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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 28, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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with, america. ♪♪ welcome to "fox news at night". i'm shannon bream in washington. on a very busy night, kicking a nationwide of this he revises i once again. people burning masks in the street as school boards tie wit that there putting a mandate in schools. plus the belt the. in our communities. is that fully irresponsible to
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drop the mask mandate. >> we will not be sending our students to school. >> republicans and democrats ar drying battle lines. nancy pelosi tells minority leader kevin must -- kevin mccarthy a moron. >> you know, that is very interesting. a forced the democrats continue to lie to us. it's the different with heard telling people that they couldn't go out what she's getting a haircut. just today i watched her and no private meeting not wearing a mask. said do as she's says another she does. and governors send florida, south dakota, iowa, -- we will be mandating anything. the inconsistency doesn't help the american people. so where do things stand tonigh
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over masks and vaccines. we have coverage tonight. >> from capital to capitol hill members of congress are rebelling against the cdc new mask recommendations, which includes fully vaccinate americans. kevin is tracking the latest reaction for us tonight. good evening. >> to paraphrase the fictional film character, hard beall, gop governors are mad as and they'r not going to take it anymore, that up with the shifting guidance that many actually believe the lies of science and now for sorting to the finds an changing state laws to resist. >> the latest cdc guidance is advising that even fully vaccinated people return to wearing masks indoors. especially if they live in area with high rates virus transmission. the goal, an extra layer of precautions as policymakers and perhaps et more state government, schools, and
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businesses to enact stricter antivirus mac guidelines, but from texas to south dakota and many points in between, republican leaders have responded with hostility and defined to the updated mask guidance. nebraska governor said the new guidance flies in the face of the public health goals that should guide the agencies decision-making. and kim reynolds, the new guidance not grounded in realit or common sense. frustration not just limited to gop state houses. over and capitol hill, for guidance now calls for a mask wearing indoors, vaccinated or not, more than a half-dozen republicans are refusing to do so on the house floor. >> is just like their philosophy . they want the mandate and impos and blood you when you can go t school, when you can eat. you know what they're going to do, you walk and this building without a mask? they're going to charge you $50 because the got the power to do it.
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>> strong words right there. for the record most of the 211 house republicans did comply with wearing the mask on the house for at the capital position announced that once again be mandatory to stop the fred -- the spread of the built the variant. some of point out that other members including the speaker herself have not dawned mask behind clone -- closed -- closed doors, leaving some to speculate this made be not due to science. >> wouldn't be the first time we've heard that accusation. the president is expected to make some big announcement tomorrow but some requirement o program for federal workers and some portion of the federal workforce. but we know about that? >> he's expected to give an update on the next steps to get more americans vaccinated as hi administration begins to wait -- wave a requirement to get the vaccine. a white house source was familiar with the announcement tells fox news that it is not going to be a blanket mandate
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since vaccination requirements would still, at the option of not getting the vaccine and instead consenting to regular testing. if you think about what is really happening here, it is a lot of pressure to somehow, up and figure out that if it is to difficult or too cumbersome for some people to get tested over and over or that may be they will wear them and take the vaccine. some say this could ultimately end up in court. >> i will expect that it will. my question is who is going to pay for it. we've covered some universities have said if you're in vaccinated, we are going to charge you for testing every week and going to charge you up front for the entire semester. kevin, thank you. please come back because we're going to talk about men and women and how we sometimes see things differently. i know it's a surprise for people. uni can talk about it. >> they hear the very same thing . see you in a bit.
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>> so andrew cuomo is talking about what he's calling dramati action tonight, mandating vaccines for frontline healthcare workers of state hospitals without any weekly testing option. we have the story from new york city. good evening, alex. >> good evening, shannon. andrew cuomo laid out his plans to bring them community transmission, calling this a pivotal moment in today's news, storing some strong opinions. >> a new deadline of labor day, governor warner most is that al 130,000 new york state employee will need to get the test. going a step further saying tha all hospital workers be inoculated. >> there for me but testing option for patience facing healthcare workers. that is a point of contact that could be a serious spreading event and we want to make sure that those healthcare workers are vaccinated.
