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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 29, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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instances were president biden forgot is a biography, today he's improving with only one. >> in 2009 during the so-called great recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece and donald trump -- that was a freudian slip, the last president. president obama when i was vice president. >> gutfeld is next. >> thursday, july 2, '09, covid crisis meets the border crisis, shocking claims of the covid covered by the white house. >> coming to an agreement on infrastructure package when progressives to the price tag should be much much higher, attacking members of the room party to get it. >> that definition is to make our planet cooler, the federal
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regulatory commission. >> balls of congress becoming a concert hall, the house for rap getting plenty of reaction this morning. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪♪ >> janice: happy thursday. >> is that the first time fergie has been invoked on the floor? jillian: probably. interesting song choice. we are going to get to that little later. got bring it to them. todd: we will bring that later. straight to the border crisis, greg abbott bans transportation of migrants who could be infected with covid.
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>> to protect communities after illegal immigrants into local hotels. tensions -- griff jenkins joins us as whistleblowers claim biden officials ordered them to downplay a covert outbreak. what is that about? >> good morning. a lot happening, this executive order is interesting, governor abbott banning ground transportation by anyone other than federal state or local wasn't official to stop the spread of covid in texas communities and authorizing the ps to pull over anyone who violates that? >> the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents, one senator trying to mask up and vaccinate our fellow americans but by allowing free pass into the united states of people with the highest probability of covid and then spreading that covid in our communities. >> reporter: this after news the catholic charity placing covid
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positive migrants into a local hotel. a police sergeant said they only found that when a customer at a whatohberger witnessed and amassed migrant families needing and coughing, flacking down office to who process the family a few days earlier and they tested positive for covid. >> we did not know this, no one told the city of lawyer, no one told the police department these people were here and no one told us these people were possibly ill. >> this as the rgb secretary seeing spike among cases, and according to congressman henry cuellar, 70 border patrol agents are positive. >> those men and women have families and if they get sick and go home to their families it's not fair to the border community to leave people who are sick.
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>> reporter: at fort bliss two federal whistleblowers alleging in a complaint to four congressional committees they were instructed to downplay a covid outbreak. hhs is not commenting in the washington post reports the administration is halti carley: thank you. when the cdc sued -- issued the mask mandate in areas of high transmission people said what does that mean for me? mi in an area of high transmission? the answers most likely is because 75% of the countries in higher substantial transition, then you have mandated request all over the country. avenue, kansas the, boise, idaho, a mask mandate in the house but his grip was talking about when you go to the
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southern border people are crossing the border from countries that have outbreaks of covid and nothing is being done and that hypocrisy has texas congressman should boy all fired up this morning. >> we have a crisis at the border and we are playing footsie with mask mandate in the people's house. it is absurd what this body is doing in the people's house. it is an embarrassment, a mockery in the american people are fed up. they want to go back to live, to business, to school, to be put in the corner, mental health issues. >> covid cases this week 27% of unaccompanied children happening in the southern border. we are looking at people squeezing their way through because of what he wants to come in, none of those people wearing masks and across the country
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vaccinated people are being asked to her masks. >> republicans looking at 2022, the midterms, hitting two big themes between now and then, when the rising crime throughout the country. number 2 to consistently point out the hypocrisy, we have to wear masks even though we are vaccinated, the individuals can cross the border willy-nilly without any concern as to their covid status. i would point that out every single location and not let democrats forget it in november of 2022 and really use visuals to tell the story. house minority leader kevin mccarthy used a lot of visuals while calling nancy pelosi a hypocrite. take a listen. >> you know what frustrates americans the most? hypocrisy. telling american you can't get your hair cut, but you get caught on camera as you do.
