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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 30, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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is up next. have a wonderful weekend. may god bless you and god bless the united states of america. thank you, and good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm brian kilmeade, i'm lucky enough to be in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of "the ingraham angle." the white house is confusing itself on new mask mandates and the cdc reveals that a vaccinated people are just as likely to spread the delta variant as unvaccinated people. senator ron johnson is here on that and how he is trying to hold the biden administration accountable for what he's doing to schools and kids. raymond arroyo takes us inside the best blunders of the week,
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left to choose from. could it be the left is finally catching on to kamala harris, the vice president of the united states. we are seeing leaks coming from her and her allies about the terrible job she's doing as vp. one ally saying, democratic strategist as well no one is coming out and saying she's doing an amazing job because the first question would be on what? she made a bunch of mistakes and now it's all starting to panic dems ahead of 2022. one strategy is she would be doing more harm than good for any midterm candidate. i have to be honest, i am not shocked by any of this. she talks down to people, she snaps at reporters, she doesn't study, she hasn't done a remotely effective job. there's also the fact that she thinks the country is racist, rural americans don't know how to work a copy machine.
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>> you're going to have to xerox or photocopy your i.d. to send it in -- there are a whole lot of people especially there's no kinko's, there's no officemax. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. >> i said i'm going to go to the border. i'm not finished. >> joining me now, now that i'm finished, columnist for "the new york post" charlie hurt's. this must not surprise you about kamala harris personally but democrats are caught by surprise. >> yeah, they play in this whole game of trying to play the diversity card and trying to play identity politics and they are shocked to find out they wind up with somebody
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irrespective of their gender or their race or whatever, people just don't like her and it's not just republicans, democrats don't like her. i think if you want through you wouldn't find any cross-section of anybody or anything that likes kamala harris and it turns out she's not very good at her job as you just pointed out. you have joe biden who has this weird thing where i think he's trying to undermine his own vice president which seems counterproductive by handing her -- it's like she's drowning and he hands her an anvil, pawning off the border crisis to her and she's not interested in it and she can't do anything with it. it's a real pickle they are in right now. >> brian: three jobs that i could tell, get momentum behind the change all these rules on republican -- jim crow 2.0, she
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doesn't want to do the job, she's not interested in it, forced to show up once and get momentum around the vaccine. on all three counts, she has done nothing, on all three counts. her unfavorable is at 48%, where do you think that is heading? >> with that, she would be the front-runner should joe biden not run in the next presidential election, hillary clinton said it best, democrats don't have to fall in love, and i have to fall in line and they did that behind joe biden and i imagine they would do that behind kamala harris. i don't think there is a great challenge her to her horizon and i'm not sure she's even worried about that. >> brian: they need help, democrats need help to keep the senate even though they are favored to do so. they have a couple of races, georgia and arizona in particular where she could help and she was popular. mark kelly is not going to be helped by kamala harris and
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neither is senator warnock in georgia. >> this is the weird thing we have right now, joe biden is governing like he's bernie sanders but he's not bernie sanders, there is no enthusiasm for him. then you have kamala harris who is equally uninteresting or equally unenthusiastic but if you're going to govern like your bernie sanders, why not just go for broke? joe biden should get rid of kamala harris and go with aoc, go with somebody who is at least interesting. you're already going to take the hits for governing like a crazy socialist so you may as well get the good benefit of that if you're going to take all the bad as well. >> aoc, are you kidding? >> brian: if kamala harris lets democrats down and they feel like their numbers are two bad, who would be up next? >> that's the truth, aoc,
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ilhan omar, that whole squad in the news all the time, really making a splash. for the big democrats right now other than them was mike bernie sanders is going to run again because why not. the same people we have been talking about would be the challengers. >> brian: let's move on, it has been a struggle to keep up the biden administration changing its mind on everything. we know that from covid on down. we found a devastating news, even vaccinated americans have to wear masks. speak of the masks are being put on for vaccinated people in areas of high density disease, such that if they were to get infected, they knew they might bring it to somebody who was immunocompromised, somebody who was not yet vaccinated. if it was really to prevent transmission. >> brian: charlie, this is a disaster, the mixed message and people should go on
7:07 pm absolutely awful, no stats, just generalities that affect all of our lives. the pandemic was giving joe biden 60% approval ratings in that one category. he is going to plummet. >> absolutely. i think this is a disaster, incompetency is at an all-time high. we get different news every single day out of this administration, it's downright scary because i think a lot of people have lost complete faith in all of our institutions because of this and it's worrying. the whole mask thing is a band-aid on a problem that we cannot solve right now. tobit is only going to be with us for a while, biden administration should face it, should tell americans to face it. >> brian: we heard today, i know it's a science, we aren't smart enough to keep up with the generalities, they say now vaccinated people get mild illness if they are contaminated but they can carry the virus and give it to others.
