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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  July 30, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

6:00 am >> great working with you all week. >> thank you. do you mean that? >> i really mean that. what a good follow-up question. you are very good. >> i'm hosting for laura. stay up late -- >> so long, everybody. have a great weekend. >> bill: fox news alert in the fight over masks. tempers flaring at the white house. voices were. president biden defending the new guidance that's causing a lot of confusion across america. you aren't alone if you're one of them. it's friday and you made it. almost august, too. >> dana: it is. get back monday it will be august and we'll be back. i'm dana perino this is "america's newsroom." peter doocy was questioning the president yesterday on his decision to ask vaccinated americans to once again mask up. watch this. >> in may you made it sound like vaccine we would lose the
6:01 am
mask forever. >> president biden: that was true at the time. i thought there were people that would understand that getting vaccinated makes a gigantic difference. what happened a new variant came along. they didn't get vaccinated. it was spread more rapidly and people -- more people were getting sick. >> bill: a lot of what he says there is true. a lot of it can be debated as well and we'll talk to jerome adams in a moment on that. the moment he is talking about is this facebook clip he posted in mid may where he said you have two options. you can mask it or get vaxed. >> dana: peter doocy asks good questions. the president i think likes peter doocy and will take his questions but he seems to spar with him more off mic. if you take peter doocy's questions, take it from the podium. it was a good answer. instead of the audio being bad,
6:02 am
just take peter's question. >> bill: we should make a calendar to let you know where we were in the month of may. now 2 1/2 months later with the variant that came out of india known as the delta which is what we're dealing with now. facts can change. we'll go through it today and let you know what you need to know. cdc hasn't published the data behind its decision. they might release that information today. >> dana: we're covering it from all angles. jerome adams is here with reaction. steve harrigan from the cdc and let's go to mark meredith reporting live from the white house where we don't have to shout questions to him. >> good morning. the president is defending the cdc's latest guidelines suggesting that millions of americans wear a mask again indoors even if already fully vaccinated against covid-19. the president says these new guidelines are necessary because of the surge in cases due to the variants of the virus still spreading. the president is blaming the rise in cases on unvaccinated
6:03 am
americans. while each community will decide its own rules the white house knows it will face major pushback against the new guidelines. >> president biden: i know this is hard to hear. i know it's frustrating. i know it's exhausting to think we're still in this fight. and i know we hoped this would be a simple, straight forward line without problems or new challenges. but that isn't real life. >> what is the federal government doing now? reimbursing employers who give time off with employees and their families to get vaccinated. encouraging states to provide $100 cash to help people get vaccinated. pentagon is examining when vaccines can be required for armed forces and federal workers and contractors testing if not vaccinated. the president is glad to see many businesses are mandating vaccines or testing and praising some republican lawmakers who encouraged people to get the vaccine. some people fear the white
6:04 am
house is on a slippery slope. marco rubio tweeted government should encourage vaccination and make them available. but the government should not force anyone to get vaccinated. punish those who refuse or use a mask mandate to make everyone angry at the unvaccinated. the president suggested that the fda could grant full authorization to these vaccines as early as this fall and he also says right now no need for a booster shot but he suggests it is possible that could change in the future. dana. >> dana: thank you, talk to you later. >> bill: will the cdc make it public today? to atlanta we roll. what are you hearing, steve? >> we do expect the cdc to publish the data today behind its change in policy when it comes to mask wearing for the fully vaccinated. cdc has come under tremendous criticism for making its recommendations before making that data public. >> my major concern is we had
6:05 am
an incredibly important policy announcement by the cdc to recommend mask wearing even for those who are vaccinated but they have supplied zero data, no transparency or no information. >> this debate happens as hospitalizations continue to climb. the cdc puts the average seven-day hospitalizations at just over 3,500. concerning because it is a 32% rise over a week ago. in the larger picture, keep in mind the peak of hospitalizations was back in january. that rate was five times the current rate back in january fears of hospitals being overrun. one more point to keep in mind for those fully vaccinated. the chance of hospitalization extremely low, just 5,000 people hospitalized fully vaccinated out of 161 million. that works out to .003%. bill, back to you. >> bill: nice to see you. steve harrigan in atlanta. >> dana: let's bring in former
6:06 am
surgeon general jerome adams to help us on the communications of this. the deaths among the unvaccinated 99% and the "new york post" cover today 161 million people vaccinated, 5,000 caught covid and .0007% died. is the mask guidance necessary in your opinion, sir? >> well, i do think it's necessary for two reasons. number one, we know that there are a lot of people out there who are choosing not to wear a mask who are also unvaccinated. and quite frankly we need to get health officials and businesses covered to be able to protect their environments and employees. number two with the cdc information that came out yesterday, there is new data that suggests that vaccinated people can be spreading the virus. but i think it's important for people to understand the vaccines still work to do the number one thing that we expect
6:07 am
them to do, keep people out of the hospital and out of the cemetery. >> bill: true on that. you dealt with trying to communicate this when you were working on the task force under the trump team. you saw how difficult it was, right? and now you see the cdc struggling every day on this. message from the administration seems to be this is a red state versus blue state proposition and the red states are not following through what we're telling them to do. i don't know if you agree with that or not but it's the way it sounds. here are the numbers. major cities not getting the vaccine in new york 40% of teachers not vaccinated. 57% of police the same. 45% fire department unvaccinated. 40% of new york city help in hospitals not vaccinated. in l.a. half of city firefighters the same. confident, city employees, philadelphia, 80% of city employees won't say if they're
6:08 am
vaccinated or not. when you talk about this communication, this message, how should they try and manage this now? >> well, i want to be clear. i've been very vocal we need to get away from this division that is going on. some people are just addicted to framing this as a political issue and not as an issue of our failure to connect and engage with people and answer their questions. i've talked to black people, brown people, republicans, democrats who have been hesitant. i've answered their questions and they've chosen to get vaccinated. further, i've seen zero evidence, zero evidence that framing things through a political lens actually engages people and gets them to vaccinate. even if you believe it, it is not helpful. it is harmful. here is what helps. what helps is helping people understand what's going on on the ground. we have a dangerous delta variant increasing hospitalizations, causing our kids to have to go back to school with masking when
6:09 am
originally we had a potential for that not to happen and causing more mitigation and potentially closures coming your way. your freedoms are getting restrukted because we can't get enough people vaccinated. that's the reality. fair to have questions but you shouldn't let misinformation cause you to make a decision that's bad for your health or freedom. please, please talk to your doctor, talk to someone you trust who has the information to help you make an informed decision so we can get out of this pandemic. >> dana: do you really think it's necessary for kids to wear masks all day in school starting next week when they go back to school in the south? >> you've heard again yesterday from the cdc that we now think that this variant may be as infectious as contagious as chicken pox. so what we're worried about are these kids not only for themselves, but also for them taking it home and spreading it to someone else. until we get more information
6:10 am
from the cdc and you heard that transparency hasn't been great. the best thing for school is to mask up. i have an 11-year-old. that's the safest thing to do. public health officials want to protect, not harm you. we need the transparency and information. >> bill: i think i've got this right. correct me as i go through this. if you're vaccinated the delta variant for you is rare, it's possible, but it's rare. you might get struck by lightning with a greater percentage than condition tracting the delta variant. the percentages are so low. of those who are dying from it, they are at least 80 years old, if not older. it just doesn't sound like that's a convincing argument that you can take to the american people and explain the nuance and divide the data and communicate with people and say this is why it is important to pay attention.
