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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 28, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. we're expecting president biden to announce all federal workers will be required to be vaccinated against covid or face regular testing. critics slam the white house for mixed messaging over covid. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here today, harris faulkner, fox business anchor, dagen mcdowell, dr. nicole sapphire. fox news is learning the white house will lay out the plan for vaccine mandating for federal employees tomorrow. meantime, the state of california, new york city, the department of veterans affairs, healthcare facilities and
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universities have put in place mandatory vaccination requirements in the last 72 hours. the president backing away from his previous stance that the vaccine would not be mandatory for federal workers. he's saying this. watch. >> would you require all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> that's under consideration right now. if you're not vaccinated, you're not as smart as i thought you were. >> emily: dagen, the president is now telling those unvaccinated that they're not as smart as he thought they were. will this tactic work to change minds? >> baseball and bureaucrats have no subtlety of human nature. the more you tell somebody to do something, oh, you have to do this, the more you might be skeptical about it. scolding people and calling them stupid, i wrote this down, these people wouldn't be able to give
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away sweet tea and cantaloupe at a summer sunday church picnic. the combination of rude and often creepy is not the way to convince people to get vaccinated. perfectly legal for a private business to mandate vaccinations. but the biden administration and from the government angle, they're increaingly using sticks instead of carrots and the goal is clear, to make the life as difficult as possible for anybody who chooses not to get a vaccination. i use that word "choose" carefully because it's going in the other direction. >> emily: dr. sapphire, let's play an exchange with jen psaki and peter doocy about the white house giving the messaging of the cdc requiring masks. watch. >> if it's a pandemic, it will be unvaccinated still, then why do vaccinated people need to put
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the mask back on? >> if you were vaccinated, you can save your life. i think the clear data shows that this pandemic is killing, it's hospitalizing, it's making people very sick that are not vaccinated. that can still continue be the case. regardless of what the mask guidance looks like. >> the vaccines work, which this sign says that they do, why do people who have had the vaccine need to now wear masks the same as people that have not had it? >> because the public health leaders in our administration have made the determination based on data to make sure that they're protected. >> so doctor, how does this confusing explanation impact american's confidence in the cdc recommendations or the white house's spreading of that message? >> well, you know, first of all, that reminded me of what i say to my kids all the time. because i said so.
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i'm not going to give you a reason. it's because i said so. you need to do what i say. that's not what we need to do in the times of public health crisis. the cdc and the white house have a major communications issue. unfortunately a lot of statements and updates are confusing people and polarizing communities. the message that got muddied yesterday was hey, these vaccines are working against the delta variant. they're working. they're saving the most amount of lives. but what they also mentioned was there was some data that people are vaccinationed may have a high viral load from the delta variant that they may give it to somebody else. these are maybes. of that data, we have to keep in perspective, over 160 million americans are fully vaccinated. less than 5,000 severe break through cases. so would be extremely rare, approaching zero, for a
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vaccinated individual to have a high enough viral load to then give the virus to someone else. the bottom line, the message should have been, get vaccinated, it's the best way to save your life, to protect those around you and for the people who are over 65 or immunosuppressed at a higher risk of having one of those severe break through infections, they should consider wearing high grade medical masks with people that they don't know. because they are immunosuppressed. this is the history of us. those immunosuppressed know they're vulnerable and make smart decisions. that's their choice. it's unequivocal people are still in areas where there's high transmission, unvaccinated should also be wearing good quality medical grade masks because 97% of the people hospitalized right now are unvaccinated. 99% of the people dying right now are unvaccinated. so we need messaging. we need that full fda approval.
