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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 29, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> emily: fox news alert, we are just hours away from president biden unveiling the next steps in his vaccine push as he now weighs a mandate regarding federal workers. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno. here today, fox news correspondent julie banderas, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy, former state department spokesperson kevin morgan ortagus, and editor in chief of the daily wire, host
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of "the ben shapiro show," ben shapiro. he's also author of the new book, "the authoritarian moment." the president is set to help his strategy gets more shots in the arms of americans as the delta variant spreads and cases are on the rise. the day that led to its recent reversal unmasks. all this as critics say democrats have only themselves to blame for a vaccine hesitancy. because of comments like this. >> we are not changing the science. you know what changed, chris? the virus changed, and the science evolved with the changing virus. >> if you're not vaccinated, you not as smart as i thought you were. >> it's like drunk drivers. you don't have a right to jump drive and go out and put your life at risk and those of everyone else at risk. >> emily: ben shapiro, welcome back to the show. your thoughts on this?
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>> ben: i mean, the amount of bad data that is purveyed by our public health experts is astonishing. you want to talk about people who have undermined confidence in their institution come if these people themselves. rochelle valencia going on yesterday and saying that one out of 10 people is going to get a breakthrough case. the actual number is more like one in in every 1,000 it's people like dr. fatty suggesting the cdc does not flip-flop on masking, and that he doesn't have a hard data to back his supposition that higher viral load among the vaccinated is going to lead to higher levels of viral transmission. these people have been thinking they can control us and not give us the data. if you want to, at least make a recommendation on policy, you can't live out the data will provide no data and expect us to follow your all-knowing guidance. >> emily: kennedy, it's our understanding tomorrow we can look forward to that data being released, but how will that
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impact americans continuing confusion, to ben's point, and will that reassure anyone, frankly? >> kennedy: if the cdc and dr. fauci and everyone from the white house is telling you that you have to wear masks and that there is imminent danger from the variants, people are not going to get vaccinated. there's nothing they are going to say, which either clarifies or convinces. that's the ultimate problem here, because they have forgotten what they're trying to do. are they trying to scare people or get people vaccinated? because at this point neither one is working and all they have done with the back and the confusion is create massive distrust. it is really hard to get a clear picture of what's going on with the virus. even though the virus is changing, that is what viruses do. that doesn't mean that it's getting more deadly. they have to be honest about that.
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>> emily: and morgan, ben brought up a power grab, essentially, by the democrats. let's play a short video of what senator ted cruz had to say about that. watch. >> it's pure politics. you know it? yesterday vaccines work. today they still work, but as a political matter, the democrats decided they want to control your lives. my view is simple. we shouldn't have federal government mandates on covid. >> emily: morgan? >> morgan: i agree with that. "the wall street journal" and their editorial lid that perfectly this morning. obviously against federal mandates, but talking about the fact that private employers do have a right to make those decisions and demand certain things of their workforce. so i think it's really nuanced, but what is really important in this whole discussion is we took all of last year to politicize covid. what should have happened is somebody in the trump administration, i volunteered over the summer working on operation warp speed and on the
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covert effort. every person i know received the vaccine, as part of operation warp speed. president trump and his team made heroic efforts to get this vaccine out. what has happened is the democrats used most of 2022 politicize covid, to politicize the vaccine in order to sow seeds of distress. now in 2021 people are not believing each side, president biden is spending more time going on and talking about voting rights and infrastructure legislation as opposed to saying, you know what? president trump did something right with operation warp speed. let's come together and take this vaccine and do what we need to do to end this pandemic. instead they continue to talk down to people who haven't gotten the vaccine and continue to politicize the process to the detriment of the american people. >> emily: right.
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julie, morgan mentioned talking down to the american people. we had speaker pelosi talking down to her colleague, kevin mccarthy, when she said he was such a for questioning the science behind returning to the mask restrictions on capitol hill. the regulations have been released and you can be only arrested by capitol police if you fail to comply, not if you just don't wear a mask in the first place. don't have anything better to do at all? >> julie: i'm so sick of hearing democrats talk on both sides of their mouths. as far as nancy pelosi is concerned, don't preach follow the science if you are not following what you preach. if you want to follow the science, follow the facts. 150 million people have been vaccinated, there have been only 65,000 breakthrough cases, those who have been vaccinated that got the delta variant or the original covid-19. that means only 0.04% of americans are actually getting it. no vaccine is 100%, that if you want to follow the science, vaccines work.
