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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 30, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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member, which was one of the points we made a moment ago. they can get away with a lot. weird outfits and eccentric care. they are good looking. >> when you have a face like brad pitt -- no offense, nicole, i think he's cute. that is all the time we have. had a great weekend and get a haircut. thank you to everyone. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: lawmakers on both sides of the aisle siding the alarm of the crisis on the southern border. lindsey graham and democratic congressman henry cuellar saying the situation is getting so bad that they want president biden to bring back a top obama era official. senator lindsey graham himself will join us live. >> we will also hear from carl brough on "the new york times" essay saying that noncitizens should have the right to vote. charlie hurt is here and
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charles gasparino joined us on congresswoman ilhan omar's new push for a universal basic income. >> the war has changed. those words coming from a new and alarming cdc memo from the threat posed by the delta variant. hello and welcome everybody. i am sandra smith from new york. the two hello, i am eric shawn and for john roberts. that report comes just after president biden announces new steps to increase the vaccination rate. the cdc director says that the delta variant is one of the most transmissible virus as she has ever seen and is calling for extreme measures to be taken. >> sandra: the delta variant is as contagious as the chicken pox. vaccinated people may be able to spread the virus just as easy as those who are unvaccinated, but vaccines are still preventing severe disease and more than 90%
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of all cases. >> eric: that is reassuring, but we have team fox coverage and marc siegel joining us in just a few moments. we go to stay. >> at this point, there seems to be a gap between the drama and the alarm bells from that "washington post" report which excites internal documents of the cdc. some real alarm bells such as "this requires a new war." we need to take "extreme measures." all of that in the internal documents. as far as today because, with the cdc just raising some information, does alarm bells are not in a much more sanitized cdc report. it simply says that people who have been vaccinated needs to wear masks and certain conditions and in areas where there is a high rate of transmission and that they vaccinated can transmit the virus. and a lot less drama and watch the cdc is reporting so far
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today. this comes, of course, as hospital rates across the u.s. are climbing. those rates are climbing mainly for the unvaccinated. >> we are seeing more hospitalized patients with serious covid, and here is the bottom line. well over 90% of those patients are unvaccinated. it really is unusual to see a vaccinated person need hospitalization. >> it is important to keep these hospitalization figures and perspective as well. the cdc says they are up 32% in hospitalizations this week compared to last week. but if you go back, they are just one fifth of the rate of hospitalizations as when the virus was at its peak in january. eric, back to you. >> sandra: let's bring in dr. marc siegel. "the new york post" is screaming
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insanity. put it up on the screen. it says "these equal 161 million vaccinated u.s. resident. of those, 161 -- 1,141 died, or .0007%. the post is asking this question. why the panic? >> there is a couple of things. why the panic? first of all, it is more cases that are being reported. when everyone here is that, they think how many more cases? second thing is comparing this to chicken pox is not wise. you know why? chicken pox hangs in the air and brooms you have been in and you can get it hours after. it is on furniture, clothing. we have already shown that covid-19 doesn't spread that way. i think it is better to use the idea that it is a lot more
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transmissible or contagious than previous iterations of this virus. the other thing is, when i spoke to the cdc director the other day, she said that her data of tens of thousands of people is not showing a lot of asymptomatic spread. if you are vaccinated. that means it is not as invisible. that is what led to all of the max rules in the first place. it looks like if you are vaccinated and you know you have something before you spread it. that chicken pox comparison was wrong. >> sandra: but now you have the surgeon general talking about parents with unvaccinated children wearing masks and doors. you have questions of whether or not schools will be opening in the fall. the second question is why all of these new mandates taking place and changes in guidance for the vaccinated? >> that is the question. i think the push needs to be on
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getting more people vaccinated. if we had a lot more people vaccinated in about 55% of the country, we would be in much better shape. we are in way better shape than other countries that don't have the vaccination rate we do, and it is why the death rate is so low. we are seeing a death rate of about 300 per day. the case rate is climbing close to 80,000. that is what has everyone concerned. the hospitalization rate is going up, but it tends to be much milder if you have the vaccine. the push shouldn't be on masks. it should be on the vaccine. masks add something, but they are limited. they have to be won properly, and you have to have the right mask to get biggest impact. >> i will ask you one last question. why no common sense? it does seem we all know so much more at this point. if you are someone who needs a mask because you're not vaccinated or couldn't get vaccinated, masks work.
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we know vaccines work. why do you believe, when it comes to the cdc guidance and a director and the surgeon general, why are we not just seeing more common sense put in play? >> i stuck to her at length. i spoke to dr. murphy asked banks too, and i think he is a serious position. the cdc director is an infectious disease expert. she has worked on vaccine compliance and hiv outreach. it is an issue of messaging. she is trying not to sound too many alarm bells but also not be behind where we are. the problem is that the delta variant is spreading rapidly. she doesn't want to alarm people. one thing she said to me that is worth emphasizing is the way to get people vaccinated is to come to them one-on-one and figure out what their fear and reluctance is. this idea of mixed messaging and misinformation. the holy pulpit, if you will,
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has been extremely counterproductive. this internal memo is one of urgency. i will get your final thought on that. when you open up that post article, it is in big letters. vaccinate and relax. if you are vaccinated, can you go about your daily life as you would wish following this pandemic? >> i think it is a great question, sandra. the answer is you have to be a little more alert than you were before. if you weren't vaccinated, you have to be a lot more on the alert and before. the post is right to point out we can't go from a standstill to sudden panic, but nor can we have a way to the idea that the delta variant is not more easily transmissible. it also causes more severe disease. that is why we are -- we want our younger people to get vaccinated that can now also. the 12-17 group is more of a concern than it was previously
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because the delta variant is affecting them more than previous. >> sandra: we have spoken to so many lawmakers who have said that they wish to push is not so much on a mask mandate but on vaccinating americans. the fda approval on whether or not it will be able to expedite that bureaucratic red tape process and get the full approval of these vaccines. >> they better. it is unprecedented because it is usually six months or more, but this is unprecedented. they have so much data to look at. it is more about protocol and red tape. send a message to the country. my sense this vaccine now. >> sandra: you heard it here. dr. siegel, great to have you. we have the vaccines work. more people are vaccinated. perhaps life can move on, but for now that is not the case. we know that biden administration did not reach that july 4th goal of 70% of
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american adults vaccinated. here we are. >> eric: clearly you need to get vaccinated if you can. that is the message from washington. if you haven't, check with your doctor. stay one by the way, rochelle walensky will be joining on special report tonight. that is a can't-miss interview. there are a lot of questions she is going to take. >> eric: i hope she clarifies some things. we are now learning that border agents arrested in ms-13 gang member this week. they did that well apprehending a group of migrants on a texas ranch. this is as the justice -- it brands grand transportation of migrants you can be infected with covid. the governor wants to stop the spread of coronavirus on these migrants. slides in the way a texas the
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latest on that. >> we are in la jolla, texas. that is where they had said at the facility. border patrol will process the migrants here, and some of them manned up in hotels throughout the region. this is an issue. police say they try to patrol the areas where they are and ask them not to go into businesses or go around the community at their covid positive. officials throughout the town to say they have a real issue with this because there is only so much they can do. >> the hotels are getting filled up here. they are being transported. we cannot hold them in one place. unless they want to be healthie. held here. >> they are saying they are crossing and massive groups. citing those covid concerns,
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greg abbott has issued an executive order that authorizes texas law enforcement to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants i need to return them to their hotels or even back near border crossings, although texas does not have the authority to deport anyone or enforce federal immigration law. attorney general merrick garland then ordered him to resend the order. he says it is contrary to federal law. he has threatened to sue texas. >> he said people in d.c. on planning with the issues here. he said that biden administration is refusing to fully enforce federal immigration law and babette says that is creating a crisis. >> eric: someone said they saw a family of dominic that i thought were infected with coronavirus and a fast food restaurant. the concern is that they are releasing people who are testing positive in the virus can spread. what did they say about that?
