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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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audience! "fox news @ night" is next with shannon bream, she's evil. i'm greg gutfeld, i love you, america. ♪ ♪ [scattered applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, millions of federal workers facing the choice. get vaccinated or submit to regular covid testing, masking, and social distancing. and by the way, who pays for the testing? millions more tonight looking for concrete answers from the biden administration as new data shows the so-called breakthrough cases may not be so rare after
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all. our panel is standing by life to help separate the science from the politics. plus, no vaccine, no service. more restaurants, hotels, and businesses across the country are asking customers to show proof of vaccination. will it drive any customers away and what about the employees now forced to be the enforcers? "fox news @ night" investigates that. and marvel stars scarlett johansson is suing disney over the stream and release of her movie "black widow." how this case could set the bar for future losses against streaming five firms. our legal eagles will debate later in the show but we began with president biden today spearheading the federal government's not-so-subtle anymore push to get more americans vaccinated buried white house correspondent kevin corke has the latest tonight. good evening, kevin. >> evening, shannon. first of all, it is really important to point out that the cdc only offers guidance, not mandates, and given the wide berth of offerings from the agencies, to say nothing of
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frequent policy shifts, the very idea that the administration is now pinning its policy hopes on office known for being overly cautious is, depending on your perspective, either been using or bewildering. and now millions of federal workers are going to feel the impact. >> president biden: every federal employee will be asked to attest to vaccination status. anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they work. >> it was expected and yet it still landed like a punch. news that the biden administration will now require all federal employees to be vaccinated against covid-19 or face weekly or twice-weekly testing as well as mask mandates and distancing roles in the workplace. according to the new rules, all federal employees not only have to declare their vaccination status, unvaccinated workers would be required to submit to twice-weekly covid testing and not be allowed to travel for
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work. meanwhile, all veteran affairs health care providers will need to be vaccinated. ditto for federal contractors and masks are now mandatory at all federal buildings. biden is also directing the u.s. military to look into how and when it might add covid-19 shots to its list of required vaccines for troops stationed around the globe. >> president biden: this is particularly important because our troops serving places throw the world, many were vaccination rates are low and disease is prevalent. >> the new directives are by design meant to encourage more vaccinations by making life increasingly difficult for those who refuse the shots. while some corporate giants like google, facebook, and morgan stanley, are imposing vaccine requirements on their returning office workforces, the biden plan is drawing fire from some labor unions, many of which don't think there workers' livelihoods should depend on getting the shots. the american postal workers union, for example, says it's not the federal government's
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role to require vaccines, while the professional manager association, which represent many irs managers, points out that the vaccines themselves still aren't even fully approved by the fda. very interesting there. the biden pettit comes amid a real stall in the covid-19 vaccine campaign, with roughly half the u.s. population, about 49%, already vaccinated. clearly that is well short of the 70% plus that scientists recommend. now, the biden a administration is also imploring governors around the country to consider giving $100 to those who get vaccinated and promised the government will reimburse employers who let their workers take a little time off to perhaps get the shot or maybe even bring family members to vaccination sites, which means our tax dollars will help pave the way for others to get vaccinated, shannon. >> shannon: so kevin, more cities and states, including right here in washington, now reimplement an indoor mask mandates. the situation on capitol hill escalated after police there
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were apparently -- arrest visitors and staff who refused to put masks on. what is going on in our nation's capital? >> just crazy stuff. you wake up and read the headline that we are all going to have to wear masks indoors. here in washington, d.c., when you said of the relative [indiscernible] of those who died from the vaccine -- or rather who died from the disease in the past month, i think like two or four, putting surprising. as part capitol hill, the capitol hill police actually responded to the dustup on twitter. they said in a statement that it shouldn't ever come to someone being arrested for refusing to wear a mask. obviously that's a very good that comes after a bulletin from the capitol police chief himself suggesting his team had been directed to, as you point out, arrest staff members or visitors who refused to either comply or leave the premises after being asked, so to be clear, that very same bulletin did same embers of congress should not be arrested over charges of failure to comply, but obviously there are a lot of republicans were very worked up about it tonight,
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shannon. >> shannon: we've seen some of them actually on social media saying maybe come arrest me and some of my staff. i think thomas massie, a congressman, was among one of those saying we are not going to mask up. guessing we are about to see some clashes in the coming days and weeks over that on the hill. i know you'll be on top of it and, kevin, actually some good news about how people are feeling about america. we will talk about that in a minute. >> very nice and encouraging to say the least, we will see you in a bit. >> shannon: thanks, kevin. >> you bet. >> shannon: across the countries, an increasing number of bars and restaurant chains are starting to require proof of vaccination or in some cases a negative covid test before customers will be allowed to sit inside. correspondent jeff paul taking a close look at how those plans are being received tonight. good evening, jeff. >> yeah, shannon, we first told you about a few bars right here in l.a. that were requiring proof of vaccination or negative covid tests last week. now that idea seems to be catching on across the country.
