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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 29, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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there. if i had the resources of l.a., we'd have this cleaned up in 9 ho days. >> what is preventing law enforcement from enforcing the laws on the books? >> for this chunk of city right here, it's two things. it's called the mayor, eric garcetti and councilman mike bonnan and a district attorney that won't enforce anything. that promotes a lawlessness environment. >> john: lawrence jones with an ongoing problem in venice beach. thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in with trace in for martha. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher. a short time from now, president biden will take to the east room of the white house where he's expected to announce that if you work for the federal government, you must be vaccinated or face strict protocols like regular testing and masking. this comes as a growing list of
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major companies are mandating employee vaccination and a growing number of restaurants across the country adopt a now vax, no service policy. the rise of the delta variant is behind much of these new measures including the cdc's reversal on masking. today there's brand new questions about the science behind that guidance. let's bring in dr. march seagle, fox news medical contributor. always good to see you, dr. siegel. it's mind-blowing to know that the government is telling those that are not vaccinated to get vaccinated and telling those that are vaccinated it's just not good enough. >> yeah, trace. listen. in terms of the federal employees, at least glad that they're starting with their own house for once instead of telling other people what to do. the problem with mandating a vaccine in your own house, the federal government is as follows.
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what about people that got over covid and have anti-bodies? what about people that got covid in one shot, which shows a substantial immunity? you're not going to let them go to work about people that had a bad reaction? you're not going to let them go to work? if you let the exemptions in, you're going to end up with a third of your house not vaccinated. so your public health goal is not reached. the mandate is problematic. dr. walensky said to me the other day when i interviewed her that a lot of people are allergic to mandates. she's sensitive to that. i don't think the mandate is the way to go here. getting the federal government vaccinated surely is the way to go to send a message to the rest of the country, especially cdc or hhs or anybody on the front line seeing patients for the federal government has to be vaccinated. >> you brought up the cdc. minority leader kevin mccarthy says that the cdc mask recommendation now is based on
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the study out of india that shows the delta variant results in a higher viral load regardless of your vaccination status. but india is using vaccines that are not allowed in the united states and the cdc, dr. siegel, won't share this data with anybody. >> well, i actually have some inside information on this, trace. first of all, at nyu we're studying this. i talked to people about this. i talked to the cdc director about this. i think the ultimate answer is that if you get covid with a delta variantoure vaccinated, the amount of virus you have is less than if you're unvaccinated. but more than they were expecting. so they're suspicious that if you get covid and you're vaccinated, you are going to be contagious. let me tell you the other thing that dr. walensky told me that is relevant. she said they're not seeing asymptomatic spread. that means you need to put a
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mask on in close quarters if you're vaccinated. if you're coughing, sneezing. remember that, trace? remember coughing and sneezing? that's when we thought a mask was useful to begin with. if we're not seeing asymptomatic spread, i don't think the masks should come out unless you're coughing and sneezing if you're vaccinated. >> dr. siegel, stand by. i want to go to peter doocy. he's in the briefing right now with jen psaki. he just asked this question. we'll talk on the back side. watch. >> so president biden says that we're not returning to lockdowns, shut downs and school closures. but he also once said we didn't have to wear a mask anymore once we were vaccinated. why should americans trust him now? >> because we listened to the sciences. we listen to the expert. this is a public health situation. this is not about politics at all, this is about saving lives. this is what the president is about. he wants to make sure that we're saving lives. if you look at, peter, the last six months, that's what he's done every day.