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we need to reach the vehicle hesitant and get as many people vaccinated as possible. >> doctor, you were more clear in that 30 second than the white house has been throughout this time. let's bring in ohio senate candidate, j.d. vance joining us on "outnumbered" for the first time. a hardy welcome to you, j.d. we just talked about the white house's handling and management of the cdc recommendations and in there what they call management of the pandemic of the unvaccinated. we've got a president on one hand that calls those unvaccinated not as smart as they thought they were. we have the speaker of the house calling mitch mccarthy, such a moron when he questioned the science requiring masks for the vaccinated and a white house that continues to muddle the messaging, to confuse the american people as to indeed why they should be wearing masks if
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they're vaccinated, if the vaccination is so efficacious. so your thoughts on any or all of the above, sir. >> yeah, first of all, it never works when you try to insult people to doing what you want to do. they don't listen. they get offensive. they feel like they're being put upon. the first thing the white house and congressional leaders need to do is stop insulting people, try to reason with people, show humility. the reason we have so much vaccine skepticism in this country right now is because a lot of people have seen our public health bureaucrats lie about one thing and lie about another, change their mind about this thing and that thing. there's no trust. the what i to rebuild the trust is not to insult people but show humility. maybe apologize for being wrong in the past and say look, this is what we've got to do to get out of this mess. >> emily: obviously i meant kevin mccarthy. now we have the doj giving us guidance that yes, indeed it's
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legal for public and private players to mandate vaccinations of this emergency use vaccine as a condition of limited exceptions. how do you see that going in the larger conversation of the white house carrying the messaging forward? >> look, my team and i have had calls all morning long reaching out to union heads, particularly the largest union for healthcare workers in new york. my question for them is, you know, what does this do with your particular work force. city workers what they do is extremely important. our healthcare workers is an area that i'm curious about. and i want to ask dr. saphire two questions. why are a third of the first line life savers as we said during the height of the pandemic, the doctors, nurses, assistants pushing against getting vaccinated? do they know something that they're not share something why are they skeptical in this?
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>> harris, a very valid point. i want to point out vaccine requirements and mandates in the healthcare setting is not new. >> it's not. it isn't in new jersey. >> no. so it's recommended, but you can always do a caveat. if you don't want to do a vaccine, get tested regularly or wear a mask. it varies across the country. we have varying percentages of doctors and healthcare workers that have not vaccinated. >> why? >> possibly because they've been infected and know that natural immunity is providing just as much protection -- >> but not as long. >> that's not true. there's data -- >> they're testing people and they're finding it's not lasting as long. when i say long, six to eight months is a long time but it's not a lifetime. >> harris, i can tell you that there's mixed data and there's some data that is showing natural immunity is lasting longer.
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not the measuring anti-bodies in the serum but long-term immunity. you point to israel. their natural immunity is actually stronger than their vaccine immunity. doesn't mean you go out and get a vaccine. if you recovered from infection, if you get one dose of the vaccine, that shoots the anti-bodies through the roof. sky rockets you. >> a fabulous message that should come from the white house. >> emily: final thoughts for j.d. >> well, look, i think the messaging here is so confused. if you listen to the cdc, they say unless you get vaccinated, you can never return to normal. the other hand even if you're vaccinated you can't return to normal. you still have to wear a mask. there needs to be a clear message that the vaccine works, work on people with certain health conditions. those older, at risk should get
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the vaccine. and this is a path to return to normalcy. that is not what we're getting from the cdc or the biden administration. the final thing that is crazy about this is i think they could do a lot of good if they gave the previous presidential administration a little credit. want to speak it. a lot of folks are skeptical to the vaccine would be persuaded if the administration recognized this is not just something the biden folks were rolling out. most of the credit for it goes to the trump folks that really unrolled the regulatory system so that we could get to this vaccine as quick as possible. >> emily: that's right. all right, guys. thanks for the great conversation. americans are now being forced to mask up again. so we're learning that the dhs is releasing covid positive migrants in the general population without a way of tracking there. a story only here on fox news. stay with us.
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>> harris: this is like when godzilla meets king kong. it's a hot mess fight. so we american citizens have to mask up. even if we're vaccinated. but illegal immigrants that are covid positive can just walk right across the southern border into our country. if they test positive, they get put into a hotel, which they can quarantine themselves out of at any time with nobody watching them. no mask mandate for them. no cdc waiting for them outside the hotel room. fox news learning that the dhs is even placing some of those infected migrants with a catholic charity that has no way of tracking them.