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it's up to people to get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated. do you believe we are going to follow the way of france and demand americans, all of us get vaccinated? they are doing it throughout europe. >> you're going to have a hard time doing that and the best example of why you're going to have a hard time doing that is to look at hesitancy now. everybody should be working to provide good, open, honest information right now. going back to talking about kamala harris. if people don't have faith in their elected officials to tell the truth and talk about this stuff and provide information, if people think these elected officials are shading the truth or politicizing an issue which democrats have done two extraordinary degrees throughout this entire pandemic and even now, it's the worst thing you can be doing at the worst time. the only way you're going to get
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americans to stay safe and do what they need to do is through providing accurate and honest information and talking about this issue about the vaccine, vaccinated individuals shedding as much as covid -- spreading as much covid as nonvaccinated, that doesn't mean you don't get vaccinated. but you can't silence this information just because it doesn't fit with the narratives because if you do that, people stop trusting you. i can tell you there are a lot of people in this country who are not getting vaccinated because they don't trust anything any of these people are telling them. >> brian: i thought about you right away when they talk about kids, they asked specifically over the summer we saw kids in schools, shutdown summer school because it spread so much. how many kids were hospitalized,
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was anyone seriously ill? kids are not getting this illness and suffering the effects of it. she did not have the answer. >> i know you and i have talked about this before, we are the only ones doing this, the only ones masking 2-year-olds, didn't mask kids under 12 in europe. the fact that we are going into another school year masked in so many places -- i live in new york city, 100% going to be masks in schools. the best we can hope for is no masks during recess. kids have really borne the brunt of this for no reason at all. >> brian: total let down, charlie and carol, thanks so much. we move ahead, 17 republican senators this week throwing a lifeline to the biden administration with an infrastructure deal but what is actually in this deal? will not give you an idea what "the wall street journal" reveals. more subsidies, handouts for states and localities, consider
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mass transit which received about $70 million in pandemic relief. only about $20 million has been spent. congress will dole out another $90 billion over the next five years so joe biden can ride a train. sounds like in many ways we are being fleeced, what the republicans get out of it? "the washington post" reporting g.o.p. negotiators are finding out about something really disturbing that senator schumer is doing. for nearly two weeks he had promised to use their deal he had been working on, both sides of the aisle as the basis for legislation that was debated today yet his offices had a draft text of over 2,000 pages that troubled republicans, it was top-secret peered i'll quote you from the article in "the washington post," he has been working on a draft that would be unacceptable to all including democrats. mitt romney picked it up and was quoted as saying that. when mitt romney catches on that schumer had a 2400 page bill to pull the rug out from under
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republicans, you have to know things can't be trusted. in many ways, the distrust -- an entire way to get the $3.5 trillion boondoggle through from reconciliation which includes everything from amnesty for illegals if they get their way to fighting climate change to voting infrastructure. joining us now harsh minority whip steve scalise and florida congressman michael waltz. first off, this is about the senate debate. from what you have seen from the bipartisan plan, do you think it's going to sail through the house? >> i think there are serious problems with that, speaker pelosi has made it crystal clear that the infrastructure bill is not only the gateway drug but it's directly linked to the reconciliation bill which is their ability to raise taxes. it's not only three and a half, four and half trillion dollars, you can't even track how many
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trillions because they don't want to show you the text as you just mentioned but the other part of that is the reconciliation bill to raise taxes and kill jobs in america, run jobs to foreign countries. that's what they want to do and speaker pelosi is not hiding it, he actually said that she's not bringing one without the other so they are directly linked together. it's not about infrastructure, it's about all of those things. the green new deal, the far left policy and tax increases that would kill american jobs and raise costs that are already going through the roof with inflation. >> brian: they got rid of $40 billion for the irs to investigate everybody, handing over a bipartisan plan that doesn't increase taxes. what the minority whip is talking about is ilhan omar and the rest of the squad and others saying we will not sign off on this bipartisan bill unless we have the other one also in front of us at the same time. this could be a ten car pileup.
