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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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baier tonight. >> dana: ideally video questions. they'll do an extended q and a with her tonight. she may wish she had done the briefing instead. >> bill: we want to leave you with the olympian of the year. >> dana: look at this. >> bill: a gold medal. put it up. here is harangodyis. >> ference raising big concerns over the humanitarian crisis at the southern border especially in light of the surging covid cases. we learned this week that covid-positive migrants are being housed in hotels and they can mingle with the general public. they are free to roam. we'll bring you live when
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lawmakers begin comments. stand by. another fox news alert. outrage over president biden ordering federal workers to get vaccinated or forced to get tested frequently. i'm in for harris today. the president's order affecting some 4 million americans and a similar order weighed for our military. under biden's vaccine mandate if a federal worker chooses not to take the vaccine they will have to be tested as often as twice a week and generally not be allowed to travel as well. republican senator ted cruz said this. president biden's new vaccine mandate for federal employees is a brazen example of how the left is politicizing science in the service of their authoritarian instincts. the president apparently annoyed yesterday by our own peter doocy again. all because he pressed him on questions on his administration's reversal on masks for vaxed americans and
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his very own past comments. watch. >> in may you made it sound like vaccines would help lose the masks forever. >> president biden: that was true at the time because i thought there were people who were going to -- that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. what happened was the new variant came along. they didn't get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly and more people were getting sick. >> more backlash, a growing number of cities and counties are bringing back either mask mandates or recommendations. washington, d.c. yesterday began requiring masks indoors yet again. atlanta mayor recently ordering residents to wear face coverings in public places once again. georgia gop candidate vernon jones tweeting keisha bottoms will let thugs burn down atlanta, gun each other down in
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the street and refuse to do a damn thing but when the cdc says jump, she says how high? and rushes to impose a mask mandate. marc thiessen joins me now. the white house not ruling out more lockdowns and closures if the cdc says so. watch this encounter and i want you to react. >> if scientists come to you at some point down the line and say it is our opinion there should be shutdowns and school closures, you would do that? >> like i said we listen to the cdc and the experts and their guidance. the cdc is a body that is very well respected and we follow their guidance. >> the cdc as we know has changed its policies numerous times as we know from don't wear masks, they don't protect you, to mandating masks, keeping the six feet apart rule
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that no longer applies. now the question is should the decision really to issue lockdowns or close down schools and lockdowns are probably the last resort, but this decision, does it need to be coming from the white house and not the cdc? >> there is no justification whatsoever for mask mandates, lockdowns or any other things. we should be encouraging people to get vaccinated for their own sake. 99.5% of the deaths from covid that are happening right now are happening with unvaccinated people. the vaccines work. we should be encouraging people to get vaccinated for their own sake. unvaccinated people pose almost no risk to vaccinated americans. if you are vaccinated, the pandemic is over. you have almost zero chance of being hospitalized, getting seriously ill or dying from covid-19. cdc data, there have been as of july 19th there have been 161 million americans who have been
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fully vaccinated. only 4,072 have been hospitalized with symptomatic infections. of those 4072 people only 849 have died. so you have a better chance of being hit by lightning than you do of dying from covid if vaccinated. >> we have to go to a live news conference. graham and cuellar, on the border crisis. >> never known anybody who is willing to spring truth to the power better than you, henry. we have a democratic administration, trying to work with president trump i've had my dust-ups. you have done it the right way and respectful and i want to be an ally to get relief to the people of your district. >> thank you so much. i look forward working with you, appreciate all the good work you have always done on immigration reform and i really appreciate it and look forward
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to working with you going down to the district also. we just had a phone call. i have always told the administration i'm a democrat, i've been very respectful about the administration. i said you don't have to listen to me. i want you to listen to the border communities and i want you to listen to the men and women of dhs and their families. this weekend i spent three hours with agents and their families and especially their families and they don't need pats on the back they need help down there on the border. today we had a phone call, i want to thank the senator and his staff for being there because i want people to hear from my local communities. i want you to hear. so we had folks from hidalgo county with the epi center, county judge and commissioners and mayors, police chiefs and other folks there. we went to another county,
