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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 28, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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but there's a line. >> even if they make them at a loss, it's worth all the advertising. >> john: you going to put your order in? >> sandra: fries are good on their own. i don't know why anybody needs that stuff. >> john: forget the gold dust. put your cheese and gravy. good eating. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now with trace gallagher in for martha. >> good afternoon. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum, this is "the story." d.c. police announced an arrest of the shooting death of this little girl. naya courtney shot dead while riding her scooter on the street. mark hargrave has been charged with murder. the suspect is no stranger to the criminal justice system and very possible that he was
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targeting naya's family, her father and several others that were indicted in a drug investigation. their criminal activity is to blame for the little girl's death. >> the individuals in that area, the individuals that were out there day in and day out that the community has been complaining about, they bear in part responsibility for this 6-year-old that we lost in our community. >> just minutes after d.c. police made that announcement, they alerted the public of another shooting in that area. here now greg pemberton from the d.c. police union. another tragic story out of d.c. thanks for joining us. we reported the police chief says 215 police officers have left the department since last october. d.c. is not alone. i want to put the numbers on the board. minneapolis, nearly 20% of their police department retired or took leave of absence last year
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and chicago 15% increase in retirings from 5019. new york city, 2,600 police officers retired in 2020. 72% increase from the previous year. even if the focus goes back to rehiring police, is it enough? can they catch up? >> thanks for having me, trace. the problem is that these police departments in these cities in chicago, washington d.c., baltimore, new york, you name it, all of these officers are leaving for a reason. the city councils in those jurisdictions have been attacking and demonizing law enforcement through misguided legislation trying to take away the tools and rights to do their job, this is tend result of that fact. as you mentioned in your opening, it takes a long time to hire a police officer. background checks and run them through six of nine months of academy time. on the street, they have to be a
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probation officer before they can operate on their own. even if they hire right now, it's about 1, 1 1/2 years before you see the back fill come back on the street and answer calls for service. >> you said look, some of these police officers are quite frankly hesitant to do their job because they know the consequences could be severe. former new york police commissioner bill bratton said this. he thinks it's the courts involved. watch. >> new york city has over 5,000 people walki streets that were arrested on gun charges that have yet to get in front of a judge to be tried. most of those cases i will predict will be dismissed by district attorneys because of lack of speedy trial provisions. what is it for them to commit more crime when the first time at-bat they get out of jail free card. >> hard to fight crime when you have a get out of jail free card. >> yeah, the mayor said there's
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2,400 cases pending indictment by the grand jury. what that means, officers and detectives have gone out, arrested people for felonies, gotten the people arrested and brought to the courts. in order to get them formally charged, they have to be indicted by a grand jury. that means there's 2,500 people facing felony charges. they're out on the street doing whatever it is they want. god knows how long it will before they get indicted. >> we built up a lot about the chicago numbers. it was horrible. you're talking about 70 shootings. 12 were fatal. the chicago police superintendent said there's people that were literally being let out of prison after being accused of murder with an ankle bracelet. where are we going, greg? >> that's part of the problem. i hate to use the word systemic. this is a systemic problem. you don't have enough police officers. the police officers are having the tools taken away that they need to do the job.
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they're apprehensive. the prosecutors in these jurisdictions are not bringing the charges properly. not seeing the cases through. the court systems are failing. our court system in d.c. is backed up 10,000 cases that haven't been heard. our supervision agency says they're running out of ankle bracelets and people are just being released on personal recognizance. then we have elected officials staring at each other trying to figure out what's going on. the answer is we need to get it fixed and quickly. >> they need answers badly. greg, good to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks, trace. >> now to los angeles where the new head of the commission that oversees the police department is calling for more police in high crime areas and adding this. >> i want to be perfectly clear where i stand. i do not agree with the defund the police notion. >> you're than hunt live for us
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in los angeles where critics are already pushing back. jonathan? >> referencing the rise in violent crime in los angeles this year. the new president of the police commission was straightforward in his remarks. william briggs, an attorney nominated to the commission in november said the city needs more rather than less police officers. >> our communities of color that are most impacted by crime, many of which have seen homicide rates above 30% this year alone cannot afford to go without law enforcement. >> like so many other cities across the united states, los angeles experienced mass anti-police protests last year accompanied by calls from activists to defund the police and use part of the budget to fund more social service providers and mental health
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providers. briggs says he supports the idea of expanding mental health evaluation units. at the same time he wants more officers on the streets in what he called beat patrols. >> i intend to be a tireless advocate for the expansion of this type of policing because it believe it helps to establish cooperation, trust and confidence in each other. >> now, critics argue briggs was backed as president of the commission because mayor eric garcetti knew he would support the police department. and the black lives matter told the l.a. times briggs will toe the line. they're not looking for any kind of change. those critics, trace, say the l.a. police commission is not an honest broker when it comes to effectively overseeing the lapd.
