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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 28, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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executives so performative in their politics when it comes to america's domestic political fractures, i would like to buy the world a coke, especially the hardest working uyghur laborer of the week. coca-cola's refusal to condemn china's genocide against the uyghur people remains a black mark on their entire corporate woke agenda. >> trace: no more coke and a smile. president biden expected to announce the next steps in the renewed battalion in the resurgence of the coronavirus. thanks for watching "special report." i'm trace gallagher. "fox news primetime" with tammy bruce right now. >> tammy: hello, trace, thank you very much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪. >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and tonight, the destructive democrat agenda is fail in every corner of the country, failing on the facts, failing on the results and, most of all, failing us, the american people. the biden administration and its
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pals are desperate to jam through a reckless agenda, a devastating socialist agenda which even they know no one wants. so it's clear they decided recently a flu playbook is required to exploit the fear of the last year. creating out of a whole cloth a new debill dating pandemic state all the better to control and demoralize and ultimately to disappear you into a soul stealing day by day existence. distracting you with all the monsters you are told lurk around the corner waiting just for you. they believe repeating and shouting the word science will disguise their ignoring actual science while forcing us to accept their arbitrary masking rules. farcical and insulting hysteria. hogan gidley and mollie hemingway join us tonight to unpack the dangerous idiotic hot mess that is the biden administration's handling of covid-19. the new playbook requires ignoring reality by accusing
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millions of law abiding patriotic americans of being terrorists. you are to fear your neighbor. you tore distrust yourself. you are to believe america is the worst place on everett. you are, in other words, ordered to be as miserable and resentful as they are. the results are devastating but predict being. they're putting us in decline and they're leading us to human denigration on every single issue. consider this a major developing story from fox's own bill melugin as authorities in texas say immigrants who test positive for covid are being released from federal custody to a local catholic charity and placed in hotels. if the biden administration really cared about covid, would they allow this? would they allow for open borders during health crisis? and would they allow for unrestricted access into the country? tom cotton is on board this evening with more details on this issue as well as the remarkable hypocrisy infecting the woke corporate world.
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meanwhile, our woke crisis exploiting veterans continue to signal that they don't believe any of the life and death drama they berate us with. it's as though establishment enforcers feel like they are training dogs. follow the science has now morphed into follow whatever we say. the and don't you dare ask them questions, of course, even worse, don't you even think about asking for actual data. with no expectation that they themselves would be expected to adhere to rules that they concoct for us john films and joe concha gob smacking hypocrisy later in the show. anyone who's to be free. anyone who wants to be independent. anyone who wants some basic dignity in their life is increasingly a problem for the extremist running washington as well as too many of our local communities and it's not just covid chaos. the democrats ever offer any actual evidence that taking police off the streets would make it safer or how about trying to brainwash your
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children into a racist world view with was somehow pert for your family or our futures. yeah, they offered none. but they did tell you to shut up and stop being racist. but, tonight, the real world consequences are setting. in a look at this. seattle mayor jenny durkan who last year boasted about the city's autonomous chop zone remember that amid far left violence is now being forced to confront reality and calling on the city to rebuild its police department, duh. amid a wave of exits after six separate shootings rocked the seattle metro area over the weekend. well, what do you know? when there is less police, there is more crime. more cray as. more senseless human suffering and more denigration. who could have seen this coming? who could have seen failed to protect people failed to protect property and basic principles of safety life gets worse for everyone except the criminal. a bad economy, inflation, the homelessness crisis.
