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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 27, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening carried we hope you'll set your dvr. it simple to dewberry never missed an episode. we will always be independent and we will never be that media mob radio get news here you won't get anywhere elsberry did in the meantime, i have good news because let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham is standing by to take over right now, laura ingraham. >>laura: thank you, sean. we have an awesome show tonight and we will see you tomorrow. >> have a great show. >>laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle from washington tonight per there's a lot of talk about the olympics, but we're handing out are own awards tonight spirit w will get to them later in the show. the day fauci became president, that's the focus of tonight's angled. it seems just like yesterday bear to give you one of our 100
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day challenges is asking the american people to mask up for the first 100 days, the next 99 days. it's a patriotic act. is the single best thing we can do even more important than the vaccines because they take time to work. >> at that time, the angle knew that the 100 days appeal was just a stick. mask had become a political symbol for too many on the left. to get this emergency will neve pass. remember it was 15 days to slow the spread, 100 days to mask up a. they keep changing the rules of the game. why? because that's what megalomaniacs do. 100 days of mask wearing, there's always a catch, the goo news always comes with a big fa asterix. whatever marginal benefit we ge
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from wet cloth masks, they became a security blanket for democrats who wanted to get rid of trump, and of course all the old traditions of america. bad actors inside and outside government perversely ended up loving covid 19. of course not the desk, but the opportunity that the covid crisis presented to usher in a permanent new normal bear they knew as long as americans we're forced a to social distance and mask up, that americans would conclude we were indeed in a crisis mode, thus that would justify keeping kids and worker at home, and the government checks coming. the great reset of america. politically, biden has offered something to the beleaguered nation, one of his main pitches as you remember in 2020 was elect me because i have a plan, we're going to be disciplined and organized and we can beat the virus. remember what he told us just a
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few months ago. >> if you been fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask. let me repeat. if you are fully vaccinated, yo no longer need to wear a mask. >> let me repeat, that was a lie . of course they were just words. today the cdc announced a stunning reversal rendering biden's pledge meaningless. the cdc director for some reason , to scared to actually show her face on camera, inadvertently blew up much of the incentive to get vaccinated. sheet announced in a teleconference that both unvaccinated and vaccinated americans should once again wea masks indoors if they are livin in virus hotspots. >> some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others.
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the infection is possible if yo have that you can transmit further which is the reason for the change. >> what is really the white house explanation for president bidens flip-flopping and backtracking? >> we're all dealing with an evolving virus where there is n playbook and no historic precedent. >> do they think americans are this stupid? for weeks we've been saying tha the vaccine, stearate still experimental have some limitations, we reported on the risk of inflammatory cardiac reaction, we noted the israeli data showing breakthrough cases weren't so rare after all, and we told you about the numbers i tennessee. the health director there reported 1,000 so-called breakthrough infections among vaccinated individuals with the full 75 percent being symptomatic cases. for that, we were vilified by the same media figures and by the way, some never trump
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malcontents desperate for attention. >> it doesn't mean the mask is useless, but it means we have t be realistic. we already have, but nearly 90 percent of those over the age of 65 vaccinated in the u.s. it is diabolical to punish americans just getting back on their feet. the white house messaging is so bad they are infuriating their allies pretty cute we remember at the beginning that you have to be vaccinated because you ca spread it. you can't spread it, oh my gosh now you can maybe spread it, an they're making the change to that mask and guidance based on unpublished data, but it shows that vaccinated and unvaccinate people infected by the delta variant can have the same viral load. it begs the question of do they really know? >> let's be transparent, let's
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explain to the public what the problem is and what the fixes, and i don't get that vibe from cdc now. >> i don't get that vibe? well come out wherever you come down on this, the cdc has been moving the covid goalpost since march of 2020. it was two weeks to slow the spread, we had mike pence up there, it got to save the hospitals, of course we have to do that. then it went to lockdowns and capacity restrictions until we had the vaccine. well, we have a vaccine now, an now it's entirely conceivable that democrats will be wearing masks at their 2024 convention. there is always going to be a reason to take a step backward for people who prefer lockdowns to actual living. we could have 90 percent of the entire country vaccinated, and they would still come up with new reasons that we need covid restrictions in place. >> i think the by the end of 2020 to have vaccinated and
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protected everyone. >> everyone in the world. in palm beach florida where 100 percent of the population has been vaccinated, they just imposed new mask mandates yesterday. after all the visitors to palm beach may not be vaccinated. look, if they could come of the covid control freaks would have us in and out of lockdown forever. i don't know if you been watching what's going on in australia, but they locked down for a few dozen cases, and in sydney, they've been in a hard lockdown already for four weeks and they announced today that it's going to extend for anothe four weeks, i kid you not. when people go to protest the lockdowns there, as they did by the way last weekend by the thousands, well what happened? they are blamed again. >> how do we deal with what we saw in sydney yesterday? of course it was selfish. it was also self-defeating.
