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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 30, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: it is friday july 30th. i mean no offense when i say to my masks, they protest the return of covid 19 restrictions. we are live in washington as house speaker nancy pelosi calls for americans who make to be arrested. jillian: a different story on the border were migrants are released daily. todd: you get a check, you get a check, everyone gets a check.
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the latest could pay you just to exist. "fox and friends first," we exist right now. ♪♪ jillian: showing like a dancer. todd: it sounds familiar. jillian: not going crazy, that is the bailable. you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: we start with the $100 offer president biden is making his push to vaccinate americans as mask mandates go into effect. jillian: republicans march
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maskless in defiance of speaker pelosi's rules. >> we have come a long way since the president said this on the fourth of july. >> today we are closer than ever to declare independence -- independence from the deadly virus. >> reporter: federal government employee or contractor must show proof of vaccination or face rigorous testing, where he mass, social distance and limit their travel. they don't like calling it a mandate at the white house and are sensitive to going backwards. >> reporter: you made it sounds like losing the mask forever. >> that was true at the time. i thought people getting vaccinated, new variants came along. they didn't get vaccinated, it spread more rapidly and more people got sick.
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>> reporter: biden is directing the military to require vaccines. reimbursing small businesses, for ages 12 and up. the country returns to mask mandate including on capitol hill where some refusing to wear a mask can be arrested. capital police saying officers should not arrest any member for failure to wear a mask but any person who fails to comply or leave will be subject to an arrest. house republicans outraged marched from the house to the senate floor in protest yesterday. >> the lunacy that speaker pelosi is trying to get people arrested if they are vaccinated without a mask but on the senate side without a mask, maybe covid knows it needs to stop when it gets close to the senate chamber. >> reporter: they are demanding
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the cdc release the data behind the mask mandate reversal and calling out the capital physician doctor brian monahan for not wearing a mask while briefing house members about the new mask mandate. finally what about a return to lockdowns? at the white house, they will listen to the science and cdc. todd: we talked about it this confidence that we love you and hope you have a good weekend. jillian: federal employees being told to mask up migrants are not. the white house deflecting questions about covid positive border crossers being released into the us. todd: governor greg abbott takes action. >> reporter: deflection came from the deputy press secretary after being asked why vaccinated americans are being told to wear a mask and positive border crossers let loose in texas. here is the response. >> cvp provides ppe from the
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moment they are taken into custody and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times. if anyone exhibit signs of illness they are referred to local health systems. >> reporter: governor greg abbott signed an executive order restricting ground transportation of migrants at risk of having covid 19 into texas communities that allow stopping of any vehicle with suspicion of the violation. merrick garland is threatening legal action against the order and for abbott to rescind it garland says the order is dangerous and unlawful. the border would jeopardize the health and safety of noncitizens in federal custody and families and communities. the order directly interferes with implementation of federal immigration law. top house republicans lay down a proposal for the border wall to stop the migrant crisis.
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>> to resume and complete what donald trump initiated for border wall construction and second is to enhance border technology. we have tremendous technology not being properly utilized and the third is to have more boots on the ground. >> reporter: vp harris released her 5 point plan to combat the crisis, the root cause identifies and coordinates action to improve security governance, human rights and economic conditions in the region. harris followed that up by saying it won't be easy and progress will not be instant but they are committed to getting it right. jillian: we will talk about kamala harris in a second but let's start the conversation in texas, the governor, elected officials, border agents in texas, everybody, even residents have been trying to say we have a problem. we need help fixing this and it
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seems nothing is getting done. we talked the border patrol agents, we have the acting ice director on later in the show to give his opinion on this but listen to what the governor has to say about in his words the president caring more about those coming into the country as opposed to those who are already here. take a listen. >> i have a job to protect the safety and health of the people of texas and that includes now preventing president biden from importing covid 19 into texas and the united states. it shows the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents of america than he does of the residents of america. >> we talked to residents on the border communities and a lot of them say i am scared and need to protect my family. you have some people wanting to put up their own money to build that wall in texas and that in itself says a lot.
