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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 29, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> morgan? >> i think my question is what so many of our viewers are thinking as we watch now. so what do we do something about this authoritarian movement? >> for that we have to read a book that we are all super excited for. >> "america reports" starts now. >> john: that was a good discussion. fox news alert, unrest in the killing of a six year old girl who was simply riding a scooter with her mother. the suspect has a lengthy rap sheet around the country and police chiefs say the court system is failing us. and that involves violent criminals being left out honors sheet, cut streets. >> president biden: plus pete hegseth is here on a controversy for "the new york times." larry kudlow on how biden's
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economic policies are keeping workers at home and at dr. nicole saphier and whether one of the country's biggest teachers unions is wavering on fully reopening the schools in the fall. >> john: of the first president biden will update the nation and just hours on the next steps the nations will take to increase, and that's the policy shift of that will affect millions of americans. >> on sandra smith in new york. and such a move would cover would cover about 2 million employees throughout the government system. >> we also have fox team coverage, chad pergram on capitol hill with breaking of elements in the mask mandate there. but first to the white house and peter doocy as the administration gets ready to make its next move on vaccines. what are we looking at, peter?
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>> we are looking at more moves, john. the guidance just keeps on changing. for example now president biden is saying we are not going back to shutdowns and markdowns but also said that you don't have to wear a mask anymore if you got vaccinated, that's different. back in december i asked him if he favored vaccination, making vaccines mandatory. he said no. but now at least for federal workers it is mandatory unless you want to submit yourself to regular testing and masking. listen to this. >> while no decision has been finalized i will say that the attestation of vaccination for federal employees isn't one option under strong consideration. so what we mean by that is confirming, which means confirming vaccination status or abiding by stringent covid-19 protocol like mandatory mask wearing, even a community is, not with high or a substantial spread regular testing.
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the one don't like >> and her actions, like look at this video. the president glad handed with massless factory workers indoors quite a while for after his remarks wrapped yesterday because that part of pennsylvania is not a hot zone as defined by the cdc. but washington is so we had one on when he returned home. we are expecting a white house briefing to start within the next hour or so. lots of questions about all of this and there is going to be another big change for the first time in two months, anybody who wants to go sit in the briefing room, regardless of vaccination status, is going to have to wear a mask. >> john: everything old is new again. peter doocy, we will look forward to that this afternoon. >> sandra: fox news obtaining a memo showing that congressional staff and visitors who do not comply with the new mask mandate could be subject to arrest. congressional correspondent chad pergram is live on that from capitol hill and he's got more. >> good afternoon sandra.
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fox obtained at memo from tom manger who just came on board last week. at major writes the capitol police officers on the house side of capital shall enforce the mask mandate indoors. if staffers or visitors don't comply on the house side they will be asked to leave, otherwise they would be "subject to arrest for unlawful entry." this enraged house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> if a vaccinated staffer comes across on the house side without a mask you are ordered to arrest them, but not on the senate? this is not the america we know. this is not pelosi's house, this is the people's house. >> mccarthy and other g.o.p. members also tore into brian monahan who is requiring mass in the house but not the senate. >> it's all [bleep]. everything coming from there.
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>> democrats like tim ryan of ohio defended monahan. >> that is beneath a minority leader. and the minority leader mocks that. mocks it. and mocks top doctor. >> the memo should not arrest people, police and instead should report them to the sergeant-at-arms. >> sandra: a chad pergram on the hill. >> john: let's bring in admiral brett jarrard, former hhs secretary and testings are under president trump. first let's see what the president is expected to announce this afternoon, either a vaccine or testing mandate for federal workers. it is not a good thing or a bad thing? >> i think it's a reasonable thing for the federal government to mandate for its employees what most of the private sector like facebook and netflix and morgan stanley are doing for their employees and it is reasonable to give a choice.
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it vaccination is absently better and it's the best choice but if you don't get vaccinated, get tested every week. that will reduce the risk of spreading it. look. i know the vast numbers of federal employees are "working from home, even senior public health officials. i personally am for anything that gets him back to work so that we can put this pandemic to the end. >> sandra: people are so frustrated with this changing mask guidance first told by president biden himself. if you are vaccinated to you know longer have to wear a mask but now it seems to be that that is changing. there is a great concern, we heard from doctors, that that will be a disincentive for those who haven't been vaccinated yet to not go get vaccinated if they think they still have to wear a mask. where do your concerns lie this afternoon with all these changes? >> my major concern is that we had an incredibly important policy announcement by the cdc
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to recommend mask wearing even for those who are vaccinated but they have supplied zero data, no transparency and no information. >> why is that? >> i think it's because they don't have the data or the data is weak. dr. wolinsky said in rare circumstances a vaccinated person may transmit. while if it's .1%, there is no reason for the mask recommendations but we don't know because they won't tell us. we need to know the information so we can have an intelligent science-based debate and i hope they do it as soon as possible. it should have been done two days ago. >> john: at the cdc is announcing that some of that data should be released publicly tomorrow and there is a citation in the brief about the mask mandate, it refers to a study in india in the cdc brief. it says studies from india with vaccines not authorized for use in the united states have noted a relatively high viral loads in larger cluster site, excises
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associated with infections with delta regardless of vaccination status. the early data suggest that breakthrough infections are transmissible and published data are consistent with this. decode that for us. what does it mean? >> it means that what happened in india with the vaccine that's not even legal here and not published combined with some data that we don't know about, there is no decoding. there is not evidence, is just speculation. but i want to make one thing clear again and it's the most important public health message. in the middle of all this confusion and misinformation one thing remains clear. if you are vaccinated you are at least 95% protected against serious consequences and hospitalizations and deaths. no matter what is going on surfacing within this information, that's the reason we want everyone to get vaccinated and that is true for delta and every single variance.
