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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 28, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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should be worn in the capitol as we have learned a number of school districts figuring out what they're going to do. the central bus district one of the largest in pennsylvania voted last night to make masks optional regardless of vaccine status. so the confusion, my friends, continues. todd: life is about perception. got to get the messaming clear. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the nation's top health agency reverses policy. >> cdc. >> why did the president say if you have been vaccinated you no longer need wear mask. >> when he made those comments we were dealing with a different strain of the virus. >> are your policies working at the border? >> what makes the plan more challenging is covid. >> covid. >> covid. >> covid was at its height a year ago. >> current general in the army was disparaging. a marine on twitter. >> when you hear him spouting msnbc talking points, americans should be angry.
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your grocery shopping is costing you more and giving you less. >> talking about inflation. >> emphasize boxes used to have 19 ounces now they have a bowl of cereal. >> it is a canary in the coal mine when it comes to the kind of economy we are going to see in the future. >> has the ball. looks up into the stands sees the youngster in the red shirt and gives him the ball. ladies and gentlemen, that is what it is all about. ' ♪ get ready ♪ get ready. ♪ get ready ♪ get ready ♪ it here i come ♪ get ready. brian: i thought we were going to hear the whole song waiting for joel's cue. i thought we were going to get the lyrics. steve: we could hear the whole song. we need to be quiet for a little bit. brian: i don't know. but the message is well taken. we are ready. and by the way, doesn't that remind you seeing that little kid in the reds uniform get a
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ball from the reds that could be a young bill hemmer. because he was a sports guy growing up in the area of big red. steve: that's what you thought you? saw bill hemmer? brian: maybe that will be the next host of the 9:00 a.m. hour of dana perino. steve: i saw that and thought that player just made that kid's life. rachel: family moment forever. steve: for the hemmers, apparently. >> bill: that's what i'm thinking. he is the guy you think about when you think of cincinnati. steve: rachel is with us again today. rachel: thank you for having me back. always an honor to fill in for ainsley. steve: it's great to have you. get ready, here we come with the news. get ready, here come the masks. the masks are back. the cdc now has changed its guidelines again because of worries regarding the delta variant. rachel: the agency says fully vaccinated americans should cover their nose and mouth in certain parts of the u.s. brian: certain parts in certain situations, still don't know what the heck they're talking about. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with the president's
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insulting messages to unvaccinated americans. griff, you don't even know, i guess you are supposed to wear a mask at the white house when you go to cover it? do you even know what you are doing? are you going to the gym with a mask? are you going to go to the restaurant with a mask what city? griff: good morning, brian, rachel and steve. i have to go to the white house after this hit. i have to have a mask to get in there and really a lot of people across the country have to get those masks out. cdc's director rochelle wolenski says this wasn't something took lightly the science is changing. watch. >> information on the delta variant from several states indicate that it some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious. this new science is worrisome. and, unfortunately, warrants an update to our recommendation.
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griff: mask up indoors substantial and high tabs mission rate. and they are calling for universal masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors k through 12 classrooms regardless of vaccination status. this as the administration issues their first federal vaccine mandate at the department of veterans affairs requiring all va health facility employees to get vaxxed or face weekly testing. and the president isn't ruling out shots for everyone in the federal government. >> will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated. >> it's under consideration right now. if you are not vaccinated you are not nearly as smart as i thought you were. >> meanwhile, it governor newsom in california and governor cooper in north carolina and governor de blasio in if new york city requiring public employees to get vaxxed. so are vaccine mandates issued under this emergency use authorization illegal? well the doj's office of legal counsel yesterday opined it was indeed despite the vaccine's not
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having full fda approval. steve, rachel, brian? steve: that's right. griff, it sounds like the president tomorrow will announce a mandate where everybody has got to get the shot if they work for the federal government or get tested. but it does not sound like it's going to include the military. have you heard that? griff: well, there are reports, if that's coming tomorrow, we expect the president to speak about covid. fox has not confirmed that will there are also reports the military will be excluded. i think what you are going to see is a fierce fight and debate over whether or not this federal mandate is going to hold up because the fda, which is the federal government, has not done their job yet, steve, to approve these vaccines. so for those who say hey, i was waiting to get my shot until the fda fully approved it, they have a point. steve: right. and thank you very much, griff. i didn't have's last point is very important. both the "new york post" and the "wall street journal" both have podesta today talking about why has it taken the fda so long to
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give this approval? you know, we're getting it on an emergency vaccination approval basis, but 400 million doses of the moderna and pfizer shots have been given. they have reams of information on it why hasn't the government done it? well the "wall street journal" says it bureaucracy. they just move slow. brian: right. that's what trump did. trump knocked a whole lot of it out of the way. ordered it ahead of time even before it had been approved because he wanted to be ready to launch immediately with operation warp speed. basically looking at a situation where the cdc, which has already been lost so much credibility when it was revealed that the teachers unions were basically writing its policy, when they cut and pasted recommendations from randy weingarten and ended up in the cdc find dance. and now the cdc comes out and says hey, i got an idea. why don't you wear of course thats even though 99% of the people who are hospitalized with serious illness are people that are unvaccinated.
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i want everyone just to wear it just in case you get sick. that's not the way you live your life. you don't run from the flu that way. you don't run from other things there is a risk in everything you do to go ahead and tell people to get vaccinated on emergency use, steve, as you mentioned and at the same time say you got to wear a mask anyway, you are making the push to vaccinate hit a brick wall. people are going to throw up their hands, really? nothing is going to change about my life whether i'm vaccinated or not just out of precaution? forget it. rachel: for the president to say people who aren't vaccinated aren't very smart. there is a good reason some people aren't vaccinated. some people already had covid. some people are children who aren't that affected, which by the way, you talk about revolt. there is going to be revolt among parents in the fall. i just think parents are too smart. they are like this isn't affecting my kid. but do you know what is? mental health is. you know, suicide rates are up. and we just know that we are creating this new generation of very neurotic, fearful kids.
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and it's also not healthy to wear a mask 8 hours a day if you are a little kid. there are so many reasons for the president to say something like that, to insult people's intelligence when they're making personal decisions about their own health and their own children's health and they there is so much confusion about the mask which is why peter doocy pressed jen psaki about this mask guidance yesterday at the white house. listen. >> why did the president say if you have been fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a of course that. let me repeat if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. if it was possible that that was going to turn out to not be true. >> peter, think why we are all dealing with evolving virus no playbook and no historic precedent. what the american people should feel confident in we will continue to be guided by science. look at public health data in order to provide new guidance, if it's needed to, to stabilize and protect the american people. when he made those comments back in may, we were dealing with a very different strain of the
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virus than we are today. and delta is more transmissible. spreading much more quickly. it was nearly nonexistent in the united states back in may. steve: all right. what have you got going on and we have been talking about this, the president's polling numbers regarding covid are actually inching down. the whole idea for the midterms is the democrats were going to run on hey, listen, look, we got covid completely under control. brian, you ache r59ly portrayed the fact that 99% of the people who are getting sick and winding up in the hospital are the unvaccinated. essentially, the white house realizes that covid is running around the country right now with the unvaccinated that still makes them look bad. they are trying to get people vaccinated. what are they doing? making everybody wear a mask even though the people who, for the most part, got the shot don't need it, simply to control the people who have not been vaccinated. rachel: there is so much misinformation coming out of cdc. brian: double talk. rachel: why does the cdc take all the way to this past march
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to tell us, that it is mostly people who are obese or have other underlying causes that are in the hospital. they didn't -- they have not been transparent about the children who have died of covid all had other underlying cause us. brian: of the 165. rachel: not one healthy child who has died of covid. why aren't they being honest? it makes people just lose confidence in them. brian: 100 percent lose confidence. right now through the entire country, a country this large. there is 290 deaths due to covid. that's up 6%. caves are up 145% over the last two weeks. so you are taking gyms and bars and workplaces and masking up for the .001% that might be hospitalized while vaccinated and you have lost the incentive to do it and you wonder why we are stuck at 60% of people in country are vaccinated. it's unbelievable. steve: well, the good news is,
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the information from the cdc yesterday was simply a recommendation. it will still be up to your local mayor or your state governor whether or not they institute mask mandates. brian: have you met our mayor and governor? have you met them? steve: that's why i don't live in new york. brian: do you work here. all right. meanwhile straight ahead, the dhs secretary down playing the record number of migrant else into the u.s. as texas officials raise concerns about the spread of covid-19. it. rachel: simone biles withdrawals from another competition to focus on mental health. how they are rallying around the gymnastic super star ♪ you all want to hang with me and my gang ♪ we live to ride ♪ we ride to live ♪ me and my gang ♪
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. we have your headlines, two suspects wanted in the kill of right aid employee turns himself into police. try accused of trying to steal beer from the store. work was shot and killed while trying to stop them. police still searching for the second suspect. officials say an acid used to make containers films leaked at the ryan dale facility. 31 people under observation for possible symptoms. authorities say there is no impact to anyone else outside of the plant. california we go where the governor there, gavin newsom, pulls his kids from summer camp after photos surface of his son maskless indoors. , this despite the state's guide dance mandating masks inside for
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most kids at youth camp. newsom's communication director saying, quote: newsoms were concerned to see unvaccinated children unmasked indoors at a camp their children began attending yesterday. their kids will no longer attending the camp. and to the olympics now where star gymnast simone biles withdrawals from another event to focus on her mental health. biles will not compete in the all around competition. just a day after pulling out of a team event. u.s.a. gymnastics says it wholeheartedly supports biles decision. the u.s. took silver in the team event after she withdrew. meantime katie ledecky winning the 1500 freestyle for sixth gold medal. 120-66. they will play the czech republic on saturday. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: they are 1-1. >> 120 to 66. not even fair. steve: i still have not seen one
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second of the olympics. brian: i can't find it i hunted around. i can't really see it. steve: it was our own bill melugin tweeted this out yesterday apparently down in la joya, texas, a citizen waived down a police officer and said there is a family of migrants inside the what the that burger here they are coughing and sneezing and not wearing masks. i don't think they should be in the what a burger. the officer went in and talked to the people they said you know what? we were released by border patrol last week or a couple of days ago. we have got covid. and so they put us up, they being catholic charities at a hotel called the texas inn hotel. and then the police officer went and talked to the texas inn hotel and they said yes, catholic charities has booked the whole place and it's filled with migrants. and a lot of them are sick. and that's a problem because we just let them right. in forget about all the mask mandates and everything else. down on our southern border it's