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if you've been vaccinated you shouldn't be put under these mask mandates. as they said from the very beginning, if you have a vaccine you don't need to wear a mask. they're doing a 180 and making zero sense when it comes to making these mandates necessary for those of us who went ahead and got the second shot. >> kennedy: emily, if i could point at something that's very important, they need better marketing here. julie is right, they need to be skimming from the mountaintops. and it doesn't matter if they give the former president credit, they need to say the vaccines work, but vaccines are safe, they are the best in the world, and one study came out recently that said the pfizer vaccine has been increasing women's cup sizes. it's a phenomenal piece of marketing that i think all americans could get behind. >> julie: i'm so glad i didn't get pfizer, i don't need anymore help. [laughter] >> emily: imagine that on the front pages! ben, i come to you for a bit of prediction. to kennedy's point, do you see
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any type of change in the marketing moving forward? any type of cognizant shift by the democrat party as we enter into 2022, acknowledging the hideous impact their messaging has a pat on the american people and likely the permanent damage it's done on their already fractured party? d.c. them acknowledging that at all and making corrections >> ben: not at all. for them to acknowledge they've botched the public health message would be to take the blame for what they perceived to be republican failures and what they want to portray as republican failure. if you want to incentivize people getting vaccine, you have a responsibility to prevent you from getting disease. that responsibility lies in going and getting the vaccine. they won't do this because there is no logical end point. it all started with flattening the curve. we avoided it. so wait until vaccine is available, then wait until everybody's had a chance to get the vaccine. everyone's had a chance to get the vaccine.
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so what is the end point? there is no end point. >> emily: just ahead, democrats staying silent in the face of more double standards. critics ripping squad member alexandria ocasio-cortez after she talks about legislation based on the skin color of the lawmakers who support it. that's next. ♪ ♪ he time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein.
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that, leaving mark hemingway, a senior writer to treat, "this, from aoc, is not an argument. it is pure ad hominem that says nothing about the bill or its merits, a healthy culture would repudiate her for judging legislation solely by the skin color of the people supporting it." so, has she lost the argument, ben shapiro? >> ben: i mean, she clearly has lost the argument. she's not the only member of the scratch to do this. cori bush tweeted same picture and said it looked like a kid rock concert, rather than any bipartisan group. i wasn't aware you could judge bipartisanship solely on the basis of race, but this is where the new critical race theorists in the democratic party brought us. >> kennedy: they have, indeed. julie, you look at this and you think, if a white republican male had tweeted something similar about people of color, would be have the same reaction?
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speed to the akamai first of all she is saying that they cannot see the issue facing minority communities. what is she saying to all high democratic partners out there who are saying they are for the minority communities? if you take a look at all these democratic cities across the country, they are led by a lot of white democrats who say they are supporting the democratic and minority groups. so what is that? is basically backlash. i agree that these bills should obviously scrutinize the merits of the bill, not on their skin color. i'm not sure what they have anything to do with one another but i would imagine there must be a lot of upset democrats today. i'm waiting to hear for one to come out and speak against it. it's insulting. >> kennedy: kyrsten sinema has come out and said bipartisanship is very difficult. it takes a lot more work, and it does, because it is such a hyper politicized environment. it's almost impossible for the sides to get together, and they achieve the impossible on this.
9:16 am
what do you have to say two representatives cori bush and alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> emily: as you point out the difficulty of getting them to achieve some kind of actual bipartisan agreement, all this does is send us ten steps back. i think it's absolutely reprehensible that we have that sort of biting statement being put out in lockstep with twitter's toxicity there. i found cori bush's tweet far more offensive than aoc just for that reason, #negotiationssowhite. it's my recollection that both of them has served as surrogates for candidates who aren't all minorities. they have most notably bernie sanders, for example. how does that bode well with their continued surrogacy for these democrat candidates that aren't minorities? and back to julie's point, to dilute the fact that they represent constituents well. if so they should come out and
9:17 am
be totally honest because that's what these tweets imply. >> kennedy: there's a lot of work to be done, morgan. not only on infrastructure but certainly on immigration and the border crisis. but when you are making every issue about race, you sort of don't have to focus on the legislation at all, do you? >> morgan: from a political perspective, this makes no sense. if the bill is passed and signed by the president it would be a very big win for a democratic president who, that is in their party. i don't even understand from a political perspective why they are attacking a piece of bipartisan legislation. that would come if enacted, be a big win for the party. maybe perhaps it's because they're not getting their way as it relates to the green new deal legislation that they wanted included in the infrastructure build. of course it looks like a lot of that is being stripped out in the bipartisan talks. so i think that they are just pouting, maybe. >> kennedy: that's a really good point.
