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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 29, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i appreciate it. have a great night. thank you for watching fox news prime time. i am tammy bruce. see you again tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. tucker carlson is coming up right now. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are watching the leaders of the country spiral into madness. we keep track of their decline for a historic record of the craziness. we thought we had reached a high water mark. we told you that willie brown's
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girlfriend decided she knows more about the doctors and the nurses who treat covid. that would be kamala harris. the media thinks that's perfectly normal. that's how bonkers things have become. it's accelerating. today the secretary of defense appeared in public wearing this costume. that's mr. lloyd austin in charge of our weapons system. is that a welder's mask? no, he is just terrified of covid. why doesn't he lose weight? that's the rational response. he got the vaccine but so petrified of corner he put a windshield over his face and demands that others do the same.
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watch out, china. we will scrape the tartar off your molars. even after all this, lloyd austin looks scared for his life. how long before he wears surgical gloves in the shower? the u.s. military is run by an erratic cat lady. the entire government it. 81-year-old nancy pelosi said that anyone caught without a mask in the house of representatives is subject to arrest. the science demands this response pelosi explained. it's straight from the cdc. we checked for ourselves. this is what the cdc said. thank you for your request. the first pub licakes from this data from cdc comes tomorrow.
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-- you can be arrested for violating scientific guidelines that science hasn't explained. your kids will suffocate in class for 10 hours a day next year. you have a sense of what is going on. the teacher unions want that to be so it's happening. government by the single worst people in the country. when a book is written congress nadler of new york will play some role in it. he will be a cake. -- character. he is at risk from covid. he is old and likes donuts. we don't judge either one of those things for a second. we are not the covid cops. nancy pelosi is and the chief of the force except when she is at the hair dresser.
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she is leading jerry nadler skate. matt took this footage of nadler in the capitol maskless. a felony in progress? no arrests. that perp got away. maybe democrats might be using covid for political advantage. why wouldn't they? the pandemic has been good to the democratic party so far. their allies helped to create the virus in the first place with ghoulish taxpayer funded experiments in china. when it came here they rode the panic to the congress. now they are betting coronavirus will help them keep power forever. could that be what is happening? let's see. go to a quiet place for a moment and think carefully about the last 18 months including the part where they told you that
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blm riots could not spread covid? what do you conclude? why are republicans in the congress still playing along with it? because they are afraid of being called science deniers by people who think men can are babies? what is going on here. today congressman chip roy of texas looks liking a hero contrented the republican leader: why are we letting nancy pelosi politicize science to create a one party state. mccarthy plans to become the speaker of the house one day. what is the point of running a country that no longer functions like the united states. the covid vaccine still not approved by the fda is mandatory for federal workers and the
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armed forces. that is millions of people. google and facebook and netflix and the "washington post" have all announced a mandate and none will get exemptions to the millions of americans who recovered from covid and have active antibodies and don't need the vaccine and possibly should not have it. what is the justification? watch joe biden explain. >> i hope all americans who live in areas with substantial or high case rates will follow the mask guidance laid down by the cdc. i will and i have. my direction all federal personnel and visitors to federal buildings will have to do the same thing. >> tucker: washington, d.c. is a covid hot spot says biden.
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what does that mean? we checked. it turns out the district of columbia has a total of 2 covid deaths over the past 2 weeks? over the same period more people in washington, d.c. have been murdered. the crime epidemic is more dangerous to human beings in washington, d.c. than covid is. joe biden is not sending the national guard into washington's poorest neighborhood to protect people from be be murdered. -- being murdered. he is mandating people get injections of an experiment vaccine. here's the amazing thing. you can't express that out loud.
