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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 28, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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debt for decades to come. it's a crisis -- >> charles: we will continue this conversation. unfortunately we've run out of the time. the show has gone too far. i know it's not going anywhere, it's a conversation with having and we will. i want to thank you very much. that does it for me right now. catch me at "making money." for now, "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with katie pavlich, geraldo rivera, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> leak that four blocks in seattle you just saw pictures of that are more like a block party atmosphere. >> how long do you think it looks like this? >> i don't know. we could have a summer of love. >> dana: running into a reality check after a violent weekend in seattle that left
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five people dead. you just saw seattle's mayor, she was praising lawlessness in the chop zone. the fast-forward to today, now she's demanding the city hire more cops after slashing police budget and shootings 40%. >> seattle saw one of the worst late night, early morning violence in recent memory. mothers left their children, families lost their fathers, people lost their friends. as a city, we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers likely have this year into next years. when city leaders talking about cutting a department by 50%, you will lose employees. families need security. we cannot just cut. we need a plan. >> dana: seattle's mayor jenny durkan is not alone. other cities are regretting defunding the police as crime rises, and mayoral candidate
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eric adams is calling out congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and other progressives who have led the land cutting police budget. >> i'm running against a movement. all across the country, socialists are mobilizing. they realize that if i'm successful we are going to start the process of regaining control of our city. >> dana: remember c.h.o.p.? now it's the center of violence. >> greg: a carnival of joy. yeah, she's an idiot. just putting it out there. not even going to have a condition on that, she deserves the wrath of khan, and i don't even know what that means. i know geraldo has strong feelings about eric adams. i want to love this guy, i want to believe that eric adams israel, right? because he sang on the right things. he is saying if this doesn't
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stop the whole country going down. >> geraldo: why do you doubt it? >> greg: i'm going to get to that. we were sold joe the moderate. that he is basically like trump but without the tweets. and he's going to unify the country. and what happens? he is just the squad in an old man suit. they jumped on the shoulders and they have a little head up there. he's doing the opposite of unifying, he is splitting this country into groups that are either this or that, so i'm worried that once eric adams becomes mayor of new york he's going to have the same pressures from the same elitist activist class that biden has, and will he roll over or won't he? that is something i worry about. but if he doesn't, we could see something great and it could spread other cities. >> dana: what do you think, geraldo? >> geraldo: i think eric adams has great ambitions beyond the mayoralty in the greatest city
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on earth. i believe he wants to be president, but i take him at his word. i believe he is sincere, he is the captain of the police force. i knew him when he was the head of the 100 black men in law enforcement. i trust him, the city has gone to hell in a hand basket, he's going to rescue it. the most important thing any government can do, whatever the level of government, is keep citizens safe. once people start freaking out about danger to them and especially their children, they act. i think you are seeing right now a real rejection, and i believe this is why the democrats did so poorly in the midterms, and in the congressional races in november 2020, and i believe that this will be the pivotal issue in the midterms, and everybody is going to get on board. that's okay with me, i don't care if they're sincere or if they really mean it, i don't care what jenny durkan said.
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i was in the summer of love, i know what it was like. [laughter] that was no summer of love in seattle. >> dana: jesse, actions and consequences. these cities are seeing it across the country. >> jesse: criminals will get away with whatever we let them get away with, kind of like my daughters. [laughter] no offense, ladies, but it's true. when they saw it out there come they thought that was the signal, we can do whatever we want." so they defund the police in seattle, $46 million, a wave of retirements, shootings spike, and you know who the victims mostly wear? black americans. so you have a white liberal mayor teaming up with a white city council under the banner of antiracism, ends up triggering a crime wave that disproportionately affect african-americans. malcolm x said something about this. >> greg: jesse is quoting malcolm x. >> jesse: you never thought i would quote malcolm x but he warned against the white liberal
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liberal. they will pretend to be the friend of black americans, but they only do that to use the black americans against conservatives. to use them as ponds, and it hurts black americans. and the city council president in seattle, she's actually running for mayor. this is what she proposed to reduce the gun violence. you ready? programs, from hospital-based intervention strategies to trauma-healing programs. do you guys know what that means? i have no idea what that means. and nobody else does. so seattle voted for these clowns. at a certain point you have to say, these are the leaders the seattle people chose, and now seattle is a shooting gallery. all it is was rain and coffee out there, now they shoot people. what is the point of seattle but he can't get a cup of coffee safely and listen to grunge and watch "frasier?"