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you see that in the numbers. now we're at a point where we have to double down and make it very, very clear to people that we can't let the pandemic we have to continue to fight. >> martha: that was karine jean-pierre, not jen psaki. the administration is saying we're just trying to save lives. you pointed out many times that masks are very, you know, ineffective unless you have an n-95 mask which are ineffective. this concept of pitting people against each other, the vaccinated against the nonvaccinated, your thoughts on that. >> well, you know, i was just looking at that today in terms of risk. i have to tell you this taking of moral high ground all the time doesn't work. we're calling people dumb or saying people don't understand or its misinformation that doesn't work. you have to ask people why they're reluctant. what is the concern they have. we went over some of it already. maybe they had a reaction to a
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previous vaccine or a bad reaction to this vaccine. maybe they're not seeing the figures the way you're seeing them. you can't be a school principal all the time. jen psaki comes that way too often. again, masks are certainly useful if you haven't been vaccinated. if you have been vaccinated, they're of limited use. that's what -- they stopped messaging that and made everybody think the vaccine doesn't work. it does work. >> the "wall street journal" went on to say, some americans continue to cite the fda's emergency authorization as an excuse not to get vaccinated. it's a fair point. the government should meet its own approval standards before it orders individuals to take a vaccine. final thoughts. >> yeah, final thoughts, i want to come off as this. you do need to take the vaccine to protect yourself and your family and to avoid spreading this virus. we've done a poor job of
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messaging that. the primary reason to take a vaccine is to protect those around you. not just yourself. it's a community-minded gesture. americans are very good at that. if we can just take the politics out of this, people might think that way. i want to protect my community. >> taking the politics out is a very high bar. dr. siegel, always great to see you. >> same here, trace. thank you. >> well, the response just in to the memo circulating on capitol hill suggesting those that refuse to wear masks should be prepared to face arrest at the capitol. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash for your family? you should know about the newday100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow 100 percent of your home's value. you can take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home, get the kitchen you've always dreamed of, or have the security of cash in the bank. use your va home loan benefit at newday to get the financial security you and your family deserve.
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mask mandate. members of congress should not be arrested but be taken to the sergeant of arms. if a visitor or staff member fails to wear a mask after a request is made to do so, the visitor or staff shall be denied entry. any person that fails to comply or leave the premises would be subject to an arrest for unawful entry. let's bring in louisiana republican senator bill cassidy who is also a doctor and north carolina republican senator tom tillis. thanks for coming on. senator tillis, what do you make of this threat that capitol his police are making of arresting people without a mask? >> the general idea that we're snapping back a mask mandate to people like me that have had covid and have had the vaccine sets us back on getting more people to have the vaccine. i heard in your earlier segment, someone saying this is not a political move. i don't think it's a political
12:13 pm
move. it's a move of incompetence and i don't think it's a good idea. >> trace: senator christmas did, we mentioned you're a doctor. do you find it odd the government, you have half the people vaccinated or a little bit more and the government is telling those people that it's no longer good enough? the same time they're going after people that have not vaccinated and saying you have to get vaccinated but even when vaccinated you have to wear a mask? >> i'm a doctor. i want data. the cdc is saying a certain percentage of patients even vaccinated can get infected and spread it and just as likely to spread it if they're infected. i haven't seen the data. that's what they're saying. i reserve judgment until i see the data. >> trace: you both voted in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. what do you say, senator tillis, to those that accuse you of throwing the president a life line? they say he might come back on you and take your bill, pass it and then come back with a couple
12:14 pm
of trillion dollars in reconciliation. >> what we're doing is throwing the american people a life line. it's a $550 billion infrastructure-only package that meets the priorities of republicans who negotiated with democrats to come up with a bill that is fiscally sound and focuses on what the american people believe infrastructure is. then it's up to president biden, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to try to sell this concept of human infrastructure and the nearly $2 trillion in tax increases that come with it. they have to answer for that and i believe that we can very confidently move forward with the infrastructure bill. we know it's well-founded, it's well-funded and we know the american people will accept it. i think the american people will reject the human infrastructure bill and the nearly $2 trillion in tax increases that come with it. >> trace: your response to that, senator cassidy, if the taxes go
12:15 pm
up, what would you say? >> these are two different bills. i love our hard infrastructure bill. it will meet the needs of the american people. i hate that $3.5 trillion tax and spend extravaganza. they may try to link. the american people will de-link. give me the roads but not the inflation. give me the bridges but not the taxes. we can make that story pretty clear. >> trace: it's interesting, senator tillis, there's push back from members of the squad saying this bipartisan group that stood behind this infrastructure package didn't have enough lawmakers of color. your response to those words. >> i'm not sure. i haven't followed her closely. aoc is not in any kind of position to talk about bipartisan collaboration. it's a stunt in a long line of stunts that she's tried to do to derail congress. the american people want
12:16 pm
results. we want to put resources in to the country that won't increase inflation and address the infrastructure problems, this is another smoke screen in a long line of smoke screens from aoc and the squad. >> trace: final comments, senator cassidy. >> those that wish to divide us will throw down a card. in this case, they threw down the race card. she wasn't there yesterday when i met with the mayor of an african american town in my state with a pastor he's working with to take this infrastructure money and benefit their communities. they're not thinking division. they're thinking this is for our folks. ours is defined as americans, not sliced and diced to represent the electoral interests of that group. i'm about american and i'm glad this is here for every american no matter what their characteristics. >> trace: gentlemen, thanks both. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: after directing d.c. police to use overtime to
12:17 pm
address the crime crisis, mayor bowser concedes more officer are needed. ted williams when "the story" continues.
