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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> geraldo: cleveland guardians that's it. >> jesse: one more thing ever. >> greg: i want more pictures. >> jesse: we are doing a movie with somebody famous. >> geraldo: ironic thing about the cleveland indians he was a native american chief wahoo. >> dana: there you have it, everybody. that's it for us. "special report" suspect next. trace, take it away. >> trace: dana, have you ever thought about having sponsors the last segment from barnes & noble petco. you guys could get rich off that kind of stuff. >> dana: i will call the finance department. great idea. thanks. have a good show. a. >> trace: containna, thank you. good evening. i'm trace gallagher in for bret baier. coronavirus resurgence new mask guidelines and potential order by president biden that all federal workers be vaccinated or submit to regular testing. the president says such a move is under consideration as the administration furiously tries to deal with the severe setback
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in its efforts to end the pandemic. we have fox team coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon has new information about troubles at the wuhan lab in china. jonathan serrie in atlanta looks at how new guidelines may effect students returning to school and we begin with white house correspondent peter teasey and what the president and his team are saying. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, trace. what they are doing. we were just outer on the south lawn of the white house for the president's return from an out-of-town trip. he made the entire walk outdoors by himself from marine one to the oval office wearing a mask. that is more than what the cdc is asking of vaccinated individuals right now. it just makes it harder to understand what exactly the white house's people to be doing. >> the press keeps wanting me to talk about covid. >> true? >> after all new cdc guidance effects everyone. >> talking about [inaudible] today that's all i'm going to
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talk about. >> pete: confusion why vaccinated people need to wear masks continues. >> something has changed. what has changed is the virus. the cdc hasn't changed. the cdc hasn't really flip flopped at all. >> new guidance about masks for the vaccinated is not one size fits all. for example, the president's starting point today the white house requires mask indoors. but, the destination mac truck factory in pennsylvania doesn't he got up close and personal with maskless workers after a tour and remarks. >> please, please, please if you are not vaccinated, protect yourself. >> white house officials confirm there is talk about requiring federal workers to get vaccinate snrd while no decision has been finalized, i will say that thing attestation of vaccination for federal employees is one option under consideration. >> officials dispute this is a mandate since workers have a choice between the shot and regular testing. >> so attestation what we mean is confirming vaccination status
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or abiding by stringent covid-19 moat coals like mandatory mask wearing. >> google is pushing their return-to-work date back six weeks from september to mid october as the cdc had hoped private companies start requiring vaccines. >> that's one strategy in our toolbox i would being all for it. >> masks are now required in the house of representatives. >> the sergeant of arms is authorized and directed to impose a fine against any member acting in violation of this policy. >> but republican leader kevin mccarthy is critical of that policy and when the speaker got wind of that she told reporters is he a, quote, moron and now he has responded. >> just today i watched her in private meeting not wearing a maverick. so, do as they say but not as she does? >> president biden has tried to explain the science many times and that may continue tomorrow.
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first several months every big event was tied progress big or small in fighting the pandemic. the pandemic was not high on the president's list of things to talk about today. the day after this first big step backwards on the road to normal. trace? >> trace: peter, speaking of expanding, how does the federal reserve assess the economy as recovering? >> pete: they see the economy strengthening, trace they also notice there is inforeign relationflation tied to rising prices if the progress continues though, we may soon see the interest rates that have been near zero since the start of the pandemic race raise, trace? >> trace: inteed. peter doocy at the white house. thank you. all of this comes as students return to school or get ready to come back. many patients and administrators are against any new mask requirements. correspondent jonathan serrie has the latest on that tonight from atlanta. [cheers and applause] >> protesters burned face masks outside florida's broward county school board. >> it is time to cast off this
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symbol of sir rein >> the cdc's new guidance for all students and staff to wear face masks in k through 12 schools has reignited debate over whether the recommendations should be mandated. >> with the highly transmittible delta variant present, our community, it is wholly irresponsible to drop the mask mandate at this critical time. >> if you reimplement mask mandates, we will not be sending our students to school. >> florida governor ron desantis has threatened to call a special session of the legislature to block schools from requiring masks. florida is already among seven states restricting city and county governments imposing mandates. although children are at lowest risks for severe cases of covid-19, the director of the cdc says added precautions are justified. >> they tend to be more asymptomatic, they tend to have fewer symptoms. but i do want to emphasize that if you compare covid deaths to children this year compared to flu deaths in prior years, it's
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about two fold more. >> nevertheless, the president of a georgia teacher's union says public health officials should be clearer and more consistent in their messaging. >> i would like to see students it roll out a comprehensive plan stick to it and then tell the public why they're changing. beginning to confuse the public. >> federal health officials say vaccination is key to ending the pandemic. but the fda has yet to approve a vaccine for children under the age of 12. and only 30% of youth, ages 12 through 17 have been vaccinated. trace? >> trace: jonathan serrie live for us. jonathan? you can find nearby vaccinations by going to vaccines dot above. now we move tonight french connection. we are learning new details of how the french officials who designed and built the now infamous wuhan lab in china were abruptly removed. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the latest tonight from the pentagon.