9:18 am
i want to ask you about that. ben, can you judge the success of squashing progressivism by the size of the tantrum the squad members throw? >> ben: i think there's probably some truth to that. sort of like my 1.5-year-old, the size of the tantrum is utterly disproportionate to any level of events, so i'm not sure how angry they are actually as related to the size of the offe. there are two modes. super angry, and not angry at all. there's no in between where they are a little bit angry. >> julie: i'm the same way, actually. i identify as a 1-year-old, by the way. [laughter] >> kennedy: julie banderas gets fiery. but that passion is what makes you so good at your job and at life! with better for the country , julie? is it better to have mature, responsible senators who may have some major policy differences come together on pieces of legislation, or is it better to have mudslinging and tantrum throwing, and hands on
9:19 am
hips demanding the country go toward a more socialist perspective? >> julie: i vote for ben's one and a half year old. i think that would basically measure up to what we are currently seeing. i think nancy pelosi calling one of her colleagues a is just another example. i tell my children name calling is not good, sticks and stones, you know the rest. i don't know, i wish the democratic party would follow some of my parental advice. i'm an excellent parent. >> kennedy: s, you are paid she's got three children that she knows of, that said that she is. emily, what would have happened if kevin mccarthy had called nancy pelosi a? would be see the same coverage? >> emily: not at all, it would be on every front page and every talk show. my quick final point is that these kind of comments from these elected officials are exactly what squishes people into boxes that everyone is trying to remove themselves from. the fact that the assumption in their tweets is that people of certain communities with
9:20 am
immutable characteristics will vote a certain way, that they vote in a monolithic block. that those two know immediately what is best and how those certain cultures or races will vote based on the color of their skin. it is such an assumption. really, there is a million reasons why it should offend everyone here, but i think it goes to the fact that these people are absolutely inept and in it for the twitter likes. >> kennedy: very good, everyone. just ahead, d.c. mayor muriel bowser wants to hire a slew of new cops. what? and she's not the only democrat mayor pushing to expand their police force. is the party finally coming face-to-face with the surge in violent crime? that's next. ♪ ♪
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9:25 am
new officers in fy 22. >> emily: over a year after the d.c. city council voted to defund the police force by $15 million, mayor muriel bowser is now calling for a major investment in police recruitment efforts i made a surge in violent crime. homicide in the nation's capital hit a 16-year high last year and so far 2021 is on track to surpass that. while mayor bowser was opposed to defunding the police, she's been a vocal supporter of the black lives matter movement, which are themselves advocates for defunding the police. it's not just her, the democratic mayors of seattle, roanoke, minneapolis, dallas, and portland are calling for more police officers as they face critical staffing and crime issues also. morgan, i will start with you on this. what a difference a year makes. but i'm curious who they think they're going to hire, when police officers are retiring and
9:26 am
leaving in droves. who would want to join a police force in this current climate? >> morgan: especially when you have so many children that used to look up to cops. i still hope they do. he would bring your dad or your mom in to show and tell it to show what your parents have grown up to be, it was something that we admire. i think it was probably four or five years ago when this really started to heat up. it was in the obama administration. i remember visibly talking about this on ""m what the left is about to do, what they did to members of the military during vietnam. i'm really sorry to say that we have seen that happen. instead of having mature, reasonable conversations about things like criminal justice reform, that was bipartisan legislation that happened in the trump administration. the left could be talking about how we can pursue more criminal justice reform, how we can add onto that, but instead it's been
9:27 am
pithy slogans combined with dangerous cuts. as you pointed out, $15 million that muriel bowser cut from d.c.'s budget, and i would to be have in d.c.? my friend had a domestic violence situation over the weekend, he was trying to assist another friend, went to a precinct, there was no one at the front desk for them to even report the crime. this is the kind of stuff people are facing in cities around the country and this rhetoric is now dangerous for citizens and especially for victims. >> emily: and morgan, it's not like it -- excuse me, julie, it's not like this just started happening a few days ago. months and months ago the deputy mayor and interim police chief in seattle called a public health prices. the oakland pd chief called it a crisis, as well, in terms of the flattening of police ranks in conjunction with the crime spikes and lack of any elected official supporting them with this. was in the boiling point literally over a year ago?
