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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 29, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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justice department who they should prosecute. i wouldn't tell the government health entities what they should say and do. my expectation is they will reach that conclusion in the early fall. thank you. >> -- you said if you were full owe vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. president: -- where we do not have, let me clarify -- >> in may he made it sound like the vaccine was to lose the mask forever. president: that was true at the time. i thought people would understand that getting vaccinated made a gigantic difference. what happened was a new variant came along, they didn't get vaccinated, it spread more
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rapidly and people are getting sick. that's the difference. >> welcome to "the five." president biden wrapping up his speech urging all americans to get vaccinated. president: you wouldn't have to take one off, you don't have to put one on. like in my home state of delaware. because people got vaccinated. they got vaccinated. they don't knowed a mask when the vast majority of people are vaccinated. the majority was developed and authorized under a republican administration. it's being administered under a democratic a ministration. the vaccines are safe. there is nothing political about them. i want you to know i will do all i can to encourage the unvaccinated to get vaccinated. that includes addressing
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misinformation head on. this is not about red states and blue states. it's literally about life and death. >> alright. so, da na, i was confused about this what do you call it a speech with questions at the end. he seems to be bracing a country for a new wave. he is dividing the count roo between the vax and unvaxed. flirts with mask mandates, vaccine passports. continues to issue confusing messages about whether you have to wear a mask or not, when and why, then the only thing i think that was good that was said is schools should open. >> we will see if teacher unions pay attention to that. they're very powerful. >> very powerful. >> remember they wrote guidance
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adopted by the cdc. that was out of like 450 pages. they revealed 63 pages it had. who knows what else is in there. there could be more in there. i thought this speech was decent but should have been given two days ago. along with the cdc. rather than the phone call. yes everyone vaccinated should wear a mask. by the way -- it was so confusing for two days. that's a long time to leave americans hanging for a lot of confusion. it's enough time politically to get your opponents to say, what are you talking about? the cdc is not willing to show america the evidence why this is necessary. the other thing is if you look at britain we have been behind britain in each of these waves by about three to four weeks. so what do we have now? three to four weeks ago britain had the problems we're having. now they're through it.
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monday they will allow americans to travel to the uk. if we can hold on, do the right thing, continue to get people vaccinated, open up the schools. the vulnerable or -- the vulnerable get vaccinated if you can. if you can't take precautions to be safe. let people continue to get on with their lives. >> greg, what did you think about the questions ? put mask mandates on everybody, passports. it's almost as if they're begging for more regulation. >> i don't know i'm still thinking about bill pugh eblazio. >> why is that. >> he called the unvaxed criminals. as he allows violent felons come and go in the city, beating the cram out of he willedly woman. the asian woman diepugh in his city on canal street but the
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unvaxed are criminals. he's a ghoulish zach of excriment. i appreciate president biden's tone. he has a little political bifercation. us versus them. the unvaccinate s-d trump's america. those resistent are mostly people of color on the east coast. half of the teachers, half new york city workers dealing with people are not vaccinated. these are not red and blue. they don't want to brooch that subject. i don't know why. why do they feel the need to create this us versus them thing. i know the conflicts helps ratings. imagine if the media didn't intrude their idea of us verse
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them. we could talk about blacks, whites, his panics, democrats, republicans, elderly and young. the times says only a third are eligible that are unvaccinated. we know. we know what is going on. we don't need to pit people against each other we don't need the hyperbola. we don't need to call people criminals. it's disgusting and awful. i didn't answer your kwefplt. >> it's fine. i don't remember what the question was. >> either do i. >> katie, your assessment of the biden press conference? >> i agree they have made this about politics. it's not a red state thing. it's not a blue state thing. if you look at the demographics, it's not political. it's lack of public trust in officials changing their minds and not providing data as recently as this week on changing mandates that impacts lives and businesses. then they act like it's easy to
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follow. the news today is the president implementing a mandate for vaccinations or testing mask wearing for four million federal employees and giving the wink to corporations and businesses to do the same thing. they offer a hundred dollars to do this. use money from the american rescue plan to do it a hundred dollars won't produce a lengthily study on fertility that makes young women comfortable with taking the vac saoefpblt a hundred dollars won't bring back the createddibility of dr. fauci and the cdc. maybe do a group study or focus group and say why are you not getting vaccinated? is it inaccessible? your concerns? side effects? instead joe boyd sen saying if you're unvaccinated you're a problem this. is a matter of people having questions about the vaccine. questions about why mandates are changing without explain aeugsz. a lack of public trust in these
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institution that's we're suppose to protect people and put a lot of harm on the country. here we are again with the heath officials so narrow minded and blinded by the covid issue they ignore the other questions people. have if you have a compromised system or not capable of taking the vaccine. instead biden is saying they're not smart and a problem. i don't see how this moves the needle. >> geraldo write answer afplt. rivera.i want to pick up where g left off. the tone of joe biden. he's a lovely man way good vibe. i appreciate it. what i appreciate more than anything is for the first time since this started he gave credit to the republican administration the vaccine was developed. that's why i wanted to call it the trump. i want trump people to know and