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local police in la jolla, texas forced to issue a health alert about this. here's sergeant cassell. >> if they want to leave, we can't stop them. we have no way if they're positive for covid-19. until there's a mandate that gives us the authority from doing that, we cannot stop them. >> j.d. vance on "outnumbered," we come to you first, j.d.? >> j.d.: yeah, well, i think about my 4-year-old son who may have to wear a mask to go to school when he starts school in a couple months. you compare that to illegal aliens, people breaking the laws allowed to waltz across the border with no real control. is our government just a bunch of hypocrites? they're restricting the rights of american citizens but letting covid positive people walk
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around the country? this doesn't make an ounce of sense. reveals to so many citizens that our government doesn't care about us. very often they're putting the rights and interests of people that don't belong in the country above the rights of the people that live here including our kids. i want my kids to see the face of other children when they go to school. if we have to get more control over our southern border to make that a possibility, let's do it. >> harris: dagen, godzilla is covid. king kong is, you know, the ability to pollty coming from the biden administration for all of what j.d. just said. come in to the country, put them in our communities here and don't keep track of them knowing that there's a 900% spike of covid positive among the migrants. >> dagen: this illustrates that biden and company, their number 1 priority is not fighting covid. it is enabling illegal immigration. it's bringing new potential democratic voters in to this
9:19 am
country. why is our northern border with canada still closed to canadians? vaccinated canadians until at least late august. why is the southern border closed to legal immigrants or visitors coming in from mexico? it's just like the northern border. if the biden administration was serious about fighting covid, title 42 essentially says deport everybody during a pandemic. everybody. there's no exceptions. they're not doing it. that speaks to how much that they truly care about fighting this deadly disease. >> harris: emily, why do you think they aren't? is it a lack of intestinal fortitude or something else? >> emily: i think it's that, harris and i think it's a few other reasons. we've seen this administration continue to attempt to capitulate to the far left to garner their votes and make sure that they have a support system. we've seen them gravitate more and more left as they feel they're using -- losing the
9:20 am
votership and support. but the whole point -- remember compassion is cruel. that's the line that this administration has crossed a long time ago. they told everyone they were approaching this from a place of compassion, it's to the point now that the disorganization, the disregard for every one's health on all sides of the border has led to a cruel policy. harris, you outlined the intro what border protection has to do. we know when the migrants come over, those tested, if they test positive, they get put in quarantine. there's those that are sent to catholic charities and those that are sent to ice just to name three forks in the road. well, in mccowan, texas, there was a 7.9% positivity covid rise. ice, it's 8.2. remember the new york city school system was shut down at 3%. the cdc maintains at 8% and dr.
9:21 am
saphier knows more than me, 8% it's high trans miss ability. the numbers speak for themselves. this is alarming. it's an emergency and nothing is changing. >> harris: dr. saphier, i come to you to help us make sense. we're a great nation of beautiful immigrants legally in our co are without all of them not having come and gone through the l process to help make america great, this is not what we're talking about. we're talking about people that are allowed to roam the earth. pretty soon, we'll be protecting ourselves from them. >> harris, wonderful points there. the arduous trek of these migrants is putting them at a higher risk of covid-19. it's not surprising that they have higher transmission rates. thinking about infection diseases as they pertain to tuberculosis.
9:22 am
we have to have situations in place where we test them and follow up. if we're allowing migrants in, we have to be testing, make sure that they have a place to be quarantining and follow up with them. if we don't have the support to do that, makes no sense why we continue to allow them to come in when our goal is to lessen viral transmission and avoid future variants. we shut down the borders to many people but allowing other people to come in unchecked. makes no sense and it's politics inserting itself in public health. >> harris: you realize you shook the apples out of the tree when you mentioned the potential for new variants coming in. they're coming from all over the globe. >> dr. saphier: unfortunately that's why we need to work as a country to lessen viral transmission. the delta, contagious, causing people to go to the hospital that wouldn't have with earlier variants. we don't know what variant is next. the only way to prevent them is to lessen transmission, get the vaccine rates high and as a globe do everything we can to
9:23 am
vaccinate as many people as possible and lessen that viral transmission. >> harris: dr. saphier, thank you. coming up, quite a change from one of the cities at the defund the center movement. the mayor of seattle says she needs more police officers. defund didn't work.