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it will not in the lockdown sooner. it will only risk lockdowns running further. there were millions of sydney who stayed home, they are the ones who are bringing an end to the lockdown sooner. sydney under lockdown to engage in that was reckless, and it wa selfish. >> craigie. what a nightmare. now the biden administration ha fallen right into a covid trap of their own making. governors from multiple red states have already announced, they're not going to do any new mask mandates or lockdowns period, for them, fauci has blown whatever credibility he had left, and it wasn't a lot, but if you live in one of the blue states, whether you are vaccinated or not, you're not going to really know what rules will be in effect day-to-day. are you in the hotspot today or not? what's the exact metric on bein a hotspot. as happily or ago, blue state residents are going to start wondering why is life so much
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better in the red states and then, the blue stators are goin to demand that the restrictions be lifted. the roller coaster ride that never ends. this is a political disaster fo biden. he wasn't elected to create giant new entitlement programs or to throw open the southern border, he was elected in large part to solve the virus issue. his experts are fighting him on that. and he is either two out of it or too ignorant to know this. every time you change the rules it is not sufficient to explain it away as simply, we are listening to the scientists. the scientists aren't president or are they? i think i figured out how they make their covid policy at the white house, they watch what th health experts on the other tables are saying, the demands for new restrictions coming usually start there. >> before calling it such imposition, wearing a mask is
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not that big of a deal. >> wear a mask for them for their short short-term to keep them protected while we tried t get this back under control. >> that means when we are in indoor crowded settings to continue wearing a mask in orde to protect our children. ticket she is the creepiest person of all, i want to protec my children from her. then fauci takes that, and he forcefully just starts to push it through, ram it through the bureaucracy, then biden comes out and says, well, we're listening to the doctors, to th experts, before they end up lashing out at americans for making their own risk assessments. >> we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. and that's the one thing we kno for sure, if those other people got vaccinated, it would be a different world. >> they are accusing other people of confusing the situation? the democrats made a massive
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mistake by nominating a man who's either too impaired to think for himself, or just doesn't want too. he can't see the political buzz saw that his walking into and then by the way, biden ended up making a colossal mistake by no sending fauci out to pasture. now it's clear who's really the commander-in-chief. he is going to command you, and the president to follow his edicts if we let him, and that is the angle. >> dr., is anything prolonging this pandemic more than this on off-again policy guidance from the biden ministration and the cdc? what you make of this? >> it's very strange, and i don't know if you have reached the end to the scientific era because if we look at the data, currently the covid desk in the
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united states is lower than it has been ever since the pandemi started in march of 2020 when w had the first wave. i'm not sure why all of these things are happening right now. the key thing to realize is tha cases have now disconnected fro desk. we have cases, but because of the vaccines and because there are people with natural immunity , the spiking cases go up a little bit, but that doesn't mean that debts are going up. >> now the cdc today, professor admitted what came as a surpris to many people about the vaccines efficacy against the covid variant and then transmitting them. watch. >> the largest concern that i think we in the public health and science are worried about i that virus and the potential mutations away we are from very
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transmissible virus that has th potential to our vaccines in terms of how it protects us fro severe disease and death. >> doctor, are we expected to keep taking new boosters every year as this virus continues to mutate down to the last letter in the alphabet? >> know, and while there could be mutation, that is always the case so there is nothing new to that, but what the study a week ago i think came out from marie that shows that people with natural immunity who had covid, they have immunity did not only the infection, but to the other for four common corona viruses, and to covid one, so we know that people who have had the disease they have sort of cross immunity, which seems very
