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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: ben? >> kamala harris unveils response to root causes of immigration crisis consists entirely of the lyrics to john lennon's imagine. breath bret all right. panel. thank you. tomorrow on "special report," all the reaction to today's announcement from president biden. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and you unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. >> tammy: hey, sir, thank you very much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ note. >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and tonight it's washington vs. the rest of us. covid confusion and gaslighting, political theater, and more relentless attacks on the dignity of everyday americans, or as they call it in the district of columbia, thursday. because, as we have all been focused on the failures of the cdc and the latest round of pandemic theater over at the u.s. capitol yesterday 17 republican senators sided with
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the democrats voting to move forward on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, a bill by the way that hasn't even been written. a bill that doesn't even exist for now. believe me, we'll have more on that later. starting off with the show with representative devin nunes. now, on every issue in every part of our lives it's washington vs. the rest of us. over in the house this week nancy pelosi's sham january 6th hearing was used not to find practical solutions to protect the capitol in the future but to suggest that half of america are a bunch of domestic terrorists all while avoiding any talk of last summer's rioting or addressing the day-to-day violent crime plaguing america's cities. in both chambers and in the white house, there is a perpetuation of fraud against the american people. i mean, for goodness sake. can anyone with a straight face look at the chaos in washington and actually think to themselves yeah, let's give them more money of ours to spend and, yeah, let's give them even more power over our every day lives?
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of course the so-called leadership in washington has turned spending bills into lobbyists and special goody giveaways. they have turned the cdc into a corrupt arm of the democratic party. and they have turned our southern border into one big welcome mat for anyone who wants to waltz across. as we are learning more tonight about how the cdc justified its new mask guidance based on a vaccine study that reportedly failed peer review. more on that just ahead. and, get this: another explosive report from just the finds that the biden administration is actually exempting some illegal migrants from the normal flight i.d. requirements that the rest of us have to abide by when we go through tsa. so migrants come in unvaccinated, untested and unvetted and can even breathe through showing an i.d. and reports are that joe biden plans to meet with democratic senators to discuss amnesty, katie pavlich and christa ball
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join us to unpack this entire mess. again, if the biden administration was trying to weaken in country and less safe and secure and vulnerable, would they be doing anything differently? the democrats in their leftist handlers have also been focused on definesse straght domestic law enforcement and even our military. after all an agenda meant to harm the country can't be carried out without destabilizing the two entities we rely on for security. so tonight tonight, we investigate what the democrats are up to in washington state as an illustration of what the left has planned for our nation and shocking concerns about weakening our military by infecting it with woke policies. with everything swirling around us, all the economic uncertainty, social cohesion fraying, our own government using what appears to be fake studies to legitimize illegitimate mandates and world of enemies expanding their power and influence, the senate loses the plot. decides to raid the piggy bank
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and spend us into oblivion with those 17 republicans voting with democrats in the senate to move along a spending bill that is not even yet been written, there is no actual piece of legislation, senator tim scott raised that alarm, quote: i voted no on infrastructure a week ago because there was no legislative text. my mind hasn't changed. there is still no legislative text or explanation on how to pay for a one trillion dollars infrastructure plan. that's special. isn't it? so while americans suffer under rising inflation and rising crime, what are washington's priorities? to add yet another trillion to our nation's tens of trillions in national debt and to help turn joe biden's far left fantasies into reality. now, according to the white house. this package will include things like tens of billions for climate change related funding. tens of billions for, quote: environmental remediation and tens of billions to bail out the struggles of amtrak. and, get this?
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there is infighting on both sides as even some democrats are saying it doesn't go far enough and want to spend trillions more for example, bernie sanders says there will be no bipartisan bill unless there is a reconciliation bill spending $3 trillion more to go along with it. but, again, the chaos, the confusion, the dysfunction, the recklessness, it's all just another day in washington. politicians spending another people's money makes it seem like mr. michael cohen bags and his monopoly cash. it's your hard earned tax dollars. look again at your paycheck, compare your gross income, what you earned, versus the net. what you are allowed by the charlatans to keep. all while accountability and transparency are abandoned at the side of the road. could their priorities be any more divorced from the priorities of the american people? here's a message to the leaders in washington. get rid of the masks. stop harassing people who don't yet have a vaccination. end the woke destruction of our police and military. and secure the damn border. it's not that complicated.