6:11 am
can you do better than what i just described? >> here is why it's important. i actually am working in a hospital on a regular basis right now. our hospitals are starting to fill up yet again and that puts us at risk of not being able to get elective surgeries done or if you have a loved one going into labor of no to have a bed in the hospital. if you get a car accident is st to be threatened yet again. closures are coming your way whether you want to believe it or not. and we have the tools. god has given us vaccines, treatments, testing, mitigation. we have more tools than what i ever had last year. we just need to use them. i am begging your viewers to understand that we can live with this virus. we have tools to live with this virus but we all need to come together and cooperate and quite frankly we need more cooperation and less
6:12 am
politization and more communication from the federal government. >> dana: dr. jerome adams. appreciate you coming on. well, tonight on special report dr. walensky will be on with bret baier. a great interview to have. must see television to try to improve on the communications here. >> bill: i add one more thing when he described chicken pox. they are saying it can be as contagious as ebola. they know that now. walensky said it is rare among vaccinated people to get it. how you splice this argument. it is not a red or blue state thing. the numbers in new york. we have this. fox news alert in the battle -- one state taking matters into its own hands and the federal government threatening legal action.
6:13 am
>> dana: a not so friendly skies. flight attendants calling on the government to protect them from unruly passengers. >> bill: republican lawmakers are protesting the latest mask mandate by democrats. congressman chip roy is one of the most vocal and here in response to house speaker nancy pelosi. he will make his case next. >> we have a crisis at our border and we're mandates in th people's house. it is absurd what this body is doing. are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: new battle over max mandates is fueling more division on capitol hill as if that were possible with a group of house republicans and
6:19 am
staffers marching maskless to the senate floor refusing to comply with a new rule that everyone wear masks in the lower chamber. chip roy joins us now. what is it like today? >> great to be on the show. look, we're here doing our job. we're trying to signed a signal to the american people they don't have to run around in fear and. i'm pro vaccine. my father had polio. i believe in vaccines but i also believe in healthcare freedom. when i've gone in to meet with people vulnerable and gone to nursing homes and met with veterans i've masked up. bottom line is we have the power of the speaker of the house being used to say they'll arrest staffers, arrest the people who work for us because they are exercising their judgment, which the powers that be have been saying if you get vaccinated you are all safe. my staff are saying you have to come in here and follow these
6:20 am
orders or we'll arrest you. i have a problem with that. we're sending a signal to the american people they shouldn't be in fear. they want to go back to work and have kids in school and make decisions for their own well-being and not have the federal government step in and tell them what they have to do. >> dana: drew hammel told fox news the speaker of the house does not control the u.s. capitol police. we were unaware of the memo until reported in the press. hopefully nobody will get arrested. >> dana, that's absurd. we met with the capitol attending physician the other day and he put out in his orders talking about what we should do with masks. he put that information out there saying we have to be masked up. we know speaker pelosi is in communication with him. he sent the memo to them to start with. when he says capitol police are doing it on their own. they don't want the arrest anybody. you have capitol police put out a memo yesterday clarifying. what they said was sorry, you have to put your max on when
6:21 am
you come in. that's what the american people don't want to see anymore is tyrannical behavior by the people running institutions. we have a duty to lead. leading isn't having us on the floor of the house of representatives mask up while we have data that doesn't back it up. do you know how many -- >> bill: you make a good point when you said we have a crisis at the border, we a playing footsie with mask mandates in the people's house. why can migrants walk across the border and we don't know if they're covid-19 or not? are they getting appropriately tested now? >> they're not. a great point and i appreciate it. here in d.c. going back to masks, when they lifted the mask mandate only 90 people in the hospital. today there are 27. that's what we're doing two deaths in the last two weeks. more murders in d.c. on the border in la jolla, texas we have hundreds of people being put into a hotel by catholic charities who are
6:22 am
covid positive. 90 border patrol agents who tested positive because the influx of people coming across the border. yesterday i got a text from a border agent they had 500 people the day before. there is a massive spike in surge in covid positive individuals. we could stop that today with title 42 limitation. that's why i have a discharge petition on the house floor to require that the biden administration follow title 42 requirements to protect the american people from covid positive individuals coming into the united states. common sense they won't do it. that's the biden administration. >> dana: did you see yesterday, congressman, that the texas democrats who are hiding out there in d.c. many of them tested positive for covid and apparently were spreading it around to a couple of people we know that have been revealed. they were back on capitol hill yesterday. >> in fact they were in the oversight committee. i had the pleasure of asking
6:23 am
questions to several of my texas democrat colleagues about the fact that they've fled texas to come to washington, d.c. to ask washington to step over the voting rights of the people of texas. and they are coming here and getting on charter planes. i don't fly that way. to fly to d.c. and hang out and avoid their constitutional and legal responsibility to represent texans to the texas legislature. i don't know why covid is spreading around democratic circles. i hope they're healthy. i know nancy pelosi's office have had positives as well since the texas democrats have come up. >> bill: police memos. officers should not arrest any member. if a visitor or staff member fails to wear a request after a request to do so the staff or visitor shall be denied buildings or house side of the u.s. capitol. republican from kentucky yesterday has been fined for not wearing a mask. i don't know if he got the vaccine or not. i don't think he was vaccinated
6:24 am
at one point. we asked if he would back down. he said hell no. nancy pelosi called kevin mccarthy a moron. what is going on there? >> you have to respect the disagreements that you can have among each other. i stand with thomas massey. i won't tell anybody whether i've been vaccinated or not. it's none of my business. i'm standing with my staff and telling my staff to do what is in their best interests and i'll back them up. if nancy pelosi wants to come after my staff she will come through me. not the way we conduct business here. we can agree to disagree. this is the line in the sand. we're a free country and i will defend the freedom of americans and my staff in their interest not the will of nancy pelosi. >> bill: okay. chip roy, thank you sir. >> thank you all. >> bill: appreciate you coming on. severe weather hitting pennsylvania overnight. two confirmed tornadoes touched down. witnesses describe it as one large and dangerous storm.