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period. >> as kids prepared to head bac to class, cuomo urging schools to keep close eye on case numbers. >> the numbers continue to grow. i think that the consider dramatic action. >> the new rules prompting swif the pause and backlash. state senate majority leader sort cousins responding our majority remains committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and our community as we work to overcom this pandemic. george perillo calling it an outrageous and unconstitutional and more about muscle flexing and public health. 43% of the population remained in vaccinated. 23 states have been complied with the highest risk group for transmission based on 100,000 people leaving the cdc to revis mask guidelines. california recommend the indoor masking for everyone. the atlanta marriott executive order requiring mask in public places. miami dade requiring mask and all county buildings.
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the vaccine is currently under emergency authorization use. cover formal is also calling on the fda to approve it to get states more legal standing to mandate it. >> thank you. >> and breaking tonight, disney world in florida is going to require masks for all guests indoors regardless of vaccination status of you are your party. that's includes masking will going on any of the attractions. they declared a local emergency due to a rise of people testing positive for covid. along the southern border there are reports that many illegal immigrants who have tested positive for the virus are simply being affected areas where they can interact with th general public. here is the correspondent from texas tonight. >> in texas a pound of about 4500 residents, city officials say that the border thomas experienced migrant searches
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before. this time there is a significan difference. >> now i'm told the police environment, that these people were here and no one told us that these people are possibly ill. >> police a catholic charities has front of the sort of the house migrants he tested positive for covid-19. they fade they only found that when a customer had a brutal restaurant next-door can fly down a patrolling officer and told him a family inside was sneezing, coughing, and not mask . the family members told them customs and border protection process them a few days earlier that they had tested positive for covid. >> nobody watches them and they were just walking around and th police department put out a health alert because some of them were sick. >> the mayor cleanses no communication between the federal government and the loca charities helping these migrants . customs and border protection release these migrants to catholic charities. federal officials also gave the
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a form, requiring them to purchaser register at a local immigration office wherever the happen to settle. the county judge says i:federal immigration officials to stop releasing infected migrants int our community. them for the calling on governo abbott to return to the county the safety tools that he took away that would help slow the spread of this disease. that means mask mandates. instead texas governor great abbott has worked with the state 's national guard to assist in arresting migrants who may b breaking state laws. is also issued another order authorizing texas law enforcement to stop vehicles carrying certain migrants. texas has no authority to depor or enforce federal immigration law. in texas, fox news. >> and we believe are just hour away from a white house announcement regarding vaccination requirements for federal workers. let's address that issue and th mask chaos that you seen today
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from capitol hill from washington all the way down to the southern border. fox news contributor richard prowler and andrew mccarthy, great to see you both get him o a start with the back and forth and capitol hill. this is texas congressman and not happy about the focus here seems to be masking all of the house buildings in the house fo rent his state is having a difficult time at the border. here is what he had to say. >> i just met with an organization that tried to take care of people for human trafficking. cartels are brady and pillaging and killing. we are people infected with virus that coming around the southern border of taxes and yo will put masks, masks up front here, here in the people's house . >> people say why not offer so worried about stopping the threat. is there not a greater focus on the border?
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>> well, shannon, that's all yo can believe do is ratchet up th political pressure. and point out that and this is lot more important than the law and i think that what were hoping is that by calling that will put pressure on the administration to take some enforcement action that is taking at the moment. the fact of the matter is correct that i federal government immigration. and if they won't enforce the laws or cooperate with the authorities is not a love that the states can do to minimize their risk. >> you've heard of fresh reporting from. the battle border agencies because we --
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but this catholic charity group is keeping him at a hotel that their furry out on other people in the tested positive. i color federal immigration officials staff releasing migrants and the airbag administration takes the high ground. and -- >> i think we're mixing apples and oranges here. there's some enforcement at the border. with that being said i do think that the biden administration i doing is look at the border and say who is crossing the border on a case-by-case basis. some hard are trying to seek asylum and they have a right to make their way differently. with that being said, when we talk about what is happening in this country with the delta variants.
