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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 29, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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think. it's a real video of a waiter. i can tell you back in my hostess days i would have fallen flat on my face and never been able good for him. >> jesse: should be olympic sport. >> dana: probably will be. did you see what else is olympic sport? golf. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: all right, thanks, jesse. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden is requiring all federal employees and contractors who are not vaccinated to be regularly tested for covid. to wear a mask to socially distance. ultimately, the president is making this move as his administration tries to deal with the growing resurgence of the coronavirus and its highly transmissible delta variant. while previously saying he was against mandating vaccinations, president biden said today things have changed and they are looking into that. this, as various cities and
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localities are now reinsti vaccinated inside. meanwhile, members of the house freedom caucus are marching against a mask mandate as the capitol police threaten to arrest violators inside congress. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight with a lot of news live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. the president is trying to use leftover covid relief money to pay people to get the shot. he thinks $100 per person is enough of an incentive. he is also now offering to reimburse small and medium size businesses for the time off employees need to get themselves and their families vaccinated while also trying to target the 12 and up crowd with a pop-up clinic in every school district. 4 million federal employees though don't get as much of a say if they don't get vaccinated they will lose out on opportunities to travel and isolated from vaccinated colleagues. >> every federal government employee will be asked to attest
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to their vaccination status. anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask, no matter where they work. >> peter: indoors at the white house masks are required. same with the house of representatives. not on the senate side. so a group of republican lawmakers pressed inches across the imaginary line separating the two chambers. those lawmakers are protected from penalties for violating mask mandates anyway. but the house minority leader kevin mccarthy has a big issue with the new regulation that could land people who refuse to mask in handcuffs. >> if you are a capitol police officer, you got orders. if a vaccinated staffer comes across in the house side without a mask, you are ordered to arrest them. but not on the senate. this is not the america we know. this is not pelosi's house. this is the people's house. >> peter: it still hasn't even been a month since the president
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wanted to celebrate independence from the virus as mask returned i had a chance last hour to ask minimum about some of his past comments about covid. >> if you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask and it's. >> no, i didn't say that. >> you did. >> i said if you are fully vaccinated in an area where you do not have -- let me clarify. >> in may you made it. >> in may, that's true. >> losing the mask forever. >> that is true at the time because i thought there were people who were going to understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. and what happened was new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated, it was spread more rapidly and people more people were getting sick. that's it. >> peter: and at the press briefing today i had a chance to ask officials whether or not another one of the president's pledges regarding this subject could be undone, of the one that we are not going to go back to
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lockdowns and school closures and the deputy principle press secretary can a jean john pierre told me they are going to listen to the scientists and listen to the cdc. bret? >> bret: peter, what's the white house trying to do about the expiring eviction moratorium. >> peter: it expires on saturday the supreme court says that any future extension cannot come from the cdc again. it has got to come from congress. the president is asking the democratically controlled congress to do that out of concern for renters who may still not be working and the white house does not want these renters out on the streets as these delta variants spread. bret? >> bret: i mean, a lot of questions about the owners of those buildings as well. peter, thank you. ♪ >> bret: also breaking tonight, the governor of texas and the white house doing battle over the covid resurgence at the southern border. la joya, texas remains on high
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alert for covid transmission as infected migrants are released into the public there. rich edson reports tonight from the border and la joya. >> hundreds of migrants packed between beneath the bridge mexico and united states. they are crossing in this week groups of 400 to 500. groups i joya, texas say all this processing and paper work is distracting from others crossing the rio grande. >> while we are doing this, there is other people crossing but those people are not here to seek asylum. >> police here say they are working overtime pursuing suspected smugglers, traffickers and murderer he is. >> they have taken people back across into mexico against their will. and then you don't see them anymore. >> in the city of la joya, officials are also addressing significant covid concerns. a charity has rented out a hotel to house covid-positive migrants. customs and border protection says officers give these migrants masks and take them to local health providers if they show symptoms. though since federal officials
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have paroled them into the u.s. they can go into the community or travel across the country. and despite the summer heat, apprehensions here at the southwest border are surging. >> this was predict being. of the biden administration wants it to happen. and they want it to happen knowing that the spread of covid will be greater. >> administration officials have reportedly also decided against lifting pandemic health restrictions under title 42. that allow border agents to expel certain migrants. vice president kamala harris has offered the biden administration solution through a plan she released this morning calling broadly for addressing economic problems, corruption, domestic violence and energy in central america. in congress, democrats are weighing whether to add immigration reforms to a reconciliation package. >> this is totally eligible for reconciliation because it has big budget impacts. they will be revenue derived as a result of. millions would pay fees. >> it will be the single most dangerous thing you could do to our immigration system.
