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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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it might even be on fox nation. we don't know for sure but we'll see. a streaming service that's captured america's imagination. >> kat: i'm going to ask bret baier if he wants to do one of those with me. >> greg: thanks to brian kilmeade, rob smith, brian kilmeade, kennedy, kat timpf >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, growing frustration over warm next messaging hours after the cdc director told our own bret baier the administration is "looking into a possible federal covid vaccine mandate" she is already walking back the comment saying she wanted to clarify that there will be no nationwide mandate. what has changed in the last few
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hours? where do things really stand? our panel is standing by life to weigh in. we'll take a look at the covert old brick at the border in the legal fire growing between texas and the biden administration. hunter biden had some choice words for those critics of his art. why the president's son is dropping best bomb and how much he thinks his art worth is really worth. his answer might surprise you. the debate over critical race theory as students and teachers are set to start the new school year. they are starting to infiltrate and divide parts for christian church. we begin with a changed war against covid and what we have the cdc are learning about transmissibility and the virulence of the delta variant. white house correspondent kevin corke has the latest on what are some are calling another confusing day. >> that's one way to put it. let's be honest. there is little doubt that alarm bells went off across the country when it appeared that
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the cdc director earlier tonight hinted at a future federal mandate to take the covid vaccine. that's not what she meant. but the possibility that it might seem that way obviously required a very quick and unmistakable walk back. it still left some wondering if the statement was actually a bit of a trial balloon indicating a future policy position. >> that something i think the administration is looking into. something we are looking to see approval of. >> it was the sort of answer that warrants a double take. cdc director rochelle walensky him "special report" indicated the biden administration was considering the federal vaccine mandate as vaccination rates plateau and skepticism persists in certain regions of the country. >> overall i think in general i am all for more vaccination. i have nothing further to say on that except that we are looking into the policies.
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>> tamping down the potential firestorm created by her comments. to clarify, they will be no nationwide mandate. i was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. there will be no federal mandate. this is the cdc issues a stern warning about the delta variant of the virus acknowledging the war has changed said the agency. noting that now you can vaccinate people are able to readily spread the virus. it concludes that the delta variant is highly contagious, likely to be more severe, and that breakthrough infections may be as transmissible as nonvaccinated cases. that's just part of a message from a recent internal presentation prepared by the cdc detailing the dangers posed by the delta variant which has already led to a spike in cases in the u.s. pit of the 163 million americans vaccinated as of july 26, 6,587 breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization and/or death were reported to the cdc.
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95% of those were hospitalized and 19% of those hospitalizations resulted in death. however, this is important. breakthrough cases resulting in hospitalization or death are still extremely rare. just .004% of those vaccinated. very, very small number. curiously the agency stopped providing public information on most breakthrough infections in april. lastly to put a bit of a fine point on the white house and a possible future federal vaccine mandate, the deputy press secretary told reporters today that a "national vaccine requirement is not under consideration at this time." comments perhaps for a later date. >> shannon: i feel like there's been a little bit about equivocation, leaving a slight crack in the door open. we are going to track it. i understand that to of
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america's biggest employers are going to have vaccine mandates. what can you tell us. >> disney and walmart, two of america's largest employers are saying that they are going to be requiring their employees be vaccinated. at disney, all salaried and nonunion hourly employees in the u.s. must be vaccinated. workers who are working on site but not yet vaccinated must do so within the next 60 days. all new hires have to be fully vaccinated to begin their jobs. at walmart, the nation's largest retailer, all u.s.-based corporate employees must be vaccinated by october 4th. all employees are required to wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. in case you're wondering, customers will not be required to wear masks. they will be strongly encouraged to do so. >> shannon: you been following this controversy surrounding hunter biden's artwork.
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how they can handle it ethically but so that the finances don't raise eyebrows. he is snapping back at critics. might have dropped an f-bomb. here's a bit of what he said in an interview in a podcast. >> seem to have good spirits about this sort of kind of crazed narrative around your painting. what's your response to people who are coming after the prices of the work or the collectors question what's been your response to that? >> other than [bleep] them. i never said my art was going to cost what it was going to cost or how much it will be priced out. i would be amazed if my art had sold for $10. >> shannon: $10? managing expectations may be a little bit. >> a lot of people think his earth -- his art is probably worth $10. his paintings have been selling for as much as i have a million
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dollars. 500 grand for a novice painter. the 51-year-old professes not to be playing any part in setting those prices, as you heard him alluded to. asking about a potential influence peddling problem, the white house is still defending hunter's art saying it's his right and they are quick to point out that the identities of the buyers are still being kept secret. it does make you wonder and mr. big question, if we don't know who's buying the paintings and we don't know who's paying what the paintings, how do we know this isn't sort of a pay for play? >> shannon: the ethics experts have found it's a sticky thing. they are trying to find a solution. so he can do this work and keep them clean. we'll see. kevin, i just got off a flight back to d.c. we are going to talk about unruly passengers in a minute.