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there are mask mandates way out across the country. and for the leadership of the country to say we are putting e masse, help our services citizens will join us and numbe two, we can slow down the sprea hospitalization rates are just as high as they were in january. so we're very have a tape at ou hands and shows his viruses tha going anywhere and this pandemi is that going anywhere until we make the move to make more folk vaccinated. she was indoors without the las on which makes others who has a first intersection for arousal and and crying this area and they want to know their leaders
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are in this with them. sock about this film of the confusion is easy drive from th pc. norms making to appease her seattle had a couple of people talk again. when even authority preparing -- decided to notice. and they sub shifting fans that that the saints you. she needed to. is the cdc hurting his own credibility essences back situation. we have a situation where it is very it. there always is set for two behind we've been talking about virtual to where is the same to
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accomplish year. the goal is to get people vaccinated. you think the party is less and the us military others missing risky of the carolina more by headache version little get vaccinated and you few want the to be vaccinated, you can't ratchet up the mask mandates because that is going to tell people why do i want to get vaccinated if i'm under the sam constraints, so again, this is all, it is much more important to get the politics of this scrape down the lock on it. and when they're loosing confidence losing confidence, i gets harder to do that. he's at my grocery this one quarters.
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is a society experts basin delt transmissibility, none was base on -- from from the shells. since her to to and you can point to the transmission. >> listen, don't get me wrong. i think some of the messaging and here's some data and 99% of folks that are in the hospital they have the covid-19 at those that are not vaccinated. i have been so some may, as whether or not you choose to ge vaccinated. hope you will make pitches to get vaccinated. because the impact how duvall
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and who are the shirt worker is -- with that being said if you're vaccinated, there's a lot of misleading information. you are less likely to be hospitalized or be said for multiple days to as the safest way to prevent you getting covid-19 and be hospitalized. and the vaccine itself sick derek carr pressures of and hav died. that's a fact for all of the event. think you both for key to the paint. think thank you rope. unique warning like to keep
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divers from even seeing the road . and vicki it will the and we will have the today oppressive fire of videos next.
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crews runtime, that is all this puppy wanted. watches this french bulldog takes his new wheels for a spin around the park. maybe i should get one of those for biscuit bream. moving on in a different direction, she's an excess of 100 miles per hour. this month account jason oklahoma and did shortly for officer forced the helper down. large amount of drugs were reportedly discovered in the driver driver present pressed t be a goal.
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posted immediately on the seat of a plane crash in the week deanna. successful pretreating the pilots after watching this shir and rescue teams, the dolphin helicopter team was -- the palace alone on the plane and only purported minor injuries. great job. another daring rescue. a fire crew helping a driver ou of the vehicle that hydroplaned and turned to a creek. he was on a major highway and split out-of-control up the roa and went down that embankment into the creek that you see. sipping the driver and no one was seriously injured. >> i love my dog and it is amazing. we thought the ducks a similar stories about dogs. orange county florida president narrowly escaped a raging inferno inside his home. he said his hero dog alerted to him by barking at about 3:00 a.m. charlie of the fire started.
