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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 29, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening but as always, thank you for being with us. i have some good news. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. i'll help you set your dvr, have a great night. >> laura: i am a laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from a very busy washington tonig laura: this is the ingraham angle from a busy a california restaurant owner decided to new gavin newsom's new edict throwing up in his eatery to the unvaccinated and maskless. why is doing it his own way and is not scared of the repercussions was one of the most embarrassing displays he will receive from a sitting united states congressman.
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the cringe worthy video in seen and unseen. but first our general discontent, the focus of tonight's angle. toward the end of the show last night i interviewed a guest you never heard of before. a marine veteran and student at hillsdale college shared a shocking story that speaks volumes about the state of today's current military leadership. major general patrick donohoe, at fort benning, georgia, has so much time on his hands that he decided to pick a fight with lipin, a combat veteran noted that while the dod lost 26 service members due to covid, in the last 1:45,020, 26 additional servicemembers have taken their own lives compared to the prior year.
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strangely defense you and sensitive general donohoe accused him of engaging in false equal policy and issued this courageous tweet. hillsdale, come get your boy. in other words shut him up for me. shut him up. what a pathetic and predictable eighth grade girlish response from a person with such influence and stature. >> when you hear him spouting m s nbc talking points that shows the quality of level of education and thought process that goes across all the services. we have 906 admirals and generals and it is a ideologically similar group, they spent 20 years in afghanistan, $2.4 trillion in american taxpayer money, we lost
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2300 servicemembers and left bagram air force base in the middle of the night. americans should be angry and demanding answers. >> the politicized military is becoming institutionalized. every taxpaying american funding this nonsense. at a house hearing the chairman of the joint chiefs general mark really sounded more like a blm officer then a military officer. >> i want to understand white rage and i'm weight. what is wrong with understanding, having a situational understanding of the country we are here to defend? >> lloyd austen sensing the political landmine this could trigger tried to claim this is all a big misunderstanding. >> this is not something the
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united states military is embracing and pushing and causing people to subscribe to. >> can you agree that understanding whiteness and white rage, over 100 cadets probably something we shouldn't be teaching our future leaders of the united states army? >> as you have described it sounds like that is something that should not occur. laura: you know what should occur? a complete top to bottom review and reform of our armed forces, the depressing truth is we haven't won the war in decades. we couldn't defeat the taliban, didn't bring peace and stability to iraq. the militaries filled with courageous men and women being abysmally served by the leadership so our romantic ideal of america's our military leaders comes from old movies
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and riveting history but a lot of things have changed. do we even really know how top commanders are chosen today? i think a cursory review of recent history would find that getting promoted through the ranks today has to do with one success on and off the battlefield than it does with how one plays the current political game. the pentagon is under the spell of corporate america. contrary to what austen said in adhering it has gone totally woke. we need a military led by men and women who stand above the political fray and focus on the mission of defending our national interests. certainly not leaders or more focused on their post military job prospects more than they are in improving our war fighting capability. we are at a fork in the road for
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our top military brass. we see what happens the credibility of other institutions that forget with their original mission is. just look at the eroding faith in the public health sector with all the stop and starts on covid. a few years ago most americans would have listened to with the head of the cdc had to say about any given health threat but now a lot of people are just tuning him out. fauci as no one to blame but himself, ditto for the capitol police who testified on wednesday. despite the crowds that known for weeks would show up at the capitol on january 6th the capitol police couldn't hold the capitol perimeter that day. that itself is a scandal and instead of examining why that happened they turned blaming donald trump who they all obviously despise. this officer who called trump a hitman in his testimony is so unbiased, so professional the last year he attacked me
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personally on two -- twitter. he deleted it but we have it. this is all terrible for america. >> i suggest we have a commission on the wars of the middle east, bring these guys before congress and make them testify what they were doing and this disconnect from reality has been there for a long time and needs to be held to account. >> we have planes that are billions over budget and still can't fly and military with leaders like patrick donohoe who probably spent more time last week thinking about how he was going to silence a vet on twitter then he was thinking about how the military would ultimately defeat china. >> in october of last year and without overstating the issue,