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if you go and check "democrat," you get crime. it's not like there's an option for a republican. next time, vote for the less crazy democrat. [laughter] >> dana: that the strategy, katie. >> katie: i think the choice is democrat or socialist. [laughs] those are the choices. you hear them talk about the summer of love, shortly after she said that, 19-year-old lorenzo anderson was killed in the c.h.a.z. when the police were called they were stopped at the border where the autonomous zone happened and they were unable to help him get medical aid and he died, and his family sued the city. and common best was the first black female police chief in seattle, who wasn't just take because she was a political person, she worked in the department for 30 years and had a track record of working on the street, she had this experience knowing how it is on the beat, she was a great police chief with all this experience who understood what was needed, they started cutting the police budget, they started ousting her because she wanted law and
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order, and she didn't interesting exit interview saying, look, i feel like they set me up to fail. and they did. the idea that democrats are trying to clean up this mess they made that was totally predictable because of some left-wing ideology that they say is based in racial justice, which actually has nothing to do with racial justice and is actually getting minorities killed, that's one thing. everything now is the police being unavailable, because they skewer them, which means more victims on every level of crime. whether it's calling 911 because someone is getting mugged or there is a home invasion, there are so many citizens who are then left with no ability -- he see people buying firearms in the cities where they are allowed to do so. >> dana: if somebody could calculate how much it has cost not just to defund the police, but then when you lose these officers with so many years of experience, you lose all the institutional knowledge, they want to hire a new police officers, but how long does it take for someone to be ready?
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>> greg: and you have to lower the standards for new police officers so you may not get the actual quality had before, and you're probably not going to be able to pay them as much because of the defunding. my question is where is antifa and blm now? they're not in the news anymore. >> greg: that's why i'm proud of jesse for bring up the victims. it's overwhelmingly a problem in the minority community, latino as well as black but overwhelmingly african-american. and it's a ghetto civil war. we have heard our eyes. >> katie: we've been talking about it for a year and a half. >> geraldo: i mean we-we. [laughter] >> jesse: geraldo is proud of me. [laughter] >> dana: fentanyl overdoses are surging in america and
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democrats are being called up for blocking harsher penalties for drug dealers. ♪ ♪
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>> katie: illegal fentanyl's flooding streets across america but don't count on democrats to do anything about it. they just rejected several amendments that would penalize people distribute in the deadly drugs. this can care less as cvp says they seized thousands of pounds of fentanyl at the southern border , and seizures have raised compared to last year. 90,000 american people last year overdosed on fentanyl, the crisis got worse as a result, they went to the streets and it was laced with other drugs, which cause overdoses, and democrats don't seem to want to implement any harsher penalties for cartels involved in bringing it into the country. >> geraldo: i remember the crack experience, where crack as opposed to powdered cocaine was treated much more severely and
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it's one of the reasons the prison filled up. i think it's a bad strategy. i am in favor of the board of well-being in place, but it won't stop the professional smugglers. they will get that stuff in. i think you have to have an ultimate strategy, and what i would do where i end charge is absolutely legalize marijuana everywhere in every corner of this country, every kind of marijuana you want. the chewies, the smokies, any way you want to get stoned. they will do it one way or the other paid if they have access to legal pot, i think the demand of drugs like fentanyl -- it is so potent, it wiped out new england, it struck so badly. i think that you have to understand that people are going to get high when we are the other. >> katie: that's an argument that has been made, that if you legalize marijuana it will make drug use less prevalent. but actually, -- and that it
2:17 pm
would eliminate a lot of what the cartels do, but they've seen the cartels are kind of moving their drugs and they are building industrial sized meth factories to replace their marijuana output as a result. >> jesse: if i couldn't find pot i don't think i would go looking for fentanyl, geraldo. [laughs] i'm not sure that's the jump, but that's another conversation. there are reasons the democrats are against the sentences for fentanyl. number one, lawyers. they do not like mandatory sentences for anything because they can't plea bargain for their clients. the trial lawyer lobby of the democrat party. they donated last cycle to jail, many millions more to the house and senate democrats. this is a profitable drug because it is so small, it is almost undetectable, and the profit margins are huge. a lot of these layers represent traffickers and there's a lot of money to be made. the mobs control it, the cartels control it, so that's why you never going to see democrats
2:18 pm
vote for tough sentencing laws. located? jerry nadler, new york city. eric swalwell, san francisco. cori bush, st. louis. sheila jackson lee, houston. this happened to be the major distribution hubs for fentanyl and they are against those tough sentences. have i mentioned how much i dislike lawyers? [laughter] i like you, geraldo, i'll make an exception. the democratic party now doesn't want to reduce crime, they want to reduce prison population. they believe the fact that people are incarcerated, a lot of african-americans there, is because we have a white supremacist system, and they are the victims of white supremacy, so even if they have to reduce sentences, if that comes with an uptick in crime, they don't care. >> katie: so, greg, you have the opposite take. you believe in legalization, and fomenting more sentencing only exacerbates the problem? >> greg: first of all, in
2:19 pm
terms of crack, two at geraldo was talking about, the people who wanted those harsh penalties for the black communities because that's what was really killing them. but nobody actually goes to buy fentanyl. it isn't a drug that people go look for. it's the cheapest ingredient you put another drugs because it has such a high potency, so this is what kills me, when the media presents an autopsy they will say overdosed and they will mention the drugs but they don't mention what exactly -- they will go, "he had xanax in his system." it's been done with a lot of nobody accidentally overdoses on xanax. but it is laced with this stuff. they make all the drugs more powerful, and it's really sloppy. one way to crack down on the street traffic of fentanyl is to stop cracking down on the prescription opioid users, because you are driving those peoples of the street and punishing lawful gain in cancer patients.
