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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left. make sure you check out my show at 9:00 p.m. eastern. have a great night. laura ingraham is up next. >> laura: hey, judge, how are you? i don't see you yet. all i can say is the metrics and the goalposts very fuzzy after today. not clear where we are going but you did a great job. >> i think everything is fuzzy with this administration but this is just me. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. a lot to get to so let's dive right in. masks and mandates forever. that is the focus of tonight's angle. joe biden and the cdc want you to believe that they've changed their guidance on masks because the science has changed. >> i've said since the beginning
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that we will be guided by the science, following the science. we know we can dramatically lower the cases in this country. we just need to finish the job with science. >> we are not changing the science, the virus changed, and the science involved with the changing virus. >> laura: the science has not changed. like all pandemics, in the wind down phase there are viral variants and mutations but the science, the immunology has not changed. the variants become more transmissible but usually not more deadly. often less so in that is immunology 101. for many months, very smart and a political scientist have been saying that vaccines would never mean zero covid infections, but instead that they would help curb hospitalizations and deaths. for 15 months we have known that those who died from covid had at
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least one if not two, three or more comorbidities. we know that the elderly and those with metabolic syndrome, high bmi, diabetes, hypertension would suffer the most. >> the more we see this disease the more we understand that severe rapid covid is we haven't had anyone under 70 who didn't have a very high bmi or was prediabetic get seriously ill. >> wow. to. >> this is new stuff and it's unprecedented. >> laura: we are finding new stuff, particularly italian studies, people are not necessarily dying of it but with it because they had so many underlying conditions. we have known since last spring the children have an have been infinitesimally small chance of dying from covid, that is good news, unless they have a comorbidity. the data unless manipulated or framed incorrectly does not lie.
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countless revered physicians have come on this show to say that there is zero reason why any of those kids should be forced to wear masks at school or on planes or anywhere. the real science on masks hasn't moved at all. with all of this as a backdrop, recent biden administration changes recommending masks indoors for the vaxxed and un-vaxxed -- >> it's very strange and i'm not sure if it means the end of the scientific era or not but if you look at the data, currently the covid test in the united states is lower than it ever has been ever since the pandemic started. >> laura: remember when jen psaki was wrapped about how many breakthrough infections they've had at the white house? >> why won't you just release the number of breakthrough cases that you have? >> i think first, we are in a
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very different place than we were six to seven months ago as it relates to the virus, and we are in a different place in terms of the impact of individuals who may have, as you said, breakthrough cases. >> reporter: why not provide the number, are you trying to hide something? >> no, but why do you need to have that information? >> laura: it's obvious, they don't seem to think that the case numbers matter, because they don't report all the cases to the media at the white house. they don't even track them. but when they want to force masks on us or vaccinations and lockdowns, it's all about the case numbers, almost only about the case numbers. but even biden admitted that covid deaths are way down, nowhere near their peak. >> per day, it is way down here to remember just how dark that winter was. over 3,600 americans were dying each and every day.
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and now, even with the surge among the unvaccinated, we are down to that 300 americans a day. significant. >> laura: okay, from 3,000 to 300. so why are we continuing to hold america hostage for a disease that is overwhelmingly survivable, even in older americans if given the writerly therapeutics? why are we not talking about the use of vitamin d, of fitness, getting in better shape and diet? at this point, there is no question that this is in part about controlling us, not protecting us. look at australia. they have very few cases are deaths. in fact, compared to other countries they never had all that many cases and in australia right now, they are locked down for for two more weeks after being locked down by for two weeks previous.
