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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 30, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> i was and the tunnels this morning, socially distant from anyone else, i've had covid and had two vaccinations, i'm washing my hands and i am even wearing the mask inside of the chamber but i'm not can wear it anywhere else. so madame speaker, come and get me. >> we will hear from her at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. and we will go back to the border for that. "the five" starts now. >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with katie pavlich, richard fowler, shannon bream and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 and that this is "the five." before that didn't take long, covid hypocrite nancy pelosi already breaking her own mask rules.
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republican lawmakers protesting the new rules after a capitol police memo said staffers and visitors could be arrested for not covering their faces. police are backing away from that order but lawmakers could face hefty crimes atomic fines and they are not happy. >> they will not comply. nancy pelosi has opted to rule the speaker of the house more a tyrant than the speed of the house. >> nancy pelosi is totally off the rails. >> that's what they make and people don't want to see anymore is this kind of tyrannical behavior of people running our institutions. >> jesse: that comes as the cdc finally releases the data justifying its 180 on masks. documents say the delta variant can spread as easily as a chicken pox and vaccinated people can become infected and may be able to spread it. but the cdc also says breakthrough cases are still uncommon and the data is
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preliminary. as "the new york post" points out, out of 169 million vaccinated, just 1,141 died or .0007%. greg, you have more likelihood of dying in a car crash then you do from dying of covid if you are vaccinated. i don't think anybody should drive anymore. >> greg: i don't think it's even close. but what they are saying is you could be arrested. meanwhile you could's chop left a $900 worth of stuff from california, over and over in california and not be arrested. if you could mug and i felt people in new york city but be out before the paperwork is done. but you can go to jail if you are not wearing a mask in d.c. what do you tell your cellmate? it's not very impressive when
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you say what are you in for? the staffers could be arrested, but not the actual house members. so think about that, it's pure political privilege and he wanted an example of systemic inequality? that's it. imagine either of you were wearing masks and you are not going to wear them in the office, they say we will take you but you can stay. of course you would throw your staff under the bus at any moment. we know this inequality exists in politics and in fact it's the most compelling reason to become a politician, to become exempt from the rules that you yourself create. and that's why gavin newsom gets a party without his mask and hunter biden gets to violate gun laws and you can drive off a bridge with a woman and she could die and you could still have a political career. that's why they are in politics, to get away with murder. figuratively and literally.
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>> jesse: richard, your thoughts? >> richard: i agree with greg, you could not release your tax returns and still go to jail. >> greg: but you knew that was coming. [laughs] i think we have to figure out how we got here. we have people in this country that are on vaccinated and unvaccinated people are spreading the delta variant. >> greg: that's not true! >> richard: why are we back in masks then? >> greg: we are back in masks because we don't have a plan. >> richard: do you believe that covid-19 is not spreading in the current moment? and how do you determine his vaccinated or not vaccinated? >> the problem is you can't have your kick and eat it too? i don't care what analogy want to use here but you can't say we
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don't want any masks, we don't want any lockdown but we are also not going to take the vaccine. we have an increase in hospitalizations and an increase in death which is happening and part of the country. >> i would love to answer some of richard's questions. >> i'm not talking about -- i'm talking about on the ground. i've seen you out there. [laughs] >> i seen you. i have people. [laughs] >> kaite: at the first reason we have wuhan coronavirus in the first place is because of the chinese communist party and people like dr. fauci trust of the world health organization early on. we never found out what really happened and had a hard time combating this from the very beginning. in terms of why we are not wearing masks now in according to the cdc director, she says that vaccinated people are now infecting other vaccinated people so that's the justification that she said.