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promising for any variant that comes out. we don't know exactly about the vaccine, but the key thing to realize whether you are immune from vaccine or whether you are immune from having had covid, i that it doesn't necessarily protect you from being infected again because the virus will enter the body and what the immune system does for you is that it prevents you from getting a serious illness or death. and that is what is important. that's why we are seeing in the case is going up in the u.s. >>laura: doctor, masks on children in schools six and seven hours a day. what about that? >> there is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of a mask and extremely low risk of serious disease and mortality,
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and rather than putting ms on children we have to make sure that all the older people get the vaccine. >> this is insane, doctor, grea to see you tonight as always. thank you. to that point i want to show yo to headlines about the cdc guidance they came stays apart, the first is from july 9th, 2 weeks ago. vaccinated teachers and student don't need masks, the cdc says and today, the cdc as i just noted recommend everyone in k-1 wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. what is going on here? joining me now is the founder o let them breathe. sharon, so many parents are reaching out to me all day long after this news broke just moment ago, the teachers union had said when science and evidence speak we listen, if that means requiring everyone i school buildings to be a mask, we will do it. these teachers unions of course
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have proven themselves to work against parents wishes throughout the pandemic. your reaction to the news? >> as you read that tweet, thes government agencies apparently can't even agree with themselves , they told us to unmask it, and thou they're going to keep masks on kids indefinitely and they're justification for that is there is a lot they don't know about the virus and so what we do kno for sure is that children are a very low risk from covid, but there at high risk from what th mental health impacts of these masking restrictions are doing. i am saddened, but i'm not surprised that this government overreach is continuing, and that's why let them breathe jus filed a lawsuit because were at the point where were realizing legal action is our only hope t get our kids lives and smiles back. >> parents just have to say no. i mean they just have to say were not doing this, and their finding out flyaway and a lot o these big liberal public-school systems like in fairfax county,
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virginia, they are losing students, so then they re- budget, that's when they start to pay attention. a lot of people are homeschooling, the numbers are way up in this part of the country and i'm sure they are way up in blue states across th country. i think people are going to vot with their feet, i really do. >> exactly, we had a smile fast were we helped parents explore other educational aspects, othe options because exactly, parent we just need to say not on our watch, enough is enough and wer not going to allow this to happen to our kids. my son almost didn't survive th pandemic and it wasn't because of covid it was because of the mental health impact of these restrictions on him, so we just have to just stand up together. that's why so many people are joining us, we are advocating and i think there's going to be a lot of parents and families o the first day of school sharing their smiles. sharon, thank you, it's good to
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see you. what was today's january 6 committee hearing all about, we will discuss it with a republican that pelosi's throug off the panel, and even hand ou some awards for best rheumatic performances. stay there.
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>> pelosi january 6 committee held its first hearing today, and because of her actions leading up to today, the whole thing turned into in the eyes o many nothing more than performance art. as they show has reiterated tim and again, all criminal activit at the capitol that day should be prosecuted and punished, there was a lot of violence tha day, but it was not a terrorist attack, it wasn't 9/11, it wasn't the worst thing that eve happened to america, and it wasn't it insurrection. there is also something else happening, transparent attempt by democrats to drag this all out ahead of 2020 to, they know they're going to lose big and they're trying not too. but their casting their political opponents as the enemies of the state. so the theatrics were intended to produce an emotional reaction , logic and facts be. it is with that knowledge that we will unveil the angle award for today's best performances.