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it failed miserably. and aggressive red team that had been studying the united states for the last 20 years ran rings around us and they knew exactly what we were going to do before we did it. >> if it doesn't send a chill up and down your spine i don't know what will. if we're going to spend more than $700 billion a year on the military then we need a military that can win a war and stay out of politics. taxpayers spend a lot on our national defense and a recruit sign up because they love this country, someone plans to do that years of his or her life to deserve the country deserves more than vaccine bullying and diversity training and that is the angle. josiah lipincaught, contributors american mind, we had such a huge response to your parents last night that we had to cut short because of the nature of our break but i had to bring you
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back. some of the last bastions of traditionalists in our country, law enforcement, the military, are being transformed before our very eyes. what is the end goal here in your mind? >> the perfect question but from the introduction. i'm not a combat veteran. i served in the marine corps for four years but my experience was with the peacetime marine corps that has emerged in the series engagement in afghanistan and iraq and you ask what is happening right now. for the military today it is to keep the money flowing without having to confront the reality of the increasing obsolescence of many of our systems that are designed to win wars that america no longer is for you. insurgency is a different type
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of conflict that our military is not built to defeat. laura: when you're that ability to respond militarily to china and you think we are spending time with generals tweeting about how hillsdale should come and get you whatever that means, talking about critical race. whether we have a don't have it in the military, china has got to be watching this going are you kidding me? this is who we are up against? >> absolutely. one of the difficulties the comes out of this is our military, a war with china, and other nuclear power is not going to play out the way our conventional military is designed to address these conflicts. china is able to manipulate the united states and wage information warfare in a way that is more effective than
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anything they can do conventionally and at some level our generals know this. of the beginning of obama's term there were 100,000 chinese students at american university. by the end of his term there were 300,000. if we are serious about confronting china we need to address the industry they have taken from us, wall street, the fact we are educating their elite. every year 70,000 americans die of opioid overdose, those drugs, that fentanyl is made in china and shipped to mexico and coming across the border. if our military is serious about addressing chemical warfare against the american people we need to concentrate on a secure border, and even the our national sovereignty, restoring industry to the united states. that means civilians and veterans, not the way to accomplish that mission. laura: general donohoe is a real
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piece of work. it is embarrassing. the head of the central command made an announcement over the weekend. >> the united states supports afghan forces over the last several days. to continue in the coming weeks they continue their attacks. laura: many are wondering if the military establishment is going to demand president biden reverse course on an afghanistan withdrawal, is that what is going on here? >> it will be. there's a lot of money involved in these wars, to line the pockets of these defense contractors, they go straight to the boards of those firms and at the end of his term the military admitted publicly they lied to donald trump about troop levels in syria.
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our generals would do the same to president biden and probably already have. what is needed is accountability, they need to ask questions. what are these guys doing overseas and are you telling the truth? laura: having all these committees on this or that issue, january 6th or we've lost war after war or at least haven't won war after war and trying to continue to write these massive checks. >> it is absurd. americans paid a lot in taxpayer dollars, paid in blood. we need accountability on all these fronts. to go back to general donohoe that is a guy who graduated from harvard and has a degree, won a
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fellowship from there and i am willing to challenge that guide to debate on policy, covid policy, foreign policy and the military budget and i will do it, if you wants to come get me he can come to hillsdale himself and i will extended invitation to all our generals and admiralss. i will debate your budget in public with you anytime anyplace, i will go to war college, annapolis, west point. someone has got to hold these guys accountable and of congress isn't going to do it it needs to be everyday citizens on social media, and journalism these public education to hold these leaders to account. >> laura is having power difficulties. we will get back in touch with her, this happened in live television but over the course of the civil unrest may to july of 2020 more than 2000 officers sustained injuries in the line of duty but those all occurred outside the spotlight of the us
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capitol so they have nowhere to go together hearings. one of those men is my next guest, lapd officer anthony diaz. he and his partners responded with george floyd protests got out of control. he and other officers arrived to call, it had artie been infiltrated by rioters, bottles, rocks and other items were thrown at the police cars even as they attempted to secure the area. project is continued to rain down, officer diaz was struck through the car window. the object hit the side of his head and exited through the back window after being knocked out. diaz says he returned to consciousness to see blood everywhere. his fellow officers were able to break away from the rioters and find a natural police car but let him to safety. diaz was stitched up from his wounds but later learned the projectile had cracked his skull resulting in bleeding in his brain.