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county judges, commissioners, cities, mayors, sheriffs and you heard -- laredo, you heard the mayor is very passionate, and other folks. i want people to hear from the local communities. look, i emphasize these are mainly south texas, hispanic, democratic elected officials saying we need a pause and we need some help down here at the border. we are very compassionate and understand most of us come from families from mexico. my father was a legal born in mexican and became a legal resident, became a naturalized citizen and found procedure. what they see there is an underground tension in many ways in the hispanic community saying hold it, we followed this procedure. we followed these steps and we're seeing people just come
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in. i think you heard from folks that were saying also hey, we're concerned about this overcapacity. what is the endgame here? you have heard about how they are going to part -- when families want to go out there? you saw what happened in la joya, texas, they released people, a local ngo and not telling the folks in the city what was happening there. you hear about safety concerns, another city at the border. it is part of my district. people cross and walking through streets and neighborhood and people are just walking through. you heard from some of the school officials saying what about our schools? there have been lock downs in schools because they're right at the border and people coming through and they're worried about their kids. i have always said as you've
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heard, you don't have to listen to me. they don't have to listen to me. the administration doesn't need to listen. i've been supportive of the administration but something has to change when it comes to border immigration issues on that. and again we had the border patrol chiefs, we heard from chief ortiz, you heard about how hospitals are overloaded, as mayor stein said, sometimes you have to pit an undocumented person that goes to a hospital with somebody that lives in laredo, limited space, what do you do? it is not fair to pit an undocumented person to a u.s. citizen and we represent our residents, the citizens here. i think -- i will close on this and i will let you talk about the letter. we put a joint letter together and i will let the senator and i will follow up on that.
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i thought it was important for the senator to hear directly from the communities and how they feel about this. >> thank you very much. >> we're listening here to senator graham and representative cuellar holding a press conference about the border crisis. i want to bring marc thiessen back in. they are talking about la joya, texas. they are on high alert right now after positive migrants were turned over from the feds to catholic charities. i'm sure you've heard about this story who then transported them to hotels and then they were basically let loose. they are roaming the streets. nobody has any idea who tested positive or not. now they are wandering in communities, potentially infecting a lot of innocent civilians. across the state at the fort bliss shelter another crisis there. migrant children.
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hundreds of them contracting covid and spreading it to many employees. a sliver of the chaos going on at the border. >> 100%. look, the biden administration just extended the travel -- the border closure to fully vaccinated canadians at the northern border. if you are a fully vaccinated canadian trying to come into the country to do business or vacation or whatever, you can't come into the country. if you're an american citizen and you go to mexico, you have to have a negative covid test to get back into your own country. but if you are an illegal migrant crossing the border you can be covid positive and they'll let you in and release you into the community. it is insane. >> it really is. it's really impossible to believe quite frankly. take a look at this, the white house dodging a question on covid at the border. watch. >> why is it that the federal government is asking vaccinated
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americans to wear masks to stop the spread of covid-19 but at the same time federal agents are also releasing covid-19 positive border crossers into small towns in texas? >> cbp provides migrants with ppe from the moment -- from the moment they're taken into custody and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times. if anyone exhibits signs of illness in cbp custody they're referred to local health systems for appropriate testing, diagnosis, isolation and treatment. >> that is simply untrue. when it comes to the hundreds of children, they're not wearing masks. a lot of kids are taking them off and nearly impossible to keep an eye on every single kid. i'm talking about the migrants that are actually being picked up and transported by vehicle, which the governor of texas is now banning that and if you get caught transporting potentially covid positive migrants you can get arrested. they aren't wearing masks and
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being transported to hotel and walking freely. what is the white house talking about? >> i don't know. it is insane. their policy is they've opened the border. we have an open border on the southern border. there is no controls whatsoever for covid as people coming in. not just canadians. european travelers vaccinated can't come into the united states yet. all these travel restrictions are still in place for everybody except illegal migrants. it's not even -- if you're european if you've been vaccinated and canadians still can't travel to the united states. illegal migrants with covid give them ppe. are you kidding me? >> marc thiessen, unfortunately it is no joke. thank you very much for talking to us. have a great weekend. house republicans marching on the senate yesterday protesting the house speaker's mask mandate. capitol police warning of possible arrests for those who do not comply?