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washington is supposed to work for us, not the other way around. joining me now is a man who i believe agrees with that sentiment, republican congressman from california devin nunes. congressman, i think i have laid out the nature of what is happening with the infrastructure bill, regardless even of the details. the fact is once again it's like a monster truck moving through. what is your experience on the capitol right now and why did 17 republicans vote with the democrats to make this happen? >> well, i have never seen washington this dysfunctional and i have been here a while and i have seen a lot of dysfunction. but, pelosi has managed to completely burn down this institution. i know you covered the masks and cdc and all the games. but they have weaponized and destroyed everything here. so, look, this bill, we haven't -- the early indications of this bill is that it is not even paid for. so, here's what the politicians keep doing here in washington is they don't want to make the tough decisions.
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so if you really want to fund infrastructure, that wasent of x that everyone pays at the pump. >> right. >> so naturally no one wants to go increase gas prices at the pump. and what we are not doing. look, everybody knows that we need infrastructure. we constantly need infrastructure. but nobody is asking the tough questions why are states like california that have the highest taxes and the highest gas prices in the country our roads are the very worst roads. and i have been in many other states, traveling around the country, recruiting candidates and trying to get the message out about the problems that are in california how we don't want to bring them to washington, and the thing that i find, tammy, is that it's really hard to figure out, why are roads so much better in other states that have such lower gas prices? it's really hard to believe. so, this looks really gimmicky. i know some of those senators. so i'm not sure i need to understand their thought process on this. but, at this point in time, when they are claiming that this bill is paid for, we don't see it
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that way. our budget committee has looked at it we think this is a lot of moving and shell games of money around. >> tammy: but that's not unusual. americans watch this, we keep watching it the obamacare bill you have got to sign it before you know what's in it. this is nothing new. and, there is general cash, we would hope and this is what the problem is. many argue with the republican party. that it's more of the same. that there is really no real -- each ideological division that this is about money for the mobster of government uniparty. actions like this move through past this cloture i do ma'am nic something they don't know what's in it let alone how it's going to be paid for. considering the money now that is moving through. then this other bill the $3 trillion one that sanders talks about. what do you think is going to happen with that? is that going to be moved on through as well? >> well, that's what i wanted to say next. so, not only is this bill not paid for. but people need to understand
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that pelosi has been over here saying as have other progressives that this bill goes nowhere unless they pass the $3.5 trillion bill, which is really the holy grail of what the country wants in this country because then they get passed. they don't need cloture or the 60 votes. they are trying to get 50 votes over there in the senate. they want the 50 votes, have the vice president come over and break the tie. send it over here and push it through. and they can spend the next year trying to do tremendous damage to this country. so i just hope that my republican colleagues in the senate aren't creating a vehicle, a political vehicle so to speak that allows this to be -- the skids to be greased. that's what pelosi and the progressives are saying. and, look, most of the time when they make these threats, they go even farther left than what they are indicating they are going to go. >> tammy: i don't think you were told, warned about this question. i want to see if you have
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anything to say about some of the reports that there is a request by, i think, by the freedom caucus to remove kinzinger and cheney from the caucus. what do you think of that considering their participation in the january 6th committee and that, of course, a lot of people are up in arms about their attitude. >> look, i have had a lot of experience with the scam on that committee and what pelosi put together and the people that she put on that committee. the challenge is and this -- i have talked to my friends in the freedom caucus is that pelosi has taken unprecedented step of putting people wherever she wants. this is the first time in history where you have the majority party, the speaker deciding who gets put on to parties. so,. >> tammy: they could say no. cheney and kinzinger could have said no and they didn't so is the g.o.p. going to do anything about them? >> well, they should have said no. but here's the issue. if we -- us kicking them off the committee makes no difference because she just puts them back on. so that's the issue here.