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come on in, the door is open. rachel: do you remember when they were thinking about quarantining americans and even in my town there was a proposal to see should we guard to make sure people aren't leaving their homes? i mean. steve: what? rachel: there was a proposal. it ended up not getting passed a proposal to talk about when you have covid how do we make sure you stay quarantined? here we have people coming across the border. we saw 900% covid surge in the rio grande valley. we see border patrol right now increases in their viruses with them, with the covid virus. because they are coming in contact with so many people. remember, these are people coming from unvaccinated countries from poor countries, almost 90 different countries, the border is wide open. and i have to tell you, i believe that this is the greatest threat to america right now. because it is a threat to our economy. we cannot afford to lock down again. brian: we have to link both
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these talking points, the first block and the second block. you are telling 99%, even though there is 99% chance you are not going to get covid if you are vaccinated. 9% of people in the hospital are unvaccinated people with this variant, which is not more serious, just spreads easier and, yet, you say just on precaution i want everyone to wear a mask everywhere they go that's our guidance at the same time it's a wide open border. we have almost a million people coming to our country illegally, 300,000 got-aways, almost nobody is being tested. and now you have 50,000 illegals released into the u.s. without even a court appearance date. just a list of court locations. we asked them to show up when they can to check on their status. so don't tell us you are worried about our welfare at the same time leave the southern border open. mark levin weighed in on the surge at the border and the surge in this virus. >> people are pouring into this
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country so fast we don't know how many. code cases among migrants in the rio grande valley sector surged 900 percent at the border. numbers continue to rise. we don't know how many illegal aliens have it. we know they are not tested. we know they are poor. they are coming from poor countries. that they don't have access to vaccines. maybe that's the problem. we are being overwhelmed. you look at the red map, the cdc director puts out there. what do you see? the southeastern united states is getting hit hardest, southern california is getting hitting hit hardest. how come they are not getting hit in north dakota the. brian: gradually get hit there. rachel: because we are paying to send the illegals who come across the border out into the interior of the country. steve: anywhere they want to go, absolutely. brian, you mentioned the fact that axios has that number, 50,000 migrants have been released into the united states without court dates because the thinking is that they will go to a local ice office and then they
3:22 am
will apply for a job permit. of the 50,000 released. do you know how many have actually shown up at ice? rachel: probably 5%? steve: 13%. so one in ten about. that is why josh hawley the senator, freshman senator from the great state of missouri was -- he had it had up to here with the secretary of homeland security. he talked about the border it's a crisis. josh hawley sees it that way. the secretary does not. >> this record is an unmitigated disaster. it's a disaster. i don't want to ask you to tell us and tell the american people now what you are going to do to change course. >> first of all, the number of migrants apprehended at the border began to increase in april of last year. number two, it's very important to remember that the number of apprehensions, the number of encounters does not equal the
3:23 am
number of different individuals encountered. they often return and are expelled again. >> your position is we don't have a crisis at the southern border. that the surge is largery alouisery and we have no reason to be concerned? >> that is a complete mischaracterization of what i said. >> are your policies working at the border. >> the plan takes time execute and we are doing so. let me say this. what makes the plan more challenging is, number one, covid, but we are working through that. >> this crisis has occurred under your tenure. covid is not unique to your tenure. this is a crisis that you have engineered with your policies. >> and we all know that. he knows we know that. this is a game. and everybody on the left that's ignoring it that's all they are doing. but this is absolutely out of control. and the guy that knows that from the democratic party and doesn't mind ratling their cage because he represents the people in his border area. the rio grande valley area more than he does his party.
3:24 am
congressman henry cuellar on the reality at the border with the pandemic in place. and keep in mind, we are like a week from dropping title 42. would have given us no reason to turn around people at the border citing medical reasons. now, thankfully, most of title 42 remains in place. but, still, it hasn't stopped. we are over a million people this year who have come to our border. 188,000. it will be 188,000 last month. and this month when they told us it was going to stop because of the heat it's going to be higher. rachel: i heard predictions by the end of the year it will be 2 million that are going to be here. and, again, the biden administration way more focused on restricting americans than restricting the border. brian: they have no interested. rachel: unbelievable. steve: i like that soundbite part of the problem numbers so high people keep coming over repeaters they just keep coming like it's 12 guys and only 12 guys. you know, it shunting be that big a number much meanwhile the cover of the "new york post" simone biles over here and eric
3:25 am
adams left hook. he will be the next mayor of new york city, the democrat, former police officer, he was record at a fundraiser at the home of a republican supporter, i believe, in queens a couple of days ago where he made it very clear his opponent, not necessarily the people who he are actually in the race, but actually the dsa, the democratic socialists of america. which acknowledges that aoc is their foremost socialist super star. because they have an ideology. and it flies in the face of what he is trying to push with law and order. and we have got a little snippet, "new york post" got ahold of this audio and video. and it's very telling on how mre socialists. watch. >> i'm no longer running against candidate. i'm running against a movement. all across the country the dsa
3:26 am
socialists are mobilizing to stop eric adams. they realize that if i'm successful, we're going to start the process of regaining control of our city. steve: that's the last thing the dsa, the democratic socialists of america wants. rachel: yeah, it's really interesting. it's hard to overestimate how consequential aoc's win over joe crowley was. when she won, it did two things. the socialists within the democrat party took their mask off and felt free to be socialists just like her. steve: normalized them. rachel: others got afraid and started moving to the left. eric adams claims that he is going to be the person to take on that image that aoc, because she has not just affected policies, she has affected the whole image of the party as really left wing and so we'll see. because, as you know, brian, president biden said when he was
3:27 am
running i do look like a socialist? and he said he was going to -- a lot of people in the democrat party, when they're running and need some, you know, support from the middle will say that. we'll see if this guy is for real or not. brian: right now, that is the formula for democratic success in the midterms that should scare republicans if eric adams lives up to his word. everything he is saying goes right up to the independents and undecideds i need somebody reasonable not ideological to run this country and city and town. eric adams, even though he does not win over the police force yet because he has been such a critic in the past. he has won over bill bratton who is now advising him who he was a critic of when he was active in uniform. if he continues with this message. it should scare republicans it should make the american people happy. that's the way you govern. you don't go fly to the left. you bring order to the street. steve: see, that's why ultimately, the people who are talking about law and order are going to do better in the midterms because right outside
3:28 am
our window, there is a problem with crime in every major city and the socialist would like fewer cops. rachel: and fewer jails. brian: interest biden and harris have no credibility let's see what he does when he get the job. the cdc tells you to mask up again even if you are vaccinated dr. janette nesheiwat joins to us sort through the mixed messaging creating a lot of confusion for her and for us. steve: with prices on the rise. some companies may be giving you less bang for the buck at the grocery store. stuart varney on how had shrinkflation can actually shrink your wallet.
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kinzinger an outspoken critic of president trump is one of two republicans serving on the select committee investigating the events of january 6th. calls to replace the police continue in minneapolis. the city now looking for minnesota supreme court to intervene in a judge's recent order to have 730 officers on the minneapolis police force by next summer. this as the city council aims to pass a measure replacing the police with a community focused safety initiative. if passed, the city would not be required to meet the judge's order. the measure will be up for a vote in november. and facebook vowing to better protect teens online. the social media giant says it's changing its ad policy in the next few weeks so kids under 18 can't be targeted through their activity on other apps and web
3:34 am
sites. but the platform will still allow advertisers to target ads based on age, location and gender. the change also applies to instagram. plus, instagram will make new profiles of kids under the age of 16 private by default starting this week. and now to this, a mural ofman super star lebron james is vandalized in his own hometown. police in akron, ohio say someone used spray paint to right la slob across the mural. it will clown nose on his face. the mural artist has vowed to fix it james has not commented on the incident. that's a look at your headlines, rachel, send it back to you. rachel: thank you, jillian. frustration and confusion this morning as the cdc reverses some of its guidelines. now recommending that vaccinated people wear masks in certain indoors areas. here to break it all down fox news medical contributor
3:35 am
dr. janette nesheiwat hello, doctor, how are you? >> great. good morning, rachel. rachel: we have been talking about this all morning. what do they mean by this and why are they sending mixed messages about the vaccine and who should be wearing masks? yesterday they found in a study they conducted that in your nose if you have been vaccinated and you pick up coronavirus in your nose you carry up to 1,000 times the viral load and can you potentially transmit it to others. it's estimated that the rate of break through infections is less than 1%. remember, rachel, how many people are hospitalized right now that have passed away that are in the hospital right now that are on a ventilator. >> most of those are unvaccinated. it is confusing and frustrated that they're putting out this new cdc divide dance based on less than 1% of us who are
3:36 am
vaccinated that can actually have this rare incident where you could pick up covid and spread it to others. but, they are doing it because there are some that can't get vaccinated. it's important to note this isn't for everyone. this is only if you are indoors and in an area with high transmission which is around 50% of america right now. rachel: what about chirp? we know that they are not really at risk. so why are they recommending this to schools? i know schools, individual schools and districts will make the decision. so many people and so many schools are so afraid of getting sued, i'm sure. they are just going to have to follow the cdc guidelines and i think it's not healthy for our kids. >> i don't like the fact that we're putting the burden on our children. we don't have data and evidence that tells us there is overall net benefit to putting a mask on a young child. and i also don't like the fact, rachel, that we're putting out this guidance two months in
3:37 am
advance. instead, let's reassess and re-evaluated where we are with this current variant at the end of august, in september. versus putting out a blanket guidance for everyone so i think that needs to be looked at again and hopefully the cdc will look at it in the next couple of months. rachel: there is cnbc headline americans are mixing and matching covid vaccines over concerns of the delta variant. tell me about that. >> yeah. so, actually, in other countries like italy, germany, right now in south korea, will for example you have strench vaccine there is data that shows in your second dose is with mrna like pfizer or moderna you get a stronger immune response. you get more protection. sometimes it's done intentionally. sometimes it's because the second dose isn't available or delay in shipment. buff we do have data that tells us getting a second dose with
3:38 am
nrna vaccine can actually give you a lot more protection. my little sister for example got the j and j vaccine. i said get ready to go out and get a pfizer booster. myself i got moderna and i want to get a booster shot eventually with whatever is available for extra protection. rachel: tell me when you think the fda is going to give final approval of these vaccines because there is a lot of questions about that. >> yes, yes. that's really important. that's probably going to result in a lot more people getting vaccinated. we are hoping by the end of august we will see that full fda approval. rachel: can i ask one really quick question? why isn't the cdc mentioning people that have already had covid when they talk about people who are unvaccinated? >> that's a great point. if you have already had covid, you don't need to get vaccinated right away. the cdc says wait 90 days if have you had antibodies. you don't need the vaccine right away. you have that natural immunity. down the road you may need it.