9:28 am
how many more citizens have to die for them to slowly come around to again try to patch up what is essentially too little, too late? >> julie: it it really is too little, too late. he took the words out of my mouth. muriel bowser did in facts support blm, and they support defund the police. but she was against the city council's decision to cut $20 million from the police budget. now they want to add another 170 police officers. this is after crime has soared in that city. this 180, i don't buy any of it. now it's really hard to trust any of these leaders whatsoever. because what they did has cost thousands of lives in this country. the crime rate in this country, especially in democratic cities, democratically lead cities, is through the roof. you are right, when you mention people retiring. who the heck will want to get back on the police force when at these protests the police are
9:29 am
basically stripped of their power, and mayor muriel bowser defended blm, so she essentially defended the abusive police officers in d.c.? and we don't need to talk about what happened at the police riots on january 6th. those police obviously were stripped of their power well before the capitol riots, by the mayor. >> emily: wright. kennedy, we talked a lot about city councils and essentially of them as well being part of this public castration happening, and being part of the dumpster fire. over the last year and a half. marching with everyone calling to defund the police, approved it, then circled back, "just kidding, let me try to put more money in." they refused to hear the motion. are they mostly to blame in this circle of blame? >> kennedy: absolutely, they mostly are. the board supervisors, the city council in portland, it's
9:30 am
not just on the west coast, they are taking an active stance. where do people live? you not living in your own city? do you not see the statistics in portland where the homicide rate is up 500%? and just now, the mayor who won reelection against in antifa sympathizer, he's coming around to say they need more cops. because there are anti-fa members of the city who have abused local law enforcement and the mayor has not back them up. he has completely demoralized the city and even the county of law enforcement. and they are beyond frustrated, and now he's sitting there going, "wow, this is really bad, you guys. we need leadership." buddy, you're in charge, he is a leader. you are supposed to come up with a plan to fix this.
9:31 am
and make sure your city doesn't get to this point in the first place. eat talk to people visiting portland and san francisco, "not right now." those hurt businesses this time of year. >> emily: that's exactly right. ben, you used to live in los angeles. to kennedy's question, is that what's going on and trickling and affecting everyone there, especially these poor and impoverished communities that? >> ben: everyone knew what was happening but the legislators and mayors and city council apparently don't care. we took our business and moved to tennessee, i live in florida now. lack of law enforcement is a major reason for exactly that. meanwhile all the cops i know in l.a., and i know many of them, have been asking to get desk duty. many of them are taking early retirement to get off, because what they know is that if someone thing something goes wrong and he gets caught on tape at the wrong angle, the mayor will leae
9:32 am
them out there to burn. pretty much every cop in a major city in america knows this and the consequences are great particularly for people in minority communities who are disproportionately targeted for homicide. >> emily: it's all horrible. vice president harris finally releasing her strategy to tackle the root causes of migration in central america. but critics say it ignores the immediate surge on our southern border as migrant crossings reached staggering levels. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. if you haven't refinanced yet, get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi.
