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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 30, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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verizon launched the first 5g network and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g, by giving every customer a new 5g phone. old customers. new customers new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network. . >> tammy: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm tammy bruce. and tonight, joe biden and the democrats, they are lost. they are in retreat. all while spinning in a million different directions in what can only be described as a complete and total disarray and desperation. it is clear they are now the party of the forever pandemic. even floating more lockdowns all while our borders romaine wide open and city streets are becoming less safe by the day. for some inexplicable reason, they decided that threatening you is the way to get you to
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take the vaccine or maybe not. maybe this is simply the excuse to fundamentally transform america. because, after all. pandemic theater, fear-mongering and riots won them the white house. so what's the saying fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. after a year of complying and then through leaked emails, investigative reports. constant and public flip flop cd monovalent single behinded machine deciding to not let a good crisis go to waste. we have indicted the biden administration and its co-conspirators every night this week. now here we are in a surreal twilight zone where the cdc is telling the vaccinated to mask up, to protect the unvaccinated. with all we know about the data and observed reality, that's madness covered in crazy sauce. the largest teacher's union is now implying that children may not return to the classroom any time soon and some in the biden
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administration are even hinting that more lockdowns could be on the way. dr. nicole saphier, and investigative reporter lara logan join us later to discuss. now, to get the compliance, the establishment craze and now demands requires work within a triad of the bureaucracy, legacy media and big tech with major american newspapers now acting as propaganda sheets for the regime relying on big tech to ban or suspend those who dare to challenge the orthodoxy, dave rubin will unpack all of that for us. he is coming up soon. now, this is not about covid or our health even. we know it's serious. and always behave accordingly. this is about rejecting the exploitation of a health scare to expand political power while diminishing the lives of the average american. that would be us. now, enough is enough. so, where do we go from here? first, reject their premise on shutting down the economy, on shutting down schools. and on surrendering your life to the arbitrary proclamations of
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public health fraud. and it's not just covid. this week we have highlighted how americans from all walks of life are standing up to corruption and standing up to power centers. from parents standing up to their local woke school boards, to citizen journalists shining a light on abuse and exploitation. to police officers fighting every day to make their community more safe and secure, to community activists and whistleblowers daring to speak the truth in the name of exposes the monovalent ruling class. in the meantime the ruling elite are relying on misdirection. changing their stories, outright lying, stripping away our sovereignty and individuality all for the sake of enriching themselves and trying to throw everything our way hoping it will crush us. it's shock and awe political theater. but, you know, why now? because they are afraid of you. they have realized the american sovereign is not in a coma and we are engaged with our communities and our nation. as illustrated by the election of donald trump.
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we are embracing the best of american passion for our country and refusing to look away as the smug, arrogant and incompetent attempt to destroy our lives and the future. the open border allowing an unprecedented number of illegal aliens to enter the country and stay are considered by many to be future democrat voters. but why not just take a shortcut? from the "new york times," quote: there's no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote. well, that is the end game, you guys. a complete annihilation of our sovereignty, which means an end to the nation as we know it, stephen miller, america first legal founder and former senior adviser to president trump joins us and has a few things to say about that as you might imagine. so, tonight, i want you to remember that you are the boss. that you control your life. and that you, not the nanny state, knows what's best for you and your family. don't let them gaslight you. it's deciding that our heroes are george washington, alexander
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hamilton and abraham lincoln, not anthony fauci, andrew cuomo or nancy pelosi. we are the majority, we have the common sense. and we know whatever scheme they cook up next will be for the benefit of a very few at the expense of the many. we want communities that are thriving, borders that are secure, neighborhoods that are safe, and peoples who lives are valued. that is the america first agenda. we are for empowering the working class. respecting people enough to make their own decisions about what's best for their lives. and getting with the government the hell out of our way. courage is contagious. and the spirit of american exceptionalism is infectious. now, moments ago, joe biden or whoever is pulling his strings, warned of bringing back another dark winter. listen to this. >> mr. president, can americans expect -- should americans expect for guidelines coming up due to covid?