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>> a county judge is asking the federal government to stop releasing covid infected migrants into the community. this is the issue in la jolla. migrant had been released into the country. catholic charities put them in a hotel which has been designed to be for jesper covid-19 migrants. the issue is there is nothing keeping them in the hotel. that is where that family h next you're at a burger joint. somebody eating in that place said there is a family here. they are coughing and sneezing. that is a major issue. >> eric: it is frightening. thank you so much. stay one the world health organization gearing up for the second phase of its investigation into the origins of covid, but beijing has its own ideas of how it should be conducted. china submitting a counter would include not re-investigating the lob lake erie.
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meanwhile, the foreign ministry spokesperson said these labs are going to be investigated, then the w.h.o. should look into fort dietrich in maryland, which researches germs and viruses. i will leave you with that, eric. >> eric: has critics say, china does not want the truth to come out. we'll see. meanwhile, back and our country, five people shot in charleston, south carolina. by the police chief -- says he can guarantee the suspect is at large and a repeat offender. >> eric: controversy over a "new york times" for guest as they arguing for voting rights for people who are not even citizens of this country. karl rove will weigh in on that next history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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>> eric: south dakota governor signing an executive order banning them from applying for any federal grants that are tied to critical race theory. she says they are "un-american" saying it has no place in the state that takes the teaching of american history seriously. other states have banned or are in the process of banning critical race theory from being taught in their schools. >> sandra: releasing a revised voting rights bill before august recess. i "new york times" guest essay is getting some backlash pressing legal residents should have the right to vote. the title reads that there is no good reason that you should have to be a citizen to vote. karl rove joins us now. carl, something tells me you disagree with that. a stakeout it's absurd. of course he should be a citizen before you can vote. citizenship is one of the great privileges. u.s. citizenship is one of the
10:20 am
greatest privileges that could ever be offered. to simply say that he can come across the border and live in the country and have a right to vote is ridiculous. this isn't going to happen. i thought it was interesting. this advice came from a person who lives in the united states who came from switzerland. what does it take in switzerland to be able to vote? you have to become a citizen, which requires you to live in the country for ten years, even if you are married, you have to be there for six years before you can apply. you have to live in the county or the city 2-5 years before you can apply. you have to demonstrate a knowledge of the national language and show that you have integrated into the swiss way of life. you have to show a familiarity with swiss customs and traditions and do a background check that says you are no danger to switzerland's internal or external security. you have to play sees at the federal and communion level. this process takes several
10:21 am
years. maybe 13-14 years after you say i want to become a swiss citizen before you get the right to vote. you have to go through a process. now we have a swiss american resident saying i don't want to go through that process. i don't need to be naturalized. just let me vote because i happen to be here. idiocy. her argument is that, because noncitizens living legally in the u.s. contributes as much, her words, to american life, they should have a say in matters of politics and policy. this is her pace. she says the u.s. already has plenty of institutions that account for noncitizens. the senses aims to reach all residents because it believes everyone, even aliens, matter. corporations enjoy free speech and legal personhood, and they are not even people. would it be such a stretch to give noncitizen residents a say in who gets elected to the state
10:22 am
legislature? to that, you say what? >> i say if you want to do that, become a citizen. simply because you happen to be resident doesn't mean you have made a commitment to the united states of america. she kept her swiss citizenship. she is not a stateless person. she is a citizen of switzerland and can still vote in swiss elections. you need to be a citizen to have made a commitment to be not only a resident of the united states but committed to being an american citizen with all of the rights and privileges. the simple idea that you can come into the united states are common to any country in the world and declare after a certain period of time that i get to determine that i get to vote for the people who represent the leadership of this country when you have not made the commitment to be a citizen is ridiculous. >> sandra: what is it say that this person even puts aside he had hair, has published, has it circulated. she herself references that is as democrats need to radically
10:23 am
expand the electorate. she herself is calling this a radical idea. >> people come up with stupid ideas all the time. what this really says about "the new york times" is that i thought this was worthy of taking space entities taper and putting it out there. it is a ridiculous idea. the idea that people who come to the united states momentarily and decide not to go through the process of becoming a citizen should have equal status with u.s. citizens is ridiculous. the one i good friday and a good weekend to you, sir. thank you for joining us. stay to believe it or not, 12 cities and towns already allow noncitizens to vote in local elections, but so far it is against federal law. wow, this does happen. the justice department says the treasury must turn over former president trump's tax information to congress. this after the oversight committee said it was evidence that the former president
10:24 am
attempted to overturn a 2020 election. according to handwritten notes with the department of justice officials in december, he told them to "just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me." they're investigating the full extent of the former president's actions. stay one okay. a rocky moment at the international space station triggering nasa to postpone a scheduled lunch. what knocks the space station off its axis? detail the crime wave not showing any stop signs of stopping. why one police chief says he guarantees repeat offenders are to blame for many of these, especially the latest shooting in his city. he joined us next. ♪ ♪ voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination.