6:25 am
twisters ripping up trees and power lines. five people injured when it hit a car dealership in the eastern part of pennsylvania. that view from bucks county in southeast pennsylvania. >> dana: after putting on a show the runaway texas democrats are still stuck in the political wilderness. what they are doing to try to regain momentum. an ugly fight between scarlet johansen and disney. why she is suing and disney's response and u.s. economy tapping on the brakes. are the president's policies helping or making things worse? our friday money panel steve and austan weigh in next. hi, guys. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan.
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6:31 am
>> you have local police and state police and border patrol working with one another along the border on different issues and missions. la joya, texas police got a call from a family member in new york. they have someone stuck in the brush saying he is injured and can see the border wall and now you have local police and border patrol out looking trying to perform a rescue mission to save this guy somewhere. they aren't quite sure where he is. this is also just a couple of miles away from that hotel that a local charity is holding a number of migrants. those are the ones covid positive and this has created this fight where you have local officials telling federal officials stop sending covid positive migrants into our community. earlier the white house addressed what federal officials are doing to combat covid. >> cbp provides migrants with
6:32 am
ppe from the moment they are taken into custody and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times. including when they are transferred or in the process of being released. >> now the issue here they're saying is that they are being released into the community but even with ppe once released they can go into the community and eat at local burger joints or get on a bus and go wherever in the united states. you've also got this morning more migrant apprehensions here and plenty of issues ongoing. border patrol officials saying sometimes 400 to 500 members of a group are coming over at one time distracting them and creating lots of paperwork and processing and local police say that distraction is an issue for them because they say that is when those who are doing trafficking and who are more involved in criminal activity, they are getting by. this is the issue they're working on here. we're still out with local police and update you as it goes on today.
6:33 am
>> dana: so many people. thank you so much. >> bill: wow. customs and border patrol agents arresting an ms-13 gang member from el salvador. an extensive criminal history. border patrol has arrested more 2021. that's not a typo. 7800. >> dana: that doesn't include the people that got away while the border patrol was distracted. >> bill: the number we were talking about. want to put it up there for us? wow. illegal immigrants encountered in june that are not from mexico or the northern triangle countries, 50,000. >> dana: right. just in june. >> bill: we've been told that root causes were the issue, guatemala, el salvador, nicaragua, 50,000 encountered in the month of june. >> dana: the vice president's report yesterday to the president on how to deal with root causes she doesn't mention anything about the southern border. i don't know if the root causes is going to work.
6:34 am
>> bill: so far you could argue the root causes run a lot deeper than those four countries. >> dana: we can get cold when the political spotlight turns away. texas democrats who fled the home state three weeks now are in a bid to get some of that attention back. they are meeting with stacey abrams as well as bill and hillary clinton. griff jenkins is live in washington >> they are still here, the runaway texas democrats getting restless after almost three weeks in the nation's capitol and little to show for it. the lawmakers hoping to block a gop backed voting reform took to capitol hill yesterday defending their position to flee. >> this idea this bill makes voting easier in this instance i don't see how. >> the bills that were filed would do more harm than good. >> you are damn right i left texas and i'm glad i did. i left texas to give my people
6:35 am
the right to be able to vote without them being infringed upon. >> their visit has been a fiasco. six testing positive for covid after flying maskless to d.c. with a white house aid and pelosi staffer being inrespected and forcing vice president harris to get a covid test and an asks for care packages. yesterday they got a pepp talk from stacey abrams who tweeted the grid got a high profile virtual visit with former presidential couple bill and hillary clinton. their main message get congress to pass voting rights legislation. republicans just want to get back to work at home. >> guess what? more and more texans don't care about them. they'll keep a hard core of their democrats rooting them on and o'rourke saying he is helping them. they are losing support day by date.
6:36 am
>> the texas democrats plan to stay here in washington until after that special session in austin is over. >> dana: in time for the governor to call another one. thanks. >> bill: u.s. economy meanwhile growing less than expected in the second quarter. gdp increasing but 2% below what was expected. gentlemen, great to have you back the friday money team. set the stage. "wall street journal" growth with caution signs it writes. higher prices, slow investment mar a strong second quarter for the economy. steve, what's going on out there? good news and maybe some critical news. >> bill: i will start with the good news. the united states is leading the world in terms of recovery. we're number one in terms of rebounding from covid. that's a great thing. i think it's because we led the
6:37 am
world in terms of the vaccine. but there are some trouble signs out there. no question. i think the "wall street journal" nailed it. i will just mention two quick ones we've talked about in previous weeks. number one i'm concerned about inflation. when inflation goes up, the real growth rate of the economy goes down because people's paychecks don't buy as much as they used to. the other one, bill, we can't ignore the problem that we've talked about so often. businesses can't get their workers back on the job. that means less production and it means less gdp. we have to get rid of the extra unemployment benefits. >> bill: in time that will happen but not yet entirely. how do you see it, austan? >> i would just point out steve has been saying that about unemployment insurance and over the last couple of months almost half the states ended the unemployment insurance extra benefits and you have not seen any increase in their employment relative to the other states. and that's because the thing
6:38 am
that's driving the labor shortage and the thing that's limiting the economy is the fear of the virus. and if we let this delta variant start raging again, the economy is going to overwhelmin to get more vaccines and to stop the spread of the virus. that's the number one rule of virus economics. the economy cannot grow if you don't get control of the virus. >> bill: interesting points. supply chains are far from getting back to normal and the story of covid continues to be an issue. is he right about that, steve? >> yeah. we have to get more people vaccinated, no question, especially adults. and that has slowed the economy. but look i disagree with austan's point about the states that have ended the unemployment benefits. remember a lot of them only started ending those benefits and late june and july. if you look at the state data
6:39 am
what it shows those states that have eliminated the extra unemployment benefits have about a 30 to 35% lower unemployment rate than those states like new york and illinois and california that continue to have those high benefits. so i do think it's a problem. just ask employers. >> bill: more evidence that stimulus provided surprisingly little bang for its buck. that's the quote from an economist. you have the number hanging out there 3.5 trillion on the table. some think it's more like 5 trillion. more spending, is that the answer, where we're headed or too high to climb at the moment? >> well, i think that's mixing two different things, bill. i think the argument about the american rescue plan, if you just look at gdp growth we're dramatically higher in terms of gdp growth than anyone was predicting before they passed the american rescue plan. and a large part of that is from the american rescue plan.