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danny meyer, who is the ceo of union square hospitality group, just announced today he is mandating all of his employees and customers prove they've been vaccinated. he has restaurants across new york, d.c., and some other cities, he has said if people want to go unvaccinated, they can dine somewhere else. >> we really tried to lead with a carrot, as you know, for many, many months now. it's about 150 days that we've been truly encouraging people. we are going to give our employees 45 days to make the choice hopefully this will be the incentive that really makes them say you know what, now i'm going to do it. >> new york mayor bill de blasio is calling on every government entity and every private organization to go as far as they can, but some restaurants worry it will drive the regulars away. >> it's an impossible pill to swallow. we are not in a business of turning away guests. take care of guests, we welcome all guests and so yes, it makes
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it very difficult for us to have to make this decision. >> elsewhere on the east coast, some music venues and restaurants in massachusetts will also require proof of vaccination, but the governor there says there will be no statewide mandate. the same story is playing out on the west coast. of bars and restaurants in cities like seattle are taking similar approaches after several bars had to close last weekend due to covid infections and possible exposures. some bay area restaurants are also requiring proof of vaccination or negative covid tests just to get in. >> you're not going to be told noble we are going to say please sit in the beer garden or [indiscernible]. we still want to become it all guests no matter what. >> with this kind of thing it's got to be a very much you have it or you don't have it. if we are going to do something we have to do it all the way. >> as delta variant cases arise, other countries are creating new vaccine mandates as well. mexico, portugal, and austria all requiring proof of your covid shot for hotels, clubs,
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and bars. shannon. >> shannon: jeff, thank you very much, we will keep tracking that. the governor of texas and white house are battling tonight over the covid resurgence along our southern border. only a texas remains on high alert for virus transmission as infected migrants are simple he being released the public. correspondent rejects and reports tonight from south texas. >> hydrants of migrants packed between the bridge between the united states in mexico. border officials say they are crossing this week in groups of 400 to 500. police in la joya, texas, say all this processing and paperwork is distracting border patrol agents from others crossing the rio grande. >> while we are doing this, there's other people crossing, but those people are not here to seek asylum. >> police here say they are working overtime pursuing suspected smugglers, traffickers, and murderers. >> the taking people across back into mexico against their will. and then you don't see them anymore. >> in the city of la jolla officials are also addressing
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significant covid concerns. a charity has rented out a host hotel to house migrants. customs and border protection says officers give these migrants masks and take them to local health providers if they show symptoms. since federal officials have paroled them into the u.s., they can go into the community or travel across the country and despite the summer heat, apprehensions here at the southwest border surgeon. >> the bike demonstration wants it to happen and they want it to happen knowing that the spread of covid will be greater. >> administers and officials have reported the also decided against lifting pandemic health restrictions under title 42 that allow border agents to expel certain migrants. these migrants begin this journey in central america. it takes about 3-4 weeks to get her typically. if you'd administration and vice president kamala harris have released a plan they say is going to address the root causes of migration, dealing with economic problems and corruption. >> in congress, democrats are weighing whether to add
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immigration reforms to a reconciliation package. >> this is totally eligible for reconciliation because it has big-budget impacts. there will be revenue derived as a result of legalization, you know, millions of people who will pay fees. >> it will be the single most dangerous thing you can do to our immigration system. to go texas governor greg abbott has issued an executive order authorizing state troopers here to stop vehicles with certain migrants while the u.s. attorney general merrick garland has just written governor abbott, urging him to rescind that order because, he says, it's contrary to federal law. in la joya, texas, rich edson, fox news. >> shannon: mask mandates make a comeback and vaccine requirements gain momentum, it is time once again to talk about the science and the politics of the pandemic. it let's bring in tonight leslie marshall and dr. marc siegel. great to have you both back with us. i want to start with this report breaking tonight from "the washington post." they said they got some internal