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>> sandra: another police chief standing off against policies. charleston's cop. first the senate begins debate finally on that $1 trillion infrastructure bill after weeks of bipartisan negotiations. 550 billion of which will be new federal funding. here is how the money will be sent, expand. $73 billion to rebuild electric grid, 66 billion for freight rails, 65 for broadband, 39 million to modernize public transportation. >> that shooting in charleston, south carolina, had left five people in bed, 22 of them are fighting for their lives. so far there is no public information on the possible suspect yet, but our next guest is it is "100% guarantee that
10:30 am
the gunman is a repeat offender." he joined us now. keith, welcome. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate you taking time to talk about this. >> eric: we appreciate what you do and thank all law enforcement, especially with the situation we are fighting in american cities. do you think it is a combination of defining the police, progressive's prosecutors, and gangs and guns that are feeling the spike in shootings? >> thankfully, the idea of defunding did not get any traction here. it does not resonate. people do not support that. our mayor, council, communities have no time for that idea. i absolutely do believe that it is a variety of things. gangs -- the idea -- the lack of mentors in our communities. drugs and retaliations and mainly what i am really set up
10:31 am
with is a repeat violent armed criminal offenders who are victimizing our communities, being arrested. our cops are doing a fantastic job. i could not be more proud of them. they are doing the right thing for the right reasons. they are out there arresting the right people and getting the right charges. every one of these violent offenders, up to and including murderers, are being left out. it has to change. there is a lot more that we need to do with our criminal justice system, all of us together. we have accountability and responsibility, but there are other pieces to the system that are feeling right now. these offenders -- there is not a lot of them. there are a small number of these violent offenders. they need to go to jail, and they need to say there. >> eric: chief, that is outrageous. what do the judges and prosecutors say? you push the cops on them and they bounce out to repeat again.
10:32 am
>> i got to tell you. not only are they getting out -- i disagree with that release. the idea that somebody with a violent history and those types of crimes would be put back out in our communities. when they get put out, they get put out on a certain bond. there are certain expectations and restrictions. they are not adhering to any of those things, and we bring that to the attention of the courts. they don't revoke the bond or put them in jail. they are still out there. we have things like gps ankle bracelets as an example. we will say we just had a shooting. by the way, wednesday night, when he had those five shot, we had to go more in a few hours later. one of them is a 12-year-old. that is seven. we will say hey, we have a suspect. the person has a gps monitoring device. can you tell us where they were at at the time of the shooting? an answer that we often get is that the battery stopped
10:33 am
working, we never initiated the program, the suspect removed it. it is a shared responsibility with the community and with all of us in the criminal justice system. everybody has got to be a part of the solution and work together to get much better outcomes. stay to what does legislature and public officials -- what did they need to do for law and order? >> i will tell you one thing that i have talked a lot about and that i would like to see. i know other chiefs would like to see it. that is enhancement for gun crimes. if you steal something, a minor theft, one, two, three times, there are enhancements. there is an enhancement for minor drug possession. if you have a gun crime, you are prohibited from carrying a gun and we arrest you, there are no enhancements. you can get arrested up to ten times, and there is no enhancement in the crime and the law. i've got to tell you. it is happening. we are arresting these people,
10:34 am
and there is no disincentive for a violent repeat offenders to carry guns and use them in our communities all the time. speak to you that is shocking. we thank you and we thank the men and women of air force who are out there on the street doing the right thing every day to protect the citizens of your community. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> eric: he just heard him talking about that. enhancement sounds like a great idea. >> sandra: are police need to feel supported. crime is spiking and it is a big moment for this country. we need to stand up and have their backs. meanwhile, the international space station knocked off its axis yesterday. nasa and the russian space team are able to get things back on track. the crews on board were never any danger, but because of that, nasa is postponing the planned launch today.
10:35 am
>> hi, good afternoon. we were supposed to see the second orbital flight for boeing star line. nasa has decided to scrap that launch to get american and russian crews at the time to investigate the incident at the iss late yesterday morning. right now, the star line or just sit here at kennedy space center as nasa makes new calculations to make sure it can successfully docks, deliver, and transport back to earth hundreds of pounds of cargo and crew supplies. officials made the decision late thursday after the russian module docked to the iss and later fired its thrusters and what russian engineers describe as a software malfunction. it inadvertently knocks the iss out of its correct orientation for nearly an hour. this caused nasa to declare a
10:36 am
spacecraft emergency has ground crews lost communication twice with astronauts aboard the i have asked for a total of 11 minutes. officials insist those crews were never in harm's way. >> because of their preparedness, the crew was ready. the contingency operations were performed, and we were able to return to a stable and safe configuration. >> again, nasa says it bowling star liner is good to go, just not today. the next scheduled for a launch into space is on tuesday. >> sandra: we will be watching for that. great to see you. thank you. that changed a lot of things. a lodge no longer today. >> eric: i don't like it when the system gets out of kilter. you have heard about this. progressives pushing free money sending most americans direct payments every month.
10:37 am
charlie gasparino on ilhan omar's guaranteed income plan and how much it is going to cost you. >> sandra: plaza sky-high problems at 30,000 feet and a new call to protect passengers and cfr o ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever.