3:39 am
we don't know how long that natural protection will last. rachel: those kind of omissions causing people to lose total confidence in the cdc. thank you so much jeannette. wonderful having you on the show. >> thank you so much. rachel: army general's politically charged social media post raising concerns about wokeness in the military. veteran and it candidate sean parnell joins to us react next. and a "new york times" article claims biden is working to earn back latino support. but will the left's immigration's policies backfire on their campaign? that discussion still ahead. ♪ ♪
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brian: 17 minutes before the top
3:44 am
of the hour army general's comments on twitter are raising concerns about wokeness in the military again. major general patrick donohoe tweeting a psa to quote block and report the trolls and disinformation tin foil hat team. really? and when a retired marine questioned him about the impact of the military's lockdown policies donahue tweeted university where the marine is a student quote come get your boy. that retired marine speaking out with a warning on the ingraham angle. >> when you hear shim spouting msnbc talking points that shows you the quality and the level of education and thought process that goes across all of the services. we have 906 admirals and generals in our military and it's increasingly a bloated group and ideologically similar group as well. brian: he was talking about hillsdale come get your boy. here to react senate candidate and army infantry captain sean parnell. sean, is this the military you
3:45 am
left? did something really change? >> brian, 10 years ago this wouldn't have happened in the military. i served under president barack obama back then. as to why this general decided to wade into the dumpster fire that is the twitter debate to troll people that he has spent his life protecting is beyond me. it's certainly conduct unbecoming an officer of his stature. and, look, when we were in -- when i was in the army, we focused on the mission. we at any time really care what your politics were. we didn't care where you came from. and what color your skin was. what god you worshiped or how much money you made. we cared about the mission. because a laser-focused on the mission keeps people alive on the battlefield. and when this general is out there trolling people on twitter, when his job, right, as the commanding general at fort benning is to prepare the future leaders of the infantry and of the army our tanks for success
3:46 am
on the battle field he is out there on twitter trolling people. he is not focused on the mission. and what our leaders are not focused on the mission, our soldiers won't be focused on the mission. when soldiers aren't focused on the mission people die. so, at the end of the day, i think, brian, this is a real bad thing for our country and all it does is drive a wedge between the american military and the people of our great country, you know. it's concerns. brian: we don't have two hot wars anymore. you can focus on maybe structure and it does concern people about the secretary of defense and the chairman the joint chiefs of staff seem to be focused on white supremacy or shaking up, they say, the problem within their military. when maybe there is none there i know you are running for senate. you almost got your seat in congress. now, the big story today or this week is the infrastructure bill that's bipartisan in its construction if it questions and gets finished off and they get
3:47 am
over last hurdle. it's 90% done. monster one where they have no republican support. just going to jam it through reconciliation. do you think the republicans should sign off on the bipartisan one and knowing that they have no say in the partisan one? >> well, i think it's important to acknowledge that there is no bipartisan infrastructure bill. why? because nancy pelosi already said that that bill was dead on arrival in the house unless she gets her $3.5 trillion spend billing. brian, we have also infused and spent trillion dollars of dollars into the economy. republicans and democrats are proposing trillions more. who is paying for that, number one? number two, what have we gotten for the trillions of dollars of spending in our economy? three months of lackluster job growth and inflation the likes of which had country hasn't seen since 2008. who does inflation affect the most? it affects the middle class. it's a tax on everybody. it especially effects seniors and those on fixed income. so the republicans should
3:48 am
toughen up in washington. they should walk from this deal and don't allow themselves to be manipulated by the likes of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and joe biden. brian: all right parnell for senate. you want to get in there and i'm sure you would be on the armed supervisors committee if you do and you would be able to straighten things out, i hope. sean parnell, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean fora fox weather center. janice? janice: you got it, brian. a beautiful day right here in new york city. we have showers and thunderstorms move through overnight. take a look at the temperatures across the map. we are in to the 70 in new york, down towards the east coast into florida. and i know those maps are coming up. 70 right now. 70 in chicago. 70 in denver. 71 in provo. we do have heat coming though across the central u.s. with temperatures in the 90's to 100-degree range. that's going to be dangerous. can you see the forecast heat indention is going to break a little bit tomorrow. especially across the ohio valley and the northeast. and there is your forecast radar where we could see the potential for some severe weather today across the midwest.
3:49 am
we will keep you up to date. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes will be possible. brian, thank you for the coffee this morning he bought and he delivered. brian: that's true. unbelievable. me and bailey we got it thanks so much, janice. janice: you got it. brian: grocery prices are rising at some will companies reduce product sizes. stuart varney who i have not seen in person since this morning since the early '60s is live to discuss the it cost of shrinkflation. is he wearing full seat. ♪ ♪wi nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing]
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steve: if you have been to the frozery store lately i go every day. you may have noticed prices are on the rise. while you are paying more known on for the item also bringing home a lot less. economists are warning shrinkflation hit the shelves companies cut costs the host of varney and company stuart varney. first time in the studio. >> a year and a half. steve: good to have you and i'm sitting close to you. i was buying ice cream the other day i thought it was a half gallon. i thought it was half gallon. it was 48.
3:54 am
gone down. next time you are at the store check that out in many cases. >> shah is shrinkflation. it's inflation that you don't see. you don't notice it. it kind of covers it up. for example, a large box of cheerios. it now contains one serving less. you don't notice that unless you are really a student of prices. steve: usually got 14 polls now 13. >> some candy bars you go to 1.6 to 1.5 ounces. a larger roll of paper, paper towels. you might find fewer sheets of towels in there. steve: it take a look at charmin ultra strong toilet paper once upon a time 286 sheet per roll and now i don't see where the number is but now it's 264. you see, you are not supposed to in the it. and most people do not notice it. but your money is going less far if i can put it like that. it's inflation that's covered
3:55 am
up. it's there but it's covered up because you don't notice it i mean, how many people go to the supermarket look at a candy bar, for example and check out how many ounces of candy do you get compared to how many ounces you got six months ago? nobody does that so you don't notice it. but your money goes less far. steve: i thought i was buying a half -- a pound of coffee it was 12 ounces not 16 ounces, 12 ounces. i still bought it. >> don't think for one moment although it's covering up inflation, inflation goes away. it does not. president biden thinks that, okay, inflation is going to fade away a little bit. fade, even though we are spending a great deal of money from the government. i'm here to say i don't think so. i don't see inflation going away any time soon. you can't chuck trillions of dollars into an economy that's already expanding rapidly and expect to get away with zero inflation. it's not going to happen. steve: one of the other problems and we have only got about 30 seconds the supply chain has
3:56 am
made things tight to get. they are now suggesting the supply chain problems could run through 2023. >> yes that a distinct possibility because you have such an enormous amount of demand with a shortage of workers in key industries, distribution industries, for example. that that supply chain is going to be crimped. i think it was the national association of business economists who figured out that one third think that we have got a display change shortage now. and it's not going away any time soon. big deal. steve: sign of the times. >> it is. steve: read the labels ultimately what you are talking about today. check out stuart he is going to be on varney and company today until noon kicks off at 9:00. all right, coming up, find out what tim allen is saying about cancel culture and political correctness. mr. tool time. ly administered over 25 million free covid-19 vaccines, we can't stop there.
3:57 am
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4:01 am
events. >> i'm running against socialists. they realize we are going to start gaining control of our city. [cheers and applause] >> nascar driver joey logano he and his wife are expecting their third child. >> get set, go. [cheers and applause] ♪ joy in the morning ♪ ♪ my mind free. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." it's 7:00 eastern time. and that was a shot of louisville, kentucky beautiful morning. steve: sun is coming up. rachel: good morning to both of you thanks for letting me fill in for ainsley. brian: steve signed off on it on the last minute. did you the weekend. did you 8 hours over the weekend. doing all five days and doing this weekend coming up? rachel: i am. my husband came in yesterday just to kind of visit me and
4:02 am
give like boost me up and keep me going. brian: face time wasn't working? rachel: no. it was fun. steve: who is taking care of the kids? are they in the car at the airport? rachel: yeah, they are just hanging out. steve: that's the good thing. rachel: i have older kids that are actually useful. they can help out. brian: free range kids rasdz bike the robertson ride a tractor and smoke cigarettes at a young age. steve: they don't. >> we have self-reliant. the older the gets get the closer the parents are to having a designated driver when needed on like a friday night. rachel: i have three drivers i have about four or five babysitters. brian: and uber app. rachel: no uber in rural wisconsin. of. brian: there is an opening. if you are ambitious uber driver you have an whole area. rachel: there is a lot of room. steve: there is a lot of road. rachel: well, we're going to return here to talking about masks because it -- we have been talking about it all morning long.
4:03 am
the cdc is now changing it's guideline over the delta variant concerns. brian: most lit sized of the government it turns out. fully vaccinated americans should now cover their nose and mouth in certain parts of the u.s. at certain times. steve: we are hoping griff jenkins does not cover his mouth although yesterday at the white house, if you were indoors, i saw -- i was talking to our correspondent, if you are indoors, at the white house, you have got most the mask again. griff: that's right. you cannot walk into the white house without putting one of these on. masks are indeed back. cdc director rochelle wolenski says not a decision take lightly but the science is changing. listen. >> information on the delta variant from several states indicate that in rare occasions, some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious. this new science is worrisome. and, unfortunately, warrants an
4:04 am
update to our recommendation. griff: it's a major reversal now fully having sin nateed people should mask up indoors in areas of substantial or high transmission rate and calling for universal masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to k through 12 classrooms across the country regardless of vaccination status. this, as the administration yesterday issued it first federal vaccine mandate at the department of veterans affairs requiring all v.a. health facility employees to get vaxxed or face routine testing. and president biden isn't ruling out shots for everybody in the federal government. watcher. >> will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> it's under consideration right now. if you are not vaccinated you are not nearly as smart ace thought you were. >> griff: are vaccine mandates issued under the emergency use authorization legal in the doj's office of legal counsel they are saying that the government can overlook the vaccines not having fda approval writing we conclude
4:05 am
that section 5646 the fdca food drug cosmetics act does not prohibit public or private entities requiring vaccine requirements even when the only vaccines available are those thozzed under the emergency use authorization. meanwhile, guys, several other state and local authorities also following suit from california to north carolina to mayor de blasio in new york city issuing some a form of vaccination mandate. steve, rachel, brian? brian: for city workers. not through the city. steve: griff, regarding that quotation at the end from the department of justice, that means that if your employer wants to say okay, everybody is going to have to get a shot, if they want to get a paycheck, they can do that, right? griff: this is a significant change. so in 2012, the federal food drug cosmetic act basically said that pandemic specifically the language says i have got it here or in another emergency situation you could overlook the
4:06 am
fda full approval for emergency use authorization and that applies to both government and private businesses' we will see how that plays out. let's also not forget in some places you also have the unions which i'm sure will want to have a bit of a say perhaps sit at the bargaining table before they mandate something like a vaccination. brian: unions in manhattan are not happy about this at all. steve: about the mask. brian: about the mask thing they also are not happy about possibly having to get a shot or go through the testing. rachel: yeah. they don't want the mandate. steve: his final point is such a good one. the administration missed by a mile their vaccination -- they wanted 70% of the country vaccinated by the fourth of july. they missed that and part of it, you know, and joe biden was saying, listen, if you want to take off your mask, get the shot. well, now they are saying even if you got the shot, you have got to wear the mask indoors in areas where things are spiking.