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b3 for that reason dr. marty makary joined us and said the focus should be on masks, it should be on vaccines and it should be getting more americans vaccinated. he also brought up the full fda approval which has not yet happened, lots of red tape involved and as we know it takes time for that to happen. but there is -- there are people who have not gotten the vaccination yet and they will tell you it's because there's not a full fda approval. do you question why that's not being expedited? >> so i think it's just a matter of time and i think it will be expedited. i'm hopeful that the fda would put full approval in the next couple of months for the next few weeks but remember for everyone next outing, there have been over 4 billion vaccine doses given worldwide. hundreds of millions of doses in the united states with authorized vaccines and the side effects of the vaccines pale in comparison to what you will get if you get covid infection. let me tell you. if you have not been vaccinated
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and you have not had covid before, you will get the delta variance. it's so infectious that you will get it. if you've had covid before, we don't know exactly but it's looking like prior immunity is not so good against delta and i'm really concerned that the evidence is mounting that even natural immunity will not press, could you against delta. look at the vaccine. it's the way to save your life and that's the number one reason we need to get it. >> john: we have a couple of developments. washington, d.c., will return the mask mandates and new news, people out of the age of 60 will get a booster shot from the vaccine. pfizer came out some data that suggested if you get a third dose of the pfizer vaccine that could confer potentially 100 times more resistance in the interim, it's at least four or five times for older people, resistance to the delta variance. is that an enticement to get a
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third dose of the vaccine at some point? and what do you think of what's happening in israel? >> the jury is still out right now but we do know that the third dose will raise the levels in the blood. what we don't know is if you actually need those raised levels. the current data shows that vaccine immunity wanes after a period of time but you are so protected against hospitalizations and deaths. so the jury is out personally and we know that the breakthrough infections atlanta into the hospital are much more common in those over 65 and of those who are immunosuppressed. so i am supportive in those groups right now to get a third dose of the vaccine because those are the ones who are having breakthrough deaths and hospitalizations. >> sandra: that's a big statement. you are saying that anyone who is not vaccinated right now in this country, you believe they will contract the delta variance considering how contagious it is?
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can you -- >> anyone who is not vaccinated and did not have covid previously, the delta variant is so contagious that you are going to get it, it's just a matter of time. if you have prior immunity you do have some protection but more and more data are telling us that that protection is not so good against delta. remember, you can get the flu every year, it's not because you're immunity isn't good, it's because of flu changes and delta is a new strain that's different than everything we've seen so i am real concerned that natural immunity, although real, is not going to be sufficient against delta. if you don't have natural immunity and you are not vaccinated, you will get delta. >> john: that's an eye-opening for sure. thank you admiral. if ever there was an enticement to get a vaccine i think the admiral just laid it out there. >> sandra: i think that's a dire warning. you also wonder, the admiral and
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these other doctors may suggest, how do you cut through the politics of this moment. having former president trump through a psa or the biden administration, there's so many suggestions that are out there, how do you cut through the political noise to get us out of this pandemic, john? >> john: i think the admiral just set it right there, if you're not vaccinated you will more than likely get the delta strain and you don't have to call people stupid or crawled him drunk drivers or call them criminals, you just say this is what's going to happen if you don't do this. so that i think was a very valuable public service message. >> sandra: and "new york times" staying in silence after one of the reporters published a controversial tweet. pete hegseth will join us on that. >> looking forward to that. plus the arrest of a fatal
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10:19 am
six years old and she died on july 16 after being shot in a drive-by shooting. she was writing her scooter when she and five others were shot including she and both her parents but they all survived. >> the presence of the community have been answered. i'm here to announce today that we got our man. >> 22-year-old mark tuan hargraves from maryland is the man police say it was responsible for the and niyah's death. authorities believe that niyah's father was likely targeted, he was arrested later as part of a drug conspiracy with ties to drug dealers. our grandmother spoke to fox news just a few days after her untimely death. >> she was amazing. she was beautiful. she was loving.
10:20 am
she touched so many people. she brightened up the room. >> police are on the scene in minutes but then the head of the police union says that more officers are needed on the streets. >> this is a standard problem in the criminal justice system but, you don't have enough police officers, police officers are having the tools taken away they need to do the job. >> was a message between the d.c. union and pollute city council complaint post some dates that made it tougher for police officers to actually question and apprehend suspects. >> john: it is a tragedy, one being in the wrong place at the wrong time is simply being on the streets that you live. thank you. >> geraldo rivera, it's obsolete tragic what happened to her. >> it's an outrageous and salient fact that her father was
10:21 am
one of the 15 drug conspirators it arrested. the father was the target of the assailant so this is more evidence of what i call the ghetto civil war. this is the civil rights issue of our time and he is a 6-year-old child on the scooter that gets murdered because the father is the target of another drug dealer. it's about gangs, it's about drugs and, it's about time the mirror of d.c., a big proponent of blm and defunding the police recognizes that the prime directive of any government is to keep citizens safe. if you can't protect the life of a 6-year-old, and the nation's capital, it is outrageous. my heart breaks for the family. the father has to look in the mirror and say, what responsibility do i bear? and the punk that shot her, he was arrested in 2024 attempted
10:22 am
carjacking. this is a thug, a thug going after, someone purportedly suggested that the dad engaged in nefarious activities. it's so depressing and so outrageous, when are we going to recognize, how deeply i meanness. this is a civil rights issue of our time. the that is happening in the ,american community, black on black crime, we are afraid to be labeled a racist or this or that. it is the leading cause of homicide among young black men. and he is a child, a 6-year-old. how many more 6-year-olds, how many more before we recognize what's happening. >> sandra: so merry you just reference her, they have two
10:23 am
combat violence in this city and that's coming off of the nationals game that rocked that baseball game, have players running for their families. her daughter was in that stadium and that happened and she referenced a large backlog of criminal court cases for putting those criminals, the reason those criminals are walking the street like the one that killed niyah. if that's the case, the backlog of court cases on hold during the pandemic, of hampering justice and that's why these criminals are walking the street. >> if i may just get to that personal angle first, my daughter isabella in the stadium with her colleagues from cnn when a four people were shot outside of the stadium and panic ensued. i was proud of my daughter for standing her ground and taking video of what happened in there. but here you are in the nation's capital, seeing a nationals game and four people get shot outside. he reminded me, the bitter awful