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>> [indistinct] >> sandra: trouble in this dive as flight attendants faced down reality passengers. you are looking at an incident that involved several people on a delta flight from los angeles to atlanta. that is one of the many violent episodes that have been happening this year. they also include a southwest flight attendant that was punched in the face over and arguments dealing with face masks. in fact, 85% as flight attendants have trouble with unruly passengers as air travel has been picking up. 17% reported a physical altercation on board, and more than half were involved in at least five incidents. sandra, at most and involves not wearing a face mask. you can be fined $21,000. but don't get in a fight on the plane. be nice. >> sandra: so many of them go
10:43 am
through so much with all of these frustrated people on board. let's give them a break. but it does seem like for a while there was a new story every week, if not every day, about unruly passengers. >> eric: yeah just keep it down. >> sandra: members of the squad unveiling a bill to provide families and guaranteed income of $1200 per month plus another 600 for every child. pushing america one step closer to becoming a welfare state. charlie gasparino joining us. let me guess, you're firmly against it. >> i like the fact that they said this is a great program because it worked so well in kenya. in kenya. that was there selling point. that thriving economy in kenya is there because they have this program. i mean, if that is not a detail on how stupid this is, i don't know what else is. >> sandra: you talk to
10:44 am
economists all the time. what would happen if something like this were to become law? >> let's not talk to economists. that's talked to small business owners. what do we have right now? a labor shortage. small business people are willing to play more and not being able to find people to work for them. all of a sudden, here comes this congresswoman who i am pretty sure has the best of intentions, but she doesn't understand math. she is coming out with some program that incentivizes people not to take jobs. it is so absurd in this environment. we have a pretty strong economy. this is not the great depression. my parents grew up in the great depression. i know what it was like. they know it was like. i don't know what it was like, but i heard from them. they needed money, they couldn't eat. this is not america today. we had huge pockets of problems. no doubt, we have a huge homelessness problem. maybe some of this money can be diverted to these homeless people who are living in cities
10:45 am
and in squatter camps and tent cities in l.a. or someplace like that. there is bad stuff out there. this is not what is needed. you're putting people that are able-bodied to not come to work. the one to be clear, ilhan omar was not the one making a similar comparison to kenya. finland where they showed preliminary results showing improved health and well-being. if they get yeah, finland. all of the immigrants are lining up to go to finland. >> sandra: i've got your point. the back to 2019. i think you and i will remember this report. it was staggering. when a federal report came out and said that nearly 40% of americans could not afford to cover a $400 surprise expense. ilhan omar and her point is saying that no one should live like that in this country.
10:46 am
let me put up this and what she details. two and a half billion dollar grant to fund a guaranteed income to fund a pilot program. it starts in 2028. this would be $1200 a month to adults making $75,000 or less a year or heads of household with $112,500 or less. that would be $600 per month per child. she says "for too long we have -- we have the ability to make sure everybody has their basic needs like food, housing, and health care meant." how do you can't do that? >> a lot of that is not. health care, particularly these days. people are not without health care generally. trust me, my brother works and hospitals. he is an icu doctor. if people come off the street, they take care of them. i'm not saying we should all go there. if you are defining poverty as
10:47 am
$112,000 per year -- i'm not finger living rich, but take out the coasts. california new york. people in the middle he make that much in the year are not poor. and she saying is poverty? >> sandra: to that point, that graphic had a plus sign after those income levels. 75,112,000. it is making less than that. if you are a single earner or head of household. she is highlighting. >> i thought 112 was a limit. the one it is. she is highlighting the success of the stimulus program and how that helped millions of americans during the pandemic. final thought. >> it did initially. we had a very deep recession that was specifically tailored to certain industries. people got checks that probably didn't need the checks, so they wasted a lot of money.
10:48 am
we have real problems in this country. we have a huge homeless problem in certain cities. to give everybody a check no matter what your income status and no matter what your job status is, where you live, is absurd. we are wasting money. we do have real problems. there is a homeless problem. i have a friend in l.a. who says there are homeless everywhere. let's just deal with his homeless problem. it is really destroying the quality of life in every city. >> sandra: i was just in washington, d.c. tents all over the place. by the way, ilhan omar is asking people their thoughts on this. she just tweeted out that she is getting ready. what are your thoughts on income guarantee? i think everybody has got an opinion. >> ten had a clip. can you send to the click? >> sandra: i will let you do that. >> eric: dogs, birds, and
10:49 am
fish. the latest targets for racial justice. why activists are saying that they need to have changes and offensive and racist names of animals. >> sandra: plus what britney spears' doctors are saying now about pushing her father out. ♪ ♪ so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ some people have joint pain, plus have high blood pressure. they may not be able to take just anything for pain. that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can.
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10:53 am
>> sandra: here is one cake you won't want to eat. this splice as cake is going up for auction on august 11th. cake still displays the royal coat of arms even after 40 years displayed in plastic wrap. the winning bidder is expected to fork over about 500 pounds or $700 for this one-of-a-kind collector's item. they will also receive a breakfast menu. i am shocked that is all that is going for. with all of the craziness out there and people who are just
10:54 am
obsessed, that doesn't make a lot of money for their wedding cake. to what if it is still good? do they have a taste of it? >> sandra: i am remembering about a seinfeld episode. like an ancient cake she resist?>> eric: put it in the fe or freezer. there is a new twist and britney spears legal battle against her father. live in los angeles with more on her battle. >> hi, eric. the pop star seems to be gaining more momentum in her legal fight. she now has her personal conservator and her medical team stacking up her concerns in a court document filed wednesday by her temporary conservator, jody montgomery. it says "ms. montgomery notes to the medical team agrees it is not in the best interest of the conservatee for ministers. to be and remain conservator of
10:55 am
the estate. this new filing comes just to go days after another bank legal movement in the case. >> last 102 weeks ago, we pledged that after 13 years of the status quo, my firm and i would move aggressively and expeditiously to file a petition to suspend and remove james t spears. >> things have been wrapping up for britney since she reps the conservative chip and called it abusive and her june 23rd testimony. since that, the firm hired to help manage the estate pulled out. her longtime court appointed attorney resigned and her new lawyer petitioned to replace her dad with a cpa to oversee her $60 million fortune. her next hearing when a lot of these matters will be heard is
10:56 am
scheduled for september 29. eric? >> eric: they have the saying "free britney!" the one the migrant surge at the southern border becoming a covid crisis and becoming a big enough problem that is bringing both sides of the aisle together. senator lindsey graham will join us live on who he wants to bring in to help on this crisis. that is coming up in a brand-new hour. veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves.
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11:00 am
>> sandra: fox news alert as we begin a brand-new hour and a brand-new demand that president biden take action to stop the covid cases coming over the southern border. senator lindsey graham is so disgusted by what he is saying that the diehard republican said a former obama appointee would do a better job. he will join us live. good afternoon, everyone. i am sandra smith in new york. >> eric: hello, i am eric shawn and for john roberts today. we have a lot of news and for you on this busy friday.
