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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tucker carlson out tomorrow morning on this show is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. you can dvr us. have the best night ever. see you tomorrow. sean hannity is now. >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." violent crime surging in major cities across the country. shoplifting, open air drug use. prostitution decriminalized. and many migrants infected with covid are pouring across in record numbers and joe is not doing anything about it. if you are an american you better cower in fear under the
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biden administration's ever changing covid policy recommendations forever and ever. not an easy task. over the past 6 months, the cdc and the nih gave conflicting message on the origins of covid and herd immunity. and asymptomatic spread and none of this is applyed to the border. on masks dozens of different recommendation. they had said if you are vaccinated you are good to go. now even vaccinated americans they want to wear masks again. after recommending no masks, 2 masks, 1 mask. masks outdoor but indoor and on and on it. if you are confused, you should
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be. if you stuck your finger in the wind and took a wild guess on covid related matters you would be more consistent than fauci and rochelle walensky. don't take my word. take a look at the timeline and you decide. >> no need to change anything you are doing on a day by day basis. the risk is low. >> these numbers are stunning. >> if you are a healthy young person that there is no reason, if you want to go on a cruise ship. go. >> it's not a good idea to travel, period. >> in the united states people should not be walking around with masks. >> in 1 mask is good, it makes common sense that 2 masks are better. >> tucker: we could devote the entire hour to this? what is the real strategy.
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they near cite peer reviewed studies. is this what following the science looks like? if it is we are all in trouble. are they just reacting to the hysteria of fake news cnn and msnbc and the "new york times." the biden administration is sick and tired of we the american people not listening to the sage advice coming from their experts. they know just who to blame. when all else fails let's blame donald trump and his supporters. unlike the biden administration, this program has been consistent from the beginning. we told you to take is seriously and do your own result and consult with your doctor and take into account your current medical history and then make your own decision relateing to vaccines. as a talk show host i have
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pressure to tell everybody what to do -- i will say it again. i am not qualified to make that decision for you. but i do want you to live and take this seriously and to do the following things i recommend. i think you will get to the answer that is best for you in consultation with your doctor. this program has long touted the belief in science and the science of vaccines. i can't list how many vaccines i have had in my life. we hailed operation warp speed from the beginning and called it a medical miracle. i predicted it would be american doctors and scientists that saved the world. three vaccines they developed. the last year you know who was not so fond of the vaccines. that was joe biden and kamala harris and the rest of the green
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new deal socialist journalists. we have prove they were anti-vaccine. >> we will have a vaccine by the end of the year. is that possible in your view? >> oh, that's an ambitious timeline. >> health experts are not sure it's achievable. >> they may be overly ambitious and some argue dangerous. >> will we get the best vaccine or just gets a vaccine. >> a coronavirus vaccine trump said could come up this year. experts say he would need a miracle to be right. >> if there is a vaccine approved and distributed before the election would you get it? >> that's an issue for all of us. i would not trust donald trump. it would have to be a credible
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source of informations. >> i trust the scientists but i don't trust donald trump. the american people can't either. >> tucker: joy reid wondered will anyone trust the cdc again and who would trust a vaccine approved by the fda? how do we get a vaccine distributed after this broken trumpist nonsense has infected everything? are any of these left wing lunatics recanted their anti-vaccine excellents and corrected the record. you already know the answer.
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and said donald trump did a great job with operation warp speed and therapeutics and giving the people the option of three separate vaccines? have they given him credit on anything at all? of course. hating donald trump is the single most important thing to them every second, minute and our of every 24 hours day. it's more important than the truth and more important than getting americans vaccinated. they hate the 45th president of the united states and so many americans don't trust the record low numbers and top democrats wonder why americans won't get the vaccine. well, look in the mirror. because of their conflicting messages. joining us now with reaction senator ted cruz. i have gone over this. i could spend an entire program
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playing your fellow democrats and the media mob and their changing viewpoints almost by the day. one thing is sure. every american was told again and again: get the vaccine and guess what? your life goes back to normal. you don't have to worry what other people do. is that what you heard? that's may heard every day. >> well, you are right. the democrats have from the beginning of the pandemic treated it as politics from the shutdowns across the country to the kids hurt and the thugs that persecuted people of faith who were going to church and singularing in church. we saw a political agenda instead of common sense to keep us save. that endangerment -- that ended yesterday in the cdc's absurd
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decision that vaccinated people must wear masks inside. pure politics. yesterday vaccines worked. today they still worked but as a political matter the democrats decided they want to control your lives and they want everyone to wear a mask. my view is simple: we should not have federal government mandates on covid. no mask mandates and no vaccine passports. i and my family got the vaccine but i believe in individual freedom and responsibility. it's your choice to decide what is right for you and your family. i don't want bureaucrats from washington deciding you have to do it to go to work, to go to school to, get on a plane, to live. this democratic party.