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crime, violence, put everyone at risk. with more desperation, the evil among us have larger pool of the vulnerable to exploit. and that's exactly what's happening in too many american cities. the good news is while politicians tend to not care, we do. later, an activist who helps to bring justice for the forgotten and exploited joins us with an inspiring report. but here's another thing. it's all fueled by desperation. there isn't a playbook in existence that will crush the american spirit or end the democrats' desperation over losing power, losing influence and most of all losing legitimacy. trust in the left wing media machine is cratering. approval of biden is plummeting. and interest in anything that they have to say is waning. they imported a million migrants into the country and you are supposed to sit there and asking for permission for when you are supposed to wear your mask. and spending trillions upon trillions pretending it won't
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cost you a thing. they are just about to do that again by the way, bankrupting this nation. giving our enemies more control over our future. unless we simply refuse to comply. we start tonight with the exploitation of the covid-19 tries. as the democrats deliberately mislead you with marshall and out of context data about the virus we face now which is by the way not the same monster from 2020. you are hear all the time how the delta variant is not as bad, not as deadly as original covid. let's look at the facts instead of just being told about the facts. i want you to look at these graphs which say it all. all the time you hear them only speak about the spike in cases. look at the end there on the screen to your right. we have the height there at the beginning of the year. the spike in cases is at the end of that graph. you see that. so, perspective is important when we talk about context and perspective. that's the overarching context.
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we don't like any virus to increase at all. but i want you to see the framework and the context and as a result, making decisions that best suit your life in the meantime. take a look at that let's look at hospitalizations. who can forget the dynamic in the beginning where it was 15 days to flatten the curve? now, when you see, of course, you have the height there january 2021, you know, just recently july there in 2020. hospitalizations are flat and that is up to july 24th. so that's flat. we have flattened the curve, guys, we did it. that in is in comparison to the rise in cases that you saw. there was a rise there in cases. with you, the hospitalizations there just let me give you some specific numbers you don't have there the hospitalization rate right now is a third of what it was a year ago. in other words, it's gone down why two thirds.
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and 10 times better than it was at the height of the pandemic in just this january. the context. now, let's go to deaths. this is important. because look, we don't want people to be dying with any virus and the human condition people will pass away. they will have situations combined with co-morbidity and the flu or covid, et cetera. look at the very end of the graph there, covid-19 deaths despite that yes a little bit of a spike because of the delta variant, that is what no one talks about. you don't hear jen psaki or biden or the cdc talk about hospitalizations or deaths. because, of course, it's not the numbers they like. the deaths by the way on july 25th, 2020 there were a thousand 25 new deaths on that day. january theth, 2020, 3374 new deaths. july 24th, 168. this is why when people
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including myself think that this is different, that this is not as severe. that these lines are flat. there are more infections. certainly not as deadly. this is why and problem with the government not giving you this context because these are the numbers that matter to you and in your life. that help you make a decision about how best to proceed and make no mistake. the vaccines from what we can tell, are the reason why this has suddenly taken a nose dive. the hospitalizations means severity is down and deaths are clearly flat lining. and, again, we don't -- one death is too many. but the fact is doesn't this help you recognize when people say this is not the same animal and, yet, rook what they are doing. so the problem with these statistics is that they undermine the democrats' narrative. the entire narrative and the restrictive covid agenda. so, trust me. they clearly don't like being undermind. listen it though.
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>> and the last thing, the last thing we need is neanderthal thinking that in the meantime everything is fine, take off your maverick. forget it it's still matters. >> will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> that's under consideration right now. if you are not vaccinated you are not nearly as smart as i thought you were. >> leader mccarthy [inaudible] >> tammy: yeah, really. what too they hope to accomplish with name calling? do they think shaming the unmasked or unvaccinated will convince them to fall in line? those insults are not no, i do not convince people to change their minds. they are meant to polarize and drive a wedge between americans to drive dry out this fight all the way to the midterm and 2024. joe biden pelosi and the drantd establishment covid as way to implement far left agenda in their eyes a permanent pandemic is a winning agenda.