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plus the cdc is expected to release new data at any moment now to explain the reversal on mask wearing indoors even if you are vaccinated. dr. marty makary is here next. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> fox news alert. cdc expected to release new data today. waiting for that any minute now and they say it will show what the truly behind the agency's move to recommend mask wearing in doors where covid is surging. they warned in internal documents that say the war has changed. finding the delta variant is more severe than previous strains and new messaging is
8:20 am
needed. former hhs official also sounding the alarm. listen. >> if you have not been vaccinated and not had covid before, you will get the delta variant. this is so infectious that you will get it. if you have had covid before, we don't know exactly but it is looking like prior immunity is not so good against delta and i'm really concerned that the evidence is mounting that even natural immunity will not protect you against delta. >> dr. marty makary professor at johns hopkins university school of medicine joins me now. the war is changing are strong words. cdc releasing new info on the delta variant and talking about how seriously contagious this variant is. it not only causes more severe illness than earlier variants and they are comparing it to this and we'll get more info and data soon. saying that it spreads as easily as chicken pox. this is the first time we've heard this comparison.
8:21 am
chicken pox when we were kids practically unavoidable. what do you make of the cdc's comparison here? >> there is nothing really that new here julie despite the fact these are released documents released to the media separately from their normal announcements. we've known for a long time cdc does retrospective analysis and known that the delta strain was twice as contagious as the u.k. strain which was already highly contagious. we're not learning a lot of new information here. if you've had the flu shot you are at risk of transmitting the flu even though you have been vaccinated for the flu. same is true for covid. good news is with the vaccinated protection you're very protected against severe illness. >> the message we want to nail across. the vaccine works. we cannot repeat that enough. that's the science that the white house is preaching and the cdc. now we're waiting for the cdc to present the data backing up its mask reversal. check out the stats.
8:22 am
once again the cdc and president saying the vax works, if you get vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask. they're reversing. of the nearly 164 million people vaxed in the u.s. 5600 breakthrough infections. let me put that into perspective. .003%. the number of breakthrough deaths, 1141. that's .001%. and look at it another way here, 1141 people who were vaxed died of covid. nearly 611,000 unvaxed people died of the disease. now i know you are against lockdown. the question now is what do you foresee coming down the pipeline because the cdc reversed its decisions so many times. what's next? >> well it's funny. before i was against the lockdowns, i was calling for
8:23 am
them before we knew what we were dealing with in the beginning of pandemic it was scary. we have to evolve our position as the data come in and that's what we're doing now. recommending masks in areas where there is high outbreaks, where there is indoor settings where people are close together. when you move to a mandate you instantly politicize the mask. people have been burned being told it is only for a short period of time and the switch is not turned off and those restrictions aren't removed as aggressively as put into place. my concern right now is that delta is projected to roll over either in late august or early september and that is when we're going to see schools open. so you will see the increase right up until the opening of schools and i worry that we'll make poll seals that we put on these kids that will last a year. >> the messaging is an issue, too. the "new york post" is arguing in a new op-ed that it is time to take cdc director walensky off the air saying and i quote, it is not that her science is
8:24 am
wrong but that she has no understanding of how to communicate to the general public. her only concern is that something awful will happen without her having covered her butt in advance. then they reference warnings like this. watch. >> the largest concern that i think we in public health and science are worried about is that virus and the potential mutations away we are from a very trance missable virus that has the potential to evade our vaccines. right now fortunately we're not there. the vaccines operate really well in protecting us about severe forms disease and death but the big concern is that the next variant that might emerge just a few mutations away could potentially evade our vaccine. >> how damaging is this messaging to stopping the spread of covid? >> you know, it's not helpful right now. i've always respected dr. walensky and thought she was
8:25 am
reasonable until she became cdc director and she is just reading speeches that the white house writes for her. for example, that was clear to me when she held by the position that kids need to wear masks outdoors as summer camps even when distancing. the data are very clear outdoors. she knows that. she is reasonable and a doctor. but she sticks with these political talking points and that's what bothers me. right now we have a totally contradictory message coming from the government. on one hand we tell people to get vaccinated because the vaccine is safe, what i believe. on the flip side the fda has never given the full approval of these vaccines. >> when will that come? that would help tremendously. is the administration putting pressure on the fda? that's a great point. i believe a lot of those who haven't been vaccinated need to hear from the fd a a. once they approve it i believe the vaccination rates will go higher and that's what needs to happen. >> it will go way up.