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one man sent us a message on social media noting that americans have the right to choose which drugs are injected into their own bodies. he said facebook immediately censored it. this is false facebook wrote. this information has no basis in fact. so it's not factually correct that you can control what the government injects in your body. there are 4 physicians in the u.s. senate and all are republicans. one is asking questions. senator rand paul of kentucky joins us. so many questions. first, why would people who have recovered from covid and have
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active antibodies, they have natural immunity, why are they forced to take an experimental vaccine? >> natural immunity is as least as good from a vaccine. vaccines are based on what we learned from natural immunity, how the body responds to a foreign parl. a virus or a bacteria and we simulate that with a vaccine -- so it's simulating the natural immunity i have but dr. fauci discount it. 35 million people have had covid. conservative estimates indicate another 7 million have it so over 100 million americans have had it. together with those who got the
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vaccine we have an enormous amount of success with immunity. over 65 years old, 90% of people have been inoculated. this is accord success. yet, they say no, we have to inoculate your newborn in the hospital before you take them home. it makes no sense and science doesn't support it. >> tucker: you are a physician. i thought it was the ethics of american science you could not force people to accept medicine they don't want and need. is that true? >> yes, without question. in a free society each individual makes their own decision. it's based on your history and your choice. sometimes i get more than one doctor's opinion. right now, they are going back to masks saying it's the delta variant. there is one large study out of
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england, 92,000 patients. do you know how many people died in the vaccinated wing under age 50? zero. 52,000 people unvaccinated. how many died? 6. that's less than the flu. under age 50. overage 1st half as many people died as were dying last year. the delta variant is more transmissible but less deadly. if you say that facebook will take you down and take away your birthday. it's factual. the delta variant is more transmissible but far less deadly than the virus from last year. >> tucker: this seems like lunacy to me as a non-expert. you are an expert. are you worried that people in charge of the most powerful country in the world could make irrational decisions and not be challenged on it and not be
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stopped? where does that lead? >> the real problem is when we get to group think. when there is no more skepticism. even einstein realized it was important to be skeptical and challenge each other? >> he said even i am one experiment away from being disproven. we need healthy skepticism. there needs to be robust debate. to realize what facebook and twitter are pushing us towards is a world with no debate and the truth comes from them. look at dr. fauci, one of the reasons he is being dishonest, if this virus attaching to the wuhan lab and he was funding it, it attaches with responsibility. he wants none of that. he can't be impartial. any funding to the wuhan lab sticks to him. so he is doing everything he can to cover it.
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>> tucker: we could have a congressional investigation of that. senator rand paul, senator and physician. it turns out joe biden was not just schilling credit cards companies. no. he was driving an 18-wheeler. mark stein joins us. the epicenter of the border crisis. a preview of that straight ahead.
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wow! -that's nothing... ...because my internet gives me a flex 4k streaming box for free. impressive! that's 'cuz you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: you thought joe biden spent several hundreds years in the united states senate to make it harder for you to discharge credit card debt. being a shill for the credit card companies. he did a lot of other things. at one point he was deep beneath the earth digging for coal to keep the lights on. here he is in 2008 remembering that experience. >> some people will hold this against me but i am a hard coal miner from scranton,
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pennsylvania. that's where i was born and raised. >> tucker: correction, it was a hard coal. after he does coal biden became a civil rights leader and then went to africa to free nelson mandela. watch. >> [muffled audio]. i got arrested trying to see you. i came back from south africa trying to see nelson mandela and getting arrested for trying to see him in prison. >> tucker: arrested in south africa for trying to do the right thing. prison changes a man. did not even faze joe biden.
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you remember the time he whipped corn pop. >> corn pop was a bad dude. he said you walk out with that chain. you walk to the car and you say you may cut me but i am going to wrap this chain around your head. >> tucker: [laughing]. you thought he was useless. that man has skills. he's done a lot of interesting stuff. he hasn't just stood up and talk. got more hair plugs. he's done stuff. we learned about more stuff today at a mack truck facility in pennsylvania. he is double clutch a quadbox. he used to drive an 18 wheeler. >> i drove an 18-wheeler, man. >> tucker: [laughing].
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has mark stein driven an 18 wheeler? he's written a lot of great books. he will assess the remarkable career of the president of the united states? can you drive an 18 wheeler? >> none of us have the skill set joe biden has. i deplower your skepticism of this. he thought this was road island. he was driving an 18 wheeler. it was a 23 wheeler but corn pop stole 5 of the wheels. it's true he was not a miner, but he has sniffed the hair of
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a miner. we are getting hung up on details. he said he was a fighter pilot in the spanish-american war and you go bananas. but he did once take a business class flight to barcelona in 1978. we are too hung up on details. he has a rich life. he's dran driven a 23 wheeler. if he stays up late he watches wheel of fortune. that's a wheeler. he has a very rich life. none of his fantasy are an insane as the reality of putting the defense secretary in a plexiglas helmet as if you are going to project him into space.
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>> tucker: if i get it boiled down your analysis, you are saying we need to appreciate what we are calling joe biden's lived experience? >> well, i mean joe biden is bored by policy. he can't finish sentences. even when he has people in his earpiece telling him the words to say. he tails off in the sentences and starts talking about the economy. remember when you and corn pop were in the 18 wheeler and you had to dynamite the pass pause the republicans were trying to get through to get the ballots there. you have to dynamite the whole thing with your 18 wheeler full of credit cards from the first national bank of wuhan? and suddenly joe biden springs to life. that's the real joe biden.