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trace? >> thanks, jonathan hunt. live in l.a. thank you. here now dion joseph, a 25-year veteran of the lapd. he's not speaking on behalf of the los angeles police department. great to see you. you say crime pays. we have the video to back it up. this is a southern california t.j. maxx. people just walking in and walking out with arm fulls of stuff. i mean, it happens on a daily basis all across california. because you know, if it's $1,000 or less, it's not a crime. nobody it seems to me will get arrested for this. what is going on here? >> you're absolutely right. crime does pay right now across this country. criminals know that they have the green light to do what they want to do because we're in an era where we coddle criminals. so they get away with not just thefts but my concern is the
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human toll. where i work, aggravated assaults and robberies occur all the time and the criminals have no fear of consequences because they know they will get slapped on the rest and be a revolving door, the case will get rejected and continue to victimize people and make it hard for the service providers that are real heros that are trying to make a difference. >> we have seen people on video get punched in the face and they didn't report it to police because they knew that person would be back out on the street tomorrow. >> right. i've had community meetings all the time with what i call the silent majority. a large portion of the individuals in the black community where i work that want a police presence, want us to do something about the criminals infiltrating hotels. when i meet with individuals and say you're telling me this stuff, telling me you're get robbed and extorted, why haven't you called? because we know your hands are tied. it does no good. this social justice movement is
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doing a disservice to people of color in the end. >> when you hear governor gavin newsome say he thinks crime is down, what do you say? >> you know, he's saying what he has to say. he's trying to appeal and pander to a group of loud voices. what i'm glad, what i'm hearing on the ground is there's other voices rising up and saying we can no longer be silent. that's not false. he doesn't have to deal with what i'm dealing with. he kids don't have to walk down the streets and get asked where they're from. his kids aren't in a drug program. his kids don't have to deal with it. i don't pay much attention to what he says. >> you've seen plenty of it first hand. thanks, deon joseph. >> thank you. >> texas officers say their hands are tied when it comes to preventing covid striken migrants from entering the u.s. >> if they want to leave and get in a car, we cannot stop them.
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we don't have proof that they're positive for the covid-19. until there's a mandate that gives us the authority to do that, we cannot stop these people from moving wherever they're going to move. >> lone star state senator ted cruz joining us next. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash for your family? you should know about the newday100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow 100 percent of your home's value.
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get started today. >> so what i'm asking the homeland security secretary to do is to tell me and the american people of the million people that you have apprehended, how many of them have been released in to the united states, how many of them do you test, what is the positive rate, what is the system in place to test people before they're released into the united states. >> yeah, a worrisome turn of events. a shock report alleges president biden's hhs encouraged officials to down play hundreds of covid infections at a housing facility in texas as officers elsewhere in the state warn the public of covid striken migrants being released into the community. in moments texas senator ted cruz. first, to rich edson who is live
12:17 pm
in la jolla, texas, rich. >> good asp, trace. in about 100 yards behind me, there's a few border patrol agents processing a dozen migrants. typically 100 come through daily. to my left, you have the rio grande river. to my right, a park in la jolla, texas. a border city of 4,500 people. so you have this border routine happening just steps away from where folks are playing baseball on the weekend. you have a few issues here. first off, the migrant surge over the decades is something that folks say that they have experienced. they have a problem now. police say a charity has rented an entire hotel less than two miles from here to house covid positive migrants. they say the federal government released them with only notices to report to a local immigration office within the u.s. in the next 60 days. catholic charities set up this hotel to house them and help
12:18 pm