8:26 am
the number one thing we need to be doing now. the reason it hasn't happened and may not happen for another one to two months or longer is that the fda has this bureaucratic process that they need to fix right now. they need to fix it now. tomorrow issue the full approval. the safety box has been checked. 190 million americans have gotten the vaccine with an impeck table safety profile. they waiting on the stability testing, a part of that application that tells you how long to extend the expiration date. >> the president of the nation's second largest teachers union hedging whether schools will reopen this fall for in-person learning. watch this. >> delta threw us a curveball. the bottom line is we'll keep kids safe and members safe and we'll try to open up schools and we'll try to move through this political battlefield. >> critics are torching those comments. researcher for a school choice group warns this is par for the
8:27 am
course for teachers unions. they have shifted the reopening goalposts every step of the way for over a year now and "new york post" columnist tweeting schools will open everywhere except where randi has influence just like they did last year. all right. first of all kids need to go back to school and need to be in person. i had kids in school all last year and i really sympathize for the parents who had to keep their kids at home on zoom, lose their jobs and live in economically insufferable conditions. what do you make of randi's claims she has always advocated for the reopening of schools with comments like that? >> she is part of the narrative trying to achieve covid elimination. they'll never get it. it's the nature of this virus. we have gotten a vaccine and natural immunity that downgraded covid from a virus that can cause serious illness
8:28 am
to a mild infrequent common cold-like illness and with us for decades. we have to learn to live with it. if we try to achiever add indication we'll have a lot of collateral damage along the way from the restrictions. >> have a great weekend. thanks for joining us. republicans are outraged at the return of speaker pelosi's mask mandate. watch this. >> i had covid, i've had two vaccinations. washing my hands, i'm even wearing my mask inside the chamber but i won't wear it anywhere else. madam speaker, come and get me. >> gop lawmakers marching in protest of new mask rules. major blowback as pelosi tries to distance herself from a memo from capitol police to arrest offenders. >> it's hard to see my generation lose all hope and interest in portraying american excellence on the global stage. >> since when did patriotism
8:29 am
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lock in your rate. >> nancy pelosi has opted to rule as speaker of the house more as a tyrant than a speaker of the people's house. she truly believes this is her house. pelosi's house. >> we have a duty to lead. leading isn't having us on floor of the house of representatives mask up. >> nancy pelosi is totally off the rails. >> when democrats have control they love the power that comes with it. they want you to wear a mask forever. they take pleasure in forcing you and forcing restrictions on your lives and that's exactly what this mask mandate. >> gop lawmakers marched on the senate yesterday where masks are still optional. they are protesting what they
8:35 am
call a gross abuse of power. those who refuse to follow the guidance risk paying not only hefty fines, even worse according to the capitol police memo any member who fails to either comply or leave the premises after being asked to do so would be subject to an arrest. pelosi's office claims she had nothing to do with the arrest order. is that so? power panel now, jason meister former trump advisory board member and crystal knight. former political direct for and founding director of emerge tennessee. i don't know where to start. jason, with you. these house republicans are outraged. speaker pelosi says the mandate to wear masks in the chamber, you know, basically was handed down by the capitol physician and so it doesn't apply to senate members. i don't understand. >> look, nancy pelosi is a
8:36 am
tyrant and we have allowed our elected officials in the pandemic age or the covid age to become tyrants. they want to control what we wear, what we think. they want to censor what we read. there is no end in sight. they don't trust us with our freedoms and government is going to solve all of our problems including the pandemic with masks. but if you look at infection rates and you look at mask mandates across this country and every state as well as every country in the world, there is no greater way to see the uselessness of these masks as well as these public health procedures. so really what this is coming down to is the fact that nancy pelosi and the democrats have told us for over a year now to cower in abject fear of the virus to the point where they overturn every aspect of our lives. it is only a rational fear that is inducing millions of americans to listen to them.