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the main reason why these additional mask mandates after reversing them from their decision just two months ago. i think we need to pump the brakes on the panic here. if you look at the data of who is susceptible to death or hospitalization even without the vaccine, if you are from ages 18-64, you have 99.5% of surviving covid-19 without the vaccine. if you are over 65 your risk goes up or death or hospitalization. in terms of the new variant for delta, the media is panicking and recklessly reporting it as there are more cases and more hospitalizations. at the hospitalized are on vaccinated and the breakthrough cases are not serious illness. so the standard has moved to, cases are, people are just getting sick rather than having a serious illness and creating panic out of it because it's good for the media. and the cdc has been terrible on the messages.
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if you want to know why we are back here it's because the standards have moved and they are treating people in a way that does not have civil liberties. the >> shannon: if you look at the cdc slide presentations and they are talking about the fact that -- >> greg: shannon, we have to cut you off because no one can hear you apparently. >> shannon: oh, i love this, this is so cozy. anyway. listen. the cdc is now going to have to move the goalpost in full view of the public as "washington post" said last night because we are getting more data but if the data is relying on a study out of india partially that deals with vaccines that we don't -- oh, i think i have my microphone now. [laughs] >> we are not social delete
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distance. but the cdc has computers so many people so even when you have mainstream media saying it so confusing, they had a total meltdown in d.c. where many of us at this table live and work and eat and do all those kinds of things saying, the mayor said the city is open but everybody has to re-mask. their businesses are now complaining saying we have held on for 15 or 16 months. this is so confusing, people aren't going to come out again because they are afraid and they think they can't get in without a mask and we don't know what to do and you are hurting our ability to reopen. >> i understand that, i think the cdc message has been very confusing. but that doesn't take away from the fact that hospitalization rates are back to where we were in january, back to mid-may and april according to bloomberg. so in places like florida, mid-march and early april, but still more people than we were. >> in the last two weeks there was one person who died from
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covid. >> jesse: we average one death per week in d.c. >> but those are different regions. and i agree with you. >> shannon: and we've had 11 homicides at victims. >> we were talking about d.c. and that was a topic of the segment. coming up, more backlash to bidens border crisis as the doj tries to crack down on texas from stopping the surge. ♪ ♪
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it comes to border immigration. >> we are urging president biden to create a special position to bring order to chaos and put somebody in charge whose focuses just on the border and all the problems associated with it that would have credibility in the eyes of congress. >> that comes as the justice department threatens legal action over an order from texas governor greg abbott. jesse, he said let's appoint someone to oversee, i thought that's what the vice president was doing? >> root cause, shannon. so the media has really failed to do its job because that's the only way biden is going to do anything. we had our team research because they stopped covering the border. they covered the border from about mid-march two mid-april.
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just a month, and if something happened at the end that made them stop covering it. we looked into it, and they can't film the kids so they dropped it. the other thing is, he announced the mask mandate. and that made the media just forget about the border. i'm guilty of this, when you are living in new york as a member of the media you don't pitch stories that go south after about march. it because then it's hot and then it gets nice out here. you want to get sun. they went and got their son in february and march and then they don't do that anymore so they are just not going to cover the story at this point anymore and that's terrible because his owners love it because they get the cheap labor, but they are
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really importing covid-19 and that's a real problem. i saw the tucker thing the other day and people are not arming themselves. i'm very scared. a rancher is either going to get shot, and sadly it's going to take a homicide to get people's attention again. >> i was reading this morning about the coast guard going out and we know they are facing potential death and the border is under control, and the south. and those are people that we know would probably have legit asylum claims. if you have covid and you are walking over the border and you want to get on a bus or plane or anywhere in the country, you get that for free from the federal
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government. the government will allow covert positive individuals who broke the law to get into the country to infect other people at publix establishments not to tell local law enforcement that they are there, at the same time for washington, d.c., when americans are having to go through all this other stuff. the unvaccinated a legal immigrants are coming over the border and i think this letter, that's the part about jeh johnson and that says the reason we are picking him, we thought about putting a republican in charge, and that's implementing public health protocols we will see if they actually go through with that.