10:24 am
irony of my family is that my daughter simone was in paris in the soccer stadium when the terrorists hit paris in 2015. so both of my daughters in the most secure place you would assume in these could possibly imagine and terrorism outside because this, what happened in d.c. is terrorism also. in terms of the court backloaded, these courts worked marginally effectively anyway. you know how you get the handle on this problem? you have to have more cops, you have to empower the cops. have to tell the cops, if you see a perp or someone you suspect, you question them. and you can pass them down. you have to get the guns off the street. you have to fight these gangs. a >> sandra: but at the same time you got members of congress in that city pushing to defund the police. >> john: i think at the same time needs to realize the world they live in is a fantasy. these families want to get their
10:25 am
6-year-old alive. to have your daughter go to a baseball game, is that so? flamboyant and ambition to live your life? courts are backed up, and what you need is the will, the will to protect your citizens and on the prime directive keep your citizens safe. >> sandra: thank you for joining us, always good to have you. and some of those cities like chicago, donald trump is now asking for federal resources under this president in d.c. now muriel bowser is throwing more money at the problem trying to bring in more police to combat this violence. >> it really is a case of you
10:26 am
reap what you sow and its at -- "the new york times" going radio silent after a top reporter suggests trump supporter should be labeled enemies of the state. reaction from pete hegseth and he's up next. ♪ ♪
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10:31 am
gold medal for team usa. i'm sue neely, an 18-year-old from minnesota taking the top spot in the women's all around individual finals becoming the o claim that individual title. for more on these and other top stories that download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to congratulations to her. it's been a top chinese official meeting with the taliban is a terror group makes gains in afghanistan. details from the pentagon just months away. that first, sandra? >> sandra: at "the new york times" remaining silent after one of its supporters compared trump supporter's to enemies of the state. one of the now deleted tweets reading, "today is january 6th select committee underscores america's current essential national security dilemma, work to combat legislative national security threats now entails calling politicians supporters enemies of the state." >> john: pete hegseth is a fox
10:32 am
& friends weekend cohost today is january 6th select committee underscores america's current essential a knapsack dilemma, calling politicians supporters "enemies of the state." no response from "the new york times" about this. what do you think? >> first of all this "the new york times" top just a supporter. it's supposed to be reporting on law and order of course there is no statement, not just people but who were there, and katie
10:33 am
benner was promoting this idea, but unfortunately, we come to a place where there is a partisan commission where nancy pelosi picked partisan and that's unfortunate because, that needs to cash that leads to creating an environment where one side is deemed an enemy of the state. and that's not what she's stating. she stated matter-of-factly to a series of other tweets that followed in that thread, because one side of the aisle is the enemy of the state what do we do about that? how do we handle that as a country? and unresolved to impeachments, one over the ukrainian phone call. this should have been resolved already unfortunately this
10:34 am
committee will not resolved, and why can't we just say that? it was there anything unclear about what she had tweeted? >> to me there is -- it could be anything more clear than designating on one side of the aisle, enemies of the state. of course that's what donald trump was to the deep state on the left during his entire presidency, he was an enemy of the state. hence the witch hunt on russia, and then they turn it has supporters. that's where it gets deeper and more insidious and nuts were people me look around at facebook's misinformation campaign in coordination with the white house and you look at the treatment for the people
10:35 am
that are indefinitely detained after january 6th, first-time offenders and many of them nonviolent who have not seen a court date and have not seen charges, one what happened last summer with the riots have not been prosecuted, most of those people have been let out. so it seems like unequal justice, yet the justice reporter for "the new york times" says very clearly that trump supporter's are the of the state. what are we going to do about it? >> john: we heard president trump on more than one occasion called the media the enemy of the state but that's different than a supposedly impartial journalist making the same assumption. in social media posts, our journals must not express partisan opinions from, promote political views, make offensive comments or do anything else that undercuts the times journalistic reputation. in your estimation did this tweak cross that line?
10:36 am
>> that assumes that journalists have a reputation anymore. of course this line crossed that line. this is something they should deal with but they won't. they will let it fade away, provide a rationalization and the rest of us will not believe the reporting that comes out of "the new york times." it used to be that what was on the front page was a new side to come up that opinion, the news analysis which was their ability to provide the left-wing opinion into the news and not the whole thing is an opinion page which is unfortunate because you want to believe you can go somewhere. but it's not "the new york times," that's her internal honest musings in real time which is far more revealing of how she feels than something that has been copyedited for times and makes its way to the front page. that's why donald trump called these types of journalistic outlooks, because it's not the political party, this is the press. when they are on one side, i
10:37 am
can, that's where they get real information. >> john: pete hegseth for us today. thank you so much. i'm going to stand in front of the mirror for 20 minutes saying the name. pete, great to see you. sandra, there is an almost increasing vulcanization of media outlets, finding pockets where they believe, and the terror group and the u.s. force has withdrawn from f afghanistan. live at the pentagon, that's the
10:38 am
total afghanistan western border but also move in and perhaps for the vacuum being left by the united states. china has invested billions of dollars in copper mining rights in afghanistan and this is the most high-profile welcome of the taliban on the world stage by any world leader. two days of meetings and warm greetings stood in stark contrast to the recent tents visit with chinese officials by top american envoy wendy sherman. that provided an opportunity for china to take a swipe at the u.s. and nato. >> the hasty withdrawal of u.s. and needy troops from afghanistan actually marks the failure of the u.s. policy towards afghanistan and the afghan people have an important opportunity to stabilize and develop their own country. >> secretary of state antony blinken traveling in india acknowledging that the taliban have taken over more and more district centers in the wake of the u.s. pullout and committed
10:39 am
atrocities. >> the taliban says it seeks international recognition and it wants international support for afghanistan. taking over the country by force and using the rights of its people is not the path to achieve those objectives. >> john: inc. being given a platform on the world stage by china will make that warning a little moot. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: is just when you think it was safe to go back in the water, a shark captured on long island. what lifeguards are doing to keep swimmers safe. fox news gets a firsthand look and a right along with patrols. >> plus the gdp, economic growth missing the mark for the second quarter. so what does all of this mean as we continue to pump money into
10:40 am
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♪ someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory.