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slides, the presentation being shared within the cdc. among other things they say showing vaccinated people may spread delta as easily as the unvaccinated. it says this. the presentation highlights the daunting task the cdc faces. it must continue to emphasize the proven efficacy of the vaccine preventing severe illness and death while acknowledging breakthrough infections may not be rare after all and that vaccinated individuals are transmitting the virus. the agency must now move the goalpost of success in full public view. doctor, that is a lot to digest and a big burden now for the cdc once again to be probably coming to the public with information that at least appears to be in conflict with what they told us to this point. >> yeah, shannon, it's changing and i talked to dr. walensky this week, headed cdc, and she laid it up for me in more detail than we may have heard so far. it look, here's the issue. the issue is that when you're vaccinated, if you got covid,
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you're going to care more virus -- carry more virus than we thought. not as much as the india study showed but more than we thought, so that means that symptomatically people who are vaccinated, maybe they get a stuffed nose or a cough or they feel fatigued, those people should wear a mask. here's what wasn't in the guidelines, unfortunately, which is that a symptomatic people, they are not having any symptoms, that are vaccinated, they are not spreading covid, they are not causing cases, so he pretty much have to have symptoms if you are vaccinated to be spreading covid, so i dont think people who are a symptomatic and vaccinated need a mask at all. i think those who are on basket unvaccinated. break their cases are being underreported. i've checked with hospitals thought the country and with medical providers and there is definitely more breakthrough cases than we are hearing about or that cdc has yet announced. why would that be? let me tell you why. because if the vaccine is 85%
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effective against the delta variant and you're in an area with a lot of covid, there's a 15% chance that you're going to get it, but most vaccinated people are getting a much milder case. and another thing, last point. you said right before the president spoke today on the panel i was on with you, shannon, that you were looking for a change in tone. i saw it. i thought it was more humble and more emotional than he's been before and i think emotion works in this situation. never mind the mandates, as we've just reported tonight, all these mandates, all of this attacking in this argument, but his actual tone was emotional and he talked about something that we have not spoken about enough, which is the real purpose of taking a vaccine is to protect those around you from spread of this virus. he talked about somebody in a hospital that looked up to a doctor and said "i want the vaccine now" and the doctor said "it's too late." that story is true. i have seen that, i have heard that, and that kind of story is what we need. >> shannon: yeah, there was a
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change in tone and certainly a full throated appeal talking about mostly carrots, but some sticks, but the president also said something at the end, a q&a, because a lot of people said it's crazy, don't talk about it, the government knows they can't do it but here's what he said today. >> president biden: it's still up question of whether a government can mandate the whole country. i don't know that. >> shannon: so leslie, that doesn't sound like it's off the table. we are just talking about federal employees. i think at that point he was talking about was that the government can say every able-bodied american has to get vaccinated and that's stirring up a lot of backlash not just on the right but among unions. some of his biggest supporters in groups jose would support the vaccine but you can't tell people they have to have it as a mandate. >> shannon, you know as an attorney that there's always a legal loophole or an exception to every rule. for example, in public schools
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in many states in this country, children are required to have certain vaccinations. i think you guys know i have two children, one is adopted. my son had to have 36 vaccines before he was allowed to enter the united states and get his visa to become a u.s. citizen. whether i like it or not. there are religious exemptions. for kids going to public school, whether it's polio or chicken pox or measles or tuberculosis or hepatitis, the list goes on, there are vaccines that are required. could it be that way from the federal government for federal workers in different states, not just in washington, d.c., or for the public school system across the board in the future? it could be. i think it's too early to tell. i don't think that the president wants to politicize this further. i think, and i agree with the doctor and you, shannon, i saw a different tone. i think that we all know that joe biden truly cares about people and none of us want to see people die and we are all seeing vulnerable segments of our population like children
