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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  July 28, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> dana: did you have one of those? >> bill: not even close. big wheel. >> dana: did you have stickers on it and everything. >> bill: 1,000 percent. >> dana: we're spinning. we have a lot to come. tomorrow biden will make a big announcement about vaccinations. >> bill: everything you heard today my change by tomorrow. >> dana: harris will take it from here. >> bill: bye. >> harris: public outcry as the biden administration calls on fully vaccinated americans to mask up again. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the cdc now is urging mask wearing in areas where the delta variant is surging and the federal agency also wants our children to mask up again in schools regardless of vaccination status. and then there is the white house in all of this with the president flipping his stance on mandatory vaccines. previously he said it would not
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be mandatory for federal workers to get the shot. but now -- >> will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> president biden: it's under consideration right now. >> if you're fully vaccinated you no longer get to wear a mask if it was possible that would turn out not to be true. >> we're all dealing with an evolving virus. there is no playbook and no historic precedent. what the american people should feel confident in we'll continue to be guided by science. >> harris: i'm going to need some working slides the next time we see the leadership. show us the science. republicans say the fast-changing rules won't inspire confidence in americans hesitant to get the vaccine. >> to tell people who got the shot in the arm and they got to put a mask on now makes no sense at all. you are creating more vaccine
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hesitancy. >> a mixed message from day one. fauci has been all over the board. >> harris: griff jenkins is live at the white house. >> the president departing on marine one headed to pennsylvania as folks here at the white house are masking up again. just minutes ago dhs on their official twitter feed tweeted this, beginning today all employees regardless of vaccination status will be required to wear a mask indoors and physically distance. this after cdc director walensky announced science warrants and update. this morning dr. fauci explained the reversal. watch. >> something has changed and what has changed is the virus. the cdc hasn't changed or hasn't flip-flopped at all. what's happened is that when that earlier recommendation was made, we were dealing predominantly with the alpha variant. >> means fully vaccinated
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americans should mask up indoors in any area with 50 new covid cases or more per 100,000 and it is a significant shift for kids in the fall calling for universal masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to k-12 classrooms regardless of vaccination status. question is, when do the masks come off? here is walensky. listen. >> when we see more and more people vaccinated and children vaccinated and have full vaccination in schools and full vaccinations in schools and documented and disease rates that are low, then we can start thinking about what -- how we can loosen up. >> the department of veterans affairs requiring health facility employees to get vaccinated or face weekly testing. president biden is weighing shots for all federal government employees and appears to be shaming the unvaccinated in his message. listen. >> president biden: one thing we know for sure if those other
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100 million people got vaccinated we would be in a very different world. get vaccinated. if you haven't, you aren't nearly as smart as i said you were. >> are vaccine mandates legal under emergency use authorization? d.o.j. office of legal counsel put out an opinion saying they are despite the vaccines not having full fda approval. whether or not the president was wearing a mask, didn't appear to be now. we'll see if he is when we see pictures of him indoors later today. harris. >> harris: i just have to say dr. walensky at the cdc her list is 10 things long now. what happened to 70% of americans getting a first shot by july 4th and that would be the goal and would be enough? i know things shift but did you hear that list of -- they want pure perfection on this before we back away from such mask wearing for even people who are
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vaccinated. it will never be perfect. we have car accidents, too. we can't make cars perfect, either. >> you are spot on, harris. the reversal is really quite a drastic one. as i was pointing out the guidance we're getting is you are talking about any area substantial or highly trance missable rates. they define that as 50 new covid cases or more per 100,000. a very low number so you are talking about a great number of vaccinated americans needing to mask up indoors. remember, the administration's message has been the pandemic is now for the unvaccinated but certainly it is affecting those that got their shots. >> harris: and he takes a shot at people calling them not as smart as he thought they were. that will win some favor. that will get people to change their minds. griff jenkins. thank you very much. tucker carlson with this on the new mask mandates. >> we have long ago left the realm of public health.