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>> yesterday we told you about an executive order from texas governor greg abbott. he is authorizing texas state troopers to stop cars with migrants in them. well now the u.s. attorney general merrick garland has just written abbott saying that that order should be rescinded because it is contrary to federal law. bret? >> bret: that's farther part ofe battle, rich, i spoke to bill melugin when he was down on the border trying to get to the bottom of how many of these migrants coming across the border are being transported to other cities. and what we know of that and we still really don't have the ape, do we? >> we really don't have the answer, bret. there is a couple dozen migrants behind me they will soon board buses and transports. they could be brought back over the border. those traveling in families are more likely to be brought into the united states and paroled. what that means is they are given a notice to appear before an immigration judge or told to go to an immigration office
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wherever they happen to settle. once that happens, they may link up with a charity or they may go to a bus station on their own. it's really unclear where they are going to be headed once they are paroled into the united states. and it's up to them to show up at that court date or an immigration office, bret. >> bret: hence the battle about transportation of migrants along the border there between federal government and the governor of texas. rich edson along the border. thank you. let's bring in our panel ben domenech publisher of the federalist. mara liasson national political correspondent of "national public radio" and jason riley "wall street journal" columnist manhattan institute and author of the new book maverick a biography of thomas sowell. jason, let me start with you. your thoughts about the biden speech. talk of mandates for vaccinations on federal employees. talks of mandating masks and where we go from here. >> well, bret, according to the cdc, something like 97% or more
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of the people being hospitalized for covid are unvaccinated. that sounds to me like the priority should be vaccinating people. not getting people to go back to masking. but what i think is really frustrating the public here we don't have metrics. what's the goal. what's the acceptable rate of hospitalizations or infection? or covid deaths? before we return back to normal? and the problem is tt the bureaucrats and politicians keep moving the goal post. we originally told we didn't want to overwhelm our healthcare system. have lines outside of hospitals. well, even with that new variant, that's not what we are seeing. so why are we moving back into the direction of lockdowns and masking? >> bret: to your point, someone who shares your point of view admiral brett giroir, he is what he says about the data we have out in the public.
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>> my major concern is we had incredibly important policy announcement by the cdc to recommend mask-wearing even for those who are vaccinated but they have supplied zero data, no transparency. no information. >> sandra: why do you think that is? why is that? >> i don't think they really have the data or the data with weak. dr. wolenski said in rare circumstances a vaccinated person may transmit. well, if it's 1%, .1%, 0.1%. there is no reason for the mask recommendation but we don't know because they won't tell us. >> bret: we have invited the cdc director on the show. mara, your thoughts about how the president laid this out and significant policy potential policy changes? >> yeah, significant potential policy changes. the president wants to get more people vaccinated. that is the one thing that we actually know stops the spread of covid.
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the problem is if you tell people they have to mask even if they are vaccinated in certain places, in certain situations, that's going to be a disincentive for people to get vaccinated. the incentive for getting vaccinated is not just $100 which is one of the things he was pushing today, too. it's also that you get to live a life kind of like precovid. and if you still have to wear a mask after you are vaccinated i think that's going to discourage people from getting the vaccine which is the opposite of what the white house wants. >> bret: one thing he did say today, ben, and he hasn't really focused on before, is giving credit to the republican administration for getting this vaccine up and running and a democratic administration for administration it. -- administering it in all those arms. here's a look back at what he said back in september of 2020 and what he said today. >> i trust vaccines. i trust scientists. but i don't trust donald trump.