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being affected with this variance, which they are saying spreads quicker and is stickier in the lungs, that's what medical professionals say and the scientists say, so again, very fluid situation, people need to get vaccinated. just one more thing, to the doctor's point. look, if you're not vaccinated you should wear a mask. sadly i think people who refuse to get vaccinated won't wear a mask. >> shannon: and we will see because again, as we are getting more and more numbers and there's this case out of massachusetts where they have been tracking a spread there and you think this at 74% of the people that they tracked have been spreading the delta variant themselves were vaccinated, so there are -- it raises new questions for people, certainly helped a little bit of the messaging from the administration about, you know, the efficacy of getting the vaccine, but doctor, as you've said, the whole idea now this point should be avoided serious illness and hospitalizations and the vaccines seem to be doing a good job with that despite the spread. thank you both. i'm sure will have much more to talk about as this continues. >> thank you. >> thank you, shannon buried
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>> shannon: americas crime rise is hitting home in atlanta. a community shocked by a violent crime at a popular park, a woman walking her dog was found murdered along with her pack. correspondent steve harrigan has that story. >> a murder that even atlanta homicide detectives described as gruesome. it has shaken up a city already on edge due to a dramatic rise in crime. this photo released by police shows 40-year-old catherine janice walking her dog after dinner in midtown atlanta. 185 acres of green fields, popular with joggers and dog walkers. when janice did not return home, police say her wife got worried and tracked the phone to the park where she discovered janice's lifeless body covered with stab wounds. the dog was also stabbed to death. the savage attack left some neighbors stunned. >> it hits home really hard to me because we have two dogs. we actually live right here in
9:19 pm
this building about 60 feet away from where the murder occurred and it's just astonishing something could happen like that so close to home and how much it can really affect you emotionally. >> so far police have not said if they have any suspects. investigators worked throughout the night going door-to-door in door in search of surveillance video and sending divers into a nearby pond for clues. a $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest. >> i would always advise somebody to walk when they are late at night, male or female, to be would someday they know just to have their back and that's what i'm going to be doing from here on out. >> yeah, it's just scary. i don't know what us to say, it's just scary. >> there already have been 82 homicides in atlanta this year, up 60% from last year. last year was already historically bad for atlanta, the most murders into decades. shannon. >> shannon: steve harrigan, thank you. authority is hoping to send a real strong message to people who like to cut other people off while they are driving.
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car pileup. authorities say the vehicle has been identified in an investigation is ongoing, charges are pending. and now this, weighing at an estimated 750 pounds, a young bull moose was found loitering in a parking structure, apparently there for about ten days and those suckers are big. this video shared by colorado parks -- the big fella was tranquilized, relocated to a moose habitat outside craig colorado, officials said everything went smoothly, no issues, he is safe and sound in a new place. cuteness alert! check out the newest addition to the oregon zoo, found on june 3rd along the road, taken in for immediate care. the 10-week-old ought her pop up rest of his mom couldn't be found and because of her now-connection to people, they decided they couldn't release her. after stabilizing her health she's been admitted to the zoo where the keepers say she is a little bit larger than a kitten and just about as playful. and it's cute too, i would argue. finally, agenda reveal actually gone right! a canine pop in for to recruited
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by the st. lucie county sheriff's office helping his handler and surprising it's family fetching a toy to indicate whether the officer is having a girl or a boy. well, the good boys sharing the good news and apparently it's a girl. congrats to the officer and k-9 officer. thank you both for your service. if you've got a video you want to share with us, hit us up at shannon bream or fox news at night on social media. one of the united states most wide-ranging secondment midcentury laws is in place tonight after a judge in oregon refused to rule on illegal challenged the measure. dan springer has that story tonight from st. helens oregon. >> with democrats in control of the white house on the majority in congress, fear of stricter gun laws has gun rights advocates overdrive. according to u.s. law shield, a legal defense company for gun owners, 1900 jurisdictions around the country, including nine states, have passed some form of a secondment midcentury
9:28 pm