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firefighters say overnight storms prompted a lightning stripe and basically started th flames. nicely done. extra treats for you. by the check it out from a wall of dust clogging drivers vision and blanketing cars at home. arizona's monsoon season usuall comes at these conditions, visibility less than a mile. according to the department of transportation, if you get a video you want to share with this, hit us up at shannon brea are at "fox news at night" on social media. we would love to show them. >> simone wells withdrew from the individual all proud in competition at the olympics, sparking an international debat about mental health and elites. good evening, matt. >> samone biles has a record number of metals is one of them test ever. she shocked the world board and she jumped out of the olympics. >> it has been probably
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stressful and as a whole, not having an audience, there's a lot of different variables goin into it. i say put mental health first because if you don't, you're no going to enjoys your support an you are going to succeed is muc as you want to. so it is okay sometimes to set of the competitions the focus o result because it shows how strong of a competitor a person that really are rather than jus battle through it. >> she was up and delete the american gymnastics team to gol but after she dropped out, the team ended up losing to the russians for the second plays over finish. supporters can tour defense including michelle obama, sayin she was part of the gold medalist. critics say she quit on her team . piers morgan criticize her decision to drop out saying two years ago she radiated so much self-confidence that she might self combusts. now -left-curly-bracket year part of team usa, representing
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hundreds of millions of america people, not to mention all the sponsors who paid huge sums to support you. when you quit, you are part of the gymnastics team, not yourself. the olympics of the pedicle of sports, the ultimate test of an athlete. they're supposed to be very hard . some medical officials are supporting her decision, saying it's not uncommon to develop a case of the twisties where the brain and body disconnect. >> you're always going to have your detractors and people that say they're just making excuses. that is the example of stigma. >> been surprising her decision to acknowledge a mental health struggles and also ignited they comparing her tunic and 96 olympic gymnast kerri struck. she severely injured her ankle with continued to perform a second ball, nailing the landin on 1 foot. helping team usa earned their first ever gold. she has praised biles decision.
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she chose to withdraw from individual all-around competition thursday and will continue to evaluate whether to compete in the event finals nex tuesday. >> thank you. >> a very important topic year. apparently there's some common phrases that mean something completely different, not to stereotype it, it's been studied , to men and women. but of the phrases and what can be found out. >> i'm going to give you three quickly. the first is called with all du respect to believe it or not 51 of women say it's the negative, while 60% of men who say the positive one. when you hear someone say with all due respect, what you think. >> i think it is going to be a cut to tell you that you are no right about this. like with all due respect, here is why you are wrong. up with the why some people think it's a negative setup but i guess men perceive it as i'm
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going to prospectively tell you something and is going to be fine. >> that's how i thought about it . we differ sometimes. how with this one. bless your heart. 77% defense that were survey site they've put think give it something sweet the 44% of wome set your building mean you are as rocks. bless your heart. >> i from the south so i think it might be different regardles of if you are male or female. bless his heart generally means okay, we have a soft spot or a little pity for something going on with them. so for me that's more of a southern thing that anybody else . >> my mother it's from tennesse so i hear less her heart. that's not a good thing. the way i grew up, it was kind of shade and away. >> i think that is a good way t put it. >> yelling in the workplace. 19% of men said that branding
9:31 pm
your voice is fine. 5% of women thought that is true . what do you think? >> i don't think it is good to yellow the court nader or boss or anyone else in the workplace. again, very southern to get mor flies with honey and i just think yelling at a workplace is not your best long-term management solution. i don't like it. i grew up in a household full o boy sense of yelling and the heart pressure something i grew up around when it comes to work don't yell at me, man. i don't want to hear it. >> we're not yelling. >> shoving, but yelling, i don' know. >> all right. i like it. kevin, come back soon. going to talk good is because people always seem to hear that. >> i will see you in a bit. >> can a sugar also be healthy. kellogg's is facing a legal challenge over a claim of false advertising. you are the jury. what do you think?
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that is next.
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the shootings want washington state largest metropolitan area over the weekend. we have been story tonight from seattle. >> the shooting scene and held up for the weekend in seattle. what was over five people are dead and the other nine injured. it topped the murders in 2020. at the time of 26 year high. the balance is alarming. shooting victims of 31% drive-b shootings have doubled from las year. is happening at the police department continues to shrink. >> i have 115th you are officers than i did he year ago. >> the department is down to about 50 officers the officers the last 17 months.