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9:37 am
combating corruption, promoting human rights, countering violence by criminal gangs, and combating gender-based and domestic violence. they say the plane is missing something because it doesn't tackle the most pressing issues some of the surge of migrants pouring into our country at historic levels. authorities say more than 188,000 migrants were encountered at our border just last month. that's an increase from 180,000 in may. more than a million migrants were encountered just this fiscal year alone. it's short, it's sweet, it's two months too late, i think, but kennedy, we just heard the layout for the plan, if you will. something that is glaringly missing, not only the hundreds of thousands of migrants that are heading into our border, but the thousands of them that are carrying covid into texas communities and spreading and increasing numbers for covid which mandates masks for all of us who have protected ourselves. where in this plan does
9:38 am
kamala harris have laid out to let's say not release 50,000 500 migrants into the public after detaining them? >> kennedy: she has a sticky tack that she's not really saying anything, but she's kind of looking busy by putting a list together like this. one of the most important things that it's missing, the glaring omission from her list is the war on drugs. that is the root cause that has created the environment for corruption and instability and grafting and all the other elements that makes people want to leave, because they can no longer seek justice or employment in their home country. but she doesn't want to talk about that, oddly enough. >> julie: morgan, durning john mike during your time and why has it was an incentive. if the role was to find the root
9:39 am
of the problem, well, there is the root. why isn't she talking about it? >> morgan: if you look at the plan, there's nothing much that you could argue. it's a lot of platitudes and things that people can agree on like human rights. okay. so when you look actually at the vice president in the last year of the obama administration, president biden actually released his plan for these northern triangle countries, as well. it is very similar, addressing the root causes. that's why it's a longer discussion you can have on foreign aid that we have in the trump administration, getting these countries to be more self-reliant. but this two things that i think we should watch carefully in this debate. one is title 32, that the public health order. i talked about that a few months ago on the show. the biden administration was expecting to rescind that and they're keeping it in place. as you pointed out, there are so many migrants coming across the
9:40 am
board with covid. secondly, expedited removal. the white house is talking about how they putting this in place. this is already an existing law, so somebody, maybe doocy, needs to act the white house while they aren't doing anything new. >> julie: it's interesting they mention human rights. does that include the children migrants not locked up in not wearing masks and spreading covid to border security officials and employees? i doubt that. ken paxton told me this. watch. >> we know at the root cause is. the biden administration has changed all the rules. why don't they look at the numbers connect the numbers speak for themselves. go back a year ago and look at the numbers on how many immigrants we had coming in, what was going on stopping people at the border, and look at the numbers now. they are dramatically different. >> julie: they are dramatically different, they are higher. i'm not seeing this plan
9:41 am
tackling the numbers, emily. >> emily: not at all. i think that is what is so mind-boggling about this. of all my colleagues' points, and the attorney general's, there is so much common sense that is somehow eluding the vice president and administration handling this. there is zero recognition at all of those incredible covid numbers that accompany the staggering migrant surgeon numbers. these i.c.e. facilities testing over 8% of covid positive. remember, new york city public schools are shut down at 3%. a percent is considered highly transmissible, not to mention the cities themselves. to build on kennedy's point, as well, for a vice president that considers herself and campaigned on being really savvy and sort of multifaceted, and curious why she continues to ignore that push, the insane drug industry being backed by china, how is trickling into our cities and directly included and involved with these crime spikes we talk
9:42 am
about. the drug trade, the currency of gangs in inner cities. all of this is related and yet she continues to ignore everything and just create these talking points that i'm sure will dovetail into their campaign material in 2022 and 2024. hopefully everyone will see through it and not stand for it. it is frankly sickening. >> julie: i love how the biden administration likes to blame the trump administration for this when the problems were in place before the trump administration come after the obama administration. nonetheless, who is tracking who's at fault? but there are 50,000 migrants that are apparently detained and released, according to a new report. that is happening under this administration. who's going to take the blame? >> ben: in the end the administration will take the blame, but kamala harris is using this ms. congeniality approach, that if we just had world peace, then illegal immigration would stop. those goals are rather large,
9:43 am
fixing these countries internally. there's another solution, which is you could just say that if people come we will deport them. shockingly, the dhs secretary said exactly that, but only for people attempting to escape the actual communist of cuba. he tried to get on a float to miami, will send you back. but if you're coming from the northern triangle, did not take into account the various considerations and the gaps in treatment for people trying to enter from these areas is rather glaring. >> julie: this is a message saying, come on then, we'll let you loose and let you run free with covid in the united states. we'll be right back. big rig biden can agree not joking. his claim about his 18-wheeler driving days leading to a whole lot of head scratching. just the latest of his tall tales spanning decades. ♪ ♪
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> john: the new mass guidance issued by the cdc. what science was that based on?
9:48 am
will republicans and democrats demonstrate some rare bipartisanship and push through an infrastructure deal? west virginia senator here to talk about that. and larry kudlow takes on everything from the new gdp numbers to inflation. that's all ahead when sandra and i see you at the top of the hour for "america reports." ♪ ♪ ♪♪ eastbound and down ♪ ♪ loaded up and checking ♪ ♪ we're gonna do what they say can't be done ♪♪ >> julie: president biden getting a lot of reaction after saying he used to drive an 18-wheeler. hmm. during a visit to a mack truck assembly plant yesterday. the white house struggling to defend the claim since driving a big rig requires a special license, for one, and while there is nothing in his history to suggest he's ever actually done this. this is hardly the first time the president has been accused of embellishing, we'll call it, with some tall tales. some of his biggest
9:49 am
whoppers -- and i'm not talking about the cheeseburger -- include stories about nelson mandela, an amtrak conductor, and his time back when he was a lifeguard in a delaware pool confronting anand by the name of corn pop. >> this day 30 years ago, nelson mandela walked out of prison. i had the great honor of meeting him. i had the great honor of being arrested with our u.n. ambassador trying to get to see them on robbins island. when he came to the united states, i said, mr. president. thank you for trying to come and see me. stick and he came up and he said, "jelly, baby!" grab my cheeks like that >> corn pop was a bad dude. and he ran a bunch of bad boys. i said, "hey, you come off the board. or i'll come up and drag you off." he said he'd be waiting.