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be proud they got this damn thing made. it should have come out in october. it would have given him the election. instead they dragged their feet past the election. he was the driving force. operation warp speed and so forth. this was the very first time, maybe i'm wrong maybe i missed something, that joe boyd en or any major democratic figure gave credit where credit was due. >> if they did that from the get go you wouldn't have the political division that katie points too. if he did that from the get go you wouldn't have the vaccine deniers. >> they are not deniers. they have questions there. is a difference between denying and having questions. >> samantha. >> good points, geraldo. >> especially you, geraldo. worried about you all week. not so worried now. >> next from a major teacher union, kids may not return to the classroom and how president
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biden just responded.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> school maybe out for more than just the summer if a powerful teacher union gets their way. randy winegarden won't commit to opening back up after the cdc latest guidance. >> we want schools to reopen with a safe environment in the fall. delta threw us a curve ball. the lack of the herd immunity and enough people being vaccinated and you know kids not being able to get vaccines twelve and under. >> we will keep kids safe. we will keep our members safe. we will try to open up schools and move through this critical battlefield. >> president biden saying kids have to go back to class. >> we can and we must open schools this fall. full time. it's better for our childrens mental and emotional well being.
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we can't afford another year out of the classroom. every school should be open. we're giving them the tools to do so safely. >> so, da na, the teacher union that randy winegarden represents is against mandatory vaccinations. she has been saying for a long time they want to go back, but it doesn't seem they do. >> i'm sure it's shocking for parents to hear they are going to try to reopen schools. some start next monday, like in the south. that's when they start, august 9th. there has never been a stronger moment for school choice advocates to press their advantage. we have a urgent situation. president biden, i think, recognizing it. he's soft spoken in his language and tone. i hope behind the skaoepz they're applying pressure to
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make sure schools open. one thing that bothers me about what she said, delta was so surprising. no did you pay attention to india? did you not read the front paging of the new york times? every day you see these poor people begging for oxygen, figuring out a way to deal with unfortunately the dead. they're burning them in the streets. this was not, this shouldn't of been a surprise in anyway. the administration had a goal set to get 70% vaccinated, at least one shot by july 1st. they missed it. we have a uptick of vaccines. there is no reason schools shouldn't be open. parents have to get back to work. some companies said they're bringing people back to september. now they're pushing to october. what does that do for your plans? if you're a family or a single parent you have to figure out how to get kids taken care of.
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there is so much riding on this. the schools have to open. last point, mckenzie put out a study showing how much children lost the last year and a half of remote learning. including about $10,000 now theyly l. lose over their lifetime of earnings because of the loss of the education. what does that compound too? we can't sentence these kids to another year of remote learning. >> geraldo, whats the excuse for the teacher union? they were accommodated. refuse to go back to school. the cdc says kids under 12 must be masked for all hours of the day. even with the science showing kids are not the problem and shouldn't wear masks. now she says we will try to get back and using every excuse in the book to -bgs together taxpayers of more money.
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>> i believe you're right. i believe that it is an excuse. that the all powerful teachers union. it made me sick to my stomach when i heard randy winegarden. as a parent of a school child, a sophomore in high school now, i have resources but to hear the teachers union suggest that once again my grand children in public school -- once again they're not going to go to school? that all that we have been through, sixteen months, all of the promises and everything else. now she let that -- it was like a threat on an atomic bomb. it was so severe and so profound i'm sure that every school parent out there that heard that had the same that i had. this is a very very serious threat from a very very powerful if not an all powerful union
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chief to determine the faith of public schools. >> who does this hurt, greg? minority students. students with single moms working minimum waging special needs kids need to be in school. >> i'm not sure anymore.'t have i wonder if this is the golden opportunity to fix education. we know it's broken. we know the teacher union sucks. i will get into the suicide rates in a minute. this isn't about the kids. this is about the teachers there. is something going on here that they're not saying out loud it has to do with the number of teachers vaccinated. sthapbt what it is? i mean -- what else would it be? that has to be it. she is scared of telling the teachers they have to go back. she knows half of them are not
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vaccinated. if this was magma country the teachers would be cruise side. they're not magma country and she's not going to force them. something is not being said. that's my theory. when you ask are kids losing something? not if you focus on remote learning. i thought kids should be back in school. i see suicide rates jumping when girls return to school. >> who are killing themselves? >> young girls 12-17. when they get back in class. this has been looked at for decades. summer and christmas vacation suicide rates always drop. it's a pattern they get back to school it goes up. what we see with the pandemic it's telling something we knew. our education system is broken, something inherently toxic is in it as we learn about how
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important family is. suicide rates are going down when they're home. when they're back in school and torturepugh with peer pressure it all changes. i feel they're providing a final way out. number one issue is education not crime. if you fix education you fix crime, right. good education means no crime. i go back to the pelaton option. marry at home technology, instructors, nationalize the classes and pay them as though they're celebrities. you don't need the teacher union anymore. you say screw you teacher union. screw the public schools. >> thank you, professor. >> you're dreaming by the way. >> i don't want to be home with jesse junior all day. >> my kids are in private school and there are mean girls there.