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the lockdown for the left are the policy. they are not the answer or the solution for a problem. if they are, new york and california would have led the nation in preventing deaths and hospitalizations long ago. the media today actually seemed kind of disappointed at the white house that biden appeared to in a way rule out lockdown. >> reporter: you said earlier this week that we are not headed back towards lockdown, but if the science is evolving, how can you be so confident in that? >> if everybody is vaccinated, the existing vaccines work to prevent death, serious illness, hospitalization, okay? if tomorrow i can wave a wand and every american who is vaccinated, then in fact we woud be out of the woods. >> laura: that is the bar now? every american -- the left prefers lockdowns to life before covid. they prefer working from home, they are fine borrowing as much money as possible to keep paying
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people not to work. they think that requiring rent payments is unfair. if they think that paying tuition is unfair. they are fine with punishing and excluding and shaming americans who decide for themselves against getting this vaccine. and yes, they love the masks. they love the face shield. even our secretary of defense, so embarrassing. that is not him wearing the face shield but you get the point. biden had his chance to bring back the america we love but he yielded to the media, the left and the permanent bureaucracy. he made a colossal mistake by ceding this territory to fauci and the cdc but it is patently obvious that there is no science that is going to compel them to urge restrictions be lifted because it is all arbitrary. cdc director rochelle lewinsky makes dr. burks look like madame
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curie. at the real question is, how long will the blue state voters put up with this madness? these mandates aren't going to change the views of conservatives and independence at all. if anything, they're going to make them trust the vaccines less. and they see the media clamoring for publishing nonvaxxers whether they have immunity are not. >> every government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will require two mask no matter where they wear, test one or two times a week, and generally will not be allowed to travel for work. >> reporter: why not push for vaccine mandates in the state, private companies, schools? >> i would like to see them continue to move in that direction. >> laura: of course.
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100% of america gets vaccinated, biden cited that early. then we would be okay. not really. what about the boosters? when will those be the next hurdle? >> i also know many of you are wondering if you need a booster shot to add another layer of protection. as of now, my medical advisors say the answer is no. no american needs a booster now, but if the science tells us there is a need for boosters, then that is something we will do. >> laura: okay, do you see where this is going? if the science tells us and the press goes, isn't this great, he is listening to the science. did science raise its right hand and swear to uphold the constitution of the united states? the experts have been playing a game for the past 18 months on this. we were told we could get passes, get back to normal or something approaching normal, to do all these things. we did all these things and none of it worked.
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did the post-9/11 restrictions ever get lifted? i don't know, do you still left to take your shoes off at the airport when you go through tsa? did they remove all the surveillance cameras everywhere after 9/11? covid is their excuse to do everything that they couldn't push through in the normal legislative prosperous and happy times. they want all of this to roll into 2022 and 2024. they will cite a covid to justify the need for more ballot harvesting, and to extend the voting times. i just don't believe that the american people are prepared to live under this many restrictions and restraints. i think they will come to realize there is no way out unless we get new political leadership. americans will free themselves. no one is going to do it for them. this is all about preventing covid, they would be focused on finding out where the virus came from in the first place to stop the next wave.
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there would be no need -- the therapeutics that speed up the recovery from covid. they would have shut down the border, not conceding to migrants who tested positive. i want to be as clear as possible on this tonight, the dominant faction in the democratic party does not want life in america to return to normal. they never liked the old normal, they don't like capitalism much. they don't even like freedom. they want americans to shut up and do what they're told. it doesn't matter how many people take the vaccine, it doesn't matter what the caseload looks like on any given day, it doesn't matter how much evidence we have that lockdowns are bad for public health. they do not care. and since they control the media, there's always going to be another variant, another study, another excuse to maintain serious restrictions on
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american life. even if covid disappeared completely overnight, they would simply use another alleged crisis. may be it's climate change, to promote a similar agenda. the less freedom of speech and expression, the better. the higher the gas prices are, the better. to change america for these two owning policies through runaway spending and endless borrowing will long outlast covid. they won't stop on the science tells them to stop. they're only going to stop when the election returns tell them to. a reagan era wipeout in 1980 and 1984 would look good right about now. and that's the angle. here now is dr. peter mccullough, cardiologist and epidemiologist. we are going to get to how the strong arm of the covid law is coming after you in a moment but first "the washington post" just got its hands on internal cdc