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>> he's absolutely right, this is a hostage legislating the part of speaker pelosi. beholden to the left and they are demanding free across the board plus a green new deal. the sad thing is we actually have as a country badly need hard infrastructure. roads, ports, bridges. the chinese are about to build their thousandth ship yard. we are a maritime nation, they built 18,000 miles of high-voltage power lines over the last few years. we've built zero, they have 5g connecting smart cities, we have dial up in our rural areas. we badly need this. i think a lot of republicans very much want to support it because it's the right thing to do for our treasury, it's the connective tissue for our
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economy but this legislating that pelosi is doing, same old same old for her and this is why we have to send her back to california and get her into retirement. >> brian: if they hand you that bipartisan bill as you understand that, you would sign off on it. >> we would negotiate it down, i think we will negotiate it down in the house and it will go to some type of conference with the senate. the other thing real quick, i don't think they fully have the votes for that three and a half trillion, that puts a lot of their moderates in a bad place. people are scared of inflation, the majority americans are -- out-of-control spending going on in washington, d.c., come i don't think she has the votes, we are going to put her in a box. >> brian: i find it offensive and i want you guys to hear this, the audio is not great but it's important, reconciliation should be about the budget and it should be a special thing to allow to a simple majority vote but guess what joe biden is
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admitting he's going to put into it -- listen to what he said yesterday. >> it went very well, i think we should include in reconciliation bill, immigration. >> brian: congressman scalise, he's saying i'm going to put infrastructure, immigration infrastructure in this reconciliation bill and they are talking about legalizing 8 million. do we know what the border is going to be like if he's going to legalize illegals? slingshot, 8 million? >> we already have a border crisis because of joe biden's crazy policies, it's a super-spreader crisis. we see the delta variant coming in wildly, they are admitting their coven positive positive, you can't fly back an american citizen from mexico without proving your covert negative but if you come here as an illegal saying your covid positive, they
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let you into the inner cities of america. they want to do the whole liberal wish list in the reconciliation bill. it's tax increases, the green new deal, now president biden is finally tipping his hat, it's about amnesty too. they have an endless wish list of radical ideas that they can't get in any other way except for reconciliation but the only way they get at this time get to that infrastructure bill, we have to break the two apart. >> brian: it's up to you guys, you're look to as leadership in the house even though you're in the minority for now, only a handful of seats for the majority. michael waltz, steve scalise thanks so much. we forge ahead. the cdc revealing today vaccinated people can spread the coronavirus. so are we heading to another total lockdown? is that what they needed to destroy our lives again? center ron johnson up next, don't move.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> we are not fully out of the woods yet because what is happening in america right now is a pandemic, a pandemic of the unvaccinated. let me say that again, it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> brian: thanks for saying it again, i was confused the first time. president biden again shaming
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anyone who doesn't want to get the vaccine that has yet to be approved by the fda and they are in no rush to do it. how true is that statement? the pandemic is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. cdc director rochelle walensky confirming today new data shows vaccinated people are just as likely to spread the delta variant as unvaccinated people. the white house has a solution for that delta variant melissa listen. >> we need more people to get vaccinated, that's the answer. that's if we want to stop the spread of this variant and avoid mutations, we can. >> brian: joining me right now is wisconsin senator ron johnson. there is a solution to stop the variant, it ignores the vaccine, how does that make any sense? if you're vaccinated you're still going to get it, your symptoms will be mild, the unvaccinated have a danger but we all know the dangerous age
7:24 pm