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and at this moment, the american people can't either. scientific breakthroughs don't care about calendars. any more than the virus does. they certainly don't adhere to election cycles. >> the vaccine was developed and authorized under a republican administration. it's been distributed and administered under a democratic administration. the vaccines are safe, highly effective. and there is nothing political back about them. >> bret: obviously in september it was as he was warning about rushing a vaccine before it was finished. ben? >> you know, this -- i'm not going to take the president at his word on this because i don't believe that we ought to at this point. i don't believe this is about getting more people vaccinated. real dearth of vaccines are among those populations not likely to be listening to right wing charlatans or anything like that. it's black voters.
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it's hispanic voter who are, unfortunately, lagging behind when it comes to their vaccination rates. what i heard from the president today is a lot more about politics than it is about vaccination. and that is a belief on the part of leading democrats in washington, d.c. that the only way for them to get their overall agenda pushed through before a midterm that they believe represents a tidal wave that will sweep nancy pelosi and others out of power is to lean in to the permanent pandemic, the emergency status of all of these different things that will keep the money flowing and that will keep their policies at the forefront. unfortunately, i think they have made a huge miscalculation with this. because i think americans are broadly fed up with this type of approach to things. they see the case counts. they see the death counts. they can see that when it comes to a city like washington, d.c., you have a mask mandate right now that has been reinstalled by mayor mueller bowser for 2 and up, inand outdoors after a week
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in which the seven day average of covid deaths was zero. they do not believe it's facts on the ground it's about politics. increasingly aware of the process of getting back to school, republic education and the teacher's unions sounding more and more notes that sound like you're going to have another year of remote learning if you live in a state run by a democratic governor. >> bret: that's a big charge, ben. the president saying it's about saving lice and telling stories about people obviously in the hospital fighting and eventually dying saying, doc, can i get the vaccine now. telling emotional stories and trying to get people into taking the vaccine. jason, is the mandate part of that on the federal government for, you say he wants the pentagon to look into mandating all service members and federal employees. it's already in the department of veterans affairs.
3:15 pm
what do you think that is going to lead to and is it going to get broader that mandate? >> i think it will get broader. i don't think it will be helpful. i don't think that people who are rest tant to get the vaccine are going to respond the way the administration is hoping to these mandates. we are going to get some early tests of this, political tests of this. i'm ticking particularly of the recall election going on out in california in september where the governor there, gavin newsom has been very, very careful in his approach to handling this and returning back to mandates and masking and so forth because is he worried about political backlash. that can be an early test how a large electorate as california is responds to this kind of thing. >> bret: speaking of california the los angeles unified school district has said it will require all students and employees who are returning for in person instruction to patch pate in weekly covid-19 testing regardless of vaccination
3:16 pm
status? mara and to your point it's a little frustrating for parents but they are going to do what they are going to do to get kids back in school. >> right. they are talking about having in person learning and talking about testing and i don't know if we have had a huge backlash against testing but that certainly is an alternative to vaccination. if you don't want your kid vaccinated. they can be tested. parents want their kids to be safe. they want to know if a teacher in their school has covid. i mean, you know that's alternative. actually the alternative to virtual learning. i don't know if that is going to become a kind of political flash point or not, but it seems to me most parents would want that information. >> bret: just to be clear this is if you are vaccinated or not vaccinated you will get tested every week in l.a. >> right. >> bret: i think there are real questions about what the teachers union is going to say and do to ben's point in coming weeks we are going to talk more
3:17 pm
about what the white house is doing with the mask wearing later in the show. republicans say it's too much. progressives say it's not enough. we have heard that argument before. the latest on the new price tag for president biden's massive infrastructure spending plan and the so-called human infrastructure bill that's on the back burner after that. keep it here. ♪ ♪ (realtor) the previous owners left in a hurry, so the house comes with everything you see. follow me. ♪ (realtor) so, any questions? (wife) we'll take it! (realtor) great. (vo) it will haunt your senses. the heart-pounding audi suv family. get exceptional offers at your local audi dealer. not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual — they customize my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. 'cause i do things a bit differently. wet teddy bears! wet teddy bears here!
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: the commerce department says the economy grew at solid 6 and a half annual rate last quarter. that fell short of expectations but it is up from the 6.3 mark in the first quarter of the year. the total size much the u.s. economy has now surpassed its pre-pandemic level. stocks were up on that news today. the dow gained 154. the s&p 500 finished ahead 19. the nasdaq rose 16. actress scarlet johannsen is suing the walt disney company saying it breached her contract when it offered her current film black widow on streaming at the same time it played in theaters. she says the dual released strategy reduced her compensation which was based primarily off box office receipts which was supposed to be exclusive run in cinemas.