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♪ ♪ >> john: is a visual image you won't be able to unsee after you hear it. according to a new study 38% of remote workers are logging on bed to. another 45% work from the couch and a 20% work outdoors, that's okay. the study says money is one reason with some spending hundreds of thousands on an at-home workstation, probably many more hundreds on a comfy bed. another reason is lack of space in many places to put a desk. >> sandra: i just laughed out loud, 38% of people are working from their bed? 45% from the couch, 20% from
10:45 am
outdoors, sitting around the pool and watching the kids play. interesting. well where would you work if you could work from home? >> john: i would probably choose outside, of all of those things. because if you could do it from bed, i've never wanted to be a couch potato even if i was remote working. for years at the white house, i was working inside all of the time. >> sandra: i have a theory for people working in their bed, he couldn't get it desk in the pandemic. delivery was like two years out so that might have been their only choice. the economic rebound that we have been seeing coming out of this pandemic hopefully, the gdp
10:46 am
growing at 6.5% and economists predicting a .5% growth so it fell way short of expectations. fox business correspondences only joins us now. you know i've been watching gdp numbers for a long time and there is, that's a low interest rate, free money, high stimulus and high spending environments and i felt god? that's all we got? >> we are looking at 8.5%, we went through gdp reports and if you look at the inflation, i have an inflation gauge for the federal reserve, and they've been ignoring that, they say transitory and that's the case. >> 6.1% i saw for the pce, that
10:47 am
the highest for inflation since 1983. he saw jay powell saying, what does transitory mean if not a few months and in his view, transitory says there is no long-lasting effect on the economy. does that mean they are going to keep the spigots turned on, probably given this gdp number that we just got. i told you about how apple and google and some of these big selection silicon valley tech giants are returning to the office, what does this mean for other companies there and for the economy if we are taking longer to reopen? also i looked at the labor constraints from mcdonald's and the ceo there is saying he can't find people to fill the jobs. business is booming, but the states that have cut off at $300. >> john: transitory, oxford
10:48 am
dictionary, not permanent. so you could redefine that and none number of ways but "wall street journal"'s karl rove writes this. the american jobs plan call to arms for the gdp, republican's have to stop the massive spending bill from transforming the u.s. he says. to your point, we got a record number of job openings in this country right now with people not applying for them. but will that come to an end considering those states who have left the federal extended in place? >> the only workers that are coming back are in the red states and have cut off that extra weekly benefit but what about the fact that we have logjams taking place at the seaport because i can't find enough workers to move the cargo, and that is a big labor shortage and an impact on the economy. >> really good points all around. missed expectations on the economic growth and it was supposed to trail off after this. this was supposed to be the big boom.
10:49 am
susan, good to see you. >> john: of the head of the one of the biggest teachers unions are accused of moving the goalposts when it comes to reopening schools. dr. nicole saphier will join us on this in our next hour. >> sandra: up next though, it seems sharks are meant swimming to close for comfort to some of our beaches and we're live at the shore, next. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> john: lifeguards and swimmers are on high alert on long island after several shark sightings and also a shark bite and temporary beach closures. bryan llenas is live from lookout point new york and he's been on the water and is back safely on shore. you needed a bigger boat? >> look at the swells, no one wants to be out there right now but the reality is there have been at least a dozen shark sightings along new york's long island from point lookout to lido beach to jones beach. this morning on jones beach they had to shut down the beach temporarily because lifeguards spotted three sharks measuring about 6 feet. if you take a look at the video, here's a shark that was actually
10:54 am
captured and released on jones beach yesterday and before that, just a couple miles away on the same beach, a lifeguard about 1a body board was nipped by what he believes was a shark. in fact they believe it was a juvenile bull shark. lifeguards here are telling us that they are starting to see black tipped reef sharks, these are sharks that usually love shallow tropical waters but because of warming waters and recent storms as well as the fact that it's bringing in a lot of different types of fish that are then attracting the sharks. >> we had a shark siding right off the waters and it wasn't just one, it was to come about six and a half foot sharks, blackfin, which are predators spotted right here in these waters. we as a result took all the swimmers out. >> we spent the day with the shark patrol in long island and they are doing everything they
10:55 am
can to look out and spot the sharks even using drones and helicopters. >> so we will send out jet skis and look for baitfish in the water, look for any birds diving the ocean, any fins, anything that looks like it could report a shark and we will get people to tell us if they see something out there. >> wants a shark is spotted they temporarily close the beach for about an hour until the coast is clear. shark attacks in new york a very rare, 12 since 1837 and they were 16 in florida last year alone. >> john: keep them offshore, where they belong. bryan llenas, thank you. >> sandra: i do not want to come across those. a disturbing crime in the heart of atlanta. a woman walking her dog in the park found the dead. i live report on that just moments away. plus, businesses as you have been hearing are desperate to
10:56 am
fill open positions. now, the fed admits bite and policy as may be getting in the way of people applying for those jobs. larry kudlow will join us without coming up, though stories and much more with a brand-new hour. home's value,0% of our not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial security every veteran deserves.
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voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee.
11:00 am
well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in. >> sandra: are brand-new hour and fox news alert as we await up announcement from president biden at the white house as he works to get more americans vaccinated and a strong warning come right here on this program last hour, admiral brought gerardo telling "america reports" that if you are not vaccinated and you have already contracted covid, you -- have not already contracted covid, you will become infected by this very contagious delta variance. >> john: good afternoon to you. on john roberts in washington.