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tell people you can't go out to dinner but in my same state, a state the individual governor, the governor went out to dinner. >> keep adding those visuals, keep using those clips playing them over and over again if you're running for congress and is mind-boggling that after all this time the 2020 election is in the past that so many people hate trump still so much they are willing to ignore this hypocrisy to this day. the election is over. and i the candidates now and look what is happening. >> we are in a different place now than last year where everybody has the opportunity to get the vaccine of the good news, about 50% of americans have gotten the vaccine. the people have natural
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immunity, that's why they don't want to get the vaccine, they are very young and they have weighed the risks. when the vaccine is available for everyone to be stop living like we're in the middle of the pandemic and speaking of the pandemic timeline, scott gottlieb announced good news about the delta variant, take a listen. >> i don't think that is the case, the we will get enough bang for our buck by telling vaccinated people they have to wear masks at all time to make it worth while. we are further into the delta wave, another 2 or 3 weeks we will be through this, the new guidance will have a negligible impact. >> 2 to 3 weeks and we are being asked to mask up again even if we been vaccinated. scott gottlieb says we will be out of the delta variant in 2 to 3 weeks. pray to god that is right. >> an obama appointee. we move on, overnight the senate
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agreeing today, bipartisan indestructible. >> it includes $550 billion in new spending but a lot to work out. ashley strohmeyer joins us to break it down. >> reporter: they advanced infrastructure that setting up a final vote in the coming days, president biden calling the agreement the most significant investment in infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century. what is included in this deal, $550 billion in new spending, $110 billion for roads, bridges and major projects and $15 billion toward electric vehicle infrastructure, $65 billion high-speed internet. >> a time when washington seems broken, this group of members behind me came together along with others and decided to do something great for our country.
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every american believes roads and bridges, ports, waterways and even the digital infrastructure needs to be updated. >> at the same time democrats are trying to push their own bill for reconciliation that includes $579 billion in new spending but in order to pass the bill needs to pour from every democrat in the senate. moderate democratic senator kirsten cinema says she can't support expensive the line is already facing backlash from the squad. allocated ocasio cortez, good luck taking your own's investment on climate action and infrastructure while presuming you will survive a 3 boathouse margin especially after choosing to exclude members of color from negotiations and calling that bipartisan accomplishment. nancy pelosi says she hasn't seen what is included in the bipartisan bill, she can't support it yet but she said she wouldn't put the bill on the
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house for until democrats bill passed through reconciliation. >> the squad slams you you are doing something right. >> a political survey reveal 60% of registered voters believe president biden as policy for feeling the 13 year and inflation, 20% of voters call has economic policy somewhat responsible. another 39% said they were very responsible. the cost of goods rise under biden some are pushing for high-priced priorities like canceling 50,$000 of student loan debt. congresswoman ilhan omar tweeting just as cases arising again the eviction moratorium is ending, student loan payment moratorium is ending. cancel student debt, invest in affordable housing, this crisis is preventable. >> the olympics, living up to the type claiming the first
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individual gold medal of his career in 100 years, leaving kyle chalmers setting a new olympic record addressing the gold-medal, second of the morning for team usa, a surprise injury from bobby fink, the limited view of the hundred meter freestyle, not to be confused from tobias funk for arrested development with the final lap. >> the us women gymnastics team is moving ahead without simone biles, the superstar expressing gratitude for the outpouring of love and support after she dropped out over mental health concerns tweeting it has made me realize i am more than my accomplishments in gymnastics which i never truly believed before. todd: not far behind, olympic medals surged.
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look at that. a random country put on the chart kicking our buts. jillian: seattle's mayor cheered on the cop freezing last summer but now wants more officers on the street. our next guest says leadership like that inspired him to run for congress on a make crime illegal again platform. matt larkin joins us next. heather: impact alone cannot beat tom brady at the super bowl but shattered one of the legendary's qb's records. weight for that. ♪♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart - david ruffin ♪ my bad, my bad...