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coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> we've got four blocks in seattle that you just saw pictures of that is like a block party atmosphere. >> how long do you think it looks like this? >> i don't know. we could have the summer of love. >> emily: oh, what a difference a year makes as the summer of love, chop and all the anti-police riots now morph into a call for more cops. mayor of seattle, jenny durkin is pleading to rebuild the
9:28 am
police force after six shootings rocked the direct over the weekend. >> we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers. there's many times and types of 911 calls that require a traditional sworn police officer to respond. it's a false choice between community-led solutions and police officers. we need both. >> emily: yes, she's absolutely right. here's the issue. she changed her tune from 1 1/2 years ago. she talks about chop being a block party back then. i remember as well when there were peaceful protesters in front of her house that she called a riot and then decided to call to refund the police. she's been all over the place. as a seattle resident, it's too little too late. your thoughts. >> yeah. one of the things we learned is the defund the police movement came out of the black lives
9:29 am
matter movement and led to the destruction or more black lives than anything. shootings in seattle are doubled from this time last year, this is not just a seattle problem. i'm running to represent the people of ohio. by the way, folks want to help us out, they can go to police officers here, it's not just there's fewer police officers because of defund the police. they're completely depressed and sad because they're told not to do their jobs or they might lose their jobs. might lose their livelihoods or get thrown in prison for saving a person's live. so the police out there, they're brave, they're trying to do a good job. but they're being told by our leadership that if their dare defend and protect the people of the communities, they might get punished for it. that's a terrible way to ensure community safety. none of us are surprised it backfired. let's go to the way it used to be. let police do their job and support law enforcement to have safe communities instead of sky
9:30 am
rocketing murder rates. >> emily: dagen thanks to open the books, we know this mayor uses taxpayer dollars to fund two security details, uniformed and otherwise that takes precedent over staffing the already defunded precincts in the city. so during the images that we watched a moment ago, the chop images, they're the seattle tax paying residents did not have access to 911 emergency services or police protection, but as always, the mayor did. that was the priority the entire time. now we're looking at the democratic mayors that defunded the place but use taxpayer dollars for their own protection. >> dagen: of course. they cannot walk their own talk. i can't say enough about this awful mayor. if you're not careful, a liberal leader like that is coming to a city or town near you. somebody, again, she stood by and allowed this chop zone, this autonomous zone to develop,
9:31 am
called it oh, this is the summer of love. but she as rioters were attacking police, trying to murder them. remember, they submitted a door shut to a precinct and tried to set the building on fire. she said nothing. so just goes to the point that, you know, tolerating lawlessness, which this mayor did, begets more lawlessness. demonizing and demoralizing the police has the same effect as's gone so far without a seat change in this city and others, this is a whole left wing ecosystem from the mayor and the city council and the prosecutors on down. it's going to take years to reverse it for the residents of these cities. >> emily: dr. saphier, it's a buffet of incompetence. not only is the entire chain
9:32 am
worthless but any elected officials that try to come in for seattle, she's the best of the worst. the best of what we have. there's no other option. >> dr. saphier: emily as dagen called it the summer of love. it's more like reruns of anarchy. they cut funding to the people tasked with responsibility of protecting our communities. lost a lot of police officers. can't get anyone to be a police officer. then look at the people committing the crimes. young males who are in lower socioeconomic situations. the pandemic made it so much worse. they're out of work, out of school, nothing to do. when that happens, you'll see crime raise. they've had a lack of mental healthcare access. so if you want to focus on your communities, you have to refund your police because they're in charge of protecting us and get these young men employed in the mental health services that they
9:33 am
need. >> emily: speaking of mental health, just ahead, simone biles dramatic exit from the team and individual all-around gymnastics finals is sparking a debate. should she be praised for shine ago spotlight on the importance of mental health for did she let down her team and country? we'll debate next. ♪♪ veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. you've been taking mental health meds, and your mind is finally in a better place.