3:22 pm
no response yet from disney. the u.s. senate is expected to vote tomorrow on debate tentative agreement to fund president biden's infrastructure spending plan. bipartisan plan. but republicans say overall the $1.2 trillion price tag is too much. progressive democrats say it's not enough. we have heard that before. here is congressional correspondent chad pergram. >> a bipartisan deal on infrastructure. >> this group came together. >> but alexandria ocasio-cortez says bipartisan agreements are defined by who people in power agree to exclude than include. cori bush, torching not the policy, the bipartisan infrastructure bill, but the race of who negotiated it. bush tweeted,: is this the bipartisan infrastructure group or the audience at a kid rock concert? moderate democrat care cincinnati ma helped craft the bipartisan bill. >> the word in this town and all across the country in naysayers that bipartisan is dead. we are here to say no.
3:23 pm
>> accused sinema of tanking the big $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill after sinema threw her support behind the bipartisan bill, not the partisan one. moderate democrats told progressives do your homework. >> before they start basically casting stones, look at the bill itself. look at what it does, how it affects your home area and then make a decision. >> democrat jon tester warns don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> if you want to find a sliver to vote against this bill you can find it if you want to take a look at the body of this bill and what it does you will support it. unless have you got a political agenda. >> but a bipartisan senate deal means nothing to the house. >> i can't commit to passing something that i don't even know what it is yet. >> progressives have their own priorities. >> the american people are not going to get a win when f. we simply invest in roads and bridges but don't take on climate change. >> former congressional black caucus chairman and current white house adviser cedric
3:24 pm
richmond making a hard sell to colleagues on the democrats only bill. >> what we are going to do with the infrastructure bill is remind people that historic investment, remind people of the racial equity that is embedded throughout this bill. >> it's going to be about the math. democrats need all 50 senators, including sinema to pass their own bill and house democrats can only lose four votes, even if they tone down the bill to court the left. bret? >> bret: talk more about this with the panel in a bit. but, chad, the freedom caucus members now want minority leader kevin mccarthy to boot congressman adam kinzinger and congresswoman liz cheney from the g.o.p. conference? >> cheney and kinzinger accepted appointments by house speaker nancy pelosi to serve on the committee investigating the riot and the freedom caucus chair andy biggs likened them to spies. now fox is told there could be a special g.o.p. meeting in the coming weeks to decide their fate in the conference. and also today the house and senate both approved a
3:25 pm
$2.1 billion spending bill to beef up security here at the capitol. bret? >> bret: chad pergram keeping us honest on capitol hill. thanks. up next the choice of whether to make vaccines mandatory is causing controversy across the nation. we will bring you one place where there is pushback. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country. theodore mccarrick is charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy during a wedding reception in the 1970s. this makes mccarrick the first cardinal in the u.s. to be criminally charged with a sexual crime against a minor. mccarrick's attorneys say they quote look forward to addressing the case in the courtroom. fox 6 in milwaukee as wisconsin governor tony evers declare as state of emergency in response to severe storms that ripped through wisconsin overnight. those storms caused tens of thousands of people to lose power and triggered tornado watches in several counties. those watches have since expired. and this is a live look at chicago. wow.
3:26 pm
a cloudy, foggy chicago. the big story fox 32 there tonight, cook county gets added to the cdc's list of areas experiencing substantial covid-19 transmission just hours after law la palooza kicks off in chicago. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to head multi-day music festival canceled last year because of the pandemic. they will now need to show proof of vaccination or negative covid test to attend. unvaccinated attendees will be required to wear a mask at all times. that is tonight's live look outside the belt west virginia. we can barely see chicago. but this is "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location."
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rear all students and employees returning for in person instruction to covid-19 testing regardless of vaccination status. there is pushback across the country tonight about the possibility of vaccine and mask mandates returning. news correspondent william la jeunesse has that part of the story tonight from los angeles..