law barring enforcement of federal gun laws they say infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms. >> the actual origin of this came out of the immigration sanctuary cities and folks thought, you know, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. >> but the voters in columbia county oregon with the furthest, allowing the elected sheriff to determine even what state gun laws should not be enforced. >> this is just, be a county saying if you're going to come and violate our rights, then you're going to pay for it at our county sheriff isn't going to do it. >> gun control groups see a different way. we are filling are michael bloomberg's every town for gun safety is challenging the law support from others. >> i don't think guns is a reasonable [indiscernible] guns are lethal, guns can lead to tragedies. >> a circuit court judge in columbia, was asked to review the law and say whether it's constitutional but he decided to punt, saying there was no one withstanding challenging it. this is a blow to every town by leaving the most far-reaching
9:29 pm
secondment midcentury law in the country the books for now. insane homes oregon, dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: i want to bring back kevin corke now to talk about some interesting polling. we alluded to this earlier. it turns at the american dream, a lot of folks still believe in it, it is still alive and well for many of them, despite what you may hear otherwise. all right, what did you find out? >> i was actually little bit surprised by this because i know a lot of people who sort of don't feel very good about the direction of the country. some people are positive, a lot of my friends are not positive, so i guess it's sort of hit and miss in this survey at that was encouraging. a brand-new survey from the nonpartisan arch bridge institute found that a majority of americans, shannon, say they believe they have achieved or on the way to achieving the american dream. but survey conducted between june 24th and 20th among some 2,000 randomly selected respondents in conjunction with a national opinion research center at the university of chicago found that 79% of those polled think that hey, they are on their way, and i have to say,
9:30 pm
that's almost 8 out of 10, and that is a very positive sign for the country right now. >> shannon: i think so too. you think about people -- and i just talked to the most amazing guy who was born in the dominican, came here, lived in new york, he was there after 9/11, joined the army, was severely injured, lost a leg and is now apparently been in his like i love this country, i am so proud of this country, i was so proud to be in the military and now i'm going to be a paralympic and representing us in tokyo and he just had this belief like in america you can do anything you couldn't do and he's made enormous sacrifices and he thinks he is living the american dream. so we all have the ability to get there and i'm thankful for a country that gives us that chance. >> just don't lose faith, don't lose hope, because things can turn around next to american spirit, ingenuity, and hard work and i really have faith and believe in our country. >> shannon: yeah, and helping each other out his neighbor shed. kevin, more good news to come if you come back and a little bit. >> ceiling of it. >> shannon: thanks, kevin. so teacher spoke out against
9:31 pm
critical race theory right here on "fox news @ night," you may remember her, several weeks ago, and the attacks on her were almost immediate. [indiscernible] joins us live to tell us what's going on in her life now next. to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi.
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>> shannon: a live look in atlanta tonight where georgia election officials are preparing to fight the justice department's lawsuit against the state's new voting reform laws. it's a showdown seen as a warning from the bite in the administration to a number of other red states to say they don't plan to back down. correspondent aishah hasnie has the story tonight. good evening. all right, we are going to come back -- we are going to get back to that story because it's one that i know you guys are very interested in and i am too buried will get back to that in just a minute. in the meantime, a new york city teacher speaking tonight out of a job after what he's calling
9:37 pm
the racial indoctrination of students and goddesses former place of employment, a manhattan private school. he talked with "tucker carlson tonight" about being relieved of his teaching duties from grace church school. i don't think we have them either, so we're going to skip over that, but basically he says he's trying to speak out against what he thinks is not proper teaching for the kids and he no longer has a job there so now it's dr. teacher who has also been speaking out in north carolina. she's now asking for reassignment tonight after allegedly being threatened by fellow teachers at a recent school board meeting for speaking out against medical race theory. she did that here on "fox news @ night." let's welcome back from the alliance first edge -- education first alliance, good to see you again. >> thank you for having me again. >> shannon: so you came here, i know you are about speaking out about what you saw, something that was very divisive, not only for students, but use in relationships that you had with teachers who were your friends over the years, you are worried that this was dividing faculty and staff as well. you spoke out. what happens when you went home?