11:01 am
president biden is expected to give an update on vaccination efforts as his administration has been considering a requirement for federal workers to either get the shots or face repeated testing. at the same time we are asking new mask mandates to take effect including one that comes with a warning. mask up or get locked up. >> a woman walking her dog in one of atlanta's most popular parks discovered dead and disfigured. her dog also stopped to death beside her. be one of the summer far marked by violent crime, the six-story stands out. much more about the scene in this park, describing it only has gray cement saying it has all of them concerned. >> steve harrigan is live with the latest on the ground in atlanta. >> sandra, even veteran homicide
11:02 am
detectives in atlanta are shocked by the nature of this crime. it happened right here behind me in piedmont park, in midtown atlanta, 185 acres of green grass. people come here to jog or walk their dogs and that's what catherine janice was doing. she was walking her dog after dinner and when she failed to return home, her wife got worried and he is tracking up to track the phone. came back to the park and found the lifeless body of janice. police have issued a $10,000 reward leading to the rat arrest and there is no known motive for this savage act. they that's what i will be doing from here on out. >> it's just scary. i don't know what else to say. it's just scary.
11:03 am
>> the numbers here back of the sense that crime is rising dramatically in atlanta, 82 homicide so far this year alone and that's up 60% from last year. sandra and john comes back to you. >> such a tragedy. police making an arrest in a drive-by shooting that killed a 6-year-old girl and it turned out the suspect was already facing trial for another crime. for that case got delayed a period at david spunt live at the justice department and this is exactly with the d.c. police chief robert conti was talking about last week. >> it has so many people upset, her family says that a 6-year-old niyah courtney left her family and friends and loved being in school. she tragically died as you mentioned as part of that drive-by shooting. the suspect in this case is a 22-year-old maryland man and he is charged with second-degree murder in his name is mark tuan hargraves. he was picked up in a d.c. apartment this week and we
11:04 am
pulled his rap sheet and found an armed carjacking on his record from june 2020. a couple of hours ago i spoke to his attorney from that specific case and that attorney tells me the carjacking charge was dropped due to lack of evidence. instead was charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and charged with a gun in that vehicle. at last year they judge allowed him to be released on bond and more than a year later, authorities say while he was out on bond he pulled the trigger and killed niyah courtney. d.c. police chief robert conti says her father may have been a target and he has known drug dealer affiliations and he and niyah's mother were shot but survived. >> as our forecast, the criminal involved was no stranger to the justice system. >> chief conti wants to see more detectives, specifically aerial
11:05 am
browser and in emergency funding to hire 150 more police officers in as soon as possible. >> john: up of the problem continues to be that people like hargraves were back out in the streets when they should have been in the criminal justice system and that's what the police chief is really upset about. david, thank you. >> sandra: some democrats seem to be changing her tune about police. at the of both seattle, sean duffy and richard fowler. so maria bowser in d.c. plans to hire 170 additional police officers at despite the crime spike and she hopes to do sue, consoled by 2022. >> we have these liberal mayors who say we want to bring in more law enforcement but they were the one saying we want to cut law enforcement, we want to defund law enforcement. so until you have a mayor bowser and other liberal mayors come out and say i'm going to
11:06 am
apologize to the victims have been hurt by my crimes, i'm going to apologize to law enforcement who i've demonized and if they don't step away from black lives matter and criticize black lives matter for wanting to defund the police, i don't think anyone will believe these mayors. the problem is, what young man or woman wants to go into law enforcement when you have both liberal mayors and city councils that will have your back? no one will take the job because you all are the target as a police officer, not the criminals. >> richard are you saying that those who are in your party are changing her tune in the wake of this violence? >> thanks for having me. i can't speak for sean but bring out is my mare and i live about half a mile from little niyah died or was murdered. i don't think you could boil this down to a simple, we can give money to the police were take money away from the police,
11:07 am
this is -- what we need to do is absolutely think about how we can reduce crime including more law enforcement on the street. may i add that where she died, there was law enforcement there when it happened but beyond that we have to think about some of the root cause problems that cause people to commit crimes in the first place. we have to think about how are these individuals, these heinous individuals getting access to weapons that cause them to do this? so it's a multipronged approach and it can't just be boiled down to give money to the police. if you do that you are missing the anthill for the mountains. >> sandra: perhaps it's not worse but, you have the mirror they are with summer of love, after six shootings in one weekend. >> the cities are out of control because they try to defund the law enforcement but, what you have to do is arrest criminals.
11:08 am
prosecute criminals and put criminals behind bars. when that happens your community is safer and you can still have good training programs for law enforcement but when you have mayors who have demonized these poor law enforcement officers and made them the bad guys then, no one wants to participate in law enforcement so you can't hire anybody even though you have budget to do it. i gun doesn't do anything unless you have someone set it up and use it. >> sandra: he did reference specifically getting guns out of the hands of criminals. >> i think that's one part of the solution but let's be very clear. let's say people like mayor bowser who is going around saying they are anti-police, that's not true. what we have seen is -- let's not boil it down to one thing or another, we have a systemic problem that we have to deal with. >> sandra: has there been
11:09 am
anti-police rhetoric out there richard? do you acknowledge that at least that has dampened and heard the morale of police department's nationwide? >> i think there has been rhetoric for accountability and parenting for police and by police when it comes to their traction with communities of color. we don't have a problem with police and our community, we just want our interactions with police to be respectful, we wanted to be fair and we wanted to treated equally. >> this is that disastrous policy and we want law enforcement, we have mayor bowser who has a massive mural on the street, because i've spent time in d.c., black lives matter. >> so you are blaming that for the reason that the courts are called? >> what i'm saying is step away from the organizations that want to take police off the beat and support those organizations that want to support the law enforcement officer and keep crime out of our neighborhoods and our kids safe.