9:38 pm
it puts many act the bus called for in the wake of george floyd 's murder. the cut budget that 18% after pledging 50% be funny. now the mayor all that said it' a tragic mistake. not unexpected, losing these number of officers with city leaders talk about cutting a department by 50%, and you will lose employees. the mayor will to announce a plan to hire officers with the punt at the best fighter. the group decriminalize settles said new police recruits can't guarantee a change in the culture of violence and anti- blackness and don't change the role of police. i had of -- the head of the union blames th violence on the elected leaders. >> it will take decades to recover because you this rated any type of human being. what want to insert themselves themselves abreast their own careers and personal well-being to work for politicians who do not support them. >> seattle tried to recruit new
9:39 pm
police officers with mostly feeling on politics is likely a factor. the mayor is not seeking election and among the favorite to replace her is the council president, who was one of the members who pledged to the fund of the police by 50%. fox news. >> a settlement could windup costing kellogg's $13 million. the initial lawsuit argued that in brookings certain cereals is nutritious and delicious was misleading because breakfast affordable sugar. a similar suit against general mills fail. consumers can't be misled when sugar content is on the nutritional label. they have yet to determine just how much sugar as he can't disqualify a product from being considered healthy. truth in advertising is the subject of tonight's legal segment the great to have you
9:40 pm
back, gentlemen. >> i come in my own box in my. there was a surprise few days ago. i found some raisin bread and a part of is what issue here. this turned into a class action. the judges got to approve it late this year. here is part of the complaint. kellogg's has initially positioned itself in the market as a healthy brent process food food, using various labels saying cereals are healthy choices. many of the cereals have high amounts of sugar such as that there break double -- and contraction of chronic disease. robert? >> i think it is absolutely consistent with what they've done from the beginning. it always going to be healthy with marital medical documentation to back up their claim. that hope we and --
9:41 pm
and get the glaze put on it, it's no longer good for you. that is what kellogg's has been doing for decades. market enough we does being hel the while covering the bush sugar, which is with unhealthy for generations. this is why america has the obesity epidemic that has. >> delicious. that is what is says on this raisin bran crunch, which is a different kind of raisin bran. is is the bushes of clusters glazed with a touch of golden honey. is as is good source of fiber. it doesn't tell you anything about low pattern will sugar or you are going to get skinny by eating this. let me put of some of the challenge claims that raisin bread his heart healthy. nutritious and delicious but yo could have a both ways. click be sweetened and frosted mini wheat little bites, delicious and nutritious. some of this up not all of this
9:42 pm
has change. calyx has gotten rid of some of the labeling or changed it altogether. it may be because this settlement the settlement is looming? >> it might. i've realize that class action lawsuits get a lot of bad press for good reason. i think everybody agrees the treat the advertisement is extraordinarily important them especially with this obesity crisis. i don't know if what kellogg's it was a legal or not. i've got to say. it is a $13 million settlement, but we all agree that truth in advertising is important and companies of a long history of not doing that. anything that means these products up and makes the marketing clear, that is a good thing. >> up at the say, the stuff is they are. the labels from a very strict labels was to make sure that th companies make sure the stuff i on there. and a piece in washington about food companies and packaging th riders that is better for you, the allure of it could be superficial.
9:43 pm
but to be a smart consumer, don't judge a product by its label. a brief the ingredients the nutrition facts before adding i to your cart. how much of this is on the responsible consumer and shopper ? >> there's absolutely a respons body on the part of the consume and also on the corporation marketing it. i backed up every joe camel cigarette was a warning that would tell you not to put there was a cartoon camel wearing sunglasses on the front telling kids to smoke cigarettes. sent you cannot have the warnin label on the back and while you are marketing it on the front. be consistent. corporations the lie to the consumer to get them to buy their product. at the end of the day kellogg's was marketing food that has the same sugar content as skittle a being healthy for breakfast. so unless you want to serve you kids that breakfast --
9:44 pm
don't give your kids candy for breakfast and then set them in the classroom and expect them t learn. >> i'm going to test the produc what you were telling us. >> i'm hungry and my points serial and skittles and donuts. so i've got to go, shannon. i've got to get something to eat . >> this is the luscious i will tell you. and they are raisins. robert and kangaroo, thank you very much. >> see you guys. >> have you been watching this? it's if the small preseason show . it is a huge hit. dallas jenkins is here next. welo milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives. to 3-on 3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. at aspen dental, we see all the moments that make us smile so we make it easy to share your smile with convenient, total care - all in one place.
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the largest series, and 200 million times in all seven continents. the series has been translated into 50 and it's all about jesus . that director and cowriter of the chosen, great to have you. not a conservative publication. take it from a critic and a christian but -- the show was good.