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>> interesting way to describe them. >> shannon: unruly. i am editing it from what flight attendants have called it. keeping it pg. see you in a minute. los angeles unified school dresher requiring weekly covert tests regardless of vaccination status for every student, every employee. families can forgo the testing and pulled her students out of classrooms. they can opt for remote instruction. the deadline was today. school starts august 16. the cdc director says there will not be a federal nationwide vaccination mandate even though she and president biden seem to say that the policy was under consideration. let's discuss it with former biden campaign surrogate kevin walling in paris dennard. gray to have you with us. i want to reset the question and answer with bret baier today with the cdc director, dr. walensky and we will go from there.
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>> are you for mandating a vaccine on a federal level? >> that's something i think the administration is looking into. something i think we are looking to see approval of from the vaccine. >> shannon: that's what she said. here's what the president said yesterday on the topic. >> it's still question whether the federal government can mandate the whole country. i don't know that yet. >> shannon: it sounds like there has been a discussion whether some kind of consideration. the cdc director clarifying saying "there'll be no nationwide mandate. i was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. there will be no federal mandate." paris, does that line up with the way that you heard brett pose the question in her answer and? >> not at all. what you see is just more confusion coming out of this white house. with all due respect to the cdc director, she's not the president. the president is sending out
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mixed messages. the white house press team from the podium is sending out mixed messages that are confusing the american people. what i do know is that the american people cannot suffer under more draconian lock downs and mandates that are going to stifle american prosperity, growth in the american dream for somebody small businesses that need to have this country open up. we cannot revert back to where we were and collapse this economy. these confusing messages are not helping the confidence in the american people. that's twice on abc poll that said the majority of americans six months into the administration are pessimistic about the future because the direction of the country is not going in a way that gives anyone confidence, optimism or makes them feel empowered or have confidence in what this administration is saying. it's confusing and it's not good. >> shannon: the cdc would have to admit even it has been confusing, there's been changes, disagreements with the w.h.o. and what it sees as good policy. things changed. we are going to learn things. we are learning more as we get through this pandemic.
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to the points you made, jonah goldberg said "backsliding into mass mandates." he said there are real costs to the back sliding back into masking and heaven forbid school closures, lockdowns et cetera. some people are already agitating for. the stuff is terrible for kids, infuriating for adults and rational or not profoundly disruptive of social peace and trust. how does the administration manage that? >> it's a good question. i think the cdc needs to clarify a lot of it. this goes back to the trump administration with mixed messaging coming out of atlanta and dr. redfield and now dr. walensky in terms of mask policies, shutdown policies. the president has been very, very clear, no more shutdowns for this country. just as the economy is roaring back, just as we saw 6.5% growth. just as we saw more jobs created in the last six months than any administration.