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>> does the step on the administration's messaging about please, i'm appealing to you. let's protect people and everybody has to do their part. you hear these cases and it seems to, someone might take him seriously with that going on. >> richard: i think there is a problem with figuring out how to cope with positive people are crossing the border. so hiring someone to do the job is not a bad idea. his skilled but he's been in homeland security and understands the job. that being said i think we have to have a larger conversation about how we fix the problems of the border. i do stories on the border, i don't know about jesse. but i wrote a story about the border for forbes and what we found was folks seeking asylum would qualify as cuban migrants. the problem is we have an archaic and old system. according to the bar system, he said it you have to understand, we are literally working on
2:20 pm
1980s laws and we have a court that's absolutely backlogged and a court that's not like the normal court that you see every day were the judge is separate from the prosecutor. we have laws which allow them to mandate quotas and slow down and speed up the process. >> that's actually changing the 1980 laws. >> i agree with you on that and i'm happy to see some bipartisanship on capitol hill and hopefully listening to these two members of congress and figure out how do we actually passed something that deals with this and deals with the dreamers and gets it all sold. >> greg, apparently the cubans need to go to mexico and come in that way. >> that's the conversation we keep having. but had a larger conversation saying, we need to have a larger conversation and that's kicking the can down the road. i hate using that phrase and i'm angry at you for making me use that phrase. >> i'm angry that you use the phrase comic phrase.
2:21 pm
the media can only deal with left versus right conflict. we are wondering why the media isn't covering this, but that's not their interest. their interest is to create a profit based on left versus right. so they can call you a criminal for not wearing a mask and then call you a criminal for not being vaccinated. they could arrest you if you don't wear a mask but if they say someone crossing the border is illegal, you're a bigot. so there's all this lawbreaking going on, but this is what -- i'm very cynical about any kind of bipartisanship on this because the administration could stop this today. all you have to do this in the message, don't, then you could literally close the border and deal with it seriously. but did you ever notice how easy it is for things to be turned off and turned on based on who is in power? it's like twisting it off, pre-election. you had out lot of antifa, a lot
2:22 pm
of blm post election, where did they go? it wasn't like there needs were met. we don't hear about them anymore, we don't see footage of it. so border searches were not like this pre-election, postelection, now they can come in. what i'm saying is when the dems are out of power there is a threat of violence nationwide it, no open borders. kids in cages of course, the democrats coming to power in the activism stops because they got what they want and they open the border because they want people to come in. so this stuff is manipulated by people in power. they could stop this. they could turn the dial but they don't. >> richard: but donald trump close the border with title 42 in march 2020 people were the border. >> shannon: while and now this administration -- >> greg: that's like saying,
2:23 pm
it also rained but it wasn't a typhoon. listen, everybody agrees that it's nonpartisan, and that these numbers are the worst they've been. okay. i had it, san francisco's radical d.a. aching excuses for the shoplifting surge plaguing his city. ♪ ♪ now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. mm. [ clicks tongue ]
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>> richard: san francisco's progressive d.a. appears to be defending a serial shoplifter. video at our walgreens shows a man loading up a garbage bag and writing out of the store. when i watched his video i was thinking of five questions that
2:28 pm
people are not asking that they should be. as a drug addicted, mentally ill, not desperate. as a part of a retail fencing operation? what's driving this behavior and is it a way representative because it was presented as something symptomatic. now i don't know if i agree with this, but what's your take shannon? >> shannon: we have all these stores and nothing in these neighborhoods that they are going to go out of business or they are severely limiting hours, you can go to target from nine until five. well if you have a 9-5 job or something traditional you can't go to target at night. so what kind of signals does that send to them? like we don't care what's happening here, you just lose the ability to have retail outlets in your area and i think if you talk to the people who live there and certainly the people who work there, these stories will operate at a loss. >> richard: one of my biggest
