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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 28, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: it is wednesday july 20th was a major reversal by the cdc, new mask guidance that some say send the wrong message, the president has harsh words for those who have not gotten a shot. >> a democratic senator assaulted and robbed in broad daylight, the white house trying to distance itself further from the defend the police movement. todd: the price of patriotism. in illinois restaurant find $200 for flying the american flag. that owner joins us live. "fox and friends first" joins us now.
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♪♪ jillian: todd piro is at the club. todd: what is this? 12? all the people on the show that are men, which one is your american boy? the guest from illinois? joe concha? so many questions. jillian: good morning. todd: let's get to it. masks are back, the cdc says fully vaccinated americans should cover their nose and mouth as delta variant cases surge. jillian: the president's message to unvaccinated americans. >> reporter: the cdc director says it wasn't a decision they took lightly but the science is changing. >> information on the delta
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variant indicates on rare occasions some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious. this new science is worrisome and warns of updates a recommendation. todd: a stark reversal. >> reporter: even fully vaccinated people should mask up in areas of high transmission rates, shift for schools too calling for universal masking while teachers, students and visitors in k-12 classrooms regardless of vaccination status, this is drawing criticism from senator ron johnson who said do masks even work? do they do more harm than good particularly to children have low risk of serious disease or death and covid. time to let them make decisions for their children. the it ministration issued its
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first federal vaccine mandate for the government of veterans affairs. to get vaccinated or face routine testing and the president not rolling out shots for all government employees. watch. >> for all federal employees to get vaccinated? >> you are not as smart as i thought you were. >> governor newsom in -- mayor deblasio following suit, some form of mandate from voice to get vaccinated as the doj office of legal counsel says mandates are legal despite not having full fda approval. they conclude section 564 does not prohibit public or private entities from vaccination requirements even when the vaccines available are authorized under emergency use authorities. this, in an hour i'm headed to the white house and will be required to put something on
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before i enter it. we haven't seen it since april. jillian: let's continue the conversation because in the overnight hours we learned the capitol physician recommended masks in the capitol and an email went out late last night specifically for meetings in an enclosed house of representatives control space masks are required and if you do not have one, one will be provided for you. todd: we are not doctors and won't comment on the validity of the masks or the vaccine, this is about messaging, optics, this is bad news for a white house that is trying to convince americans that haven't gotten the vaccine to get the vaccine. the number one thing keeping people from getting the vaccine is not the celebrity hasn't endorsed it but they want to make sure it is safe and that they have unlimited freedom going forward.
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the mask requirements even gets way too more parts of our society doesn't help that. jillian: you talk about it seeping further into our society let's listen to peter doocy asking jen psaki why fully vaccinated people need to mask up. >> why do vaccinated people need to put the masks back on? >> the data shows this pandemic is killing, hospitalizing, making people sick who are not vaccinated. >> vaccines work, why to people who have the vaccine need to wear masks? >> because the public health leaders in our administration have made a determination based on data that that is away to make sure they are protected and their loved ones are protected. jillian: in the last hour we were talking about the point the conversation never went away but
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is heating up about what happens to the children as they anticipate going back to school this fall. i was scrolling through twitter and came across an article from local news in philadelphia where they say one of pennsylvania's largest school districts, one of the largest districts actually has officially made masks optional regardless of vaccination status. the seventh last night. there were people protesting this outside. some are for it, some are against it. that is interesting to me because it is the first time i hear a school coming out for the school year it is optional to wear a mask regardless of status was on the one hand you see i have to wear this today, the capital physician is recommending masks, then you hear school districts trying to make their own decisions. it will get confusing for a lot of people. todd: schools in the northeast have a month to figure this out. schools in the south going back
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next week. my best friend is a little boy, goes back august 2nd. they will make a decision in the next few days. interesting to see the backlash. kamala harris put on a mask, the reporters put on their masks, mark levin says this is a horrible comparison when you see this and then see folks crossing the border without vaccines or masks bringing covid. >> people are pouring into this country so fast we don't know how many. covid cases among migrants in the rio grande valley surged 900%, numbers continue to rise. we don't know how many illegal aliens have it. they are not tested. they come from poor countries. they don't have access to vaccines. we are being overwhelmed. look at the red map the cdc director puts out. the southeastern united states is getting an artist. southern california getting hit hardest. why are they not in north