4:07 am
there are so many people though who are saying to griff's point, you know, the fda has not given this final approval. if the government says it's not safe, yet on an emergency basis but i'm going to wait for final approval. why is it taking so long? "wall street journal" says it's bureaucracy. but if joe biden, the president, the leader during this pandemic wants to get things done and get more people vaccinated, have him say to the fda what the hell is taking so long? they have had close to half a million people have gotten shots of the covid medicine but they haven't -- the fda needs to go from emergency to final approval. brian: you remember when president trump did that he got ridiculed. don't get involved with the medical side. that's not your position. when he said what's taking so long, why are you not approving this? why is it so vague in your disments he got accused of putting his handle on the scale. you are not a doctor president
4:08 am
trump he says president biden sits back and snipes at people and ridiculed people if they don't take the vaccine. not motivate anyone put you down not smart enough for him. rachel: some people have already had covid they are so are not getting vaccinated push to get kids vaccinated some people saying i'm not going to do that if you did got to wear a mask anyway. i had dr. janette nesheiwat on just a little earlier she said there is no evidence that kids need to wear mask. >> i don't like the fact that we are putting the burden on our children. we don't have data and evidence that tells us there is overall net benefit to putting a mask on a young child. and i also don't like the fact we are putting this guidance out two months in advance. let's assess where we are with this current variant at the end
4:09 am
of august in september versus putting out blanket guidance for everyone. rachel: i think there is going to be revolt with parents. steve: depends on where you live it suggestion yesterday was from the cdc. not a requirement. will school board and state governor to determine it going back to the whole thing about the fda. brian, do you think that the white house, which said we're in constant contact with the cdc, do you think politics played any role in getting the cdc to say, yep, everybody needs to wear a mask? i think 100 percent politics is involved here. joe biden is the head of the federal government. he is the head of the fda. he should just knock on the door. why is it taking so long? let's get final approval. give me a good reason why you have not given final approval yet. he has not gotten that and we
4:10 am
don't know. rachel: all of this is happening because there is supposedly a surge. there is a surge in this delta variant and we know the surge is happening in the southern parts of the state of the country. and we know much of that is probably because of the surge coming over our border. i mean, i don't understand why an administration and cdc who is going to restrict -- further restrict americans because of delta variant is doing nothing about the surge that is coming across our border in unvaccinated people. >> that's true. it's like spitting into the wind. they don't want to acknowledge the problem at the southern border. you saw josh hawley how frustrated he is with the homeland security secretary yesterday. vice president harris, great job. she is really all over this. does she get any rest? frank. she really is dominating that border problem she discount know where it is. steve: we was wearing a mask you a. rachel: she kisses her husband with a mask. brian: everyone does their own
4:11 am
thing, i was going to add this. dr. scott gottlieb said yesterday we're about three weeks behind the british. the british have turned the corner on this variant already if everything is past is prologue. we are turning the corner on the variant. if you are vaccinated you are not going to get this seriously not going to be hospitalized and mild symptoms. brian: alter our lives and affect business because you know liberal mayors are going to jump on that guidance because they like having that control. they like telling people do this and i will fine you. governor cuomo military out basically finding businesses if they don't go by his guidelines. look for him to get behind the mike phone in the next couple of days. steve: we showed you a couple of days ago the city of poor the land oregon new ad campaign. yeah, we had some stuff in the news regarding stuff but it's safe to come back. and let's come back to portland, essentially it sounds as if they
4:12 am
would like to turn the corner in seattle, too. but after, you know, all those protests and the lawlessness. brian: resignation of the chief. steve: over the weekend six separate shootings in seattle which flies in the face of what the mayor said there a year ago. remember what her prediction was going to be for last summer. summer of 2020. if you forgot we have got a clip. >> you have fir blocks in seattle that you just saw pictures of that is more like a block party atmosphere. >> how long do you think seattle and those few blocks looks like. this i don't know. we could have a summer of love. steve: well, you know what? brian: that went well. steve: they did not end up with a summer of love. brian: summer of shootings. steve: no kidding, that's this summer. here she is talking the day before yesterday about the shootings in that city. six separate, they have never seen anything like this before a. >> this past weekend serves as a reminder.
4:13 am
there are many times and types of 911 calls that require a traditional sworn police officer to respond. it is a false choice between community led solutions and police officers. we need both. steve: hmmm need more cops. rachel: they need more cops. that's what the mayor is saying. the department lost 250 police officers. they said that's the equivalent of over 300,000 hours of service. they expect to olose 300 coming. and, again, this isn't just that you are losing cops. i mean, the whole place is unsafe because these decisions have consequences. the cops are not wanting to either -- some of them are retiring early. others are telling their sons and daughters don't join the profession. others are being lured by governors like desantis and kristi noem who are saying come to our state. we're going to respect you. we are going to honor your profession. we're going to give you a bonus,
4:14 am
$1,000 as they did in florida. joe, the fraternal order of police and here's what he had to say. >> all of a sudden politicians in seattle and minneapolis and washington, d.c., suddenly want to fund the police and they want to hire more police officers. i mean, where is this energy been over the last 20 months as we have seen historic surge in homicides? we had over 20,000 people murdered in the united states in 2020 which is numbers we haven't seen since the mid '90s when it's politically expeed yont want to hire police officers, suddenly they want to jump on the bandwagon. ask yourself, how many people, how many fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, were sacrificed on the altar of the woke anti-police movement? i mean, it's truly disgusting. brian: there is two things going on. they are saying devalue cops, defund cops. and then take their powers away. let them know they are the problem. if anyone wants to put on that uniform. they got to go back under the precursor of saying they will be
4:15 am
allowed to do their job the way they have been taught to do their job. not sit back and vilified and not backed up by the mayor which it's unbelievable that she thinks that we don't remember what she was saying about police officers a year ago. meanwhile. steve: a block party. could be like a block party. rachel: summer of love. brian: people imemulated that in portland. president trying to get control with federal troops. we see how that went. now they are left to their own devices. meanwhile 15 minutes after the hour. one of the most intriguing things is happening across the country now as the pandemic recedes. stages are opening up and fans are coming back to a lot of these comedy clubs big and small venues. you have got to wonder in this age of cancel culture what are comedians making a living and pushing the envelope and get people to think differently about things we live with on a daily basis occasional humor like tim allen does is their act going to change are they going to get canceled in an effort to be funny. steve: tim allen is worried. itch are a rach not worried
4:16 am
about the full theaters and covid coming. is he worried about maybe somebody in the back of the room tweeting about him and him getting canceled. here's what he said doing a river trip here in pennsylvania heading to michigan next for two sold out stand up performances at the opera house very nervous as i have been off stage for ear year. won kerr if government agents will be policing comedy from the back of the house? he is not the only comedian. we have seen comedians over the last several years saying, you know, p.c., political correctness, woke culture. brian: doesn't mix with comedy. you have to go. steve: push the envelope. brian: feel free to talk about people and make fun of people and a lot of times, if you remember don riblegs and others. they might bring up your gender your ethnic background, your height, your weight. is that going to fly if a clip the next morning ends up on a show and they say how could tim allen do that let's ban them. steve: all i remember about don rick kels he called everybody a
4:17 am
hockey public utilities commission puck. it hockey puck. steve: as we have seen it just takes one 12-second soundbite on youtube to cancel people. rachel: really up to all of us to not let him get canceled. if somebody came after him, people still have to go to his show shows. he may not get booked. there is always this minority that is able to influence. brian: everyone complaining the comedian insulted me. i don't know if comedy club owners would respond to that. rachel: we will never cancel jillian, ever. jillian: brian and steve you are not saying much. brian: i don't want to commit. jillian: you are committed at this point. brian: good i commit. jillian: let's go ahead and get you updated on some of the other news we are following including this 12 firefighters sent to the
4:18 am
hospital overnight after battling a fire in a room full of chemicals. the fire chief in cambridge, massachusetts says the crew was putting out the flames when the water mixed with peroxide and ammonia and it created a chemical reaction. leaving firefighters with chemical burns on their hands. cambridge police say the burns were minor and the firefighters be okay an investigation is underway. two of these three teens you will see in a second charged with disturbing attack off duty firefighter in new york city. a warning the video we are about to show is graphic. >> the firefighter was walking his dog through a park when the teens targeted and beat him while a mob of about 100 kids watched. the firefighter was hurt but is okay. the teens are facing gang assault charges after being turned in by their parents. police are still certaining for the third boy involved. the texas national guard will help track down law breakers at the border. governor greg abbott ordering guardsmen to assist the texas department of public safety with
4:19 am
arrests. this after abbott announced undocumented immigrants who commit state crimes will be subject to arrest and jail time. coming up, texas congressman henry cuellar will join to us react. and let's go to the olympics now where star gymnast simone biles withdrawals from another event to focus on her mental health. biles will not compete in the all around competition just one day after pulling out of a team event. u.s.a. gymnastics says it wholeheartedly supports biles' decision. took silver in the team event after biles withdrew. katie ledecky winning the 1500 freestyle for her sixth gold model. the men's basketball team dominating iran 120 to 66. they will play the czech republic saturday. send it back to you. steve: they have lost once. brian: to france. blew it late. steve: are they a power house? brian: they lost two exhibition games and opener. we are not used to that.