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officer diaz is miraculously back on the job and running in the boston marathon to raise money. we are glad to have officer anthony diaz here, thank god you are back on the job. were you afraid for your life that night? >> lucky to be alive. many officers were hurt, injured, officers died and very little attention has been given to us and what happened to us, how this could have been prevented. we felt nobody had our backs. i know chief more started safe la task force, directed the robbery homicide division to conduct criminal investigations
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on serious crimes and i'm very confident rhd will do their job but like many angelenos i don't feel like gascon would do his job. >> as i see you tonight i'm thinking of the hearing we saw capitol hill where they were able to tell their stories and bear their wounds if you will. do you think it is time for officers like you who were cut in the late of these riots to tell your story for the country to hear? >> yes. we are out here every day risking our lives for people we don't know, and regardless of all the negative attention we've got we put our uniforms on and go out there and do our job to the best of our capabilities.
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>> did you hear from congressman schiff who represents los angeles, nancy pelosi, kamala harris when she was senator of your state, did any of them reach out to your colleagues about what you endured at the hands of these writers? >> know, never. not once did i get contact from. >> do you feel supported by local officials? >> know. i have confidence in my fellow officers in my department but don't feel like any of the officials were there to help us to do our job and safely get home every day. >> our prayers are with you in your recovery, apart of the story so we get an idea what
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officers do every day. good luck in the boston marathon. why would the vaccine hesitant decide to take the shot after watching fully vaccinated congressman masking up? that led to a confrontation between my next guest and a democratic congress and who will give us the details next.
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we have a crisis at our border and we are playing footsie with mask mandate and the people at house. it is absolutely absurd with his body is doing. it is an embarrassment and the american people are fed up. they want to go back to life, back to business, back-to-school. >> that sentiment from congressman should i was pretty universal among the republicans. after speaker pelosi renewed the mask mandate and threatened fines for those who don't comply, she got help from the media, one cnn reporter spent
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time counting those without masks tweeting that she, 24 maskless republicans adding there's a lot of frustration over it and while she didn't turn to tattle tailing she found a way to act like a 12-year-old. >> here is the bottom line. democrats are doing more than facebook robert kennedy to kill the vaccine. when you see these politicians who have access to the best healthcare in the country wearing masks they are sending a clear message to the vaccine hesitants, there is no other side to this pandemic. joining us is florida congressman byron donald. you actually got into it with one of your colleagues today who
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chastised you for not wearing a mask. what happened? >> i was trying to get onto the floor to vote, he was going to one of the metal detectors which is a dumb thing to have on the house for but that's another story for another day. he turned around, saw me and was basically you're being selfish for not being vaccinated, that is why we all have to wear a mask. i look at him like mind your business, why are you worried about what i am doing, worry about yourself, you've been vaccinated, congratulations, leave me alone, mind your business, why are you worried about what i'm doing but the truth of the matter is they are not paying attention to the science, continue to pay attention to political science and they are in our elections have consequences. >> congressman, chris cuomo had you on his show to discuss your decision not to take the vaccine and this is how it went. >> byron donald is not going to take it because he doesn't care
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what biden wants. is that a good message for people to hear? >> my message was never about president biden but about me and my personal health. >> i'm not getting vaccinated because i don't want to. i want to read your words. you don't get to cut me off. it is my show. >> why do you think he didn't want to hear what you had to say? why the bullying? >> because he's wrong, he was wrong last night. many of his viewers who i went to college with call me and let me know that personally. is wrong, look at what the cdc came out with today, they said we have to go back to mask if you are vaccinated. low and behold the study the cdc is using the study that failed peer-reviewed, a study out of india the deals with the vaccine it is not available in the united states so they are playing politics over there in the white house instead of giving the information to the
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american people and when the information comes to the american people, they make decisions for themselves, people like chris cuomo and a member of congress i got into today are in this warped view that everybody has to follow their lead. everybody has to follow their protocol to get through covid 19 but we are mostly through it now. people need to govern their own healthcare, make personal decisions for themselves and learn how to live life while being sure we manage the pandemic like we've been doing the past several months. >> i'm going to throw you to laura ingraham. who i think is back online. >> we should all do this together at this point. there is a wiccan thunderstorm in dc, stuff going on and often this is live television agreement did a great job filling in but jonathan reiner from george washington