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joining me now hogan gidley former deputy press secretary to president trump and mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist" and fox news contributor. thank you poet for being here. we do have a breaking news tonight. i would like you guys to comment on. skeptics digging through the cdc research used to justify have been discovering much of the so-called science that was cited appears to be dubious at best, in some cases it's down right misleading. at least one study on the increased transmissibility of the delta variant mollie was based only on lab samples not actual human beings. and another study on the delta variant's ability to break through the vaccine was based on a vaccine that is not even authorized or available for use in the united states. mollie, can you give me your thoughts on all of this as it is unfolding. >> well, that's exactly right. whether this was announced yesterday that the biden administration wanted to return america to a more locked
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downstate and put out mandates about mask wearing and other things, they didn't do a very good job of explaining why in the world they were coming up with this guidance. but, also, what little information they did give, shows that they did not read these studies very well or thoughtfully or in any way with a critical mind. the idea that they would use the study that you just mentioned which is of 100 healthcare workers in india vaccinated with a vaccine isn't even legal in this country and didn't even compare vaccinated people to unvaccinated people as part of their case. >> tammy: extraordinary. >> it's just ridiculous. they are asking people. >> tammy: they found the data to march their narrative. remarkable. and even with the graphs that i have shown i think gives people a reason to question why isn't the government showing that -- is showing them that data? hogan, your take on this? >> the cdc has zero credibility because they have been lying to us now for more than a year. and, yes, that's sad. but it's also very scary. basically these people are just
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politicians in white coats at this point. and, look, they have called this a pandemic of the unvaccinated but then they say in the same breath that the vaccinated carry a higher viral load. even though the studies are all junk. so the vaccinated need to wear masks too. neither the cdc or the white house can point to significant data to back up or justify what they want to do in this country with mask mandates and more lockdowns because they don't [inaudible] wear masks, 75 million people in this country are under the age of 18. 337 of those 75 million die because of coronavirus -- in the past year, excuse me, died with coronavirus and many of those people also had co-morbidities but, 809 people died because of pneumonia. all of those deaths are tragic but, put them in context, the american people are furious and they are not going to stand for these lies or these half truths anymore.
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>> tammy: mollie got about 20 seconds. last word on this. seems like there is a fraud perpetrated in the midst of all of this politically. >> well, these -- this -- these edigits that they're pointing out that you can't go out and go to work and you can't live your life unless you follow all of their very political ideas are -- it's infuriating particularly combined with the fact that the biden administration through their own policies are saying welcoming encouraging hundreds of thousands of people to cross the border illegally with covid feeding them into american cities and not caring about them at all. this is about power and not about science. it is very bad. >> tammy: thank you both. it's very bad because there is a point where we should be able to trust the government. we might have to trust them again coming up but the legitimacy now becomes very serious. thank you both. i appreciate you being here. now, coming up, the king of california institutes a new mask mandate for his subjects. and takes his kids out of camp
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now why would that be? that's next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tammy: he's fighting for his political life in a recall race but gavin newsom still thinks he is the king of california. and, believe me, it's good to be king. who could forget his maskless dinner at the french laundry restaurant. flawnting his own covid restrictions or the time he kept public schools closed while his own kids attended private school in person? that was sweet. his latest hit pulling his children out of a camp that chose to not enforce mask mandates after his kids were seen, well, maskless in violation of his own policy. let's bring in radio host john phillips, hosting, of course, the kabc in los angeles and fox news contributor and the hill
4:21 pm
media columnist joe concha. johnny, let me start with you. i know you from california, i'm a native californian. it seems like it's just a circus all the way around from the top to the bottom of our beautiful state. what's your take on all of this going on, still? >> yeah, this is just another example of rules for thee but not for me. although knowing gavin newsom is he probably more upset with his kid not taking a knee at basketball camp than being seen without a mask. but this is something that we're used to here. his kids, as you mentioned before are were in school when other californians were doing their school over the computer. he went to the french laundry when the rest of us were forced to order our dinner while sitting in our clown clown's nose jack in the box. when he looked at californians, ignoring his arbitrary and capricious edicts to wear masks or his call for all of to us get vaccinated and we are not doing what he wants us to do at the levels he wants us to do it, he blames the conservative media.