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>> i would say it's a money play. they have squeezed a hundred million out of the taxpayers and looking for more. greg is right, a lost hot spots and unvaccinated spots are in big cities were the teacher unions operate. i don't think they're honest about vac sin eightation rates and a lot like working from home. they don't want to be crowded in classrooms with nasty kids yelling at them. the other thing is parents are so angry over crt. >> todd: flirt with the concept that they will be home doing remote learning. you put that on top of that people will go crazy. >> if my kids were in a school threatened like this i would have to storm into a school board meeting. would you want someone like me storming into a school board meeting? >> it's happening. >> absolutely not. i want to say something about washington pugh c. there is one covid death? washington d.c.
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i want to see the face. it's sending the wrong message to the country. everyone is watching people in washington. a city of 700,000 with one covid death in july. we're all masked up now. that's craze.y. >> the democrats put it in. up next biden's border crisis is so bad americans are forced to armed themselves. tucker carlson is here to explain next.
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>> -- continue to get worst months after kamala harris' visit. she released her root causes, migration strategy today. focusing on inequality,
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corruption, and combating human rights. it doesn't mention securing the border. tucker carlson joins us. he goes to the epicenter of the border crisis. watch. >> nobody is helping us out. >> people are afraid in their own homes now. people are afraid in their own yards. >> i never leave home without a pistol in my pocket or gun on my side. >> we don't feel safe. >> we shouldn't live in fear. >> people will start fricking dying. it's not going to be us in this town. >> tucker, thank you for joining us today. we will ask you a question. tell me about the over all approach you took here to bring this story to everyone to see it on fox nation. >> the idea is to think clearly. because the other channels and
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administration are telling you, i don't know covid is the biggest story at the moment doesn't mean it is. actually there are a lot of crisis unfold ago cross the country this. is the greatest of all. we will have millions of foreign nationals in our country this year. majority will stay. the new york times says they should be able to vote and choose our government. some people are for it, that's why it's happening. some are against it, you should know what is happening. people living within 50 miles of the border have been transferred formed and destroyed this. are vic euplz of this. it's not a victim less crime at all. we felt duty bound to show what it looks like. what do they think. say you live in this part of texas. what is your life like? your kids go to school in no. the border is open. i should have seen 15 stories of people not getting the vaccine,
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they're sick ask deserve it that's the lead op every website in the world right now. okay. maybe this are other people suffering and we should tell their story. we did. >> katie, take it around the table here. >> tucker, congrats on the new special. i think it's a really important topic. >> thank you. >> from the other part of this the vice president who has tasked and put out talking points that we have seen for 30 years on the issue. yesterday the state department said they're cutting off ties with guatemala. how do they feel about this? >> i'm sorry i'm as patriotic as anyone. it's not guatemala or mexico or anyone's fault. it's our fault. we provide a mass incentive for people to come here providing the most generous benefits to
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the people who come illegally and two, opening the borders and summoning them. to blame honduras or correction, as if we can fix that. imagine -- all we need to do is change three hundred years of custom in a country whose language we don't speak and will have it fixed. like you truly are a moron if you say that. >> gerald. >> hey, tech. tuck. a subject near and dear to my heart. i am glad you didn't lead with the high grants bringing covid. in. >> why. >> the over blown fears are the zenophobic -- >> spare me. spare me. >> -- the chinese in the
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1880s. the italians. >> i just threw up in my mouth. geraldo, we live in a country where we're forced to take a vaccine. americans can be arrested for not wearing a mask because covid is so serious. foreign nationals break our laws carrying covid and they're exempt. that's not equal application of the law. it's an appalling double standard that every american, including you should be mad about. >> i'm mad about exaggeration and hype. >> what? it's a policy. if you work in the federal government you have to get the vaccine. >> if you break our laws you don't? explain why that's a good idea to me. >> i don't think the segment is about me. let jesse be the subject. greg will ask you about fishing. >> tucker, this is what we have dealt with all week with
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geraldo. my a poll kwaoes. apologies.>> i love geraldo. >> we do to. he needs tough love sometimes. i watched the clips. one homeowner was packing heat. she said she had to because cartels were operating on our side of the border. tell me what you thought about that comment. >> mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. >> true. >> i grow up near mexico. i like mexico. i like the people that live in mexico. there is a war going on in mexico that we don't acknowledge. people that live near it are aware. not long ago the mechanics government backed down to the cartels. that's the context. those are not just people searching for a better life. they're refugees from a war zone. as people being armed, yes.