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dakota? are they not hit in the northern border the way they are on the southern border? todd: the question the white house cannot answer or has not answered yet. are you serious about stopping covid? if you are, your mask mandate and vaccine requirements all seem to go that direction then why are you allowing covid to walk across the border? they haven't answered that. jillian: especially when making vaccination in certain areas. todd: two suspects wanted in the killing of a los angeles rite aid employee turns himself into police. jillian: former california senator marco boxer is speaking out after being robbed in broad daylight. marianne referee joins us with more. >> reporter: as the brazen crime wave continues a suspect wanted for shooting and killing a rite
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aid worker during a robbery in la turned himself in. two suspects seen in surveillance photos tried to walk out when a store employee confronts them and is shot dead. this comes amid a series of violent death at retail stores and other brazen crimes across california. on monday former senator barbara boxer was robbed in oakland in broad daylight. >> they tried to cross the street and get away and slammed me on the back. and reached across me, behind me, grabbed my cell phone. i said how can you do this to a grandmother? he could care less got in the car and sped away. >> reporter: donald trump sounding off on the attack blaming the defund the police movement saying, quote, former california senator barbara boxer was savagely assaulted and robbed yesterday in oakland where they defunded the police.
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great cities like new york, detroit, san francisco and so many others have become a paradise for criminals because of democrats. we must give power back to police or america will never be save as the white house continues to distance itself from the far left narrative on policing. >> the courts are too soft, so progressives like alexandria ocasio cortez, what does the president think? >> the president i don't think is a secret the president disagrees at times with the congresswoman about some aspects of policing. >> reporter: last week california governor gavin newsom signed a bill to crack down on retail thefts by setting up taskforces to focus on high crime areas. todd: thanks. jillian: a conservative podcast are calling out liberals who support defunding the police saying the movement is as dangerous as it is illogical.
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>> anybody who says there is no proof police prevent violent crimes, get rid of the police in your neighborhood and see how that works out for violent crime your neighborhood. that's like saying there is no proof water is wet. it is insane. >> reporter: democratic activists blame police for the rise in crime, davis blames it on the left-wing movement. todd: kevin mccarthy request a meeting with president biden to discuss how the us can respond to the situation in cuba. it reads, quote, this is a moment the united states can change the course of human history for the better. we must support human brothers and sisters as they take control of their future and liberate themselves. lawmakers reportedly concerned in action from the administration will do more harm. jillian: aaron rodgers reporting
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after weeks of speculation about the future with the team. green bay fans were relieved the quarterback's return, others on social media-based on the office tv show. todd: a character named kevin drops a giant pot of chili. brian baumgartner who plays kevin notice tweeting welcome back, working better than ever. a big fan of the comedy series making a cameo in 2013. jillian: interesting to see how this plays out. todd: he was wearing a man been which i heard on the show you are not opposed to. that sickens me. a new york times reporter facing back lash over a tweet calling trump supporters enemies of the state. joe concha who is not our enemy but our friend joins us next. jillian: we come in peace. popeye started the chicken
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jillian: a new york times
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reporter facing backlash for tweets urging trump supporters to be called, quote, enemies of the state has deleted the post. we to here to react is joe concha. is the deleted tweet, today's january 6thscores the national security dilemma, now entails calling a politician's supporters enemies of the state. the other, katie bennett. another example of liberals uniting the country, right? >> who is katie beener, not someone from the op-ed section of the new york times, some unhinged opinion piece from charles below or paul krugman who are paid to give provocative opinions, not_left-wing blogger working on her basement for the daily beast. this is literally the reporter covering the justice department for the paper of record calling
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74 million people enemies of the state. a halfway respectable publication she would at least be reprimanded and suspended but this is the new york times where the woke mob runs the newsroom and the executive editor is a figurehead and bows to their every whim. nothing in terms of accountability will happen. the same new york times that denounced donald trump for calling it the enemy of the people saying it was inflammatory and dangerous. this is why americans rank congress and the media at the bottom of public confidence in a recent poll because of tweets like this exposing their bias in broad daylight. the screenshots are there. we are running out of room to have black eyes. jillian: that's why i don't give my opinion on much because i want to be a news reporter. there's opinion and there's news and if you want to do news it is hard to put out tweets like this