4:22 pm
well, why aren't your own kids wearing masks? i guess they are not watching nickelodeon at your house they are watching conservative media. >> tammy: johnny, thank you for that joe, when it comes to how this is viewed across the country. california ♪ really isolated. it's like intense version of what the democrats want for the entire country. >> well, that's a very good point, right? in other words, california has 40 million people the way you run a state is the way you can run a lot of countries, let's look at the numbers that matter. if you looking at this from a journalism perspective. how should gavin newsom be covered? okay, for starters, you should ask the question what scientific argument does newsom have for saying that kids should be wearing masks outside for children because the cdc would even say that that's not necessary. but then you look at the numbers. if we are looking at a scoreboard, tammy, right? california's unemployment, 7.7%. that's one of the highest rates in the nation. florida, if you are looking for a comparison, is just 5%.
4:23 pm
okay? now, california, when you look at the high taxes, skyrocketing violent crime. skyrocketing homelessness, has also seen a mass exodus, tammy, 6 million people fled your state last decade that trend has accelerated this year. >> tammy: that included me. thanks included you, tammy. >> tammy: i went from flame to flame and moving to new york. that made no sense at all. but, in the meantime, in the meantime, johnny, recall seems to have taken a little bit of a shift. the recall against gavin newsom. everyone was thinking oh he is going to get by. he is going to be find. there is a new poll what's that about? >> even steven according to the latest poll. 50% want to keep him. in 47% want to dump him. and one of the points that he has been making throughout the recall this is a republican effort to toss him from offers. well, there aren't enough republicans in california to fill a phone booth. this is far beyond just
4:24 pm
republicans. democrats are upset at christine pelosi, daughter of nancy pelosi has pointed out repeatedly independents are upset. members of parties are upset. >> tammy: good. >> anger towards gavin newsom is hitting a high decibel. every time he gets caught doing something like this, it spikes. >> tammy: it's amazing. >> gavin is worried about this recall. >> tammy: he can't get anything right. even though they know what's going on they cannot stop themselves. >> they cannot in these situations. less jobs, higher taxes, cost of living rising. pollution out of control. all while feeling less safe. never a good combination. feels like being in new york, right? no wonder that california is in trouble and that gavin newsom is in trouble and the last time that deep blue california, tammy h a recall election that was nearly 20 years ago and that resulted in governor arnold schwarz as that la vista for newsom as well. >> tammy: very first effort that succeeded in the country.
4:25 pm
i was a part of that. i know californians still have the rebel spirit, thank you, gentlemen, very much, i appreciate it. >> thank you, tammy. >> tammy: up next, tens of thousands of illegal migrants released into the u.s. on the honor system. cool. without a court date. why not? how many do you think are turning themselves in? senator tom cotton joins us next. ♪ ♪ e usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ ♪ know this about the jungle, everything that you see wants to kill you and can.
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viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. >> tammy: joe biden's border crisis is spiraling. the administration is waiving tens of thousands of migrants through the border without any care for covid or it if they show up to court. a new report in axios revealing 50,000 illegal immigrants have now been released into the united states without a court date but only a traction just 13% are showing up at a customs office. i mean, each that number is pretty high. 13%. >> those staggering numbers are made more disturbing when you
4:31 pm
consider this. dhs is releasing covid positive migrants from custody in into nearby towns without notifying local officials. one such family was found at a south texas what a burger. they were coughing, the family was sneezing and coughing and looking ill and they told police once someone went to get the police because of it that they had tested positive for covid. joining me now is republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. senator, all of this, every day, it seems more like night gallery or, you know, rod serling, scary programs and you don't know what's going to happen next. what's your take on the stunning news that goes on day by day. >> tammy, the biden border crisis just gets worse every month. now we have this report they have released 50,000 illegal aliens into the country without so much as a in the to appear. without any paperwork whatsoever just telling them very kindly go
4:32 pm