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the cdc destroyed their credibility. year and a half ago the cdc was one of the most respected scientific organizations in the world. they got politicized with dr. fauci and right now their credibility is in tatters because they behave like an arm of the dnc rather than a medical association. >> sean: we left-handers that 2 when the cdc was writing protocols for schools. we will have governor abbott on in a little bit. we have a surge of illegal immigrants and kids in over-crowded cages on top of each other in the middle of a pandemic with little testing. a third of the immigrants said
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no thanks to the vaccine and still allowed into the u.s. and transported to the state of their choice. how do you justify the burdens put on the american people and yet they are letting in people with a high rate who are covid positive and doing nothing about it. even if they get test positive they are put in a hotel. nobody checks on them. >> sean, the only explanation is that the democrats are hypocritical. happy to put mandateds on american citizens with masks or shutting down your business or schools and hurting your kids. they will do all of that. when it comes to illegal immigrants joe biden and kamala harris have a complete open borders. it's the worst rate of illegal immigrants in 21 years. it was caused by joe biden and
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kamala harris. i spent a lot of time at the border and with border patrol agency in the rio grande valley. last month we saw 180,000 people cross the border illegally. they are being crammed into the biden cages. much of the corrupt corporate media won't show the biden cages. i have seen it with little boys and girls packed into cages on top of each other. they had a covid positivity rate of 10%. the biden administration released over 50,000 illegal immigrants without giving them a court date. they are asked to report into i.c.e. 13% do. that it's spreading covid in our
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communities. the selection of joe biden and becoming president of this country was a covid super spreader event. they are releasing illegal immigrants in south texas and across the country with covid. they are spreading covid. their radical policies they don't want to do anything to protect us. >> sean: senator thank you. the biden administration is looking for ways to force all federal employees to get vaccinated even those who have already had covid and have natural immunity. is this following the science and is this legal? greg jarrett is with us. the cleveland clinic a medical institution said if you have covid you don't need a vaccine. they will mandate a vaccine there? what about people with rare
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medical conditions? will there be medical exemptions? is the next thing a vaccine passport and eliminates medical privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality. >> i understand the arguments expressed by ted cruz against mandatory vacuations. -- vaccinations. there is no law that prohibits that. there is even a supreme court decision decades ago that says it's legal to mandate vaccines. i heard the arguments from people who say that doesn't apply to emergency use authorization. yes, it does. they are wrong about that. the failure to get final approval is one of the reason yes millions of americans are refusing to get the vaccine which invites the question: why hasn't joe biden pushed the fda to accelerate approval?
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cut through the red tape. to his great credit donald trump ordered the fda to cut through the red tape to provide emergency use authorization for moderna, pfizer and johnson & johnson. the testing and standards for the emergency use of the covid vaccines is just as rigorous as final approval. the fda is bogged down in red tape. if joe biden really cared about giving billions more americans vaccinated. he can do what trump did and cut the red tape. we would not have the conversation if he exercised the power and the will. one wonder yes he hasn't done it? is clueless joe unaware he has that power or just not care enough or getting really bad advice? >> sean: great legal
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information. interesting to see if there is a court challenge on all of this. while joe biden wants you and your children to have mandatory vaccinations and even if you get vaccinated wear a mask for all etyrannists. e ternity. former president trump said we don't go back. here with more fox news contractor and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. his daughter will take over and he was former senior advise to president trump, steven miller. governor, there is a lot of issues here that get serious. since august of last year, nearly a full year, governor ron
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desantis had in person learning in florida and they didn't have the challenges that many on the left said would happen. just the opposite. your reaction to the mandates and the next logical step in the liberal's mind is a passport? >> the frustration is that many of us who did get vaccinated and i got vaccinateed in january. i did it willfully and joyfully. i wanted to avoid covid and i wanted to be able to travel and live freely. get rid of the masks. they really want people to be vaccinated. most of us would like to see a greater level of vaccinations, make sure there is a benefit of being vaccinated. not wearing a mask everywhere
