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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 29, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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golf. >> bill: i was watching golf on the golf channel. >> thank you. i'm so excited, a 100 years ago they brought it back in rio. so we got our boys, we need to bring home the gold. >> yes, and i didn't know that either. >> i am julie banderas in for harris today. fox news alert, a massive surge of covid cases at our southern border as americans face new restrictions and now the biden administration accused of covering up a covid outbreak at a child migrant facility in texas. this is "the faulkner focus." utter chaos as a "new york post" op-ed warning that migrants are just getting worse by the day. some border agents are so overwhelmed that they are simply unable to process the number of
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migrants they are placing under arrest. now it to federal whistle-blowers are saying they were ordered to downplay a covid outbreak among migrant children, and i'm talking hundreds of children at a facility in fort bliss, texas. former acting dhs secretary todd wolf. >> a facility that you're talking about, the press has never been allowed in there so you've never been able to see exactly what's going on. instead of the fact that you are trying to hide or downplay numbers is not surprising to me about what is surprising is that other media outlets and other journalists are not covering this issue. you go back to 2018 and 2019 when we had a crisis along the border, and we left them in the facility to so that we could understand what was going on. >> julie: a texas border town warning, and it that's texas
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democrat congressman henry cuyler. >> it's not fair to my local communities, and we make sure we communicate each other and what i'm asking on the biden administration is to do a pause, do a pause, they need to prioritize border communities and they need to prioritize that men and women of dhs. >> henry cuellar is a democratic congressman speaking out. that's his response to the growing chaos but first we go to rich edson who joins us live in la joya, texas. rich? >> and julie, they are seeing four to 500 migrants are printed in large groups here and this is all part of the rio grande valley where last week the larger sector thought 20,000 apprehensions here.
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we are walking up to border patrol and they also say there is a much different group crossing. they are using these large families as a distraction. >> there are other people crossing, but those people are not here to seek asylum, they are not here to get water, not here to get fed, not here to go to a hotel to be safe, they are here for something else. these are the ones that they go after because they are smuggling these people and taking them to unknown areas to do things that we don't -- they mostly will probably be criminal the majority of the time. >> there are also covid concerns with covert positive migrants staying at a hotel just up the road from here. because of that texas governor greg abbott has issued an executive order authorizing texas law enforcement to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants. although texas does have no authority to enforce federal immigration laws.
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across the state at fort bliss, to whistle-blowers with growth management accompanying migrant children come saying "covid was widespread among children and eventually spread to many employees. hundreds with overcrowded conditions on adequate mask were not consistently provided to children nor was there he is consistently enforced. every effort was made to downplay the degree of covid infection at the site and assigns of the outbreak was deliberately kept under wraps. they also said the managers they refused to tell them at the site how many positive covid cases they had only mentioning that several children needed to go to the hospital. julie? >> julie: thank you. texas governor greg abbott in the meantime and issuing an executive order with the transport of migrants who pose a risk of carrying covid into texas communities. abbott is slamming the biden administration for allowing covid positive migrants to move around freely while hitting
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americans with new rules. >> the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents of america than he does of the residents of america. because he has one standard trying to mask up and vaccinate our fellow americans by allowing free pass into the united states of people with a high probability of covid and then spreading that coalbed in our communities has been shown and its deadly and dangerous. they must be stopped. >> thank you so much for a talking to us this morning. there are very large groups, back-to-back, 845 migrants encountered in just a 24-hour period in rio grande valley. and these covid cases continue to pour in. >> we've never seen this type of migration into our state and
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obviously with covid exposure, that could potentially be deadly for our citizens. so it's hard to understand why the biden administration is so focused on stopping the spread of covid with masks and mandates and vaccination and yet they have opened our border up and are telling people that it's basically okay to, and here we are. we got the spread of covid to going on a greater rate than we did just a few months ago. it's really irresponsible and dangerous for the biden administration to continue this practice. >> this is called the ga 37, it's going to restrict ground transportation for migrants that pose a risk of possibly carrying coronavirus into these texas communities which is of course incredibly unfair. how severe of a punishment will there be to those who don't abide by this rule and how effective of its torrent do you believe this to be? >> i applaud the governor for doing this, he's doing
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everything he can donate biden administration is working against us but what that has allowed the local law enforcement to do is basically stop people that they are suspicious have come across in violation of state and federal law who might have covid and basically send them back to the border. so it's no great punishment, they are just being sent back to the border and pushed through the point of entry to make sure that they don't stay in our state and expose people potentially two more covid. >> what makes this so much worse is that those that are detained are released, so i don't understand what the point is of detaining in the first place. republicans torching the biden administration and there's a report out that states that 50,000 migrants have been released without court dates and they are literally just disappearing into thin air into the u.s. and other communities outside of texas with only 13% of them appearing to the ice officials that they are supposed to meet.