2:29 pm
problems with policymakers is when they write policies they don't go back to check to see if it's working or not working. so there's cases in which you do need cash bail, and after the third or fourth or fifth time, then you need consequences for your action because you are hurting people in your community. >> greg: the questions, is he a junkie or part of a criminal empire, i would ask that of chase a booting because he has no compassion for the people of san francisco. the people getting hurt are the minorities and elderly and if you think that they will walk to another place, and a lot of people are using these drug stores for primary groceries. we fell for the wordsmithing of the left where every bad idea they dress up as reformed. so when someone says you know we
2:30 pm
need to, some reform. they can't be all bad, it's like it's time for reform. these days it reform as a trojan horse for radical disruptions that have infiltrated all parts of our society including the justice system. we are now at the consequence of it. it's frustrating to see this happening but it's on our watch. we got so into our -- think about it, why is all this happening? we are such a distracted country that we let the most radical elements of society walk right through the front door and drink our milk shake. they are in our companies, our justice system, but we are sitting here looking at our phones playing some weird phone game and we just let everything walk right by. if we just paid attention we would have seen this happen. >> greg: they walk by and we just film it. don't get involved, just moment. but no bail, how did that
2:31 pm
happen? you can't chase criminals and cars. those are some of the words they used. and that's what we are talking about. >> i'm tired of being lied to. >> when we are talking about sentencing a different kinds of things, we keep asking why does this keep happening and why is this okay, how does it keep happening over and over again. to understand why you have to understand the ideology of the leftist das. the d.a. in san francisco, his parents went to prison in the 1980s after killing a police officer and a brinks guard. within raised and didn't have consequences for that and he truly believes the system is unjust, the system is racist and therefore when people go into stores for the fifth time and cleaned it out and it's
2:32 pm
justified because the system is against them. that's the ideology that he truly believes in. some people in san francisco try to recall him, not sure that will happen but it's not a mistake that this is happening. it's a deep-seated biology, biology on the left. >> richard: jesse what's your take? x before my take is this. the american society is coming apart. they were just about the criminal. he was entirely focused on empathizing the criminal and you can't have a country that you treat like a commune where you just to go in and take whatever he wants. and katie is right. if you are raised by a underground domestic terrorist and your parents are in prison,
2:33 pm
you take out your psychological childhood trauma on innocent people. and that's why you should be recalled. and that's why i would place my signature on that piece of paper. >> i think there is a delineation, and you also have to look at the path that doesn't work. you re-examine what the no cash looks like, and it doesn't work. >> good luck to you re-examining that. >> anyway, up next, the democrats are worried that kamala harris could doom them for the midterms. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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♪ ♪ >> kaite: president biden and the democrats have a huge political problem on their hands, vice president, harris and the bp poll numbers are dropping like a rock and there is concern that harris could doom democrats into the midterms. to be it's because of like these. >> do you plan to visit the border? >> not today. [laughs] >> we've been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i have been to europe. >> you will have tuesday rocks or photocopier i.d. it there are people live in the world community, there's no kinko's or officemax. >> kaite: they think it will be really good for them. >> anybody in a real swing district, they are not sending her. she's underwater in the real clear politics average and that
2:39 pm
is hard to do as a democrat. i looked at the trend line and it really started to dip once a joke put her -- why are you laughing? and you know rigged polls, richard. the democrats knew she flaked. remember when joe tapped her? she didn't even get a bump. then when she debated pens, he mopped the floor with her. if it wasn't for the fly on his head it would've been a perfect game. the rest is cackling and dodging and though she is jealous of jill because jill is getting good press. the vp is a huge asset. she's young and she can travel and her schedules more flexible. you won't be able to deploy her where you want to deploy her because it could backfire and that kind of goes to jump. it tells you who joe is as a politician to pick someone not bad as your number one.