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this is about politics and it is about social control. the biden administration has decided it owns your body and the media agree. if the rest of us allow that grotesque claim to be unchallenged we're in deep trouble going forward long after covid receipts, and it will at some point. >> harris: a "new york post" op-ed went after more mask madness from the cdc saying it was just a week ago the agency says teachers and students did not need to wear masks. republican governors tearing into the new guidance as well. florida governor ron desantis says it is not based on science. nebraska governor pete rickette says it flies in the face of public health goals. iowa governor reynolds says it is not grounded in reality or common sense. dr. marc siegel fox news contributor professor of medicine at langone medical center. we have been talking for months
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about what we knew when trump was in office that we had the greatest weapon on the planet to fight this. and here we are today months into a new administration and the president is literally biden trying to shame people into doing something rather than just showing them the science. >> yeah, harris, i agree with that. i spoke to dr. walensky yesterday for clarification on the radio and i think a lot of this -- i think a lot of the confusion comes from one simple fact. people who have breakthrough infections that had the vaccine have a lot of virus. but the problem is, masks don't do for you like what the vaccine does as you just said. the people who really need masks are the unvaccinated, not the vaccinated. the vaccine works. by spreading the wings on this thing and saying masks for everyone, then you get all the republican governors thinking
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and correctly thinking this could be an intrusion on civil liberties again when again the mask, are you wearing it properly, what is it, a flimsy piece of cloth? it's not stopping the spread. with a stops the spread of the delta variant is the vaccine. and walensky said something about that to me which i liked. she said a lot of people out there are allergic to mandates. vaccine mandates. yes, they are. and that's why the comments out of president biden are very concerning about mandating. yes, i want his house in order, yes, i want all federal employees vaccinated before you start preaching to everyone else out there who are vaccinated, but how do you get there? the mandate is very troubling. >> harris: you said something that's critical and a question i've been asking for a while and now you have some answers. it is important for us to know full transparency. i don't care what the press secretary says at the lectern about vaccinated breakthroughs. i don't care if she thinks it is not important to collect it
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or not. don't care. what i do care is we need that number. we don't transparency now. if there are millions of us out there who have had a breakthrough and didn't know it that's something that is good to sell the vaccine efficacy. it means that it works. they literally at the white house can't sell ice in an ice store. >> that's so well put. i think the issue here is that the vaccine works but if the vaccine is faced by people who have covid the more people you see with covid having had the vaccine the more chances that you are going to get infection so yes, we have breakthrough infections. in other words, translated the vaccine is 80 to 90% effective against the delta variant if you have close association with covid itself. that's great. and the hospitalization rate is somewhere between 2 to 3% if you have the vaccine. that's great. that's how they should be messaging it.
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>> harris: send them a post it. democrats talking down to vaccine hesitant americans. watch. >> if you're not vaccinated you are not as smart as i thought you were. >> if we can get everybody vaccinated that's not vaccinated that's living vaccine free and impacting the rest of us. like drunk drivers. you don't have the right to go up and drink and drive and put everyone else at risk. >> the anti-vacers are criminal at this point. what they are doing to this country is undermining our future. >> harris: wow, doctor. listen, harris, we've said this before. you need to ask somebody why they aren't being vaccinated. not bludgeon them or bully or shame them. what is your issue? maybe they had a side effect to a previous vaccine. maybe they had covid and are thinking they still have protection from it and they do have some. maybe they want one shot and they think that one shot isn't going to buy them the same thing that two shots buy them.
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maybe someone in their family had a side effect. maybe they are just emotional about it. maybe it's a religious issue. i would counter that religious issue by talking the way you and i talk by saying religious, we want to protect our families, it is family. talk about it in terms of family but not mandates. not bludgeoning or shaming or putting people down. people aren't stupid. people can be talked to. >> harris: i wonder if they don't just think that about us sometime as americans in general. we're good people. this is the same group that would have you believe we're systemically racist, too. i don't want to muddle it. i'm just saying what do they really think of us? you can talk to us. i can tell you why i got it. somebody else might tell you why they're worried about getting it but it is an open conversation. you give this full fda approval and what do you think happens? does it wipe away the ability to say this is an emergency
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still? is that why it's still in place? i have a lot of questions, doctor. >> that's a really good point. that's part of the problem because over 300 million doses have been given out. the fda takes their time and go through all kinds of protocols. if they licensed this vaccine and i urge them right now to do this and get it done, it will help with compliance about people who are saying it is still emergency use. it's a pandemic and why you and i took it. it is a pandemic. we want emergency use. fda, get moving. get this licensed. we'll get compliance as a result of that. >> harris: that's all the white house has to sai. i love the way you put that, dr. siegel. they don't want to look like they get in front of the science, they won't show us the science, the white house. they can make a public appeal to the fda like the ama and groups of doctors around the country who could do it, too. if you make the cry loud enough maybe the fda will say is somebody talking?