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>> we've taken an amazing step back, this is what happened during the obama administration. people were released and knew that they didn't have a hearing for years and never showed up again. everybody knew basically, now we are back to that same policy. i don't have to stay in mexico where they disappeared into the country but now, we have no idea where that stomach most people are going. >> julie: the tweets on the wall, if we can put them back to see how dumb i could show how it raged, they should be equally outraged calling it utterly lawless and completely asinine and shameful. you believe this is predictable? this is that predictable crisis? >> absolutely. we knew from the obama administration what didn't work and trump had to deal with this for four years and instituting policies like covert
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restrictions, making sure criminals were not released out of prison into our state and our country. and making sure they had to stay in mexico, all of them had been pushed aside knowing how that would happen. we knew that this was going to happen and this was predictable, the biden administration wants this to happen and they wanted to happen knowing that spread of covid will be greater. >> julie: at the white house is still blaming the trump administration and you just touched on that. this has been an issue since the biden administration behind the border crisis, that's really a border chaos, as it releases its plan to deal with the root causes now. that's coming just nearly two months after president vice president harris' visit to guatemala and five months into her role at this point as the person on the crisis. she was opposed by the root of the because when she visited guatemala two months ago. so the plan included addressing
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economic inequality, tackling domestic violence among other issues, what would you say about this plan of the white house is finally putting forward? >> i don't think it's going to work, it will take years to figure out the root cause. these are rules that didn't work before and so to blame the trump administration they keep talking about science as it relates to covid but why don't they just look at the numbers? look at the numbers and how many immigrants we had coming in, and there's no doubt that the change in policy that they think is multiple times worse. >> julie: and the biden administration continues to blame the trump administration when the problems were there for the trump administration which is a lesson that should be learned by all politicians, the blame does not work and get the job done. ken paxton, thank you very much for talking yesterday. one of the most powerful democrats in the house
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dismissing the outrage over critical race theory. he calls the issue a red herring. how these might play and the midterms. plus a partisan showdown on the new mask mandate and it is so on. those who don't comply could face arrest. the name calling and the fury, next. >> the speaker coming down here at 10:00 in the morning and saying we have to wear masks and the people's house while we have thousands of people pouring across our border and democrats don't do a darn thing about it, this institution is a sham and we should adjourn and shut this place down. ♪ ♪ the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate.
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learning the white house is now considering an ultimatum for government employees. get vaccinated or consent to regular testing. after the cdc is at 180, basically, turn on mask wearing, more and more local governments are re-imposing mandates even if you are fully vaccinated. senator ted cruz has this to say about all the power. >> it's pure politics. you know what? yesterday vaccines work. today they still work but as a political matter of the democrats decided they want to control your lives. my view is simple, we shouldn't have federal government mandates on covid. >> julie: peter doocy is live at the white house. >> this isn't necessarily a vaccine mandate, it's mandatory that you get the covid-19 vaccine and if you don't want to it's mandatory that you subject yourself to regular testing and masking. >> while no decision has been finalized i will say that the
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attestation of vaccination for federal employees is a one option under strong consideration. so what we mean by that is confirming, which means confirming vaccination status or abiding by strange covid-19 protocol by mandatory mask wearing evening communities, not with high or substantial spread and regular testing. >> the white house is showing us that vaccinated folks don't need to wear masks everywhere, like in pennsylvania, where the president glad handed with massless factory workers indoors for a while after his remarks wrapped yesterday. not a hot zone for covid as defined by the cdc, but washington is so he had one on when he returned home. elected republicans meanwhile having trouble keeping track of all these regulations and starting to question what exactly they saw that made them update guidance.