2:20 pm
these are people that stopped breathing because they take the fentanyl, it makes it easier, you get so relaxed he just stopped breathing. that's not an overdose, it's a reaction to fentanyl. the fentanyl trade should be viewed as a terrorist act that killed thousands of americans courtesy of china's massive drug trade. china knows he makes it, just like they knew about the wuhan lab. if they don't kill the dealer, which they could very easily kill the dealer, we should think about that. we should think about how we eliminate the delays. we must know how to do that, and it would be kind of nice. but the bottom line, any war on drugs ain't going to make this better, and never has. have to go after the source and legalize it and get people, the police and the government off people's backs. >> katie: dana, it's not just mexican cartels but their partnership with the chinese. >> dana: that's the only point i wanted to make and all of that, there is an opportunity coming up. they only care about one thing, money, power, and reputation.
2:21 pm
olympics is coming up next to berry in china, there is some push from people saying that because of the human rights abuses that should be boycotted. that's a topic for another day. however, there is a meeting coming up at the end of october. the g20. this is where the big economies get together, and the biden administration has been trying to do something the trump administration was doing, as well, to get our allies to be singing from the same song sheet. if you go to that meeting with china -- and i think it's in europe somewhere -- when they are at the table demanding something to be done on this issue of china laced fentanyl pills coming into the united states, that's a war type issue. if you want to get them to actually do something that would help other people, to force them to close it down, which they've been doing, they are closing down of the things, they don't care about anybody losing money. they change their whole education system, their whole tech sector, and they're bringing everything back in.
2:22 pm
so i would force them to try to do something now. >> katie: lots of americans dying. up next, dr. fauci desperately tries to spin the cdc's major reversal unmasks. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: after causing more confusion and making an embarrassing about-face on masks, dr. fauci is rushing to defend the cdc. >> what has changed is the virus. the cdc hasn't changed and the cdc really hasn't flip-flopped at all. what's happened is that when that early recommendation was made, we were dealing predominantly with the alpha variant. >> jesse: and more covid restrictions could be coming.
2:27 pm
the cdc could soon be pushing vaccine passport likely seen in europe on americans who just want to go out and live their lives. >> i think some communities are doing that, not very well may be a path forward. i want to comment that in some fully vaccinated then use, if they are unmasked and there are a few people who are transmitting as a fully vaccinated person, it is possible to pick up disease in those settings. >> jesse: she's not a great communicator, dana. you agree? >> dana: i agree they are not doing it appropriately. your point yesterday about this big announcement about vaccinated people having to wear masks again in hot spots where there is going to be crowds, she did that over the phone, and that is one, then they basically realize, we didn't do it good enough job. even "the new york times" says this is confusing and you doing a terrible job communicating. so don't take it from us, take it from "the new york times."
2:28 pm
>> jesse: when they agree, that means it's true. >> dana: the stars are aligning. i think the fact also that she doesn't have to answer questions from the press is a problem. because now that everybody is confused, one of the questions is, what studies are you basing this on? so guy benson today was tweeting about the possibility that -- there is a statement that there was one study. maybe we don't need to know to do all of this. but i think it's unclear. the other thing is that, remember the tiktok texas democrats? when they went to washington, d.c.? and remember they bring covid. so in washington, d.c., 52,000 cases for 100,000 people. who brought it? the texas democrats, they go, katie. you know where i was going.