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i have to let you go. i can't get enough of you busting through. i appreciate your expertise always, thank you. >> my great pleasure. thank you. >> harris: outrage is growing over president biden's border crisis. we didn't even get into that. that covid connection. you wait. fox has learned that federal border patrol agents are releasing covid-positive migrants without telling local officials and americans are once again, all of us told to mask up. yet they don't have to do anything. those people here illegally. plus this. >> get rid of the police in your neighborhood and see how that works out for violent crime in your neighborhood. that's like saying there is no proof that water is wet. >> harris: i love that she said dude. critics are blaming cuts to police funding for surging crime in american cities. and after leading the charge on defunding the police last year, seattle is now looking to hire
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harris: stunning examples of america's crime crisis. a gunman sprayed the streets of new york city with bullets. bystanders ran for their lives. one person was injured, a woman with a child in a stroller was in the middle of the gunfire. in seattle a massive spike in shootings after council slashed police budgets. six shootings left four people dead and seven hurt over the weekend. the mayor said 250 officers have left the department in the last year and a half and the trend needs to stop.
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>> as a city we cannot continue on this current trajectory of losing police officers like we have this year into the next years. when city leaders talk about cutting a department by 50%, you will lose employees. families need security. we cannot just cut. we need a plan. >> harris: really? what happened after the first 100 officers left, crickets. but in minneapolis local officials are battling a judge's order to hire hundreds of officers and the city council is considering allowing voters to replace the police with a community safety initiative. "fox & friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth. your thoughts. >> a biblical principle of you reap what you sew. what did these leaders expect
8:21 am
would happen when you allow lawlessness and make the police -- you say the systemic problem are officers, many which are very diverse department hunting down black people intentionally, right? as opposed to systemic problems of family breakdown, drugs, crime, gangs. you don't address that, you make the police the problem and defund them and demoralize them and limit what you can do. in seattle new measures have been passed police can't pursue criminals the way they could in the past. they have to limit engagements based on the escalation and they do it under the idea of reimagining police. community police initiatives. in the infantry it's like saying we'll reimagine the infantry. your job is to destroy the enemy. it changes the world in which you operate. my job was to close, and destroy the enemy. if your job is to protect the community and sometimes be pro-active and aggressive about
8:22 am
it and how you've trained and kept crime down and guns off the streets and gangs down, and then you are suddenly told we have to reimagine that and we'll bring in therapists to deal with certain situations. the whole thing is upside down. you reap what you sow. more gangs and more crime. the most predictable thing on the planet and durkin is getting the memo now? >> harris: 250 officers left and 300 are slated to leave. they will have a problem on her hands if she can't stop the flood. what you likeened it to in service in battle. imagine the message the enemy would get if you had to say please and have protocols in the moments of engagement. he would shoot you between the eyes before you got your words out. if you want to compare it to battle which on some streets in america it looks like that right now. >> unfortunately on some streets it is. you're right.
8:23 am
>> harris: gateway drugs and gateway crimes and a loosening of our morals in society. is that what's happening here? brazen shoplifters are tearing across america. last week we showed you the video caught two thieves stuffing garbage bags filled with stolen perfumes. ulta beauty store in los angeles in front of an employee. you want to stick your hand in between those knowing that they'll get away with it? no. also in los angeles one of the suspects in the murder of a rite aid employee has turned himself in. that employee was shot dead trying to stop thieves from stealing beer. the national retail federation says last year retailers lost 720,000 up nearly 300,000 in losses from 2015. pete. >> let's stick on the biblical
8:24 am
theme here. proverbs, he who spares the rod hates his son. ultimately when you aren't willing to bring consequences to law breakers, you get more of that culture of crime. you flip the entire dynamic on the top. we talked about the infantry before. a lot of that comes from the idea of the these places you ha you have lawlessness and law enforcement and when the law breakers believe they can do what is being shown on the screen with impunity they believe the cops are at the bottom of the totem pole and can't enforce laws. this is -- when you get rid of lawlessness you get more lawlessness and when you aren't empowered to interdict in those circumstances why would a private security guard interdict or an individual citizen step in when they're the ones that could be charged by being proactive? the law breakers believe they're the top dog. in those cities because of bail reform and letting people out of jail for major and minor
8:25 am