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the one in front of the prompter is the one we should get rid of. >> tucker: our camera man is laughing. mark, thank you as always for making sense of a world gone mad. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well a new episode of our documentary came out on fox nation. our producers went to one place hit very hard in our country pie the border crisis. it's uvalde, texas. we were with law enforcement that contended with the wave of people coming here illegally. it destroyed the town. here's a look at what we found. >> ♪ ♪ -- by. >> we got a call about suspicious individuals walking through town. >> searching for the subjects.
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>> [radio chatter]. >> [sirens wailing]. >> suspects fled on foot when they saw the police. >> go this way. >> we will set up the perimeter to try to get them out. >> [speaking spanish]. >> where does he want to go? >> [speaking spanish]? >> tucker: it's called will illegal invasion on
5:26 pm the cdc announced that vaccinated people must wear masks indoors. that raises the question what else is cdc recommending? are you following them? are you eating uncooked cookie dough? the police could be at your door. a look at what the cdc is recommending straight ahead.
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>> tucker: you have to wear masks indoors now. since the cdc is in charge democracy is gone. trace gallagher. >> the cdc is recommending that even vaccinated people wears masks cdc. the cdc simply makes recommendation, if the cdc did issue mandates, you go hungry. here's why. stay you want a steak for dinner. the cdc has no problem with that unless you want it rare or
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medium rare. the cdc has to be cooked well. you will have to skip the ceasar salad because the dressing has raw eggs. the cdc says they have to be cooked. an appetizer the cdc will suggest oysters if they are fulling cooked but that takes away their magic property and could lead to a decrease in the u.s. population. maybe you would like dessert. you have to steer clear of the cookie dough ice cream with the raw e.g.s. -- eggs. if you are not eating, put the mask back on. >> tucker: trace gallagher, thanks. there are 2 kinds of people who run for office. one category is big and one is
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small. the big category is people who just want to get into office. a small category run for office because they believe something and have something to say. you almost never see these people. one man is running for senate in ohio. the second he announced the daily beast and the "washington post" have gone crazy. they hate him. they really hate him. that's how you know he means it. the latest example came on friday. jimmy vance said the childish left lacks a physical commitment to the future of this country. they don't have a stake in it by their own offspring. they went banansa. we wanted to talk to him about
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what he meant. thanks for coming on. that was a short snippet of a much longer and interesting speech. what were you saying? >> thanks, tucker. if you can throw us a couple of bucks. we are run in this country via the democrats or the corporate oligarchs by child less cat lady whose want to make the rest of the country miserable. kamala harris and pete buttigieg and aoc. the democrats are controlled by people without children. we turned our country over to people who don't have a direct stake in it. i proposed that maybe if we want a healthy ruling class, we should support more people who actually have kids.
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those are the people who have a stake in the future of the country. >> tucker: if you called for lower tax rates to zero or invading canada, making the death penalty mandatory for people who don't get the vaccine, they would not have noticed. but that drove them insane. why? >> because it hit a nerve. he's people recognize they are unhappy. they live in one bedroom passports apartments in new york city. -- they are obsessed with jobs and wealth and fortunes and look at middle america. people who are happy with their lives and they hate normal americans for choosing family over these ridiculous new york status games. they get so angry when somebody calls it what it is. it's acceptable if they ignore
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it. if you are a miserable cat lady you should not force your misery on the rest of the country. they get up set. it's a good thing they get up set. it suggests they know we are hitting a nerve. not just in this campaign but with this message we should invest in american families in this country. we should be about healthy, stable families. >> tucker: do you think this would be a happier country if it were run by happier people? >> definitely. it makes sense. it's not just the leaders of the left or the democrats and politicians. you know this. the most miserable people in the mainstream media are mediocre journalists who have their sense of self-worth wrapped up in their job instead of their families. people who go home at night and see the face of a smiling kid, they are happier and healthier
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and will be better prepared to lead this country. the problem entering this period of covid obsession again, we have so many people proposing we mask our children again. the people who were proposing it, they don't have to go home to a child at the end the day. if they did i don't think they would propose these ridiculous restrictions. >> tucker: we should say no thanks. we will be happy. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: some parents in pockets across the country are figuring out what the kids are being taught in school and are fighting back against it. now some teachers, few brave teachers are refusing to teach it. one joins us next.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: rodney is a not super
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bright guy in america's private schools. independent schools. in a recent speech to not very bright people from expensive schools, he denounced anyone who disagrees with him as a white supremacyist and insurrectionist. >> there is no truer metaphor for independent schools and school leadership and politics than that moment on january 6th when everybody who stood against everything we said we were, came to storm the gates because of how it was impacting them. because of their inability to give up a little bit of self for the greater good. because they had the privilege and they thought they had the right. the question i want all of your schools to wrestle with: when will we stop hiring and
5:45 pm
promoting and abandoning the people on the inside opening the gates? >> tucker: no conversation if you disagree with his politics. you are a racist insurrection and shut up and give us our $66,000 a year to fail to educate your children. that's happening everywhere. hey works as a diversity consultant for the national association of independent schools. he pushes this propaganda to other schools including the grace church school which was a great school in lower manhattan. one teacher there objected to this. he was just relieved of his duties. paul is a brave and articulate man and we have him on tonight. thank you very much for coming
5:46 pm
on. for our viewers who have not read what you wrote, summarize it and why did you take this stand when so few others have? >> well, tucker, thanks for having me on. i got in trouble because in a racially segregated zoom meeting i questioned the assertion that individualism were characteristics of white supremacy. i want to model for my students who doubts they could not voice that it's okay to question these beliefs and ideas misrepresented as engine. -- knowledge. because i was successful. students did start to ask questions. i felt i was successful at. that i was publicly remanded. my classes were reassigned.