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veteran homeowners, home values are at all-time highs. as little as $0 you could have much more equity than you think! banks can loan you some of it. newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> harris: it's now an international conversation. gymnastics superstar simone biles receiving love and support after withdrawing from the team. today the individual all-around finals at the tokyo olympics. she wants to focus on her mental well-being. fans and celebrities like ellen degeneres, chelsea handler and michelle obama were among those that threw their support behind
9:38 am
her. critics have been less sympathetic. they said she's not brave, a clan -- abandoned her teammates. dr. saphier? >> dr. saphier: i'm a former gymnast myself. i've had a lot of injuries. i know the ups and downs and disappointment. i can tell you, i understand both sides. mental health affects 1 in 5 american adults. it needs to be addressed. when it goes unchecked, it can lead to very poor outcomes. i'm glad she's acknowledging it, came public with it and doing what she needs to do to take care of herself. i can understand her teammates being disappointed. this is a team event. it's unfortunate that it's taken her to get to the olympics to have this breakdown. perhaps they need to look within themselves to see what they could have done to help her
9:39 am
prior to getting to this event. we have to increase our awareness of mental health. it's just as important as our physical health. >> harris: your past as a gymnast has taken us to the inside of the issue. dr. larry nassar. the sexual assault. all the things he's been accused of. simone biles coming out and just a short time ago saying that she was monk that long list of victims. many of those division heads are still in place. the apparatus that allowed him to do what he did. some of them are still around the young women. doctor, you hit the nail on the head. what is it like to be in that organization if you like you weren't supported before and now you're having a breakdown? >> this is finally bringing mental health to the forefront where it needs to be. we've been hearing about larry nassar now for several years. seems like not a lot has changed, not publicly in the organization. now is a time that this needs to change and they need to do
9:40 am
everything they can. it's not just about training. if they're not emotionally and mentally healthy, doesn't matter how physically healthy they are. they have to improve how they treat these young girls. >> harris: j.d., there's an understanding of people that feel left out. we haven't talked with her teammates. we hear the media in front of the microphones. we don't know the whole story until they go back to the hotel room. there's people disappointed. did she let down the country do you think? >> j.d.: it's understanding that she's going through a lot of pressure. i have to talk more about the media. we tried to turn a tragic moment, simone biles quitting the team into this act of heroism. it goes to our therapeutic society that we praise people not for moments of strength but for their weakest moments.
9:41 am
look, being an athlete is tough. a normal response would be to say it's a shame that she's going through this, it's a shame that she quit. instead what our press has done is turn this into this weird therapeutic moment. let's praise her. that's where the problem lies. it's not simone biles. it's the media. >> i talked to one of my closest friends who was an elite gymnast who is still a coach and knows a lot of the people there. i'll point out, harris, you raised the issue of dr. larry nassar.. he sexually abused more than 100 girls. this is simone biles first
9:42 am
olympics since the scandal first broke. this is her first olympics since then. a lot of pressure on her which she has voiced. maybe some post traumatic stress. i throw that out there. they're very isolated in tokyo. she doesn't have her support system there. by the way, she did this before. this is -- she had a learning experience. ghago, simone biles was competing in -- in a domestic meet in 2013. she fell. she hurt her ankle. she tried to push on. it was her coach at the time said, you need to stop competing. you know why? because in this sport, at the level at which simone biles competes, which is head and shoulder as above everybody else in terms of her skills and what she's doing in these various events and on each individual apparatus, if you're having a mental block, which is probably
9:43 am
what is happening, you run the risk of a catastrophic injury. >> harris: it's true. >> dagen: so -- >> dr. saphier: amen. >> dagen: you have to say no, i'm stepping back. i can speak personally. i'm glad she's talking about it. i can't do gymnastics and i'm not putting myself at risk but a lot of people cope with say suffering panic attacks. i've had panic attacks on the air. you push through. i tried to talk about it. i'm not comparing myself to simone biles. what she's done and everything she's overcome, every hurdle she jumps, she deserves praise up and down all day long until the end of time. >> harris: you know, i hear you and j.d., you really resonated when you say sometimes we don't celebrate the moments we should. i'm raising a jim -- gymnast.