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todd: thanks for that threat by merrick garland, the nation's top attorney, he is ignoring the fact that under the rules of state sovereignty the feds set a baseline and you can go above that. you can't get below that. let's not label it immigration because immigration is federal. what greg abbott is doing is focusing on the safety of individuals and in order to do that he is dealing with the immigrant search, the migrant surge, he's allowed to do that under the laws of state sovereignty. jillian: let's get to kamala harris, the latest poll numbers show she is underwater. look at her favorability rating, 46% favorable, 48% unfavorable july 24th through 20 seventh and democratic strategists telling the whole those numbers have the party concerned about the midterms. right now she has potential of doing more harm than good for some of these candidates. my sense is she will raise a lot
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of money and go to some specific district but they will have to be very strategic with her. todd: we are seeing fear leaking out from democratic operatives. a couple weeks ago it was americans don't seem to like crime. americans want to be safe. that's not helping democrats as we look ahead to 2022. now the kamala harris situation, 18 jobs, she's doing none of them well and people are starting to realize that and she proposes is 5 point plan to stop the root causes in underlying countries, shut it off at the border, you don't have to worry about the underlying countries, deal with it in time, you can do both. the fact that she's not doing both is understandable why if you're a congressperson in a border state, arizona, texas, you're like i don't want you campaigning. jillian: we had on fox news democratic officials in some of
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these states who say there's a problem. this is not a 1-sided thing at this point. todd: it is an american thing. jillian: another reminder, former acting ice director will join us later this hour. todd: to tokyo we go. the fifth straight american woman to win olympic gold in the all-around gymnastics competition. the last american to do it cheering on her teammate, simone biles. jillian: team usa racking up more metals, teammate and friend in the women's 200 meter breaststroke final. the us has the most metals total with 41 so far. when it comes to gold china leads and japan with 15 as the us trailing behind with 14. todd: ever try the breaststroke? i did. jillian: like one summer i
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think. todd: i just didn't move. time is 10 minutes after the hour according to the op-ed you should not have to be an american citizen to take america's leaders. scarlett johansson suing disney, the battle over the release of glass widow. ♪♪
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todd: did you see this? a new york times op-ed questioning americans principle and basic democratic right to voting. jillian: it argues there is no good reason you should have to be a citizen to vote. fox news contributor joe concha, i will not go to another country to vote for something. do you get it? >> you are not running to new zealand to vote in their elections. jillian: i could change my mind. >> the tea leaves our grace, 24 hours -- this is an opinion piece, not in the news section
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and opinions -- we've all got one and by and large they stink. the new york times greenlighted this speaks volumes. here you have what the end game is for many democrats on illegal immigration where you have 1.1 million people already entered the country illegally this year alone and that is for people to enter this country, illegally vote, tipping the scales of power for the democrat party because the 2020 presidential election is a prime example. states like georgia decided by 10,000, arizona 12,000, wisconsin one percentage point, pennsylvania michigan very thin. you are talking about donald trump right now. the disconnect between the time to the american public for pushing this because 80% of voters support voter id that you are a citizen here, you live here in this op-ed says it doesn't matter who you are or if you are paying taxes, you can legally prove your here, give
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anyone and everyone the right to vote. at some point you expect an op-ed from the time saying let's allow all high schoolers to vote on those on death row because that seems to be where this is going. jillian: drugs and alcohol. will: that is why you're at home. todd: you did the 30,000 foot view. let's read part of this piece, quote, washingtonians love to complain about taxation without representation but for me and fellow noncitizens it is a fact that we submit to unquestioning year after year primary after primary presidential election after presidential election. does the offer not understand that would allow every person in the world to vote in our elections and the insane consequence that would mean. if you have 8 billion people that undermines the vote of the 330 that exist in the country now.