8:19 am
>> it's based on a cdc study that's not reported. it's based on a study in india and not america and didn't pass peer review. what you're telling america today is something, what i believe is politics. >> the cdc is saying there is more data that influence their decision to make this massive mask guidance overhaul and they will share it tomorrow. >> julie: then we look forward to that. peter doocy, thank you. >> if you are a capitol police officer, you got orders. he worked at some parts during the day on the house side in some parts on the senate. if a vaccinated staffer comes across on the outside without a mask you are order to arrest them but not on the senate. this is not the america we know and this is not pelosi's house,
8:20 am
this is the people's house. >> julie: the republican lawmakers outraged at the return of the possibility of arrest for not complying and more than a dozen g.o.p. root reps went massless during two votes in open defiance of the capital recommendations. >> in reality the house has to wear them right down the hall and the u.s. and it doesn't have to wear the mask. it's preposterous. >> it's frustrating for us here and frustrating for the americans back home. >> we have a crisis with our border and we are playing footsie with mask mandates and the people's house. it's absolutely absurd with this body is doing. it's an embarrassment, a mockery, and the american people are fed up. >> julie: and things got ugly after house minority leader kevin mccarthy accused pelosi.
8:21 am
>> madam speaker you don't know the facts nor the science. do you know what frustrates americans the most? hypocrisy. this is kind of like telling america, you can go get your hair cut. but you get caught on camera because you do it. just today i watched her in a private meeting not wearing a mask. so do as you say but not as she does? i think america is tired of this type of leadership. >> julie: is joining us now is rachel campos duffy, and richard goodstein, former advisor to bill and hillary clinton. are your heads on straight after watching that? i mean, my god. first of all nancy pelosi has been seen in public even during the mask mandate and i remember during the height of covid at a
8:22 am
hair salon not wearing a mask and she's now being called out by mccarthy for not wearing a mask. when the cameras are on she has her mask. the cdc is making regulations for all of those -- there is the video of her in a hair salon. this was before everyone had been vaccinated so much more dire time. is there hypocrisy? i mean, my roots were 4 inches long. >> mind to. everyone was so angry about this hypocrisy. but it didn't include what he said about the border. so you are telling us that you are going to reimpose instant restrictions on the american people as you open the border to people coming across our border from countries that are very low vaccination rates. we know in some of the detention centers, covid rates are up
8:23 am
900%. all of this is very troubling and every member that dr. fauci was asked, are you going to say something about the border, or people that are coming across the border? and he said i don't want to get political about this but it is political at this point. the american people can see through it and they are mad. with all the members of congress they are reflecting how their constituents feel and there is a cultural divide in this country. you have red states and blue states, and you will see red states opening up. >> even those in the cdc, the mass guidance are calling it a confusing message and even a cnn medical analyst calling the messaging astonishingly bad. at cnn's john berman pressed cdc director resolve or wilensky on the issue yesterday. >> this is something coming from unvaccinated people to unvaccinated people, correct?