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good race! -you too! you were tough out there... thank you, i'm getting you next time though. oh i got you, i got you. hamblin goes down. d'agostino helps hamblin back up. are you okay? -yeah. jillian: fox news alert parts of alaska under tsunami warnings following a powerful 8.2 earthquake off the coast of the peninsula, police advising residents to move to higher ground, there have been two strong aftershocks. todd: washington dc mayor muriel
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bowser refunding in hopes of adding more officers amid rising crime. >> i will send an additional $11 million supplemental budget request to the council this week to allow for the hiring of 20 new officers in fiscal year 21, 120 new officers in fiscal year 2022. todd: a break in the case in one of dc's most high profile shootings, for allegedly killing 6-year-old naia courtney. >> refunding police a trend, the mayor of seattle pushing to rebuild its to pleaded police force after six ever shootings rocked the city over the weekend. >> as a city we cannot continue
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this trajectory of losing police officers. it is a false choice between community led solutions and police officers. we need both. >> the seattle police department lost 250 police officers in the past 17 months. here with why we need to make crime illegal again washington state congressional candidate matt lark in. thanks for being here. for a moment that the fund movement started we had most of our guests come on this program and say these liberal mayors are going to regret this. why didn't jenny durgin see that? >> we are all asking that and we've seen rising crime in washington state for a long time now and now it is spiking, not the time to be cutting law enforcement and that is why my
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campaign is running on a simple principle, keep our communities safe, back our men and women in blue and make crime illegal again, these are common sense things. my 8-year-old son can distill it down to one sentence, we watching news the other day he turns to me and says if they could've police who is going to keep us safe. i love it when a child shows more intellectual maturity than the seattle city council and that is what is happening here. >> seattle mayor jenny durgin probably have the quote of the year last year during the chop zone near where she had this to say about it. >> we got four blocks in seattle you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere. >> how long will it look like this? >> we could have a summer of love. >> fast forward to 2021, not the summer of love, shootings up by 41%. i don't want to believe in the
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past but the mayor and the city council expect was going to happen here? >> murders are up in seattle 61% and these are real statistics, things that affect our communities, things that make our washington citizens feel unsafe, you're not only seeing it in seattle but creeping out of seattle and that is what i'm hearing in my district, people are scared that seattle policies are rippling out of seattle and we are seeing at all the way out in washington dc so we've got to do something about it with the soft on crime rhetoric, soft on crime policies are not the answer those flippant remarks from the mayor last summer were astounding to me, this as people are locking police officers in the central precinct and trying to bring the building down, people throwing flaming spears
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into occupied police cars and yet there is no leadership, the mayor never once stood up for our men and women in blue and that is not okay and that's not just our mayor, we are seeing that from far left leaders in this country, they are not taking the stance to protect those folks putting their lives in the line for us every single day. todd: how you reverse this trend? >> it is leadership, we need to step up, say vocally and loudly we've got your back. we also need to enforce the law, not to harbor point but make crime illegal again, we are not prosecuting crime because not only does the far left not want to prosecute crime, once the crime is prosecuted they use every excuse possible to let those who have been prosecuted out of jail.
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>> eric adams is expected to be the next mayor of new york city because he ran an anticrime platform. you are running on anticrime platform as well. do you think this trend will spread across the country? do you think we are entering a probe police era? >> i do, i certainly hope so. people are fed up with it. people want to feel safe, grandparents want to feel safe to take into the neighborhood ice cream shop. people want to the kids roaming the neighborhood's, going to cities to catch ballgames or see a show, people are sick and tired of this crime wave, and got to do something about it and that is why my campaign is gaining so much support. we are seeing a huge influx of people coming to the fold and saying we want to get behind you, how do we stop this stuff and that is what i'm fighting for. todd: senator ted cruz left the white house until official speechless with this one question. >> do you have an interest why
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the administration has not sanctioned china for repeated cyberattacks over and over again against the united states? todd: what is being done about the cyberattacks? >> a pro-worker agenda but also pushing spending plans that are expected to raise your taxes? our next guest attended one of trump's made in america events at the white house, she will show you which administration is that are for business.
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todd: abrasion robbery, video, two thieves ransacking a beauty store in california emptying out the store's perfume section, perfume stolen out of her hands. >> picks one up, i remember, snatching it out of my hand not
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even sharply because we never had anybody touch us before. >> these people need the perfume to survive was that employee quit her job. no arrests have been made. california governor gavin do some, the window of all wine shop, police have not made any arrests. san francisco is plagued by a rash of burglaries. carley: president biden stops to push his by american message. >> we are going to check it. >> president biden: i am in deadly earnest. carley: didn't donald from champion the made in america message first? our ceo joins us, good morning. >> how are you?