to their local immigration office some day and turn themselves in illegal aliens seeking asylum. tammy, even if they got those papers, the nearly 1 million illegal aliens who arrived since joe biden took offers are not going to leave this country under joe biden's watch. they are not going to show up for their hearings. if they show up for their hearings and they are denied asylum, they are just going to disappear. even if they don't disappear, joe biden is not going to deport these illegal aliens, 1 million illegal aliens already arrived in this country are here to stay for as long as joe biden is president. that's why he is response sin for this border crisis. it was his rhetoric during the campaign. his policies that created this open border. and the word is out among illegal aliens and human traffickers and these charities that support them. all tough do is show up at the border. say a few magic words about being afraid of persecution in your country which is almost never provable and we will let you in. >> tammy: what's interesting is almost the lack of a conscience
4:33 pm
in our federal government from the biden administration because of the human atrocities that are occurring, the tragedy overall by allowing this to occur including with covid and all the other diseases that we know have come across the border. but, we would suggest, perhaps, that the world sees this as kind of like a systemic rot that's happening and you are also working on as an example in the corporate world coca-cola and the nature of decisions that are made when it comes to china and human rights abuses. tell us a little bit about that as well. >> yeah, tammy. we had a hearing yesterday that was disgraceful and pathetic. one of the most pathetic hearings i have seen, corporate probation men coming up whose corporations sponsor the genocide winter olympics in beijing next year and they wouldn't say a single word that was negative about the chinese communist party. coca-cola was particularly appalling because, of course, james quincy, their ceo who i
4:34 pm
don't even think is an american citizen. they cannot confirm if he is or is not an american citizen. he may be a foreigner sticking his nose where it doesn't belong in georgia's election reform law when coca-cola is in the business of selling sugary beverages. they go out of their way to attack democratically elected lengths lay tores in georgia if they won't utter a word about the most grotesque kind of genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in china or anything else that would cost them a single dollar. james quincy and coca-cola should be ashamed of the disgraceful and bootlegging the of the chinese communist party. >> tammy: sociopathic lack of consideration for the impact of other people across the board is shocking. i do -- i don't know if you heard early report we are working more on this. because i think this is going to be big is also this revelation
4:35 pm
that the biden administration used studies, science, that may have been in part false or even fabricated at certain point during the line to legitimize their actions now with the covid state against the american people. what do you know about that and what are your thoughts on if that gets, i think, a bit bigger of a story? >> yeah, well, i now understand having heard those reports today why the cdc has refused to provide data to the united states senate in the last few days to justify their about face on mask mandates. if it's true that they are using studies that are not thorough, that are not sufficientry scientific to reimpose mask mandates on vaccinated individuals, it will be a scandal of the first order. but, you know these little petty dick dictators like tony fauci and rochelle row len scwi of the cdc don't want to give up the power they have been given the last year e they want to boss you around tell what you you can do down to the most minute into
4:36 pm
the details of your life. that he was not going to happen in arkansas. >> tammy: this is the issue. if they wanted to do that so desperately that they arguably if all of this ends up being true perpetrated a fraud on the american people, a study that used a vaccine that's not even available in the united states or approved, another study that was reviewed after a peer review that was removed from legitimacy that it was reversed effectively that this is the entire united states government has all the resources. it sounds like remarkable choice to make and we are continuing to look into that as well. >> tammy, just remember. no one elected tony fauci or rochelle wolenski or any other bureaucrat in washington to make decisions. they elected elected officials. the buck stops with joe biden. advisers advise. >> tammy: we're not going to let biden or any of the democrats be protected in the meantime because of the use of someone like a flip flopper like fauci. sir, thank you very much for being with me tonight.
4:37 pm
coming up, a top democrat donor sentenced in the overdos deaths of two men staying at his apartment. so how come you haven't heard a peep about it in the press? that and more next. ♪ ♪ (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, u that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. ♪ it's the first and only fda approved combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours.