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♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> trace: a 3-year-old buy the victim of america's crime crisis. police say he was killed in a drive-by shooting last night. more than 25 rounds fired at his
12:21 pm
home in louisiana outside of shreveport. so far there's been no arrests. the menden police association saying the sound of gun fire in menden is so common that people are not reporting it. this all changed tonight when a drive-by shooting claimed the life of an innocent small child. well, to the crime crisis unfolding in our nation's capitol. more than 200 officers have left the force since october according to the d.c. police chief. now mayor bowser says the district will hire dozens of officers after being rocked by crime. here now, ted williams and attorney who has represented police. he's also a fox news contributor. ted, great to see you. the d.c. mayor plans to hire 170 police officers. we told you d.c. police chief said they lost 215 since
12:22 pm
october. they are playing catch-up. how do you get back to even? >> it's interesting to see how they get back to even, trace. i can tell you the mayor has seen the light in recent weeks here. we had a shooting outside of the major metropolitan baseball stadium. a shooting in broad daylight on 14th street in the district of columbia. we had a 6-year-old child shot and killed in the district as a result of that, the mayor wants to add 170 police officers to the police force. the big question is, is it going to go forward? last year they defunded the police department by $25 million. as a result of that, the question now is even though the mayor wants to do this, is the city council going to go along with her, trace. the second question, once and if the city council goes along with
12:23 pm
this, who wants to be a police officer in the district of columbia when police officers are so put under a microscope these days? >> who wants to back up these police officers? that's the question. who will stand behind them. i want this poll. this is "usa today" suffolk shows would you feel safer with more or fewer police officers on the job in your neighborhood. 73% say more, which shows you how ridiculous the defund movement was. mayors and city councils, somebody has to show the officers if they come back on the job in full force that they're standing behind them when they do their jobs. >> trace, you're right. that's going to be the big question. not only getting police officers, but standing behind these police officers. i've suggested that in the recruiting process that they go to various military installations and recruit there. but the fact about it is the
12:24 pm
citizens must stand behind police officers. i don't think these politicians unfortunately have these police officer's back. that's a problem. >> trace: i want to play this sound bite from robert contee. we're not just talking about police but the core issue here. >> i'm going to tell you the truth, the real issue is we have a vicious cycle of bad actors that do things, no accountability and they end up back in communities. the police officers, when we look up whoever did this, they will be no stranger to us. i promise you that. >> trace: ted, when you arrest somebody and look them up time and time again, it gets defeating. >> it does. it's demoralizing to good police officers that go out here, put their lives on the line and to good work by arresting a person and before the paperwork is finished, the person is back on
12:25 pm
the street. so you've got to get the judges and the prosecutors also to work with law enforcement officers to be successful or getting rid of these thugs in these communities. >> trace: yeah, lastly when you look at this, we mentioned a 3-year-old shot in menden, louisiana. it amazes me when the police chief says, you know, gun fire is so common, people are not even reporting the gun fire anymore. your final thoughts on that. >> trace, that's so scary. i'm from a place, lake charles, louisiana. it's sad to hear about a 3-year-old child. we've gotten so used to violent crime that nobody seems to give a damn and heads are turned and we need people to report crime when it's happening. >> trace: we do indeed. thanks, ted. good to hear from you. thank you. as ted mentioned among the
12:26 pm
recent string of shootings in d.c. is the mass shooting that took the life of naya courtney this month. a 6-year-old that was excited to start first grade in the fall. police announcing they have now made an arrest in that shooting and the suspect is "no stranger to the criminal justice system." david spunt live for us at the justice department with more on this. david? >> trace, crime is unfortunately a reality here in washington d.c. this case specifically sticks out as does the one in menden, louisiana when you talk about someone so young. in this case, naya courtney 6 years old. she's no longer with us. she was riding her scooter when she was killed after 11:00 p.m. on friday july 16. she and five others were shot including booth her parents. they survived but she tragically died. 22-year-old mark hargrave from
12:27 pm
maryland is charged with her death. i spoke to his attorney this morning that case last year. he said his carjacking charge was dropped due to lack of evidence. he was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. a judge allowed him released on bond and more than a year later he's implicated in the murder of a 6-year-old. authorities believe that naya's father was likely a target. he was arrested and part of a drug conspiracy with ties to drug dealers. naya was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the head of the d.c. police union says more police officers are needed. >> this is a systemic problem in the criminal justice system. you don't have enough police officers. the police officers are having their tools taken away, being apprehensive based on city councils. >> trace, you and ted talked about adding more polices here in washington d.c. it's about 170. it's going to be $11 million.