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and, look, and she can go each farther than that we are in unchatterred territory speaker deciding where republicans sit on committees. >> tammy: i agree. all of it is awful yet there is a question about what is the g.o.p. ever going to do about it. i have a lot of respect for you, i really appreciate you coming on but those questions will continue. >> tammy, at the end of the day, the voters in those states will have to speak. and that's coming quickly. >> tammy: we're not at the end of the day we are right here and something else needs to happen to them in the meantime. thank you, sir. i appreciate it coming up, it's the administration that can't shoot straight. why team biden continues to confuse america with its latest round of cody guidance. just show us the data, people. congressman dan crenshaw is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> i said i would always give it to you straight from the shoulder, we need some straight talk right now. because there is a lot of fear and misinformation in our country and we need to cut through facts, with science, with the truth. >> well, the misinformation is coming from ins joe. yeah, but you are right. the american people do need truth and clarity and so far we haven't gotten it. this week the cdc told vaccinated america to mask up once again due to reported break through cases caused by the delta variant of course new guidance fell in the face what we knew to be true that the vaccines work. sequatchie study, irrelevant research like one from india that study deed vaccines not available in the united states. and studies that the cdc has yet to even plush. leaving "the washington examiner" to observe the cdc's idiotic mask reversal is based
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on disinformation. joining me now fox news contributor dr. marty makary. doctor, there is so much to unpack there. but, and it's very disturbing. we talked -- i think we sort of broke this news about the study in india. it was perplexing because it seems remarkably dangerous to be doing this. but it also reinforces the suspicion americans have about ask you about phrase break through cases. whether it's vaccine or that vaccine isn't meant to stop or kill. it makes it not as bad what is your take on the shocking news about the studies and the mask vaccine coming back. >> the cdc has not been clear on what data they have been citing. it turns out that the cdc has a track record of misrepresenting data. we saw that with the adolescent
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study of covid hospitalizations. we have never gotten a break down of the kids who reportedly have died of covid. so, we do have this disconnect. and i think people deserve to see the science. you know, requiring every 2-year-old up to 12th grade to mask up, even if areas with very low levels of infection, there is zero data. zero. so, i think people deserve to see some data. >> would you suggest that when they rushed out this mandate, this new guidance, and for some reason they are saying they will release the studies or more data tomorrow. why would they wait? if they have got the information that compelled them to do that why would they wait 48 or 72 hours? >> we have seen when they sequentially released data in the past that subsequent data has not really substantiated the claim. it's fishy. it's very fishy. the problem, you know, they are so rigorous with how urgent the
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problem is and how much everybody needs to get vaccinated and i agree with that conclusion. >> tammy: sure. >> this is a self-inflicted wound. the fda has not issued a full authorization and full approval of this vaccine. they have got 190 million measures who have gotten it and they have not issued a full approval. it's unacceptable. and truth be told, they are not waiting on the safety profile to be evaluated. they're waiting on something called the stability testing. it's part of the chemistry manufacturing and controlled section of the application it's to evaluate how long they can extend the expiration date on the vaccine vial. we don't need that information right now americans want to know there is full approval so they can feel good about getting it. >> tammy: there is a variety of reaches why people aren't getting it we see from the graphs the numbers, right? hospitalizations, you know, down deaths down, nothing compared to the monster of last year. people if they haven't gotten vaccinated it's not because
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they're just busy bowling serious reasons by people made the choices. serious i had not had vaccination except childhood vaccinations i had in my life. it's personal. bun of those choices is it's approved by the fda. it hasn't been done so yet. obviously that matters to people, doesn't it? it's ironic because the fda issued full accelerated. technical advisers all walked off the committee and quit in protest and, yet, they did that. and we have got 190 million people with this vaccine? what are they waiting for? 250 million americans to get it and by the way term pandemic misnomer, nonimmune and more specifically regional outbreaks among the nonimmune.