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university sounded off on the mass guidance issue. >> the really think cdc has changed mass guidance for vaccinated adults because of a really vaccinated person may transmit virus to an unvaccinated person? know. they changed guidance to do the right thing which was to force unvaccinated people to be vaccinated and mask up. >> even their allies are complaining and making decisions not based on science, you can follow this? >> the only science that cares about his political science. they have a problem, they have weapon i asked the media to discount gross cases while ignoring actual statistical data which is the amount of hospitalizations per capita,
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what other deaths per capita, what does that look like in the post vaccine world. not understanding but that the metrics have changed, the white house is trapped in this because they put arbitrary goalposts to make president biden look good. people didn't comply with the president biden want to do and they are scrambling. the reality is this. hospitalization rates are very manageable, deaths per capita are down compared to the cases we are seeing go up because people getting infected mostly are unvaccinated people who are not in the vulnerable age areas of having other health abnormalities. that is where we are. they should be collecting more information, releasing that to the public with guidance for the american people, not mandates, not authoritarianism like they are doing now. >> we are weeks before the december 14th election in the california recall and a new poll
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has team knew some of it scared. voters who plan to cast a ballot are evenly divided whether governor newsom should be removed from office but he has some deep pocket and friends. silicon valley perhaps in the entertainment industry were netflix's read hastings has given him $3 million but there's a new entrant, the teachers unions, thankful for their year and a half out of the classroom opening their checkbooks. the teachers unions and dropped $2 million into new synapse coffer. here's a keen observer, harmeet dhillon, attorney and ceo of the center for american memory which has huge wins against newsom and
12:32 am
the zirconium orders of his. not just the teachers union paying them back but a down payment on what could be another year out of the classroom. >> the rhetoric out of the teachers union you've been hearing is it will never be safe to go back to the classroom until covid is over and eradicated. epidemiologists will tell you that may never occur and we may need to reduce the risk to an acceptable amount. this payment may be for the next year special accommodations, let teachers not do their jobs for another year which is contrary to the health interests of california's challenge, we won a great court victory for private school kids. the public school kids are still at the mercy of the teachers union so that $2 million
12:33 am
contribution is significant and forgoes more of the same. >> randi weingarten is to bring her head to the issue down the road. >> vaccination is the number one gold standard that we need to bring back our masks for schools. the bottom line is we are going to keep kids safe, keep members safe, tried to open up schools. laura: try to open up schools, there should be people put in jail for this. >> the word salad of every press release over the past year, we need vaccination, masks, those of us who are vaccinated are scratching our heads because we are required to wear masks, the
12:34 am
proposition is scary for young people particularly women and concerns about reproductive effect of the vaccine so you have hell to pay if the schools do not open again for schoolchildren in the coming year. laura: prison union also gave money to fight the recall. >> they are big donors as well. the largest union of public sector employees in california sent a letter to the governor that this demand to wear a mask and be tested in vaccinated is in violation of the collective bargaining agreement. the union is standing up to the state. laura: good to see you tonight. simone biles pools out of the olympic and the exorcist back to
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theaters but why, raymond arroyo is back with seen and unseen and maybe some lightning next.
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where laura: seen and unseen, we expose the cultural stories of the day and we turn to raymond toyo who saved us during a thunderstorm. simone biles pulled out of the competition, big news this week. she a claim the decision this way. >> it is okay to set up a big competition to focus on yourself. no injuries thankfully and that is quiet 20 do something silly and get injured. i just felt like it would be better to take a backseat and focus on mindfulness. >> i have a slightly
12:41 am
schizophrenic reaction. on the one hand i get it. she had a bad performance, was lost midair in a flip, probably feared breaking her neck or permanently injuring herself and the traumatic sex abuse she endured at the hands of evil doctor nasser but the time to work through all that was before the olympic trials, not during the limbic games which your part of a team now and if you can physically perform your job is to get into that head space where you can overcome fears and skip the landing. here is how one of her teammates reacted. >> i tried to tell her, you know how to do everything at this is your moment. at that moment she was telling herself she didn't want to harm herself and so i was happy, we all understood what she was going through. we understood what was happening and we support her. you had to
12:42 am