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>> in all probability. >> tammy: in all probability. that sounds like leadership to me. so, how do we stand up for freedom? and against big government tyranny? j.d. vance has an idea. he excoriated cdc director rochelle walensky for endorsing the idea of instituting vaccine passports here in the united states writing: there is nothing more an think they call to what this country stand for than draconian vaccine mandates. no american citizen should ever be denied service and treated like a second class citizen for refusing to get a vaccine. j.d. vance is the hillbilly eller guy and running in the state of ohio. j.d., thank you so much. i want to talk about your stance against vaccine mandates, clearly as you can tell from my monologue we are in the same space here. i do want your reaction to what president biden just said a moment ago. >> it's so crazy.
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first of all we want our leaders to actually lead to tell us what's going to happen. to tell us what we need to do how to get out of this problem, joe biden says in all probability? first of all, we're not going back to lockdowns, people will not accept living as second class citizens in their own country. not being able to go to the mall, not being able to go to the restaurant. not being able to take your kids to social functions. it's totally unacceptable and it's not going to happen. >> tammy: let me say and as we move into now these other ideas that would separate and segregate the american people. if you don't have your papers or for an in our american history which thank goodness we have grown out of and become a better nation is the idea that if you don't conform. if you don't look like other people, if you don't behave like a majority, you will have to sit in the back of the bus. you cannot sit at the counter in the diner. americans refuse to return to that dynamic. no matter what our skin color but especially for communities of color. and those who might not have the same kind of finances or access to power to push back.
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tell me how the vaccine passport mandate framework fit into that and you heard my monologue. that's one piece isn't it to everything they want to do? >> yeah, that's exactly right, tammy. you know, i'm running for that e from ohio to fight back go to j.d. if you are interested in helping out. the simple fact is we cannot let the government or these corporations turn people into second class citizens unless they bend at the knee and do what these institutions tell them to do. this is about bodily autonomy. this is about doing what you want to do with your own family, with your own rights. the simple fact is, look, i'm pro-vaccine, especially for those who are affected by covid. the elderly and sick and so forth. but you should have the choice on whether to take a brand new vaccine that has a who are tattle rate if you are young in some cases is not as bad as the seasonal flu. and the thing that i hate most about this, tammy, i have got a 4-year-old and 1-year-old boy. i'm sick of these bureaucrats
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experimenting on my children. that's what they are doing. the long-term lockdown, the long-term masking of kids so they can't see other kids smile, that's experimenting on our kids. if you want to experiment on somebody's kids, kamala harris, aoc and so forth, have your own kids. lay off of mine. >> tammy: this is, i think, the american people we have all been through our history. we have the access to the internet. we can find the details we want. we doer day when it comes to decisions about our own health, about our children, we work hard so we can move into certain neighborhoods because of issues of safety. that is always on our mind. this entire approach people have to realize we have been inundated for a year. none of this is normal. none this is likely constitutional. americans have never wanted this. we have been running and living our lives as individuals forever. and we -- we're being treated like we are brain dead. like we're infants. and they think we are going to fall for it. what do you say to the people
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watching here to be able to still take the virus seriously, get the vaccine if you want, i'm pro-it as well. but, all of this is making every -- i think most people suspicious about the intentions of the federal government. >> that's absolutely right. look, the reason we don't have people who trust public health authorities in this country is because the public health authorities have shown themselves as political hacks who don't deserve our trust. they have been on every side of every single issue during this pandemic. there are only so many times i as a human being, can listen to somebody talk out of both side of their mouth before saying these people either don't know what they are talking about or they are lying to us. what we need most from public health authorities in this country is a little humility. and that's not what we're getting at all as covid seems to be spiking in some of these places. >> tammy: part of, i think, the government problem and why trust has lessened is because agencies have become so politicized. especially our law enforcement