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>> tammy: let me quickly get you before we have to go. it is also a misnomer to say there are break through cases. that implies there should be no cases when that's not what any vaccine promises or delivers. it makes the result less impactful and less deadly, right? you can deal with in a more comprehensive way, correct? >> vaccines downgrade the infection from one that poses a serious personal and public health risk to a mild seasonal common cold like illness. and we have got to learn how to live with it because it's going to be here forever. >> tammy: so all this rhetoric. every word matters. language matters. doctor, thank you very much. so now let's talk with congressman republican congressman from texas dan crenshaw. congressman, you had a great twitter thread going through the absurdity of the study that they used for the masking. give our audience a little bit of a sense of what your take is on that. >> yeah, so we had our staff go through the cdc's website and see what they were citing to
4:23 pm
justify the new mask mandate. it turns out they are citing a single study from india. that study by the way is assessing of a vaccine that isn't approved in the u.s. it's assessing the strench vaccine. we dug a little further and it turns out that that study was also rejected in peer review. they changed the stalls of rejection to revised the day of the cdc's announcement. this is extremely suspicious. so you have a single study, not from our country, not with a vaccine that we even use. it gets worse than that so, the cdc and the administration keeps saying they are going to come out with other studies. well, behind closed doors they have told reporters they have no such data. they have no other studies. >> tammy: really? >> at all. we have that on the record. stat reported that. there is -- this is clearly politically driven. and it goat a deeper problem and a deeper divide amongst how we have confronted coronavirus. and the left want you to be scared. they want you to be controlled. they want to spend more money,
4:24 pm
more of your money and keep you locked down. there is no explanation. >> tammy: this is a third world totalitarian sort of approach that -- we have all seen it all. we have seen everything there is to see. this is shocking. it is -- if they really don't have anything to show us, why have they said that they are going to show us the data and what do you imagine that they would be showing us tomorrow? maybe, i don't know, the peanut charles schultz peanuts comic strip. what are they going to be showing people? >> defies common sense. they are not going to show us anything. look, the vaccines are actually effective. i actually believe the fda's data on this. not only are they effective but the fda still stands by their assertion and their assessment of the data that says that these vaccines here in the united states are effective against transmission including the delta variant. >> tammy: exactly. >> so the cdc is in direct confrontation with the fda. i believe the fda on this one. i think they tend to be more risk averse so they tend to get
4:25 pm
the science a little bit more right more often. and i think the cdc has been politicized in this case i think from pressure from the administration. again, because i think the democrats love to instill fear in the hearts of americans. and i think americans are really sick of this. they are over it they are not going to comply and you shouldn't comply with any more lockdowns of any more mandates, none of it. here in the house they are trying to fine us and jail us if we are not wearing a mask. these people are crazy. >> tammy: this is -- i think the democrats feel and perhaps they are right, partly, that pandemic theater and the panic and the fears you noted gave them the white house. that it worked. that they scared us into delivering something now there is, of course, his numbers are plummeting, americans realize that they were mislead. we are romantic people. we tend to believe what we're told by government and officials, you know, with people with the word doctor in front of their name which sometimes is a mistake as we have learned. we don't like to be lied to. we don't like to be led around this way. and this is more than just, you
4:26 pm
know, they tripped over a log and oh, our bad. in order for this study to be able to use for this mask mandate. this effectively i don't want fraudulent but certainly not legitimate study they knew what they were doing they knew it was irrelevant. your staff saw it was a vaccine not here. they decided to do it anyway. what does it tell you about the other decisions that this white house is making and the other things they are telling us? it's politicized they believe you are trust expert. they all went to the same schools and master degrees and if an expert writes it must be true. >> tammy: i spree. think they know it's not true. >> i didn't say they did. i agree with you interest. >> tammy: no one means well. i come from the left, they don't mean well this is a very dangerous time which is why it's great to have you there in
4:27 pm
congress, representative crenshaw, thank you for being with us and thank you for your great twitter thread as well. i appreciate it thank you, sir. lot coming up. up next, what happens when you defund the police and focus on military sensitivity. why criminals and our adversaries are laughing in our faces as the nation goes woke. ♪ ♪ i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. you've been taking mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements called tardive dyskinesia - td.