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documents that say is leading to this updated guide ants and the data claims that the delta variant in a vaccinated person may be as contagious as with an unvaccinated person. doctor, you heard what biden said today. if 100% of americans get the vaccine, we are going to somehow stop the spread? how does that make sense, given the data that is pouring in right now? >> we had for two major things that have evolved over the last few weeks. a wedding in houston where everyone was vaccinated. we had a democratic legislature plane flight from washington, british naval vessel where all the sailors were vaccinated and in fact in all of those circumstances there were cases that emerged as a covid and i will paper by baylor college of medicine says indeed patients who are fully vaccinated can
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actually acquire, carry and transmit the delta variant of covid-19. >> laura: so when biden goes out there and says, i will repeat the question, if 100% of americans get vaccinated, we are not going to have this problem, you won't have to be in masks. what does that mean? >> israel has over 80% of people fully vaccinated. right now as of july 23rd, in the last week over 5,000 cases, they have 84% of cases are fully vaccinated, so it is clear we can't vaccinate our way out of this. >> laura: in other words, the therapeutic that you and i have discussed time and again, being used all over the world with some pretty good results. obviously hydroxychloroquine with pretty good results. dr. smith's data on that is stunning. vitamin d, being in better shape, early intervention. if you get covid and you are in
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decent health, you should be okay with it. that is the data, is it not? >> it's true, we should always be focusing on the 1% of americans who get covid-19. high-risk seniors, getting an antibody infusion, and the approach i have published on, really help the world come up with an outpatient treatment for covid-19. reduces hospitalization and death by 85%. >> laura: the vaccine obviously had some positive effect on serious illness but it won't end the mandate that they came up with this week. there is no way, according to their ever shifting metrics. doctor, i have to get to this one. one of the things that has come out of this entire covid debate is the intimidation and retribution campaigns we've seen against medical experts. i'm talking about renowned experts who speak against of the conventional wisdom. biden himself engaged in a little bit of this from the
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podium today. watch. >> i want you to know that i'm going to continue to do everything i can to encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. that includes addressing hesitancy and misinformation head on. >> laura: almost in tandem with biden's announcement, the federation state and medical boards announced today that physicians and other health care professionals could be at risk of losing their medical licenses if they spread what they deem to be covid-19 misinformation online and in the regular media. doctor, i understand that you too have been targeted. tell us what happened to you regarding your professorship at texas and i'm and m. speak at the day that baylor announced it was going to have a mass vaccination program they slapped me with a lawsuit and i can tell you baylor, the health system, i have been with them a
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long time, they are a first class organization. my wife and i are major donors to the organization and i have never gone out in the media or scientific meetings and falsely represented the organization or texas p23. like any of the my opinions based on the data and i am pinpoint with these citations. >> laura: when you say some of these other therapeutics may be helpful, there are breakthrough infections which they have admitted, a significant number of breakthrough infections and spread, that you are spreading misinformation and representing the university, is that what baylor and texas a&m are claiming? >> they are basically trying to paint me as a vaccine skeptic and i can tell you i am just reporting the data. fact-checkers, check me. i can tell you, table five of the 19 variant report has shown 229,000 cases of delta.
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i can tell you right now that 48% of them are fully vaccinated. of the 460 who have died, 0.2% mortality rate. 65, any fact-checker can tell them, i'm just try to help america understand the pandemic. >> laura: data doesn't life it is just presented fairly. thank you. the left isn't just trying to control you with covid restrictions in perpetuity, it is now hoping to take states to court if they fight back. states could face legal action if they rollback any covid-era voting rules like unfettered absentee and mail-in voting. it turns out that after all the accusations about president trump, it is the biden administration deploying these kind of intimidation forces. joining us now is alan dershowitz, author of "the
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case against censorship." explain why this is unconstitutional. speak at the justice department has the right to enforce voting laws. i don't think they have the right to demand states stick with covid instituted voting rules that were designed especially for covid but they can't restrict voting. we all have the same goals. we want every possible eligible voter to come to the polls and vote and we want no noneligible voters to come to the polls and vote. the justice department should enforce the voting laws. mandatory identification, the supreme court would strike that down. we have the justice department on the one hand but the supreme court overseeing. everyone who is eligible should vote and nobody who is intelligible should vote.