11:01 am
a bombshell cdc met on masks. plus you won't want to miss the awoke world's new target. a liberal university wants new names for a face that they say won't be so offensive. i said constant carping from the pc crowd? we will have our two of "america reports" getting rolling on right now. >> sandra: we start off with the troubling research leaked from thedc air internal memo wae delta variant could be more contagious and more back down not dangerous that we have been told. the two memo says that delta could be as contagious as the chicken pox. even if you have been vaccinated, it says that you could be spreading the virus right now i'm not even know what. >> sandra: as alarming as that sounds, there is some very important context when you break down the numbers. it all goes to show, once again,
11:02 am
just how important it is for people who are eligible to go and get the vaccine. speech is that it's for sure. former cdc director tom friedman standing by. we will talk to him about that. >> sandra: but first steve harrigan is atlanta. latest from him. >> you are drawing an important distinction between that internal cdc document reported by "the washington post" yesterday which had banner headlines that is delta variant was requiring a new war and that it needed extreme measures and that it was more contagious than the chicken pox. the cdc's message today just a short time ago now mike had none of those headlines. a calmer and drier tone. saying that the vaccinated still need to wear masks under certain conditions and other vaccinated can still transmit environments.
11:03 am
>> it is clear. laypeople would like you to take one position and stick with it. of course that would be a prescription for failure. the virus has changed. we now have it is more transmissible. it we know it can also likely make more severe disease. we have to change with the changing circumstances. >> has imagined, hospitalizations are up across the country. the seven day average is up 32% in the past week alone, but that is largely a monday and vaccinated. the odds of being hospitalized with a fully vaccinated are very remote. just 5,000 fully vaccinated people hospitalized. that is out of 161 million. eric, back to you. >> let's go to sandra now. stay one good and need to be here. so many questions that we all
11:04 am
have. you are saying that cases in new york city are on the sand again. you're saying this is like a roller coaster you wish we were not on. first where do you think we are with a pandemic in general? are things getting worse? >> first off, the worst is thist that doesn't mean we are out of the woods. at the delta variant is doubly infectious and, because of fact, we have to double down on protection. get vaccinated and where delta is spreading widely, wear a mask indoors. i know we are sick and tired of this pandemic. we are sick of wearing masks, but we will be much more sick if we don't. a mask is a small price to play to get our economy moving back faster and to get our kids learning in school, and to save lives. >> sandra: so many doctors that we have spoken with on this program it on this network, they
11:05 am
are worried about the price we pay for this mixed messaging. you heard it on the mouth of the president. if you are vaccinated, you know longer have to wear a mask. there is concern with the doctors we speak with that if you're telling vaccinated americans to mask up again that those that haven't gone out to get the vaccine are going to be reluctant to do so. do you share that concern? >> i understand that people wish there was just one answer that didn't change. the facts change. no one expected the delta variant to date is infectious, and a report that got published today had another unexpected finding, which was that the amount of virus in the saliva into the secretions of vaccinated people who got sick was no lower than the amount of virus and people who hadn't been vaccinated. vaccines are still going to save your life. they are remarkably effective. they are saved, but they are not perfect. there are some people, rarely,
11:06 am
if it breaks or infections. it appears that some vaccinated people can spread the virus to others. if we all get vaccinated, wear masks, we will see these cases come down again. my concern is that the current graph that you are seeing in that you mentioned, that points to a number that can go from 50,000 a day -- that can go to 200,000 a day in the next coming months. we need to double down on protection because we are dealing with a doubly infectious variant. the one i have so many questions and only 2 minutes. let me go through this. it says that there are 35,000 symptomatic infections per week. among 162 million vaccinated americans. to your point about the efficacy rate of these vaccines, there are some who are saying why are we concentrating so much on masks and mandating mask mr. marks why aren't we working more on increasing the
11:07 am
effectiveness of these vaccines? >> it may be that certain people, for example people with kidney transplant, need to have a different vaccine schedule. that is not a booster. that is a schedule or dosing. the bottom line is that these vaccines work really well. a few luck in the hospital in the u.s. today, the people who are fighting for their lives are the end vaccinated. vaccines can save your life. >> sandra: this is the former surgeon general jerome adams on the closures. he is talking about the hospital race again. >> our hospitals are starting to fill up again. that puts us at risk of not being able to get elective surgeries. if you have a loved one going into labor, you might not be able to have a bed in the hospital. if you get in a car accident, not having an icu bed. hospitals are threatened yet again. closures are coming our way,
11:08 am
whether you want to believe it or not. >> sandra: of course as an infectious doctor, you are looking at the virus and the spread of the virus. how sick people are getting from it. but you now have him talking about possible closures. the white house has hinted that there is a possibility we could see further shutdowns. isn't it important that we look at the economic consequences suffered during this pandemic? when we have to suggest that we should start shutting the country down again? >> absolutely. that is why it is so important to get vaccinated and wear a mask so we don't have to close businesses or close schools or close our economy. we can do both. we can save lives and recover the economy. >> sandra: real quick. masks on kids in school that are too young to get the vaccine yet. i was supporting that? that is the brutal reality for these young kids as young as five to be in kindergarten wearing their masks all day, even with teachers having full
11:09 am
access to vaccine. most of them are already vaccinated. >> some kids will be too young to mf. to keep our schools open, we need layered protection. vaccination, mass, better ventilation. or you're going to see outbreaks and schools and school setting. none of us want that. let's keep the schools open with layered protection. >> sandra: we've got to get our kids in the classroom. there are risks of us not doing that also. i appreciate your time. thank you. eric, it feels like -- you talk to parents now and this is a big question. not just in your kit going to wear a mask, but is there the possibility -- you hear that some schools might not even open fully in the fall. >> eric: it is alarming from dr. friedman. they say that the delta is 1,000 times stronger than the original. if you're not vaccinated, you
11:10 am
should get vaccinated. talk to your doctor. clearly there are other concerns about covid spreading across the country and the border crisis combining, creating a problem big enough to bring members of both parties together. >> sandra: lindsey graham is teaming up with henry cuellar. they say it is time for someone new to lead us through this crisis. it is a person you may remember from the obama years. we are going to talk to the senator live next. best time in history , thie to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash
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11:15 am
show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i have been very respectful and supportive of the administration, but something needs to change when it comes to
11:16 am
this. >> we are urging president biden and to bring order to chaos and bring somebody in charge whose focus is just on the border and all of the problems associated with it. that would have credibility in the eyes of congress. that is jeh johnson. >> sandra: lindsey graham and democratic texas congressman henry clay are calling for a shake-up over the southern border crisis. they are suggesting president biden should bring in the former obama homeland security secretary to run a sponsor. adding to the issues, the release of covid positive migrants onto u.s. oil. senator lindsey graham joined us now. senator, welcome. thank you for being here. henry cuellar made it very clear what his criticism is as kamala harris' handling of the border. he questioned whether she knows the end game and if they do know what the end game is, he said they are not sharing it with me.