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agencies. right? when the fbi has got major problems. and then we see the hhs, the nih, right? all of these -- the doctors and everybody doing exactly the same thing. that is all political. that we -- we are supposed to be able to trust justice, law, it's meant to be, you know, evenly equally applied. but not when you are going to do it based on the yeant of, you know, a democratic party that runs a bureaucracy. we're where human beings get lost like we are moving through a paper shredder only we can stand up against that and i think we can do it by speaking up and doing what the founders established for us to do. >> yeah. i agree totally, tammy. look, if you ask questions, then they call autumn hick and tell to you shut up. if you are worried about this long-term masking of our kids you are a dumb hick, shut up. if you ask questions about the vaccine especially young people who have already had the disease you are a dumb hick, shut up. this is not how leaders in a constitutional republic act. this is how leaders in an
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oligarchy act. they are not acting like people who are our servants who we sent there to do a job. they are acting like people who control our lives. it's time to just say enough. enough of this. we are done with it. >> tammy: thank you j.d. this is about rejecting the premise. don't forget how are. all right. thank you very much. sir. now, coming up, no citizenship, no problem. the "new york times" bizarre new take on voting rights. but, first, the cdc's covid fear-mongering continues. why the data behind the new authoritarian mask guidance isn't mere nearly as scary as it sounds. dr. nicole saphier and lara logan will break it down for us next. ♪ ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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>> let me give you the facts about the delta variant and
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maybe this will help peter it spreads twice as easily from one pepper to another. and it's spreading rapidly. it is really just across the country. and that is just the facts. two months ago only 1% of covid in the u.s. were delta. now more than 80% are delta. >> tammy: as the white house pushes masks on vaccinated americans over fears of the delta variant, let's put some of these numbers in context, shall we? of the over 160 million americans vaccinated, there has only been .0038% of hospitalizations among vaccinated americans. and an even more minuscule .00.000077% of chance the of death. why is the cdc calling for masks for vaccinated why can't director rochelle walensky answer a simple question. >> when will we get back to
4:19 pm
normal if masks are not required. other variants come along what percentage of cases of hospitalizations do you not recommend wearing masks? >> frm. >> as we think about the absolute number of people who are getting infected, that is related to the number of people who have disease. the number of people who are vaccinated, and how well those vaccines work. so it is actually quantitatively possible to have 95% protection from hospitalizations and still have a lot of break through infections if most of your population is vaccinated. >> tammy: yeah, yeah. she didn't answer his question and that was a word salad. so, in other words, she wants a permanent pandemic they just haven't apparently thought about it let's ask fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier and host of lara logan has no agenda lara logan. dr. nicole saphier. we sat through that interview. first, give me your take on the fact that she is refusing to
4:20 pm
answer what the -- what the deadline numbers would be, the bar would be because to me that indicates they haven't thought about it, they don't know, they are winging this day by day. >> well, tammy, i think that she is trying to not give finite number continue to move the goal post which has continued to happen the last 18 months. i was frustrated listening to that people need to have that they need to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel if you are going to continue recommending these restrictions that have implications. you know, tammy, the data that came out of the cdc today or actually that leaked data that came out and was leaked to the "the washington post." >> tammy: it wasn't leaked. you know they gave it to them. it wasn't leaked. that was the first punch in our nose. that's what that was. >> here are my takeaways. first of all, great news, the data that they were saying is the same that we are seeing all across the globe that the mrna vaccines are over 90% effective
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against severe disease, hospitalizations and deaths. and still, over 80% effective of tom is aatic illness. with over 16 million americans vaccinated, you are going to see some break through infections. good news is, these vaccines for the overwhelming majority have turned covid-19 into a mild upper respiratory infection like the common cold. >> tammy: exactly. >> can that make people sick? sure. then it goes to the question can they transmit it to someone else? >> tammy: yeah. >> i think most people know if you have a common cold, can you give it to someone else. if you get sick, then you take precautions. >> tammy: i want to get to lara here, too. because what's strange here is that every step of the way, lara, it seems like they are pushing some kind of strange data or data that doesn't make sense or something you know, an outlining cape cod study, the indian study that they just don't want to talk about now because it used astrazeneca.