2:29 pm
>> jesse: katie, it looks like vaccine passports are something that could be instituted here in america. how far do you think they're going to take it? >> katie: first i would say the majority of americans do not believe in mandatory evacuation. they believe it should be a choice and they don't want to be squeezed out of life with regard to a personal decision for whatever reason they want to get back, whether it's for health reason or if they had covid and have natural immunity. politically it's a backlash that may be significant. i think the left will but nothing to continue their control and to use this, and they are more than happy these corporations to shame people into doing what they want to. i think they will run into a big political problem with the demographics of people who are not vaccinated, when it comes to minority communities in big cities. they are the ones who still need to get vaccinated. are they going to now try and freeze all the different kinds of people out of every regular daily life of america? and on the passport issue, back to the communication with the cdc, the director today endorsed
2:30 pm
passports, but in the same sentence completely undermined them by saying vaccinated people and vaccinated venues can get vaccinated people sick by spreading virus. fully vaccinated venues, if they are fully vaccinated people, they are transmitting, that vaccinated person can pick up the disease. so why would you have a vaccine passport to get everybody into a vaccinated venue, if vaccinated people, according to the cdc director, or suspending it to each other it? it undermines their entire argument. >> greg: i think that's baloney. >> katie: she said it, don't talk to me about it. >> geraldo: i think less of people who are not vaccinated. i think it's an arrogant, selfish, reckless acts. i have five grandchildren, all under the age of 12, who are susceptible to someone sneezing on them. i think it is absolutely so
2:31 pm
selfish, that it is appalling. sometimes government has to tell, not asked. the government has to tell right now. i want people to have to show, when i go to the bar i want everybody to be vaccinated. or have the test. here is my negative test, here it is, and every week -- >> katie: geraldo, leather government-instituted health things do you think they should mandate on everybody? >> geraldo: measles vaccine, smallpox vaccine. >> katie: but should we be susceptible to seeing your personal records? >> geraldo: you're changing the topic. >> katie: what about if we ask about other procedures? >> geraldo: this is caveman's. >> jesse: i think 30% of the u.s. military, maybe more, hasn't been vaccinated. do you think they are cavemen? do think they are -- to answer
2:32 pm
the question, geraldo. >> geraldo: i am answering the question. it's been politicized -- >> jesse: you are politicizing it. >> geraldo: its bulk, it's bunch of crap. >> jesse: is not a good way to get people vaccinated. let's get greg in. >> greg: the politicizing is bad, but also, i don't believe that your intent, geraldo -- and i'm sorry to say this -- is to persuade anybody. because nothing you said is persuasive. when you call people names -- and i know this for my own history -- it doesn't persuade anybody. >> geraldo: you know it? also bad. if you come into my grandchildren's house and you not vaccinated, i'm going to kick you in the ass. >> geraldo: it's your house, don't let the men. you are basically smearing half of -- you called them and slb. the >> geraldo: is ignorant. >> greg: it's now my turn. half the new york city public safety workers aren't vaxxed.
2:33 pm
so you think you're better than they are. >> geraldo: is not a question of better or worse. >> greg: let me finish. you think the 50,000 illegal aliens, you think you are better than they are. because they are not vaccinated. what about the people who don't trust the health care system, the people who understand the tuskegee airmen story? these are mostly people of color. this is fact! >> geraldo: you are the one presenting the message of uncertainty. >> greg: i have to finish that, because that is b.s. mostly people of color from d.c., maryland, are part of them. you can read about in "the new york times" rather than just trying to yell at people. and the nice people called the weight-and-seers. they want to see with the aftereffects are, these are people that may not have risk factors and they are waiting. most of these people, a lot of them are in delaware, the home of joe biden. when you sit here and try to
2:34 pm
crap on americans because it makes you feel good, "you're not going to come to my house!" we don't want to go to your house. we want to live our lives. >> geraldo: i'm not going to invite you. [laughter] >> jesse: we've got to go. coming up, there's no such thing as liberal media bias? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> geraldo: the mainstream media, the broadcast networks, stand accused of gaslighting the american people. that's distracting us from what really is the country. msnbc's chuck todd is one of those trying to change the subject, making the outrageous claim that liberal bias does not
2:39 pm