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>> sometimes i think in our world we just read the headline. when you read this entire piece it is scary to think about what is being proposed. you could have those from other countries coming in and impacting the election and leaving. this is dangerous stuff. they have not endorsed a republican presidential candidate since 1956 yet they are the paper of record so this shows where they are in terms of how they align with the far left democratic wings, not the moderate democrats who may disagree with this. jillian: do you think this point we are putting too much weight on opinions? everyone has one and they are out there for all to see. nowadays because there is so much, you read some opinion pieces like that and makes you
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scratch your head. why is this out there? i don't know. >> it is labeled an opinion in the opinion section. what we see with media and so many people tell pollsters is they don't trust it anymore because they can tell the difference between what is supposed to be opinion it was supposed to be a news program, look at cnn and prime time and anderson cooper, chris cuomo and don lemon as anchors, they are partisan opinion makers, activists. in cuomo's case and lemon's case, yet they are called anchors and they will tell you we are just seeking truth and giving the facts, you're giving your opinion and that is where everything is convoluted. todd: once it gets out in the ether are no matter how inane the idea is someone will run with it and another person will run with it and something like this could take hold and we are in for a world of hurt and we see it over and over again. i want you to have a good weekend.
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willing to work with democrats for something to find would agree on. the bipartisan plaintiff $550 billion new spending and $205 billion in unused covid 19 relief aid the there are no tax increases which is a win for the republicans. the question raised by the editorial board will a steel help or hurt dems as they tried to pass the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. as chad program points out jerry nadler says reconciliation is the only option to pass daca, in the reconciliation package. we shall see. todd: they don't get cinema, manchin or tesla. jillian: we exist so we should get paid. >> reporter: ilhan omar will introduce legislation that creates a guaranteed income program which will send $1,200 a
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month to most americans. those making 75,$000 a year or heads of household that make 112,$000 a year as was a $600 monthly payment per child. we will see how well this is received on capitol hill. todd: you want to get paid for not doing anything, get jillian and carly breakfast and money appears in your account. a huge power move by the black widow. >> reporter: scarlett johansson is playing hardball. >> i was an avenger. and a lot of enemies. jillian: she has a new enemy, the actress and her attorney filed $50 million lawsuit against disney over the
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company's decision to release black widow and disney plus and in theaters at the same time alleging breach of contract with her agreement guaranteed of the ethical release only and her salary was based on box office performance. the company said, quote, it complied with her contract and the release of black widow and disney plus would premier access has significantly enhanced her ability to earn additional compensation on top of the 20 million she received today. this is a big story because it is standard but this is likely going to open lawsuits by other actors and actresses because they have the same type of agreement with the studios so this will be closely watched. her lawyers are alleging in the suit they reached out to disney to renegotiate because of the pandemic, there is not a
2:28 am
pandemic laws in her original contracts. it will be a big fight in hollywood. jillian: this could open the floodgates because the pandemic changed everything. this could also be important to set a precedent. todd: the actors when in this because contracts are construed against the drafter and the drafter will be the studio. the number, 50 million, and up 25 and blackwell walks away. >> what is so funny is i remember reading the she wasn't promoting the film but i remember reading the story, now we know why. she wasn't pregnant according to the gossip. she was coming up with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. todd: georgetown law school
2:29 am
forced to wear masks and anyone who is not vaccinated even with medical exemptions will be forced to get tested multiple times a week. travis has a rare immune deficiency in students i can feel singled out. he joins me now. let's start with masks. if you're immunocompromised why wouldn't you want everyone wearing a mask? what is your response? >> the mask mandate doesn't have any science for the vaccinated. the vaccines, we need to send a message the vaccines are effective in preventing covid and encouraging people to get vaccinated to loosen these restrictions. you cannot say the vaccines work and also vaccinated students have to wear a mask. todd: georgetown law saying the following, fully vaccinated individuals will not participate in routine a systematic testing,
2:30 am
and whoever received a medical a religious exemption or deadlock exemption will be tested this week and individuals were not fully vaccinated need to complete the covid 19 daily check in the survey. why do you object to this policy? >> as someone with an immune deficiency every day we have to live our lives trying to stay healthy. my diagnosis 5 years ago, there's never been a single day i haven't thought about my disease and how to keep myself healthy. conversations with my doctors i know how to keep myself safe and i don't think mandates for people with severe medical conditions who cannot safely receive the vaccine tell them and tell us how we should be living our lives. to single us out like that is frankly unjust and immoral. will: todd: a broader question. are you concerned this is the position of a school that