them reach wherever they're planning to stay. >> if they want to leave and get in a car, we cannot stop them. we don't have no proof that they're positive for the covid-19. and until there's a mandate that gives us the authority to do that, we cannot stop these people from moving. >> police say they only found out about the hotel when a customer at a burger restaurant next door flagged down a patrolling officer and told them a family inside was sneezing, coughs and unmasked. police say the family told them customs and border protection processed them and that they tested positive for covid. across the state of texas at fort bliss, you have a report from two federal workers that are whistle-blowers. they claim you have gross mismanagement there and abuse at a center set up for unaccompanied minor children than they were pressured not to
12:19 pm
down play covid problems in the facility. we're still waiting on a response. >> when we get it back to you, rich edson live on the ground. my next guest says covid-19 cases are rising in his state because of the border crisis. ted cruz joins me now. he's a member of the judiciary committee which deals with immigration and border safety. senator, good to have you. thanks for joining us. the scenario is that they go to this hotel in la jolla. there's dozens of migrants with covid-19. they are not under quarantine. there's no supervision, which is why they were at the whataburger next door. the sergeant said this. i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> we did not know this. no one told the city of la jolla, no one told the police department that these people were here. no one told us that these people were possibly ill. >> trace: senator, nobody told
12:20 pm
la jolla texas and other cities across the southwest that these people were sick and in their town. your thoughts. >> well, unfortunately that follow as pattern that we've seen from the biden administration what we see at the border today is a crisis. it's the worst it has ever been. we have opened borders. this was caused by joe biden and kamala harris. the numbers are staggering. last month, we saw over 6,000 people a day crossing illegally on our southern border. put that in context. that is roughly the student body of the university of texas at tyler. entering illegals each and every single day. last month, 180,000 people crossed illegally into this country. we're on pace for two million people to cross illegally in to this country under joe biden. those two million people would collectively make up the fifth
12:21 pm
largest city in this country. we have open borders and the people coming illegally, we have children, we have families, pregnant women. they're being brought in by traffickers, being physically abused, sexually abuse and there's a high rate of covid positivity. we went to the joe biden cages. the cages had covid positivity over 10%. they are releasing covid positive illegal immigrants into our communities and they're driving up the spread of covid-19. >> the best we can tell, the positivity is 8.2%. title 42 says nobody in a pandemic, no migrants cross the border. the biden administration is now given a pass for families for children. but apparently a lot of others are getting in. what is the solution, senator? >> the solution is to follow the law. we know the solution because we had success six months ago. joe biden caused this crisis by three decisions. the first week in office, he
12:22 pm
halted construction on the border wall. he reinstated the failed catch and release policy and most indefensibly, he ended the successful remain in mexico agreement that had produced the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years. last year we had success. joe biden messed it up. i have to say when it comes to covid, the rank hypocrisy of joe biden and kamala harris and the democrats is vividly displayed. they're releasing illegal immigrants on the open borders, on the southern border in texas and across the country. yesterday we saw the cdc issue an absurd new ruling, a ruling that people have been vaccinated, have to wear a mask indoors. i have to say, that ruling is 100% politics. it's not science. it's politics. it shows the hypocrisy of democrats that they want to control and restrict your freedom as americans.
12:23 pm
at the same time, they're allowing covid positive illegals to come into this country with no constraints at all. >> trace: they want to knock on doors to see if you're vaccinated but won't check and test the migrants the crossing the border. thanks, senator. >> thank you. >> trace: speaker pelosi referring to some of her republican colleagues as morons. congressman jim jordan gearing up to respond after this. >> is kevin mccarthy a moron and if so, why?
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we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ >> trace: house speaker nancy pelosi calling kevin mccarthy a moron for opposing a mask mandate in the house chamber. this is after the cdc recommended that masks be worn indoors in covid hotspots. the cameras didn't catch her comment but capitol hill reporters did. watch. >> let me clarify something from earlier. is kevin mccarthy a moron and if so why? >> to say that wearing a mask is not based on science is i think -- is not wise. that was my comment. >> trace: let's bring in jim jordan, ranking member on the judiciary committee a member of the oversight and reform committee and author of "do what you said you would do."