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first, for best years of tears and dramatic pauses in a leadin role, we have a tie, it's between congressman consider, and shift. >> i never expected today to be quite as emotional for me as it has been. democracies are not defined by our bad days. >> we are so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as haters if they're born in the other country, if they don't look lik us. got helpless. >> god save us from these third rate theatrics for the award fo the best years of an exaggeration and a supporting role, the winners are who think that the pen is literally my dear than the sword. >> you have all of these items and things that were thrown at
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us and used to attack us, those are weapons, no matter if it is a pen, the way they were using these items, it was to hurt officers. to get the award for latent use of partisan politics when facts failed, the angle award goes to capitol police officer harry done. >> i'm a law enforcement officer , and i do my best to keep politics out of my job, bu in this circumstance, i responded while i voted for joe biden, is my boat not counting. in my nobody? >> he later deployed all his ar to accuse trump of being a hitman. >> if a hitman is hired, and he kills somebody, the hitman goes to jail, but not only does the hitman go to jail, but the person that hired them does, there was an attack carried out on january 6, and a hitman set
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them. i want you to get to the bottom of that. >> we will have more on him in moment, but that's not about politics at all. for best performance in an action role, the winner is >> too many are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or that hell actually wasn't that bad. the indifference shown to my colleagues is disgraceful. >> joining us now, jim banks of indiana who was blocked by speaker pelosi from the gene array six committee. congressman, officer dunn who testified today previously defended the violent and deadly george floyd riots in kenosha, isn't that part of the double standard you and your colleague are trying to get at? >> laura, he also attacked you year ago on twitter, he later deleted his tweet. he is obviously has very strong
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partisan feelings and you got t see that unfold display today. everything that you saw today was carefully scripted by speaker pelosi and her staff, even the statements that these police officers read, you could tell at times they didn't write the statements, they were merel reading them as they stumbled over some of the right words they weren't familiar with as they were reading. this was carefully scripted, even obviously the members of congress who we're selected to be in the room were picked at republicans including liz chene and adam can figure, by the way those two do not want republicans to win back the majority next year they want democrats to remain in control and the american people should keep that in mind, especially republicans in their states and in their districts knowing thes two would rather nancy pelosi stay in charge and the radical democrats advanced they're socialist agenda then republicans winning back the majority to save our country. this was a political stunt by
7:28 pm
the democrats, it's clear to th american people and they're not falling for a. >> tucker made the point earlier , that these we're hand-picked officers who we're going to say as certain thing, and there are phenomenal people out there in the capitol police we all know that, but they came across as political actors, tha doesn't help anything too. we want the police to be just the police, not picking and choosing. i thought that was the whole point of what they were saying last year, that the police had to be evenhanded, now we have t have the police making politica stands statements. >> that's why last week i calle on the chairman of this committee, bennie thompson to bring the head of the capitol police union. i thought democrats were prounion, in this case, they refused to hear from the capito police union chief who would have come before this committee and spoke on behalf of every single rank and file member of
7:29 pm
the united states capitol police , he shows up every day to protect me, to protect my staff to protect my family when they are on capitol hill and he would've provided a different perspective than what these fou police officers provided today. he would have told the members of congress and the american people if he was allowed to testify that on january 6, they weren't prepared for what was going to happen that day even though they had intelligence reports provided to the highest levels of the capitol police three weeks before january 6 that something dangerous was going to happen. they weren't trained for what was going to happen that day an they weren't equipped for what was going to happen that day. in fact, he said the rioters ha better equipment than the capitol police officers did and they knew it, they knew heading into that day that they lacked equipment that they needed. it would've been a different story if the leadership of the capitol police would have done they're job and those responsible for what it.
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>> democrats want to try to tak trump out off the table before 2024. this is really about, this is a lot about trump here. they didn't think it was a real attempt to stop the government from ever working again, or lak for a boy was going to wet, com up against the u.s. military an take over the government. do they really blink believe that? yes or no. >> they don't want to talk abou what's going on in the country today, the inflation, crime wave , the border. they don't want to talk about that, they want to talk about this. january 6 all the way to 2022. they have demonstrated nothing, but with their infrastructure shell game as well, zero reason for the romney group to be playing footsie with the white house on infrastructure, and less they actually want democrats to keep the majority
7:31 pm
next year. its one big set up and it gives biden they political cover of bipartisanship as he rams through a massive bailout of th very blue states that want to stay locked down and mask up forever. the senate republican should do to the democrats with the red state governors did to the cdc, just tuned them out. editor at national review, senator joe manchin revealed today that the real goal of thi infrastructure bill is if a bipartisan infrastructure bill fills apart, everything could fall apart. phil, how stupid do the republicans look like, of cours cassidy in louisiana, romney, e cetera, for being rolled on this . >> it's ridiculous. for months, the argument that defenders of this bipartisan charade have been making to a lot of conservatives has been, well if we get this bipartisan smaller bipartisan deal than it will convince moderates such as
7:32 pm
joe manchin ends and cinema to oppose the bigger deal, you can see that there is some logic to that, it's better to spend $600 billion then you know, three and a half trillion dollars, right? but he just gave away the game come out what he's saying is that actually, the opposite of what republicans have been arguing to conservatives is true , that is that the bipartisan bill is actually greasing the wheels for the larger bill, so that if they want the whole $4 trillion spending with expanding medicar and medicaid, you know, childcare green new deal, all o these things sandwiched in, tha they need the bipartisan deal. he needs to go back to west virginia and say he cut this bipartisan deal. could get the people of west virginia did not vote for this, they did not vote for expanding
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mass transit in san francisco. right? so where is mcconnell on this? is he going to allow portman to go in there and make some absur deal? where is mitch? >> so far he has been relativel quiet. he said skeptical things a few times, but he hasn't really fully revealed his hand, i just don't know if the idea is that he thinks that there is some value in sort of running out th clock so to speak, but schumer is saying that they are going t stay through august recess to get this done, but the fact tha democrats and biden are so desperate for this bipartisan deal and the fact that they hav allowed these talks to go on fo so long suggest that they are really desperate for this bipartisan deal. >> take it to the voters next year, republicans, walk away, take it to the voters. and, you think those thousands
7:34 pm
of illegals apprehended at the border actually report further ice hearings quick senator josh holly is here on stunning numbers that we just got our hands on plus why he thinks his new brief calling on the suprem court to overturn roe could actually work.