teammates. they want to be supportive of her and they love her but they work there buts off too and they got the silver and that but it is a tough deal. i have such admiration for the athletes. >> simone biles is an incredible champion but succumbed to a lot of the media pressure and pressure and expectations she placed on herself, she wore that we attired with the ghost during the trials showed she embraced the area she's the greatest of all time, that gets in your head and so that may have played against her when her body started doing other things during the competition. we move from the go to the grown, nothing worse the congressman, democratic representatives sean test and
12:43 am
decided to reference this friday song. ♪♪ up in the gym just working on fitness. >> congressman kazin's tragic take off trying to call attention to the federal energy regulatory commission. >> i rise to continue celebration as climate activist fergie would say that definition is to make the planet cooler. the federal energy regulatory commission, having an air-conditioned home when it is hot hot is delicious. i yield back so i can work on my fitness. >> the people of the chicago suburb he represents must be so proud. this guy -- if you're going to be relevant to reference a song
12:44 am
from 2006. >> could yield back forever after that performance and never come back? >> one of the most terrifyingly visible time is returning to the big screen sort of. >> nobody expected it. nobody believed it. and nothing could stop it. >> nbc paid $400 million to the rights to the exorcist which they will make three sequels to
12:45 am
the 1973 classic. good luck with that. they've tried to reboot this property multiple times, a fox tv series was based on it, prequel in 2004, none of them came close, there's a reason people are still terrified of that 73 classic. >> you and i are so blessed to have known bill blatter, incredible writer and demand that are there any new ideas in hollywood, we just can't keep going with old tv shows, old cartoons and comic books? >> there are going to use these old wrappers without the substance that made it something great. the exorcist was about a trial of faith, people struggling with faith and directorial brilliance, you can't replicate that. >> thank you. that first clip look like what policy would do to anyone on the hell without a mask, cackling and exorcism. you heard a lot about vaccine mandates hitting restaurants and
12:46 am
bars but what if someone decided to take on the tyrants in the blue states by doing the opposite of what is requested? a california restaurant owner said he's ready to go to battle against the little dictators waging war on american liberty and is next to tell us about it, stay there.
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>> i always felt blessed to have the opportunity to battle the dictators of the lockdowns and the lesions of many. gos with mask mandate and proof of vaccination requirements. the enemies of liberty and freedom only respect and fear strength so we must fight with the patriot spirit of 1776. laura: tony roman, from california, slap in the face of governor gavin newsom he takes a stand. 's restaurant is requiring proof of being unvaccinated to eat there. what is the reaction? >> all you have to do is watch the interview i did with chris cuomo on cnn and see him bail
12:52 am
out when it got heated like the coward that he is. they come on the attack, the hate raining down on us and all that does is help us to expose who the enemy is. read the post, redesign and if you can't figure it out because you are blinded by your hate and rage we should post a sign that says your too stupid to come into the restaurant. laura: cuomo calls unity it and a moron. >> a badge of honor for me. appreciate it and when i swung back he bailed. laura: your governor's take on mandates. here it is. >> we are exhausted,
12:53 am
respectfully, exhausted by the ideological prism too many americans are living under, exhausted by the politicization of this pandemic and that includes mask wearing. you don't have a choice to drink and drive and but everybody's lives at risk. that is the equivalent of this moment. laura: he is exhausted by people like you who put your so-called freedom interests ahead of the community's health concerns. >> exhausted by trying to evade sneaking around, his own kid has -- caught a break in the rules. 's parents encouraged him to. for us we take a lot of joy delivering every snacks on possible. i publicly challenge who i call the tiny tyrants, gavin, pelosi
12:54 am
every chance i get, i did them to file the charges officially, the case expired. we had abc which -- under his direction and power, they've come at us. we've driven the back and challenged them. i won't give them any authority over me where they don't have any. laura: i have a question. so when you say i require proof that you are unvaccinated you are kind of joking, you can't really demand proof your unvaccinated. >> exactly, you can't prove the negative. >> no one has a sense of humor. we love the smack down with cuomo. good luck out there. when we come back another by an biographical flub, the last bite.
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laura: yesterday we cut two
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instances were president biden forgot is a biography, today he's improving with only one. >> in 2009 during the so-called great recession, the president asked me to be in charge of managing that piece and donald trump -- that was a freudian slip, the last president. president obama when i was vice president. >> gutfeld is next. >> thursday, july 2, '09, covid crisis meets the border crisis, shocking claims of the covid covered by the white house. >> coming to an agreement on infrastructure package when progressives to the price tag should be much much higher, attacking members of the room party to get it. >> that definition is to make our planet


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