crimes why would they think otherwise? >> harris: that's the next line. i don't know if you hear in the democrat-led cities some of the blame is going toward the prosecutors. how did they get there who were light on crime? it's only an hour show. former democratic california senator barbara boxer is speaking out after she was attacked and robbed while walking in oakland in broad daylight. she was asked about the city pulling millions of dollars from the police department for other programs. here is what the now-attacked former senator said to that. >> i feel we need more money for community policing. we need more officers on the streets. we need them to be from the communities, by the communities, for the community. we have to pass senseible gun laws for god sake. we don't need weapons on our streets. >> harris: other than that interview on cnn the attack got
8:26 am
zero coverage on msnbc and abc and nbc monday and tuesday. cbs covered it fewer than seven seconds. if you don't see a problem it makes it go away except for she is senator barbara boxer, a big name among the democrats at one point. >> of course she was. in that moment if you read the account, she is yelling why would you do this? i'm a grandma. they weren't attacking her with weapons of words it was with fists and pots and pans. is that the new war on pots and pans? isn't about guns. we need police by, with and for the community. we have that in these places. law enforcement officers are in the community and from the communities and they reflect the communities and want 20 do their job. if you want community policing the way giuliani and brateon. if your idea of reimaging
8:27 am
calling a violent interventionist without a gun and talk down the situation, of course you are just going to make it worse. the media covers as they always do for their buddies and their buddies' worst idea, defund the police. they're running from it. everybody knows who has been advocating for it including barbara boxer. >> harris: a "new york post" op-ed is questioning the attack on the former senator will be a wake-up call to the crime ignoring left. the piece says maybe what happened to barbara boxer will disquiet her former colleagues in elected office enough that they will turn away from their policies, let's hope it happens soon because america is screaming. that's the "new york post." pete. >> shouldn't have to happen this way, harris. shouldn't have to be a prominent senator who gets attacked or fancy restaurants in washington, d.c. or
8:28 am
nationals game or whether the elites are affected that policies change. it is those who are most vulnerable to crime, most vulnerable to poverty are the ones dealing in war zones every day. the left looks away from that and sells them a big of goods like reimagining. it is a form of white privilege in many ways. it finally affected me and we should do something about it in my gated community. what about everybody else? they're tax paying american citizens and well and their lives matter, too. >> harris: great to have you in focus. i told you he was fired up. new polling points to big trouble for california governor gavin newsom. once again he is accused of hypocrisy. wait until you see why this time. it involves family now. plus this. >> we don't know how many illegal aliens have it. we know they aren't tested. we know they are poor and coming from poor countries that they don't have access to vaccines.
8:29 am
maybe that's the problem. >> harris: it is a problem. this new report is raising an alarm on covid-positive migrants being able to exit quarantine and move about the country. texas police say they can't stop them. former utah senator jason chaffetz is here next. before it? prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release formula that works to turn down acid production, blocking heartburn at the source. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection. take the prilosec otc two-week challenge. and see the difference for yourself. prilosec otc, 1 pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn.
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veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> we have absolutely nothing in place regarding illegal immigrants coming from the most severe hot spots in the world with no healthcare. it doesn't make any sense. the biden administration is trying to restrict us as americans and completely deaf, dumb and blind to the problem created by covid through illegal immigration. >> they are allowed into the country and allowed into the interior of the country and the biden administration doesn't care. they say it's a public health crisis and they do nothing at the border the try to stem it. >> harris: nothing. critics are going after the
8:35 am
administration with reports that covid-positive migrants are being released from federal custody to quarantine, to be trusted to quarantine on their own in local hotels. but we're told there is nothing there to physically stop them from mixing in with the public or leaving all together. here is a la joya, texas police sergeant. >> if they want to leave and get in a car we cannot stop them. we don't have no proof they're positive for covid-19 and until there is a mandate that gives us the authority to do that, we cannot stop these people from moving wherever they are going to move. >> harris: we're not testing these people before they get to walk around? do they have to wear a mask? call the cdc. meanwhile, axios is reporting that 50,000 migrants have been released without court dates while only 13% have actually shown up to meet with ice
8:36 am
officers. republicans torching the report on twitter. tom cotton calls it lawless. another says it's a complete disaster. jason chaffetz fox news contributor former utah congressman, great lawmaker formerly all together. good to see you, jason. so how do we stop this from happening? >> it's totally preventable. first of all you can't have open borders. if you are detaining people and catching people coming across the border, you need to test them. they need to go to quarantine. what is sickening about this is if you come here illegally there is a different set of rules. you don't live under the rule of law we do here in the united states of america. they are just given open doors. you go to and you read the article that you just had the police officer interview from la joya, texas, there were people showing up at a what a burger and people
8:37 am