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>> is that your answer? your policies are working at th border? >> that is a complete mischaracterization. >> our your policies working at the border? >> what i have said before, and i repeat it now. >> answer my question, our your policies working at the border, mister secretary. yes or no, are they working? >> we have a plan, we are executing the plan, the plan takes time to execute. look makes the plan more challenging is number one, covid . >> covid was at its height year ago. with all due respect we never
7:40 pm
saw these numbers a year ago grade this is happening under your tenure, you have engineere it with your policies. that was senator josh holly making an important point to homeland this is engineered by the democrats, what they're doing at the border is purposeful. look no further than what we earned from axioms. 50,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the country without a court date and told t report to an ice office instead. just 13 percent have showed up so far. senator holly joins me now. senator, they won't come out an say it, but you can't convince me that this isn't what they democrats want, massive influx of humanity into the united states. >> it's exactly what they want and i think once one of the reasons i wouldn't say that their plans weren't working. he just would answer that question because there plan is an open border.
7:41 pm
what you look at what is happening, ezio border that is open, easy effective amnesty fo criminals, and then you see the taking away ices enforcement capability, this is their plan and they are executing on it. >> ila governor kim reynolds today suggested that some of these aliens are personal to blame for rising covid 19 cases seeing part of the problem is the southern border is open, we've got 88 countries coming across the border they don't have vaccines, so none of them are vaccinated in there getting dispersed throughout the country . for that, was attacked by joan hendry state political for lati american citizens group and sai that reynolds comments amounted to hatemongering. so senator, this really isn't about the covid.
7:42 pm
it's not about covid, this is about protecting the sensibilities of illegals against apparently name-calling what they were called for decades in the u.s. code, aliens . >> it's amazing to edit time when we got the cdc reversing they're guidance on masks that saying now even vaccinated people have to wear masks indoors, but, at the same time, to allow a flood of illegal immigrants across the border, it's not does it for testing people when they come across, they are allowed into the country, allowed into the interior of the country, and th biden administration don't care. they are doing nothing at the border to try to stem this, so this is part of their plan. the truth is they want an open border and that's what they're getting. >> so there plan is working at think that is your point and that was a phenomenal series of questions, but there plan is working because they want to bring in as they already have this year doubled the size of
7:43 pm
the city of cleveland, 1 millio people so far have been apprehended at the border. 1 million. there is some good news, this fresh polling from the nrc see saying seven out of ten voters in battleground districts expressed high levels of concer about rising prices and the higher cost of living, further voters in these battleground districts were trust republican over democrats in congress to deal with crime and safety. also disapproving of the handling of the border crisis b staggering 23 percentage points. this is terrible news for the democrats and maybe there is a silverlining at least for next year's midterm. senator, your thoughts? >> it's just reality. what you see is you see joe biden out of touch with reality and the american people don't want an open border, the american people don't want the crime wave he's allowing to crash all over the country.