exist. >> where we did get lost in this, the sort of happened to mainstream media in particular, is that we did let republican critics get in our heads. republicans have been running on that there's a liberal bias in the media. we shouldn't accept the premise that there was liberal bias. >> geraldo: katie, how can he claim with a straight face that there isn't a question mark >> katie: he's in a liberal bubble so he can't see or look in the mirror and see everything that's happened. 7% of reporters across the entire country identifies republicans. i've never seen a rightly named comedian invited to the white house press corps dinner, the correspondents association dinner. dana has a lot of experience with liberal media bias, defending a republican president. if you look at the percentages of positive coverage for republican presidents or democratic presidents, and just the types of questions that are
2:40 pm
asked, that there were no scandals when they were plenty of scandals, the list goes on and on. chuck todd's comments are a perfect reflection of liberal media living in a liberal media bubble. no self-reflection. >> geraldo: then where do you go for your news? >> katie: fox news en >> geraldo: what about "the new york times"? >> katie: told me not to trust "the new york times"! and i trust you, geraldo pay [laughter] >> geraldo: you are a consumer of news, you hear chuck todd's thing there is no liberal bias, give me a quantity percentage of liberal to conservative biases. >> jesse: unscientifically i would say 95%. i think that's about right, unscientifically. i think he's going through a midlife crisis. something i'm familiar with. >> geraldo: i thought yours was over! >> jesse: thankfully. remember tim russert had me
2:41 pm
suppress -- 4 million watching on sunday. now chuck has it, barely 2 million in third place. and his show on msnbc, it barely get 700,000 people, okay? they had to bump it because it was so poorly rated. it is ranked 30th, geraldo. he's losing the people i've never heard of. he's losing to a guy on msnbc named ayman mohyeldin, someone i've never heard of. he struggling to understand why people don't like him. he's blaming other people. you don't like you because you don't trust him, because he was wrong on donald trump in 2016, round on russia, iran on the border, so when he says there is no liberal media bias, that's how i know he is biased. he just admitted it, he would play it straight. >> geraldo: that's even more
2:42 pm
glaring than the russia collusion. >> dana: i think also how the media locked arms to protect hunter biden from getting coverage. but i also think these voting rights bills that are happening across the country, there is a really interesting test you can do. there is one broadcast network i watch every single night, i've got to say, on the voting issue, it has been unbelievably bad. terribly bad. >> greg: i'm guessing abc news. >> dana: you know who i like. [laughter] first of all, they almost never quote a single republican or conservative ever. they also basically never mention anything that people voting against these bills would be opposed to. they don't even mention it. for example, hr one would have ended voter i.d. they don't mention it. they use all the left's terms, like restrictions rather than
2:43 pm
death reform. it is restriction, suppression. and they never cite their sources. so they don't say, "this came from the brennan center." well, who funds the brennan center?" your favorite pay [laughter] >> geraldo: you have to get the news it from one place, he can't watch one network all day long. what do you do? you have to read a newspaper. >> greg: i think you watch the stuff that is correctly labeled. fox news, you know it's news and commentary. you know it "the five." maybe it's time to "chuck" todd. the reason we get in their heads, by the way, is there's lots of room. the people on cnn and msnbc don't label themselves and they are commentating. he is supposed to be a news guy, right? but he says things that are clearly opinion. >> geraldo: don't you think they believe what they're saying? >> greg: there probably in denial. it's weird, i kind of enjoy this.
2:44 pm
because the facts dispute everything he says, and i think he just -- it's like when people say, "you're racist," and they go, "no, i'm not," and they go, "that's proof." "i'm not biased!" "that's kind of evidence you are biased." they are delusional and in denial. >> geraldo: i am bias. >> greg: you are. in may, too ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back, time for the fastest. with more people heading back to the office, you might not recognize some of your coworkers. a growing number of men are apparently getting, quote, "back to work botox." i question the validity of this story because it sounds like baloney, but, geraldo, i'm not allowing you to come to my house unless you get a shot of botox. [laughter]
2:49 pm
>> katie: oh, my god. >> greg: i wonder if that's available! >> katie: and then report back! >> geraldo: i like that idea on the break, that bodegas give the shot. >> dana: did you notice he is really violating the commercial break 'sanctity? >> greg: i did! dana, why is it some people who don't get at the stuff done thin don't think they look weird? let's say some other people at other networks, they look like they're wearing a mask of themselves. >> dana: i think a lot of dermatologists, their calls increased so much during covid because of zoom. people sit there staring at themselves, it basically picking themselves apart. >> greg: people look better on zoom than on tv, have you noticed that? >> katie: that's not true.