4:22 pm
you are investigative reporter, you deal with corruption. what does this look like to you? >> well, it looks like they don't want the pandemic to go away. and if you, you know, if you speak to oncologist who deals with bone cancer, they will tell you that they identify coronavirus, you know, many of them every single day. so there are always going to be coronavirus. and what they're not doing is when they talk about transmissibility, they never talk about asymptomatic cases. how many of those people who got the disease or, you know, who tested positive were actually sick and the other thing they don't want to talk about is the death rates because the death rate for the delta variant, if you look at the studies now, if you look at the rates in the u.s., it shows that it's pretty much comparable to flu. and, in fact, the death rates were going down before people were being vaccinated in the u.s. which speaks to natural immunity. >> tammy: great point. .>> that's the other thing noboy wants to talk about. in fact, if you listen to
4:23 pm
virologists. if you were to ask them in the laws of epidemiology, they care about death rates not transmissibility. they will also tell you when it comes to natural immunity if your t cells and memory b cells that are the most important not the antibodies. >> tammy: great point. >> with vaccines what they're finding they very specifically target the antibodies. if you really want the durable immunity from all these variants, that comes primarily from, you know, from natural immunity from having covid. >> tammy: right. >> that's the part that they won't factor into the conversation because it doesn't allow them to keep control over all of us. and dictate what we have to do with our own bodies. >> tammy: right. now, dr. nicole, you have got this -- you never hear them talking about natural immunity, the combinations of herd immunity, all of that that also kind of lends into a suspension about what's going on here. continue on with your point and, also, because we have got to get some legitimacy here. because we can't have the
4:24 pm
american people not trust the government. >> absolutely, tammy. and this goes to what lara was saying. the burning question is can those asymptomatic vaccinated people or those who have mild symptoms are they transmitting it to others? and what did not come out of the cdc, was any data proving that they do. and if they really cared about the truth, rather than just doing these laboratory viral loads test, they would actually be culturing the virus. because i'm tell you, i can go and stick a swab up a lot of people's noses and find dead viral particles. it doesn't mean it's infecting them. they are not giving it to anybody else. herd immunity has protected them from it that's being counted as a positive case. it doesn't make sense and i think it is criminal that the cdc refuses to acknowledge the protectiveness of natural immunity. >> tammy: now, we are almost out of time here. but we do have another declaration here. do we have this -- the cdc is having another recommendation. we have got a photography of what it is.
4:25 pm
i think we have got that here, yes. the cdc is now recommending wearing a seat belt even when you are outside of your car. i know, i guess we're going to have to deal with that, too. i'm not going to comply with that either. ladies, thank you very much. appreciate it now, up next. >> that's the babylon bee satire. >> tammy: they are. what's on joe biden's face? something is going on there. is it mustard? maybe it's a little egg salad. half a cheeto? we investigate. first, the biden administration finds a useful idiot to lander alanlaunder new covid narrative. we take it up with dave rubin after the break. ♪ ♪ fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels.
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millions of vulnerable americans struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. ♪ ♪ >> tammy: almost everyone needs a willing stooge and the biden administration has found theirs in the mainstream media with the "the washington post" and the "new york times" serving as the centers for disease control's main covid fear mongers. reporting on internal cdc memo
4:31 pm
last night, the post issued a headline saying the war has changed in regards to the drarnt. evoking images of a losing battle. while the "times" highlight you had that the day or night is more contagious than ebola. you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning by the way of catching ebola. so let's keep the fear-mongering in check. our next guest was temporarily suspended by the way by twitter after simply raising concerns over this ever changing covid narrative. dave rubin he tends to, you know, affection all kinds of platforms and people and now also the author of the upcoming book don't burn this country and the host of the reuben report, he joins me now. first of all, i hear that it was another mistake, dave, that it was those mistakes that only affect conservatives that you should never have been banned on twitter. what happened there?