bracket. >> it doesn't make sense and that's why the american public is losing faith in the federal health agencies and that's a shame. if there's one part of the government in addition to the defense department you would like to have faith and it would be federal health agencies and they have lost the trust of the american public. they are not making any sense, flip-flopping on issues whether it's masks, not backing up pronouncements with science. i sent a letter to the cdc today, they leaked this presentation to justify the new mask mandate -- there is no data to back that up. we are asking for information but i'm not holding my breath. i've sent numerous oversight letters to health agencies and i haven't gotten squat out of them. i have lost faith in health agencies. >> brian: the way we understand it, i'm not an expert. you are very successful in
7:25 pm
business prior to politics, we looked at people who are experts in this field. you see that if you have this virus and you spread the virus and your unvaccinated, you have a chance of -- a better chance of being hospitalized. i don't think you can mandate someone get vaccinated. i'm pretty sure we've never done that before and it was a month ago when kamala harris and the president said i can't force anyone to do it, but europe is it doing that. could you ever get behind a vaccine mandate for everybody? >> not unless there's some incredibly deadly disease, much higher fatality rates than we have with covid, we don't know the final fatality rate but right now it's looking like it's not going to be much more than double, i'm downplaying this, 600,000 excess deaths over the last year but one thing we didn't do and this was a huge failure, we didn't explore and research early treatment with the chief repurposed generic
7:26 pm
drugs. something i have been banging my head against the wall since last april trying to get the health agencies to do the types of studies. more and more information is coming out, peace in "the wall street journal" talk to two writers why they are denigrating what appears to be a successful early treatment drug, that is successful on the internet as well. there has been a censorship of information that has caused people to lose faith in the media, in the social media and health agencies, it's a terrible place for this country to be in. >> brian: i know you are subpoenaing the cdc and others to get this information, what do you want that you're not getting? >> we want all the emails between the cdc and the teachers unions as they discussed how they approach the school's reopening spirit in particular, i want the emails of dr. fauci. they were presented through a foia request but heavily
7:27 pm
redacted. we sent a letter with five members of my committee that if five members to request this, we've got the exact same requests except for one paragraph. it was not redacted, it was apparently related to an open law enforcement investigation. we saw the paragraph, it has nothing to do with law enforcement investigation. that brings into question all the productions, congress is not subject to those same reductions. they are hiding something, again it reduces my trust and faith in these agencies. they need to come clean and be transparent. this is information the american public deserves to have. >> brian: especially when we still can't honestly say how this thing started and where it came from and why anthony fauci was never curious about it. senator ron johnson, thanks so much.
7:28 pm
while the biden administration is busy forcing it back under covert restrictions not backed by science, they are completely ignoring the surging cases among illegal aliens crossing the border. police in la joya, texas, this week saying this -- positive migrants are being dumped, positive tested migrants are being dumped into their town and the mayor of westlake said a covert positive group was found staying in his hotel in his town. the biden administration once you and me to mask up but they are ignoring the chaos at the border. they're coming from countries for the most part that have vaccination rates in the sigel digits, how can both exist on the same planet? >> they can't, the hypocrisy is stupefying. how in the world can the biden
7:29 pm
administration be leaning so heavily on americans who are hesitant to get vaccinated when they are bringing in knowingly, bringing into the interior of our country tens of thousands of migrants. they have admitted they have the covert virus and they aren't giving us any administration. the evidence is stacking up, as you pointed out, also earlier this week information leaked from the rio grande valley, there was a 900% increase, a tenfold increase in the data they have been sampling smaller subgroups of illegal aliens come again, tenfold increase in the percentage that have covid, it's shocking. >> brian: this very topic came up when michelle wilensky was on with brett a couple hours ago, here's what she said to that question about migrants adding to the surge, listen.