6:40 am
you saw bigger drop in poverty than has ever existed in the data. and you saw the american consumers coming back. the 3.5 trillion is spread out over 10 years, it's not about stimulus. has nothing to do with stimulus. it is making investments that we neglected and it remains, i will emphasize again, extremely popular with the american people. the voters, when they see what's in the package want it. >> bill: austan, as you were talking we were looking at 11 zeros. i had to count them. there they are. gentlemen, thank you, have a great weekend. steve and austan. you lost your father, austan, a week and a half ago and our condolences to you. >> thank you. >> dana: as kids across america prepare to head back to school in a week or so we'll talk to one mom so fed up with mask mandates she is taking drastic action. y.
6:41 am
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6:46 am
>> bill: new survey revealing how wild air travel has gotten. 85% of flight attendants say they've dealt with an unruly passenger this year. david lee miller reports on that. that's not cool. what's up? >> there is as epidemic in this country of airline passengers behaving badly. the survey by the union representing flight attendants says 1 in 5 of their members this year had a physical incident with an unruly passenger. [shouting] >> the faa says year-to-date there have been 3600 reports of unruly passengers. more than 70% of those cases
6:47 am
were mask-related. other causes of passenger rage according to the union are alcohol and not wanting to follow safety instructions. the union president said flight attendants can't continue to be human punching bags. >> we're hearing from flight attendants that we can't accept this as the new normal. this is not the job we recognize and we can't think when we're going to work we'll get hurt. that we're going to be assaulted or that we're going to face continual harassment and discrimination. >> nelson says she is glad the tsa is resuming self-defense classes for flight crews and hope the program becomes mandatory and calling on the faa to make permanent its zero tolerance policy for bad behavior. in other words, no more warnings, violators will be fined in addition to criminal prosecution that could lead to 20 years in prison for interfering with a flight crew. >> bill: keep it calm. david lee miller, thank you for
6:48 am
that. >> dana: georgia's largest school district is reinstating mask mandate saying students and employees will have to mask up regardless of vaccination status. instead of dealing with another year of covid protocols, our next guest says she is pulling her kids out of the school system all together. holly joins us now and how you decided to come to this decision. >> i decided to come to this decision because number one, i do not co-parent with my school board. i do not co-parent with the cdc and i don't co-parent with this administration. our schools have zero authority to be imposing health mandates over our students. i compromised last year when they allowed our students to go back into the building and i compromised and many parents did and put masks on our children. but no more. here in georgia we have numerous large districts that are still keeping their masks
6:49 am
optional. gennett is demanding the same. so much so we filed a lawsuit yesterday against our school district. >> dana: maybe give me a couple of examples of what you heard when your kids got home from school last year when they were wearing masks. what was the impact on them? >> you know, my youngest child is born with a cleft lip and has cranial facial abnormalities. we've spent thousands of dollars for her to breathe. for her to pull off her mask and take off her mask saying i can finally breathe. my other daughter is going into fifth grade and explained to me how she feels when people wear masks none of the kids talk. they don't socialize. everybody feels isolated and acts isolated with the mask on. she misses lunch in the
6:50 am
cafeteria. our children are sacrificing so much. at the end of the day it comes georgia has received over $4 billion in federal funding and mask mandates for our school districts is tied to that funding. it is not parents that are motivating -- it's not genuine concern that is motivating our school district. we feel it is funding. we've just had enough. >> dana: will you homeschool or what will it look like for you this academic year? >> for me personally i'm looking into homeschool options. some virtual learning options. but we will not be participating in the digital learning that our district is providing. >> dana: holly, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> bill: looks like another year of jumping through hoops. starting to sound like that. people who live near the border say the feds are losing track of migrants.
6:51 am
some positive for covid. the mcallen mayor is coming up. shark sightings shutting down beaches on the east coast. are the predators getting bolder? we'll ask an expert about that. ♪♪♪ two and2.48 apr.r percent. t newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. new customers get our best deals on all smartphones. that's right. but what if i'm already a customer? oh, no problem. hey, cam...? ah, same deal! yeah, it's kind of our thing. huh, that's a great deal... what if i'm new to at&t? cam, can you...? hey...but what about for existing customers? same deal (breathless) it's the same deal is he ok?
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has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. >> dana: four time u.s. olympic rower expressing frustration after a russian team won a medal. athletes are competing under the russian olympic committee. she tweeted seeing a crew who shouldn't be here walk away with a silver is a nasty feeling. disappointing overall. i feel for the other athletes in the final. good luck to all my friends who gave it everything out there. i agree. i don't think that's right.
6:57 am
what's the penalty or consequences if you still get to compete? no penalty. any parent knows that. >> bill: spoiler alert. we know what the u.s. women's soccer team did. should we tell them or what? . u.s. wins, they advance. go ladies. >> dana: indeed. >> bill: series of shark sightings in new york prompting closures on long island. the lifeguard was bit by something and spotted a fin in the water. it may be due to cleaner water and recent storms bringing the sharks' food further north. listen to this. >> more fish are coming here and attracting other fish species who are attracting larger sharks that generally haven't been here in the past in these numbers. >> bill: we have a shark expert here. how are you doing, greg? this is your area, out of massachusetts. why are we seeing this when you've got 30 shark attacks in
6:58 am
the u.s. so far in 2021? last year 36 attacks reported in the u.s. what's up, greg? >> well, guys, first of all it is good to be here. nice to see you again. bottom line is you have a number of factors at work here. first of all, after being basically cooped up for months and months and months more people are going to the beach. a hot summer. when you get lots of people in the beach and lots of people in the water and paying attention. the likelihood of seeing more sharks is up. but having said that, let's realize that sharks migrate along the eastern seaboard of the u.s. from southern areas where they over winter. when they get up the northern areas sometimes they feed close to shore and that feeding overlaps with human activities. so the potential for an interaction between people and sharks increases as well. but the sharks that i've been hearing about on long island
6:59 am
and the new york area are basically fairly harmless animals that are feeding on small fish close to shore. >> dana: there is headlines getting people's attention. north carolina 15-year-old bitten by what is believed to be a shark. i don't know if you know -- surf camp instructor recovering from a shark bite and new york. 27 in the united states so far in 2021. so i guess maybe just in line with the rest of the summer what's the best way to make sure you don't get bitten? >> well, you know, what i always tell people is be very familiar with your own skill set in the water, number one. by far more people drown. >> dana: more people drown. >> bill: this is important. hang on, greg. do we still have your signal?