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carley: president biden wants to increase the percentage of products considered made in america to 60%, currently at 55. how do you feel about this push? >> it is such a tiny amount it is not going to help anything. he's just out there trying to get something cash you like made in america but he's been in there for 47 years and never done anything about it so at 5% is that going to help? >> speaking of helping i was reading about the current state of your business and you say you are having serious supply chain issues. what is going on? >> the supply chain, i'm not going to mention companies that
1:31 am
we make a life-saving product and mommy armor is having to be put on hold because of the supply chain break, these are american-made companies we are waiting for our manufacturer who is in florida, waiting for another american-made manufacturer to give us some pieces to our puzzle and every time we hear it is 12 to 16 weeks it is 12 to 16 weeks so we are not able to make a lot of product but we are making great time, and starting to find ways to think outside the box and how we can cut costs and possibly make our product a little different. >> i met you in 2019 at a made in america event so when this topic came up you were the perfect person to talk to and i was so impressed by your business so tell us a little more about your company. >> i have a couple companies, i often get what don't you do? manufactured in the united
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states, i came up with making my product in america when i was 16 years old so i have been doing this since i was 16. i knew someday i would own a company and would make sure it was american-made because i worked at best buy and an older gentleman said i'm looking for an american microwave. i said that doesn't exist. he was very upset at me and scolded me and i looked at him and said whose generation screwed that up, mine or yours? my generation didn't ship that to china or stop buying american, yours did. if i ever own a company i will make sure it is american-made. i came with two other products, once for children and water and another safety device, very
1:33 am
affordable lower-priced item and another for fire jumpers. >> saving a lot of live so that is why it is so important why it is important to make those products. inflation is a topic of conversation. i'm sure you want your products to be as affordable as possible. >> inflation is here and we are finding small pieces of the puzzle but we can get manufactured on our own. we are trying to make our product go down. where it hurts me is the grocery store. i'm waiting for supplies to get here but inflation is hurting me at the gas tank with my expedition which is $80 to fill rather than when trump was voicing.
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carley: the ceo of arm lock which helps people from drowning, so many incredible ideas. >> thanks for having me back. todd: patrick m aholmes, rookie trading card, $4.3 million, only selling for $3.1 million, the quarterback holds the title of winter, the buyer chose to remain, but bought it himself. >> $4.3 million for brady. that is expensive for a card. i don't get the card thing. no judgment. it is kind of the same thing.
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time is 34 after the hour, whistleblowers claim volunteers were told to downplay the covid outbreak among migrant children in the texas shelter, jessica von predicted is the tip of the iceberg. ♪♪ h belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be.
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lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> reporter: 39 after the hour, bombshell complaint filed by federals was claims volunteers were told to downplay ago the migraine outbreak in a texas shelter earlier this year is the us season 900% spiking covid positive migrants in border patrol custody. you to react, director of policy studies at the center for immigration studies jessica von. the key line of this report, quote, a sheet was passed around with detailed instructions to make everything some positive
1:40 am
about the fort. express. every effort was made to downplay the degree of the size of the outbreak was to literally kept under wraps. wise this administration hell-bent on ignoring, the border while restricting americans the citizens, doing the right thing everywhere else. >> the biden administration knows this is a disaster happening at the border, that americans are not happy about it, legal immigrants are not happy about it and no one is happy about the lockdown on activities in the pandemic but they know that if people realize what was happening they would be getting much more pushback. the biden administration, this is a self-inflicted problem they are having. they reversed the trump administration's successful border patrol policies in favor of letting everyone in, the
1:41 am
biden administration has done nothing to stop it, they know it is not popular so they have to have it happened under the radar so when things go wrong at the shelters that are completely overwhelmed with the number of kids and families that have arrived they've got to suppress it, they can't take the scrutiny or the criticism, they don't want people to know what is happening so the reaction is to keep people from finding out what has happened. >> how did they not see this coming? we knew we would get the vaccine in the united states before other countries, we knew other countries were not going to have high vaccination rates, then the individuals are poor and trying to seek asylum and not getting access to the vaccine. how did this not calculate in the mind of the white house? >> they did know about it, they had 200 briefings from border and customs officials before they took office, they knew that if they relax the policies at
1:42 am
the border that migrants around the world will respond to this invitation as they call it. they thought they could manage it, they thought they could keep people from finding out about it, they knew they could count on their allies in the news media to look the other way and thought they could get away with it but this is concerning because we are talking about kids and public health and the larger american population and it is a combination of incompetence and being overwhelmed in this situation but they could do something about it, they know what it takes to secure the border, they just don't want to do it. todd: texas, greg abbott restricting as police learn covid positive illegal immigrants were sent to hotels following this whataburger
1:43 am
encounter. the officer approached the family at this restaurant, they had been apprehended by border patrol days prior and they were sick with covid. they were released because they were sick with covid. why would they do that? >> because they don't know what else to do. they don't have capacity to hold everyone in custody and quarantine them as would be the appropriate health response. they are listening to the open borders advocates for these migrants who say you have to release people as quickly as possible to let them apply for asylum which most of them never do. in june alone there were 75,000
1:44 am
illegal migrants released all over the country and most will never apply for asylum or hearings or anything like that. the burden is falling on local communities that have to accommodate them and taxpayers are picking up the pieces of this policy. >> where is the concern for people at the restaurant like whataburger, appreciate your time. >> senator ted cruz something the panel of doj officials and others when he asked this question about china. >> do you have an answer as to why the administration has not sanctioned china for repeated cyberattacks over and over again against the united states? i think that is a question the administration should answer.