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>> u.s. and french officials sounded alarm bells about security at the wuhan institute of virology as early as 2009 according to state department cables. >> it's a critical piece of data that clearly that the cables indicate the chinese had lax security of standards. the press were pointing on this indicates the french had have had a very troubled relationship with the chinese going back almost a decade. there were concerns. >> tom dinanno trump appointee was on the team investigating the origin of and tells fox that those concerns centered on safety wuhan institute of virology and the business come of collaborating with the chinese on such sensitive biotechnology and research. in 2004, the french government signed an agreement to help the chinese build its first biosafety level 4 lab in wuhan to study infectious diseases in the wake of the sars outbreak despite the protest of french defense officials. the french were responsible for
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managing the lab's safety protocols until they were abruptly kicked out of the lab by the chinese government in 2017 shortly after it was inaugurated. two years earlier, french intelligence washed the u.s. government that it had concerns about chinese behavior of the lab. >> get out of the lab that. >> according to david asher the state department's lead investor into the covid origin. france's cia were pretty public in sounding their alarm bells, not typical. i can't understand how nih, dod and aid would continue to plow dollars and transfer tech to wiv in the wake of the french being evacuated. >> the signals were clear. we know the chinese had an offensive bioweapons program for decades since they joined bioweapons treaty in the 80s. the french knew that as well. >> tonight we are learning that secretary of state blinken met with the w.h.o. chief today and
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affirmed u.s. support for a new w.h.o. study into the origins of covid-19. a proposal china has already rejected outright. trace? >> trace: jen, i know have you study deed this what can you tell us about the status of the afghan combat translators seeking to imgreats to the u.s. >> the first plane of combat translators and their families about 250 in total all of them recipients of what is known as special immigrant visas will land in the united states late tomorrow, early friday. and will be sent by bus to fort lee in virginia. about 2500 have been cleared so far to come to the u.s. or to american military bases in the middle east as they await processing. the plane something organized by the state department. trace? >> trace: that is a bit of good news. jenson griffin live for us at the pentagon. stocks were mixed the dow lost 12 u8, the s&p 500 dropped a point. the nasdaq gained 102. there are increasing concerns
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about covid tonight along the southern border. reports say many illegal immigrants who have tested positive for the virus are being release nude areas where they can interact with the public. correspondent rich edson is in la joya, texas tonight. >> in la joya, texas town of 4500 residents. officials say their border down has experienced migrant surges before. this time there is a significant difference. >> no one told the police department that these people were here. and no one told us that these people were possibly ill. police say catholic charities has rented this hotel to house migrants who have tested positive for covid-19. they say they only found out when a customer at a burger restaurant next door flagged down a patrolling officer and told them the family inside was sneezing, coughing and unmasked. miss told them borders and
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custom protectioning screened them a few days earlier and they were positive for covid. >> they were walking around and the police department put out a health alert because some of them were sick. >> la joya's mayor claims there is no communication between the federal government and local charities helping these migrants. police say cbp released the migrants to catholic charities. officials issued the migrants forms to register within 60 days local immigration office are wherever they end up. the county judge says i call on federal immigration officials to stop releasing infected migrants into our community. i'm further call on governor abbott to return to hidalgo county the safety tools that he took away that would help us slow the spread of this disease. now, here that means maverick mandates. instead texas governor greg abbott has ordered the texas national guard to assist in arresting any migrants who may be breaking state law. he has also authorized texas law enforcement to stop vehicles with certain migrants and then
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reroute them to their ports of entry. texas cannot deport anyone nor enforce federal immigration law. trace? trace trace rich edson live for us at the border. rich, thank you. you were next e the left puts pressure on president biden to wipe out student loan debt. but is that a good idea for the country here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles as officials announce an arrest in a deadly double shooting at movie theater in corona. a 20-year-old man is in custody follow the incident at a showing of the forever purge. investigators say they believe the shooting was unprovoked. fox 6 in milwaukee where a wisconsin court rejects the request for a new trial by making a murderer subject, steven avery. his attorney asked the court to consider claims ranging from insufficient scientific evidence to ineffective trial counsel. avery is serving a life sentence for the 2005 killing of
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photographer teresa halbach. the case became the focus of netflix series who raised questions about the conviction of a.ry and his nephew. now a live look at the beach in beaumont, texas from fox 26 in houston. one of the big stories there tonight the death of zz top bass player dusty hill. hill died in his sleep at his houston home. he left the band while on tour last friday saying he was going back to texas to address a hip issue. dusty hill was 72. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back ♪ ♪ ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need.