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we cannot afford to shutdown this economy. the president is not going to do that. we cannot afford to shut down any of our schools. children of the age of 12 need to be vaccinated. we saw 3 million new first doses administered this week. we are on the right track in terms of an upward trend in terms of the first vaccinations. kids need to get vaccinated. we need to keep schools open we can't shut down the economy. >> shannon: this is at the "washington examiner." it's an opinion piece. he said covid cases are surging but covert deaths are not. daily infections have risen dramatically in the u.s. up roughly 200% in the last month, there's been no corresponding upswing in the number of deaths caused by the virus. now that the risk of death carried by the infection is similarly low, we must accept that a multiplicity of cases does not want zone justify restrictions. people would say it proves the vaccine is doing the job. the job is avoiding serious illness and death. it should be a very
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infinitesimal percentage of what happens with people who are vaccinated. the case is not tracking with depth as they do in the past. can we take any hope in that? >> i think that's good news. we have to look at is the facts of the data and the science. unfortunately what we see from the biden-harris administration's administration not listening to the facts, the data in the science in terms of policymaking. they have been listening to polls, politics and unions. we have to have the facts of the data back up the mandates they put forth. at the end of the day when you look at the high unemployment coming look at the rising cost of gasoline and the inflation, middle-class income tax increase, the american people cannot afford to go back. we have to have these policies rooted in facts and data and the facts and data do not match up to where a lot of the things this administration has been saying. >> shannon: you mention unions. there's a split between some unions in this administration saying they don't want it
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mandated for members. that's going to be a sticky issue. kevin and paris, have a great weekend. great to see you both. inflation fears tonight is a key benchmark hits the 30-year high. some of the biggest names in u.s. business are now warning of price hikes coming for all of us. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is monitoring it. good evening. >> good evening, shannon. whatever you bind that, wherever you buy it, it's a fair bet it's going to cost you more the next few months, prices are surging for soda, beer, laundry detergent, take a look at this list of some of the companies that have raised or say they are going to raise prices. procter & gamble, the makers of tide. coca-cola, nestle, mattel, many more. if all that makes you just want to collapse in a chair, that'll
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also cost you. la-z-boy prices going up. many of the country say they have little choice but to charge more for their products because their costs are going up. wages are a particular issue with many large companies including amazon and starbucks saying that they're having to pay more to get workers and there seems to be evidence that the extra $300 per week jobless benefit introduced during the pandemic is keeping a large number of people from looking for a job. their reluctance to get back to work likely not helped by the cdc's new warnings about their rapid spread of the covid-19 delta variant. as mass mandates return and vaccine requirements are planned or implemented, many companies are still holding off on bringing workers back to offices. that's hurting the economic engine of cities across the country. new york, the most obvious example. >> this is not a slight issue.
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remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume. if you were to see a 15% decline of people coming back to new york city, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market. >> it safe to say we are still very much in the thick of the economic fallout from the pandemic. >> shannon: jonathan, thank you so much. tonight from los angeles. swimming pool owners, listen up. check the water before you happen, you never know what might be lurking. rival monkeying gangs clashing, bringing traffic to a stop. it's on like donkey kong. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: got real on the streets of thailand. two rival monkeying gangs face-to-face, no holds barred. smaller monkey squabbles are common but eyewitnesses were shocked by the number of monkeys involved. reports that they were clashing over food. the scene is going viral. they suggested on twitter we set this to the music from "west side story." psa for pool owners. check the water before jumping in. homeowners calling on authority's report an unknown suspect swimming in a hot tub. yikes. it didn't resist arrest at first but was taken into custody and safely released. a man wanted for robbery leading police on a wild motorcycle chase, at times up to 60 miles an hour while driving against traffic. the man surrendered and was
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arrested. you can watch this unbelievable. the good news is nobody got hurt. moving onto startling images of tornado damage, power knocked out for thousands, multiple buildings damaged like this car dealership in pennsylvania. the structure losing its roof, several cars were flipped. national weather service says it got about 100 ports, severe weather between the ohio valley of the east coast. boris johnson bringing some unintended levity to a summer event, struggling with his umbrella which ended up flowing inside out. prince charles sitting next to him couldn't help but laugh. the british pressed not wasting the opportunity to roast the prime minister. it reads more than 150 days on average a year in london. i love this. they were heartbroken, they got the tape of their wedding video that was blank. check this out. drew got a call from a friend
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saying that the original footage of the wedding was found among old tapes after church. he kept a secret until the couple's anniversary, he rented a theater. she thought they were going to watch a favorite movie and then they played it. he revealed the newly discovered video of their wedding that she had been so sad that they didn't have. her emotional response going viral. i teared up when i watched it. if you have video, hit us up @shannonbream or @foxnewsnight on social media. the governor of texas and the federal government at odds over the border crisis. their feud is complicated by the resurgent of the coronavirus and the fact that migrants with the virus are being released into the general public. correspondent rich edson reports from la jolla, texas. >> we patrol more frequently. we do a couple turns. >> la jolla police officer say
9:25 pm
they're asking migrants not to leave this hotel, charity rendered it -- rented it. police say they found that out a few days ago on a family with the virus walked to a burger restaurant. on my green surgeon a covid spike creating challenges across the region. >> here in mcallen, la jolla. you're being transported. we cannot hold them in one place unless they want to be. >> border patrol agents begin processing migrants out in the field and give them masks. customs and border protection says if the migrants are showing symptoms for covid-19 they'll take them to the local health care system. officials in texas say that's insufficient. governor greg abbott issued an executive order authorizing texas law enforcement to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants and return them to their hotels or near border crossings. the department of justice is suing texas to overturn governor abbott's executive order.