7:00 am
>> dana: more people drown than get bit by a shark and another way is to admire the ocean. >> bill: these are sand sharks spotted in long island outside of new york city and they were feeding on fish. >> dana: talking about jasper, greg text me again. jasper goes in the ocean. should he not this time of year? i don't know. he is america's dog, after federal workers and contractors struggling to get shots into arms of americans. >> bill: good morning at home. hello there. strict new guidelines require everyone on the federal payroll to prove they're vaccinated. if not weekly testing, social distancing and mandatory mask wearing. jerome adams last hour pleading for people to go ahead and still get the jabs.
7:01 am
>> i've seen zero evidence, zero evidence that framing things through a political lens actually engages people and gets them to vaccinate. your freedoms are being restricted because we can't get enough people vaccinated. that's the reality. now it's fair to have questions but you shouldn't let misinformation cause you to make a decision that's bad for your health or your freedom. please, please talk to your doctor. talk to someone you trust who has the information to help you make an informed decision so that we can get out of this pandemic. >> dana: that was the former surgeon general. peter doocy is live with today's update. >> the president is trying to measure those 4 million federal workers to get vaccinated or else. >> president biden: anyone who is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they work, test one or two times a week to see if they
7:02 am
have acquired covid, socially distance, and generally will not be allowed to travel for work. >> the president is trying to come up with incentives for everybody else to get the shots like urging local leaders to give people $100 pulling from leftover covid stimulus money and offering to reimburse bosses at small businesses when employees miss work to get the shot. republicans think this is all a big overreach. senator ron johnson said president biden needs to respect american's freedom and their ability to choose whether to get vaccinated or not. it shouldn't be a controversial issue. no one should be pressured, could hersed or made to fear reprisal for refusing medical treatment. as the president urges more precautions i had a chance to ask him why he made it sound like this was all behind us in the spring. >> in may you made it sound like vaccines would help us lose the mask forever.
7:03 am
>> president biden: that was true at the time because i thought there were people who would understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. what happened was the new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly and more people were getting sick. that's the reason. >> cdc has been holding out on us. they haven't yet told us what specific data they saw that led to this major update to the mask guidance. but we're told they will share that information today. it won't be as part of one of their normal zoom briefings where you can see the officials on camera. they will just email it instead. >> dana: terrible communications decision if i may opine on that. peter doocy, thank you so much. if you have confusion, the way that you deal with confusion is to get it out there. who is going to read a long document from the cdc? we'll report on it and give you the information os we can.
7:04 am
they aren't even taking questions. it is not right. >> bill: it is our job to go through the articles to figure it out every morning and how confused are we? it's unbelievable. the cdc director will be on with bret later today in special report. some of the stuff we hear. "washington post" and "new york times." new strategy is needed on communication, that's a fact. give the trump team credit for what they did in the past in the briefing room every day 4:30 or 5:00 a whole lineup of people answering questions for two hours. this administration has not done that yet. any day. >> dana: cdc -- i think the white house deserves more from the cdc. the president gave a speech last night. they were supposed to follow up today and doing it with a piece of paper isn't good enough. now i will go onto this. the surge in covid cases creating problems along the southern border. migrants are being placed in hotels and border towns and
7:05 am
able to roam around freely and mcallen, texas is one of those towns. the mayor here. you are elected to take care of your community. are you being left one, in the dark and without any sort of resources to deal with this big problem? >> i don't think we've been left in the dark. what happened is now we have problems we had a couple weeks ago. before it was working well. the numbers now are just way up. at least more than 1300 a day and compound it with the issue of the positivity rate has gone from 4% to 6 to 10%. now we're in a pickle. we have the other cities getting spillover as far as immigrants and they didn't know they were being housed there. it is starting to create local issues. >> dana: not knowing about that particular issue. here is lieutenant governor dan
7:06 am
patrick trying to fight for more resources for your area. take a listen here. >> what do these people do when they get past the border check and they go into america? where do they go? where does the 15-year-old go who doesn't speak english and three grade levels behind? how does he get a job? he is not a citizen. how about adults? where do the people go in the community? what happens to them? nobody follows their trail of what happens to these people. >> dana: the other thing is, sir, that can anyone justify the hypocrisy of keeping canadians coming in from the northern border but leaving the southerner border more open. >> that's one of the issues we were talking about. we know we have problems. i like to say that it is not a border issue, it's an immigration issue. they need to take care of it in washington they haven't been able to. we keep on imploring let's do it. we talked to the white house through the governor's office and trying to get them to do
7:07 am
something. even though it's still not affecting us too bad a couple weeks ago it is getting worse and we need help. the positivity rate has gone up so they can't be transported. the hotels are getting filled up either here in mcallen, la jolla: we didn't have that. >> dana: have you noticed anything from your healthcare officials or hospitals filling up as well or not? >> we definitely have been noticing the numbers are going up. i can't attribute it to the immigrants or anything else. but yes our numbers have been going up. >> dana: yesterday the vice president issued a report to the president about root causes in the northern triangle countries. do you think that that report
7:08 am
will do anything to help the situation? >> i am not familiar with the report. i know some of the issues we have of course is the economy lower there. we spend a lot of money over there. we need to make sure it's spent correctly. of course the issues at the very end or the burden falls on washington and we keep telling them take care of business. piecemeal it. do daca, do the gift worker program and finish off something. start doing something and they're not. >> dana: looking for a comprehensive response. thank you, mayor. >> bill: from there to l.a. county now. mandating weekly covid tests for all students and faculty whether or not they are vaccinated or not. school district getting set for a return to in person learning in two weeks. bill is back in l.a. with the latest. jumping through hoops again, bill. >> good morning to you. l.a. unified school district announced a new policy
7:09 am
yesterday. what it says is all 650,000 students in the district are now going to have a choice when they go back to school in over two weeks. either submit to a weekly covid test or they can opt out but then have to go back to online distance learning. l.a. students are scheduled to go back to in-person classes august 16th. they have a mask mandate but because of rising covid-19 cases here in l.a. county more than 3200 yesterday alone, the district just sent out a letter yesterday to parents telling them we are closely monitoring evolving health conditions and adapting our response in preparation for our return to in-person learning. now the district went on to say in a new policy change all lausd students and faculty will be mandated the take weekly coronavirus tests. the kicker, regardless of their vaccination status. if they want the take part in in-person learning. if parents don't want to submit kids to weekly testing they can
7:10 am
