." thank you so much for coming on. maybe when people like you started complaining about online censorship years ago and were written off as some kind of paranoid wacko, the republican party should've paid attention and gotten a handle on the tech sector before they basically turn this into an unfree country. i will let you take it from here.
10:37 pm
>> if we are going to sit around and wait for a republican party to actually grow a spine and get ahead of an issue that we are going to be waiting until we are older than joe biden is now. these people have never gotten ahead of anything. the republican party will arrive at the correct position on an issue at a moment when it comes too late to do any good. that is what they do. >> tucker: so nicely but i can't really add to it. the tragedy of the adl is here you have a group with i think a noble history, addressing an actual problem that has morphed into just the enforcement arm of the democratic national committee. the people haven't readjusted in their minds what it is, so they have this unearned moral authority which they use as a cudgel on behalf of the democratic party. why does nobody say that? >> because people can't catch up, tucker. these communists are moving so fast, normal people can't catch up. you are all over it, i'm all over about people can't wrap their minds around what's actually happened. the commies are moving through every single institution to silence you, to silence normal people. you mentioned what an extremist is, to the communists who run facebook and adl and paypal, if you believe god created the earth you are an extremist, if
10:38 pm
you believe in guns, you're an extremist. if you believe women's sports should be occupied by people who need a jockstrap you are an extremist. these people think any sane, rational thought is extreme now. >> tucker: if you think that actually men can't have babies then you can't do online financial transactions? >> that is the thing, tucker, they're never going to stop. i want people to understand that his craziest things are now, they don't think they're getting crazy at paypal and facebook and what not. they think they haven't gone nearly far enough. they're not looking around too far in saying, we've taken this too far. they are saying why haven't we done more to shut these people up. tucker, you were spied on by the nsa. that should be the biggest story in the united states of america. they dropped it like a hot potato in 12 hours in the president of the united states isn't going to do anything about it. he has the brain function of major biden and the people
10:39 pm
around him are all communists too. >> tucker: if they can prevent you from speaking, prevent you from working at a job, prevent you from buying or selling things online, at that point how are we free? >> we are not free, we are already not free. let's be honest, how many things can you go on tv or social media more specifically right now and say that will get you ostracized from society? basic truths right now, they don't need laws, that is how this got so dangerous. all this needed was corporate america. the most dangerous thing that ever took over besides the education system. as soon as they got corporate america they will shut down your bank account, social media, they will shut you down in general. they didn't throw you in prison yet but they're just going to wait until the cameras are off. >> tucker: the trick is to live like you are free, i guess. stay cheerful. remember, the promise is a free country and let's try to make
10:40 pm
good on that. jesse kelly, stay cheerful. great to see you tonight, thank you so much. so for more than a hundred years the aclu, which is not always popular by the way, among conservatives, defendant civil rights. civil liberties and the civil liberties union, that is what they did. now they've decided that the second amendment is racist and therefore must be eliminated. the civil liberties organization working to strip you of your civil liberty. details ahead on this "inside the issues" special. ♪ ♪
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this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery.
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you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: one of the most bewildering things that happened in the past few years is watching nonprofit organizations completely betray their core mission. education organization setting out to hurt children. environmental organizations promoting crowding and illegal immigration, which hurts the environment. and of course the watchdog fact-checkers online who about lying. but maybe no turnaround has been more bewildering than what has
10:46 pm
happened to the american civil liberties union, an organization founded to defend civil liberties has now decided to attack civil liberties and strip you of your rights. the aclu in its most latest announcement tells us the second amendment, one of yourgh civil liberties, is racist. "racism is foundational to the second amendment and its inclusion in the bill of rights." is that true? we are going to be literal for a second amendment, colion noir, he advocates for the second amendment for a living. i we are happy to have him on tonight for both of us know exactly what is going on, this is a power grab by the people ir charge but let's just take this literally for amendment just for fun because we are literal people. as the second amendment racist? >> no, the second amendment is not racist. if you want to make the argument
10:47 pm
you could say that gun control is racist and there are concrete facts that show that gun control has a history rooted in racism but the second amendment itself is a racist. for christ's sake, we are talking about a country that got independence by a group of people taking up their own arms to fight a tyrannical government and as a result of that writing the second amendment self we could continue to protect that country so the idea that the second amendment is racist is nothing but a red herring because if you can color the second amendment and make it seem like it is racist than anybody defending the second amendment is inherently defending racism. >> tucker: that's exactly if i remember, i am not an american history expert or anything but i thought men from a bunch of northern states took their own guns south to end slavery by force. they used the second amendment to liberate enslaved africans. it's just deeply --
10:48 pm
>> honestly, the book that the aclu is basing this off of is based on an author who is legitimately antigun. she said in a conversation with the aclu where she said she doesn't believe the citizens should have semiautomatic guns, which is you and i both no, that is nearly every gun in the country. that should tell you everything about what this is designed to do. all this is is masking and anti-gun agenda under the cloak of racism and they know exactly what they are doing and i just hope that people aren't continuing to fall for this because they've been doing it for a long time now. personally, i think it is kind of disgusting try to utilize the racial past in this country to get the very people who probably need a gun the most away from the second amendment. i just don't understand that and i don't get it and the fact that i'm really on here talking to you is one of the most prominent two-way defenders in the country as a young black man is also kind of bewildering to me, considering. >> tucker: i think you're absolutely right and we both know they do it because it works and it's kryptonite for a lot of weak people, unfortunately.