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was an incentsive. the biden administration, why do you dislike the immigrant children? if they say we love them? why are you allowed them to be exposed to covid and not have vaccinations and travel all over the place and expose people. why don't you explain your disdain and dislike and your contempt for these precious children? what you are showing is that you really don't care what happens to them. we are seeing that every day. sean, it's an outrage. the truth is this is not about following the science. this is following the political science and the biden administration is making the decisions that are irrational. >> sean: steven miller you know president trump well. you were on the campaign trail
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with him. his thinking is in line with the thoughts of many americans. even the most shocking part of this they are not following the science of the cleveland clinic if you have had covid or the science down at the borders. they are telling americans and putting these burdens on them. >> god bless president trump for putting out that statement. a healthy nation protects its children. children need to live their lives and go to school and play with friends. they need to have a childhood. adults have to stop punishing american kids. if american adults wants to protect themselves get the vaccine. teachers can get the vaccine. mom and dad can get the vaccine. grandma and grandpa. they can all get the vaccine. there is no need to punish the children and take away their childhood. the administration declared war
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on the kids and also war on science. we have unchecked illegal immigrants from people who are covid positive being released into texas and arizona and across the country. at the same time, your kids are suffering from these restrictions. we are admitting unlimited numbers of people of all ages including record numbers of alien minors into the country untested and unvaccinated and unmasked. they are spreading covid and a new variant into the country. we have to stand up for science. that means a secure border and understanding that our kids should not bear the brunt of this pandemic. >> sean: yes, thank you both. when we come back our own sara carter an exclusive report out of texas. she encounters a group of very,
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very sick migrants crossing the border and probably if not for her actions and first responders, i am not sure if some of these people would have made. and governor abbott react to the challenges every day with the border crisis along with the high rate of covid positives at the border with illegal immigrants next.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to fox news live. i am matt in los angeles. president biden infrastructure bill passes a key milestone. the senate will debate the legislation. it gained the support of 17
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republicans. the 1 trillion dollars legislation will fund roads and broad band. the california governor newsom surveyed the fire out west. he said the forest service is underfunded and calling on the federal government to provide more fire fighting resources. warning wildfires could get more intense and destructive. back to "hannity." >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: now ask yourself if the biden administration really cared about containing covid, no problem with the restrictions on you. now if they cared, would they be letting our borders be wide open? and be letting illegal immigrants stroll across the
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border before being released into the interior of the country? we are learning tonight that texas police are discovering from has been a high rate of covid positive people with illegal immigrants and sent to local hotels with zero enforcement. we have an exclusive report from sara carter who encountered a group of migrants so sick crossing the border they needed immediate medical attention. it's not a crisis at the border according to joe and kamala harris. watch sara carter's report. take a look. >> they had a little bit of sickness here. he's been sick and another child here is sick. they have been giving them some hydration with asthma medication.
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i will contact the border patrol to find the girl passed out on the road. they have been walking for more than a month from honduras. feeling very sick. has an intense nosebleed. i will sit here with her. we already called the doctor. there are not enough people to process the need here at the border. i don't know what we need to show to express what is going on here. the humanitarian crisis and the national security crisis. the child crisis. the migrants crisis want not enough people to help with the needs of everybody here. >> sean: sara carter joins us now live again from the border. that's an incredible report for a lot of different reasons want not the least of which is okay, americans are told even if you are vaccinated you have to wear the mask again.