8:24 am
>> for the most part absolutely. >> so you can understand the frustration from those people that are vaccinated saying, why do i have to pay the price for this? >> if you are vaccinated and you are one of those people, you have a reasonably high chance of nobody's wearing a mask to interact with people who may be infectious. >> again, this is just a small percentage of the concern. >> a very small percentage. in fact speaking of percentage, only zero-point for a 0% of people are reporting cases. so why is it that those like myself who have been vaccinated or having to take the fall for mixed messages coming from the federal government? >> i agree with kevin mccarthy, the republicans are trying to make this mask issue
8:25 am
political. but they don't want to talk about the 6.5% economic growth of the last quarter, doubled donald trump's best. they don't want to talk about the 850,000 jobs created, that's way beyond anything donald trump could have dreamed of, the stock market was hitting all-time highs. it's political because republicans don't want to talk about was actually happening. so of course, this delta variant as we know has 1200 times the viral load of the covid virus that we were accustomed to and vaccinated against. so yes, breakthrough cases are small now but as of rachel wolinsky said to come of the it. >> can i say one thing? there are a lot of reasons why people don't -- have not taken a vaccine, people like myself who have had cobeta whose doctors
8:26 am
don't want them to take the vaccine. so there is a lot of lying by omission and lying about the rates of children, we know zero children who are healthy that have died of covid and yet they are talking about masking our children for the rest of the year. people have lost faith in the cdc because -- i never forget when the cdc told us not to wear a mask of the beginning of saying it wouldn't protect us and i knew from the second i heard that i would wear my mask. and after all we were all mandated to wear them. moving on, the third highest ranking democrat announced denying critical race day is a real issue. watch this. >> not all this activity we see going on all about the critical race theory. at theory is the operative word. we did not teach theory in elementary school. this is a red herring. this is what people are trying to use in order to spread
8:27 am
strife. >> in the meantime the author of a new op-ed says there are two lessons to learn when fighting a new crt. the first is that exposure and american people can never let up. president joe biden has surrounded himself with committed ideologues who themselves have appointed mid-level managers devoted to far leftist causes and are determined to impose these ideas on the rest of us. richard? your thoughts? >> this focus on critical race theory is that reminiscent of the focus, remember some years ago, had it so happens that there's a big overlap between the people propounding concerns about crt and people who think that donald trump won the election. there are is no coincidence, and
8:28 am
somebody talked about it on fox news and donald trump picked it up because it came after we saw george floyd's life snuffed out. and we need to do something about it. and it was only then that we heard all this concern about critical race theory. honestly i tend to think that jim clyburn is onto something. >> julie: so congressman jim clybourn, is they say that he doesn't exist and yet the federal education department is granting grant preference to people and districts who are teaching it. you have the teachers union endorsing it in their bylaws and passing it and you have them teaching their teachers how to fight back against parents who want it gone. here's the deal. there's a cottage industry and it's very ideologically driven and there are also a bunch of people who are over credentialed
8:29 am
and it done who are creating a business out of teaching our kids how to go to little marxist activists and teaching them to hate america. it's happening and parents know it because her kids were home on zoom for a year and they thought themselves. don't believe your lying eyes and that we need to keep the pressure on and expose. it's wrong and it's hurting our children and they can't even do the basics like teach them how to read or write. we got to wrap it up. >> i'm just so angry about it. do your job, teach them how to read and write, not race relations and teach them how to hate america. >> let's hope all of our kids are in school come september. rachel and richard, thank you very much, we appreciate it. president biden again refusing to answer basic questions just days after berating a reporter for going off-topic with her question. plus this. >> we have called on the council
8:30 am
to make sure they fd the needs of the metropolitan police department. >> washington, d.c.,'s mayor now calling for more police crime surges, that's a very public support from blm which wants to defund the police. joe concha ways and on all of this next.