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>> tammy: with when a government is more worried about protecting people. defunding the police has led to mass exodus of law enforcement with 250 officers leaving the force. as violence surges with six shootings this past weekend the mayor has done a complete 180 as the city scrambles to add more cops. unfortunately the shortsighted thinking has moved from one washington to another as leaders in d.c. look to do the same thing with our military. instead of focusing on actual
4:33 pm
threats they are more worried about diversity and sensitivity. leaving us vulnerable. let's bring in jason rantz and combat pilot and former deputy assistant to the defense secretary amber smith. jason, let's start with you. we have seen a lot of seattle watched burned down, chop zones the defunding the police movement there. let's talk about the impact and why suddenly the mayor has changed her mind and wants more police officers. >> because we're almost down a third of the seattle police force. i mean, when they decided to lean into the defunding of police, we saw a huge rise in crime. last year was a 26-year homicide record that we hit and this year we are almost certainly going to exceed that. when you cut the police forces, people die. and people have to understand that that's the reality. and that the mayor suddenly is coming out and talking about it
4:34 pm
i hope people realize, that tells you how dire the situation is in seattle. you had within just a 24-hour period over the weekend four people get shot to death in just a couple of neighborhoods. there's a gang violence problem and a lot of the gun violence is coming from homeless encampments neither of which the police are even aloud to police at this point. >> tammy: see, that's what's interesting there has been arguments by the woke crowd. that taking the police off the streets, doesn't really affect crime. but that's clearly insane. it obviously does. i mean, people do things if there are no repercussions. you are going to be more inclined to do something dumb if you can get away with it. it's human nature. for the mayor to do this, she is at least -- she is the one that was celebrating the chaos in this last summer. she must be recognizing that this now, we must have more police. is she getting any pushback? >> she isn't necessarily getting
4:35 pm
pushback. but, let me tell you that on monday, the counsel -- or tuesday, the counsel was ready to reroute $1 million from the seattle police department budget. so they are moving forward and continuing to defund and let me tell you something, a few hours ago, at the king county courthouse, there was someone who was attacked who was seven months pregnant by, we believe a homeless person who was living across the street encampment the police are not allowed to clean up. we are having these attacks every single day. >> tammy: it's horrible. amber, thank you for joining us. i contend it's both ends of the department, the agencies, the people who keep our civilization stable and keep the world stable. the police department and the military. the left clearly doesn't like either one of them and it's because, of course, they would, perhaps, defend civilization. is that what we're seeing in the military? it's very disturbing if we are introducing critical race theory, ideas that for
4:36 pm
individual service members would judge another one of their colleagues based on their skin color. the issue about being sensitive, that diversity is the thing that matters. when that is the opposite of what we think our military needs when it comes to issues of discipline. what's your take on this? >> well, you are absolutely right. because the military's job is to fight and win wars. but, what we're talking about here is we are not talking about one or two rogue generals who hates free speech or wants to get in a fight with tucker carlson. we are talking about interconstitutional rot from some of our military leaders who at the top have taken it upon themselves to transform the department of defense. with critical race theory, with gender quotas, with doing stand down day and preaching to those fighting in actual wars in iraq and afghanistan that white supremacy is the biggest threat to the military today. but, unfortunately, there are absolute real world consequences
4:37 pm
to this new woke generation in the military. and it's going to get someone killed. when we are not focusing on the mission, we are not training our service members to fight and win wars. and, unfortunately, we are going to see some problems from it. the military has had serious recruitment issues prior to the woke generation infecting it. but, i will tell you what, when we have a population of woke americans who think the american flag is a hate symbol, we are not a country that can sustain an effective all volunteer and china knows that. >> tammy: that's it. it's one thing for us to have this fight internally. this is being watched exterriblely by our enemies. and even by our allies who then are going to have to think about well, they are not going to be ready to defend us. maybe we need to get cozier with putin in order to save ourselves. it changes the metric for everyone. >> it changes the metric globally absolutely. i think that a lot of our allies
4:38 pm