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and give your opinion on something. that is where a lot of people have mistrust when it comes to the media. look what she says about this tweet and it is interesting because she apologized for it and take credit for the words she wrote. she said i deleted and clearly worded tweets regarding the january 6th committee hearing. your thoughts on that response? >> that drives everybody crazy sitting at home or watching us play out. just own it. say i shouldn't have said that. it was wrong and i apologize instead of this -- can't say that word. just not all the way, shows she's and sorry for anything she wrote. todd: you can say hack donkey. i couldn't find the second word. meantime california governor gavin newsom blaming conservative media for, quote, this damn recall, his dirty
2:20 am
word, it is not about covid lockdown orders, take a listen to governor gavin. >> there has been a right-wing talking point and it is overwhelmingly coming from certain networks having an impact on getting this disease behind us so enough. the folks that are behind this damn recall in california. todd: he used the dirty word, get the elephant out of the room, if it is our fault why are so many democrats who do not watch us support recalling gavin newsom? >> if i follow his logic it was the right wing conservatives in media that forced him to go to the french laundry restaurant and have a meal with word -- before anybody was vaccinated,
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the right-wing media that forced somebody to attack barbara boxer in broad daylight. it is the right-wing media because the homeless problem causing a mass exodus of california, the biggest states and tax revenue that goes with them. the unemployment rate in california 7.7%, in florida as an example as far as context, just 5%. no jobs. it is unsafe. you have a government that flaunts society's convention, he's the reason for about anything we are talking about. we will double some time. todd: you are a cowboy. >> we will triple up. jillian: we got to go.
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todd: the biden administration cancels more of trump's border wall when new numbers show 50,000 migrants released into the us without court dates. jillian: republican august pflueger is one of the men joins us next. you'll jump for joy. ♪ here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching ...the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant™. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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todd: gop congressman blasting the biden administration's decision to cancel the laredo sector border wall. a texas congressman joins us to discuss. thank you for being here. republicans in general want the wall. what specifically did you and your fellow republicans right in this letter? >> the argument goes back to the fact, is biden making the country more secure? the answer is no. multiple border patrol agents continue to advocate for all available resources including the wall to keep us safe. they are fai to do that on a
2:27 am
consistent basis. heather: numbers i'm about to read shocked me. this is money spent to terminate border wall construction, one.8, $22 billion so far. $3 million daily. why is it so expensive not to build? >> they have contracts with people whose livelihoods depend on this. to terminate that there's a cost. what they are not telling us is the cost to the community, the safety, the drugs being brought in, the cartels using children to get every available bit of crime back into this country and it is heartbreaking at the border. todd: the biden dhs removing migrants while certain families as we learn 50,000 illegal border crossers released into the united states without a
2:28 am
court dates, that is part 2. to the removals, wise and biden touting these removals to show we are getting the border under control? >> doesn't fit his narrative and it is obvious they don't care about stopping the crisis. one thing i want to know is what they are doing about covid testing. in recent hearings we heard about multiple agencies and leadership that this is an important aspect of this administration. if it was we would see covid testing, a stop of the folks that are coming in with the delta variance or other variance. todd: 50,000 illegal border crossers have been released without a court date. where are they now? >> these folks are in the interior of the united states on airplanes, buses, being released into the interior. every state is the border say,
2:29 am
every community will feel this, we are feeling in texas and have been for a long time. folks in arizona and new mexico are feeling a but every stable feel this because these folks are being flown to the interior of the united states. todd: tough words the nation needed to hear, thank you for your time this morning. todd: a business owner was fined $200 for flying the american flag. his story live next and from our friends, fox that super 6 apps, play for a chance to win 10,$000, all you need to do is predict 6 outcomes in the quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports, free to play and you can go your own way when you answer the questions. ♪♪ ♪♪ you can go your own way hooh. that spin class was brutal. well you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oohh yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. pick something we all like. ok. hold on. what's your buick's wi-fi password? “buickenvision2021.”