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♪ >> tammy: gavin newsom isn't the only politician fearing a recall in california. parents in san francisco are fed up with the woke policies pushed on their kids and are trying to remove three school board members between the push to rename schools honoring abraham lincoln and john washington you know those baddies to a board member accusing asian parents of using white supremacist thinking to get ahead to their kids being kept out of the classroom all last year parents have had enough. one of the volunteer parents on the recall san francisco school board is lawrence lee, lawrence joins me now. you are a hero. i am a former liberal community organizer. it is always about the normals. us regulars taking action, sir. tell me why -- i gave a little
4:43 pm
bit of a litany. but it takes a lot to become radicalized. why did you volunteer to kick these people out of office. >> well, first of all, thank you so much for having me here, tammy. it's hard to get some attention for this recall to be honest. sometimes with some of the local media. and i will do my best to represent the efforts. i'm just one of the volunteers. the organizers steve and autumn are super swamped as everything you can imagine with trying to get all the signatures. to say answer your questions, it's like you said, it's -- you want to have a normal life. just following k pop or something and then all of the sudden you say wait a second. this is something i have to act on. i'm not sure if i'm radicalized but i'm definitely full into this effort. if you talk about those things you mentioned, this is just the tip of the iceberg for people
4:44 pm
that don't follow all the details in san francisco. there's $87 million lawsuit from one board of commissioner to the rest of them because she was kicked out of committee rules. there is is a change of lottery for the local high school based on one incident of you can't even figure out who made these racist statements. so the actions of the board just are totally are not connected with the things that are hang. it's a strange situation for sure. >> tammy: it seems like it's interesting. the politicians these days have forgotten that parents exist. that voters exist. that we notice what's going on. that maybe we're busy. you are busy raising your family, clearly. and, yet, you will take action because it takes a lot as i think you have noted to look away and think you have to act. we know that you are only going
4:45 pm
after, i believe, three of them because you couldn't go after the others because they had just been be elected or something. you are gathering signatures now. how does it look for you there even though the local media seems to be shutting you out. are you guys optimistic? >> optimistic, yes. we are like super optimistic. things are going super well. especially in the last week. we have a goal of 70,000 signatures, which is quite a bit. based on one race. or another. recalls are very tough given that san francisco's last recall was unsuccessful and that goes back to 1978. there is so much interest if it's parents public schools. people like me to used to go to san francisco school district. if it's people that just moved into the city, there's teachers, there's union members. there is district people. it's like virtually no group feels that this is too much. >> tammy: well, this is a
4:46 pm
beautiful action it's clearly nonpartisan. this is about american citizens, families, residents. where are you guys online? do you have a website? >> yes, i'm not on top of it but it's some version of recall ss school >> tammy: people can google your effort. i wish you well. congratulations. san francisco deserves better. we all deserve better. thank you lawyer rance for joining us i appreciate it coming up, rachel campos-duffy is here and she is on the clock. it's going to be a first for me but not for her. you won't want to miss it.
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♪ justice has been served up in california this week as prominent democrat donor ed buck has finally been convicted in the overdose death of two gay black men but one thing is missing outrage from the left. the side that says black lives
4:52 pm
matter is conspicuously silent when two black lives are lost. many believe it's because of ed buck's connections. buck has donated thousands to well known democrat politicians including barack obama, ted lu and hillary clinton. maybe this is why the left is so quiet. one person who has refused to let the story fall on deaf ears is our next guest jazmine can nic joins me now. jazmine, a great deal of work being an activist and caring about things is quiet, anonymous work. you never get credit for anything. you stuck to it. you have victory with this finally getting this monster off the streets. tell us how it feels and why-i what your sense is about why it took so long. >> well, i'm a journalist and a political strategist. not necessarily an activist. but i know this seems like activisty work. we have been at it for four years. you know, two men have died. countless others almost died. it is such a humongous relief to
4:53 pm
know that ed buck will never be on the streets again. you are absolutely right. i am an elected member of the democratic party, i am so disappointmented in my party they have very little to say. some wanting to give ed buck the benefit of the doubt. it's embarrassing. >> we have, very frustrating. also an opportunity for us to have a conversation about the difference between actually doing the work and paying lip service to the work, right? so you can't just say black lives matter and then when countless black men are being preyed upon by, you know, one of our donors turn the other way. we didn't keep that with harvey weinstein we haven't done that with other people. i know good and will if ed buck had been a republican donor they would have been screaming bloody murder. i need for my party, for the party that claims that black people are still important to its mission, and to its values to act like it when someone is
4:54 pm
killing us. you know,. >> tammy: i have to say weinstein did get away with it for so long because the argue. was don't do anything. it will affect the issues. we will lose money and that seems to be the play there which is shocking and especially it took -- the bodies were being taken outs of this guy's apartment and everyone was looking away except i have to say, i think activists should be on your cv. i think it's a good thing to be. but, at the same time, it's a voice from within the democratic party. democrats don't want this. this is not what any classical liberal thinks is all right. and, also, you have made a point and i want to get to this, about how homelessness, poverty, push penal to desperation, allowing monsters like ed buck to prey on people to have an easier time. tell us about that. >> look, i am in the heart of downtown l.a. where all i see every day is nothing but black men on the corner.