9:26 pm
the justice department has also filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order for the governor is doing. governor abbott says it would be of some solace if the federal government were conducting appropriate covid-19 testing and other mitigation strategies. i will take every available step consistent with the law to fulfill my duty to protect the health and safety of all texans. >> i've been very respectful and supportive of the administration. but something has to change. >> democratic congressman henry cuellar republican 7 lindsey graham say biden administration should appoint a borders are. >> who do we believe can help us get out of this mess? we concluded almost instantaneously, jeh johnson jeh johnson. >> served as obama's second term homeland security secretary. activists accused him of aggressive immigration enforcement. in the way a texas, rich edson, fox news.
9:27 pm
>> shannon: the biden administration wants a block texas law enforcement officials from stopping the transport of illegal immigrants even if they are covid positive, as case number serge. let's talk about the state of the border crisis and the state of covid. sheriff, great to have you with us. >> shannon: texas governor greg abbott has said he does not want people transporting people in the u.s. illegally outside of government entities. especially if they have the virus, they shouldn't be taken around the state. here's what he said with ag merrick garland told him no to that executive order. governor abbott says the authority you served to protect noncitizens direct with my authority to protect citizens of texas. the constitution and laws of the u.s. and texas allow me to protect the health and safety of texans. does that executive order do anything doubt about along the border?
9:28 pm
>> i think so. good for governor abbott. one of the things that i do a lot, what is the governor going to do? what is the state going to do. i think this is another example of the federal government overstepping their bounds. this whole crisis created by them in the first place. they're angry because the governor has no choice but to try to fix it. >> shannon: the ag says the governor's order violates federal law in numerous respects. texas cannot lawfully enforce the order against any private official or party. one of the biggest cases i've ever covered at the supreme court was the state immigration law out of arizona their argument was with the feds aren't doing it so we are going to have to do it. the feds have said you don't have that authority. >> as we've seen from covid over 2020 in 2021, emergency orders give governors quite a bit of power. this is what courts are for. we are going to have to see what the court say in front of the
9:29 pm
judges to see who they will side with. right now the governor has a duty and responsibility to protect the people in the state of texas much like we do here in arizona. >> shannon: what's the situation in your county? we have heard at times local community say that they are overwhelmed and the people are showing up without being noticed the local authorities. charitable groups want to help these human beings who are in dire straits. if local authorities are involved and you don't know, it's hard to know exactly what's going on. >> we are all human beings. want to help them. we want to see these people be cared for. we also want to say follow the laws of the federal government is not helping. furthermore they've taken people and putting them in places like scottsdale. if they are found to have covid, they are not forcing them to stay in quarantine. they are letting them intermingle with people in the communities in scottsdale.
9:30 pm
this is something we are dealing with every day. it's something we need to fix. we need the federal government to step up and i'm glad that the state of texas is pushing them that way. >> shannon: we've heard from people, democrats and republicans, do you think a bipartisan push on the biden administration will make a difference? >> i hope so but these guys seem hell-bent on turning a blind eye to the situation. they shift the focus to the root causes and other places. in the meantime until they get there, as we say, we are going to continue to do our job. we started an organization called protect america now. we're going to stand up for the rule of law, stand against bad policy. protect the american people. >> shannon: thank you and the deputies, the men and women who suit up every day heading up to its potentially life or death situation. thank you. time to bring back kevin corke. the latest report, a surgeon
9:31 pm
unruly passengers. you're about to take a long flight, very well-deserved vacation. we will miss you. i had a flight. everyone behaved. that's not always been the case. what's going on? >> are you going to say the word that we saw in that report. scale and i will save jack a. people can figure it out. >> i am very proud of you. we have been following the story and long gone are the days when people wore suits to fly. check out these stats. more than 85% of flight attendants dealt with unruly passengers in the first half of 2021. that according to a survey conducted by the association of flight attendants. nearly one in five flight attendants say they experienced a physical incident according to that survey which pulled about 5,000 flight attendants. the big take away is unfortunately would appear if you listen to flight attendants
9:32 pm
a lot of people are acting like jack as creates. that's the word they use. >> they said the biggest problem is not alcohol consumption or late flights or poor service. the biggest problem appears to be mask mandates. subsequent enforcement. federal law permits passengers from interfering with the crew but according to respondents, customers engaged in disruptive behavior but they got a slap on the wrist. people are resistant. they acted out in the not so friendly skies. >> shannon: everyone was well behaved with the first announcement was "we are not serving alcohol on board and by the way, it's now against the federal policy or the law for you to bring your own on board." put the flask away. maybe that will cut down on it. all right, more good news to come, we'll discuss it in just a bit.