11:10 am
>> appreciate the time from both of you. after what happened in d.c., it's just awful. then, from brutal murders and shootings to then what's happening on the west coast which we've been talking about on the show as well where you got people just walking into stores. grabbing merchandise, up to a thousand dollars of it, walking away and if caught it's nothing but a misdemeanor. in most cases they aren't even getting caught it's just crime spiking all over. >> john: and some mayors are realizing that cutting police offices was not the way to go. however the damage gets done pretty quickly and reversing it takes a long time. how long did it take to turn that sitting around and how long did it take for them to go back to where it was? >> there have been all sorts of complaints as lawmakers work
11:11 am
towards an infrastructure deal. this is one we haven't heard of before. some members of the squad now sounding off saying legislation is to whites. next, the reaction from senator shelley moore capito who was on the negotiating team. >> sandra: looking forward to her reaction. also the boss of one of the top teachers unions is making a small change to her wording. facing big concerns, could randy weingarten be setting the stage for another standoff over teachers returning to the classroom this fall? ♪ ♪ save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save.
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11:17 am
strong storms move into the mid-atlantic region at ohio valley. the same storms caused damage from wisconsin to illinois knocking power out in more than 130,000 homes. at the same time that brutal temperatures across the central u.s. have been expanding with temps in some areas now in the triple digits. >> john: the power is still out at our house after a big storm came through here. $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal passed a key hurdle after negotiators from both parties reached a deal and a lot of work is left to be done including getting the actual agreement on paper. joining us now is west virginia senator shelley moore capito. only 17 republicans voted to advance the deal. senator tim scott of succulent saying i voted no on the hashtag infrastructure a week ago because there was no legislative text and my mind hasn't changed. there's still no legislative
11:18 am
text or an explanation on how to pay for $1 trillion infrastructure plan. what do you say to your republican colleagues? >> i've seen the text, i am the ranking member of the public works committee and we work hand-in-hand with the bipartisan group on technicalities to help merge this bill with the surface transportation bill that we passed unanimously outside of our committee, or in our committee, and also the water infrastructure bill that we passed out of our committee. so i'm very well-versed on what's in this bill and i think it could be good for the country, i think it's paid for and i think we need to move forward. >> john: you did release a 57 page summary of the plan that includes a lot of pay for it is. i think $471 billion but some of your republican colleagues still want more details before they sign off on something with nine zeros were actually ten zeros behind it, they want to make sure that it's the right thing and they want to make sure it's
11:19 am
paid for. >> here's the good news. we were able to buy reaching this agreement we were able to narrow the focus to physical infrastructure, necessities of modernizing our transportation system, expanding broadband as to every. working on airports, water, getting rid of lead pipes, these are all job creating, economy stimulating functions of physical infrastructure. so we agree i think essentially that this is the core of what we should be working on. in terms of the pay for us, it's been a stretch and we knew that would be difficult. the purpose and covid dollars is in there and a lot of other ways to pay for this really essential infrastructure, and i think as time goes on and we have the final bill, which i've seen almost all of it, by tomorrow i think we will have to pick up some more republican votes and i think everybody will want to take this home to their constituents.
11:20 am
>> john: one of the other big concerns as well senator is, if this gets through the democrats are ready to pull the trigger on a much bigger bill, on a reconciliation basis that the committee for a responsible federal budget could top $5.5 trillion in spending. >> a ridiculous waste of spending, reckless spending and reckless taxes. they don't even know they are going to put in it, they just know they want to spend a lot of money and raise a whole lot of taxes. we will fight tooth and nail, we've always known that the mechanism, that's all part of sin, all democrats. we have to put pressure on them to say look. we got inflationary worries here and we see a slower recovery than what was predicted and this is a waste of taxpayers dollars of this wrong time. >> john: and then you have people left that are saying, look at what's passing there in the senate, it isn't near
11:21 am
enough. some members of the squad are suggesting the reason why it's not enough is because there is reset play here. cori bush tweeting "is this bipartisan infrastructure group, is this the bipartisan infrastructure group or the audience at a kid rock concert? hashtag negotiations so white. now we should point out that cori bush dinged it democrats and republicans equally but what do you say to the idea that this was a negotiation among white lawmakers left out a lot of concerns for people of color? >> i think that's a sad commentary. people from west virginia and people from virginia, this is the diversity of our country. to denigrate this because they want to play the racism card that they think is successful for them, i think that shows how ludicrous that accusation is.
11:22 am
this is broadband it to everybody, but our roads for everybody. more bike trails and climate change legislation, it's better water and less poisoning for your children and their water systems because of lead pipes. it's very, very far-reaching. >> john: alexandria ocasio-cortez said at the diversity of this bipartisan coalition perfectly conveys which communities get centered on which get left behind when leaders prioritize bipartisan dealmaking over inclusive lawmaking which prioritizes delivering the most impact possible for the most people. she suggesting that when you engage in bipartisanship it's actually supporting structural racism. >> that's ludicrous on the face of it and it's obvious that neither one of them have read this bill and they have no idea how far encompassing this is or how transformational the president thinks this could be. it's so laughable i don't even want to answer the accusation honestly. it's so divisive to this
11:23 am
country, we are in this together, come on. get on the team. >> john: well i don't think -- there's no i in the team. anyway we will continue to follow this, shelley moore capito out of west virginia, thanks for being with us. so sandra, you have a real split they are not just between republicans and democrats but between democrats and democrats. >> sandra: fascinating conversation, just gives you an idea of where this could be going next. meanwhile the penalty for not following mask mandates has gained some dirty looks in some cases to citations but now, one of these orders is coming with awarning. plus a larry kudlow on rising inflation and why many americans are not placing the blame squarely on joe biden. ♪ ♪
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11:29 am
>> john: new research on the vaccines and the mysterious condition that doctors are calling long covid. a study just coming in from israel which has been at the forefront of coronavirus research and we will go to israel live with the new findings coming up. but first a fox news alert and mexican politics heating up on capitol hill where the u.s. capitol police are threatening to arrest any visitor or staffer who refuses to wear a mask and then refuses to leave the complex. the police memo stopped short of requesting officers to arrest members of congress are not wearing masks noting, they should be reported to the house sergeant at arms instead. it's getting tough out there. >> sandra: now to the white house were president biden will be given guidance on vaccines that sparks confusion across the country. we talked to peter doocy and obviously you need to wear a
11:30 am
mask. >> everybody that wants to sit in the white house briefing that's going to start any minute has to wear a mask because they followed the cdc guidance. and that is considered a hot spot for covid-19. no confusion about the rules in here, but we do expect to get some more clarity for the rest of the country for about an hour and a half from right now. the federal new requirements for federal workers and it's not a vaccine mandate per se or it is, subject yourself to much more stringent testing and also masking procedures. we expect to hear that from him in the 4:00 p.m. hour and hopefully clear up the next couple weeks or months for millions of federal workers. >> sandra: as are the times.