8:37 am
>> crystal, do you see a double standard here now that the u.s. capitol police have been ordered to start arresting visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the house side of the capitol complex starting thursday? what about the senate side? >> i actually don't see a double standard. i think what is happening is there is a delta variant raging across this country and i think, you know, the speaker of the house nancy pelosi, she is trying to protect as many of her fellow colleagues as she can. she is attempting to do what we call model behavior. if americans see legislative members are wearing masks they'll be prompted to wear masks as well. i think the capitol police issued their own order. the members in the house have to follow that order as they see fit but really to walk around without a mask is just reckless. why are people so comfortable not wearing the mask when we are still in the middle of this pandemic, the cdc has
8:38 am
recommended that even if you are a vaccinated person you still should wear a mask in some cases and some places and we have to remember there are at least five states in this country that have republican governors where numbers are rising with covid and so i think that this is a good thing that the speaker is doing. >> it does not hurt to wear a mask if you are indoors and in really crowded places, there are breakthroughs. it's 0.03% of the 160 million vaccinated. >> julie, there was a man in the white house who said the cure can't be worse than the underlying virus. we went from 15 days to flatten the curve talking about arresting vaccinated people in the capitol building who are not wearing a mask. this is ludicrous. >> it turns out that even during the olympics patriotism is a dirty word for some
8:39 am
college kids. campus reform spoke with some students who apparently are refusing to root for team usa. watch. >> are you going to be rooting for team usa? >> i don't root for countries, i root for athletes. >> i will be rooting for athletes individually not for any team just some country i live in. >> i root for particular athletes rather than the country as a whole. >> would you be willing to go to usa chant? >> not me, sorry. >> no. >> i'm not laughing. i don't know about you guys. crystal, since when did patriotism become a bad thing. these students are saying it. >> they didn't actually say that. >> they aren't rooting for their country that translates it. >> the reporter asked would they be rooting for their country.
8:40 am
they said they would be rooting for specific people. we didn't hear her ask her which athletes they would be rooting for. american athletes they could be. if they support a particular athlete from america then by default they are patriotic in support for that particular athlete. i think the way she framed those questions was a little skewed. i don't think it's a fair target to put on students that they aren't being patriotic because they say they root for their favorite athlete. >> i would say these comments are unpatriotic that i'm about to read. campus reform spoke to students at the university of south florida and here are just some koenlts. one said i don't like being an american, either. another student said why is there no free healthcare? why are so many people suffering because of housing? that's such a great example of how fing corrupt it is here. another said i'm not going to be rooting for any team just because it is some country that
8:41 am
i live in. some country. patriotism shouldn't be that strong. that's unpatriotic. crystal, you must agree. a bit unpatriotic to say i'm not rooting for my country. jason, what the heck are we teaching our youth? >> colleges and universities no longer teach our children how to think. they teach our children what to think. you have marxist professors in colleges and universities all across this country that are pushing critical race theory, telling our children that our country is systemically racist. they teach the 1619 project and other history. no surprise here that these people are shunning patriotism and not rooting for team usa. >> that's all the time we have. crystal knight and jason meister, thank you for talking to us. appreciate the fair and balanced debate. just plain dangerous. flight attendants sounding the alarm on just how common unruly behavior is these days. it is quite despicable.