12:28 pm
congressman, congrats on the book. welcome to you, sir. moron not wise? it's not a great comment. your thoughts on that. >> obviously it's ridiculous. it's wrong. kevin is doing a great job leading. shouldn't surprise us. she called president trump an imposter. democrats are allowed to say ridiculous things and they're allowed to focus on partisan politics doing the will of the american people. we know in this situation, kevin mccarthy is right. the science is on our side. dr. fauci initially said no masks. then said one mask. then two masks, back to one mask. no masks. now you need a mask even if you're vaccinated. you don't know what to believe with these folks. how about trust the facts and the science but they don't want to do that. they're focused on politics. >> trace: congressman, did you
12:29 pm
find the capitol police compelling? were you surprised when they said they got zero warnings? >> these guys risk their lives to protect us, protect you and everyone else around capitol hill. so they should have had help. should have had more national guard or more police there. why didn't that? reports have surfaced that said that before january 6, speaker pelosi vetoed having the national guard. press reports said on january 6 that speaker pelosi hesitated in calling up the national guard. why? that's a fundamental question that needs to be answered. the one question that bennie thompson has kept off the table. my hunch is the reason they couldn't have more police presence here to protect those guys to protect suswhat did they do last summer? they talk about defunding the police. they raise money to bail out rioters that attack police. when you talk about defunding the police and supporting people
12:30 pm
that attack police, it's tough to call out more of them to protect yourself on january 6. they're not going to address that question. they're going after president trump. >> trace: the democratic national committee pushing back against minority leader mccarthy and you saying the allies are slapping these capitol hill police officers in the face by making these comments. your thoughts. >> not at all. if i would have been there yesterday, leader mccarthy wanted me there but pelosi said no. i said you deserve to have the help here so this didn't happen to you. you deserve that. the only person that can answer why you didn't have the help you needed is the speaker of the us house of representatives. the one question. bennie thompson said everything is on the table except that question. that's the one question that needs to be answered. we have to figure out why it didn't happen. they don't want to go there. they want to attack president
12:31 pm
trump again. things january 6, they need to be held accountable. guess what, trace? they're being prosecuted. they're being charged. that's how our system works. what would have been nice is consistency from the democrats. i criticized the violence january 6, criticized the violence last summer. democrats didn't. they're the ones that are hypocrites on this. >> trace: you mentioned nancy pelosi. he she also said this. listen, i'll get your response. >> we have a duty to the constitution and to the country to find the truth, to follow the facts where they take us and to honor the trust that the american people have placed in us. >> trace: you made it clear, congressman, you do not believe she's following the facts that will lead to the truth. >> if that's the case, why is the fundamental question, why wasn't there a better security posture here a proper security posture here that day? why is that question off the
12:32 pm
table? if she wants to get to the truth, why is that off the table? you'd have to ask her. her office is the only one that can answer it. she names the sergeant of arms. he reports directly to her. they can say it all they want. we want to get to the truth. my guess this is more about politics and the american people see it. what else they going to talk about? they going to talk about the border crisis? how terrible that is. they're going to talk about the price of everything going up, inflation killing american families? are they going to talk about the fact that i think 12 people were murder in chicago last weekend? they can't talk about those things. so oh, let's go back to the old playbook. let's be partisan, let's attack the former president, call names of the republican leader. i don't think that's what the american people want from their congress. >> congressman jim jordan, thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> you bet. thank you. >> trace: president lawmakers close in hahn a $1 trillion
12:33 pm
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hi. i'm flo from progressive, and i couldn't help but overhear... super fun beach day, everybody. >> breaking news now from capitol hill. a bipartisan group of senators say they have a deal on a massive spending bill with a possible test vote happening as soon as tonight. chad pergram is live on the breaking news on capitol hill. chad? >> good afternoon, trace. the sides have negotiated this with the white house for weeks. they finally got a break through which deals with bricks and mortar infrastructure. >> we now have an agreement on the major issues. we're prepared to move forward. >> this means the senate will take a procedural vote later today to break a filibuster on the plan. some gop members not in the bipartisan coalition are game to start. they've been worried about
12:38 pm
inflation. >> actually pushes against inflation. it's wildly popular with the american public. so the pay-fors i've seen are adequate. the assurances of the time of permitting reform in infrastructure that i've seen are good. >> house speaker nancy pelosi is still insisting the senate move first and she wants to amend the bipartisan plan. >> we would like to see it and perhaps may have to have some discussion about it. i can't commit to passing something that i don't know what it is yet. i'm hoping for the best. >> the final vote on the bipartisan bill is days away. arizona democrat kyrsten sinema backs the billion but opposed the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill that could hamstring democrats and undercut the president. trace? >> trace: interesting chad. joining me now, steve moore, a
12:39 pm
former senior economic adviser to president trump. steve, looks like there's a little bipartisan agreement on capitol hill. the republicans have come to terms, we think, with president biden and part of his infrastructure deal. what do you think of that? some conservatives believe that the republicans are tossing the president a life line. >> it's a terrible bill, trace. it's a surrender by the republicans. now, you know that it's going to take ten total republicans with the 50 democrats to beat that filibuster. i don't think they have that number. i think it's time for fiscal conservatives to lay their bodies in front of this train. it's $1.2 trillion. we should be cutting government spending. it's a green energy bill. most of the money goes to green programs. by my estimates, one out of every $5 goes to roads and bridges and airports and fixing potholes, which is what americans want.