2:40 pm
>> one was the last time you did a whole segment about mike pence or dick cheney? or george w. bush? i mean -- i am speaking. i'm speaking. my point here is, i think the reason why she's getting at that is because she is the first woman to take a case. >> you are better than that. you are better than that. >> and the media was so nice to sarah palin. >> i'm not going to mix apples and oranges, i'll call a spade a spade. >> greg: and so, so it's -- >> both when they were candidates and other she's a vice president. i think also it's very early in the vice president's term, she
2:41 pm
had one on the campaign trail yet, and what she has been doing is raising money for the parties and doing that very effectively so she's doing part of her job effectively and we have to see what happened. >> greg: i don't think joe picked her, that's the first part. the dems thought they actually drafted capable quarterback in her but they got an erratic place kicker who with almost all the kicks. and she's not into it, she doesn't like it. she's got nervous laughter and the exhaustion. i was a tech writer and it was so over my head, talking in vagaries and generalities, exactly what she did. i thought her flaws could be
2:42 pm
remedied but always give the impression that she was a light weight and with the wrong person for the wrong job but it hasn't changed. what made it worse was even the root cause term paper that they assigned her. it felt like it was an assignment that i did in grade school for you... s grant and everything that was in her thing could have been cobbled together from wikipedia. she didn't have to actually go there, nothing in that makework paper assigned to her came across as anything or fresh. it was just kind of embarrassing. i think they will have to make a decision soon. the upside is, she's created a bar solo that anytime she does something halfway decent, it will be considered a success in the media. they want to root for her. no one is being sexist towards her. they want her to succeed. so it's something tiny that's right. it will be all over.
2:43 pm
>> kaite: women aren't so fond of the vice president regardless of political party. >> shannon: during the campaign we got a memo that came up from a large number of women's groups that said, we are watching you. do you guys are a member that memo? at several pages long. large groups of women representing women but they said you can't talk about her because if you do it's going to be sexist and she's going to be mad. she dropped out of the primaries and single digits, but it wasn't like there was overwhelming thirst for her during the primaries and she's going to have to find a way to connect. they are giving her some of the toughest assignments and there's grumbling among washington and her staff, like she's getting the assignment. >> greg: likes to get the single digits were staff.
2:44 pm
>> richard: i'm proud to see kamala harris there and i want her to do the best job possible. >> kaite: may be she's doing a better job now and maybe she can improve. fan mail friday is up next. ♪ ♪ something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ] hot dog or... chicken? [ squawk ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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during an emergency.
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>> greg: what a perverted family. it's fan mail friday, we are here to answer your questions. the back story of the brady bunch is very grim. [laughs] what's the one thing you have done in your lifetime that you would recommend others do? shannon? >> shannon: when i was in college i got a chance to travel to brazil on a missions trip and it was the best thing is a 20-year-old kid i could have done to see the rest of the world how they lived, and there were interesting foods that we were eating and spider's and cold showers that we took. but these people were so joyful,
2:49 pm
i love seeing it. >> jesse: i have been to 48 out of 50 states. it's important for all americans to travel within america as much as possible. >> greg: you should look at pictures of dakota fanning. >> richard: i've got you beat, i've been to alaska. but i have free fall off a cliff, that was pretty fun. and for me it was a test of fear, i thought i have to let fear go and jump. >> do you have a fear of heights? >> richard: not a fear of heights, it was just how high. >> kaite: i would say work at a car wash or another through blue-collar tough job in a blizzard. lots of life lessons in a blizzard.