4:32 pm
all the mistakes go in our direction it's very, very weird. in essence all my tweet said is that the federal government is looking into vaccination mandates. that's what biden said yesterday. the vaccines are not working as promised that's obvious because they are putting us all in masks again. they are prepping us for booster shots which we know is happening. that is what they said was misinformation about covid. they locked me out of my account for 12 hours. i will tell you, this tammy, if you have never been locked out of twitter they give you a countdown like a nuclear bomb go off you can watch the 12 hours go down. then this morning i did -- family family i feel like i have failed. because i have never been suspended by twitter. it's like i'm doing something wrong. >> patience, tammy, patience. in any event did i get an email this morning where they let me out of jail. they said it was an error which tells you all you need to know. today's errors are yesterday's misinformation. >> tammy: yes, my premise here and while we all do look at these moments when it happens
4:33 pm
because your voice then is quiet for 12 hours, that has a tremendous impact. it's not just with naomi wolf for president trump when they're off the platform then the promotion of other people and of other ideas also goes down. what do you think of my argument that, in fact, they are like the assignment desk, twitter is? they are the suspenders and the banners. if you challenge the orthodoxy which may, in fact, be completely wrong, it's not about misinformation, it's about not conforming, isn't that right? >> oh, of course because clearly what i said on all three fronts as i just laid out was not misinformation. this is stuff being reported in "the washington post" and cnn and "u.s.a. today" as i tweeted about this morning once they let me out of jail. but the simple fact is, we are watching a narrative collapse. one of the things that's happening in america right now is the left and the mainstream media and big tech, they love narrative rather than truth. so i just watched your previous segment, and it's good to see journalists like lara logan and
4:34 pm
doctors like dr. saphier talk about truth and not narrative. that's what we have to keep pushing. i have enough of a platform i started and i'm thrilled you are on there as well. i'm still able to communicate with my audience. with my phone still able to livestream and chat with my audience. and then because i have allies, like you, i was able to have people shed light on the fact that i was suspended and then eventually we shamed twitter enough to put me back on. the truth is 99.9% of people don't have that influence. so we don't know when other people are just taken out of these things. >> tammy: it's meant to frighten other people frighten your follow others. they know they don't have necessarily your foundation. it's meant to self-censor. we're supposed to just shut up. as j.d. vance said should up or hick. this is what we have to confront and deal with directly. you have a new book. it sounds very intrigues.
4:35 pm
tell us about that. >> yeah, well, you know my first book which came out about a year and a half ago was don't burn this book. and the idea was laying out the very basic principles that this country was founded upon about individual rights and rule of law and logic and reason and lay zay fair economics and capitalism. i think i gave a pretty strong defense in that book. this is part two of what i believe will be a thrilling trilogy. we live in a time when everything is collapsing. we are watching crime go rampant and homelessness explode and complete collapse of our institutional elite and trusted sources. what are the things that you can do to take the power back for yourself and whether that's owning your digital life. growing a garden or working out, there are ways to be more reliant on yourself than the big system. >> tammy: that is my belief and my foundation here. it's great to have you on. thank you for your perspective. and i am at tammy it's a great platform. thanks for starting it up. thank you very much, sir. >> see you there.
4:36 pm
>> tammy: next on "fox news primetime." a woman beheaded by her abusive ex. in broad daylight and no, not in a war zone, in minnesota. why her murderer was allowed to walk the streets despite violating his parole multiple times. ♪ ♪ i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ now is the time to ask your dermatologist about skyrizi.
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♪ >> tammy: ever wonder boy the democrats don't stop the crisis at our southern border. maybe it's because they want to turn those immigrant in democratic votes regardless of citizenship "new york times" out with a essay no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote. that's according to journalist abra herminey. she goes on to write it's time for democrats to radically expand the electorate. she is not ashamed to admit democrats are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of this change. here to explain the pit falls of voting. stephen miller american first legal founder and former -- it president trump. let's skip all those other steps
4:42 pm
or pretend would he go are going to import voters and import citizens. forget that part. they don't have time for that, do they. >> the "new york times" opinion piece is extraordinarily revealing for the mindset of the left. which is they want to erode and ultimately erase the very idea of american citizenship. voting is not just a right. it's also a responsibility. you have to learn our country's history, its culture, its language, its values. if you want to make an informed decision about voting. that's why this country has a naturalization process. a lawful process to go through, to learn who we're and what we are about. and one of the things that we did during the trump administration is actually been reversed by president biden, which we actually improved and upgraded the naturalization process to put a greater emphasis on american history and american values. >> tammy: you know, what's interesting is part of becoming an american, and you see this with people as they are sworn in, is that commitment, is
4:43 pm