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yet, you have joe's cages for kids overcrowded in the middle of a pandemic. two, very little if any testing. three shipping people across the country. >> yes, sean. it's harrowing not just for me but for the crew and for the first responders to come across so many people that were coming across the border very ill. this woman was extremely ill. showed signs of heat exhaustion and possibly covid. her 2-year-old daughter was watching her. the first responders which are law enforcement officer and border patrol and paramedics were right there. listen to this texas lieutenant. >> we did not expect what
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happened here today to the rio. happens all the time. this woman was obviously very ill. we don't know what it was. maybe heat stroke. her children were crossing. she was bleeding out. you are the first responders. the first in line to save someone's life. if we were not out here she might not be here >> you are correct. >> what is that like? >> that's what is taking place because of the open borders policy the administration is allowing. we are seeing covid cases increase among the people coming across the river. we are seeing border patrol agenting infected it covid. >> the heat index was 111. we stayed with the woman up until the paramedics arrived. we could not get an ambulance
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out there because we were out on the border is so far from civilization. border patrol arrived. they assisted. we were able to get her out of there. we don't know how long she'll be separated from her daughter. this is a situation that happens every day. something that the biden administration at least from our part and border patrol agents are saying is not paying attention to. endangering u.s. lives and the migrants who are crossing. >> sean: sara carter, incredible report. great work. a great humanitarian effort by you and the first responders. these people we know many of them died on and ranches that are next to the border. we can't have that happening either. also breaking tonight texas governor greg abbott restricted
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the movement of minorities due to covid. this is a challenging issue. when the federal government doesn't enforce the law of the land there have been legal precedents preventing you from dog so. that resulted in you spending 250 million dollars to build the wall. now more importantly, as a result of the pandemic, you now have a legal remedy available to you that maybe you didn't have before? >> i do. actually two. one that i triggered pursuant to the texas constitution and authorized the texas national guard to perform law enforcement functions. up until now they were assisting the texas department of public safety and clearing the land and getting the land ready for the border wall and other activities. however, because of manpower
6:33 pm
needs, we need to have the national guard not just engage to assist but to engage to arrest that will lead to the jailing of the people who are coming across the border illegally. my new executive order today what happened yesterday in texas where it was learned that minorities who were released by border patrol, they were found in a whatta bugger with extreme signs of illness. they said they had covid 19. there was a hotel full of people with covid 19. that's why i issued this executive order. it does a couple of things. it empowers the texas department of public safety to stop any vehicle where there is a suspicion that vehicle may be transporting migrants around texas who may have covid 19 and it orders them to return that vehicle to the point of origin
6:34 pm
where the border patrol officers let them go or the port of entry. i have a job to protect the safety and health of the people of the say the of texas. that include now it preventing president biden from importing covid 19 into the united states. >> sean: you can explain the biden cdc policy mandating vaccines for americans andine if you are vaccinated, they are telling you have to put your mask back on. while simultaneously allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants every month across the border. many with a high rate of covid and dispersing them to the other 48 states in the united states. why are they not as onerous as
6:35 pm
people not reporting our laws and our sovereignty? this is madness to me. >> obviously it's hypocritical. it shows that it the biden administration cares more about people who are not residents of america than it does of the residents of america. he has one standard to mask up fellow americans. but allowing free path into the united states of people with a high probability of covid and spreading that covid in our communities, it has been shown in the rio grande valley. what the biden administration is doing is deadly and dangerous and it must be stopped. that's what my executive order today tries to achieve. >> sean: governor, thank you. democrats failed to tell the entire story yesterday at the hearing on capitol hill. we will give them a "hannity" history lesson and congressman
6:36 pm
jim banks, they through him off the commission. reaction straight ahead. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: now just like we told you yesterday hearings on capitol hill was heavy on political theater and short on substance and left key questions unanswered like what was the capitol police chief? was he denied multiple times his request for support ahead of january 6th and while it was ja? how can we prevent this from happening again. the national police association is slamming this biassed january 6th probe as a dog and pony show
6:41 pm
and calling for an investigation into last summer's rioting. thousands of cops hurt and 25 dead and democrats are not telling you the entire story and making comparisons between january 6th and 9-11 and the civil war. this ignores the history of violence at our u.s. capitol. mark levin made many of these points last night. a former harvard professor exploded dynamite in the senate reception room on the 4th of july weekend. 1954 puerto rico terrorists wounded 5 and 1971 left wing extremists from barack obama's
6:42 pm
group weather underground set off a bomb in the capitol. and 1993 there was a bomb. in it '98 a man killed 2 capitol police officers storming the offices of the majority whip tom delay. in april a 25-year-old reporter attacked the u.s. capitol killing one officer and injuring other. democrats want you to ignore that hearing and only talk about one riot. last summer they were in full denial and rarely talked about the rioting last summer and never mentioned it it during the democratic national convention and kamala harris was advocating bail funds to get rioters out of jail. here with reaction can
6:43 pm