2:31 am
teaches quite frankly the law of the land, georgetown law school? >> yes it is very concerning to see higher institutions of higher education across the country pushing these mandates when it should be up to us the people living with these diseases how to stay healthy because we know the best decisions we can make to make us healthy. todd: tax law at georgetown university, over the next few years may be looking into vaccine law as well. that is a big area, appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. jillian: 800 migrants were apprehended in the rio grande valley in one day and texas governor greg abbott is taking it upon himself to restore order. why is the doj threatening action against him? we talked a former acting ice director ron the tell low next. play for a chance to win
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the border, christie known says enough is enough. take a listen. >> they anticipate this to get worse, border patrol was pretty candid in how overwhelmed they are and don't know what they would do if the national guard wasn't here. jillian: border patrol agents this week apprehended 800 illegal immigrants in 24 hours. joining me is acting ice director ronald vitello. how bad is it get and what does it look like? >> a lot worse and 800 apprehensions in a single day and when area is overwhelming almost every system that exists. you think about overcrowded facilities, to send them across they are subject to human trafficking, 800 people in the
2:37 am
system, put them in the system, book them in and the facilities on top of that you have this pandemic where we are not supposed to be close to people who are been vaccinated in an indoor sitting face-to-face so we've never seen anything like this on the border. in history of the department, last time we did it was 2006 or 7 or 8. that was a different problem. that was mostly people from mexico who returned quickly after they were booked in, not lots of children alone or children with families. this is a different problem on top of that, you have the threat of this pandemic. imagine the workforce who knows tools exist to prevent a search like this that were taken away from them and their they are forced to deal with thousands of people each week coming across the border in terrible conditions.
2:38 am
the individuals themselves subject to human trafficking the abuse on the way through the pipeline by corrupt governments and cartels and border patrol forced to deal with that crush of humanity, patrolling the border. 40% of the workforce doing care, comfort and processing versus protecting that border. >> texas governor greg abbott has tried to gain control of the border in his state. the biden administration is threatening to sue the governor saying the united states will continue its noncitizen transportation operation unabated. i urge you to rescind the order. if you do not do so i am providing notice the united states intends to pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure texas did not interfere with the function of the federal government. who comes out on top of this argument and who is doing the right thing? >> incredible that our own
2:39 am
government, constituted to protect the constitution and the rights of individual citizens in the state of texas has to stand at the breach and help and overwhelmed border patrol. i don't know how it works out in the courts but you have to appreciate what the governor is doing to protect his state and step in where the government and the policies that have been removed and the tools the border patrol had are being taken away and appreciate the government, the governor in texas difficult to help border patrol. jillian: they have been working day in and day out, probably exhausted trying to do or what they can to keep us safe. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. todd: people heard after a
2:40 am
tornado rips through eastern pennsylvania, the roof of a car dealership partially collapsing of the car flips in the parking lot. jillian: i was shocked to see this video. the video showing an ominous funnel cloud in pennsylvania near altoona, it was spotted over st. clair yesterday afternoon. the national weather service confirming a tornado in jefferson county just to the north. and esteem, a lot of people talking in montgomery county, they got hit with nasty storms and we wake up to a tornado, cars flipped on top of each other. >> janice: the national weather service did a good job when we were telling you there was that area of concern severe storms including tornadoes. across the northeast you can get tornadoes, know what to do if there's a water warning in your
2:41 am
area. tornado reports in ohio and pennsylvania, new jersey. that system is moving out of the way and we have better weather into today and tomorrow. we have severe storms across the plane states today but we don't think there will be a big bull's-eye. the other big story is the heat. it returns to the northwest and the southeast and the mississippi river valley. temperatures in the 100 degree range and with humidity it will feel warmer than that. a lot of 100s on the map. across the northeast and ohio river valley the cold front pushing the heat southward so we will have a pretty good weekend across the northern tier of the country but southern portions are really really hot and the flooding returns to the west. california the northwest. jillian: it has been very busy but no tropical weather. todd: knock on wood. thank you very much.