opt out. the down side, the student will have to go back to distance learning over zoom. some parents say the testing is a small price to pay to have that in-person learning back. take a listen. >> most important thing for us is that they are actually going back to school and actually going back to in-person instruction and in-person learning. the fact that they would have to do a weekly test for covid seems very small part that we can all do to keep our kids safe. >> teachers union is also supportive of this new policy change with the president saying in part, quote, that are necessary but not invincible. like we see seat belts, airbags and speed limits we need masks, ventilation and testing to keep school communities safe. parents with kids in the school district have null today to decide if they want to opt out or keep kids in online earning. if they don't make a decision
7:11 am
by the end of today they'll be automatically enrolled in person learning. it's the best place. >> bill: thank you, bill. we thought we were out of it. thanks. >> dana: millions of americans behind on rent. the eviction ban sent to expire tomorrow. will washington act on their behalf. should washington still act on their behalf? >> mask mandates making a comeback. the new guidance and the pushback. jesse watters has some thoughts. j.w. next right here. >> we have a duty to lead and leading isn't having us on the floor of the house of representatives mask up while we have data that doesn't back it up. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪
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>> bill: will millions of americans be out of a home over the weekend? the federal ban of evictions expires tomorrow on saturday. supreme court has ruled the cdc can no longer extend the freeze on rent payments. president biden is calling on congress to act. you have renters out there, homeowners, a lot going on on this. we have the rundown on the hill. how will it go? >> congress right now is scrambling to figure out to try to keep millions of americans in their homes. researchers estimate 15 million people in 6.5 million households could face eviction if the freeze expires as planned tomorrow. nancy pelosi urged colleagues in a letter to pass legislation that would extend that ban to december 31st so there is more time to pay out rental assistant. congress authorized more than $46 billion to help people make rent during pandemic but major
7:18 am
bottlenecks getting the money to tenants. only $3 billion has been paid out so far. so the white house and pelosi want more time so all that money can actually be distributed. while congress is trying to figure out how to get enough votes to make it happen castro said the white house should have pushed congress way before the day before tweeting the cdc should extend the ban anyway even if there is a lawsuit later saying the white house is right that congress must act. these calls should have come weeks ago not 72 hours before the moratorium expires. scotus may strike down a cdc extension but worth the risk to give tenants time. not every renter is going to be kicked out on the street overnight. four states massachusetts, nevada, new york and oregon with banning evictions if you have a pending application for that rental assistance that congress approved. several other states have extended their own temporary ban on evictions and also a lot
7:19 am
of laws locally in place that landlords have to give 30 days notice or 60 days notice before you are actually kicked out, bill. >> bill: you have the stem checks and landlords are losing their shirt. this is a sticky deal here. hillary, thank you. we'll see how it comes out. hillary vaughn on the hill. thanks very much. >> capitol police doesn't want to arrest anybody. you have capitol police put out a memo yesterday clarifying. what they said was sorry, you will still have to follow the orders of the police to put your mask on when you come in. that's what the american people don't want to see anymore is this kind of tyrannical behavior by the people running our institutions. >> dana: congressman chip roy slamming the latest mask mandate on capitol hill. visitors and staff could face arrest if they don't want to wear a mask. bowser restoring a mask mandate in the nation's capital for everyone indoors. she is encouraging people to go
7:20 am
to their favorite restaurants where you can take your mask off inside to eat and drink. jesse waters is host of waters world. save us from our confusion on the mask. >> if i don't get it, no one gets it. they are arresting vaxed americans in the people's house but not arresting unvaxed migrants coming across the southern border. it makes no sense. i wish they cared as much about the rise in shootings in washington, d.c. as they care about the rise in cases. more people are dying of bullets in d.c. than they're dying of covid-19. dana, i need to see faces. i have to see -- even hemmer's beautiful face i have to see. we aren't going backwards. donald trump handed joe biden a recovering economy and a vaccine and now it looks like biden owns this and he is slowing the recovery down. the health recovery and economic recovery and now they
7:21 am
are hyping delta to keep control over our faces and speech. if you're in washington, d.c. and see peter doocy with a mask and all these people covering the president with masks. a big signal. democrat governors will do what they see d.c. doing and go back to hopefully not back to the lockdowns. at this point who knows what's coming? >> bill: we tried to find good news yesterday. we found it in london. u.k. was dealing with the delta variant. the numbers are dropping substantially by the day. maybe it is good news for us. did you know and have you been following the red state/blue state battle, the suggestion that trump voters don't want to get the vaccine? >> i've been following it. >> bill: i missed the five yesterday. did you know in new york they say 7-1 democrats to republicans? did you know that 45% of new yorkers have not been
7:22 am
vaccinated? does that sound like blue state/red state? >> cave men according to people on our show. if you look at the map of the united states and show the hot spots, all of the hot spots are in huge democrat cities. new york city, atlanta, los angeles. not a lot of trump voters in those cities. we have to do away with all the politics and just try to get people vaxed. at a certain point you have to stop. you can't push people that hard. >> dana: do you like the idea president biden suggested many of the governors have done this to incentivize by giving people $100 to get a shot? >> i love bribes. i think they work. >> dana: do you think you could get a retro active bride? >> i got one shot by j. and j. my wife got two. that's $300 for the family. >> bill: one of my sisters said i should have held out for more money. >> dana:
7:23 am
in louisiana have mandatory community service, if you get the vaccine you can write that off. you don't have to do your community service if you get the vaccine. >> getting the vaccine is community service. i get that. if you're 26 years old. the people that aren't getting it mostly 20-year-olds, 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds, the main demographics not getting it. if you are making $30,000 and $40,000 and handing out gift cards, give me a shot. >> bill: covid versus homicide deaths in washington, d.c. over a two week period. four covid deaths, number three. you had four covid deaths and 11 homicides. >> isn't that crazy? there is no effort to reduce homicides in washington, d.c. if i heard anything? has the cdc come out and said this is how we need to reduce violence in the streets? they haven't said anything.
7:24 am
>> bill: the mayor to her credit they will hire more cops. >> cops won't be hired because they're retiring. >> dana: the other big problem is the prosecutors letting the suspects go in d.c. >> hire as many police officers as you can. if the d.a. will drop charges it is worthless. >> dana: that's what the police chief said. jesse, how will you save the world this weekend? >> ben shapiro on the show. i promote his book. not how i save the world. we'll talk about left wing authoritarianism. >> bill: a cottage industry. >> you have to write one now. >> this is the three. catch us every friday. we will muscle you in here. thanks. >> dana: thanks, jesse. >> bill: weeks away from a major intel report on the origins of covid even though china refuses to cooperate. what the white house is saying about that plus democrats
7:25 am
weighing a big push on amnesty despite the southern border issues. ari fleischer will react coming up next live. veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? “buickenvision2021.” oh, you should pick something stronger. that's really predictable. that's a really tight spot. don't worry. i used to hate parallel parking.