4:20 am
i don't think they have lost in 8 or 12 years. steve: 6,000 games. rachel: likened of empire. brian: truly global game now though. steve: jillian, thank you very much. governor andrew cuomo taking a victory lap of sorts as the biden's department of justice ends its civil rights probe into his nursing home scandal. >> was toxic politics and it did a lot of harm and a lot of damage. steve: the governor is still on the hook for criminal investigation. and the u.s. attorney congressman lee zeldin running to unseat cuomo says family who lost loved ones deserve better. hear from lee coming up next. ♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual,
4:21 am
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from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
4:24 am
4:25 am
even though he is still facing a criminal investigation. steve: they dropped the part whether or not there were violations of the civil rights of institutionalized person act that portion, just a small portion. our next guest running to replace him is outraged and demanding accountability.
4:26 am
brian: time to bring in congressman lee zeldin on the republican side. congressman, your reaction to him going out and berating people for even wanting to investigate the nursing home scandal. is he out of the wood? >> the governor, absolutely not out of the woods. what's cruel for him is the truth, the facts. it's the facts, it's victims. the public interest that warrants investigations and accountability. we already know publicly that there was wrongdoing. we know about the undercounting of the nursing home deaths. this governor, and for me, i'm wired very differently. my background is the military and my 19th year in the army. i serve as lieutenant colonel in the reserve. the acronym is for the army leadership, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service honor courage. where is the integrity of that undercounting. where is the integrity of saying a symptomatic employees not his deadly nursing home order and
4:27 am
cover-up or the selfless service is signing book deal. the different levels of government are for a whole host of things on top of what we just talked about. there was also the preferential covid test for family and private residents done by state health department officials. investigation of his taxpayer funded staff for helping him to write his book. and, of course, all of the allegations of abuse that are against him. brian: 10. steve: congressman, you know, getting in the way back machine and go back 6, 9 month ago when the allegations -- these allegations were cropping up. it was members of both parties and independence as well saying he has got to go. i can't believe this is going on. fast forward suddenly, you know, he is pretending he is through the woods, he is having fundraisers. it's like it's business as usual with him. >> for him, it's the cuomo show 24/7. we have heard.
4:28 am
brother on an interview during one of his press conferences. he said you have your show for an. reality. 'a state legislator. average new yorker. you are too stupid to understand what he is saying otherwise. you know, he puts this vale of his own story, his own spin on everything. he bullies, he harasses, he intimidates, he abuses. where is the personal courage in that and i think it's coming back to bite him. for him, he wants to avoid accountability at all costs and he is saying he is running for re-election. rachel: we know you are outraising him at least in the out quarter. seems like an appetite for change. we will see. we never know. i wish you luck though. >> thank you. the feedback has been outstanding around the state. we are working hard. we have far outraised him.
4:29 am
we're not going to slow down. this is our lowest gear. we have to win. rachel: thank you, congressman. the cdc is once again revising its mask guidance both for the fully vaccinated and kids in school. our panel featuring a doctor, a teacher, and a parent next. stay with us. ♪ ♪
4:30 am
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or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, illinois congressman a adam kinzinger gets emotional during the january 6th commission hearing. watch. >> we still don't know exactly what happened. why? because many in my party have treated this as just another partisan fight. it's toxic. jillian: constituency gear is outspoken critic of president trump one two of republicans serving on the select committee
4:34 am
investigating january 6th. today congressman michael waltz introduce a transparency bill targeting the biden family amid the art scandal called the painter act and require that presidents and vice presidents provide financial disclosure for all of their nondependent children while telling fox news quote we should know who is back channeling back dooring and buying influence which hunter biden has a long history of selling to the united states. heart-warming moment cincinnati reds game. joey la gano calls over a fan in the crowd hands him baseball. a dream come true for a young man. he hit two home runs during the game heading his team beat the chicago cubs 7-4. steve, i'm sure that's a moment that kid will never forget. steve: never, ever ever and he will always have that ball. jillian, thank you. steve: big story yesterday the cdc updated indoor mask guidance now recommending vaccinated
4:35 am
americans put the mask back on, too. especially in areas with high transmission. and even advising universal masking everybody in the school needs to wear a mask even if they have had the shot. here with reaction we have got fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. author of the upcoming book hollowed out jeremy adams and new jersey mom of three nela hadley. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. steve: neil start with you you are on the frontlines three kids going back to school in a month, month and a half. which when they heard they have to wear a mask from sun up to sundown in the school building, what did they say? >> my son's first reaction is he's not going back to school. my daughters are not happy at all. it's something we are going to have to discuss. my kids are -- i don't want to
4:36 am
say a mess but they are pretty upset about it. steve: what do you mean your son is not going to go back to school. >> so last year he had a second dear infection skin infection on his face he is left with a couple of scars still. he doesn't want to go through that again. steve: i don't blame him. >> it's very painful experience. steve: absolutely. jeremy, you are out in california. bakersfield, california. they're saying that, you know, you are going to have to do it in california. you know governor newsom is going to say that but the whole reason you got the shot was so you wouldn't have to wear the mask around the kid now you will have to wear a mask around the kids. >> finance absolutely frustrating i will be honest with you. the truth of the matter i'm not a doctor or scientists i can't
4:37 am
tell you if we need to be doing this from a scientific perspective. teaching in a mask is awful. ridiculously hard especially if you are trying to use the humanity of the classroom. humor, facial expression and reach the kid. these kids need to get back to a normal situation. the last six months have not been good for them. they weren't doing particularly great before which is why i wrote the book hollowed out. all the teachers i talked to yesterday got the vaccine because we node know these kids needed to get back to normal it's demoralizing. steve: absolutely. dr. siegel, you know, parents are struggling to try to explain to their kids okay, this is what we are going to have to do. look at mila's story she has this sons who son wound one a face infection a lot of people don't think about because you are wearing it all day it takes its toll on face and psyche. >> that's right, steve. big down sides to masks that have to be factored in and there is the idea of what kind of mask are you wearing. if you are wearing an n-95 with
4:38 am
a formal seal, that works really well. kids are not going to tolerate that the idea is it should never be a mandate it might be something you recommend if there is a lot of virus. but there isn't a lot of spread in schools. there isn't a lot of spread among young children. star reporter peter doocy, when he talked to jen psaki yesterday, you got this feeling of a condescending tone, didn't you? we know and you don't. we know and we're going to tell what you to do. so the mistakes the administration is doing mixing masking with vaccines. as the high school teacher just said. you know, vaccines work. masks shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. steve: dr. siegel, so many people are hesitant to take the vaccine but joe biden said you get the vaccine, you can take down the mask. now, of course, that turns out it's not going to be the suggestion going forward. everybody is going to have to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.
4:39 am
but, also, you know, the fda has not given final approval and there are probably millions of americans that said well, if the fda, the federal government is not saying it's 100 percent safe, with final approval, i'm not going to get it. so, why is the government taking so long? this is an all hands on deck situation. >> this is unprecedented. and even though it usually takes a long time, in this case my opinion and i think yours is they should get off their did you have and do it right now. and get it approved to send that vote of confidence because over 300 million doses have already been given out. it's not like they don't have the data, steve. they got the data. they have got move fast and got to license the vaccine. then you will see a lot more people taking it that are on the fence. >> i remember when our kids were living in the house and they were getting ready for school right about now they would start getting excited about school. you know, let's go get some new clothes and go staples and all the spiral notebooks and stuff
4:40 am
like this. but given the fact that now it sounds like we're going to have to have the kids wearing the masks again that just made your job tougher getting the kids out the door. >> absolutely. it has. i'm hoping he is going to be mask exempt because of the severity of his skin and how bad his face was. like i said, there is still some scarring. steve: my goodness. >> i'm hoping that the doctors recognize this and they agree me. hopefully he will be able to go back to school like a normal kid. as far as my girls go. my older one is going in eighth grade. she said, mom, i don't want to be home schooled for eighth grade. i don't blame her. and then my sixth grader. this is -- the social aspect of school is just as important as the education. steve: absolutely. jeremy, you are out in california. how much of an impact do you
4:41 am
think the teachers unions had in convincing the government to say everybody has got to wear a mask? >> well, you know, i can't speak to the pta i can tell you most of the it teachers i know got vaccinated for a variety of reasons. we have got get back to a sense of normalcy. steve, i'm a bit of a classroom romantic. i think that the most certain door to the american dream no matter what your background is a high quality education, which means we need our teachers to be at their absolute best. the last year of learning for our students has not been pretty. they have been behind anonymous zoom calls, sitting in bed, you know, oftentimes texting as they take classes. and we need to get back to some normalcy for sure. steve: for sure. dr. siegel exit question. this is only a recommendation. it's going to be up to state and local leaders whether or not your locality actually says mask up, everybody. right? >> right. and theoretically, it's only
4:42 am
supposed to be in areas of a lot of spread. but kids spread more covid outside school than in school. and i already told you they don't spread it much in school. the danger is that it is going to be extended to areas where there is not even any virus around. steve: you are right. there is a lot going on. >> teachers have to get vaccinated. steve: absolutely. everybody who can get vaccinated should. dr. siegel, neala. thank you for joining us this morning. steve: powerful alliance between big tech and the democratic party. florida senator marco rubio is warning why we must stop that collusion coming up. plus, as latinos are gravitating toward the republican party. the "new york times" reports joe biden wants their support back. how is he going to earn it? discussion coming up. ♪
4:43 am
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♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." well, the 2020 election surge hispanic support for donald trump. with 35% backing in noe compared to 28% in 2016. but now a "new york times" op-ed claims biden wants them back arguing democrats took their votes for granted and can't afford those same mistakes going forward. here to react daniel garza and hispanic market expert lily gill. welcome to you both. listen, there is no question that the democrats in the biden campaign were blown away by trump's numbers especially in south texas and south florida. i have spoken to people on the ground, daniel, they have said that, you know, there is a lot of engagement from the democrats. joe biden is on spanish language television. they are dog all kinds of events with, you know, hispanic nonprofits, doing radio shows. but at some point engagement is
4:48 am
one thing, policies are others. so i want to talk to both of you about policies and start with you, daniel, will these policies get the best of your -- you live in texas. let's talk about crime and the border and jobs. >> well, rachel, you are absolutely right. one thing is to do outreach and engagement. i longest time for decades it was the democratic party that did a lot of the outreach to the latino community. they got lazy and started taking us for granted. what i mean by that is all we were was a get out the vote target. and they never paid any attention to the results of policy or listened to us on what our policy priorities were. and so what we're seeing right now with the biden administration, this going to be really difficult to do outreach because there's a hardening sense in the latino community that the biden administration has lost control on spending, on inflation, on crime, on the border, and with cuba, it just seemingly seems that they have no plan no, strategy, no will to do anything about it.