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>> a high-level ice official calls it quits, blasting border policies, they are terrible, that we know for sure. tom home and live sounding off on the white house after mishandling of the migrant surge. ben shapiro will be, geraldo rivera and judge janine. go, then 30 years after her iconic album hearted motion was released amy grant will join us live on "fox and friends" with an all-american summer concert series. all that and plenty more unless i read the wrong promo coming your way on "fox and friends" in 14 minutes as soon as they are out of stuff to say. todd: amy grant when i was a boy. >> we will let her know.
2:47 am
jillian: now to this. a math teacher speaking on after he was fired and barred from the building for taking a stand against woke curriculum. carley: talking about the elite private school in new york city. for encouraging students not to use the words mom, darian parent in an effort to be more inclusive. a math teacher was fired for speaking out appeared on tucker carlson revealed why he decided to take a stand. >> i want to to model for my students that it was okay to question these beliefs, ideas that were being misrepresented as knowledge. >> janice: they make race and gender the most important thing rather than who they are as an individual. 57,$000 a year tuition.
2:48 am
todd: adam corolla. >> janice: don't expect any apology from him. listen to what he said yesterday about the importance of free speech. >> i don't get to some degree i've been blacklisted but it is a small to say. once you apologize take come back for more apology. >> janice: carley: it was get the tv show, big hollywood roles but live in fear or do the comedy podcasting and be allowed to say whatever you want, he chose the latter. he is doing okay. todd: i wait for that with every time. the good. emotional.taping the internet by
2:49 am
storm, wearing sunglasses and people quick to say they've seen jack riding all over russia. sporting a denim jacket, specifically designed for that. jillian: the style, the bear opens the car door, it belongs, and a total panic, they screamed and shouted to scare the animal off of the black bear screamed in hysterics until the man runs out to shoot the bear along. todd: the ugly. look at this. home surveillance camera capturing a woman trying to run over a man believed to be her ex-boyfriend after a break. the man was not hit but not for lack of trying. jillian: she had the gas another time trying to him but wrecking the car in the process. todd: think they are back together? 49 after the hour.
2:50 am
dozens of republicans staging a maskless march where pelosi instituted a mask mandate to the senate side where covid is not as contagious. no mask mandate there. jillian: congressman jim banks reacts to those who break the rules. ♪♪ ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow.
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todd: to a fox news alert now. breaking overnight the first plane of afghan combat translators and their family landing in the u.s. the state department flight landing in virginia with 250 people on board. the coming special immigrant visas fear their work makes them a target for the taliban. this is so important to see. thank goodness it is happening. jillian: calling in the mask police. speaker nancy pelosi telling capitol police to arrest staff and visitors who refuse to wear face coverings on the house side of the complex.