7:44 pm
american people don't want runaway inflation, but he's pushing forward all of these things. when it comes to the border, yo look at the chaos there, you look at the violence, you look at the drugs that are coming across, it's insane, and the american people don't want it. they are trying to send him a message and he is not listening. could get you filed i know an amicus brief at the supreme court and it states in part thi status quo is untenable, wrote in case he should be overruled. the confession of abortion legislation should be returned to the states. senator, given some wobbly members of the supreme court, their very adverse to rocking the boat especially with this court commission bubbling over with potential court packing in the offing, do you really think that this court is going to wan to over turn roe versus wade at this point? >> i sure hope they welcome at that's a decision i think is a historically unjust decision, one of the worst decisions in american history 62 million
7:45 pm
innocent unborn babies have los their lives since then, the state of mississippi is the lea plaintiff in this case, petitioner has asked the court to overturn it that was the right thing to do to ask them, and i'm proud to ask for the same enjoined by senator lee an senator cruise we are asking th court to do the same so i am hopeful that the court will see that they committed a historic injustice when they just invented this constitutional right to an abortion all these years ago and now it's time to put it right. >> great to see you tonight. if you want an example of how our current military leadership is not just failing the country but our vets as well commit loo no further than a current general in the army who is disparaging a marine on twitter that marine is here next. stay here.
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show me the olympics. [ "bugler's dream" playing ] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> a disturbing disturbing stor tonight of high-level intimidation campaigns being used at the top of our military as recounted by a retired vereen . he said on july 22nd, major general patrick donahoe, the commanding general of fort benning reported for his official twitter account that h was seeing a surge surgeon in icu visit among young soldiers
7:51 pm
due to covid he reported he would mandate the vaccine if he had the power to do so. the josiah report replied pointing out the dod had lost a total of 26 out of over 2 million personnel to the viru in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone, 26 additional servicemembers took their lives compared to the prior year. general donahoe accused josiah of engaging of false equivalenc and downplaying the vaccine, he also tweeted at the university where josiah is now a student a hillsdale college and told them come get your boy for questioning the military's quarantine and lockdown policies . anime now former marine officer. this is such a wild wild story, first of all a i love hillsdale second of all, is general donahue the norm in our militar leadership today? >> absolutely.
7:52 pm
when you hear him spouting msnb talking points, that shows you the quality and the level of education and thought process that goes across all of the services. aura, we have 906 admirals and generals in our military, and it's increasingly bloated group and in ideologically similar group as well. >> americans have a romanticize vision of the leadership of our military i think. because of film and movies and lot of them have done amazing stuff, but here are some other reasonable restrictions general donahoe enacted at fort benning last july. watch. >> we're going to require anybody coming on the out of isolation that they don't eased enclosed sit in restaurants downtown if want to go to the gym downtown, they can't go do in indoor gym facility. >> why would leaders like
7:53 pm
address the psychological torment that all of this inflicted on their troops with this restrictions. >> i want to make really clear, these guys are vocal losers who love cancel culture and they can't see reality. these guys spent 20 years in afghanistan, spent $2.4 trillio of american taxpayer money, we lost 2300 silvers servicemember and we left the air force base in the middle of the night, american should be angry, they should be demanding answers, so instead of this january 6 commission, i suggest we have a commission on the wars in the middle east, bring these guys before congress and make them testify as to what they were doing. this disconnect from reality ha been there for a long time and it needs to be held to account. >> why can't they beat the tallow band? >> basically it comes down to this, our military was designed
7:54 pm
to win against a conventional peer force, the problem is all of those peers have nuclear weapons, our military is not designed to fight a nuclear war that's not how that works. >> we are going to bring you back tomorrow night to continue this. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, like through our venture capital group. backing technologies like electric vehicle charging, carbon capture and even nuclear fusion. we may not know just what lies ahead, but it's only human... to search for it.
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>> we used to be when i got her is a u.s. senator three and a half decades ago. >> we did a little fact checking , it was actually about five decades when you got to dc e served as a senator for three and a half decades, but that's not the only biographical note he got wrong. >> you know, one of the things miss most during the four years between my time serving as vice president and being a professor at the college, the pbp, you think i'm joking. i'm not very i can't believe we
8:00 pm
actually have to fact check go biden on his own resume twice i one day. joke of it you were not a professor after being vice president, you were paid nearly $1 million by u penn to be a presidential practice professor there it he didn't even teach classes. oh, well, just minor details fraid that's all the time we have tonight, greg gutfeld take it from here bear it >> we're so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as haters, if they're born in another country or they don't look like us. god help us. >> god help us, it's amazing no weasel can produce crocodile tears.


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