4:55 pm
laying on the corner. laying on a street. black men and women. we are the face of homelessness in the city and county of los angeles. as buck was able to do what he did because of our homelessness crisis. >> tammy: exactly. >> because people felt like they had to play russian roulette with this are their life with this person to get money to have food for a place to sleep for the night that wasn't outside. that's a shame. we have to talk about that and take our head out of the sand and stop acting like this didn't happen or it's going to happen again. >> tammy: and republicans have got to stop feeding these issues to a party that clearly has abandoned the entire dynamic. this is what all of us have an interest in. we are united in this thank you very much jazmine. let's transition to something a little bit different more fun to say the least. "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy is lovely
4:56 pm
here in person. joining me now and we will put her on the clock. this is my first time doing on the clock. i'm very happy that you are smart and like me you are talking and thank you for being here. the first guest in studio since covid started. >> rachel: i feel so honored. >> r in new york city hasn't kept you from visiting the big apple. there may be a new threat on the horizon that will. exploiting sidewalks. man in queens looking to settle his cell phone bill until a fireball explosion flew through a sidewalk grate and knocked him right down. what do you think do you think that should stop people from coming? >> rachel: shows how dysfunctional the city is mugging, stabbings, everything smells like pot around here. getting pushed into the subway by mentally ill people and now you can't pay your verizon bill. >> tammy: is my delivery part of the 60 seconds. >> rachel: i guess so. >> tammy: olympians may be out
4:57 pm
of a job soon because running roberts are coming to take their spot. oregon state researchers developed a running robot and when put to the test it was able to deliver 5 k run in 53 minutes. is that what we should aspire to robotics professors who put this together says it's going to make our life better that the robots are going to live among us i say no they are going to replace us. we have a man made labor shortage right now. you can bet that businesses are working on robotics now and automation more than ever because they don't want to be caught like they are right now. >> tammy: i don't even want robot vacuums i love it changed my life. >> tammy: there is a beautiful dallas property listed for sale and it is grabbing the attention of many. if you look at the inside of the property you will be creeped out to find that the room features fake windows and no bedroom. one big warehouse inside of a metal shelving unit and utility room ultimate safe house. does that appeal to you. >> it does not appeal to me.
4:58 pm
this is the cia not cleaning up stash houses because too busy making latin x recruitsment video. this is clearly where jack bauer took the bad guys. >> tammy: looks like a place you could make up and do up. >> rachel: you can't do anything with that no amounttoo we have r topic? yes, former president barack obama is planning to host a lavish and star studded 60th birthday of course he is at nearly $12 million mansion at march that's vineyard global warming. feature some of his a-list friends from oprah to george clooney. do you want to go? >> rachel: yeah, i do. first of all he is so oppressed and notice he is not doing it in chicago which looks like a war zone right now. i don't think obama is living best life. i don't think living best life. just wish they would give america a little credit and stop selling victimology and
4:59 pm
victimhood on systemic racism poor black people. the if barack obama can make it as the son of a single white mom then so can everybody else. >> i want everybody to be successful. congratulations to the obamas and maybe you envy tase. >> i doubt you might get sick of me. >> i don't think so. of course, how do the kids feel about august this work going on? >> there was doubt. >> tammy: thank you, great seeing you. wonderful stuff. everyone, thank you so much for being here with us. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." i'm tammy bruce with you can find more about me at tammy i will see you >> tucker carlson is up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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