3:31 pm
>> from the nfl to your local school -- >> we don't need to be quarantining our kids every time they come down with symptoms of a cold. >> the mandatory mask and vaccination debate is underway. >> this is not a political issue. our livelihood should not be on the line. >> but with new covid cases rising 64% in the past week, the federal government, state and employers are stepping in. >> individuals choice not to get vaccinated is now impacting the rest of us. >> california and new york became the first to require state workers toe either get the vaccine or get tested each week. more than 400 hospitals nationwide followed suit. >> i have never been mandated to take the flu vaccine really standing for our rights as americans. >> despite accommodations with those medical and religious concerns, employees are fighting back. protesting companies that make the vaccine a condition of employment. from united and delta airlines
3:32 pm
to the "the washington post" and nfl. >> they are being told if they don't get vaxxed they will be cut. >> google, adobe, facebook will also require vaccines for anyone in the office. >> we're never going to get to 100 percent, but i think through some of these tactics we can definitely get that rate of vaccinated people increased. >> 31-year-old darryl barker from missouri regrets his decision not getting the shot. >> i was strongly against getting the vaccine but that little boy out there is the treason have a vaccine. >> why some blame and shame the unvaccinated, studies show many new cases are people who did get the vaccine. >> 26% of our new cases are occurring amongst fully vaccinated people. >> the controversy isn't just vaccines. 8 states, multiple counties and companies, including disney and apple are requiring masks indoors. vaccinated or not. >> we are getting so many mixed messages and people are totally confused. >> that confusion is one reason many americans don't want to mask up again or even get the
3:33 pm
vaccine. others explain the inconsistency this way. when the science changes, so does policy. bret? >> bret: william, thank you. you can find nearby vaccine locations by going to america's crime crisis hits home in atlanta with a heinous crime. a woman walking her dog at a popular park was found murdered along with her pet. correspondent steve harrigan has details tonight. >> a murder that even atlanta homicide detectives describe as gruesome, has shaken up a city already on edge due to a dramatic rise in crime. this photo released by police shows 40-year-old catherine dinner in piedmont park iner midtown, atlanta. 185 acres of greenfields, popular are with joggers and dog walkers. when janice did not return home, police say her wife got worried and tracked the phone to the
3:34 pm
park where she discovered janice's lifeless body covered with stab wounds. the dog, bowie, was also stabbed to death. the savage attack left some neighbors stunned. >> it hits home really hard to me because we have two dogs. we actually live right here in this building about 50 feet away from where the murder occurred. it's just astonishing something could happen like that so close to home and how much it can really affect you emotionally. >> so far police have not said whether they have any suspects. investigators worked throughout the night going door to door in search of surveillance video and sending divers into a nearby pond for clues. a $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest. >> i would always advise somebody when they're late at night, male or female to be with somebody they know just to have their back. that's what i'm going to be doing from here on out. >> it's just scary. i don't know what else to tell you. it's just scary. >> there have already been 82 homicides in atlanta this year.
3:35 pm
up 60% from last year. >> last year was historically bad for atlanta. the most murders in two decades. bret? >> bret: steve harrigan in atlanta, steve, thank you. up next, china is making a move of its own in afghanistan as the u.s. departs that country. we'll tell you how. ♪ ♪ ♪ someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory. new customers get our best deals on all smartphones. that's right. but what if i'm already a customer? oh, no problem. hey, cam...? ah, same deal!
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your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit senat ♪♪ >> bret: the navy is charging a sailor with starting a fire last year that destroyed a warship docked off san diego. the amphibious assault ship the uss bomb home rashard burned more than four days the worst war ship fire outside of combat in recent memory. the ship was left with extensive structural, electrical and mechanical damage and later scrapped. the sailor was a member of the crew at the time. there are increasing concerns tonight about china and how it may move to strengthen its role
3:40 pm
in the middle east as the u.s. departs afghanistan. the chinese official has met with taliban representatives and beijing is calling the u.s. evident in that country a failure. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details tonight from the pentagon. >> a delegation of top taliban leaders was given a warm welcome in china this week by top chinese officials who experts say are seeking to position themselves in the event of a total collapse of afghanistan on its western border. and fill the vacuum being left by the united states. china has invested billions of dollars to secure copper mining rights in afghanistan. this is the most high profile welcome of the taliban on the world stage by any world leader. the two days of meetings stand in stark contrast to the recent tends visit with chinese officials by top american envoy wendy sherman. the taliban visit provided an opportunity for china to take a swipe at the u.s. and nato.