12:40 pm
so it's at a time when we're running trillions of dollars of deficits. i hope republicans come to their senses and say we want to be cutting government spending now, not adding to it. >> trace: i know you're an economist and not a politician. i want your take on what chad pergram is reporting there. the crux is we passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisanly and then reconciliation. you sneak a few trillion through. kyrsten sinema says i'm not a fan of the $3.2 trillion thing. is that a hamstring for the administration? >> it's a bait and switch. basically what the democrats are doing is they're basically saying anything we can get the republicans to vote for, we'll stuff in the so called infrastructure bill. they're going to do a separate bill later in the year that will contain the 2.5 trillion tax increase, the $3.5 trillion welfare bill, all of the stuff that they could not get any
12:41 pm
republican agreement to. now we're talking about if you do the numbers here, $4 trillion for that bill. you know, 1.5 trillion for this bill. 2 trillion nor the bill we passed. these numbers are insane. we're talking 6 or 7 trillion of additional spending by biden's own admission, trace, we're talking about adding 20 to 25 trillion to the national debt over the next ten years. i don't see how anyone with any fiscal conservative balance budget could vote for this. >> trace: let's say some of it gets through. how are we going to pay for it? are tax hikes on the table? republicans have pushed back strongly. are they still on the table, steve? are we looking at personal tax hikes, corporate tax hikes? the whole enchilada? >> there was one minor victory. republicans got one minor concession. they took out, trace, the $40 billion that the democrats
12:42 pm
wanted to double the size of the irs so they could harass taxpayers to get more money out of them. thank god that is out of the bill. here's what's going to go on. that big tax increase you're talking about, the increase in the capital gains tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, all of these taxes that would basically give america higher tax rates than china has for goodness sakes, those will be in the second bill. that's why -- joe manchin, the lead democrat on this said we can't get our second bill passed until we pass the first one. that is a reason for republicans not to agree to this kind of bipartisan deal. whatever happened to the spending cuts? one quick point that i need to mention, trace. there was a report by the general accountability office that came out, you reported on fox news, that found there's still a trillion dollars that they haven't spent from the last billion. i'd go back to the democrats and say we don't need another $1.2
12:43 pm
trillion spending bill. use the trillion we haven't spent for the roads and bridges and airports. >> trace: steve, good to see you. thank you, sir. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: did the head of the nation's second largest teacher's union just leave the door open for schools not reopening this fall? the story first on fox next. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> trace: late tonight, the white house telling fox they're not considering a blanket vaccine mandate for federal employees insisting there will be wiggle room in the expected announcement. the news following an urgency for masks in most settings, including k-12 classrooms.