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as far as mandating vaccinations, upholding mandatory vaccination, conditioning on going to school, conditioned on going into airplanes, crowded buildings. ultimately, if it became absolutely necessary they would quote george washington in the middle of the revolutionary war who mandated vaccination against smallpox -- >> laura: are you saying, i disagree with this analysis. covid-19 is not a smallpox. i don't think you have to overrule the jacobson case. you can distinguish the jacobson case on the basis of the data, mortality, how infectious this is, how many people it's killed. this is not smallpox. it's not a fully approved vaccine, either. >> neither was the smallpox vaccine in 1905. i think covid is worse than
7:21 pm
smallpox in many ways. it may not kill as many people, but we don't know what the long-term impact is. >> laura: it's killed 300 million people worldwide. >> i know. i have a right to get on an airplane and know that everybody on that airplane is vaccinated or tested. you may have the right not to get vaccinated but you have no right to spread the disease to me, even if it won't kill me, even if it won't kill me -- >> laura: professor! have you not been listening? speak i believe you -- >> laura: i didn't go to harvard law but i did hear the president say today talk about how if you are vaccinated, you spread the virus. you can still spread the virus. the data out of israel, in the u.k., they are freaking out about this. >> it will be spread much less seriously. look, we don't know what we don't know. >> laura: -- the constitutional rights on the basis of a vaccine --
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>> there is no constitutional right to get on an airplane and to spread the disease to me even if it is not going to be fatal. i have constitutional rights, you have constitutional rights -- >> laura: i get it. it's not smallpox. professor, thank you. why are republicans moving forward with biden's infrastructure plan? we are going to ask one of them, senator lindsey graham in moments. how does the white house solve a problem like kamala? more coming up. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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>> laura: the biden white houses jubilant over its infrastructure framework calling it historic. so why the 17 republicans who voted to advance the bill throwing biden a lifeline? here now it's one of those 17 republicans, senator lindsey graham. this is a trillion dollar bill at a time we are facing massive inflation, president trump said you guys have made a terrible deal, that republicans are big losers and democrats are the big winners so why is he wrong? >> i think he's wrong because he had a bill for $1.7 trillion infrastructure spending which i supported, we could never get it done. 1.2 trillion for roads, bridges and ports and if you don't think we have a road, bridge and port
7:28 pm
problem you are not looking at america the way it is. the $3.5 trillion bill they want to follow up with is socialism but count me in for roads, bridges and ports paid for. i understand what i'm for and i understand what i'm against and -- >> laura: do you think this is the same economy as there was one president trump was in office? that inflationary pressure that we are seeing today have no effect on the spending and that this is not a glide path to make -- >> sure. >> laura: $3 trillion spending is possible, huge win for the white house, they are thrilled. >> i really don't believe that at all. we are putting money aside for an eight year road, bridge, port plan to upgrade, what i just said. that creates inflation as a $3.5 trillion bill, with tax increases. we will see. me and you differ on this. i think america needs infrastructure, i am for it. i think america doesn't need
7:29 pm
socialism, i'm against it -- >> laura: but senator, why didn't you do, nancy pelosi played hardball and you rolled over. why didn't you say we will vote on infrastructure once you show your hand on the $3.5 trillion? why are we giving the leveraged at the democrats on the process? pelosi is like we are not doing that, we are doing it the other way and you guys are like, okay, infrastructure first. >> i think you nailed something. follow this, it's going to pass the senate with democratic and republican support. $3.5 trillion bill won't get any republican support. what does nancy pelosi do? does she hold bipartisan bill hostage, does she get the $3.5 trillion socialist wish list? good luck with that, nancy. she's going to merge the two bills and i think a collapse in the house and it would be a shame if we can't do something good for america because she wants $3.5 trillion to socialize the country. we will see how this plays out in the house. >> laura: you think the order of these bills was correct?
7:30 pm
doing the infrastructure first and then letting them tackle the $3.5 trillion, she said that's not going to fly? okay. >> but in the senate, i think they're going to be less likely to do a $3.5 trillion bill if we can do a bipartisan bill with a trillion dollars dedicated to real infrastructure. we will see how that plays out. i think nancy pelosi is making a big mistake. she's going to insist the socialist bill passes first. good luck with that. and she's going to throw the bipartisan bill all over and hold them hostage and hope that mccarthy will say, we are not going to play that game. >> laura: senator, we hope it works out that way. >> hang in there. >> laura: i don't think he is going to be standing up here saying that but thank you. arkansas senator tom carton voted against this bill, he joins me now. senator, what did lindsey graham get wrong in his analysis? or get right?