2:50 pm
>> greg: i think everyone should do in their lifetime's have one psychedelic trip. it's pretty obvious. you have to do it with an expert though. you have to do it with a guide. >> richard: are you a guide? >> greg: yes. no, i'm not a guide. this is from karen k. what habit do you have that probably noise your coworkers, jesse? >> jesse: well, i know shrimp bothers you, when i brought shrimp in. i don't think i bother you. do i bother you? i feel like i entertain you. >> greg: you to entertain me. >> jesse: may be in the media relations department, but things are getting better. >> greg: you speak off-the-cuff that could probably make people nervous. katie? >> kaite: may be following up
2:51 pm
on something that's already done. mike, i got it boss, relax. before you do that. >> greg: i do that all the time. like i just had an epiphany, i'm one of those people. >> shannon: i sing a lot. i do, there's an 80 assigned by the way that goes with every situation, i will burst into song at all any time. >> greg: we are getting close to the final countdown. >> richard: i don't follow-up. >> greg: what do you do to annoy people? >> richard: i don't follow-up. >> greg: i talked to myself. i talk to myself constantly. >> jesse: i'm not annoyed by that, i'm intrigued. >> greg: i'm working through the solutions and i have to do it out loud because then i use all my senses. >> kaite: my dog helps me. >> greg: all right, "one more thing" up next.
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♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: all right. let's do this, okay? >> it's greg's international, global, amazing, awesome, national awesome appreciation week. >> greg: very, very excited we are officially on the eighth day of the josh groban appreciation week. we reached out to josh groban's team for a comment and we received this response. [laughter] while we are very happy -- did you know that before going to music he washed windows at a general store for 5 bucks an hour. he him and his younger were born on the exact day four years apart. his nickname grobe golden grobe.
2:57 pm
watch my show tonight gut feldt. i have brian kilmeade. kennedy, kat and somebody else. >> jesse: got to get the grobes that culminates the appreciation weeks. >> jesse: today is national father-in-law day. i want to give a shout out to greg who is holding jesse jr. he is a great grandfather. not a great grandfather, but a great, grandfather. you know what i mean by that husband, father and throws a nice bag. >> greg: throw as nice bag? >> jesse: that's corn hole. gut gets that's not what it means at my house. >> jesse: i don't want to come over. this weekend i'm going to be promoting somebody else's peculiar. ben shapiro has a good book. we will be talking about that. and i'm going to be on trey
2:58 pm
gowdy's show on sunday. watters world on saturday and trey gowdy on sunday. >> shannon: more than 40 million people all across the globe who are still trafficked, sold, we are talking about human beings and real lives. i have a great friend from college who heads up a group world health. get these people out and give them a new life. give them skills so they can work and have some kind of economic hope again. world help. your part today. >> jesse: human trafficking. >> we have serious. all right. katie? >> katie: the american olympians aren't just bringing gold medals home they are showing off awesome nail art. sunni lee the gymnast who took home the gold medal. white nails with olympic rippings. makayla skinner team u.s.a. star accent in addition to the rings. reagan smith the u.s.a. swimmer competed in very colorful oval
2:59 pm
shaped nails and katie ledecky the swim legend who won the gold medal in the debut of the 500 freestyle race of the women competed in bright red nails with fun polka dot. >> greg: where are the men? >> katie: this is a women's only segment. >> greg: gender discrimination. >> shannon: they won gold medals you have to give it to them. >> richard: i'm here for the olympics. check out the footage damage of the team dancing across the zebra streets streets ofio. track and field started late this week. i'm excited for my favorite event in the olympics. routing for team u.s.a. and team jamaica which will be very hard in some of these convenience where they will be going head to head. but i'm looking forward to track and field this week a good time. >> jesse: we have the medal count here, u.s.a. 41. china 40. >> katie: good. >> jesse: russia 34. japan 28. we are only up one on the chinese.
3:00 pm
>> shannon: still winning. >> bret: 's go. track and field. >> richard: unless jamaica gets in the way. >> they are so far down on the count. >> richard: take the gold away. >> shannon: greg is done. >> jesse: that's it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. i know i will. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, new questions about the biden administration's strategic retreat in the fails of the coronavirus resurgence and the delta variant. the severity of that. how the centers for disease control and prevention, the cdc came up with its latest recommendations. we are getting an inside look at new information tonight from the agency that is being used to justify the new policies. and president biden is said to be considering a national vaccine requirement but not the white house now


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