around the world are absolutely nervous right now looking at what is going on in the united states military. and i will tell you what, for members of the military right now, they need to be documenting this and they need to be writing their elective representatives in congress. they have got to know what is going on at that rank and file level and things that they are being exposed to from their leaders. >> tammy: exactly. it must occur because we are all in this together and this is one of those things where speaking to your elected representative is not a cliche, it works. thank you very much for being here. i appreciate it now, coming up, the border is wide open and joe biden is rolling out the welcome mat for millions of illegal immigrants. don't worry, kamala is on the case. why the plan to fix root causes have critics rolling their eyes again. ♪ ♪ this is the greatest idea you'll ever hear. okay, it's an app that compares hundreds of travel sites for hotels and cars
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♪ >> after taking a leadership role on root causes, the actual root causes, to invest in the root causes. the overall issue, which is root causes. on the root causes. you can't just react to a problem without solving it at
4:44 pm
its root. >> tammy: there you go root causes. a record number of illegal immigrants are making their way into the u.s., but don't worry, as you saw, our border czar is finally getting to the bottom of those root causes of the today vice president harris up veiled five point plan to combat the crisis. of course, no mention of securing our border because that would have required six points and there just wasn't any room. no, no. kamala believes a social distancing overhaul is the answer. she wants to throw money at the northern try an dwell to win hears and minds and address issues like domenic insecurity and inequality and that's insulting to those nations but whatever. meanwhile reports are joe biden will be meeting with a group of senators to discuss an amnesty plan so they are very, very busy, obviously. joining me now chris stegall radio and podcast host of the chris stegall show and fox news contributor katie pavlich. katie, let me start with you. not only does it -- and she insulted the guatemalan president when she was there talking about how she needs to
4:45 pm
help their country and problems need to be solved. there is this even any of our business? isn't the border our business? isn't this country our business? why are we suddenly focused on changing their countries from the inside out? >> katie: well, because that would be saying that you are solving a problem without actually solve ago problem that you created and that you actually are benefiting from politically in the long term. the same thing -- them solving the root causes in guatemala, for example, is just this week the state department announced that they were cutting ties and negotiation in cooperation with the attorney general in guatemala because there were too many corruption issues, which of course, we knew about before she decided the vice president decided she was going to go there and try to change years and years of corruption in that country. the bottom line is that the root causes of the current crisis and it is a crisis is actually a scandal considering they are sending thousands of covid positive individuals into american communities while they tell the rest of america go back
4:46 pm
to lockdowns and masks and to change their behavior. the root causes are coming from the white house. the root causes have coming from the democratic party that gives illegal immigrants benefits like free healthcare, that allows them to travel the country on the taxpayer dollar with a bus ticket and a plane ticket wherever they would like to go without having any kind of restriction and, of course, now we are seeing that 70% of or greater of these people are not showing up for their ice hearing. >> tammy: surprise. >> essentially if you show up in america now, you get to stay. that is beneficial for democrats because they would like these people to eventually vote for the democratic party. >> tammy: i have to say i want both of you to take a look at this. the american people, despite what the democrats think and establishment thinks are not dumb babies drooling with no thoughts in their head. take a poll how the vice president and president are viewed. their unfavorable rating, kamala harris 46%, joe biden 43%. you know, it is that is, of
4:47 pm
course, creeping up. favorable rating is going down. chris, i think this is a reflection that americans are noticing, this that the border is not some far off thing that doesn't affect them. you know, towns at the border, one of them is having problems because they had released covid positive people, were never told about it let alone the ceding people into the interior of the country. i know you recently spoke with former head of ice. what's your take on this? >> he informed me that we are already to something like a million in the fiscal year. folks that in this pandemic have illegally crossed this border. victor davis hanson our colleague said we are probably on pace at this clip maybe 2 million annually. that's large metropolitan cities crossing the border illegally. not a one of them said the former ice director vaccinated and not that i expect our ice officials and our border officials to vaccinated. they are not doctors for heavens sake.