9:50 am
with three guys with straight razors. >> julie: i mean, wow. i want to start with the trucker. ben, i'll start with you first, i guess. the white house has come out -- i don't know if they can necessarily defend his comments because they never happened, so they come down that can't come out and say he made it up. but he did right in the passenger seat of an 18-wheeler, so that makes him a truck driver, no? [laughter] >> ben: pretty much. why not? 's pt when i'm a passenger on an airplane, and also an airline pilot >> ben: his unbelievable allegiance to his secret life of walter mitty fantasies. i do enjoy that. the whole smokey and the bandit of it, it makes it so much interesting than what his life has been, being an extremely boring career politician in washington, d.c., who fibs to his constituents for like 30 years. that's really a boring life. i like his fantasies better than
9:51 am
the reality. what is he going to talk about, that time he was talking to a boring senator and did a boring thing? >> julie: morgan, when you do story time at night before your baby's bedtime, it's fun, right? and sometimes we read out of the book or improv, sometimes my 8-year-old daughter, i'll give her a couple topics and she makes stuff up bed. this string of sound bites were amazing bedtime stories. i'm going to use them tonight. >> morgan: i think you're being made to the president. i think it's quite possible that corn pop actually taught him how to drive the 18-wheeler. >> julie: so he wasn't a lifeguard but he wasn't 18 really was corn pop in delaware. see, there is that interesting creative storytelling that i apparently do not possess. kennedy? i mean, is there a hint of truth to any of these stories? he kind of confuses them all. >> kennedy: that seems to be
9:52 am
the common thread. there are elements he kind of remember is somewhere in the ether a few centuries ago, and then he loosely cobbled them together and just sort of barks out a bunch of lies. a bunch of ridiculous to me is
9:53 am
that whole south africa commentary he made, i lived there for a little while, and first of all, it's robin island, not robbins island. almost 800 miles away, the fact that people actually were there and had what is frankly a sobering experience at a minimum, the fact that you would still confuse it and make it about yourself and forget all those details, this guy is just ridiculous. i'm literally counting the days until 2024. >> julie: we are going to hit a break. more "outnumbered" next. stay right there. ♪ ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself.
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>> welcome back. so you have a new book out called "the authoritative moment." tell us about it. >> americans of every political viewpoint don't feel free to speak their minds in nearly every industry in america and all the major institutions of our society have been re-normalized by radical left because most of the people in the middle are either apathetic or frightened. there is a way to push back on all of this but all the institutions whether they are talking education or scientific institutions have been taken over and if we don't push back then the country is a and a real dangerous resolution. >> julie? >> i think it's interesting how you say that these left-wing authoritarians are extraordinarily burdensome and then you talk about how if they have the run of the world to come they hate you, your boss hates you, your colleagues hate
9:59 am
you, i personally like you all. >> many americans don't agree with left-wing authoritarians but that takes aggressive and adamant people to re-normalize the entire country and that really does merit people in the middle standing up and saying, no. they are going to have to stand up and say, the authoritarians, they are going to have conversations with one another that we do have to have neutral service providers capable of dealing with a wide variety of political viewpoint. >> free speech goes always. but when do people stand up for their country and reclaim their freedom? >> i think they reached the tipping point. i think a lot of people in the middle have basically had enough of the woke authoritarianism
10:00 am
they are seeing in their everyday life. >> morgan? >> i think my question is what so many of our viewers are thinking as we watch now. so what do we do something about this authoritarian movement? >> for that we have to read a book that we are all super excited for. >> "america reports" starts now. >> john: that was a good discussion. fox news alert, unrest in the killing of a six year old girl who was simply riding a scooter with her mother. the suspect has a lengthy rap sheet around the country and police chiefs say the court system is failing us. and that involves violent criminals being left out honors sheet, cut streets. >> president biden: plus pete hegseth is here on a controversy for "the new york times." larry kudlow


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