11:31 am
you know what you are supposed to do there, you are also trying to figure out what you're supposed to do all of the country. and with the administer since plans are at 4:00 eastern. >> john: of the guidance is rolling back in a lot of places. science is settled, the code vaccine will protect you from serious illness and death but a troubling study on if you breakout cases from people who do get sick. at the research is just coming out of israel. >> around 1500 health care workers were and the number of people who remain sick for more than six weeks. 20% of those infected have what is now being referred to as long covid, seeing symptoms throughout that time. doctors of the sheba medical center arc studying the correlation between antibody levels and reinfection rate.
11:32 am
they received a second dose at least five months ago and the delta variant is making waves across the country, israeli prime minister address the country today confirming those booster shots saying this. >> the decision was based on considerable research and analysis as well as the rise in risk of the delta variant waves. there were 2,000 immunosuppressive people with no adverse events. now we are rolling out a national third dose campaign. >> israel is also quickly adding new countries to their no travel list. they are trying anyway possible to bring down the infection rate and we do know that a percentage of the new cases are coming from abroad. >> john: and trey, thank you so much.
11:33 am
i think that will gain a lot of traction, this idea of a booster shot whether it be the pfizer or the mentor and a vaccine. >> sandra: after what we saw happening in israel with the third shot and the effectiveness of this, we are all left wondering if we will be looking at the new. >> john: moving the goal posts, randy wine gate after the latest guidance from the cdc calling for universal masking in the classroom. let's bring in dr. nicole saphier. this idea of masking up all kids k-12. we knew very little about sars kobe to and how covid-19 would affect our children.
11:34 am
of course we are going to put on masks and do everything can to lessen the spread, but here we are a year and a half in and we have ample data that shows that we are at a very, very low risk from covid-19 and we also know from ample data that children are less likely to be infected with covid and less likely to transmit it. we don't have a good thing when it comes to... , we know it's much more contagious and causing higher viral load so it's likely delta would cause more symptoms in children then maybe some of those earlier strains, but until we have something showing us that covid-19 can cause severe illness in children i think the benefit of children wearing masks does not outweigh the risk of these young children, lesson 14, wearing masks all day. i think it's important to remove masks from them and at this point any adult can get vaccinated and still wear high grade medical mass to further there protection if they so choose. >> john: as we pointed out at
11:35 am
the top we are some words from randy weingartner, the teachers union, an interview she did yesterday seems to suggest that make the goal posts are shifting. >> delta through a surreal curveball and, enough people are vaccinated and the kids not able to get vaccines 12 and under. the bottom line is, we are going to keep kids safe, we are going to keep our members safe and we are going to try to open up schools and try to move through this political battlefield. >> john: i a couple of key things, and when she said kids under 12 can't be vaccinated, people are wondering, is this a slippery slope where the teacher union is going to say, you know what? we don't feel productive enough
11:36 am
and we are going to open. the kids under 12 years old not being vaccinated, do they pose any sort of significant threat to teachers or other staff members? >> you look at the studies that have evaluated transmission in schools, and the largest studies done in north carolina last fall before the vaccine, there was virtually no spread from child to child or the children actually causing infections and the adults. now the adults can be vaccinated and their risk of bringing the virus into the school is much lower. and that's not the case. when she says i want to keep my children safe, while you want to
11:37 am
look at the data. i don't mean this in across wave at less than 400 children have died of a severe outcome of covid-19 come every single one of those being tragic. another respiratory virus every single year has never close schools because of that. a number have died from accidental drowning from the cd at sea is not recommending we close all schools, and we have accepted some risk pre-covid and we have to remember that. >> i want to get your quick response to something that bratcher are told us in the last hour. >> the delta variant is so contagious that you are going to get it, it's just a matter of time. if you have prior immunity, if you do have some protection, more and more data tells us that that protection is not so good against delta.
11:38 am
>> john: do you agree dr. saphier that if you are not vaccinated and haven't had covid before that you will eventually get the delta variant? >> i actually do agree with him. i say at this point the virus is going to continue to circulate and it's highly contagious. if you haven't been vaccinated and don't have natural immunity you are probably going to get covid-19 and is we just heard trey talk about if you are vaccinated and get a breakthrough infection, your risk of getting those long-term long covid sick stomach symptoms are less than 1% if you are vaccinated. we report some long-term symptoms, and they haven't been vaccinated than just getting the virus itself. they do have a lot of symptoms. thank you for your advice, we appreciate it. there's one of those things that
11:39 am
the cdc came out with, and they have suggestions for fully vaccinated people. those who have exposure should get a covid test within 3-5 days and then wear a mask for 14 days or until you get the results of the cova test back. >> sandra: admiral gerard is making a lot of headlines with what he told us last hour and what you just brought up with the doctor there about the suggestion that you will get this delta variant if you are not vaccinated or haven't had covid. you just wish, and perhaps we will have the science behind all of this explains to us, and where is the balancing of the risk? that's the balancing of the risk is to not fully learning or engaging and that doesn't seem
11:40 am
to be part of their equation. >> sandra: a developing situation at one of the nations, busy at the airport. pilots reporting yet another strange sighting in the sky. we are live on the up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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>> john: at the guy on the jet pack is back, those words from a jumbo jet pilot at lax when they spotted what appeared to be a man playing with the jet packs thousands of feet into the sky. jonathan hunt is live and lax to tell us more. >> another sighting and word that these reports are not coming from ordinary people on the ground but from trained pilots, the pilot of the 747 747 flying just east of the airport here. just yesterday. the airline pilot immediately contacted the control tower saying "possible jet pack man insight." the tower replies was he off your left or right to serve?