12:48 pm
listen to the federation teachers president randi weingarten moments ago. >> what is happening now, delta threw us a curveball. the lack of herd immunity and enough people being vaccinated and, you know, kids not being able to get vaccines, 12 and under, has really thrown the curveball. so the bottom line is, we're going to keep kids safe. we're going to keep our members safe. we're going to try to open schools and we're going to try to move through this political battlefield. >> trace: did you hear it twice? "try?" the key word there. let's bring in bill mcgurn. "try to open the schools" bill? we've seen this movie a couple times. >> yeah. i don't know why anybody is listening to randi weingarten. the teachers fought reopening,
12:49 pm
claimed it was a health issue. at the same time, catholic schools and private schools with smaller resources showed you can keep children safe and bring them back. i'd rather hear from them going forward because they proved that you can get things done by looking at it, following the real guidelines. the teacher's unions made absurd demands. some places they were calling for defunding the police as one of the conditions. i don't know why anyone gives them any credibility on this. >> goes deeper. what you say, the private schools did this fine. randi weingarten went on to say to adapt to new evidence and research is crucial in this pandemic. when did the teacher's union ever a department? they set mandates and stuck to them. they had more powers that the governors in a lot of states
12:50 pm
because the governors couldn't reopen the schools. >> yeah, they haven't adapted at all. i mean, they just have been fighting the reopenings and left a lot of families in the lurch. some families found refuge for their kids at catholic schools and so fort. you know, we learned that the cdc asked the teacher's union for language on school reopenings. shouldn't it be -- if you're following the science, shouldn't the science hear the conditions and the teacher's unions follow? this is a very politicized effort and we had better sources of information and judgment. >> trace: yeah, following the political science. why is it your paper was asked today that vaccinated people have to curry the burden for unvaccinated people? i want to play this sound bite from senator marshall from can sal and get your reaction. >> the folks back home are done with masks. if you've been vaccinated or
12:51 pm
have the virus, i don't see the science behind insisting people wear masks. this will create more vaccine hesitancy. >> trace: it is. it's a good question, bill. your thoughts. >> yeah, what he's getting at is, look, i personally -- i have high doubts about how efficacious masks are, what they really do. but i wore them because i just think being a good neighbor and you don't want to frighten people. that said, right now, there seems to be attention between masks and vaccines. if you want to encourage more vaccinations, you'd see one of the attractions is that you won't have to wear masks around. so when you're trying to -- when you're footing with both, yes, get vaccinated and guess what? you still have to put your mask back on. that doesn't get the priorities right. it's counter productive. it just seems a lot of these
12:52 pm
people making the rules -- i'd like to see the clear scientific evidence. people like bossing other people around. >> trace: if you find the evidence, show it to us. we can't find it. bill mcgurn, thanks. great to have you. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: well, the cryptic message from simone biles suggesting years of shocking trauma. that is next. teran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. i suffered with psoriasis for so long.
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12:57 pm
attention. listen to this comment. >> she's been called the greatest of all time, a goat, in her sport. that means that you can only have to keep repeating yourself. it's not being great. keep on going. that's what happens when you're considered a goat. you know, these things take its toll. >> trace: does he have a point, doctor? there's this kind of expectation of excellence at all times. it's got to be just exhausting. >> absolutely. think about the pressure simone had on herself or placed on herself when we think about the world "olympian", it's based on greek mythology, super human. athletes have to be super human to succeed. that's unfair. we're seeing the athletes are calling attention and basically saying hey, i have mental health
12:58 pm
issues that i need to address. maybe there's a structural issue going on within the sports world where we need to acknowledge that athletes are just like us and vulnerable to mental health issues like the rest of the population. >> trace: i'm interested in the negative comments. there's a lot of people. people saying that simone is not mentally tough enough, she quit on her team. is it a fair assessment and how does that play into her current mental state? >> i'm sure it's not helping simone's mental state. we don't know what she's dealing with. so it's really in some ways unfair to attack somebody for opting out and attending to their emotional needs. we see the disappointment. one wonders if mental health were part of the physical training. if we address that earlier on,
12:59 pm
we wouldn't see people publicly opting out because they would have the opportunity to deal with their depression, their anxiety and would be allowed to do that. maybe athletes don't feel allowed to do that hand coaches and other professionals should make it okay. there should be mental health literacy in the field, helping athletes get help from the people that can help them. >> trace: shannon miller talk about the mental block. we see it all the time. we see catchers in baseball that can't throw the ball back to the pitcher because there's a weird thing going on. how difficult is that to get over? 15 seconds for you. >> well, anxiety can shut us down. if we address it and allow people to not have to be super human, we allow them to address the issues that get in the way of their performance as well. >> you think she will come back quickly? >> i do.
1:00 pm
i don't know what she will use her voice and talents for. but she certainly has expanded the conversation, which is a good thing. >> trace: dr. ludwig, thanks. we appreciate the insight. >> like-wise. >> trace: that is the story of july 28, 2021. as always, "the story" goes on tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" right now. >> president biden is in pennsylvania pitching $3.5 trillion in new government spending as a bipartisan group of senators say that they have reached an agreement on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. is all of this spending going to continue to whip up inflation? jerome powell says get used to it the next few months. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we have fox team coverage with peter doocy at the white house on all of the spending and edward lawrence on what the fed chief plans to


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