1:45 am
>> the administration formally blamed china for the cyberattack on microsoft the compromised computers earlier this year worldwide, president biden held off on sanctions thank officials are, quote, determining exactly what happened. >> this is another choice, congressman attempting to make climate action relevant by channeling this pop singer. >> ♪♪ up in the gym ♪♪ just working on ♪♪ >> sean kasten making 6 fergie and on out for while giving a speech on climate change, take a listen. >> i rise to continue our celebration as climate activist fergie would say, the for -- to make our planet cooler. this is it.
1:46 am
the federal energy regulatory commission having a well air-conditioned home when it is hot hot is forcadelicious. >> not allow. jillian: i appreciate him for committing. >> he displayed a photo album cover. >> it is a good song. >> i like comedians who plan jokes. coming up president biden did drive a big rig, he used to drive an insane wheeler from delaware to scranton but even the white house struggling to back that up. i promised the comedian, we will talk about it next. >> from our best friends at fox that download the foxwoods super 6 aaron and play for a chance to
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of the country. hard-working middle-class folks that this country. unions built the middle-class. it is not a joke. todd: here to react, jimmy, while roves give me 3 reasons biden's slip up should worry america. >> reporter: president biden didn't run for president. there were more elvis sightings than biden sightings, there was no running but we should be concerned because the engine is running but nobody behind the wheel. jillian: what do you think the
1:52 am
reason was? >> his wife wanted him out of the house, wanted to be first lady. todd: if president biden got into your cab would you do? how would you assess president biden? >> you pick up old men who make up stories, when they can tell you what i'm interested they will throw something, that is the time i met joe dimaggio, that is very much who he is. i don't think he is in charge, we make that joke all the time, this presidency is an itunes user agreement, fine, now we have no border security, just clicking yes and moving on. jillian: some people have said about the second term what is he going to do?
1:53 am
>> what is he going to do in four years? i guess they get to the reception at the basement in delaware. i don't know. play dominoes? there is no world where he is running. right now he is acting like in his late hundreds, the rest of the world is not taking their cues, they saw him follow up the stairs. i don't mean to make fun of him, he is our president but democrats say we are the party of youth in the country needs new blood, they need new blood like transfusions. >> you mention the engine running but nobody behind the wheel. the white house struggling to defend president biden's claim that he used to drive an 18 wheeler truck. >> i used to drive an 18 wheeler. i got to. >> is the establishment we all do but is another brian williams
1:54 am
moment? >> they don't know what is going to come out of his mouth. i'm enjoying it because he will tell people he is batman, there's no world where he drove an 18 wheeler, where anyone is putting them behind the wheel of a car. >> white house spokesperson was asked about this, they did some the research and pointed to a 1973 article from the wilmington evening journal that shows president biden wrote in an 18 wheeler. he road -- >> the two hardest. working people, the people who do the deep dive to justify, no one is working hard in the final language interpreter who has to figure out. jillian: he drove a school bus. >> i rode a horse in front of the supermarket after putting a
1:55 am
quarter in it. he was a bad dude. >> am going to meet jimmy phelan, you will ask me the question the bible fail,. you succeeded at comedy. thanks. >> coming in live is huge. >> i'm not still out from the night before. i did wake up. jillian: thanks be to show it. so conscious of and congressman michael walsh all joining us live in the next hour of "fox and friends first".
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>> the covid crisis meets the border crisis, shocking claims of the covid cover-up by the white house. >> watch out for your wallet, senators, to an agreement on infrastructure package but progressives say it should be higher, much higher and are attacking members of their own party to get it. >> back in 2009 during the so-called great recession -- under president obama.


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