12:28 pm
that is an emergency funding. that was not originally budgeted. mayor bowser said she's trying to scrape the money to get to get them on the street as soon as possible. >> trace: thanks, david spunt. moments ago the white house insisting protocols are in place to prevent migrants from bringing covid in to the u.s. texas governor greg abbott takes matters into his own hands next. homeowners. n newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate.
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12:33 pm
of the state of texas and that includes now preventing president biden from importing covid-19. >> trace: texas governor greg abbott cracking down on migrants being transported across his state and border town texans grow frustrated with the release of covid positive migrants. the white house insisting preventative measures are being taken. for that, we turn to rich edson live with an up date. rich? >> good afternoon, trace. the hotel the governor is speaking about is about two miles from here. we're in that town of la jolla, texas. the county judge here says he's calling on the federal government to stop releasing covid positive migrants in the communities here. he also wants to reinstate a mask mandate. came up at the white house briefing about what customs and border protection is doing to ensure against covid spread. >> cbp provides migrants with ppp from the moment they're
12:34 pm
taken into custody and migrants are required to keep masks on at all times including transferred or in the process of being released. if anyone exhibits signs of illness in custody, they're renerd to local health systems for appropriate testing, diagnosis, isolation and treatment. >> just about 14, 15 miles of here, or drone shows us hundreds of migrants cross. they're apprehended, processed, crammed under the bridge there and turned away or paroled in to the u.s. officials say that they have been here for decades and have not seen a surge like this before. >> no, i have not. this is not something that we're used to. we have always worked in this field, 25 years already, and
12:35 pm
seeing this is a whole different thing. >> so texas troopers are now enforcing that order from texas governor greg abbott. it's the executive order that authorizing them to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants and reroute them to their ports of entry. it's north noting that texas does not have the authority to deport or enforce federal immigration law, a cross the state at fort bliss, you have a couple of federal whistle-blowers that are saying there's gross mismanagement there at a facility that is designed to house unaccompanied minors. they said they were told to down play any covid concerns there. trace? >> trace: rich, thanks. my next guest says the border crisis is caused by incompetence and mismanagement. tom homan joins me now, a fox news contributor. i want to pick up on something that rich said there. the white house said they're isolating, testing people.
12:36 pm
we know, tom, from yesterday they're not isolating these people. what is happening is they're testing some of these people and when they test positive, they don't send them to a shelter because they can't. they send them to catholic charities. catholic charities sends them to hotels across the southwest without telling the local jurisdiction that they're there. unsupervised. >> first, let me straighten the quote out. i said this is mismanagement of releasing covid cases, not tracking the covid cases. the open borders agenda is by design. president biden ran on this and that's what they put in place. they're not apologetic about it. however, what is happening on the border right now, for them to say we're giving everybody masks, bottom line, covid people are coming. they stopped title 42 for family groups. we know for a fact right now ice has over 1,200 positive cases in custody that came across the border what is your protocol for
12:37 pm
that? 300,000 got-aways that the border patrol has failed to arrest, they got away because they got the traffic. 300,000 got-aways how many of them had covid? what is the protocol for the ones you arrested? how many of 300,000 that didn't get arrested? what is the protocol for 49 convicted murders coming across the boreder? what is the protocol for 274 verified ms-13 coming across the boreder? this is an open borders agenda. that i have no plan. the plan is open borders and they haven't done one thing to slow the flow. i want someone from the administration to answer that question. tell me one thing, mr. president, you have done to stall the flow. >> trace: it's notable when you talk about those across the border, the information we're getting shows that 8.2% of them are covid positive, which means one out of ten migrants are
12:38 pm
covid positive. you say it's higher than that. that itself is astounding considering new york city is 3% covid positive, they shut down the entire city. >> what is terrible and this whole thing and the incompetence is, they can stop this today. they can reinstate the remain in mexico program, figure out what they're going to do with the new delta variant and work through the issues. no. they will not close this border because the progressive left, the immigration activists are in the white house. i know who they are. they're at the department of homeland security, insiditis. president biden has sold himself out to the progressive left to become president and he's not backing down. aoc and talib and the rest of them want title 42 done away with completely and bring the thousands of adult as cross the border also who many have covid. >> trace: for all intents and purposes title 42 has been done away for the time being. thanks, tom. >> thanks for having me.