7:30 pm
>> do you know how's the surge of illegal immigrants with covid is affecting the overall rate? that sounds like the percentages down there on the border are astronomical. >> i would say the percentage in the southern part of this country are really quite high and i don't necessarily think we can attribute all of that to what's going on at the southern border. >> politics, she's a scientist, talking politics, of course it adds, your thoughts? >> it adds to the number in a massive way, regardless of what the percentage is among american citizens when you are bringing in tens of thousands of aliens who have the covid virus every month, you are going to be massively increasing it. it shows the administration is pretending they care so much about this virus and that's what i want to force americans to get vaccinated yet at the same time they obviously don't care about what is happening on the border. >> brian: thanks so much, i
7:31 pm
know it's been a passion for you your entire career but right now it's really never been worse and i hope the american people pay attention on all parties, thanks so much. we forge ahead, president biden is having a bit of trouble this week keeping basic facts in order, not much of a surprise. raymond arroyo unpacks at all in his friday follies, that is next. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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>> it's friday and that means time for friday follies, for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. president biden had a little bit
7:37 pm
of trouble with the concept of clarity this week. >> it's part of a continuing series, the president visited a mack truck plant in pennsylvania and the confusion moved faster than any of the trucks behind him. >> the force department does buying trucks and hoses and whatever they need, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece for president trump -- excuse me, freudian slip, that was less president. president obama, when i was vice president. >> freudian slip? all of this confusion undermines whatever the president is saying. he has such problems keeping basic facts in order that the public just doesn't believe what comes out of his mouth, he undermines his credibility and frankly this could be one of the reasons for the vaccine hesitancy he is so worried about, his word doesn't mean a
7:38 pm
whole lot. >> laura: the vaccine prevents the spread to, the argument was get the vaccine, don't be selfish because you could protect a grandma, presumably grandma is one of the 90% of elderly who has the vaccine, the whole thing is confusing to regular people out there. the president does believe he can overcome all of this and that he can strengthen his credibility by sharing a few little pieces of his personal narrative. >> ice to drive an 18-wheeler. >> he drove an 18-wheeler except he didn't, you need a special license to drive an 18-wheeler and when pressed by reporter, the white house pointed to an article from 1973 were biden road as a passenger
7:39 pm
in an 18-wheeler. that's like saying i was president of the united states because i spent some time in the oval office. it's just not true. at times the president just forgets what he was saying. >> i was running for three reasons. one, to restore the soul of this country, sense of decency and honor. secondly, to rebuild the backbone of the country. hardworking folks who built this country. >> that was two reasons, he never got to the third, i don't know why. he trails off and goes on to another thought. >> laura: he was slowly for dramatic effect rolling up that sleeve, being a regular joe that he is, not someone whose son gets 500k for a painting you can make with a toilet paper holder.
7:40 pm
this would be a sad curiosity if he wasn't responsible for the safety of the nation and offering important health advice, this is from yesterday. >> i hope all americans who live in areas with substantial or high case rates will follow the mask of guidance laid down by the cdc. i certainly will, and i have. >> just the day before there is the president hugging and glad-handing on mask people all without a mask. if you are looking at a glaring example of the mixed messaging, the confusing do as i say, not as i do eat those that has covered a lot of the administration's communication strategy when it comes to dealing with covid and covert relief and vaccines. it's all over the map. >> laura: my view is we are going to see the end of masks when we can leave our shoes on
7:41 pm
at tsa. it's just like 9/11, the cameras and the shoes. >> we're going to have to pay extra for a nuclear lane to get us through. >> laura: exactly. >> the president is now resorting to very dramatic pronouncements to encourage vaccinations, watch this drama. >> people are dying and will die who don't have to die. if you are out there on vaccinated, you don't have to die. >> who knew pfizer had found the fountain of youth, incredible. as good as biden was in that performance, i have to say i enjoyed his original take on the character far better. >> all of you, you're going to die! >> he's lost some of the original passion he brought to the role at first but that
7:42 pm
happens after playing the role for so long, i understand. it >> laura: it's almost like people believe you're going to get off this earth alive, that no one ever dies of anything, no one ever dies pre-covid. i like that, you're going to die! then he gets really loud at weird points, then he starts getting loud. did someone just mess with my volume on my tv? what else. >> speaking of performances, this next story will profoundly shape of the films you see in the future. actress scarlett johansson is suing disney. she claims they violated her contract when they simultaneously released her film black widow, the marvel movie on both of their streaming services and in theaters. that depressed the box office sales which she gets a big cut of. >> i think it's always great to leave on a high note. i think this is it.
7:43 pm
you've got to set it free, you know? that's part of the journey is knowing when it's come to an end. >> it's coming to an end. disney says they did not violate her contract and she already made $20 million for just showing up and more is coming. it was no doubt a lot of these actors make deals predicated on the box office receipts but if you sell half of the film audience on streaming, it undercuts them and you know what that leads to? movies of the week, that's what i think we are in store for in the future. >> laura: are you saying ea k? it's what i think a lot of these are. >> take your pick. >> laura: you know what i'm stunned when you hear actual interviews with actors and actresses, they are quite stunningly brilliant. there's never a cliche thrown out, there's always an interesting insight, very fascinating.