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how is the crt debate going in the christian church? left-wing critics are calling pro-life white women racist. penny nance, here live to respond.
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>> shannon: we have been documenting on, critical race theory stirs fiery passions. chief religion correspondent lauren green is taking a look at how that debate is playing out among the faithful. speak of the debate over critical race theory in school and government and serving to infiltrate and divide the christian church. read a school board meeting in fort worth, texas, critical race theory was on trial but it was god whom many speakers used as witness from those who opposed it. >> i believe in what god said. that all of us have intrinsic value regardless of the color of her skin. >> to pastor supporting it. >> in the church we have a saying, keep your hand on the
9:39 pm
plow. you are plowing her ground. the roots of racism and iniquity are deep. >> critical race theory has begun to cause fissures in evangelical circles. in 2019 the southern baptist convention, one of the most conservative christian denominations adopted a resolution excepting some of the tenets of crt as a tool to understand how race has and continues to function. the author of the book "fault lines comes has many efforts like this though well-intentioned ignore how crt clashes with christianity on core issues. >> critical race theory's assessment of racism is at odds with christianity because it takes the problem of racism out of the individual heart and puts it out there in systems and structures. as christians, christ came to redeem us from our sin. our sin is sin here, not out
9:40 pm
there. >> in his book he warns of a looming catastrophe in evangelicalism as crt and other social justice movements use the language of faith quite calling slavery as america's original pin to promote the ideology. >> one of the reasons christians are involved is because it sounds good, it sounds like things that we believe in. >> one pastor says it's about bringing people together. >> it's not about helping them, make them feel bad about being white. it's about helping them learn ways all of us can someday overcome every evil through truth, humanity, and unity. >> the irony is that both sides are reading the same bible, looking for divine guidance for the same human problem. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. in a recent segment about abortion on msnbc, panelists accused the pro-life movement of trying to oppress african-american women by
9:41 pm
treating them as "incubators and derided the white female attorney general of mississippi who filed a brief with the supreme court in support of her states ban on abortion after 15 weeks. >> we also know that women of color and low income women get abortions at higher rates than white women and more affluent women. >> it really shows that the attorney general ultimately is a wealthy white woman acting as in the interests of conservatives and other wealthy white women. >> shannon: let's get reaction. penny, welcome back to the show. your well-known pro-life advocate. when i saw this segment, i thought about you. it's difficult because heated conversations and discussions and issues that we have and up invoking the issue or the imagery of racism. how do you respond to those claims? >> well, there is so much to
9:42 pm
say, that segment was noxious and hateful. only surpassed by the ignorance around it. anyone that has any dealings with the pro-life movement knows that there is deep unity. there is women of color that have lived in that movement. it's a backhand to the african-american women who have led the movement, women like dr. mildred jefferson, the first african-american woman to graduate from harvard medical school, first african-american woman to be admitted to the boston surgical society, her work is so important that her papers are held at harvard to be studied. she was the leader of the pro-life movement in the prison of the national right to life commission. other women, our sisters that linked arms with us in this movement, it's so disrespectful
9:43 pm
to them. >> shannon: i want to read something. there's a debate about the hyde amendment and government funding. even if people consider themselves pro-life or pro-choice the majority of americans oppose taxpayers funding. axios writing house democrats advanced spending bill without the hyde amendment. the big picture, the amendment disproportionally impact low income women and many women of color who receive health care coverage through government-sponsored plans like medicaid. they say it's unfair to say that funding stream cannot flow. women of color and people of color in different minority groups. if you oppose the hyde amendment then that's what that's about. >> it is suggesting somehow that the answer to poverty or the answer to her is to take the life of another human being. the pro-life movement links arms and cares for the least of
9:44 pm
these, not just a baby in the womb but alongside these women for many years after, sometimes taking them into our homes, the true racism in this question, there are racists in this conversation. we need to look at planned parenthood and the founder, margaret sanger, the leader who called minorities human weeds who worked to usher in forced sterilization. 60,000 americans, many of whom were minorities, forest paralyzing her leadership. that hasn't changed, we still see the majority, a almost 80% of planned parenthood abortion clinics in minority communities. yes it's a very real problem when only 13% of the population is having an almost 40% of the abortions. there is something very wrong.