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why would the federal government try to disarm us, which they're trying to do, at the exact moment they're increasing the threat to us as they are also doing. what is that? i would love to know what that is about. >> last question from greg. >> tucker, good to see you on the five. you said you couldn't do my show, that's okay. >> i'm doing this show, man. >> that's not enough. i thought we were friends. some guy got in your face in a fishing store in mop mon. is that what you call it. >> a into a shop. >> thank you. so i was like, i find it very frustrating that adult men are now becoming like mean girls. he could of come up to you and expressed himself and you could of had a conversation. he couldn't do that without someone filming it. he now if he had someone to film it that would impact your response. as a wise person in the media, you know that. you look and go see you later. i wonder what you would of done
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if the person wasn't filming it? you may of had a conversation. >> i had dark thoughts i won't articulate here. i would say the bigger, leaving me out of it, the bigger problem is the mountain states are completely invaded by the people that destroyed calf. destroyed california.these are t lecture about diverse and the you're a racist. then they run to montana. they literally run from the hills away from diversity. the hills greatly suffer when they do that. i will leave it there. >> why don't you whack them. >> that's not tucker's style. congrats on the special we will take a look at it. >> thank you, da na. >> next up a new york times reporter under fire for suggesting trump supporters are enemy of the state.
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>> the new york times staying silent after a star reporter is caught up in a firestorm for equating trump supporters as enemies of the state. suggesting the solution to combat national security threats are s. to target voters of the former president. the smug and since deleted tweet reads: today january 6th select committee under scores america's national security dilemma work to combat national security threats now entails calling a current politician supporters enemy of the state. the translation is to call
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supporters of president trump enemies of the state. are you an enemy of the state? i supported trump. >> she is talk ing about 74 million americans. the dehumanization of political opponents through history has not gone or ended well. this isn't the first time we have heard this from a media that claims to be unbias. we have heard trump supporters compared to the taliban in afghanistan. what did we do? we fought a 20 year war against them. i'm not sure how they think this will end. the language about people who support different political party than you do or a certain president are enemies of the state. the next question is how do you plan to take care of that if they're a national security threat? what do you do if people defend themselves from the threat you impose on them. >> it's almost as if she is saying, jesse, send authorities to come get you. >> yes perhaps it's mommy or daddy issues.
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i don't have the time to get into it. geraldo, i don't think she is a star reporter. i haven't heard of her. >> -- justice department. >> does she have a new york times best seller? >> don't start with me. >> the tweet was the even well composed. this is just her being herself. she says she can separate her politics from her job. to cover. she can't separate that. >> she is saying da na, the na, that thedemocratic party isf taking care of the right wing crazy people. why not have a presumption they're all traders. >> you can have thoughts you don't have to tweet. there is freedom in that. >> great advice.
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>> there are other journalists calling for their peers to rise to the moment and try to beat back this basically crisis we're in. even though the democrats run washington. >> it's almost as if the new york times foal empowered to take any shot at you. you particularly. >> this is how they really foal. trump supporters are worst. do the comparison. worst than looters, rioters, even cop killers. they're worst than all of that. this is something about it that triggers them. there needs to be a dahler they can go to the immediate and tell us where did trump hurt you. point to them. every one of these people, there are more people out there. people we know and like make this sound pro trump. it's a reminder that everyone
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expressing this stuff was wrong on everything the last twenty years. injecting bleach. hunter biden lap top right. >> it's not just wrong it's stupid. >> those people have lost the authority on all things political and moral. we shouldn't take them seriously. up fortunately they run everything. >> not a star reporter. >> am i a star reporter? >> you are. you're at large. >> up next there is nothing the left won't call race is including fish?
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit.
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making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. >> not good? >> will sraeuter music. >> great music. >> in a elevator. >> calling fish rough or is in the historical prejudice of white males. it's harmful and they suggest using the term native fish.