11:17 am
what is your criticism of her handling of the border? >> she doesn't know what she's doing. i don't dislike her, but she is suggesting that we should invest a lot of money in the northern triangle countries but not change our border policy. congressman cuellar's district is under siege. i was on a phone call that lasted about an hour. the mayor is doing the best he can. the police chief in the region are just beside themselves and the hospitals are having a competition for event space between illegal immigrants and american citizens. henry's district is being overrun. there is covid positives everywhere. i can't go to canada or europe as an american citizen under the biden plan, but 1.2 million people from the end vaccinated world can across the u.s. border and be released in large part into the united states. it is destroying these border communities. kamala harris does not
11:18 am
understand basal factors. jeh johnson has bipartisan support. if we don't get a new eyes on this problem, the worst is yet to come. you have a democratic coming on the president of the united states to put somebody new in charge. henry is right. i am supporting that effort. stay one usn jeh johnson has bipartisan support. why is he the right person for the job? what did he do under the obama years that would prove that he is going to tackle this crisis? >> he has always supported border security and the bill that i negotiated with my republican democratic colleagues with $40 billion in the gang of eight bill for border security. when we had unaccompanied minors coming from brazil and when we had families coming from brazil claiming asylum, he chartered a plane, put them all on a plane, and put them all to brazil. he said stop this. he was on the plane is sending people back to let the people in
11:19 am
these countries know that you can't come to the united states this way. if he were in charge, i think you might be focusing on his get sent back. he would have a timeout on the ideas of the fnm system. he realizes that we need border infrastructure to keep people from walking across the border. the people in charge today don't know what they are doing until you get jeh johnson, i don't think anything will change. >> sandra: has the white house given you any response to your seeking the appointment of jeh johnson? >> no, i just sent a letter. i have been talking to the people for months. if you want to improve the lives of the people in the northern triangle, count me in. the push factors need to be addressed. crime, corruption in the northern triangle countries. that people are coming here because biden changed the rules. we are going back to catch and
11:20 am
release. if you claim asylum, we will release you. border patrol agents are american heroes, and they are being overrun. we have released 50,000 people because we had no room to hold them. they were vaccinated. god knows how many were positive. how in the world can you tell american citizens to wear masks and talk about shutting our schools down when you are deaf, dumb, and blind about the invasion of illegal immigrants coming through the southern border without any testing. >> sandra: when you put it that way -- going back to their own words, you suggest that henry cuellar's district is under siege. what is your morning, senator. if, for instance, jeh johnson is not put in charge or if we don't accurately tackle this crisis. what is your warning about what is to come at the southern border? >> i will quote the layer of
11:21 am
laredo, who is a democrat. "we are hanging on right now, but if this continues for the next six months, we are going to lose control of the crime situation, hospitals are going to be shut down, our communities are -- we are losing control." the people on the border are begging for more help and to shut down the flow. if we don't change our policy soon, we are going to have 2 million people coming across the border. if you get amnesty in the infrastructure bill that legalizes the population, and will be pouring jet fuel on the fire. people will be coming here by the multiple millions of thinking the store is now open. changed policies while you still can. >> sandra: let us know when you get a response from the white house. i appreciate you coming on with us.
11:22 am
the one weather alert for you >> eric: weather alert for you. that is the wreckage after twisters a tour the region. other confirmed tornadoes also touched down in jersey. they destroyed homes and businesses and flipped over cars and pulled trees out of the ground. thankfully no deaths were reported, but at least five people were injured. >> sandra: next up, we will look at what hospitals are doing to help folks with covid systems that will simply not go away. ♪ ♪ lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year.
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applebee's and a movie, veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. >> eric: many patients still suffering from the long-term effects of covid-19. some large hospitals are launching long-hauler programs. laura interviewed and i see a doctor and long-haul-ers.
11:28 am
>> this is a term that no patient ever wants to hear. they are a long-haul-ers. it is a big deal from reduced lung function and continued loss of smell or taste and depression too. research estimates that about 10% of people will develop long-haul symptoms. this is why hospitals are now offering long-haul systems, most notably pulmonary rehabilitation, which includes screening deadlines and breathing exercises. >> covid long-haul is a multidisciplinary process. our neurology team is involved in physical rehabilitation as well. but i find very helpful is meeting other people who have been through it as well. >> support groups have sprung up across the internet and most social media platforms, getting
11:29 am
those looking for answers a sense of community and help. >> i joined a lot of them. i really felt like those in support groups were in my grace. we were all learning and growing and doing this together. >> christina stanton got covid in march of 2020 and was hospitalized after being on the brink of death. now over a year later, she is back to about 80% but still gets winded walking up a flight of stairs. the doctor that we spoke with spoke of being optimistic of eventual full recovery for these patients. he says the patients that we see here kind of abend flow, there has been nobody that has plateaued or gotten worse. so there is not. >> thank you so much. >> sandra: let's bring in dr. syra madad. great idea to be here. you're one of the top people responsible for the city's
11:30 am