calling complaining to the police and the police are like what are we supposed to do? allegedly these people had covid and yet they were just going into restaurants and going to the hotels and it just released into the homeland and we have a problem with covid and yet this biden/harris administration just releases them. >> harris: i want to get this clear. i know we're testing some. if they're told to quarantine at a hotel, the way it works for the rest of us is that then we would get another covid test to make sure we are clear of the disease before fanning out. that second line of defense is not happening at all. they are ending up at the what a burger. god bless the people inside that restaurant who are american citizens who don't see it coming and can't help themselves. >> i had a friend who went to hawaii and they didn't have a covid test and escorted by a national guardsman, went into a hotel, not given a key. they couldn't go to the ice machine. and yet these people are just
8:38 am
flooding into our country by the tens of thousands. we aren't talking about one or two, we're talking tens of thousands of people. but you know what? i'm sure glad kamala harris is on top of it boy, she is just taking control down there. >> harris: wow. fox news exclusively captured video of a huge group of migrants crossing into the rio grande valley in texas. border patrol says there are 336 people, many of them actually pretty sick. dehydrated and exhausted and needed medical treatment. agents handed out water and they had brought themselves and ripped smugglers for their complete disregard for human life. jason. this is a recipe for not just covid disaster but humanitarian wise. it looks like our country has no border at all. >> human trafficking and drug
8:39 am
trafficking going on. a health crisis going on there and god bless the people would work for ice and -- we don't pay these people enough. they take money out of their own wallet to bring water and provide this humanitarian relief. the biden/harris administration is encouraging. it is preventable but they will not do anything. name three things that biden/harris administration wants to do to curb this. you can't name three things. >> harris: start with one. quickly, why is it that this question isn't being asked or maybe it is and they are just not answering it. in those states the cdc determined has a too quick rising rate of the new delta variant they want vaccinated people wearing masks. is this part of the reason? have they thrilled down on the numbers? are some of those hundreds of
8:40 am
thousands of people who came across the border with the spike in covid positive testing are they driving up numbers in the united states which means we have to wear a mask even if we're vaccinated? >> absolutely. look, there is no mask mandate on the border. there is no paperwork mandate on the border. you can go down to the border just cross back and forth. you will be released. at this point when you are actually being detained you aren't even given a court date. guess what? the statistics will look good' a year or two from now on missed court dates if you don't give people one. the idea that tens of thousands of people are pouring into the country and not a court date. what do they do for jobs, healthcare, income? it is ridiculous. >> harris: jason chaffetz. thank you for being in focus. a moving speech against critical race theory from an african-american congressman who grew up in jim crow south. and then there is this.
8:41 am
>> partisan effort and we'll work hard to do the work that people sent us here to do. >> harris: there could be big trouble brewing for california's democrat governor just weeks from that recall election that he may not survive. if that's not enough, he has quite a new controversy on his hands. the power panel next.
8:42 am
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>> harris: potential trouble ahead for california's governor with the recall election fewer than two months from now. new polling is not bringing any good news to gavin newsom and now he is facing a new mask controversy. william la jeunesse has more on that from l.a. william. >> he is also under water on job approval. the headline is governor newsom is vulnerable. radio talk show host larry elder leads in the race to replace him. the shocker, democrats who outnumber republicans 2-1 realize the recall is not as the governor has said a coup by a handful of anti-vacers and trump supporters. >> right wing republicans won't stop their election rejections. in california we have to stop
8:47 am
them. >> the poll found 47% of likely voters support the recall. 50% oppose. also 90% of republicans are highly motivated in the recall compared to 58% for democrats, 53 for independents. yesterday another do as i say not as i do moment. remember his french laundry visit. photos of his son at camp without face coverings. a violation of the state guidelines requiring masks in schools and camps. turns out newsom failed to read a letter from the camp saying the kids would not wear masks. critics pounced saying quote this is a clear violation of his own mask mandate. why can his kid be maskless but not ours? newsom pulled his kids out. larry elder leads with 18% followed by former san diego mayor kevin faulkner and businessman john kox at 10%. 40% remain undecided.
8:48 am
>> i thought the whole point behind being vaccinated you are protected against people who haven't been vaccinated. you now you tell people who are vaccinated wear masks. it doesn't make any sense. >> the recall is seven weeks away september 14th. back to you. >> harris: just a word about those children. it is not their fault, right? you say he failed to read it. the governor said he missed the email. doesn't he have an assistant or something? we'll move on. thank you. power panel. mercedes schlapp and leslie marshall, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. great to see you both. leslie, that 47-53% people in favor of recall. the margin of error brings the numbers just about as close as a tie. is it time for gavin newsom to wake up to the fact he is potentially in trouble?