9:45 pm
pro-life women want to love them and care for them. the other side wants to exterminate them. >> shannon: it's a very difficult conversation we hope that the two sides could meet to talk about it. as you said, not just one side but walking alongside these women who find themselves in a nonplain situation. thank you. >> thinking. >> shannon: how do los angeles locals feel about homeless encampments fore we board... and you have thinkorswim mobile- -so i can finish analyzing the risk on this position. you two are all set. choose the app that fits your investing style. ♪♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol.
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still in los angeles continues throwing money and legislation of its homelessness problem. lawrence jones is checking out how one of the city's most renowned areas is being impacted. >> about two months ago, this very place was littered with trash and tenants everywhere. people living in those tents that provoked l.a. county sheriff to clean up the problem. there was a very tents on the people who live in them are back. >> what you're seeing is the best it's looked in about a year and what's really sad exists temporary. >> how is it impacted your business and the surrounding business? >> our business has been virtually destroyed. think of this used to be such a happening place. it's circling the drain. >> and the government takes care
9:51 pm
of you, this is what your life becomes. we need real permanent solutions and we need to focus on that. instead of this law enforcement, all of his money, cleaning up, running around. >> if their breaking laws. >> what laws do you think people are breaking? big i want the good people to find a place to live but the bad people have got to go. prostitution, drugs, it's got to go. >> people who commit assault. >> that guys in jail. i was punched in the guy walked away. it's crazy out here. >> this is where kids go to play and it's been taken away from them. >> is it safe for them to play? would you let your kids play here? there is needles. there's weapons found. >> cleaning of pipes, needles. you see people shooting up every single day. >> i'm a teacher. i can no longer bring my kids out feel safe. >> attempted to clean up.
9:52 pm
it looks better but there is still a problem. >> i know that -- what he is calling an account mental homes program. people got hotel rooms. >> the sheriff was going to clear the beach by july 4th. >> after the sheriff came we had the city councilman come in and he wasn't happy about us having the sheriff here so when he came and he got a $5 million, he got $5 million. that does not translate to this. it has not translated to people being able to feel safe. >> we need law and order. the one person who has stepped in when all other leftist officials have failed us is sheriff ill about. -- sheriff villanueva. >> you say that there new people. the special unit identifies these folks. what's the first step to talk
9:53 pm
with them first. >> they assess the situation, where did you come from, why are you here? what is it take for you to get into shelter, take supportive services. >> we have been going through. people are saying thank you for cleaning it out. the businesses that have been impacted. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel grateful that people are getting the help they need. we just don't have enough. i need resources. if i had the resources of the city of l.a., we would have this entire thing cleaned up and about 90 days. >> was preventing law enforcement from coming out and enforcing the current laws on the books? >> for this chunk of city right here, it's two things, it's mary garcetti and the councilman. the district attorney it's not going to enforce anything. that doesn't help in terms of, it promotes a lawlessness environment. i told my deputies, do not fail to do your job because someone
9:54 pm
else's not doing their job. we are going to uphold our end of the bargain, arrest people that need to be arrested. >> you're a democrat. this has nothing to do a political party, it has to do with the rule of law and public safety. >> thank you. this transcends politics, it's about public safety. it's about people feeling secure that they can come here to the boardwalk and enjoy a day with their family. >> shannon: all right, from that situation in california to good news. kevin. >> taking to the capital sacramento for this good news good night. meet tiny 3-year-old skateboarder who can out tread most adults. this is brody alexander. dillinger. i hope i got the name right. the little guy was still on the board by his dad. you can see he has progressed quickly from rolling down the
9:55 pm
road at 19 months to know he's a kneeling at the skate park. a superstar. we want to say good for you, 1.2 million followers on social media. >> shannon: he's earning every single one. he's a daredevil. kevin, have a great break. we'll miss you. >> see you when i get back. >> shannon: good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. it wasn't long after i had joined golo before i had to start buying new pants. golo changes your whole lifestyle and it changes the way that you think. you don't have to deprive yourself of anything. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier.
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