coveted response. you are also featured on a netflix documentary. there is a lot of stuff going on right now. just when i thought things were getting better. to that story we all just heard there about some of these folks that are suffering long-term systems as a result of this virus. >> first but i will mention is that when we talk about the long-haulers are those individuals who continuously have symptoms after their infection for a long period of time, that is one of the silent pandemics that that we are going to continue to see even after the acute phase is over. what i mean by that is that when we look at long covid, there are a number of individuals they don't even have to have a severe case. you can be a symptomatic or have a mild case. you can suffer from lung covid, wage is essentially a set of multiple different symptoms and conditions. it can be anything from brain fog to loss of sense of taste and smell. some individuals have a hard
11:31 am
time breathing after just daily activities that they tend to do. even worse than that, you may see long-term complications in the brain, the heart, the lungs, the liver. all of these other organs. it is a wide spectrum of different conditions and symptoms that people can suffer from. many people can get along covid from even a symptomatic or mild cases. i want to caution individuals as we talk about the current pandemic. we are certainly not over. if you are seeing what is happening just here in the united states and even around the world, we continue to see a surge of cases. one of the best ways to prevent a infection is to get vaccinated. they do we thought we were getting out of this, but now we have the delta variant. what does this mean when people who are vaccinated can be infected from people who are vaccinated? >> delta is certainly a game changer. as we talk about the pandemic and any type of infectious disease, we continuously learn
11:32 am
as we are building the bridge. it's delta, what we know is a, it is much more contagious. and we know it is much more virulent. with those two words mean is when you are more contagious, you are shedding more virus earlier on to a larger number of people. the cdc has mentioned that the delta variant is as contagious as chicken pox. what does that actually mean? if someone with chicken pox has it, they can in fact 8-9 people. with the original covid strain, use it in fact maybe 2-3 people. and more virulent -- we have seen more people come with severe illness or hospitalization. the delta variant is a game changer. as we talk about breakthrough cases, it is still one of those things that is not the norm. it is a rare occurrence. even fully vaccinated people can have breakthrough cases. they may suffer from long covid. studies are still conducted on that. the good news here is that you
11:33 am
are protected from the most severe outcomes of covid-19 like hospitalization and severe illness. that is certainly a big thing. the one that is why there is also a push to talk more about the efficacy of these vaccines and also the fda approval. that seems to be what is stopping some from getting this vaccine. real quickly, i want to go to florida governor ron desantis on kids in schools. listen. >> i will be signing an executive order which directs the florida department of education and department of health to issue emergency rules protecting the rights of parents to make this decision about wearing masks for their children. we think that that is the most fair way to do it. i have young kids. my wife and i are not going to do masks with the kids. we never have. i want to see my kids smiling. i want them having fun. stay one doctor, i don't know if
11:34 am
you have kids or not, but every parent is talking about this because the fall is approaching. we don't know where we will be at that point, but we do know that the cdc is now suggesting that everyone in those schools, including vaccinated teachers, wear masks. do you worry -- looking back to some of the early days of covid when we saw mental health crises and kids that were not getting socialization and kids falling behind in the classroom. do you worry that we are not balancing the risks of this virus versus the risks of kids not being in school and having masks on and not socializing or seeing each other's faces? do you, as a doctor, worry about that? >> absolutely. i have three children, and two of them are going to elementary school. i am one of those parents that wants them to be back in school, but i also want them to be safe. i want them to be alive. all i want to see my children smile, i want them to be alive. what i mean by that is as i look
11:35 am
at opening schools, the cdc has mentioned the importance of the layered mitigation strategy. masking is just one element. making sure we have good ventilation and healthy buildings and testing in schools. i want to make sure schools are implement or not. it is important that we continue with the universal mask mandate because that is one of the risk reduction techniques that is going to keep our children safe. it is also going to keep them in person. we know in person is much better than remote. from so many different standpoints. stay one okay, doctor. i appreciate you joining us. thank you very much. thank you thank you, doctor. >> thank you. >> sandra: next up, food leading to flights on flights. >> eric: journalists going to protest. man oh, man, does he have a lot to say about that. charlie is next. ♪ ♪
11:36 am
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11:40 am
>> [indistinct] the mind fights in the skies. flight attendants having to deal
11:41 am
with unruly passengers. 20% of interaction turning physical. now airline workers are calling for the federal government to take action. >> government data supports paper-based survey by the flight attendants union that verbal and physical abuse by passengers is on the rise. so far this year, there have been more unruly passenger investigations by the faa than the previous four years combined. 70% of all incidents reported emasculated. others are passenger range and alcohol and not wanting to follow safety instructions. flight attendant surveys site passengers kicking seats, defiling restrooms, and using sexist, racist, and homophobic language. flight attendants can continue to be human punching bag. >> we are hearing from flight attendants that we can't accept this for the new normal. this is not the job we recognize. we can't think that when we are going to work we are going to
11:42 am
get hurt and that we are going to be assaulted or that we are going to face continual harassment and discrimination. >> nelson says she is glad that the tsa is resuming self-defense classes for flight crews. she helps the program will become mandatory. he is calling on the faa to make permanent its zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior. in other words, no more warnings. violators will be fine. that is in addition to criminal prosecution that can lead to 20 years in prison for interfering with a flight crew. >> sandra: serious stuff. >> eric: npo being criticized for letting its new policy of letting their dominant journalists protest. they are saying that new policy eliminates a blanket prohibition from participating in public events. as well as vague language to.