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health concerns, u.s. swimmer
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katie la decky took gold in the 1500 meters, the american women won gold in the new olympic sport of 3 on 3 basketball. the men's basketball team defeated iran by 54 points in second round competition. the u.s. leads the overall medal competition, japan has the most golds with 13. china has 12. the united states with 11. texas republican jake ellzey has won a special election susan rice. rice had the support of former president trump. republican governor greg abbott says ellzey will be a strong and effective leader for the people of north texas. there is increasing pressure tonight on president biden who extend a pause on federal student lone payments or forgive the debt entirely. congressional correspondent chad per grams shows us tonight from capitol hill. >> >> liberals are demanding president biden make good on a campaign promise, cancel student
3:19 pm
debt on his own. >> tiktok, pick up the pen. >> some progressives hope alexandria ocasio-cortez will challenge senate majority leader chuck schumer in new york's democratic primary next year. schumer is increasingly responding to liberal demands. >> with the flick of a pen, president biden could give a fresh start to tens of millions of borrowers drowning in debt. >> but house speaker nancy pelosi says it's not that easy. >> the president can't do it. not everybody realizes that. but the president can only postpone, delay, but not forgive. >> president asked the justice department to rule on how far he could go to forgive student debt. still congressional democrats insist mr. biden act. they lack the votes to pass a student debt relief bill. liberals went up to $50,000 in loan forgiveness. >> i think it's bad idea. what about all those people that paid their debt before you give $50,000 relief. >> there is no consensus about who gets a pass and who remains
3:20 pm
on the hook. >> what would be fair to those who have incurred major debt, repaid them or still working to do so and if say something with were to go through okay this group has to pay and this group cannot. >> there you are. you described it very well. some people may view the relieving of people of this obligation has to be viewed in a fair way. >> a stymied congress is why democrats lean on president biden on. boomerang. >> the president continues to call on congress to forgive $10,000. that's something they could take action on. >> republicans are skeptical of erasing debt across the board. bone deep down to the marrow crazy. why wouldn't we do it credit card debt. >> students owe $.6 trillion debt. a pandemic related freeze on student loans ends this fall. trace? >> trace: meantime, chad there is bipartisan agreement on a senate infrastructure bill.
3:21 pm
tell us more about that. >> this bill only focuses on steel, bridges and dams, a procedural vote to break a filibuster just to start debate comes soon. a similar vote failed last week because the bill wasn't done yet. now, the real fight is looming on the democrat infrastructure bill. arizona senator kyrsten sinema supports the bipartisan bill; however, she opposes the $3.5 trillion bill. and alexandria ocasio-cortez, she tore into sinema. she accused sinema of tanking the democratic bill on infrastructure and climate change, trace? are a. >> trace: chad pergram on the hill. thank you. new indications that the gubernatorial election in california might be much tighter than previously believed. a survey shows almost half of likely voters support the action against democratic incumbent gavin newsom. some of the major issues facing the governor crime, homelessness, and accusations of hypocrisy over maverick usage. newsom calls it a partisan
3:22 pm
effort. here's national correspondent william la jeunesse in los angeles. >> republicans won't stop their election rejection. so in california, we have got to stop them. >> a new poll says it's not just republicans. 47% of all likely voters support the recall. the poll also found 53% of republicans believe newsom will be recalled just 8% of drassments a poll uc berkeley say could turn low turn out. under job performance 51, 48. he remains undeterred. >> we are going to defeat this partisan effort and we are going to work hard. >> nagging issues like drought, homelessness, and crime from rising murder rates to unpunished shoplifting like this most recent incident outside los angeles. where thieves ignored employees as they filled bags and walked away with stolen goods. when it comes to covid restrictions, another case of do as i say not as i do.