7:44 pm
>> they recite lines, they are given lines to recite. >> laura: raymond, you managed to make it all fun this friday. >> see you next week. >> brian: that is awesome, coming up much more show. the worst media offenders, the tape you don't want to miss is coming your way next.
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>> brian: it's so easy to become numb to media bias these days. the ingraham angle is keeping track of the worst offenders of the week. joining me now to discuss his former cnn commentator and contributing editor of american spectator, also with me is adam colette, thanks, guys. let's begin with the media taking a cue from biden and trashing the unvaccinated. >> those who refuse to get vaccines are men, they are white, their republican and half of them are were nonbelievers. >> being an antisocial jerk is not a protected category. everyone is entitled in this country to be an idiot. >> how do you feel about this?
7:50 pm
>> it makes me really mad because i got the moderna vaccine because part of a trial i'm a white male republican and at the time, the media in "the new york times" were sowing seeds of doubt in the vaccine, kamala harris, joe biden were running around saying i'm not going to get a trump vaccine. the media obviously, clearly even medicine the politicized medicine. vaccines are terrible until the democrats are elected president, then vaccines are great. >> they are insulting african-americans because on the whole they are trailing white americans by 15% in proportion to getting the vaccine. >> i'm not sure they understand at all what they are doing with it, i too have gotten the vaccination here and it's an insult to some of these people, particularly african-american community, i've had people in
7:51 pm
the african-american community explain to me why they have had problems in the past, that kind of thing -- there is historical reasons here we don't need to go into. yeah, to slam them like this is a terrible thing to say. this is a very serious issue and playing politics is not the right thing to do, period. >> brian: i think mandates are coming anyway. jeff, i will let you lead on this one after i show you the tape. chris cuomo i'm sure you didn't see showed off this tough guy persona but he really lost this sparring session. >> honestly, you sound like an idiot, good luck with it. >> so to you. >> only for having you on the show, that is my only mistake. >> at such a false sense of strength, such a stupid ethnic stereotype masculine thing to me. >> brian: with him gone,
7:52 pm
actually had that restaurant owner who said only unvaccinated can come in to my restaurant it's all about freedom, i can say with certainty that he was definitely not an idiot like chris cuomo portrayed him. your thoughts about that guy and his reaction. >> we've been around the television world, you can be assured this guy was checked out before they invited him on and there had to be some attention to do this. chris cuomo last summer was called out in a restaurant by some nitwit who went after him. he got very upset, he was out with his family -- i don't think that is the way to invite people
7:53 pm
on television and treat them, trying to make his restaurant work i was trying to make a mistake and advance the lack of credibility. >> brian: they didn't want to let him talk, he was saying to chris why did you break in quarantine. why did they get killed in nursing homes, he wasn't ready for those questions. >> that's right, first of all, this guy is probably the bravest among us, that is a state where they don't even want you to be -- they will regulate you out of business. the hypocrisy, chris cuomo had covid, broke quarantine, went out in the streets. where was the media? they mocked us for going on the beach and the socially distancing in the sand. and chris cuomo had covid and went out in public, the only
7:54 pm
thing i can think is because he was trying to get his brother's numbers for the record breaking cases of covid, that's why he did something so insane. >> brian: real quick, he was getting special tests from his brother and they were expediting him in a car service to get his results, this has gone full circle with him real quick, your thoughts? >> it has come i cannot imagine what he's thinking doing this. the cuomo family is a seriously political family, to not know the reverberations of doing something like this, it's not unlikely hunter biden situation where he said all sorts of unkind things the other day about people who were concerned about his influence. >> brian: jeff and adam, thanks so much. we will be right back.
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>> brian: that's all the time we have the night, thanks so much watching this this special edition of the ingraham angle. make sure if you have some time september 25th to visit the make we are on stage answering questions talking about politics and more, liberty and freedom and having some fun, let's go to and don't forget to watch to watch fox & friends every single morning. >> i said early in my comments, science, science, science, and science. on almost every subject you can name, science is the answer whether it's the climate crisis, health crisis, whether it's our preeminence in the world in technology, science, science, science. >> brian: if she says science one more time, she will melt. [cheers and applause]


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