people come here not because the weather is great. it's because they want to become an american. there is a transition that happens. it's almost like in your d.n.a. there is the freedom becomes palpable and clear. if that's -- if we are going to erase that, then effectively, there is no country. there is no sovereignty. there is no america within which to become a part of, is there? >> which is the entire goal. you know, when susan rice, who is currently the head of the domestic policy council, which means she is responsible for overseeing immigration and policy in the united states, when when she says what she did a few days ago that dreamers are americans. she is engaged in purposeful lying. and she is engaged in an attack on the english language. americans are americans. citizens are citizens. and dreamers, so-called, are illegal immigrants. and when we deprive people of this country of their language, of their ability to be able to
4:44 pm
speak clearly and say no, if you come here illegally you are not a citizen. you are not an american, you don't have the right to vote in our elections, you do not have the right to occupy american jobs. these are not controversial thoughts. these are basic fundamental ideas to what it means to have and to keep a nation. >> tammy: see, we're a nation that's based on an idea. and it makes a result easier to kind of squash that idea with changing the language, making one of the most important rights, the right to vote as a citizen. that's the thing that we have. and, in the mean time, i know that you i believe just filed a lawsuit. through your foundation, your legal foundation, that deals with the race based support for farmers. what's that about? >> well, i'm proud to discuss this exclusively tonight with you and your viewing audience. hot off the presses we have just filed a brand new lawsuit against the administration and has to do with this very idea of what it means to be a citizen that we are talking about. being a citizen in this country
4:45 pm
means you get treated equally. the small business administration the head of the sba unlawfully and unconstitutionally deprived american restaurant owners of their right to access relief funds because of their race, depriving them of their rights as citizens with this racial preferences scheme. now, we beat that in court but here's the problem. many, many, many american restaurant owners never got their loans before we won that court ruling. so we are suing her. we are suing administrator guzman in her personal capacity under longstanding supreme court precedent that says if you violate someone's constitutional rights, even if you are a government officer, you could be held personally account being. >> tammy: wow, great. >> we are asking the court to make her pay damages to these americans. we're fighting back and any restaurant on who filed in that lawful window was deprived, join our lawsuit and we are going to establish in this country a
4:46 pm
principle for every biden staffer, you break someone's rights, you violate your constitutional oath, there will be legal consequences. >> tammy: excellent. and what's your website so people know how to reach out out. >> af >> tammy: perfect. great job and thank you very much for sharing it with us. now, we are learning new information about the gruesome beheading of a woman near minneapolis this week and why the alleged killer was free to walk the streets in the first place. today police charging alexis with second degree intentional murder for his role in the death of. local report suggest he was released on bond this spring after allegedly trying to burn down his apartment in 2020 just three years after he was convicted of domestic assault charges in 2017. here now radio host and editorial director of the daily caller, a very busy man. great story at the daily caller covering this these are the things that americans need to know about what is transpiring
4:47 pm
in great american cities. give us a picture about why this is even possible right now. >> yeah, when we often talk about crime, a lot of focus is, of course, placed on the police. it's not just the police in our criminal justice system that needs to work. it's the prosecutors and courts as well. and this beheading this week is going to place a lot of focus on the court that released this guy. ultimately he has a couple of convictions in his past. one of them for domestic abuse. the initials match up with america -- probably he domestically abused her in 2017 before he subsequently now murdered her. as you mentioned he apparently tried to set fire to his own apartment last year and that led to a court hearing this spring where a court doctor recommended that he be taken into custody and held there because he is a threat to the community. the judge released him and now this is the result. >> tammy: would you say, i mean, it seems to be clear that the rhetoric that is coming out of washington out of certain politicians the defund the police movement, this rejection
4:48 pm
of justice and repercussions and responsibility that this is what is driving this would you agree with that? >> a consequence-free world is a world in which criminals thrive. that is what we have created. i near in d.c., nyiah courtney 6 years old killed two fridays ago now killed in d.c. gunned down in the middle you have the night. the person who killed her already was in trouble in maryland this past year for an illegal weapons charge and grand theft auto. this is typical. these are criminals who get released back into the public. and then go on to commit heinous acts of violence. >> tammy: you know, and people think -- some people are being told or believe this is just some natural progression of evil america. this is the result of policy as well. it's a result of rhetoric whether they can't -- oh, we're not going to defund the police. the rhetoric has made it impossible for the police to do their job. so the police resign or move on to some other career or they quit or whatever they do. but this is the end result of
4:49 pm
the democratic mindset. it's an extraordinary development and it's affecting every city, not just blue cities at this point. >> and it's the product of democrats who don't feel that they need to actually change the laws in order to change what the laws are. >> tammy: yes. >> you are looking at district attorneys, states attorneys, commonwealth attorneys across the country being put into place by wealthy liberal donors like george soros definitely bank rolled these types of campaigns in order get these guys to not prosecute crimes. it's a big deal. >> tammy: this is an agenda. it's planned. it's a strategy and paid for. vince, great. thank you very much for being here. you are also on wmal on your radio show; isn't that right? >> that's right. thank you, tammy. >> tammy: daily caller vince. coming up next, emily compagno is here. she is on the clock. you don't want to miss it. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ed an ecolab scientific clean here.