3:23 pm
reminiscent of student's maskless visit. newsom's son at summer camp without masks. he failed to read an email from the camp tell parents the kids would not wear masks critics pounced. why can't his kid be maskless but not ours? poll also asks voters about replacement out of 46 candidates larry elder leads at 18% people have had it ridiculous mandates. john cox and kevin faulconer at 10%. the recall is september 14th. and in the money race, newsom and his allies outraised opponents 5 to 1. trace? >> trace: william, thank you. up next america's crime crisis. the democratic mayor of one big city wants to rebuild its police force while the president disagrees about how to proceed
3:24 pm
with a progressive advocate of radical change. >> workers, even police officers, need working conditions that support them. >> i want to acknowledge our car senel system that is designed to trap black and brown men. ♪
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>> trace: as crime numbers soar in big cities democrats divided
3:28 pm
on what to do about it. another controversial comment by advocate of radical change. correspondent david spunt has more on that tonight from the justice department. >> the prayers of the community have been answered. >> a piece of positive news from d.c. police chief robert contee announcing the arrest of a 22-year-old maryland man in the death of 6-year-old nyiah courtney. a little girl caught in a drive by shooting while riding her scooter. the arrest announced as the nation's capitol continues to see increased crime and unrelenting criminals. d.c. police typically trains 250 new officers each year. this year -- >> we had just 42 new hires. >> d.c. mayor mural bowser announced today she is sending $11 million in extra funds to hire more than 150 officers over the next two years. in the midst of a crime crisis, pummeling cities from los angeles to chicago to washington, d.c., a prominent progressive voice in congress said this. >> i want to abolish our car
3:29 pm
seller system that's designed to trap black and brown men. >> the white house distancing president biden from the comments. then senator joe biden supported the 1994 crime bill calling for tougher prison sentences. 25 years later his position has changed 180 degrees. >> he believes we need reform our prison system. >> in chicago david brown says more than 90 people charged with murder have been released on home confinement with an electronic monitoring device. >> that should be a headline in this city and it's not. >> last week we sat down with cook county's top prosecutor, kim foxx who has a backlog of more than 35,000 felony cases. and plans to dismiss some nonviolent cases to cut down on the growing list. >> i cannot look to the people that i serve and tell them that we're spending more of our resources going after petty offenses that can still be dealt with than we are going after gun violence. >> trace, it's not just large
3:30 pm
cities seeing problems. i want to read this right here. cities in austin, el paso, salt lake city, and pittsburgh are also seeing increases specifically a 100 percent increase in murder from last year around 100 percent and when you look at cities like portland, a stunning 327% jump, trace? the mayor of seattle is calling on the city to rebuild its depleted police force. six separate shootings rocked the state's largest metropolitan area over the weekend. correspondents dan springer is in seattle tonight. >> the shooting scenes piled up over the weekend in seattle. when it was over, five people were dead. another nine injured. putting the city on pace to top the 50 murders in 2020 at the time, a 26 year high. the violence is alarming, shooting victims up 61%. drive by shootings have doubled from last year. and it's happening as the
3:31 pm
seattle seattle police department shrinks. >> i have 150 less than i did a year ago. >> department is down 250 officers the last 17 month. what many activists and most on the city council called for in the wake of george floyd's murder. they cut the police budget by 18% after pledging a 50% defunding. but now the mayor all but says it was a tragic mistake. >> not unexpected, losing these number of officers when city leaders talk about cutting a department by 50%, you will lose employees. >> mayor durkan will soon announce a plan to hire officers. defund activists will likely fight it the group defund seattle says on website new police recruit can't guarantee a change in sbd's anti-blackness and don't change the role of police. head of the police officer's union blames the rise in violence and police exodus on elected leaders. >> it will take decades to recover because you eviscerated
3:32 pm
any type of human hoke would want to risk their personal well to come work for politicians who do not support them. >> seattle has been trying to recruit new police officers but mostly failing and politics is likely a factor. mayor durkan is not seeking re-election and among the f.a.a. ritz to replace her is the council's president who was one of the members who pledged to defund the police by 50%. trace? >> trace: dan, thank you. up next, the panel on the virus, mask rules, and a possible vaccine mandate. first, beyond our borders tonight. at least 18 people are dead and 24 others injured after a truck strikes a group of sleeping laborers in india. many of the victims were on their way home at the time sleeping under a bus which broke down on the side of the highway. the truck driver fled the scene. australia's largest city sydney is expend tending lock down order for another month as covid infections continue to rise.