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8:36 am
>> president biden: you are such a pain in the neck. if i'm not going to answer any more questions about afghanistan. look, it's the fourth of july. i'm concerned that you guys are asking me questions i will answer next week when it's a holiday weekend. you guys are bad, i'm not supposed to be answering all these questions. >> joe concha joins us now. when he says, i'm not supposed to be answering this, he's being told not to answer this. so those that are telling him are giving him this advice, apparently don't believe that he is, it may be qualified to answer these questions that he's not prepared to answer and so therefore they are making him make a reporter stick to the topic. it was the last time he watched a news conference for the recorder stuck to one single topic? >> amazing, right? the candidate, he received more than 81 million votes, the most in u.s. history is also the most scripted and protected president
8:37 am
and the press in modern times. jen psaki literally bragged about it, we don't like and taking questions when we don't want him to come up this is a handle with them. they are now at 126 days and counting since president held a formal press conference. since election day nearly 270 days ago he's held exactly one so that begs the question, what are joe biden and his hands are so afraid of? if they are confident in their argument that trillions in new spending was somehow lower inflation which they claim is only temporary anyway than they should field questions about that. if they are confident in their solutions addressing skyrocketing crime and violent cities than they should address that. mr. president, i we stop the avalanche of losing police officers in record numbers? that's a lot of questions of the president hasn't been able to answer in any real articulate form and that's why his handlers don't want him taking questions because they are simply not confident that he can deliver the message that they want. >> julie: i want to turn now to the crime crisis ripping through america, many democratic
8:38 am
mayors are pushing for more police after the city approval approved defunding the department. here's d.c. mayor muriel bowser amid a surge in violent crime in our nation's capital. >> i will be sending an additional $11 million supplemental budget request to the council this week to allow for the hiring of 20 new officers in fy 21 and 150 new officers in fy 22. we need adequate funding to move forward. >> julie: and one of the most devastating crimes in d.c., this adorable little girl. her life, gone in an instant. a drive-by shooting killing 6-year-old nayak courtney and the police believe they have a suspect, and that person seen on your screen has been charged in her death. joe, the city council voted to
8:39 am
divert millions of dollars to defund of a police department and she is however a vocal supporter of blm which supports defunding and by defunding the police the most idiotic narrative was heard throughout this entire crime wave, we need more police on the streets. those police on the streets need to be empowered. now they are finally getting in the game, is it too late? >> it's hard to put the toothpaste back in a tube as they say and it's not just hiring 150 more police officers, that's a good start. you'd make the argument that you need a lot more in the city like washington but it's also the judicial system. if that doesn't mean he talks about all that much but when you have suspects being captured and then actually charged, and put back on the streets to commit more crime, this is basically a two-pronged type of problem that you have here but it's hard to see who wins the razzing for the worse the mayor our lifetime. de blasio in new york cut
8:40 am
$1 billion, and we live here and it's crazy. lori lightfoot and chicago, we have stripped them of money, strip them of manpower and meanwhile last year that rhetoric that we talked about, mostly peaceful riots, they supported that in march in those marches and now we are all paying those prices >> those democratic leaders that are now thinking, what did we do, and now we are here and it's very hard to backtrack, l.a.p.d., l.a. being one of those democratic cities, he slams progressive police policies, watch. >> crime does pay right now across the country. criminals know that they have the green light to do what they want to do because instead of holding them accountable, criminals have no fear of consequences because they know they will get slapped on the wrist. >> no consequences whatsoever. if you do get arrested here in new york city you get released just like that so where are the
8:41 am
consequences? >> it's a revolving door. if you are a republican running in 2022 for the police, because her senate, they owned this. and when you have a country where it's more expensive to live and less safe to live in it, the party in power pays dearly and that's what you will see next year if this trend continues. there's no reason to believe that it won't. >> julie: joe concha, thank you. president joe biden had people scratching their heads with this comment, closely. >> president biden: anyway. i used to drive an 18-wheeler, man. >> julie: who knew. lawmakers are having a tough time explaining that claim. plus making progress or just caving to pc pressure? the kansas city chiefs putting its longtime mascot out to pasture and lots of fans are not
8:42 am
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>> julie: of the senate voted last night to move forward with that $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, all 50 democratic senators voted in favor, but not all house dems are on board. squad members alexandria ocasio-cortez and cori bush putting to issues of race and diversity when it comes to the spending bill. chad pergram is all over this and he joins us live on capitol hill with more. >> democrat on democrat violence democrat kyrsten sinema backs the bipartisan package but not the $3 trillion democratic bill. >> the word in this town at all across the country from the naysayers is that bipartisanship is dead. and that government is broken. we are here to say, no. it works. it takes time, it is hard. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez
8:48 am
blasts kyrsten sinema and accuse the democrat of taking the bigger democratic bill. she tweeted it "is this a bipartisan infrastructure group or the audience at a kid rock concert. and they have some work to do. >> talking to members, and that racial equity is embedded throughout the bill. they are withholding their boat through the partisan bill, >> i don't know what it is and hoping for the best. they need it progressives on board and they can only lose four votes in the house and as we always say julie, this is about the math.