3:41 pm
>> the history withdrawal of u.s. and nato withdraw of troops failure of policy toward afghanistan and afghan people have an opportunity opportunity to stabilize and develop their own country. >> a new congressionally mandated quarterly report by the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction paints a bleak picture as the taliban sweep the countryside, set up road block and take over six key border crossings which provide them with millions of dollars in customs revenue to fuel the insurgency. the report shows the taliban initiated over 10,000 attacks from march until may with more than 2,000 civilian casualties, a record. secretary of state antony blinken acknowledge the taliban have taken over more district center in the wake of the u.s. pullout. >> taliban says it seeks international recognition. it wants international support for afghanistan. taking over the country by force and abusing the rights of its
3:42 pm
people is not the path to achieve those objectives. >> a message that coulden lost now that china has already given the taliban leaders a states welcome despite its fighters closing girl schools and carrying out atrocities. bret? >> bret: a story to follow. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. thank you. israel will offer a coronavirus booster to people over 60 who have already been vaccinated. that makes israel the first country to offer a third dose of a western vaccine to its citizens on a wide scale. israel's new president will get the shot tomorrow. the offer to the general public begins sunday. up next on the panel, coronavirus resurgence and illegal immigration at the border. the synergy of those two. first, beyond our borders tonight. the death toll rises to 99 from flooding in central china. record rain fall slammed the area nine days ago inundating a subway system turning streets into rushing rivers and washing away vehicles there. many people remain missing and
3:43 pm
estimate economic losses at more than $14 billion so far. russia's long delayed lab module docks with the international space station 8 days after launch. it was a bumpy moment when the module's engines unexpectedly reit did not pose a risk to the astronauts inside. the module was initially scheduled to go up in 2007 but repeatedly delayed due to technical problems. an 18-year-old sunni lee fifth american woman in a row to take own the olympic gold medal in the women's all around gymnastic competition. simone biles watched her teammate's victory from the stands after withdrawing from the final. congratulations on the win. some of the stories beyond our borders tonight as you look live at tokyo and the olympic flame, we'll be right back ♪ ♪
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3:48 pm
but to a draw dropping degree the message to people arriving at the southern border seems to be come on in. even if you are covid-positive. >> what we have seen over the last six months is two different standards one for the american people and another for illegal immigrants who are coming across that border. some are testing positive. some are not testing. some are choosing the vaccine some are not choosing the vaccine. it's a very dangerous situation. >> bret: new talk of vaccination mandates and mandates about masks as the situation along the southern border is intense, especially when it comes to covid. along those lines of those soundbites peter doocy asking that question at the white house today. >> why is it that the federal government is asking vaccinated americans to wear masks to stop the spread of covid-19 but at the same time federal agents are also releasing covid-19 positive border crossers into small towns in texas? >> cbp takes its responsibility to prevent the spread of
3:49 pm
communicable diseases very, very seriously. we value our partners in local communities whose work is critical to moving individuals safely out of custody and through the appropriate immigration pathway and assist in mitigating covid-19 and isolating quarantine when needed. >> bret: but they are moving covid-19 positive migrants into the u.s. and into different communities. and there is a battle between the federal government and the governor of texas about transporting illegal immigrants. the attorney general writing a letter to the texas governor. texas has no authority to interfere with the united states broad undoubted power over the subject of immigration. by impairing the united states release of individuals and the ability of those individuals to comply with federal immigration law. the united states intends to pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government. that was about a governor of texas executive order saying he couldn't transport migrants if you weren't part of the border patrol.