4:49 am
rachel: you know, lily, i was going to mention to you, you are from columbia. you know a lot about how people feel not only in columbia but next door in venezuela, in cuba, the biden administration just seems to not want to offer internet service to the protesters there. they seem to be waiting for the protests to just die out, for them to be sketched by the communist regime, for it just to be over and move onto the next thing. will they pay a political price and talk to me a little bit about socialism and hispanics. >> yeah, well, that's definitely a missed opportunity because here we have something that everyone is talking about both sides of the aisle, latinos of all background are unifying to support the people of cuba. but we are not seeing that bold stance from the white house. so, as daniel was saying, one thing is to do spanish language advertising but it's about the constant outreach that is relevant. for us, jobs, the economy, education, and, yes, being
4:50 am
actually pro-economic development, which is totally against what socialism is about. is what we want to see in action beyond just clever spanish taglines. so it is a missed opportunity. and especially they should take down after having one of the lowest margins ever in 2020 since 2004. it was a drop from 38 to 33%. we are way too big and the math will not work any other way for winning. rachel: 40% of mile-per-hour men remarkable. we will have to have you back, too. we want to talk about the border and how that's impacting the hispanic vote down there. things are really out of control there nobody knows better than you. we will have you both back to talk about that. thank you so much. >> appreciate it, rachel. rachel: of course. >> thank you. rachel: all right. we have a big show ahead still. we will hear from senator marco rubio, congressman henry cuellar, clay travis and more. plus, med school professors are now apologizing to students for using the term male and female?
4:51 am
if really activism in medicine? harvard professor joins us next to discuss ♪ ♪ ♪ so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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brian: if you don't mind, i would like to personally check with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast, do you mind answering me when i is? janice: temperatures in the 70's. across the east coast, it's beautiful but we are looking at the building of some heat across country for the central u.s. where we have heat advisories in effect and taking a look at the upper midwest where we could see the potential for showers and thunderstorms, some of those could turn severe tonight. keep that in mind because we have the sort of bulls eye across portion. keep that in mind and we will keep you up to date on fox weather. brian: medical schools now denying biological sex altogether. one med student in california
4:56 am
claiming classmate shamed and police her for, quote, wrong speak, using words like pregnant women, hold your ears, male and female during lectures. but what happens when woke ideology undermines future doctors? carol, author of tea, the story of testosterone, the hormone that divides us. carol, when did this first become a thing? this has burst into the scene. i wonder how it started. >> yeah, i don't teach in medical school so i really can't talk about that but first of all thank you so much for having me. i think this is an incredibly important issue and one i've been feeling pretty frustrated about over the last 5 years or so a change that's been gradual but this kind of ideology has been infiltrating science. it's infiltrating my classroom to some extent. i teach about hormones and behavior and i teach and sex and
4:57 am
sex differences and that's something that i've been enthusiastic about, it's the science of sex and sex differences and part of the science is teaching the facts and the facts are that there are, in fact, two sexes, male and female and those sexes are designated by the kind what we produce. that's how we know whether somebody is male or female and the ideology seems to be that biology really isn't as important as how somebody feels about themselves or feels their sex to be but we can treat people with respect and with respect their gender identities and, you know, use their preferred pronouns, so understanding the facts about biology doesn't event us from treating people with respect. brian: we can't back out as saying, male, female or pregnant woman, please. a quote from student complaining
4:58 am
about something that is happening within their student body. quote, i first compliance demanded from the outside and eventually the instructors become train today police their own language proactively and you have in the story, it talks about professor in university of california system that apologized for using the term pregnant women, how prevalent is this and who is teaching that this should be a priority defining men and women, how do you move forward when you can't agree on the fundamentals? >> yeah, i can address that. i just want to be clear that this is a story that was written by katie, i was quoted in the story about my feelings about it and what is happening at harvard but she's the one that actually did the research and wrote this story and i agree with you. it's incredibly confusing to people -- first of all for science educators and for students who are trying to learn about the world and learn the tools of science and critical thinking. it's very confusing when professors like me or
4:59 am
lectures likeme are backing awas that people will find offensive. the fear is based on reality. people do find terms offensive and do complain on social media and they do shame people and even threaten to get people fired, so it's no wonder that certain people, a lot of people are sort of caving and yielding to this kind of social pressure but we are doing students and the public a huge disservice and we are also dividing the -- brian: yeah. >> i'm happy to be here to be speaking to and audience. i agree. brian: appreciate it. final hour of "fox & friends" start right now.
5:00 am
>> the masks are back. >> s can confusing and it is frustrating. >> the mistake the administration is making is mixing masking with vaccines. if vaccines work, masks shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. >> are your policies working at its border? >> our southern border is open by design. >> schools reportedly denying biological sex altogetherment one med student claiming classmates shamed professors for using words like male and female. >> grocery shopping is cost you more and giving you less. >> we are talking shrink-flation. now contains one serving less. >> an economy of scarcity. >> looks up into the stands, see the youngsters in red shirt and gives him the ball. ladies and gentlemen, that is what it's all about.
5:01 am
♪ ♪ ♪ steve: 8:00 o'clock in pennsylvania, we are showing you pennsylvania because later today joe biden will hop on air force one and go to mack truck factory in lehei valley. every mack truck built in north america start in pennsylvania and joe biden will go out there and talk about buy in america. brian: stealing president trump's trump line. i wonder if he will acknowledge that. i don't know if you heard about this, we heard it was coming, they kind of let us know it was eminent and now it's official. the cdc has changed guidance when it comes to masks and guess
5:02 am
what, going to certain situations wear them. steve: we are not crazy about it especially those who are vaccinated but the cdc says fully vaccinated americans should cover their nose and mouth and wear a mask in certain parts of the united states where the coronavirus particularly the delta variant is surging. rachel: seems to be surging in the south near our border. griff jenkins joins us live from the white house with the insulting message to unvaccinated americans, hello, griff, what did the president say? griff: good morning, there's a new sign here at the doors to the white house, check it out. it says masks required even if you're fully vaccinated. cdc director rochelle said that the decision weighed heavily upon her but the delta variant changed everything. >> new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants update to
5:03 am
our recommendation. griff: after the announcement vice president harris was seen sporting a mask in ceremonial office and vaccinated people having to mask up indoors and they are calling for universe al mask mandates for teachers regardless of vaccination status. now, this after the administration issued first federal vaccine mandate at the department of veterans affairs requiring va health facility employees to get vaxxed or face routine testing and the president not ruling out shots for everybody. >> will you require all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> it's under consideration right now. griff: at state and local level, california, north carolina, new york city also following suit with some form of a mandate for workers but are the vaccine mandates issued under emergency use authority legal, well, the
5:04 am
doj's office of legal council opined opined that the section 554 does not prohibit private indices for requirement even when only vaccines available are those authorized under emergency use authorization. now as for when we might find if the president will call for the vaccining for the federal government, we are not sure but the sources tell us that the white house will give us more information later this week. rachel, brian and steve. steve: griff, thank you very much. we understand the mayo clinic will call for everybody has to be vaccinated. also houston methodist and sounds like in new york they will require, you know, city employees get it, probably out in california as well. so given what you said at the end, if your boss says, everybody has to get the shot or you're not going to work here,
5:05 am
the doj says that's okay, right? griff: that's right. just to try to quickly explain it. if the secretary of health and human services declares an emergency like we have with this pandemic in the country, the doj's ruling or opinion now says that the fda, you can overlook the fda's full approval for drugs like this vaccine and that's what particularly in the healthcare environment folks are taking a hard look at pushing it until according to cdc director more americans are vaccinated with only about half of the country that have done so so far. steve: all right, griff. thank you so much. part of the reason why people want today get the vaccine so they wouldn't have to wear the mask and now they have to wear the mask. rachel: so many parents were told that the at end of last school year, don't worry in the fall, your kids won't have to wear masks and here we are looking at another year of potentially kids having to wear masks because if the cdc
5:06 am
recommends it, a ton of schools because they are afraid of getting sued, because there's a bunch of busy-body parents or teachers that will complain, they will just require it. brian: requirement. -- right. doctors and nurses, we are supposed to tell them to get the shots? no a politician is supposed to tell them to get the shot. steve: their boss, if you want to work at mayo clinic or methodist. brian: the nurse told them i'm not getting the shot, i don't think i need it, now they say 99% of the people are hospitalized are the unvaccinated. so now vaccinated people because of this variant because it's easy to spread but not as lethal, vaccinated people have to get a shot because unvaccinated people chose not to get a shot, that makes absolutely no sense. did joe biden tell us, get the
5:07 am
shot and forget the mask, did joe biden tell us in december they will not mandate to get the shot, by the way donald trump's warp speed came up with, but what i don't get is the language. the director says we not something that we did lightly, all right. we were asking for schools to mask up, that's direct, but it said in certain situations we consider wearing a mask. what are the certain situations? are we going back to approximatelytions looking at cdc guidelines. we tried that road, we don't like that road, we don't want to go ahead our medical advice from politicians and the cdc lost credibility because we found out because you have taken talking points from the teacher's union. how do we know that, freedom of information request, cut and pasting and making your policy. rachel: senator johnson has been wanting more of the documents release about the coordination
5:08 am
between teachers union. brian: he's in the minority. rachel: he can't get the documents. brian: unacceptable by the way. rachel: completely crazy. lying by omission saying say --unvaccinated people if yoe had covid which millions of people have had, you don't need the vaccine and you don't need to wear a mask. steve: we know what this is about. the administration has made it very clear in the last couple of weeks. the pandemic is with people who are unvaccinated. unfortunately, you know, as is the case in most places, you can take the masks down if you've been vaccinated. unfortunately there are a lot of people who have taken the masks down and pretending they got vaccinated and that apparently is where this is spreading right now. so what the administration is doing is they cannot mandate, everybody has to get the shot. they can't do that but instead
5:09 am
they convinced the cdc and worked in coordination with the cdc and now what they are doing is masking all of us essentially punishing the people who got the vaccine because the people who didn't get the vaccine should not be spreading. brian: that's -- that statement is 100% correct but also the people that didn't get the vaccine have a reason. sometimes they feel as though they have the antibodies and they took the antibody test, i'm not susceptible to it. others had bad experiences with bad vaccine, but that's their risk. they sky-dive, they choose to smoke, whatever you decide to do, you're not checking with me and i don't think we should check with the president and him saying you're not as smart as i thought you were for getting the vaccine, that's more of insulting comments. remember comment, you ain't black if you're not voting for me? do i suck the blood of children and called the one guy that
5:10 am
asked questions about his health, are you a junky? what is with him and unthoughtful phrases. >> you talked about people being punished, no one has been more punished than the children in this country. they lost a year of childhood, they were masked unnecessarily, not able to show their smiles, getting acne infections from their masks, you spoke to some parents and some teachers in the last hour. let's take a look at what they had to say. >> you have the feeling of a condescending tone, didn't you know. we know and you don't. we know and we are going to tell you what to do so the mistake the administration is making is mixing masking with vaccines. masks shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence. >> teaching in a mask is awful. it's ridiculously hard especially if you're trying to use the humanity of the classroom, use humor or facial expression, reach the kid. the kids need to get back to a normal situation. >> my son's first reaction is he's not going back to school.