8:49 am
>> i don't think one poll. that poll in my opinion, i love william, it is an outlier. he has strong support. a largely democratic state. we have pockets of red throughout california. even though it's the sixth attempt going forward to unseat gavin newsom. i will go to vegas and say it will be a costly reelection effort by my state and i and others here will have to pay for and he will win. >> i have to tell you when you look at newsom's record, it is pathetic. you are seeing more and more businesses leave the state. you are seeing greater homelessness, poverty rates skyrocket. obviously they have had such miscommunication and dysfunction when it came to the covid response and so look, it is going to be difficult.
8:50 am
i agree with leslie, it will be difficult for a republican to win as governor in the state of california and beat newsom. however, as we're seeing several weeks before this election, the trends are going against gavin newsom. the biggest thing for republicans they should galvanize around one candidate instead of 40 people on the list. >> harris: quickly about that camp that he pulled his kids out of. the take on hypocrisy that people are talking about in california today. >> there is no question that he made a big mistake especially since he is pushing this state policy of you need to wear a mask. i feel bad for his kids frankly, to be put on the spotlight like that. >> harris: it is hard for them. house democrats voted down a bill that would strip federal funding from segregated diversity trainings and schools
8:51 am
that teach concepts associated with critical race theory. it was introduced by a republican congressman owens of utah who grew up in the jim crow era and gave a speech after the bill failed. >> the critical race theory they areists believed we're defined solely by our skin color and believe that american institutions preserves white supremacy and our nation is racist. to try to make this divisive theory understandable teachers separate students into groups based on characteristics like race, color and national origin. students are taught to judge others based on their appearance. in a 1960s it was called pure racism. >> harris: how do you defentd crt in this environment, leslie? >> first of all there is no evidence in the public school system throughout the united states in grades k-12 that critical race theory is being taught. >> harris: that's not true. there is more than two dozen.
8:52 am
it's documented. heyward spent money on crt. it's documented and i can send it to you after the show. plenty of links you can read about it. >> i did not say an individual school district. across the board throughout the united states we don't have k-12 in our public education system. we're talking about federal legislation for federal funding that goes to the states and then to the individual school districts. with regard to critical race theory, dar winism is a theory. i don't believe we came from apes. i learned about it in school. i don't believe it. it is a theory. critical race is a theory. if the individual school districts and parents and teachers and school boards decide they want to use part of that theory to teach regarding race and racism and history surrounding racism, i'm all for it. i've learned about a lot of theories. i don't believe all of them and neither will my children. >> bill: mercedes real quick.
8:53 am
>> one theory and a reality, too. america is not a racist country. we should not be teaching our children to be divided by race. that is horrific. it is anti-american and it is why we need to make sure these local school districts do not adopt that curriculum. there are many of these federal education association that support implementing the critical race theory curriculum. it very problematic and pits children one against the other. we don't want to live in a place with the oppressed and oppressor. it's not a healthy discussion. we can talk about the past and america being an imperfect country and things that we have had to fix but we also need to come together as a nation. or we'll lose this country and lose our children. >> harris: all right. good to see you both. great discussion. thank you so much. see you next time. i want to bring you a bit of
8:54 am
news now. house speaker nancy pelosi is just speaking on that first hearing yesterday investigating the january 6th capitol riot. just the first step in the investigation. we cannot ignore history. the select committee will continue to investigate and we should expect more testimony. of course, the panel that she has convened has come under criticism. after denying two of five republicans that the top republican in the house kevin mccarthy had put forth, mccarthy pulled the republicans from the panel and then she picked two that she liked. so the criticism is, is it too far partisan in one direction? could there be a wider conversation? she said it's the tip of the iceberg in terms of the investigation. we'll follow the news where it takes us always as we do on "the faulkner focus". thank you for tuning in this hour. "outnumbered" comes up right after the commercial break.
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>> fox news alert. we're expecting president biden to announce all federal workers will be required to be vaccinated against covid or face regular testing. critics slam the white house for mixed messaging over covid. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno. here today, harris faulkner, fox business anchor, dagen mcdowell, dr. nicole sapphire. fox news is learning the white house will lay out the plan for vaccine mandating for federal employees tomorrow. meantime, the state of california, new york city, the department of veterans affairs, healthcare facilities and universities have put in place mandatory vaccination requirements in the last 72 hours. the president backing


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