9:38 pm
>> well, right away it facebook blew up. i got kind of slammed from teachers i thought were friends. really i think what struck me the most is them taking it almost like i personally attacked people, which i did not do, i never mentioned anybody's names, anything like that. it wasn't personal about anybody i worked with at all, because this isn't about somebody i work with, it's about, you know, the system as a whole and what's going on with that. >> shannon: we are having a little technical difficulty so we can't play the video that you took but this was a public school board meeting. tell us about what we would see -- if we get it, we will play it, but your description of what you captured in that video. >> well, actually i didn't capture it, a fellow -- a friend of mine did. i just wanted to make sure that
9:39 pm
was said. they were coming up after they spoke, one gave an obscene gesture and the other gave a cutthroat gesture at me as they were leaving, so to me, i felt threatened at that point. >> shannon: now, some of the folks there say they are speaking out because they are afraid when people like you come out and talk about this different curriculum, that you're suggesting that students should be taught import and parts of history, and this was something white house press secretary jen psaki kind of talked about. not your case, but people who would challenge and be worried about critical race theory. here's what she said about the president's position on that. >> secretary psaki: the president believes that in our history there's many dark moments and there's not just slavery and racism in our history, there is systemic racism that is still impacting society today and he believes, as i believe as a parent of children, that kids should learn
9:40 pm
about our history. >> shannon: you are a teacher. are you suggesting that we should edit out portions of our history that kids should not discuss that at all at school? >> not at all. that's not what we believe at all. we believe history should be taught, the good, the bad, and the ugly. that's the very big misconception that those of us speaking of critical race theory don't want history taught. we want history taught because if you don't teach history it will repeat itself, but that's kind of what critical race theory is doing, and it is selectively teaching or teaching from a lens that is false. >> shannon: i know that you worry that your young kids who come to the classroom will view each other differently, either as victims or oppressors instead of, you know, meeting people where they are, are they good kids, are they rambunctious kids, you know, can they see the goodness in each other, just as most kids do?
9:41 pm
are you concerned that -- do you feel like those concerns have been addressed or do you feel like those are ongoing for you still? >> they are still ongoing because, you know, we've been told we are not teaching critical race theory. what are they calling it? culturally responsive teaching. either way, it's the same thing. it's teaching that one is better or worse than another or one is hurting another and if i think you start that really young, that is just -- it teaches them to either dislike themselves or dislike other people and that's not what teachers are there to do. we are there to help molt them and help them think critically for themselves and find out who they are as people. >> shannon: very quickly before we have to go, will you back down? i know you faced a lot of backlash.
9:42 pm
will your temper what you say? will you stop teaching over this? >> no. that's the last thing i want to do, stop teaching. those that have spoken out that either have been fired or have quit, that is kind of defeating the purpose if you say you're against it and then quit. how do we keep it from happening to so yes, i want to keep teaching. that's my passion. what i feel like i was meant to do. >> shannon: are those of the folks we need in the classroom. my mom spent 40 years as a teacher, you are a special brand and it is a labor of love and i know a lot of cases and i hope that these relationships that you have with your fellow educators over the years, you can find a way to have a discussion, see the best in each other and do what's best for the kids too. thanks for coming back. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: okay i'm at now back to usha hosni. we are talking about georgia election officials. they are preparing to fight the doj coming after them regarding their state's new voting law. let's check in, good evening.
9:43 pm
>> shanna, good evening to you. states like texas are likely watching what happens in georgia as a battle over voting rights ripens in the peach state. georgia just filed a motion asking a judge to throw out a department of justice lawsuit challenging the state's new sweeping election law. the doj alleges senate bill 202 is racially discriminatory and violates the voting rights act by changing rules like requiring proof of i.d. for absentee voting. state republicans say it's all political posturing. >> president biden -- this is jim crow on steroids. with all due respect, mr. president, you know better. >> it comes as the senate rules committee is pushing congress to take up the "for the people" act. an election reform bill stalled by republicans. democrats say it will fight back against g.o.p.-led legislation like george's new law. >> we americans live in a great
9:44 pm
house that democracy built. right now that house is on fire. what good is it to expand the foundation if the house is on fire? >> after receiving criticism for not investigating nursing home deaths in blue states like new york, where more than 15,000 patients died under a controversial order by democrat governor andrew cuomo, assistant attorney general kristen clarke from the justice department's civil rights division writes "whether through litigation or the issuance of official guidance, we are using every tool in our arsenal to ensure that all eligible citizens can exercise their right to vote free from intimidation, and have their ballots counted." and shannon, if the doj suit is not dismissed, georgia secretary of state has said in the past is willing to take this case all the way to the supreme court, but believes the state will win in district court. shannon. >> shannon: we will be there
9:45 pm
if he does. thanks. so why has movie stars scarlett johansson suing disney over the release of "black widow"? does she have a case? night court is next. we have the jury.