8:42 am
even physical violence. the action they're demanding next. plus the reviews are in. scathing criticism hunter biden is getting for his pricey artwork from people who should know, art critics. this as the president's son snaps up the naysayers with words we cannot repeat here. maybe off air or maybe kat will. kat timpf is here next. ♪♪♪ from liberty mutual! nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> we just talked about this in the last segment. the white house deputy press secretary they would allow science and follow, not rule anything out. but she later tweeted to be clear, here is what the president said this week. more vaccinations and mask wearing in the areas most impacted by the delta variant will enable us to avoid lockdowns and school closing that we faced in 2020. we aren't going back to that. of course, we're still waiting for the cdc to release the data it used to reverse its mask guidance for vaccinated people. we'll bring that to you as soon as we get it. meantime more people returned to the skies as they go the largest flight attendant union in the nation is sounding the
8:48 am
alarm on passengers behaving badly, very badly like this. [shouting] >> it's just inexcusable. 85% of the nearly 5,000 flight attendants surveyed said they had dealt with an unruly passenger just this year alone, 1 in 5 saying they've faced physical altercations. now they are demanding help. david lee miller has more from the fox newsroom. >> julie, we've all seen the videos and in some cases even firsthand witnessed an outburrs frt a fellow passenger. the flight attendants union
8:49 am
says its members are not punching bags. there have been more than 3600 reports of unruly passengers, 70% were mask-related incidents. alcohol and refusal to follow safety instructions contribute to the problem. president of the flight attendants union is calling on the faa to make its zero tolerance. no warnings, violators find and criminal prosecutions that could lead to 20 years in prison for interfering with a flight crew. the growing number of unruly passengers poses a danger to the entire industry. >> if this continues and people think this is what happens when you buy a ticket on an airplane that will hurt ticket sales. that will have an economic impact, too. we have to make sure that everyone understands that when you buy a ticket on an airplane, you can take safety for granted because everyone is
8:50 am
doing their job. the safest mode of transportation and you won't end up in the middle of a brawl. >> a new york woman made an appearance on criminal charges that she interfered with an american airlines flight. crew in the air in february. according to the indictment the flight from dallas l.a. was diverted to phoenix. it called for civil penalties for other unruly passengers. fines totals more than $100,000. >> she has never made a ruckus on a plane. kat timpf is here. they did not do background research on you. >> i have only used emotional warfare. i never get physical. i'm much better at it. the thing about being on a plane and being at the airport. you are not a free human being.
8:51 am
pretty much anything you do is a federal crime, okay? look, i know that it can be really frustrating to fly now with the masks. it is awful. and sometimes -- >> they get in the way of the cocktail. >> then the only time i was a victim of this, i hated wearing the mask and the only time that you are allowed to have it off is eating or drinking. i had to have five bloody marys and i wound up spilling one on my husband. i had to have five of them. it's not my fault. you can see how it might happen. people might get less drunk if you don't have mask mandates. even if the flight attendants get snippy, they have all the power. they have all the power. violence is almost never the answer. it certainly is never the answer on a plane where you don't have rights in an airport or airplane. everyone else if the flight gets delayed. for all of us who want to
8:52 am
actually get to our destination, punch someone at your destination. >> they need to start arresting more people is what i think. punch something at your destination is great advice. there are some prominent art critics and historians who are saying that hunter biden's artwork basically could sell for upwards of half a million dollars apiece. here is an example. they are highly overpriced, do you think? they indicate that buyers will really be paying for the last name rather than the art itself. genius. one telling "politico" his complexity is -- what is it? he is complexy famous but not yet for art. it is 100% certain what is being sold is the biden name and story. meanwhile the president's son has one word, expletive for his critics. i can't say it on tv. watch this.
8:53 am
>> around your painting, how do you -- what is your response to the people who are coming after the prices of the work? >> other than -- [bleep] them. i never said my art would cost what it would cost. i would be amazed if my art sold for $10. >> he is so eloquent, isn't he? >> unbelievably eloquent. a news flash for everyone. if life were a video game the lowest difficulty setting is rich, powerful dad. of course it is going to sell. it doesn't matter what he does. everything will be easier and make more money for whatever he does because he has a rich, powerful dad. that's how it goes. that's not good. i don't want that in my home. i don't know anybody who wants it in their home. it looks like something i would see at a bar in brooklyn on the wall. rich, powerful dad everything is easier.
8:54 am
>> he could control the prices. i would be surprised if they sold for $10 when they are being sold for millions of dollars. that's not true. >> there snow debate over why this is. it is ridiculous for anyone to act like it is controversial. his dad is the most powerful person in the world. therefore these paintings are selling for ridiculous amounts of money. i would personally love to go visit and laugh in the face of anybody who would claim otherwise. >> i would like to meet someone who bought them. if you bought one, please tweet me and i want to meet you and i will ask you questions. i hope he puts some of the money in charity. that's the only plus side if he were to do something with his money. >> i'm sure one of their names is charity. that's fine. >> all right, kat timpf, thank you so much. watch her on gutfeld tonight. before we go a shout-out to our fearless leader alan. this man is a saint.
8:55 am
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