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♪ ♪ >> tammy: we are back and we are going to put the wonderful cohost of "outnumbered" emily compagno on the clock where we will cover for two seconds, 60 seconds each and you are ready. is that right? speak i'm so ready, tammy. let's do this. >> tammy: we've all had umbrella issues but u.k. prime minister seems to have a disturbing amount of time handling his. boris could not be the center of attention as he was wrestling away with a stubborn umbrella yesterday during a ceremony for fallen police officers. what is that all about? 'm sorry for laughing at what should be a somber ceremony but i have to say, as a californian that lives in seattle i totally relate to him. i've had this moment a thousand times over, i've stabbed myself in the eye, i wrestled with it in the wind however i don't think he has an excuse because he is a brit so if you like they are born holding that umbrella,
4:56 pm
right? >> tammy: this is the thing where they come out with one, they are born, they are there as an infant, they've got their umbrella, their bowler hat on. next, i mean, we are ready to go. here we go. what's our next one? joe biden, this is shocking. seems to have been caught off guard. i know that never happens to him. during a meeting earlier today after one of his aides handed him a note card with this message. "sir, there is something on your chin." emily, take it away. >> i think this age should be promoted. how many times have you come out of the meeting or a lunch date or something and no one told you there was something in your teeth are on your face. i love this. a friend failed to tell me there was something totally big in my teeth the whole time. i love this, i love the star, it is totally polite and shows
4:57 pm
deference. 100%, i will stop strangers on the street and will be like, ma'am, your tag is out. we have to help each other out. especially in a meeting, everyone gets distracted and you have to hear with the commander in chief has to say. >> tammy: he doesn't have a perpetual -- in his ear, he required a note. that makes sense. next up hunter biden seems to have some strong words for anyone who is criticizing his passion for art. listen to this. >> other than [bleep] them. i never said my art was going to cost what it was going to cost or what it would be priced at. i would be amazed of my art sold for $10. >> tammy: some of it might sell for half a million but even he is admitting that it might not to be worth that. speak of the naivety that shows is not only par for the course but the whole thing is a farce. you know the art auction and
4:58 pm
sale injury is the largest unregulated legal industry in the united states and it is rife with corruption and money laundering and the light, so much so there was a bipartisan senate investigation into it in the whole point is he would be the first understand there are eyebrows being raised and if he really feels this way he should either be anonymous or donate all his proceeds to charity where all of those proceeds -- >> tammy: seems like that would ruin the entire point of getting the benefit of it. the next subject here, beautiful bel air estate was just put up for sale and it features seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, over t has not been occupied by its current owners in 20 years but there is one caveat. it's owned by the bin laden family. take it away. >> i had to read more into this to make sure that what i said was thoughtful. first of all, he is 1 of 56 children. he is the half-brother of osama.
4:59 pm
it's been empty for decades but this house has a really incredible history. one of the previous owners -- >> tammy: it's pink. >> yes, and that, but one of the former owners produced "singing in the rain" and "wizard of oz." i feel like we need to sell this, have the proceeds go to charity, the 9/11 fund and put it up as a museum disregarding the slight chapter when it was used to film movies. >> tammy: that is a great idea because we have to think about things like that. last night we said, i guess this is important for all of us to know, thank you, last night we said shake shack was going to check your vaccination status at the door. it turns out it is danny myers restaurant group, not shake shack specifically. he founded shake shack but this does not involve shake shack. that is the good news. you can still order a burger and a shake in this country without a note from your doctor. if i must say, one of the best
5:00 pm
burgers and shakes. thank you all very much for watching "fox news prime time" all this week. my thanks to the entire team here. i'm tammy bruce, you can find me at tammy tucker carlson is coming up next. thanks, everyone. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." so you've got the covid vaccine because they told you to get it or they forced you to get it because as joe biden himself explained, it was your patriotic duty to get it. check yourself and protect others, good people do that. and the only way we can stop the spread of this virus and return to normal life is by taking the vaccine. if you get the shot, you can have hot dogs on the fourth of july. nobody told you


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