5:11 am
last year he had a secondary infection, he had a reaction to a mask which turned into a full-blown skin infection on his face. it was a very painful experience. steve: absolutely. and the middle fellow there, jason, he's out in california bakersfield, california. he and the teachers that he works with in bakersfield educated themselves and looked at the information, you know what, we will get the vaccine because it's a smart thing to do so so we can be protected and we can protect the kids, so they are disappointed now that the president and the cdc is recommending that you should wear a mask. we -- you know, we have talked extensively about whether or not you should get the mask -- get the vaccine, of course, get the mask if you want to go to the white house and places like that, but ultimately, brian, you're right, it's everybody's choice. we got the shot as soon as we could but we knew the risks involved and we decided to take the risk. my suggestion is get the shot
5:12 am
because -- >> rachel: my suggestion is optional mask for kid. if you want your kid to wear a mask, you can make your kid wear a mask. steve: it's up to your school board. rachel: it's having psychological effects. i'm to the point where i believe they are trying to create this -- normalize this, fear and submission. i've had enough of this and i i don't want to normalize anymore for my children. i'm done with it. i'm done with it. brian: we are taking marching orders. cdc empowers governors and mayors. i will watch out for my people by having them huber in a corner. think about this, you own a bar, you own a restaurant and you own a gym, you're a teacher, your life has been severely affected again. now you can't stand in a bar if you're one of the cities where they will look at cdc, no standing with a mask. you remember what that was like.
5:13 am
no more ppp money is coming. this is out of control. you know what is out of control hypocrisy and illegitimacy of their mandates. while we are sitting here while the person next to you causing you to wear masks and at the border we have close to a million people that come here i illegally and some dropped off in the middle of the country without tests, without even a court appearance date, obviously testing positive. tens of thousands have tested positive. you're worried about us and the guy next door and you want to berate people not getting the vaccine but you can't have it both ways. rachel: people from over 90 countries, most countries are countries where there have been very low levels of vaccination. we know that our border patrol are seeing a surge in covid
5:14 am
because they're interacting with -- 70 cases over the weekend. we know there's a 900% increase in the rio grande valley area. mark levin was on hannity last night just venting and ranting as so many of us feel about this hypocrisy. people are pouring into the country so fast we don't know how many. covid cases among migrants in the rio grande valley sector surged 900% at the border. the numbers continue to rise. we don't know how many illegal aliens have it. we know they are not tested. we know they are poor, they are coming from poor countries and they don't have access to vaccines. maybe that's the problem. we are being overwhelmed, you look at the red map, the cdc corrector puts out there, what do you see, the southern united states is getting hit hardest, southern california is getting hit hardest, how come they are not getting hit in north dakota,
5:15 am
how come they are not getting hit in the northern border the way they are in the southern border? steve: it is a public health emergency, covid, the pandemic. we know that. that's why they are saying everybody needs to mask up and suggesting everybody get the vaccine. it's a public health emergency everywhere except on the border. we have shown you the numbers. the numbers are through the roof because this particular administration, new administration is welcoming people, you know, from all countries just come on in, sit your foot on america and we will do our best to see if we can't give you -- brian: hotel room. rachel: senator josh hawley and secretary mayorkas sparked about the border crisis with senator josh hawley saying, you don't think this is a problem, take a look. >> the record is unmitigated disaster. it's a disaster. and i want to ask you to tell us and tell the american people now what you're going to do to change course? >> first of all, the number of
5:16 am
migrants apprehended at the borders began to increase in april of last year. number 2, it's very important to remember that the number of apprehensions, the number of encounters does not equal the number of different individuals encounter. they often are returned and are expelled again. >> your position is that we don't have a crisis at the border and we have no reason to be concerned. >> that's a complete mischaracterization. >> are your policies working at the border? >> the time takes plan to execute and we are doing so. let me say this, what makes the plan more challenging is number 1 covid, but we are working through that. >> this crisis has occurred under your tenure, covid is not unique to your tenure. this is a crisis that you have engineered with your policies. steve: with their policies and their plan. what's their plan? is there a plan to let as many people in across the border as possible?
5:17 am
rachel: yes. steve: unfortunately, you know, the plan for the people coming north is to get in the united states. getting shot for covid was not in their plan so they are bringing covid here. we have a story this morning in la joya, texas a cop was waived over, the family of migrants over at the table, they are coughing and sneezing and can you talk to them because you shouldn't be in here. hey, what's the deal. well, we were just processed by border patrol, we got covid. so they are in a restaurant. they said, we came over here to get something to eat. we are staying across the street at the texas inn. rachel: catholic relief services which -- brian: catholic charities. steve: the cop went over and you have a bunch of migrants staying in here that have covid and
5:18 am
apparently the in-keeper said, you know what, we don't know exactly who is here because catholic charities has rented the whole place out and they are assigning groups to the migrants until they can figure out how to transport all across the country. so there are people in hotels in texas with covid as the federal government arranges to fly them all over the country. rachel: they are restricting americans and not restricting the border. i just want to say i believe this is the biggest threat to america right now because it is a threat to our economy. if this covid variant comes across the border as we know it's -- there's a reason why it's surging in this area, we have lockdowns, more restrictions, our kids are getting restricted, this -- do we have to pay more people to not work because of covid? this is going to hurt our economy, this is hurting americans. this is wrong. steve: i have an idea, joe biden needs to come out today and say, hey, anybody coming into the
5:19 am
country needs to wear a mask. [laughter] steve: wear a mask. brian: by the way if you're a catholic and giving money to catholic charities in america, weren't you hoping it was going to help americans and not other people that come to the country illegally, are you happy about that? rachel: i think it's our government giving to catholic charities? brian: why are they give to go apparatus -- >> rachel: donations are down for a lot of reasons maybe because -- brian: ethically challenged? rachel: yes. steve: helped the migrant community. this is nothing new. rachel: it's also a profit motive for the catholic church. brian: illegal migrant community? i did not know that. steve: brian, that's been going on for decades. here is the thing, when we hear that dhs is handing people over
5:20 am
to ngo's, nongovernment organizations, it's ngo's like catholic charities set up to help to migrant community, okay, here is a boat-load of money, can -- we don't want to worry about the problem and then they try -- rachel: catholic charities isn't the only one. lutheran services. all the nonprofits making money off of this entire situation. brian: our money. our taxpayer money. rachel: we are paying delta to fly them off to god knows where. brian: in bus that is we rent that may be china built. rachel: military. brien: congressman henry kueka who cares more about the people who he represents than his party. we have give hem credit for that. how does he feel it's going at the border? steve: marco rubio requesting a meeting with the president to talk, you'll hear from him coming up next. ♪
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♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ steve: number of republicans standing in solidarity with cubans, next guest seeking a meeting with the president for a better response to the white house. rachel: marco rubio, son of immigrants. i want to get right to it. the biden administration has not given internet access to the protestors, the freedom fighters on the island, at this point is there no intention of doing that and why hasn't it happened yet? >> this is not a priority for
5:26 am
the biden white house and there's two reasons for it. one is because there are people in the state department and others who are arguing, look, let's not have any instability in cuba right now. we don't need to regime to fall because we don't want another crisis to deal with. that's the best case. at worst, you have people that are flat-out sympathizers. members of congress for years have traveled with havana and met with officials and they have people in the white house, at the national security council and state department, in the state department who are some of the biggest proponents of engagement with the regime and biggest supporters and some helped craft the obama deal with the cuban regime and people in the democratic party, marxists, there are marxists in terms of people that knock on doors, the people that raise all the small dollar donors and so forth, so that creates a huge division internally. they want this thing to go away and we are not going to let it go away. brian: are you saying you don't expect to get a meeting because
5:27 am
they do see a positive, getting communism out of cuba would help us in venezuela, help us in nicaragua and bolivia. without cuba, the doctrine doesn't spread. don't they see the plus side of the people having a say in their government in cuba? senator: well, that's what we hope to talk to them about. i don't know if we are going to get the meeting. it's the president and he has a busy schedule. you figure out to have a meeting. if there's anything that should be bipartisan is foreign policy and something like this, taking on marxism, socialism and anti-american dictatorship 90 miles from our shores, that should be bipartisan, right now it's not. i hope that can change. steve: you've been busy. you wrote an op-ed on, the headline is we must stop silicon valley democrat collusion before conservatives are silenced for good. you talk about -- so many people talk about big tech and how they
5:28 am
influence everybody's everyday life but you say ultimately the quest of the administration to regulate big tech has to do with censoring its critics. senator: yeah, what they're railing against is big tech will not silence certain voices and certain opinions. that's what they are talking about. these are private businesses but never in the history of our country have we had small number of country, individuals no due process making decisions on who has access to public square. i'm filing a bill that requires big-tech companies to disclose any time a government anywhere in the world including here in america ask them or pressures them to take down content. they need to disclose that. rachel, senator, i like your idea. i know there's a lot of libertarians on the republican side, free-marketers, we can't tell private business what to do but they are monopolies and they are controlling the public
5:29 am
square? >> we should take antitrust investigations very seriously. it comes down to 5 or 6 companies, google, apple and facebook and twitter, all get together and decide we will shut somebody down, they can wipe you out. they can deny you access to the internet, they can deny you access to the the most prevalent social media sites in the world and you add to that one tiktok, controlled by bitedance, chinese company taking down anticuba regime videos. amazing clips because they are a communist government over there. they are monopolies, not just an economic monopoly, it's a cultural, social political monopoly. brian: anthony fauci working with zuckerberg, no question. he was against the lab leak theory, now it's so overwhelming, that was once banned. now basically conventional thought. eric swawell, don't wear a mask and that was bolstered.