3:33 pm
the city's stay at home order had already been extended several times and was supposed to expire in three days. meantime england is relaxing its travel restrictions. the british government says fully vaccinated americans will no longer need to quarantine after flying into the country and striking video out of i indonesia where a volcano erupted earlier today. that eruption sent ash 15,000 feet in the air along with an avalanche of gas. that traveled more than a half mile to the east. luckily, no casualties have yet been reported. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> the pandemic we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> we will follow the science and have the science lead the recommendations that we make. i certainly hope we don't have to be in that situation. but what i can tell you is we
3:38 pm
can halt the chain of transmission. we can do something if we unify together. if we get people vaccinated who are not yet vaccinated if we mask in the interim. we can halt this in just a matter of weeks. >> you are not going to achieve your end by condescending to people and this is america. you are going to have to do it through reason. >> i'm wearing a of course that. i think cdc is trying to do the best they can to keep americans safe. the delta variant is extremely contagious. bring in our panel ben domenech juan williams fox news analyst and former education secretary bill bennett. to you first, ben it, seems to me this kind of full circle the government first tried to incentivize vaccines holding lotteries, giving people 50 bucks to take them didn't work. shaming didn't work. and now they have really started pitting americans against each other saying hey, if you don't want to weaver a mask and you
3:39 pm
are vaccinated blame the unvaccinated. >> you are an ora of triumphism from people at the white house and the administration two months ago when it came to the level of success they were seeing at the time with these vaccinations. and then they hit a wall. and they don't really any how to deal with this. i think there is a number of different things going on here. one of these though is unfortunately very political. and that is that these government leaders don't really know where else to turn except to the same things that they have tried before that didn't really work. and what we know from our experience across the country country we actually saw in places where there were mandates and places where there were no mandates there wasn't that much of a difference in terms the levels of case counts and the experiences that people had. those weren't the things that were decisive in any real way and they are not going to be divisive this time around. on capitol hill today you had the advising physician of the united states congress and sending this message to members
3:40 pm
of congress and he was unable to in the course of a, you know, a significant meeting, make any argument based on science for why vaccinated people and obviously all of congress, pretty much all of congress either vaccinated or had it before ought to be masking up. it's very much a performative act. it's not going to lead to any kind of change. what we need to do is focus on minority communities, lack and hispanic americans in particular who are not being vaccination sin nateed at the levels that we would hope that they ought to. >> trace: hear the phrase follow the science a lot, juan. when you talk about having vaccinated people carry the burden of unvaccinated carrying the masks. i still don't see the thoughts on that. your thoughts? >> juan: i think it's a matter of caution we still have break through infection in people that have vaccinated. those people have a very high viral load. meaning that they're capable of spreading the disease even
3:41 pm
though they have been vaccinated. we have to be cautious because this thing is picking up speed. and, you know, to my mind, it is a case of people who have been vaccinated now carrying the load to people who have unvaccinated, the virus clearly has gotten a foot hold in states and most of them are red states where people were dubious about getting vaccinated that's why you are seeing the variants and variants are spreading and we can't deal with it if you don't want the economic recovery to continue. if you don't want children to have to wear masks in the schools in september, if you want the nfl season canceled, if you want the death rates and the hospitalizations to climb, then don't get vaccinated and don't wear a mask. but don't blame be anybody else and don't say anyone is condescending to you that's your decision. >> trace: juan is doing the same thing bill that the government can hey if you don't want to wear a mask get vaccinated now
3:42 pm
flip-flopping if you want to see a game get vaccinated they might flip flop on that. there is no darren guarantees in on think of this. >> wake up in the morning what's the weather? rain, sun? do we get vaccinated today yes if you are indoors. well, if you are outdoors in a crowd. wait a minute they will clarify at 10:30. if you want to persuade people of something you need to have a certain consistency. the problem with this crowd they wanted so many times to declare victory better than the trump administration kept declaring false victories we have reached by this speech if you are vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask. i repeat if you are vaccinated you do not need to wear a mask. guess what? you need to wear a mask. the part i want to talk about we heard from the head of the nation's second largest teacher union today covering a little bit about what's going to happen in the fall because kids have to go back to school with masks. everybody has to wear masks? what's the science behind that? i make a prediction that some of those people, those teachers