7:31 pm
speak of the reason i voted against this bill first, i guess you called me old fashion, i think we should have a bill tw and study carefully. from yesterday i gather there is some backstage negotiations happening. i don't think that is the right way to start a piece of love negotiation they do want to get to the $3.5 trillion spending bill that will try to transform america into a socialist nation with reckless taxing and spending. we are not up against a deadline, the trips are not about to close, there is no reason to rush a bill like this. we should be focused on getting it right, not getting it fast. >> laura: speaking of the president 's a goal, he let it slip tonight. watch. >> it went very well, i think we should be fully in the reconciliation and -- mention
7:32 pm
right now. >> laura: senator, the reconciliation bill, it grows by the day. permanent entitlement, family medical leave, universal preschool and now mass immigration. >> it's bad enough they have this reckless taxing and spending scheme. now they want to include amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. now we have more due to border crisis. it would be the height of folly to tell the world when they are already rushing our borders if you get here in time, you too might get amnesty and if you don't get at this time you will get it next time around. that is why we have to fight with every fiber of our being to stop this bill and stop it from getting amnesty 2 million of illegals when we have such a massive border crisis. >> laura: we have message inflationary pressures in our country today. the idea we need to spend 4.5
7:33 pm
additional dollars when all we need to do is get rid of these ridiculous mandates? it's insane. they are destroying the future of this country, destroying it. >> and democrats are not just spending trillions of dollars we don't have but as you point out, they are also locking up the supply side of our economy. when people won't go back to work because uncle sam is giving them a $300 bonus every year, or there is still messed mandates, the biden democrats get you coming and going. they spend more money than we have and they also don't allow our economy to open back up and get people back to work so they can start producing the goods americans want to buy. that is why we have inflation in this country. it is 100% because of joe biden's policies. >> laura: he think joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are going to stand up to chuck schumer and say no or do you think ultimately this thing gets through? >> i can't speak for my
7:34 pm
colleagues. i will say there is a lot of -- up there on capitol hill these days because it is not just senators, either. a lot of house democrats are unhappy with this bill that it doesn't spend even more money and have even more reckless tax increases in it. i think they've got a lot of rocky shoals they're going to have to navigate in the month ahead and the best thing for america would be not to pass a multitrillion dollar bill that is going to continue to drive up inflation. >> laura: insane. ultimately the democrats always stick together in the end. thank you, senator. the performances from the two adams earlier this week kicked off an interesting debate. when is it appropriate for men to cry in public? the catalyst for the social media firestorm, match walls is here next with a helpful guide. stay there.
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>> i never expected this data be quite as emotional as it has
7:40 pm
been. you guys -- >> adam, i didn't expect this will be quite so much, either. but it must be an adam thing today. >> laura: that pathetic display spirited debate. whether real men cry in public. host of the matt walsh show. what's wrong with men showing kind of their sensitive vulnerable side in public. why is that a problem? >> i do think it's been interesting, i mentioned cry in public and lots of men have responded to that statement by crying in public which hasn't really made me rethink my original assertion. i think i'm being generous by saying there are some exceptions, if a loved one dies, or you come home from a long deployment, hugging your children, you get your arm stuck in a wood chipper, you're watching the end of the movie "rudy." maybe i can publish an actual
7:41 pm
guide and if a man feels like he is going to cry he can consult that guide to find out if it is a sanctioned sobbing fit or not. i can possibly do that if i need to. my real point is a pretty simple one. men should try to control their emotions. you could go too far on the stoicism and a bed and right now we are airing on the other side of that extreme. just try to control your emotions and not cry all the time. he will react to that, though. it's one of those very common sense statements but people react to it like it is one of the most insane statement they've ever heard. there were guys threatening physical harm to me. i wasn't really worried about it but it is a pretty crazy reaction. >> laura: there are some really tough guys who occasionally just come of the overcomes them. one of my favorites is brett favre.