5:30 am
so if you're a democrat, you get -- you get preferential treatment and if we don't stop it now, the theme is you will never have a say in social media again. senator: that's the key thing. and so going to go back and how are people going to get back the reputation and more importantly you can't go back in time so the power to silence information, the power to silence voices because you don't agree with their political narrative, look, here is what free speech means. people have the right to say things that are offensive and things that are wrong and right to say things that are crazy. you can't incite violence. the cuban regime was inciting violence and they didn't take the fake president of cuba. steve: you could google it but you can go to it's easier to find. thank you very much. senator: thank you. rachel: sunk, senator. steve: texas copes with migrants
5:31 am
entering the country. we will talk with a texas democrat who wants to stop it. we are talking to henry cuellar. he will join us next. rachel: will the 20's be burring or roaring what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion.
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get yours today. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you may qualify to get eargo at no cost to you. jillian: we are back with headlines, house minority leader kevin mccarthy reportedly pulled gop lawmakers off the house economic panel in protest of speaker pelosi's decision to block his picks for the january 6th panel. the two republicans congresswoman liz cheney and congressman adam kissinger hand-picked by pelosi and both bashed former president trump during committee first public hearing. kissinger got emotional during testimony, take a listen. >> we still don't know exactly what happened, why, because in
5:36 am
in my party have treated this as just another partisan fight. it's toxic. >> for now it doesn't appear that mccarthy is withdrawing other republicans from several other special committees. olympics. simone biles withdrawing from another event to focus on mental health. biles will not compete in all-around competition just one day after pulling out of team event. usa gymnastics says, it, wholeheartedly supports biles' decision. meanwhile former katie winning 1500-meter for her sixth gold medal and the men's u.s. basketball team dominating iran 120 to 66. not even close. they will play the check czech republic saturday. rachel: but in a new op-ed, not
5:37 am
of greater freedom but endless pings, masks, boosters and variants, restrictions meant to be limited, looks if they will be with as duration. douglas, so explain. >> good to be with you. the yale academic said earlier this year that it's possible that after the corona era we would have a booming decade and as much as the spanish flu a century ago was followed by the roaring 1920's so the corona era will be following by the 1920's. i think we are for the boring 2020's for endless regurgitations of the same arguments, for the endless restrictions, the endless judgmentallism of people who
5:38 am
don't get along with the latest restriction and have actually, that along-side some of the economics, the u.s. has the highest inflation it's had since 2008 suggest to me that this is going to be a very tricky decade. i wish it would roar but i think it's going to bore. rachel: normalized by young people who will be the next leader. we have a story that we did on medical schools and are now denying, you can't say male or female. it's the students policing the professors and the professors having to apologize, how important is it in this moment when -- when big government and woke inc is forcing us to parrot and repeat and believe all of the lives that there's no difference between male or female, for example, any of the lies we have heard throughout this pandemic. how important is it for us to
5:39 am
just tell the truth? >> oh, it's vital. it's nothing more important. rachel: i agree. >> the piece that you're referring to refers to a medical school in california. says i'm so sorry that earlier on i said pregnant women, i didn't mean to imply by that that only women can become pregnant. i meant a woman who has become pregnant. if you have been to medical school, you end up stupider afterwards than when you went in. men can become pregnant. this is an example of craziness. you know, china is eating america's lunch economically and america -- top medical schools are telling people that men can become pregnant and much more. so the crucial thing that will give the edge in america is telling the truth as we see it and not sticking to lies. rachel: yeah, it's that simple. thank you douglas murray, you're always refreshing to hear from.
5:40 am
>> thank you. rachel: up next, it's reported that 50,000 migrants that crossed the southern border illegally have been released in the u.s. without court dates, henry cuellar joins us next to react after the break.
5:41 am
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5:44 am
brian: one texas border town sounding alarm of migrants being released after testing positive for covid-19. our next guest is asking for pause to releasing migrants to the community. henry cuellar lives and breathes this and it's more important than party and politics, it's about the people he represents. how bad is it congressman in congressman, look, i've seen the 2014 surge and 2019 surge and now the '21. usually you have high peaks, march, april, may and june and now july going into august and we are not seeing this stop.
5:45 am
you know, we have to put attention, first of all to our border communities, prioritize the border communities and also we have to think about men and women that are doing this work. they don't want just a pat in the back, they need support, they need equipment, they need personnel and we need to understand that there's this serious situation down there at the border. brian: we know that the vaccines, they are not prevalent and central and south america and top 10 countries where these people are coming from so they are coming over here, excellent chance they will be spreading the virus. does the administration realize this, there's no testing going on? >> well, you know, i don't know the administration knows it but i can tell you that the men and women on the ground, you know, border patrol or even customs, they understand because, look, in the valley, there were 70 agents that have tested positive in the laredo area another 15, not only the agents but also families when they go home, so we have to prioritize our men
5:46 am
and women of homeland and we have to prioritize definitely the border communities. i had, for example, i've had county judge richard cortez, a democrat in hidalgo where all of this is happening. he called me yesterday and said, we have to put a pause in about an hour or so la joya we are having the phone call. you saw what happened, they released people in a hotel but nobody watches them. there were some of them that were sick, positive walking around and nobody told them that they got released in la joya, that is part of my community and i want to talk to those officials in about an hour or so. brian: congressman, if the administration listened to you they can fix the problem. turn people away, send message to central and south america, you see the top 10 countries where they are coming from. this has stopped before, how come you they don't listen to you, you're a democrat with a border community as your constituency? >> again, they don't have to listen to me. they need to listen to the
5:47 am
border communities and the border communities are saying, hold up, put a pause. my hometown of laredo, they filed a lawsuit against the federal government saying, we don't want anymore more buses of migrants coming in. the county judge in web county put a declaration saying we are going to stop border patrol buses from bringing in any more migrants into this because cases have shot up and hospitals are getting full. we don't have the personnel to work at the hospitals because a lot of them have been sick. so this is what we are facing. they don't have to listen to me, but they need to listen to the border communities, to the border communities and they certainly need to listen to the men and women. they don't just want a pat in the back, they need some real help now. brian: and we are in a pandemic and they told us the migrants were going to stop because it's so hot and they are still coming. congressman cuellar, you care about the american people more
5:48 am
than party and it's so rare today. i hope people start listening to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. brian: you got it. meanwhile let's check in senior meteorologist janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice: beautiful day in new york city. showers and thunderstorms that move through overnight. cooling off those temperatures, we are going to see the heat rise over the central u.s. and parts of the northwest where we have heat advisories in effect temperatures in 90's to 100-degree range. that's the heat index, what it feels like with temperature and humidity combined. it's dangerous for a lot of folks today and thursday so keep in mind and then we have the potential for showers, thunderstorms and main some severe weather across the upper midwest which we will continue to track. all right, my friend, brian. brian: cancel culture and political correctness as he returns to the stand-up stage. clay travis to react. first let's check in with dana
5:49 am
perino who is really nice. >> i won't make fun of you when gutfeld does. simone biles out of individual all-around competition to she says focus on her mental health. one of the gymnasts on 1996 magnificent 7 usa team will give us her take. she will be here live and cdc made a big reversal yesterday. masks for everyone including the vaccined. what does that mean for you? we will ask dr. nicole saphier and trey gowdy and ben shapiro. we will see you at the top of the hour.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> i know what micro-aggressions is. steve: comedian tim allen, no stranger to standing up to cancel culture as he's preparing to return to stand-up in a tweet he just wrote, quote, very nervous as i have been off stage for a year. i wonder if government agents will be policing comedy from the back of the house. clay travis, i can hear him giggling somewhere, he joins us right now. hi, clay.
5:54 am
>> this is what medians need to be doing. vanguard of battling cancel culture because they are the once pointing out absurdities in society and sometimes we need to be able to talk about those ridiculous things that are going on using humor in a way that allows us to penetrate frankly in a way that doesn't happen if you talk about things seriously. steve: but clay, you know how things work these days and so many things have been canceled and he has to be a little afraid after all he's a conservative and takes somebody on twitter or one of the platforms to start complaining and next thing you know, boom, it's hard for him to get booked someplace else. >> yeah, i'd like to think that the fans of people like tim alan are going to allow him to win no matter what. here is what i would say, everyone complaining about comedians is a loser and if we saw them protesting outside of comedy clubs with a poster board about a joke going on inside of a comedy club, we would all
5:55 am
drive by, look at them and think, what a loser, why are people paying attention to them but that's more effort than going on social media and complaining yet we treat the social media effort for seriously. steve: i have to ask you a sports question, aaron rogers showed up, looks like he will be throwing the ball for green bay, the feud out of his deal looks like it's over and green bay won because he's going to play for them. >> at least one more year. he showed up for people out there who were fans of the sitcom the office in a kevin t-shirt making a statement. the last version green bay packers style, for those who remember the chicago bulls documentary about the final season of that team together, this feels like that for green bay. it's super bowl or bust. i would love to see aaron rogers to a super bowl. he's only been there once and won it once and has a team to get back there.
5:56 am
i'm excited football season at least for training camps in the nfl is here again. steve: absolutely. exit question, will this be his last season? >> no way. i think he wants to have the same freedom as tom brady. he's going to play one more year with the packers, they are going to give him his free agency and he will have his choice of pretty much anywhere in the nfl to try to do what brady did leaf leaves patriots to leave to tampa bay buccaneers. appreciate it. steve: we are stepping aside. more "fox & friends" in a minute. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection.
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can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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you may qualify to get eargo at no cost to you.
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>> good morning, miami, see you tomorrow same time, same couch. >> stay within yourself and play your game whatever you do. >> thank you, aaron rodgers. >> life coach. >> bill: good morning. so much for vacs it or max it. the guidance applying to everyone including the fully vaccinated if you live in a hot spot. do you follow us already? because we're trying to as we go. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing? >> dana: we're scrambling to figure it out. >> bill: it's not easy. >> dana: we'll tell you all about it. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." cdc is now recommending masks for americans in covid hot spots as the white house weighs a vaccine mandate


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