3:43 pm
unions are going to press hard that they will not go back to school for another year and boy will there be hell to pay if that's the case. this is a mess. just be honest. we understand things change and you can't know everything. be honest about it. >> trace: bill is tell grawfing next question randi weingarten came out today and quoting here we're going to try to get these kids back in school, ben. >> ben: look, i think what you just heard from juan is going to be what you hear from a lot of democratic political leaders across the country and i have a message for those of you unfortunately who are watching from a state that is run by a democratic governor and legislature, you are going to be shut down. you will have to buy those masks again. you have have to live through everything that we saw happen all over again. it's going to be red state and red state governors where republicans are going to stand up against this and say we are
3:44 pm
not going back to that. we promised the people we are not going back to that. we are urging you to get vaccinated but not going back. you will end up with a real split across the country between schools and situations and corporations and private entities where the rules are going to be as bill says a total mess. it's going to be very different depending on where you live. that was already true. it's only going to increase in the level of experience of the differences between how americans live. >> trace: yep, if you made a promise they should live up to that promise. gentlemen, stand by. up next, america's crime crisis. ♪ ♪ know this about the jungle, everything that you see wants to kill you and can. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild ♪ ♪ ♪
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'. [applause] i want to abolish our car seller system designed to trap black and brown men. >> i don't think it's a secret that the president disagrees at times with the congresswoman policing. he believes we need to reform our prison system but he also believes if you commit a violent crime and found guilty you should serve that time. when you get out you should have the support you need to successfully reenter society. >> trace: back request our panel. a lot of big city d.a.s agree
3:49 pm
with alexandria ocasio-cortez so you have this revolving door at the courthouse that's part of the problem. incident to play this sound police superintendent from chicago followed by the d.c. police union chair. watch. >> what we can do different is challenge the courts to render chicago safe by holding violent offenders in jail longer. not releasing murderers back into our community. that's what we can do different. >> our court system here in d.c. is backed up 10,000 cases so far that haven't been heard. our supervision agency has reported that they are running outs of ankle bracelets and that they don't have any funding for more ache kel bracelets and people being released on personal recognizance. we have officials with hands up in the air staring at each other trying to figure out what's going on o. >> 90 people accused of murder kicked out with ankle bracelet. kick them out until you run out of ankle bracelets. >> yeah, go after another murder
3:50 pm
and order another ankle bracelet. we don't need to wait for the science on this one. the data is clear and the data is in. even the mayor of seattle recognizes it. here's the data, when you arrest people for crimes, even small crimes, you find out they are guilty of bigger crimes. and when they do time, they cannot repeat these crimes, so, we brought crime down for a long period of time in this country, 80's and 90's. we're seeing this resurgence. go back to the mayor of seattle she wanted summer of love and defund the police. now she is seeing we need more police. this lesson, unfortunately has to be learned again and again. tom wolf the great novellest. the guy from richmond white suit walking around new york we need engage in a great relearning it starts with 1 plus 1 equals 2. america is border derderian by oceans. when you lock people up, they can't commit crimes. this is pretty straightforward. we don't need any deliverance. new insights from science on
3:51 pm
this. we have our own experience as a nation. >> trace: i think it's a fair assessment juan. you see people walk into these stores and walk out with arms full of goods and zero consequences and broken windows theory leads to bigger crimes or more acceptance of crime. >> juan: you know, i just have a different point of view here, trace. because when i look at the numbers, what i see is we keep track of about seven big crimes in this country, four of them are down. those four are robbery, rape, burglary, and larceny. three rawp. the three that are up are car thefts, assault, and, of course, the one we are discussing murder. but this is true. this murder stuff is true in red states, blue states, big cities, small cities cities where you have had police reform and calls for black lives matter. it's true in cities where it hasn't been a matter of police