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veteran homeowners, great news -oh, i was just -- -oh, tammy. the lowest mortgage rates you've been waiting for are here.
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the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. >> bill: we've been reporting the border crisis overwhelming resources including immigration courts. the system is so backed up it could take years before asylum cases ever make their way to a judge. that is if they show up. casey stiegel is live today on that. good morning. >> good morning. happy friday. long before this current surge that we've been reporting on at the southern border began, frankly the immigration courts
7:31 am
have struggled to keep up with their old caseload for years now and so now we've got a situation where you are injecting tens of thousands of new cases into that already piling on an overwhelmed system. according to the latest data, get this, there are currently 1.4 million pending cases before the courts. 1.4 million. texas alone has more than 170,000 of those. resulting in wait times before someone will ever get before a judge of more than four years. and even with a renewed push to hire more court staff, experts say well, it is just not that simple. >> it's not easy. it is not like you can just immediately even hire that many more judges because immigration as you know is -- god, it's really complicated. >> now according to the u.s. department of justice stats
7:32 am
about half of migrants show up for their future court hearings with asylum claims, however, the data suggests 95% of non-detained people do show and make their appearances. the majority of people, as we know, currently crossing into the united states illegally are seeking asylum. bill. >> bill: we have a long way to go. nice to see you in arlington. casey stiegel. >> it's criminal to legalize people before you secure the border. i've been involved in every immigration proposal for the last 15 years and all of them had one thing in common. you secured the border before you provided a pathway to citizenship. >> dana: reaction from lindsey graham on whether to include a pathway to citizenship as part
7:33 am
of the 3.5 trillion spending plan. ari fleischer said he has been involved in these for 15 years and still the problem is not solved and it looks like the numbers this year are breaking records and no one is doing anything. >> the many policy blunders that joe biden made starting with misreading his mandate going on a massive non-covid related spending spree that a redistribution of income, threatening tax hikes. the biggest mistake he made was stop building the wall. the wall, of course, is effective. and you are never going to solve the immigration problem if you continue to have people pouring into the country from one end and on the other end for the people here you are trying to wrestle what do you do with those people? you don't have more people come in. and that's why the wall made good common sense. the biggest blunder he has made. >> bill: what do you make of these texas democrats still in washington, d.c.?
7:34 am
they got a lot of attention, a lot of attention from us a couple of weeks ago and some other media outlets, since then it has died off. i don't know if you think the strategy ultimately is smart because it's going to be august soon and apparently they will still be there. >> they were elected to do their jobs. you don't do your job by coming to washington, d.c. to avoid taking hard votes. they don't have the votes in texas, the democrats, to stop a voting reform bill and that's just the way it goes. that's the way democracy works. they should return to texas and do their jobs. they are wasting everybody's times and texas taxpayer dollars doing what they're doing in washington >> bill: in the meantime we had thomas massey on here yesterday. he won't wear a mask, hell no he won't, you saw nancy pelosi call kevin mccarthy a moron the other day. chip roy was on our program an hour ago. he was hot on fire going after democrats. what do you think about the
7:35 am
maybe the dissension of civility among our political leaders and just generally the lack of respect they show for each other? >> the problem here when it comes to masks is people who are unvaccinated are dictating to vaccinated people how to behave. masks are obtrusive. no one wants to wear one. when you did the right thing and got vaccinated, i just don't get this. i really don't know why the government is forcing vaccinated people to wear masks. they say you could transmit covid. not that you will. but you could. well, i could get hit by a car leaving my office or hit by lightening. it is the wrong solution. enhancing vaccinations is the right solution. i praised the president's speech yesterday for pressuring employers to do everything they can to get employees vaccinated. but the mask story is entirely different. now i wish there was civility
7:36 am
in washington but when you try to dictate behavior to somebody there will be pushback especially on the masks. >> dana: are you surprised the cdc they were going to brief about all this new guidance, decided today they aren't going to do it on camera but relean e. >> yeah it makes you scratch your head. you have to presume they have some level of data but not prepared to answer the hard questions about it. as we all know when any -- cynics need to review it. you need to taste the fire. that's what you and i did every day and of course what the cdc has to do about something of this magnitude when they are demanding people wear masks who are vaccinated. they owe a full explanation and should take a full set of questions. >> dana: especially if they want people to comply. it would be helpful. always good to see you. thank you so much. >> bill: thank you.
7:37 am
china now refusing to help the world health organization's investigation into the origins of covid. a lot of that won't be a surprised. we're less than a month from the intel report that president biden requested. what will be in it? mark meredith is running down that story today. >> the biden administration says it's urging china to be more cooperative and north coming with the world health organization as it investigates how the pandemic first began. no indications that the communist country is going to comply. we've seen more of the international effort to get answers about what was going on in the virology lab in wuhan. china denying any involvement but they say chinese officials are trying to cover their tracks. not surprising to some health experts. >> no, i think we will never get access to the laboratory personnel, their hospital records, if they got sick in october and november and what happened to them. we won't see that.
7:38 am
we saw last week china closing off the option of additional investigations even by the w.h.o.. >> this week a bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter to president biden urging the u.s. to keep pressuring china for answers and go on to say we expect that congress will remain fully informed and consulted on your efforts to reach definitive conclusions regarding the origins of pandemic and any concrete policy recommendations. the white house has already ordered an intelligence investigation to how the pandemic began. it will be finished next month. it is possible we won't get definitive answers one way or another how it all got started. >> bill: mark, thank you for that. hold that thought. hollywood tough guy clint eastwood became one of the film industries most diverse and enduring talents for more than 60 years. we have a look back at his legendary career.
7:39 am
>> as a director, producer, and filmmaker, eastwood has never pandered to his audience or allowed prevailing trends to affect the integrity of his art. >> that's available sunday at fox nation. watch it this weekend. i voiced it. all the producers put it together. i learned so much about him. yes, he has a lot of social commentary through his films but early in his time he was like i'm going to act a certain way. if you don't like it, don't hire me. he stuck to that whole monotone sort of delivery which was very straight forward and eventually it worked for him. >> dana: it is neat. check that out on it is not just conservatives. moderates are pushing back against critical race theory. how one registered democrat is taking action. they probably never bargained for so much chaos in the sky.