10:49 pm
i appreciate your standing up for a foundational writer that all of us are born with some of the second amendment. l colion noir, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: hunter biden, up and adam, gets up every morning and paint paintings, selling them to anonymous buyers and they are so good he is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars per purity is no training, never done it before. could you do that? some people are asking that question and hunter biden has a response for them. it's profane but we are going to air it anyway because it's that kind of show. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: let's say you've never painted anything before. you've never picked up a paintbrush and then one day in midlife, over 50, in fact, he picked up a paintbrush and he started sloshing around on a piece of canvas and immediately, your paintings sold for up to half a million dollars apiece. you'd have to be amazing to do that. in fact, you would literally have to be hunter biden to do that, and he is doing that. the white house is not telling us who's buying those paintings. for weeks a lot of people including people on this show have asked questions about that arrangement. it seems a little bit, what's the word, corrupt. today hunter biden issued his official response to any one of
10:56 pm
those questions about it. >> you seem to have good spirits around this crazed narrative around your painting.ab what's your response to the people who are coming after the prices of the work or just, you know, the collectors. what has been your response to that? >> other than [bleep] them? [laughter] i never said my art was going to cost what it is going to cost or what it would be priced at. i would be amazed if my art had sold for $10. >> tucker: what is hunter biden supposed to say? he got paid millions of dollars by simon & schuster for a book that didn't sell.isis it's good to be hunter biden, it's kind of not his fault, he's just taking advantage of the situation that fell in his lap. imagine being the guy interviewing him, imagine being the executive at simon & schuster paying off the president's son. those are the people who shouldd
10:57 pm
be ashamed. questions about that are crazed? it was the guy who said that. judge boswell's the senior news reporter for the good to see you. so, f them, huh? [laughs] >> it's a pretty amazing response considering that there are people that are making money off of these paintings and ethically unsound perhaps. two of those people are former white house ethics chiefs. george bush's ethics chief who is a painter. he was actually interviewed onhi fox about this and obama's ethics chief. that is the guy who was serving one hunter biden's father joe biden was vp under obama. both of them have expressed serious concerns about this and you know why? because it is going to be pretty obvious to hunter biden and then maybe to joe biden as well who bought these paintings even though the white house had said it's going to be completely blind, they are not going to know who bought them and for how much until of course he gets the check in the post.he
10:58 pm
>> tucker: can i just also say and i know you are not an art critic but there is an angle here, the issue in the art markets, they are famously opaque and famously corrupt but these paintings are also repulsive, so there is a taste question. anyone who pays a lot of money for a piece of art that crappy, shouldn't that person be known so we can make fun of them? >> i'm not an art critic. m i've seen positive reviews, i've seen negative reviews for the most concerning thing is about where the money is coming from and for what reasons it is being paid. we are talking about $75,000 for the small pieces up to half a million dollars for some of the larger pieces but that's a lot of people should know about this, especially because you have a comingling it appears from the emails on hunter biden's laptop, a comingling of funds between hunter biden and his father. he was paying for builds on joe's house and things like that. it's important to know where this money is coming from and
10:59 pm
who is coming from. >> tucker: can ask you, who is the boot liquor the man totally with no respect, kissing hunter biden's butt in that podcast? do you know? >> i haven't heard that podcast before some afraid i don't have an answer to that one. >> tucker: if he's married, no woman could respect that, it's pathetic. thanks for coming on tonight. we are completely out of time and the week is over, by the way. if you want more there is a brand-new episode of our documentary series about illegal immigration at the border on we will be back, needless to say on monday and then every subsequent week night up until the following weekend at 8:00 p.m. eastern. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. with that, we are taking a two day break from politics and highly recommend you do the same with the ones that you love.
11:00 pm
see you monday, we will see you monday. ♪ ♪y, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome to the special edition of "hannity." double standards and hypocrisy, the left of us risk over the response. i'm jason chaffetz in for sean and tonight, the white house is in a state of chaos, surprise, surprise. mask mandates, vaccine mandates, possible new lockdowns, schools are going to try to reopen in the fall, or will they? according to conflicting messages from the biden administration, all of these draconian measures may or may not be coming


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