3:52 pm
reform or discussion of cutting budgets. this is a problem, i think, all the police chiefs will tell you about illegal guns. this is where the problem is illegal guns easy access to firearms at least to these -- this increase in murder post pandemic. >> trace: if i had the numbers i would put them on the screen; it is true in seattle and los angeles and new york the murder rates are skyrocketing in portland. you know, these are blue states, blue governors, and mayors where a lot of this stuff is happening. ben, go ahead. >> ben: juan can advance this argument about illegal guns until is he blue in the face. it's not going to convince americans because they understand that the level of illegal gun us and the access to them has not dramatically increased in recent years. this is about the people who are on the streets. it's not about the guns that are on the streets. it's about the fact that we have backed up court systems and that we have situations where we have run roughshod over a lot of the different things that were, to
3:53 pm
bill's point, keeping a lot of potentially violent criminals behind bars. he quoted tom wolf. i will make a reference to chesterton. when you come across a fence in a field you should ask why it's there before you knock down. in this instance i think unfortunately we have discovered why some of these rules, some of these situations were there in ouesigned to keep americans safe as we see these homicides continue to rise in major cities going to have a massive effect on the way that those cities are governed and lived in and the experience, i think, in particular, around the crime associated with these ever increasing homeless encampments that we see in many major environments is going to become a major issue going forward it's one that democratic politicians are increasingly scared of headed into the midterms and i think it's going to only become a bigger issue as we talked about it in the coming months. >> trace: very quickly, bill, do you think bringing back more police officers help or are they hesitant to do their jobs because they know that their superiors don't back them up?
3:54 pm
>> well, they need to be brought back in numbers but they need to be brought back in encouragement and support. they need to know the communities behind them and the prosecutors are behind them. and the courts are behind them. >> trace: gentlemen, thank you. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪ i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. (upbeat pop music in background throughout)
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automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number. . >> trace: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines. we begin with juan williams. >> juan: trace, i think tomorrow as you pick up the paper you will see a bold headline that says it's really infrastructure week. after all the jokes we have had about infrastructure week, it looks like president biden and his bipartisan team on the hill finally have a deal and some infrastructure will be delivered to the american people. >> trace: including everything but roads and bridges. bill bennett, please do your
3:59 pm
headline with a tom wolf quote if you would. kidding. >> bill: we need to engage the great relearning. but, a little by her bow lee here but not much. biden and the cdc will announce tomorrow without ambiguity all people, all-american citizens must be mavericked all the time and everywhere. indoors, outdoors, in bed, asleep, under water, wherever they are they must wear a maverick and they must carry an i.d. and they must be vaccinated for the 150,000 people coming across the border illegally every month, not a problem. it's okay. just head out go wherever you want. a little hyperbole but not much. american people leaned on and babied on again and these people coming across nothing is requested or asked or demanded of them. >> we are insane down there. >> trace: ben domenech? >> ben: for the coca-cola
4:00 pm
executives so performative in their politics when it comes to america's domestic political fractures, i would like to buy the world a coke, especially the hardest working uyghur laborer of the week. coca-cola's refusal to condemn china's genocide against the uyghur people remains a black mark on their entire corporate woke agenda. >> trace: no more coke and a smile. president biden expected to announce the next steps in the renewed battalion in the resurgence of the coronavirus. thanks for watching "special report." i'm trace gallagher. "fox news primetime" with tammy bruce right now. >> tammy: hello, trace, thank you very much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪. >> tammy: i'm tammy bruce. and tonight, the destructive democrat agenda is fail in every corner of the country, failing on the facts, failing on the results and, most of all, failing us, the american people. the biden administration and its pals are desperate to jam th


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