11:43 am
what is charlie hurt think about that? charlie, you know it is a cornerstone of general is a not to be partisan. what is your reaction about what npr is doing? >> no kidding, eric. i think some people are abiding by different rules. at this moment when he thought that public trust and the media couldn't get any lower, npr comes along with an idea like this. the problem is, gee, who do you think npr journalists are going to wind up going to rallies with? it is probably not going to be any sort of conservative outlet or even anything this side of teachers unions and blm rallies, which will just further erode all of it. the real thing here is -- i am preaching to the choir. you are a news guy, and you know this. you are in the news business. the way npr defines this is they said that as long as the rally supports human dignity and freedom. if you are in the news business and you want to support freedom
11:44 am
and human dignity, do your job and do it faithfully and do it accurately. that is the greatest thing you can do for freedom and human dignity. to report the news, don't make it up, and to do it as fairly and in the most balanced way you possibly can. >> eric: yeah, we do a lot of reporting on china and iran and threats to democracy. the code of ethics "avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived." does this not for those ethics at the window? >> it certainly does. the problem is that just because somebody is biased and has biases and they allow their biases to leak into their coverage doesn't mean that they are always making things up or that they are always biased. sometimes they actually report the truth. the problem is, nobody is going to pay attention to a news outlet, even if they are telling the truth, if they have a
11:45 am
reputation and a record for mangling the truth or distorting the truth for political reasons. that is the problem. as you know, eric, there are a lot of great reporters all over the place and all kinds of networks, wherever. newspapers that i would generally criticized for being overwhelmingly left wing, even they have really great journalists. the problem is, if you have a few bad apples that are coloring the journalism, they wind up coloring the journalism that everybody else does. that is the problem here. when poll after poll shows this. the american public has zero faith in the media. it is a real problem. this pandemic is a perfect example of what happens when nobody trusts the media. everything wind up getting unnecessarily polarized and unnecessarily politicized. it is very hard to suss out the
11:46 am
truth. that is dangerous. >> eric: the basic rule of news is if your mother tells you check it out. and be objective, fair, and balance. all right, charles. thank you. >> sandra: to cancel crowd has a new target. finish! we will be back with my sahm on the left say fish can be racist too. a veteran who may have served in my time, during the vietnam era, would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi
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>> woke warriors turning to the water to make sure fish can't her anybody's feelings. a new study says that calling fish rough or trash is rooted in
11:52 am
racism and sexism. let's bring in abby hornacek who spends a lot of time outdoors. your fox nation specials, of course. can you explain? >> i do spend a lot of time outdoors. i had never heard of this before, so i looked deeper into this study. it was done by the university of california davis. the study maintains that the term "rough fish" is pejorative to native fish. the origins go back to the 1800s when boats or ships got lighter loads than getting rid of the less than desirable fish. biologists you'd to describe this unsubstantiated idea that game official limit the species. so we're seeing this confluence of social justice and science. >> so when it comes to rough
11:53 am
first, activists are wanting to rename them. >> yes. the use of the term. i have a quote here by the lead author. he says -- >> so again, goes back to these origins of the fact that they would use this rough dressing, which if you're a fisherman or woman, you'll know. i won't go into detail. the primary the white colonists wanted these fish, the game official and the native ones were getting in the way. >> sandra: and activists say white males have dominated fisheries, science and management in the u.s. a. this dynamic is exemplified by rough fish. it's not just fish they're taking issue. this is bugs, birds, plants. here's fox news headline bug
11:54 am
expert dropping gypsy moss name after deeming that offensive. the name "gypsy" is attributed to romani people and it's rejected. >> activists are looking into the roots of the names. it was a racist term. other ones, african coral treat. they want that name changed because it's from the black community. >> sandra: interesting story. i'm going to eric who has breaking news. >> yeah, a briefing underway. let's go to peter doocy. >> so this is where we are today, which is fascinating. so it's -- we're listening to the experts, the cdc guidance and this is what they're telling us. if you live in an area that is highly contagious and high levels, they're saying, you know, giving the guidance of wearing a mask to protect
11:55 am
yourself and to protect your community and your family. that's the guidance that we're getting. >> some of the stuff we're seeing from the cdc, the new guidance for vaccinated people to mask up is based on data from people that got sick partying in provincetown, massachusetts. has the white house seen any proof that vaccinated people are spreading covid who are not going to big parties? >> here's what we know. i'm going to repeat again. we need to get people vaccinated. that's really the answer here. that is what we're seeing, hearing from cdc and what we're seeing from these slides. people need to get vaccinated. that's how we fight the delta variant and how we fight covid. >> the president said yesterday that it's still a question whether the federal government can mandate a whole country to get vaccinated. he said i don't know that yet. does that mean he's asked the justice department to see if it's legal? make sure everybody gets
11:56 am
vaccinated. >> when he said that, the mandate across the country, you know, i would encourage you to read his statement and make sure that you read the content of his remarks. a national vaccine requirement is not under consideration at this time. that's where we are. >> has he asked the justice department to see if it's even possible? >> i don't have any more to add to that. >> sandra: all right. so peter doocy asking the questions there in the white house briefing room. most recently asking about a national vaccine mandate. she clarified that that is not under consideration by the administration at this time. peter doocy following up with asking if the biden administration reached out to the doj to see if that is possible. they did not have a comment on that. that's the latest. eric? >> sandra, jimmy hoffa disappeared 46 years ago today.
11:57 am
fox nation says he's buried in new jersey. we went there to find out. >> it remains the greatest mystery in american history. what happened to jimmy hoffa. the legendary teamster's union leader disappeared in january, 1975. he was thought to be on his way to meeting with mafia bosses in new york. finding his remains could help stop the case. paul cappola had a dump in new jersey where the fbi suspected hoffa was buried. frank told fox nation that hoffa's body was transported from detroit to the dump where his father buried him. >> so you're saying your father buried jimmy hoffa? >> yes. my dad said in later years, that he couldn't fit in the drum. body first, feet first. they had to put him in head first. >> so he said he couldn't fit in
11:58 am
the drum? >> yeah, he couldn't get the legs to bend right. he took him and put him head first. >> frank says his dad took an excavator and dug a 12 foot deep hole and buried the body with other barrels and covered up the dirt. frank took hoffa dan maldea to the land. just a few feet off of the line of his father's former dump under the elevated pulaski sky way. its owned by the new jersey department of transportation. >> steve, this is the spot? >> yes. >> turn it on. fire it up what do you see? >> fox nation hired ground penetrating radar systems to use ground penetrating radar to see if we could find any evidence of the buried barrels. ground penetrating barrels used as radio frequencies to scan
11:59 am
understood ground and see the unseen. that's when we hit pay dirt. multiple round shapes that the radar technician says is metal. exactly where and just like what frank said we would find here. barrels and the drums holding jimmy hoffa. >> is that metal? >> yeah, it's metal. >> definitely? >> yeah. >> found several round-shaped metal objects buried here, somewhere on top of each other which fits frank's story exactly and this is another spot near the first one, which that is the the round shape of a barrel. >> yes. >> this would be the spot. this is exactly where frank pointed out to dan -- >> we're standing right here. saying this is where jimmy hoffa is buried. >> for now, the land remains as it is. it is illegal for fox nation to dig up the barrels. so the mystery of what happened
12:00 pm
to jimmy hoffa remains until law enforcement digs up what we found. >> several sources back up frank's claim. the journalist investigating the case for decades says this is the most credible tip he has ever heard. go to fox nation, the whole series is streaming now. >> sandra: fascinating. thanks for being with us, eric. i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm eric shawn. trace gallagher is next. thanks for trusting us here on the fox news channel. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. right now on "the story," the war against covid-19 has changed. late today the cdc providing the why for its mass reversal after the release of internal documents suggesting the delta variant can spread as easily as chicken pox and cause more severe infection than previous strains. in a moment, dr. brett giroir says if you're not vaccinated,
12:01 pm
it is


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