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jillian: president biden with his $3.5 trillion spending plan. todd: cheryl casone, the federal reserve addresses soaring inflation. >> reporter: president biden on the road to sell the massive spending plan which totals $3.5 trillion. he is headed to pennsylvania to talk about the importance of american manufacturing and american products. at the same time rising
2:34 am
inflation and rising covid cases, the fed the meeting concludes today and i suspect no change of monetary policy but it is a commentary from jerome powell that will be the highlight. consumer prices are rising at the threat of inflation has to be addressed. we will see what they say. jillian: walmart has a plan. >> reporter: they are unveiling new terms for the college tuition program. they will waive all fees for workers who participate, 52,000 walmart and sam's club employees joined the program for college tuition and cost, a dollar a day to join before. the company will invest $1 billion over the next five years for career training and develop and, 8000 workers have graduated so far. todd: if i am working at walmart i could go to a top school that costs 75,$000 euros walmart will pay.
2:35 am
>> reporter: don't know what colleges would be in the list, don't know about the ivy league school but another example of an american business like walmart doing what the government can't do. jillian: todd has her set up. todd: trying to figure out how to get her to work at walmart. i'm very cheap. meantime there's a truce in the chicken war. >> reporter: there is a new twist. two years after popeye's started the chicken sandwich war they are at it again. this time it is chicken nuggets but they are not rolling the competition on social media. but we come in peace campaign, they take nuggets from their competitors including mcdonald's, burger king and wendy's through the popeye's charitable foundation, the food will be donated to the second harvest food bank of greater new orleans. there will be a chicken war.
2:36 am
everybody starts to buy it. todd: you like when they do this sort of thing. jillian: to the story we brought yesterday. illinois restaurant owner find $200 for flying an american flag on the fourth of july. gary truby on he joined me now. good to see you this morning, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. jillian: the video we just showed, those are not the flags in question. the flags in question are closer to the road. here's what your village has to say, quote, he placed american flags on the right-of-way of route 176 in violation of local and state law. the provision for flying the united states flag so it is displayed with the utmost respect that it deserves, is disappointing and offensive that a business manager would present such a distorted version of the
2:37 am
facts using the symbol of our democracy in a twisted boy to further his own commercial interests.guage. what is your response? >> interesting t displayed on m personal property. what the village did, they have a permanent ban on temporary signage. you can't fly a temporary sign on your permanent property. on the fourth of july weekend i put flags out on my property. the idea they were following the fourth of july guidelines under the ordinance code, you can fly for any national or federal holiday 30 days before after a holiday. put the american flags out, the
2:38 am
village came by the following week and handed me a pamphlet that stated what i said. it is in ornamentation for the holiday. the village doesn't consider the american flag ornamentation. it is not an ornament but it is a flag symbolizing a holiday and it says i can fly the flag during national holiday and pointed out two highlighted areas that said my flag was not a permanent flagpole and not 15 feet inside my property line. the day the officer gave me the ticket he said take the two flagpoles down. my two flagpoles were 23 feet off the street and outside the curb line and 16 feet inside the curb line which does not violate any signage ordinance at all. jillian: do you mind if i interrupt?
2:39 am
the village president david underwood said, quote, i think it is disgraceful because he is using the american flag as a tool to further his business interests. there's a lot of harsh language going on. i'm curious from your perspective, what does the american flag means you? so many people would drive by that and feel a sense of pride when they see that. >> they do. what he is saying is wrong. those flags, i built this building six years ago at those flags have been flying there for 6 and a half years, july of 2021, 6 and a half years after i built the building they are flying high and strong. i respect the american flag and the police so for them to demoralize the american flag and say i'm using it for business we just came out of the pandemic, i never put a flag in the ground outside. i did it because it was the fourth of july. i'm told today they will not take my fine unless i sign a
2:40 am
letter that says i violated the sign ordinance and will never ever violate the sign ordinance again. this is gone beyond why we are flying the flag. the reason they gave me the ticket they designated the american flag is a sign that falls under the sign ordinance. the only thing i violated was putting a flag in the ground, they are calling it a sign and not a symbol. that is what they talk about not slang it correctly. i was not violating any ordinance, any cars going by wrong or obstructing traffic. if that was the case they should have ticketed me for that. coming up with all these reasons. jillian: i'm curious to see how this plays out. thank you for joining us. we to 40 minutes after the hour, new york city declaring war on socialist democrats. jillian: more on what is going on in the big apple next.