12:39 pm
>> trace: piers morgan's take on the vaccines and the price he says citizens should pay for refusing to get one next. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways...
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>> trace: president biden's announcement on vaccine rules brings up a question is how far is too far? piers morgan weighting in to the debate with this quoting those that refuse to be vaccinated with no medical reason not to should be refused nhs care if they then catch covid. let them pay for their own stupidity and selfishness. let's bring in tomi lahren,
12:44 pm
founder and ceo of "truth not lies", fox news contributor. what would you say to piers. >> i'd say thank got he's on the other side of the pond. are you going to stop denying health to the addicts, mental illness, denying service to those that are obese? where does it end? it's a slippery slope to say this and inappropriate. this vaccination through force, this vaccination forced through shame is inappropriate, ridiculous and all it's going to do is undermine vaccine efforts. >> trace: jamu, seems like we're pitting people against each other. you have piers morgan weighing in here. your thoughts. >> goodness. well, i agree with tomi that i'm
12:45 pm
happy that piers morgan is on the other side of the pond, all ponds. look, where we have to start the conversation is about our love for this country. our love for america. the reality is vaccines work. for political advantage, republicans have politicized vaccines. they started by politicizing public health measures like wearing masks for political advantage. they're the ones that have turned a public health situation that decimated our economy to something that is pitting americans against each other. if we can go back to that time at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all trying to figure out what was going on, how we were going to survive this, remember that sense of unity? that sense is what vaccines are about. >> trace: although i would say
12:46 pm
that there would be some disagreement with you because people think the democrats politicized this including a post in the "new york post" that dems have to play for vaccine hesitancy. the pandemic of the unvaccinated is a searless series dating back to 2018. it bares everything that is abhorrent in modern american politics. and he goes back to 2016. trump is a russian spy. kavanaugh has to be taken out. now it's the vaccine. you're killing people. tomi, we've heard a lot of this. it's understandable why some of the population is like i don't believe you. >> we've had mismessaging from the get go. takes time to figure thingses
12:47 pm
out. we understand that. but now the goal posts change based on what political narrative is most advantage to those with ds independent their names. and now it's the masked and vaxed. they wonder why people are skeptical of a vaccine. people have a right to be skeptical and ask questions. they won't release data at how many at the white house are vaccinated or the cdc are vaccinated. they expect the american people to be shamed or forced into a vaccine. that's not the way to go about it and it will have the opposite effect. >> trace: it's a fair point. i asked dr. siegel this earlier. you have the government telling people you need to get vaccinated and those vaccinated it's not enough. you need to wear a mask even though you're vaccinated. there's mixed messaging coming out and people really are confused. i have about 30 seconds left. >> well, that type of analysis
12:48 pm
that would have stopped us from eradicated polio, eradicating small pox. there's longstanding vaccine mandates when all three of us were in school if we went to public schools. we had to get vaccinated to attend classes with our peers and contribute to our community to make sure the diseases were not deadly. and the analysis around these questions that need to be asked by a political narrative, yes, and that political narrative is to divide. we need to be focused on public health measures and get away from it. i hope that we can put the love of america first, community first and stop trying to undermine public health measures. this country need to eradicate the disease. ? jehmu, tomi, thank you both. in europe, some citizens are
12:49 pm
revolting against vaccine passports often necessary to travel, dine out, even go to museums. greg palkot live in london with more on this. greg? >> trace, that's right, a lot of stuff happening in europe that could be foreshadowing what will happen in the united states regarding covid-19. french cities like paris, for example, have been seeing a lot of angry protests with covid cases going up and vaccinations lagging. the french government is mandating all health workers in france to get shots. some don't like it. yes, starting next week in france, you won't be able to go to a restaurant or any other public place without a pass that shows either you've been vaccinated or you've tested negative for covid. in the u.k. they're trying to go the other direction announcing visitors from the u.s. and europe wouldn't have to quarantine upon arrival. the u.s. is recommending against travel here. after lifting most restrictions
12:50 pm