congressman jim banks and former white house chief of staff. when i saw you and jim jordan take off this commission and liz cheney is on there and kinzinger is there, okay this is a pre-determined outcome. i believe what happened on the 6th is wrong. what happened over the summer last year where thousands of cops were hurt, that was wrong. businesses looted and arson and city blocks taken over. where is that commission? they have a pre-determined outcome here. >> that was painfully clear yesterday. two capitol police officers on the stand want they were hand picked by pelosi like all of the members of the commissioner were. kinzinger and liz cheney cherry picked republicans picked by pelosi. that makes me angry. i called on the democrats last week to allow the head of the
6:44 pm
capitol police union to testify along with these police officers. they said no. not only did they reject me and jim jordan they rejected the head of the police union who represents every capitol police officers who wanted to tell the story of the systemic break down of security at the capitol. they said since you didn't let us testify we will tell our story to the public. it was not just january 6th. it was a lack of leadership leading up to january 6th that happened hear a long time on nancy pelosi's watch. a lock of responsibility and leadership at the very top of the food chain. that's the real story. she knew jim jordan and would ask the tough question squeeze rejected. -- and she rejected us. help me reject nancy pelosi and
6:45 pm
learn how to fight back against her. >> sean: what about the video evidence they pre-positioned certain things prior to the 6th? it was pre-planned or the evidence that law enforcement had specific intelligence that and why was the capitol police chief denied prior to the event, the white house even suggested it according to mark meadows, why was he denied 6 separate times the help he asked for reenforcements? >> those are the questions and jim banks said it well. if this committee was really doing the job it's supposed to do, it should be answering. the two questions that mccarthy and jim banks put forward. why were the capitol police not
6:46 pm
backed up and how can we prevent this from happening again you? said it right. the reason is that this is a pre-determined political conclusion. the conclusion is that donald trump is to blame for everything. that's what the conclusion will be. it's like walking in a court where the judge already made a decision. this commission already made a decision. the democrat house already impeached donald trump. going at it again from a different angle. you are right. where were the democrats when representative presley when the blm riots took place, she called for unrest in the streets? she didn't call for peaceful protests. where were the democrats when vice-president harris put out a tweet trying to raise money for the minnesota freedom fund to bail out people who were committing felonies on the
6:47 pm
streets which they did? she called for people to donate money to that fund which bailed out a felon two times. once for rioting and damaging a police precinct. failed him out with $5,000 and bailed him out again when he was caught with illegal guns and cocaine for $60,000. that was our vice-president of the united states raising money to bail these people out. it's all hypocrisy. it's all a show. >> sean: when we come back liberal media outletting ignoring violent crime across the country. thanks for being with us. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right it looks like finally reality is setting in for seattle. summer of love. the mayor is begging for the city to rebuilds it police department after shootings over the weekend but durkin demonized police all last summer and boasted about the city's chop zone that look the life of our national treasurist. we had the father on. that was a heart breaking interview. he died in the summer of love and we covered it on the program. the media mob ignored and they barely covered the mugging of former senator barbara boxer.
6:53 pm
now thieves in it broad daylight ransacking every store. they don't arrest as long as you don't steal $1,000 worth of material. defund and no bail doesn't work. it's a disaster for democrats. they own it. it's their policy. they supported it. it's important to note the defund police movement and officials had no problem using your tax dollars to hire their own security services. here with reaction louisiana senator john kennedy. i just hand it to you. this is basic simple louisiana common sense. >> i think it is. i don't know why this is. if i get to heaven, i will ask. there are some people in this world that just are not fit to be part of our society. they are not sick. they are not mixed up. they are not confused. it's not a question of whether
6:54 pm
or not their momma or daddy loved them love. they are just anti-social in terms of public safety, they are just bad. i thought as a society we agreed why we need law enforcement to get them off the street and protect law-abiding citizens from them. my democratic colleagues have done an about-face. now the bad guys are the cops want the cops are guilty until proven innocent and they are all a bunch of racists even the african-american police officers. i don't get it. and president biden bless his heart, he can run around like a fox on fire and say not me. i never said that. i am not a part of it. wrong, he was. he said it. look at the democratic platform
6:55 pm
on which we ran. talk about re-imagining the police. and the president has supported every single one of our every democratic mayor. they talked about defunding the police and did it. the result was predictable. crime has gone through the roof! it can be reversed, but if the president asked me my opinion i would say, mr. president, you need to stand up in front of god and country is and say this defund the police stuff has to stop. tell the democratic mayors to lift the police up. don't put them down. >> sean: we appreciate you being with us. stay with us. more "hannity"s after this.
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>> unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening but as always, thank you for being with us. i have some good news. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is up next. i'll help you set your dvr, have a great night. back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am a laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from a very busy washington tonight. i california restaurant owner has decided to ignore gavin newsom's new edicts, throwing open his eatery to the unvaccinated and mask lists. he's here tonight on why he's doing it his own way and why he isn't scared of the repercussions. plus one of the most embarrassing displays you will ever see from a sitting united states congressman. raymond arroyo has a cringeworthy video in seen and
7:01 pm