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>> what is coming up on "fox and friends" in 16 minutes? senator marco rubio exposing the is going on between democrats and big tech and he wants to
2:45 am
meet with president biden about cuba and henry cuellar is a standout about what is happy with the border in texas. new york congressman lee selden wants to be the next governor of new york in response to the doj dropping a portion of their investigation into the nursing home scandal. i'm talking about andrew cuomo. clay travis will talk about aaron rogers playing his last season with green bay perhaps, and simone biles and doctor janette nesheiwat on the new cdc guidelines on masks. it is unexplainable for the vaccinated but we have to deal with this again. you may be paying more at the grocery store later, stuart varney joins us with how shrinkflation is forcing you to bring homeless. we will tell you about that and more if you promise to gradually get dressed.
2:46 am
jillian: eric adams calling out the far left wing of his party. todd: carley shimkus here with the fire remarks. carley: eric adams may be the democratic mayoral candidate but don't expect him to attend any fundraising events, he had this to say during a campaign event. i'm no longer running against candidates. i'm running against a movement across the country, the dsa, democratic socialists of america. socialists are mobilizing to stop eric adams. they realize if i'm successful we will start the process of regaining control of our cities. adams is a former police captain who campaigned around public safety. many say his win proves the unpopularity of the defund the police dismantle the prison system movement that has become a thing in this country. todd: it is going to be interesting to see what happens going forward.
2:47 am
a little pushback on the new mask guidance. >> reporter: cdc out with new guidance that fully vaccinated americans mask up in cities with high transmission drying the irs many conservatives including congressman byron donalds. take a listen. >> if you've been vaccinated you are protected from covid 19. even in the event you contract covid 19 again the symptoms are far more mild than they are originally. why are we making vaccinated people mask? you are creating more vaccine hesitancy, not less. >> dan crenshaw tweeting the mask guidance, final political nail in the credit ability coffin of public health. ben schapiro, conservative commentator, i got the vaccine, my wife got the vaccine, my parents got the vaccine, my small kids are smart kids.
2:48 am
none of us are wearing masks. with the ever-changing pseudoscience nonsense can shove it. we have fully entered a new chapter of the ever-changing rulebook. jillian: we are getting more light into the situation. carley: simone biles pulled out of the competition not because of a physical injury because her head wasn't in it. it had to do with her mental health. take a listen. >> i took a step back. it has been really stressful. i would say put mental health first, you won't succeed as much as you want to. it shows how strong of a competitor you really are rather than battle through it.
2:49 am
jillian: new overnight she has pulled out of thursday's all around competition as well. usa gymnastics posted this tweet saying after further medical examination she is drawn from the final competition. we support her decision at the potter bravery in applauding her bravery. this shows why she's a role model for so many. she is the face of the games without michael phelps. the weight of the world on her shoulders. todd: understood but a bummer. jillian: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the good, awesome moment at the cincinnati reds game. a young fan in the crowd, handed him the ball, two home runs, the reds beat the chicago cubs. todd: that kid will be a fan.
2:50 am
the bad. ashton kutcher getting a lot of attention. they don't like to bait themselves or their kids too much. culture said if you can see the dirt on him clean them otherwise there is no point. she didn't have hot water growing up so didn't shower very much but she washes her face twice a day. jillian: i shower. let's move past it. the ugly. violence at an indiana drive-through. this woman upset about long wait times, it was caught on camera swearing at employees, grabbing items from inside and throwing them at the cashier. you just admitted you went to mcdonald's. i was wondering if it would be you in the video. todd: that lady needs a cold shower to pile our themes together.
2:51 am
15 after the hour, texas put operation lone star in place to combat the smuggling of drugs and people into the us. jillian: we will ask ken paxton next. ♪♪ ch money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ . .
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todd: texas operation lone star has resulted in more than 5 thousand migrant apprehensions and 3400 rests. jillian: the program was law firmed just this march to combat the smuggling of drugs across the border. ken paxton joins us now to react. you look at those numbers, is that a success to you federal government is allowing people to stay or get transported around our state or other parts of the country. we are doing what we can to protect our citizens and i
2:56 am
applaud governor abbott for instituting this. it is having an impact but we can't solve the problem by ourself. todd: federal part of all of this have you heard anything from the biden white house now that the lone star numbers have been released? >> nothing. and actually haven't heard anything from them since they announced day one that they were going to allow people to stay they have been more about bringing people in than preventing people from coming. jillian: how much manpower is being put into think we are putting millions and millions of dollars into this. we have been doing this for year putting manpower on the border to help the federal government. we have added manpower. there is literally thousands of people that are working from our state positions, law enforcement to help the federal government and do what we are doing now, which is arrest people on our own. todd: a.g. paxton, i ask you this every time we have you on. i'm going to ask you it to you again albeit in light of the initial part of the segment where you reference the number of people that you have
2:57 am
apprehended is the situation at the border getting better or is it getting worse? >> i wish i could say it's getting better but i still think it's getting worse. i think the cartels are getting more and more strength. their networks are getting better and better. >> the biden administration has opened the border. so they're getting better at trafficking people, sex trafficking, human trafficking. they make money off of almost every single person come up. then they are getting better at importing drugs and other illegal activities. so they are getting actually better at it so, no. the situation is not getting better. we are not doing the things that worked. in the trump administration to stop this. todd: switching gears the run away texas democrats are going to testify at the u.s. house hearing tomorrow. the hearing is titled democracy in danger the assaulting rights. americans facing the most sweeping assault on the passage of the people's voting rights in 1 5. >> texas is ground zero in this battle. we are honored to have these
2:58 am
texas lawmakers come to testify before our subcommittee about the struggle to defend basic democracy in their state. so, after this hearing, once this publicity stunt is over, when do you guys actually have this vote on the bill? >> well, it's going to happen. it's just a matter of when they want to come back to texas. and i'm assuming that some day they would like to come back to texas. the reality is the irony of this is that they are the ones stopping voting. they are the ones that are preventing the democratic process from working. and sort of the guise of protecting voting. the reality is this bill is actually expands voting in many different ways. it also tries to prevent fraud. there is a balance to the bill eventually they're going to come back and we're going to have a vote. jillian: okay. well, keep us updated on everything. love to hear attorney general ken paxton. todd: i did have a follow-up. did you send theme care package with salsa. >> i think i will just wait until they get back.
2:59 am
jillian: dr. pepper and hard candy. todd: hair spray. who is it that can live without a care package of hard candy. a.g. paxton. >> thank you. jillian: republican congressman michael waltz will introduce a transparency bill targeting the biden family amid hunter's art schedule. it's called the painter act and require presidents and vice presidents to provide financial disclosures for all of their nondependent children while telling fox news, quote: we should know who is back channeling and back dooring and buying influence which hunter biden has a long history of selling to the president of the united states. todd: i think this is good for all presidencies. i think it's important to know if there is any back channel doing because we want our institutions to be somewhat clean. we want them to be free of influence and i think this is an interesting approach by congressman waltz. jillian: i'm sure "fox & friends" will have more on this and more on this whole mask confusion situation as we learned overnight the capitol
3:00 am
physician now saying that masks should be worn in the capitol as we have learned a number of school districts figuring out what they're going to do. the central bus district one of the largest in pennsylvania voted last night to make masks optional regardless of vaccine status. so the confusion, my friends, continues. todd: life is about perception. got to get the messaming clear. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> the nation's top health agency reverses policy. >> cdc. >> why did the president say if you have been vaccinated you no longer need wear mask. >> when he made those comments we were dealing with a different strain of the virus. >> are your policies working at the border? >> what makes the plan more challenging is covid. >> covid. >> covid. >> covid was at its height a year ago. >> current general in the army was disparaging. a marine on twitter. >> when you hear him spouting msnbc talking points, americans should be


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