7:40 am
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>> bill: there is a growing backlash against the teaching of critical race theory in our
7:45 am
nation's schools. moderate voters voicing their opposition on that. they are saying the democratic party is ignoring their concerns and "politico" pointed out that story with this headline. people are scared, democrats lose ground on school equity plans. kaplan is co-founder of the alliance for constructive ethnic studies from the bay area in california. thank you for coming on today. you were born in the soviet union in belarus. you came at the age of 11. your eyes started popping out of your head when you started looking at these -- reading these notice in public schools. explain how that went. >> thank you so much for having me, bill. first of all i have to admit it is a bit odd for me, quite odd for me to be here as a long-time democrat, i never thought i would find myself on a fox news show. this is truly a nonpartisan issue and we can't afford to
7:46 am
have it be left wing or right wing. >> bill: just so you know we like democrats and republicans and we like independents. bring them all on, continue. >> all right. i appreciate that. so yeah, the way this started was a couple of years ago when i got this steady stream of emails saying you have to read this california ethnic studies model curriculum stuff. it is crazy. i started reading and got this really weird sense of something about this feels familiar. and the reason was that as you mentioned, i immigrated from the former soviet union and the marxist, len-inist indoctrination had already begun in school for me. all of a sudden i was reading the same concepts and language in english this time in the guiding principles of the california ethnic studies models curriculum. so i reached out also to people
7:47 am
that immigrated as adults, especially my parents and many other immigrants and confirmed that yes, indeed, this is that same stuff being reflected in a different iteration. and then further went further than that and i have to tell you there was a heartbreaking petition that came out from immigrants from the former soviet union to the department of education in california. it said never could we have imagined that decades later the same ideology and concepts that we escaped would show up in, of all places, the california ethnic studies model curriculum. >> bill: that's -- could you do our audience a favor? cite me an example of what you saw or read that made your eyes pop out? >> yeah. so for example, in the guiding principles that lay out the
7:48 am
roadmap for what the curriculum should look like in the initial draft that i was reading, it talked about i will read this. connecting ourselves to past and contemporary resistance movements that struggle for social justice on the global and local levels to insure a true democracy. now, to many people it may not sound like anything particularly nefarious but true democracy is a marxist term that is the abolition of private property. what is this doing in that curriculum? >> you are saying you are teaching people they are either an oppressor or victim and you conclude by saying wake up, i've lived this before. last comment on that. >> yeah. so the -- what we learned as a
7:49 am
group as it alliance for constructive studies, as we dug into it there are two distinct models of ethnic studies, the constructive ethnic studies which is what you and i would expect with the vast majority of americans would expect and there is this crt base, the critical race theory ethnic studies is what i was reading just now. it goes by a different name. critical ethnic studies, liberated ethnic studies, crt based ethnic studies. in that model what we have is a paradigm where kids, human beings, are either an oppressor or a victim. and any time you put human beings into two boxes and then pit them against each other especially by the color of their skin based on the color of their skin nothing good is going to come out of that and sure enough we see all sorts of things coming out in the classroom. >> bill: very interesting conversation. i wish i had more time today.
7:50 am
we'll have more time in the future because we will bring you back. you have done a lot of work on this. i think what you have found needs to be heard by many more people. we had a fox poll. you are familiar with crt. 49 said yes and 41 said no. 10% say can't say. what that tells me there is more than education that needs to be done here. you have done the work, i look forward to speaking to you again. thank you out of san francisco. >> i look forward. >> dana: terrific guest. marvel super hero black widow has a new villain disney. actress scarlet johansen is suing the house of mouse and how the case could have long-term fallout in hollywood. ♪♪♪
7:51 am
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>> i am an avenger. >> dana: that's a quip from scarlet johannson's movie. she is suing because it was released in theaters and disney plus at the same time. i don't understand why it's a problem. >> it is so interesting. disney, like you said, released black widow at the same time theaters and on disney plus which is cool for viewers. you got the choice. you could watch it in your pajamas at home or watch it in the theater. i chose to pay the $30. pay the same to watch it at home. >> bill: you are recommending watching it at home? >> if i'm afraid of scarlet johannson i cannot. the way she negotiated her contract with disney was that she would make a portion of her salary based on how well the
7:57 am
movie does in the theater. so for example, opening weekend the movie made $80 million at the box office, $60 million streaming. she is saying okay, where is part of my $60 million. she makes a very good case. disney disagrees. >> do we know if there is language in the contract that addresses streaming? >> that is the thing. she said that she was guaranteed that this would be at a theater-only release. disney released a statement and said that she is able to make some sort of money with the streaming thing. my natural next question to that would be if that's true, if she is able to make additional compensation based on streaming, why would she then be suing? >> dana: right. >> bill: fair point. there is no crocodile tears, right? she made $20 million, right? she is alleging he could have made up to $50 million. >>
7:58 am
she said she was guaranteed something. if you are promised something and the company doesn't treat it the way that they were going to treat it in the contract, in the fine print then she as -- >> dana: implications for a lot of other movies made and coming out. consumers have said during covid we'll pay $30 to be able to watch it at home on opening weekend. >> bill: they hammered her. sad and distressing, callous disregard for the global effects of the covid-19 pandemic. the release of black widow on disney plus has significantly enhanced her ability to earn additional compensation on top of the $20 million she received to date. >> that was a dig at her. she is not allowed to sue a company because other he a pandemic? that makes no sense. dana, you hit the nail on the head when if she wins this,
7:59 am
then it will change the way hollywood does business with movies. >> dana: and the music industry where singers and songwriters got paid from cds and spotify. i don't think it's perfect but could be the same thing for movies now. >> right. i think they've done something with other actors who made $10 million after they decided to release it on streaming services as well. we are not talking peanuts here. >> bill: we are talking napster. >> i remember it. >> dana: good reference. >> bill: dana has this thing she asks younger people, do you know who fred flintstone is? doctor walensky will be bret
8:00 am
baier tonight. >> dana: ideally video questions. they'll do an extended q and a with her tonight. she may wish she had done the briefing instead. >> bill: we want to leave you with the olympian of the year. >> dana: look at this. >> bill: a gold medal. put it up. here is harangodyis. >> ference raising big concerns over the humanitarian crisis at the southern border especially in light of the surging covid cases. we learned this week that covid-positive migrants are being housed in hotels and they can mingle with the general public. they are free to roam. we'll bring you live when
8:01 am


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