2:55 am
todd: the move enraining g.o.p. lawmakers who say the speaker is going overboard. here to react is indiana congressman jim banks. i will ask the snarky question to get you going here on friday morning this pelosi rule applies only to the house not the senate. is the covid bigger threat to house members than it is to senate members? >> just when you think things couldn't get crazier in nancy pelosi's congress they just yesterday. i walked back and forth and met with senator rick scott h a meeting with him in the didn't have to wear my mask. as soon as i ross canned the line in the middle of the capitol i had to put my mask on walking over to the house side. then she puts out the speaker and instructs the capitol police to put out a notice that says that they will arrest my staff, young 20 somethings who come from all over the country to work on capitol hill. they are going to arrest them if they don't wear masks. this is asinine. there is no science that backs
2:56 am
up a move like this. ainsley: here is what the u.s. capitol police says about that quote: regarding the house mask rules, there is no reason it should ever come to someone being arrested. anyone who does not follow the rule will be asked to leave the premises. the department's requirement for officers who wear masks is for their health and safety. that, again, from the united states capitol police. you know, i guess it's just -- we were told from the very beginning, you know, if you get vaccinated, then you are going to be able to take off your mask. i know that things change and viruses change as we have seen with the delta variant but this just doesn't seem to make even the smallest bit of common sense when you have one complex connected by a hallway, two sides totally different, where do we go from here? >> follow the science. in washington, d.c. we're averaging four murders per week and zero covid deaths. nationwide, we have half as many
2:57 am
on average covid deaths as we did when we dropped the mask mandate. my state in indiana, we have less covid cases and covid deaths than when we dropped all of the mask mandate and the restrictions as well. if you follow the science, there is no logic here. here's what i learned in washington, d.c. in my service over four years when democrats have control, they love the power that comes with it. they want you to wear a mask forever, they take pleasure in forcing restrictions on your lives. that's exactly what this mask mandate is. it's coming to a town -- it start on capitol hill but these democrats want to push these mask mandates and restrictions all other the country again. it makes no sense. there is no science to back it up. todd: quickly, if there is any good news for you, congressman, can you officially remove nancy pelosi off the christmas list this year in light of recent events and save yourself a stamp. you want clarity whether it comes to the white house when it comes to masks i don't know if you are getting it from biden
2:58 am
when you see this. watch. >> maybe the best way to start is significant part of the country you wouldn't have to take one of these off, you don't have to put one on like in my home state of delaware because people got vaccinated. they got vaccinated. >> that's really confusing. he is talking about wearing a mask not wearing a mask. jillian: don't have to because they are vaccinated. todd: how is the average american supposed to dissect all this, this mixed messaging? >> they can't. too difficult to digest. the cdc has put out recommendations that say one thing one day. something very different the next day the american people are -- they have given up on following our nation's leadership on all of this because it's too confusing. no one is more confusing than president biden on all of this. americans want to move forward. they understand that with covid brings challenges, but the science backs up dropping the mask, quit masking our kids in schools, lift the mandates on
2:59 am
businesses and let america get back on track. don't hold us back. that's what democrats want to do they want to hold us pack and remask us and shut down businesses, shut down schools. that's what's coming from these democrats at this point because they love the power that comes with these mandates. jillian: we want to get your opinion on this real quick before we go. house republicans have a new call for wall construction contracts in the new border security plan and qui bring up graphics here to show you this. under president biden's weak leadership this border crisis knows no limits weak border security. that is said by congressman john katko, with that being said there's was ms-13 gang member arrested ranch in southern texas. what needs to happen now. >> every state is a border state at this point and governor abbott in texas called on all the states to help him build wall, we had this $22 billion block grant program that many of us support brian babbitt from
3:00 am
texas is leading the effort that would give states resources to build the wall since the federal government has fallen flat on its face. todd: congressman jim banks, you have had a busy last couple weeks there on capitol hill. we appreciate you getting up with us. thank you so much. have a great weekend. jillian: thank you. >> good to be with you. todd: have a good weekend. jillian: i keep forgetting it's friday. i'm so thrown off. todd: we can tell you "fox & friends" starts right now. >> freedom comes responsibility. >> as the president you said if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. >> no, i didn't say that. >> if you have been fully vac sin nayed, you no longer need to wear a mask. >> u.s. capitol police are threatening to arrest any visitor or staffer who refuses to wear a mask. >> nancy pelosi is totally off the rails and she has gone totally nuts. >> senators come to agreement on infrastructure package progressives say the price tag should be higher. >> squad member cori bush pointing to issues of race. >> is this the bipartisan


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