9:46 pm
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>> shannon: time now for night court. actress scarlett johansson suing the will disney company sing the studio breached a contract when
9:50 pm
it offered her film like widow on its streaming service is the same time as it plays in feeders. she says the dual release strategy reduced or compensation, which a big chunk of it was apparently based on box office receipts, from what was supposed to be an exclusive run in traditional theaters. disney says the suit has no merit. what say tonight's legal eagles? sarah gonder and criminal defense attorney bob bianchi. welcome back to both of you. we will start off with exhibit a. this is from the johansson lawsuit. it says to protect her financial interest in these box office receipts, she obtained from marvel of valuable contractual promise that the release of the picture would be wide theatrical release. both parties, as well as disney, understood this meant the picture would initially be released exclu sarah. >> so, shannon, i think this is going to come down to intent and damages and disney is likely going to argue that it was foreseeable that with covid and
9:51 pm
the pandemic that they were going to shift to online streaming through disney plus and when you talk about damages, there was no guarantee here that the folks that streamed it online or going to go to the theaters, especially with a fourth wave coming and also just different concerns about the virus. now, i do think that the outcome behind this case is going to dictate the way that studios contract with these celebrities in the future, especially with the increased demand on streaming and i'm sure bob is going to get into this, but there was that 2019 discussion, many discussions here that scarlett johansson did have with marvel concerning the dual release and if there's any merit there, i think that they should have renegotiated this contract given the increase in demand for streaming. >> shannon: i mean, her team is arguing they had language regarding the theatrical release because specifically our profits appeared tight had liberally to that. let's go to exhibit b. disney says this, there's no
9:52 pm
merit whatsoever to the smiling, the lawsuit is especially sad and distressing in its callous disregard for the horrific and prolonged level effects of the covid-19 pandemic. disney has fully complied with mr. hanson's contract. bob, estimates, some of the reporting say this could have been a $50 million loss for the actress, but every headline i see out there tonight is this did snee headline saying how dare you, all these terrible covid things are happening. how would you even think of bringing this lawsuit. as if she's acting in bad faith. >> as sarah said, the problems that they are going to have, disney, if they had this contract that was negotiated for in the beginning and what really happened here was disney plus came out a couple of months after the contract was signed in their emails and correspondences going back with her representatives to disney saying wait a second, we have this exclusive deal tied to box office for us and we are afraid that the revenue is going to be taking with the disney plus and they were assured on two occasions that no, no, we
9:53 pm
get that. nothing about covid. the bottom line, this is a contract and they were willing to try to talk to them but they basically were assuring her, no, every thing is going to be fine and they made $60 million by having it on disney at $30 a pop where whole family could watch it for $30 rather than going to the box office to see it, so the bottom line is a contract is a contract and johansson give multiple opportunities and on multiple occasions they said they were going to honor it so i see disney can say it's sad. what's sad is they wouldn't even try to accommodate her and now they are using the pandemic is the excuse. they're not going to win this case, she is going to win this case. >> shannon: we will see because it's going to impact so much of it happens in hollywood, especially with his big movie stars like her, but the time chrises of the world who are now going to have to deal with the streaming reality and negotiate that stuff at the studios buried by the way, it is very convenient to watch at home and you do save a lot of money, but you miss the super buttery popcorn and the snowcapped and all that good stuff.
9:54 pm
anyway, we will see what folks at home think about this. there the jury. thanks for making arguments. >> thanks, shannon. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: some good news before tonight. national intern day. check out this one organization helping students get from the classroom to capitol hill. college to congress as a nonprofit which focuses on low income students and helps them land internships. they also provide financial support for transportation, housing, meals, and a professional wardrobe. it costs a lot to show up on capitol hill. since its launch, more than a thousand students have successfully worked in congress and since its national internet, want to thank our brilliant interns mira and bailey for their hard work this summer, we truly appreciate you, having you, being part of our team and we can't wait to see what you do from here. kevin, i actually many, many moons ago interns on capitol hill myself. >> i had a couple of really fantastic internships as well. sandy blalock over at what ultimately became u.s. west. they were great to me because
9:55 pm
they didn't just give me practical experience, they also treated me like a professional and i made a few bucks along the way. so great stuff, thanks, you guys, you do a great job. >> shannon: i also tell people to, if you hate your internship, that's fine too because the whole purposes to find out what you like, all those pensive things. kevin, let's do this again tomorrow night, and it will be friday. that's it from washington, i'm shannon bream. rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. welcome back to milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives. to 3-on 3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. at aspen dental, we see all the moments that make us smile so we make it easy to share your smile
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