9:44 am
i just want her to have fun. you went back to an example that we didn't know about larry nassar. as a parent, i wonder how long there's been this build that she felt like she needed a relief. i encourage my own. dr. saphier, i know you do, too. i see your boys on instagram. encourage them when you need to sit down, i'll sit with you. i love you no matter what. i hope simone biles is hearing that more than she's hearing the negativity. j.d., you're right. we have to celebrate the good times. not make heros when they're bad but be there, be present when it's not working out. we'll move on. coming up, critics accuing a "new york times" reporter. the since deleted tweets -- you know tweets don't go away. anyway, stirring a big backlash. ♪♪
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9:49 am
on that and plus how the delta variant is impacting border towns as covid positive migrants are being released into the u.s. congressman pete sessions has a lot to say. athletes open up against simone biles withdraws. brian kilmeade and abby hornacek are here. join us at the top of the hour. >> harris: katie benner is facing backlash after calling trump supporters to be enemies of the state. it was during the first hearing of the january 6 committee on capitol hill. benner that covers the doj for "the new york times," in order to combat national security threats, the solution was to target the voters of the former vice president. tweeting "today's select committee underscores americas national security dilemma. work to come bat legit it in
9:50 am
national security threats now entails calling a politician's supporters enemy of the state. benner took down the tweets claiming they were unclearly worded. i think i understood it, j.d. >> j.d.: absolutely. look, this is disgusting. what she's saying is that your a domestic terrorist if you voted for donald trump. are me and my family domestic terrorists because we voted for donald trump in the last election? this is preposterous. the other thing i can't stand, it totally misses what the real threats are. the biggest national security threat in this country right now is what is going on at the southern border. it's not your fellow citizens that voted for donald trump. wake up. >> harris: so my issue is even more baseline than that. emily, this is supposed to be a reporter. >> emily: that's right. this is unfortunately just as
9:51 am
appalling as it is surprising. this is a pattern. a reporter with a backing of an amazing institution that said something totally outlandish and sinister and they get backlash and say oh, it was taken out of contest. no, we know exactly what you meant. she talks about unclearly worded. she said as a politician continues to threaten the state out of office and his entire party supports the threat. so here we have a "new york times" reporter that is okay making such broad generalizations, demonizing an entire party in such an outlandish way and to j.d.'s point, ignore everything happening at the border, our inner cities, crime sky rockets. the list is are too long for this hour show. this is reprehensible.
9:52 am
>> harris: you say amazing other glowy words about institutions. where is "the new york times" on this? can nobody at the "new york times" tell this reporter that tweets don't die, dude? dagen? >> dagen: this is the modern day left wing media. they don't report facts. they bring an agenda, their own imagined morality. that is what they bring to their job. they tell you what they think you need to know. she's just picking up on the messaging that we heard from the left during the election in 2016 and last year. if you vote for donald trump, you are a ignorant hick, nazi. that's exactly what her message was in that tweet. >> harris: it's such a breakdown in one's ability to debate the issues.
9:53 am
right? just call the other side names. >> dagen: there's no debate with them. >> harris: you're right. >> dagen: you're wrong and she's right. >> harris: your family is beautiful. move on. paging homer simpson. a new study finds that beer drinking might be good for you. wait a minute. my floor crew is shouting. the details on tap. no kidding. it says that in the prompter. ♪♪ veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low
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9:58 am
study out of england the research now showing that patients with cardiovascular disease who drank up to half a cup of blues per week showed lower risk of heart attack, stroke, or deathbed that works out to about a pint of beer a day or just over one bottle of wine per week. dr. saphier, we are coming due first, i think i started a grea trend for this for me yesterday i had a pint at lunchtime, amazing, i'm on the right track their. >> absolutely. this isn't the first study that shows that there are health benefits to beer and even some wines. we know there are other anti-inflammatories, so those things alone can be beneficial to your health we also know tha alcohol can be toxic. i myself am a fan of champagne and, but i do try to keep it to the recommended dose of less than one drink a day for women, less than two for men, while it is delicious it may have a few good things in it, it can wreak havoc on the body.
9:59 am
everything in moderation. >> did you say does? like what's my dose of jason peart could get as much as you want to write one drink. >> 30 who go. just for clarification, lunchtime you're on the west coast is after the show. >> you know, i'm running for to represent the people of ohio, s folks should go to jade events .com to help us, but i bring it up because it beer makes you healthier, i'll be th healthiest u.s. senator when i win this election. its great news, great news to hear that drinking alcohol is good for you, of course in moderation. but good to know you can have a good time and stay healthy to. >> and to that point, apparentl i was at my healthiest in college. >> me too. when i was doing keg stands. be careful though,.
10:00 am
>> is even better for your. >> my great arm. her doctor told her to have one drink a night when she started suffering from dementia, we found her on the floor, we thought she was dead, no, she was drunk because she had forgotten how many drinks she had. >> oh my gosh. >> harris, take it home. >> 's i'm still waiting for my dose of jameson. >> i guess that would be shot i it's hard alcohol. >> thanks to you all. cheers to you all, and here is "america reports." >> cheers to you as well bred community leaders in the rio grande valley are calling it unacceptable come up migrant infected with covid being released to a catholic charity that puts them up in hotels. nothing is being done to preven that migrants from mixing with the public peart local official are fed up and demanding action from the biden administration. more on that in just minutes. >> florida senator rick scott's
10:01 am
on biden's push to buy american for it we will also hear from pete sessions about those covid po


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