2:50 pm
[laughter] >> geraldo: he got that shot! >> greg: do you believe this story? >> jesse: i believe it. i just got back from l.a., greg, and i saw some typefaces. really tight. guys a lot older than me, perfect for head. i was thinking, should i get some of this? this guy looks really good! [laughter] you never know what they're thinking, though. >> greg: there is research on that, it might be great for poker players. what is the age? i haven't done anything yet, but why should i? this is beautiful. >> geraldo: it is. >> greg: thank you, geraldo. maybe you can come over. [laughter] >> katie: as young as you want. >> greg: if you're 28? >> katie: i think that's high. it's preventative at 21.
2:51 pm
i wonder how many people who get botox don't want to get vaccinated. >> greg: it's literally a toxin, it's poison. people put in the armpits now to stop sweating. and migraines, it's an anti-migraine medication. >> katie: it's a miracle! >> greg: it paralyzes the blood vessels or something. i'm actually a doctor. >> katie: it's a great hangover cure, greg. >> i got a nose job after the >> dana: broke my nose. [laughter] >> geraldo: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪ as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage. you need an ecolab scientific clean here.
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so basically i can pick the right plan for each employee... yeah i should've just led with that... with at&t business... you can pick the best plan for each employee and only pay for the features they need. >> greg: dusty hill the
2:56 pm
legendary bass player for one of the american bands ever z.z. top passed away in his sleep. he was 72 years old. missed by millions of fans. he and his wife came and watched "the five." they were fans of the show. they used to watch "the five" together and i would get little texts from the show from them comments keep up the good work you are doing okay. >> dana: dana is awesome. >> greg: never said that very funny and sharp dressed man. >> we have funny, clever dude. obviously, they were in the rock and roll hall of fame. if you want to start i guess i envy anybody that's never listened to zz top. you should start now. start with the first abull i think 1973 and then they got really huge in 1938 started up with new sound guitar loops. we are saddened. great guy. all the best to chuck and the band.
2:57 pm
gutfeld tonight, this is going to be a humdinger. i got jesse doing a book segment which you are going to love. and geraldo is going to be on. geraldo, don't yell a block is what we just did. a clip with geraldo. and kat. >> dana: had a cute dress on last night. >> greg: sexist. >> jesse: flattery week. >> dana: dana's crazy tricks. we need music. >> greg: really awkward. >> dana: do you want a shortcut to get to work? i need music. shortcut to get to work check this guy out. across the pond, boom, there he goes. walks on off. isn't that amazing? he gets a little running start. hops on. >> jesse: that's how i'm going it get to my new jersey book events. if you want to see me in person
2:58 pm
signed picture if i'm feeling nice. peculiar town in new jersey on sunday. that is, i believe, august first 5:00 p.m. eastern. get tickets at event bright. then wednesday, august 4th. after "the five." i will skate over to north vale, new jersey get books and tickets tonight exclamation point at 11:00. >> katie: whole crew. 19-year-old student just announced she has amazing gap year. youngest woman to fly solo around the world rutherford british and belgium 32,000-mile journey from her home city of brussels across 52 countries and twice over the equator and will clock 250 flying hours that should take two three months. so, good luck to her. the current record holder is american who was 30 at the time when she got the record and the
2:59 pm
youngest male record holder is 18. so, best of luck. >> younger. right, geraldo? >> geraldo: absolutely. >> geraldo: the beloved cleveland indians they changed their name. they had to. you see behind me the cleveland guardians, i did that for greg's benefit to have a picture of myself. my one more thing is always a picture of myself. but the cleveland guardians, the guardian of traffic you see them very art dzeko, they are holding a stage coach in the car and a train. they knock this bring down. the bridge over the cuyahoga river that separates the east and west side. >> jesse: cuyahoga, i don't know, geraldo, that's an indian name. >> geraldo: i'm 10% native american so i have some license. >> dana: that's it?
3:00 pm
that's one more thing? >> geraldo: cleveland guardians that's it. >> jesse: one more thing ever. >> greg: i want more pictures. >> jesse: we are doing a movie with somebody famous. >> geraldo: ironic thing about the cleveland indians he was a native american chief wahoo. >> dana: there you have it, everybody. that's it for us. "special report" suspect next. trace, take it away. >> trace: dana, have you ever thought about having sponsors the last segment from barnes & noble petco. you guys could get rich off that kind of stuff. >> dana: i will call the finance department. great idea. thanks. have a good show. a. >> trace: containna, thank you. good evening. i'm trace gallagher in for bret baier. coronavirus resurgence new mask guidelines and potential order by president biden that all federal workers be vaccinated or submit to regular testing. the president says such a move is under consideration as the administration furiously tries to deal with the


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