8:49 am
the math, the math. back to you. >> julie: is so president biden gets his presidents mixed up apparently during a speech yesterday in pennsylvania. was it a freudian slip? >> back in 2009 during the so-called great recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece with president trump. excuse me, freudian slip. that was the last president. >> lots of head scratching on twitter. one reads, i feel like joe biden might not know what a freudian slip is. another asked, what is going on? during the same speech the president leaves the audience hanging after promising to remind them of the three reasons he ran for the white house. >> i said i was running for three reasons. one to restore the soul of this country a sense of decency and honor. but secondly to rebuild the
8:50 am
backbone of the country. hardworking, low class folks who built this country. and i want to point out, unions felt the middle class. [cheers and applause] that's not a joke. >> julie: no, it's not a joke but he did mention he was going to go for three reasons and i believe i only counted too. anyway, with me now is at jimmy's a lot, host of "fox across america" radio show. so first of all, a freudian slip does not apply when you completely make a mistake. >> it wasn't even close in terms of an analogy but it was like, you can't blame biden for not knowing who was in charge of the last administration because he doesn't know who's in charge of this administration. if you are paying attention to this presidency i always say biden is like the elderly relative with dietary restrictions. that's been the biden presidency, and he's like all
8:51 am
have the moderation and aoc is like he can't have the moderation, bring in the socialism. that's what's going on. he's a mess. i feel like when you watch this every day we are suffering from almost like that dereliction of duty and what i mean by that is, if you know that trump said good morning to someone at 1:00 p.m., we'd be like 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. is he cognitively gone? biden quits talking in the middle of the sentence. and that's a truck he never drove, because he had a flashback to an episode of bj in the bear. we have to check out bandera's, we got to check her out. >> julie: as mentioned during biden's tour of a mack truck facility yesterday company raised eyebrows again when he made this claim. >> president biden: look. you guys can be the cutting edge of change, it will take place in the next ten years and you're not going to believe.
8:52 am
anyway, i used to drive an 18-wheeler man. >> yeah, that's awesome. >> julie: i don't think the white house can back that claim up because i have to say that was one qualification i don't recall that was mentioned when he was running for president, driving an 18-wheeler which you need a special license for. >> there is no world where he drove a truck, and they know that. >> he did ride as a passenger which is more than i've have. >> in 76 my mom put a quarter and a truck outside of the pathmark. >> i was once a passenger on an airplane, i'm also a pilot. >> yes julie banderas is now the sully sullenberger of fox news. it's completely absurd and i feel so bad for the members of this administration who have to
8:53 am
clean this stuff up. and and that has to translate both people's language into english. >> i would never want to be an interpreter for any politician. and war paint, that horse that has been put out to pasture, that's the horse that the kansas city chiefs mascot, and the team however says it does not plan to change its name which some consider offensive to native americans and last year that team banned native american headdresses and said it's reviewing the practice of the arrowhead top where fans mimic tomahawk tops. loads of social media reactions, one snarky tweet reading come of my ancestors identify as horses,
8:54 am
and there was always such disrespect to people identifying as horses. having to watch a horse every sunday run around a football field almost made a life worth not living. thank you hero mark donovan for saving us. i would like to say thank you to joe schmo who wrote that tweet because it was hilarious. >> arrested retired, it was true for mental health reasons. but to be clear if we were really talking about the seriously, nothing is more offensive at a football game then the beer prices. but if you want to talk about faux horse outrage, the chiefs didn't do this to help native americans and as you know they did this to help themselves. that's a problem with the air we live in, everything is symbolic because we live in the age of activism where it is more to act like you care. so they have the lowest mortality rate in the country.
8:55 am
>> julie: by the way who is paying $15.75? have you not heard of a roadie? let me talk to about not paying that kind of price for beer. next show, thank you jimmy for talking to us, we appreciate it. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" as up next. don't go anywhere, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more.
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>> emily: fox news alert, we are just hours away from president biden unveiling the next steps in his vaccine push as he now weighs a mandate regarding federal workers. this is "outnumbered." i am emily compagno. here today, fox news correspondent julie banderas, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy, former state department spokesperson kevin morgan ortagus, and editor in chief of the daily wire, host


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