9:50 pm
about the chosen states faithfu to the broad trajectory of the christian bible, it also create some speculative back stories. did you think that this would b so wildly successful? >> how they put did not see thi coming. i actually wonder if they still have not seen it coming yet or know of its existence, which is fine with us. i certainly didn't expect that but i'm also not shot because the come from the belief that god can do anything and i'm jus trying to do the best that i can . so it has not been shocking per se but i didn't expect that. >> it so well done and i think that many of us in the realm have been used to taking take the criticism of things that ar done by christian entertainers. it is substandard some time in the production is in is good an the writing isn't as good. this blows all those criticisms away for believers and nonbelievers alike. it's a fascinating series.
9:51 pm
>> there's a moment in episode cup season two met where apostl philip goes to his friend nathaniel and says that he need to be jesus and nothing is as can anything good, other of nazareth. if you liked this has been happening with our show for someone will come up and say to someone else -- and then they say you've got to watch it. it's been a lot of fun watching people reluctantly watch it lik they are forced into and they and it loving it. so we have been hearing that over and over again periods xo what kind of facts. >> welcome i'm writing season three right now with my codebreakers and we are going t be filming at an early 2022. season 2 just came out and it i available through our app and it's totally free. we don't force you to pay for it . you can pay for it if you want to. and allotted to grow. right now we are enjoying the fruits of our labor from season 2 because the responses been through the roof and we ar
9:52 pm
exciting to see it spread aroun the world and we are getting ready to do season 3 and hope i lives up to the pressure of the people are putting on us to kee it going. >> there's been conversation about whether christians should be engaged and things like entertainment or cut a section off into their own space. this been a lot made of young people pulling away from religion and self identifying a people who "the federalist" talks about -- nearly have it millennials don' know or care or believe in god. is he your hope that this product would spark a conversation that may change that? >> that has been happening. we have been hearing it weekly from thousands of people who ar saying i've had experience with the church or my religion faile me or i feel myself disconnecting from the fake of my youth and this show is bringing me back. i think the reason is because the show is that focused on religion, it's not focused on cultural walls or international balls of religious walls, it is focused on jesus.
9:53 pm
these are stories of jesus and we're trying to introduce jesus around the world. that is our passion. when you focus on jesus and you ignore all of the walls we put up around it, those are the things that happened after he was here. i think it really breaches people's hearts. that's the passion that i've ha for the show and that is what seems to be happening. >> it is very hopeful that people will see that message, stripped of any other filters are things that we have put on the stories of the people can see what christ was about and the people that he went to and the outcast by the minister two in the people that he spent his time with, the overwhelming message of love and forgiveness that he had that we all need. thank you for enjoying -- joining us. we look forward to the next season. >> by late tonight, to commit police officers in the art bein called heroes of the jumping into action to save the mother and her baby who wound up
9:54 pm
wrapped. and alleged from forever hit them. that two officers happened to b nearby and we're having breakfast when they heard this crash good one officer was able to lift of the front of the vehicle with other bystanders who jumped in while the other officer pulled the mother and the baby safety. both mom and baby did suffer serious injuries but are fully expected to recover. things to the officers who did not hesitate to help. i think you have got some good news too. >> this good news takes it to the buckeye state of ohio were pair of pants throughout reveal party. we have heard about those. the dog was brought home from a animal shelter and periods fall coming rocket with his very own reveal party. that you see the pictures on base book. i just love that face. i couldn't help but share that with you. the duo was shocked when the white balloons came up from the box. very cool. congratulations, katie and rocket. good news. that is so adorable.
9:55 pm
gender repeals are getting really creative. welcoming rocket in, good for them and giving him a good home and a pet that will love them forever. kevin, great to be reunited wit you. let's do it again. >> i'm shannon bream. ar has fele a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power.
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♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ here we go. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you have been reading the news? how would you describe to your grandchildren 50 years from now the moment we are living through? well, looking for a single snapshot that is perfectly distilde the absurdity of it. consider the biden administration's new guidance on covid. america's children will spend anhe


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