last week including, by the way, mandatory indoor mask wearing, so far anyway, the u.k. has seen a reduction in covid cases. still people are being told to self-isolate if they've been in contact with an infected person. that is causing problems. just today we're seeing a slight uptick in cases. so nobody is saying they're out of the covid woods yet. whatever country you're from. back to you. >> trace: thanks, greg. china's warm welcome from the taliban and what it means for the u.s. congressman and afghanistan war veteran michael walls after this. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va,
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12:55 pm
leaders were given a warm welcome in china by top chinese officials that are seeking to prevent the total collapse of afghanistan on its western border. also move in and perhaps fill the vacuum being left by the united states. china has invested billions in copper mining rights in afghanistan. this is the most high profile welcome of the taliban on the world stage by any world leader. the warm greeting stood in stark contrast to the top american envoy. the taliban visit provided an opportunity for china to take a swipe at the u.s. and nato. >> the hasty withdrawal of u.s. and nato troops of afghanistan marks the failure of the u.s. policy towards afghanistan and the afghan people have an important opportunity to stabilize and develop their own country. >> secretary of state anthony blinken traveling in india acknowledged that the taliban
12:56 pm
have taken over more and more district centers in the wake of the u.s. pull-out and committed atrocities. >> the taliban says they seek international recognition and international support, taking over the country by force and abusing the rights of the people is not the path to achieve those objectives. >> being given a platform on the world stage by china will make that warning have less impact. less impact than the state department had hoped. trace? >> trace: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. michael walsh joins me now, a former green beret commander. thanks for joining us. china believes the taliban is a key to a peaceful resolution. i don't see evidence of that. they're still close with with al-quaida, trying to take over territories by force thinking that they can regain power
12:57 pm
through force. >> that's right. you know, i mean, tony blinken may be a nice guy but he just couldn't be more wrong on so many things. remember when former secretary of defense bob gates said biden has been wrong on every foreign policy issue the last four decades? it was tony blinken by his side back to his days as a senate staffer including opposing the osama bin laden raid. here he is wrong a gain. here's what china is interested in. they have a million muslim uighurs in the western provence that borders afghanistan. the last thing they want is a spill over to aiding the uighurs. so if they cut a deal with the taliban saying we'll help you here. if you want to take over, fine. don't help and work with the uighurs in our territory. what they really want is access
12:58 pm
to the nearly trillion dollars of critical minerals, copper, lithium that powers electric cars and batteries. chromite and others. we were sitting on top of it and gave it away. china wants to dominate those supply chains. oh, by the way, we had an air base on china's border. now we just gave that away, too. so i'm sure they're quiet happy right now and cut a deal with the taliban. no problem. >> trace: you and jennifer griffin make very good points there. i want to say talk about solutions here, if you do not believe the taliban is in any way interested in a peace deal, what is the remedy from your point of view? if we're not going to be pricing china nor engaging with the taliban what should we have been doing? >> kept a small amount of
12:59 pm
soldiers there for counter terrorism and takening, intelligence and the contractors to support the afghan air force. now that they have taken that option off the table, we'll have to look at some of the resistance, the war lords in the north that basically were going to be back to 2001 again with small groups of special forces. here's the thing. if china is aligned with the taliban and al-quaida comes roaring back and we have to send special forces back in, now do we have a taliban china alignment and a problem of getting after al-quaida. the biden administration keeps making this worse and worse. when tony blinken says it's okay sitting from india, that's the last thing india wants. aligned were the taliban, pakistan, india's mortal enemy. >> trace: congressman, thanks. we appreciate your time. >> thanks so much. >> trace: a new episode of
1:00 pm
martha's "untold story" podcast is up now with michael bender, author of "frankly we did win this election." the inside story of how trump lost a valuable now on that's "the story" of july 29, 2021. we'll see you tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" starts right now. >> your looking live at the white house where president joe biden is set to make a series of announcements regarding covid vaccinations. he's expected to lay out new requirements for federal workers, get the shot or get tested. why major u.s. companies and members of the military are watching this closely. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we wait for the president. we'll have fox team coverage with former white house press secretary, ari fleischer, dr. marc siegel, former health


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