4:48 pm
democrats are not insisting on those folks being vaccinated. we continue to read these ridiculous stories will branson missouri lake of the ozarks hot spots. we're not dumb. i'm from missouri. the show me state. show me what you are doing about the border. which is zip. millions of people unvaccinated as you said ceded all over the country and we are the problem? we are the ones that need to be punished? please. >> tammy: what's interesting, katie, and you have alluded to it very perfectly, that this is, perhaps, not a mistake that this is what they want. that it is a crisis and strangely enough, with all the talk about caring about covid and people's health, even making the trek, if you have covid-19, puts you at great risk. the children who never make it these are the people who are supposed to be the champions of the down trodden and, yet, their policies are condemning those very same people to death and suffering and, you know, an internal tie ma'am mic where
4:49 pm
they have no real power and will continue to be sick because of the desperation of what they face. how do we explain this being an actual policy? >> well, tammy, the democrats and the biden administration have completely emboldened the criminal cartel elements of this. i was in arizona in april to visit the border there and to see what was going on and what had changed since joe biden came into office. the smuggling unit said that now human beings are worth more money to the cartel in terms of trafficking than drugs are. and so they are making upwards of $25 million a day to traffic these human beings into the country and then the biden administration is perfectly happy to finish the job by taking these people and putting them on buses without properly testing them or quarantining them and sending them to american communities all over the country. now, those people are making a choice to pay the cartels, right? there is this bigger question is why is the biden administration putting border patrol agents at risk of getting covid. ice agents at risk? local law enforcement at risk of
4:50 pm
getting covid and then, of course, they clearly don't care about american citizens getting covid from imlegal immigrants or be vaccinated. >> tammy: we have got to go. clearly great points all. now, up next, charles pay-to-play, one of your favorites is here. and he's on the clock. you don't want to miss this. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tammy: oh, such fun. joining me now the host of making money on box business. the money man himself charles pane. we will put him on the clock to cover 4 topics in 60 seconds. here we go. >> i am ready. >> tammy: shake shack will require customers to show proof of vaccination status before dining indoors. the company is giving 45 days
4:56 pm
for unvaccinated employees to get the vaccine. your take? >> this is nuts. i will be try to be like wimpy. give me the burger now and i come back next tuesday and show my vaccination card. >> tammy: you have to get vaccine mmated -- vaccined or w will kick you out. >> some people need their job. you will have to do what the boss wants. shake shack i don't like how they handled this whole pandemic getting $10 million from government that was supposed to go to small businesses. >> tammy: a new survey shows how unproductive remote workers have
4:57 pm
been with 45% of people working from their couch. 20% working outdoors and 38% admitting they regularly worked from bed. no wonder many people are dodging a return to the office. charles? >> well, those people working from the bed all over manhattan. they pay $5,000 a month in it rent because they have no room for a desk or a chair. they want to go back. they have bed sores. you have not heard about that pandemic. it's tough for a lot of people. not equipped to work from home. >> tammy: we love being in the work space. scarlet johansen is suing disney
4:58 pm
for the release of black widow on their streaming platform and claims it cost her over $50-million. take it away. >> they pulled the old fast one. golly. what is even worse, the company said not only did they comply with the contract, they said it's sad and distressing and callous disregard talking about her lawsuit for the horrid and prolonged global effects of the pandemic. they said she was heartless bringing this up in the middle of the pandemic. >> tammy: happiness helps the immune system. theaters reopened. encouraged people to have a life again. a new study finds that
4:59 pm
a caffeine buzz helps bumblebees do their job better. we remember what happened the last time a bee got all riled up. let's look. >> i have a bumblebee in here bigger than my fist. i apologize. this bad boy is scaring the heck out of me. >> tammy: that bee had too much coffee. >> i think so too. i drink a lot of coffee. birds and bees do it. they were talking about coffee and not anything else. the coolest job is whoever did this survey. watching bees drink coffee and gather up strawberries. that bee left my house. i opened my window and waited and it left on its own. >> tammy: you are a fabulous host. thank you very much, charles.
5:00 pm
i appreciate it. have a great night. thank you for watching fox news prime time. i am tammy bruce. see you again tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. tucker carlson is coming up right now. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are watching the leaders of the country spiral into madness. we keep track of their decline for a historic record of the craziness. we thought we had reached a high water mark. we told you that willie


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