5:47 pm
after i pubbished the article in april i was barred from the building. published -- >> tucker: you are a smart person and write very well. you could be dog other things. -- doing other things. you chose to teach. what is the effect on society when they send kids to schools that teach you can judge people by the color of their skin, what happens to the society? >> what happens from the earliest grades students are being seduced away from their personal identity and interest and goals and dreams into a group identity based around race and gender. that collectist mind set, once that is established by third or
5:48 pm
fourth grade they run on that operating system. all of the claims made about our history, one sided claims and that carries into the present day. it has bad effects. i am a math teacher. from is no math without objectivity. black and brown students are struggling with math. how does this help them succeed? it won't help white students either. i don't see the benefits of that. >> tucker: bless you for your wisdom and bravery and how articulate you are. are you teaching now? did you find a new place? >> no. i am working on a book right
5:49 pm
now. i want to make it real for people how these ideas manifest for their children in the classroom. what is happening on the ground for students? i want to bring in teacher voices and student voices. i want to call on psycholog exal experts in exiled development to paint a picture. there are well meaning people that are on the other side but i feel like they have been seduced into a set of practices that are not helpful. i want to show that. >> tucker: come back when you write that book. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: the cities across the country which took hundreds of years to build have been
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destroyed in a year thanks black lives matter and defund the police. one places that suffered the worst consequences has gone unnoticed. we will go there next. you need an ecolab scientific clean here.
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and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too. seek a commitment to clean. look for the ecolab science certified seal.
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>> tucker: kamala harris and aoc and all of the other geniuses in the democratic party decided we have to defund the police and black lives matter called the cops racist. all of the dumb people believed them. we got police reform and thousands of people died. los angeles, chicago and new york are more dangerous and d.c., but few places hit as hard as patterson, new jersey. 170 police officers were forced out. not a huge place. the first half of this year shootings are up by over 70%. this man is from patterson and hopes to change that and running for congress. patterson was a manufacturing
5:57 pm
town. tell us what happened? >> i have lived there my entire life. i live in the 4th ward of patterson, engine. -- new jersey. violence is through the roof. in may one of my good friends from high school was killed by the horrible gun violence going on out here. the crime coming out of our city, i believe a lot has to do with the lack of opportunities we have out here. people turn to drugs. our education system is horrible. the democrats controlled our city well over 60 years and my opponent has been in office for over 20 years.
5:58 pm
we have different mayors and councilman but it's never been as horrible as it is right now. the current mayor got on facebook live wearing a bulletproof vest acting like he was doing something for the community. but he only did that for votes. i would like to see more opportunities in our community and see people get jobs and lead them elsewhere from doing crime. that's not happening here. the democrats only pander for the camera and getting votes. our city has been rife with corruption for many years. patterson makes up 35% of the voting block. they use him as a mill to buy votes. a lot of people in patterson will tell you about this.
5:59 pm
people will come to your door and give them a $10 for their ballot. they buy people off and they get people jobs to keep quiet. i am sick and tired of. i love my city. i only see it going downhill. i have nothing to lose and everything to gain. our community has everything to gain. i am fighting for it. >> tucker: i have not seen some of in northern new jersey and it's 100% true. everyone lies. are you are telling the truth. the people running it are terrible. i am rooting for you. you're absolutely right. the people running it are awful. out of time. new episode of tucker carlson originals on fox nation.
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there is a huge cost to opening the borders to all of us. imagine if you live right there. turns your life upside down. this show is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. one of our favorite people at fox news is in tonight at 9 o'clock judge jeanine. >> thanks. we love you too. welcome to "hannity." i am judge jeanine pirro in for sean. we begin with a look back from 2 months ago in may 2021. joe biden announced that his dark winter was finally over. he vowed that americans who took the vaccine could remove their masks and return to a normal life. since then 45 million more americans vivid the vaccine. after new murky


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