2:50 pm
dana, this is a long time coming. have you noticed the inequality in an aquarium? some fish have castles, others don't. who gets the castle? the white fish gets the castles. >> some just sit in a bowl. >> yes. >> they roll around and have no predators. so privileged. >> exactly. >> they end up floating. >> geraldo, this, have they talked to the fish about this? >> like fish considered garbage fish like catfish. you fry up. there is a place in memphis that has the best catfish. carp i don't liking. they're not native to the great lakes. they're a intrusive species. >> jesse, why that, that was terrible.
2:51 pm
>> an apology next segment. >> why do you knock bottom feeders? >> it's my job, i'm a bottom feeder. i don't think it's right for liberals to call the fish the natives. do you know how backward that sounds. >> if you're a culture, the culture names the fish they find right. chinese name their fish. japanese name their fish. russians name their fish. why can't we have names for our fish? can went we have the names. >> i named my koi. >> you would have koi. >> a koi pond. >> i about a beta fish once. >> katie, what do you make about this? it's serious and we're making fun of it. >> i wish i could catch fish when i go fishing. i'm terrible. what's the language for terrible fisher woman. >> kate.y.
2:52 pm
>> i like to fish, i never catch them. i try. >> i don't know i'm think about the castles. castles in the aquarium. inequality. one more thing sup next. . .
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why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help increase energy. the new sleep number 360 smart bed helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number.
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gentlemenst. >> jesse: time now for one more. greg? >> greg: haven't done this for a while. ♪ animals are great. >> greg: you guys have missed it. it has been such a long time since i have heard that beautiful music. you know, speaking of bottom feeding. check out this little fellow. [laughter] you know, sometimes you get stuck you see something, you can't stop looking at it. >> jesse: geraldo. >> greg: amazing. >> greg: he is a little creeper at the club starts dancing with this little girl, stop backing
2:57 pm
into me, you creep. >> greg: i could stare at that fortes but i won't that would be morally wrong. >> jesse: dana perino? >> dana: no podcast interview with everything will be okay allen west. it was so fun this podcast. i hope you take a listen to it father of two girls as is jesse. and we talked about all of those things and how to support them growing up. also, i saw this. this is footage that you have never seen before between greg and jesse in the green room. so there is a guy that like shuts the blind and the cat is like no. no the guy says no, excuse me, i am shutting the blinds. i can't see. the cat is like nope. >> jesse: greg is the cat. >> dana: this is jesse and greg in the green room. >> greg: you are stealing my gig. >> dana: i learned from the best. >> jesse: greg has been bullying me i reported to human resources remember he made everyone send videos of scary cats to my
2:58 pm
inbox? the bullying continues. last night on gutfeld exclamation he played a very highly doctored video of me on "watters' world." watch [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> jesse: that was doctored footage. i never dance like that. i think some of his editors had a little fun at my expense. greg, please stop. starting to hurt my feelings. geraldo? >> geraldo: i have to apologize to greg gutfeld because various left wing media saying that i threatened to kick him in the ass, i did not. kick someone in the ass nothing to do with greg gutfeld ohio find adorable and charming. >> greg: ran with that so easily fact-checked. they are such tools. >> geraldo: i'm not sure they
2:59 pm
care. new segment tonight it's called geraldo news with geraldo. [laughter] and take a look at where i spent my recovery from gutfeld's show and from the "the five" yesterday. it's the roof top at the peninsula smoking a fatty. [laughter] >> dana: tobacco or something else? >> geraldo: it's a hard cruel world here. >> jesse: a picture of yourself? that's it? >> greg: trying to get back at me. >> jesse: another look picture of yourself. >> geraldo: get used to it. it will be a regular thing. >> jesse: i can't wait. i can't believe i didn't think of that. >> katie: i don't know what restaurant where this happened instagram user julia posted a video of this waiter running through the restaurant with drinks and not spilling them going down the stairs and back up the stairs. >> dana: that's not set up?
3:00 pm
>> katie: not set up, i don't think. it's a real video of a waiter. i can tell you back in my hostess days i would have fallen flat on my face and never been able good for him. >> jesse: should be olympic sport. >> dana: probably will be. did you see what else is olympic sport? golf. >> jesse: that's it for us. "special report" is up next with bret. >> bret: all right, thanks, jesse. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden is requiring all federal employees and contractors who are not vaccinated to be regularly tested for covid. to wear a mask to socially distance. ultimately, the president is making this move as his administration tries to deal with the growing resurgence of the coronavirus and its highly transmissible delta variant. while previously saying he was against mandating vaccinations, president biden


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