7:42 pm
[sniffling] >> laura: he was retiring and, you know, it's emotional. don't women, i'm thinking, do women love that? maybe they do. he was torn up. he was so torn up, he joined the jets. i'm just teasing. >> i will allow that, if you're retiring from an athletic career but don't retire in the middle of a competition as we learned this week. >> laura: held by crying at your daughter's wedding, it seems like that would be an acceptable moment, he is? >> this is why you need to publish the guide that people can consult. i would agree that is another acceptable occasion beard may be there are two or three others. >> laura: another occasion, don lemon, quite frequently. >> we've got to self-respect and
7:43 pm
intercept and we intervene when you start killing us like that. >> i'm sorry. >> laura: met, that was not when he looked at his last ratings book. that was actually heartfelt. >> that was a mean comment, that might make him cry some more. there are a lot of men with fragile emotions these days and that is what we are learning. >> laura: i'm sure everyone is going to be triggered by this conversation. keep calm and carry tissues. could the social justice olympics hurt athletes for years to come? my next guest is a former olympian himself, thomas, next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: the olympic games historically deliver great american stories and of course showcase our pride in our nation. but instead they have been engulfed in anything but this year. it began with hammer thrower gwen barry turning her back on the american flag during the national anthem at the olympic trials and then it continued with track star noah lyles raising his fist with black lives matter at the same trial and culminated in the women's soccer team of course taking a knee before their first match against sweden where, by
7:49 pm
the way, they lost. the games themselves have been marked by great moments and we love that about the bulk of the coverage seems to revolve around covid or underwhelming results, and of course mental health. ratings have plummeted almost i guess now 50% since 2016. joining me now is eli bremmer who competed in the 2008 beijing olympics and is now an olympic commentator. eli, great to see you. you say the social justice movement among athletes is having a negative effects on all athletes whether they are involved in social justice causes or not. explain that. >> what winds up happening is these athletes who become known for what they are doing on the field of player off the field of play with social justice, when they take a knee at the stadium and takes away from all the other athletes who are having
7:50 pm
incredible performances on the world's greatest stage and i think that is very disappointing. we shouldn't be talking about this, we should be talking about the hometown girl or boy who goes to the grandest stage and wins an olympic gold medal for the greatest nation on earth. >> laura: a poll actually found that 56% of americans were less interested in these games that are delayed, obviously, in the 2021 games are delayed because of the situation with 2020 and covid. out of the 36% who are less interested, 30% said it was due to the pandemic and 34% said it was due to politics. and then the polling director went on to say this, the olympic spirit is a bit dampened this year. the emergence of black lives matter in the sports world has also led to a backlash among some americans. so he went right to the blm point, which i found frankly
7:51 pm
depressing. >> laura, people watch sports for inspiration. they don't watch sports to be preached to you or to have people pick their own social justice cause. sports have historically been unifying. they brought people together. you don't look at someone based on their race or gender or ethnicity in sports, you look at them and marvel at the wonders of the human body and athleticism. and this year with the wokeness that has taken over we are talking about that and again, that has diminished olympics and diminished sports. >> laura: the other morning a fairly prominent sports writer i think really captured very well the current attitude among many new athletes. >> i love the opening ceremonies. i just realized, particularly after these last four years i had it wrong. nationalism is not good. we've seen the rise of white nationalism, nationalism is not good beer to keep thinking back
7:52 pm
on the capitol riots, i saw a lot of u.s. flags. >> laura: shouldn't national pride be kind of a thing that we all, one of a few things, good on you, awesome, love your country but now, that shouldn't be part of the olympics. what? >> the greatest moment of my life was walking down inside the stadium at the beijing olympics with team usa chanting "usa usa" and walking onto the field and representing the greatest country on the planet. america is a great country. the olympics can showcase that and yes, nationalism is great. you should be proud of your country. if you're not proud of your country, find another country to compete in. >> laura: is up print out the lead, you had to master obviously 5 sports, a lot of stress, a lo. does it get to you?
7:53 pm
did it get to you? did you see the mental health issues that we are releasing a lot of this olympics with simone biles and others back when you were competing? >> i think there has already been issues behind the scenes. there's two aspects that can get in the way of an athlete competing. one is sort of that focus, the difficult level of focus that you have, and the other is the emotional piece. i don't know which aspect is affecting simone biles. i don't know if it is because of covid or anything else but it is disturbing and it's another story line that is taking away from great sports in the olympics. >> laura: and the idea that someone would spend all of their waking hours or many of their waking hours getting ready and then walking away, they don't do so likely. there's a lot going on and i have enormous respect for you, eli, for not only what you accomplished years ago but i
7:54 pm
know you are looking to get into politics and maybe even in the senate against michael bennet. we will be following that race as well as the develops. great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thank you, laura. >> laura: coming up, could there really be another world leader as bumbling as biden? the last bite reveals it, next. 'l neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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[laughter] [laughter] >> laura: doesn't that always happened to you was mikey's got nothing on this guy. even the umbrella is locking
8:00 pm
down in the u.k. that's all the time we have the night, remember -- freedom matters, a whole new trucker hat made in the usa, all profits going to charity. the fist to horatio's scholarship fund. go to, all for a great cause. >> back during 2009 during the so-called great recession, the president asked me to be in charge -- that was less president. >> greg: isn't a freudian slip in something you secretly want to happen? i guess he wanted trump to be president, who knew? ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] part of the opener


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