11:46 am
the pilot says off left right wing. he then says the jet pack man was at an altitude of about 5,000 feet, the air traffic controller warns other pilots in the busy skies over l.a. a boeing 747 pilot reported seeing an object that might have resembled a jet pack 50 miles east of lax at 5,000 feet altitude. out of an abundance of caution air traffic controllers there did other pilots the vicinity. and there were several reported sightings last year, and in one case a video of what appeared to be a person using a jet pack flying high off the coast. they do say it's extremely difficult and in fact very dangerous and some of those
11:47 am
experts believe it could in fact be a drone, perhaps with some sort of mannequin attached to it. and i have no idea what that truth is. >> the one truth is it's in your neck way of getting high in california, a question about that. [laughs] good to see you. sandra? >> sandra: larry kudlow has a reaction to that. >> talking about drugs and marijuana. >> bring him in here, larry kudlow is here and we are talking about the fed chair. something the republicans of been talking about for quite some time, and jerome powell, john, and he made a prediction. >> he did. that strong creation along with those benefits and some other
11:48 am
factors that start to wane. and that's how we talk about all this. >> sandra: it seems that the fed and the white house have been in denial, about these extended unemployment benefits. and whether or not they have been taking people home but to the point where 26 states decided to end them because i couldn't get people to apply for open job positions. here's jerome powell yesterday and he sort of acknowledges that's part of the problem. >> there are various unemployment benefits which are now rolling off, and they will be fairly rolled off in a couple of months. because of that, we should see strong job creation moving forward. >> sandra: it so is that not an acknowledgment that the extended unemployment benefits have been keeping people home? >> yes. i mean he's a pretty smart guy,
11:49 am
i don't think that's a first time he said that. i think it's a white house that's in complete denial about it. now those unemployment benefits, and then the whole program expires in the first week of september. so jay is saying labor markets will get stronger, and the g.o.p. reports are stronger than you think, and quarter gdp, consumer spending and business spending was 10% at an annual rate. and so therefore, you don't need a $5 trillion package of spending. and you will will not pack the truck, and that strong out over ten years at least. so this is more reason the fed chairman actually issues a cry for help.
11:50 am
he is saying don't give me any more excess cash, we don't need it. >> john: we have to wonder what sort of effect of this new mandate or the guidance that is turning into minutes will have. here's his take on it. >> we were immediately concerned that would delay our ability to reopen our restaurants because people and business leaders would use it as a reason to be concerned. it's a signal. we are heading into some difficult waters and this may be the case. >> john: is there potential there are two at least in some sectors of the economy roll back some of the growth and expansion that we've seen in the last few weeks? >> as possible and it would be tragic in this whole cdc thing i
11:51 am
think is a circus worse than i've ever seen and there's no science to it. but there's no coverage for their rear ends. the delta train is already starting to curve down the case rate, the fatalities never popped up the way they had last winter. the teachers didn't want to teach, and now she's starting to hedge again on this and that would be an absolute catastrophe. a catastrophe of the kids and catastrophe for the parents, and this was a really bad decision. >> sandra: really quick, because we only have 30 seconds left, i'm told at the white house now, jen psaki, i think we have a life picture. we are getting the briefing at the white house for the white house just acknowledge the gdp report that you've been talking about, larry.
11:52 am
and that's basically a result and biden's economic policy. >> i would certainly give them -- any president would take credit for it but we are still operating off of the trump tax cuts and deregulation. by the way, trump originally, we always proposed that trillion dollar infrastructure package which we are going to get, but he's having a rough time of it right now. and he's fighting off inflationary headwinds. and there is some truth to that because of that goofy to trillion dollar rescue package. it created at least temporarily access demands. >> 6 out of 10 americans are saying that the rising price is part of everything, and that's true for the current administration so that something they will have to deal with. >> john: good to see you.
11:53 am
>> sandra: next up, lawrence jones gives us an inside look at california's homeless crisis. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ gible tohome so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there if you're thinking about buying a home if you're thinking about a cash out refi whatever you're thinking with a mortgage, you should come to newday usa first. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> john: california's homeless crisis is still raging. here's lawrence jones with a look. >> about two months ago, this very place was littered with trash and tents everywhere. people living in tents. that provoked l.a. county sheriffs to clean up the problem. now the tents and the people are back. >> what you're seeing right now is the best the beach has ever looked in about a year. what is really sad it's temporary. >> how has this impacted your business in the surrounding businesses? >> our business has been virtually destroyed. >> this used to be a happening place. it's just -- it's circling the drain. >> when the government takes care of you, this is what your life becomes. >> i want the people to find a
11:59 am
good place to live by the bad people have to go. prostitution, the drugs, it has to go. >> this is where kids go to play. it's been taken away from them. >> is it safe to play right now? >> would you let your kids play here if there's needles in the sounds, weapons in the sand. >> the sheriff was going to clear the beach by july 4. looked like he was going to do it. >> after the sheriff came, we had our city councilman come in and he wasn't happy about us having the sheriff here. he came in and got a $5 million -- he got $5 million to do what you've seen. $5 million that's not translated over to businesses coming back. it has not translated to people being able to feel safe on the boardwalk. >> we need law and order. the one person that stepped in when others failed us is the sheriff. >> we want to see the shops full. that is preventing it right
12:00 pm
there. if i had the resources of l.a., we'd have this cleaned up in 9 ho days. >> what is preventing law enforcement from enforcing the laws on the books? >> for this chunk of city right here, it's two things. it's called the mayor, eric garcetti and councilman mike bonnan and a district attorney that won't enforce anything. that promotes a lawlessness environment. >> john: lawrence jones with an ongoing problem in venice beach. thanks for joining us. i'm john roberts. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in with trace in for martha. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher. a short time from now, president biden will take to the east room of the white house where he's expected to announce that if you work for the federal government, you must be vaccinated or face strict protocols like regular testing and masking. this comes as a growing list of


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