3:50 pm
all right. we're back with the panel. ben domenech, mara liasson and jason riley. forgot to put up his book the last time. book maverick. thomas sowell one of the great thinkers great read. ben, the synergy of these stories along the border and what is happening with the delta variant and covid-19. >> well, i feel like what you are seeing here is really the hypocrisy of this administration when it documents their approach to the border and to the immigration issue. obviously it's not responsible to have people who are testing positive who are coming across the border illegally and whose status is still up in the air. being essentially let loose into our communities. in order to increase and potentially spread this virus, and, yet, that's exactly what this administration is doing. they can talk as much as they want to about root causes and things like that. but there is a simple attitude toward the border which is that we ought to be in control of it. we are not under this
3:51 pm
administration. and i think that's one of the reasons why we see as i said earlier in the program a democratic party that is really white knuckling it through the midterms trying to get through as much of their agenda as possible. they have basically given up on the idea that they are going to be able to right the ship politically. they see the level of distrust for this administration on so many different areas. the only area where joe biden has really been in the positive has been in dealing with the coronavirus and that's why i think they are going to lean more and more into this conversation. >> bret: mara, the president today on the economy as he sees it in the u.s. take a listen. >> our economy is recovering. more than 3 million americans are back to work since i was sworn in. a faster job growth than any previous administration, any. we're experiencing the fastest economic growth in nearly four decades. the best in the world as of now.
3:52 pm
>> bret: so, some critics would say if it is that, and it may be that, that it is cooking, the economy is cooking, why would the country need $3.5 trillion of a human infrastructure bill that's the next one in line after all this money is out and about? >> well, i think the white house would say that $3.5 trillion is not a stimulus. it's long-term investment over many, many years. i think 8 or 10 years. and it's to address all of these dire needs, things that we haven't invested n years. things that would make us more competitive with china, things to deal with climate change, et cetera, et cetera. i think that's what you would hear from the white house. but i do think you talk about synergy. i mean, covid, the economy, and immigration all these things are coming together and there is a lot of peril for the biden administration, because they did get good marks for handling covid, the delta variant
3:53 pm
threatens that. the immigration is a vulnerability for him, for biden, and to the extent it gets wrapped up with covid, it's even worse. >> bret: it's important to point out, jason, that the money from the 1.9 trillion covid stimulus has not all been spent yet. and that different communities and localities have not tapped into all the money that they could potentially tap in with the federal reserve. so, when you hear joe manchin and kyrsten sinema talk about concerns all this money and inflation and deficit and debt, it's tough to see how that other human infrastructure bill moves forward. >> yes, you are right. the mope hasn't all been spent, which, of course, raises the question of why we need more government spending, i would also point ohat a lot of the legislation being considered right now or both pieces of legislation being considered right now include amnesty proposals for illegal immigrants already in the country. and there's a connection there,
3:54 pm
i think, between that and what's going on on the border. i mean, the administration talks about that northern triangle. guatemala and honduras and el salvador around so forth. i have looked at the numbers there violent crime in those countries has actually been falling in recent years, all three of them. it's higher than it is in the u.s. but the trend line has been in the right direction. i don't think that is what is driving the crisis here. what is driving the crisis is the administration talking out of both sides of it mouth here. saying don't come but also people getting the message that if you get here, and if you get in, there is a good chance that you will be able to stay. and i think anyone that's followed immigration policy over the past three decades in this country knows that to get to a solution, you need to include both border security and giving more legal ways for people to come here. but this administration does not seem interested in border security. >> bret: maybe covid security is added to that as well.
3:55 pm
i will end the panel with this. today, for the first time in 45 years, the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill to provide taxpayer funding of elective abortions for medicaid recipients. the so-called hyde amendment was not in the bills out today. not expected to pass that in the senate. but it is an historic mark for congress. listen, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with the panel. ♪ ♪ but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. [jungle music]
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and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. >> bret: finally tonight a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. mara, first to you. >> my headline is masks, tests and vaccine incentives. biden tries to avoid a, quote, blanket mandate. >> bret: jason? >> similar. new york city just announced they are going to pay people to get the vaccine. ohio, west virginia, maryland already do that i think more jurisdictions are going to do the same thing. and i certainly prefer that to mask mandates.
4:00 pm
>> bret: ben? >> kamala harris unveils response to root causes of immigration crisis consists entirely of the lyrics to john lennon's imagine. breath bret all right. panel. thank you. tomorrow on "special report," all the reaction to today's announcement from president biden. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and you unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by tammy bruce starts right now. >> tammy: hey, sir, thank you very much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ note. >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and tonight it's washington vs. the rest of us. covid confusion and gaslighting, political theater, and more relentless attacks on the dignity of everyday americans, or as they call it in the district of columbia, thursday. because, as we have all been focused on the failures of the cdc and the latest round of pandemic theater over at the u.s. capitol yesterday 17 republicanor