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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching fox news prime time, i'm tammy bruce, see you tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: did you hear the news today on capitol hill? we did, pretty amazing, will not get to that in just a minute. strong regimes are like strong people, self-confident. admitting honest mistakes does not threaten them, why would it? they can tell the truth about
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fear. strong regimes are marked by cheerfulness and an open mind and spirit, you know them when you see them they are easy to recognize. weakness has the opposite effect, weak leaders live in terror, they lie constantly, they admitted nothing, they will by force because i have no choice, they have lost their legitimacy. when they begin to lose control as they inevitably do, they panic, unable to acknowledge the magnitude of their failure, they retreat into dilution and their behavior becomes irrational, they start issuing bazaar commands. nikolai church sq barked orders at his guards as they dragged him in the courtyard to be shot, in his final moments he seems convinced he could make his executioners obey. as his power evaporated, he tried even harder to exert it. in that way, every collapsing regime is the same, and with that in mind we learn today in the face of the weaning pandemic, the by the administration will dramatically increase covert restrictions across the country.
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millions of children will not be required to cover their faces in schools, this despite the scientifically established fact that masks pose a far greater threat to children than covid does. strictly speaking as a scientific matter, this is lunacy. but there is more. according to an announcement by the cdc this afternoon committed administration will force masks on adults as well including people who have already been vaccinated. pause to consider this for a moment, americans were promised that they took the vaccines they could have their lives back, by the millions they did that. now they have learned in the clearest possible way they were lied to. they got their shots but the by the administration has decided to continue to control what they wear, where they go, and who they talk to. why are they doing that? what is happening exactly >> president biden: a rational person might conclude there might be something wrong with the vaccines, they didn't work very well but that's not it, the administration assures us the vaccines work perfectly, they are miracle drugs. so why the masks?
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peter doocy of fox news asked that question in the white house briefing today, here's how the fight in administration old to him. >> if the pandemic of vaccinated still then why do excellent people need to put the mask back on? >> just go back to this chart which i will handily .2 again, if you are vaccinated, it can save your life and i think the data shows this pandemic is killing, hospitalizing, making people very sick who are not vaccinated. that still continues to be the case regardless of what the massive guidance looks like. >> if the vaccines work which this sign says they do, then why do people who have the vaccine need to wear the mask? >> because the public health leaders in our administration has made the determination based on data that is a way to make sure they are protected, their
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loved ones are protected and that is an extra step given the transmissibility of the virus. >> tucker: of the vaccines work, the only people getting sick are the vaccinated but the vaccinated still have to wear masks? why is that? you just heard the answer. public health leaders in our administration have made the determination. in other words because we said so. that's the medical justification for suffocating your third grader with a paper mask forever, public health leaders need administration amid the determination. the issue the rule without explaining it, you then obey it. if you ask questions, he then calls you a murderer. watching that exchange realized every moment in time as a point on a continuum and it's worth remembering now. it's easy to assume because all of this is happening live at the white house it's the way things are and will always be. in fact, a moment to this cannot last for long, it's too irrational. that making the decisions are
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too discredited, to transparently unwise. what you are watching is a decaying system based on presumed expertise finally reached its ugly end stage. at some point it will be gone because it has no legitimacy and whatever comes next will be very different from what we are living through now. that's sad to think about and it's scary although there is hope of improvement which we should all pray for. in the meantime we live with the growing certainty that crazy people are running our country. if we had seen leaders, they would acknowledge the science, which is clear. millions of americans who have already recovered from covid don't need the vaccine can but i immunity to the virus. nor are people who have been vaccinated are at meaningful risk, despite the hysteria claiming otherwise. a big study showed covid vaccines offer a higher level of protection against even the new delta variant of the virus, that is the science of it. if you are vaccinated, you are protected as they claim.
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a rational public health policy will look entirely different from the one the biden administration is now embarking on. a rational administration would make vaccines available to anyone who wants one and leave the rest of the population alone to live their lives. as they used to do in america back when it was a free country, that is not with the biden administration is doing there is no political advantage in a rational policy like that. instead the administration has decided to use this virus to cement its control of the country. democrats rode covid to victory last november through fear and blame and brand-new methods of voting. and they plan to keep power through next year's midterm in the very same way, by dividing americans against one another. vaccinated versus unvaccinated. as a political strategy, this makes sense. every moment television anchors are yelling at a rural conservatives for not believing in science, the rest of us are not talking about how the permanent establishment in washington funded reckless and ghoulish experiments that allowed the chinese military to
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create a chinese virus in the first place. it's a very clever strategy but it's also incredibly ugly. last week a black man in his 30s died from covid in california, the media discovered he was an avid christian and once questioned vaccines in a social media post so immediately they gloated over his death -- he deserved it! that was the theme of countless news stories that ran in papers around the world rated hold on a second. since when do we treat death and disease this way? do msnbc anchors attack people with syphilis on the grounds they have been sexually promiscuous and deserve it? when someone dies of hepatitis c, this cnn editorializing the evils of intravenous drug use, do reporters attack native americans were dying of cirrhosis? they don't do it because there's no political advantage in doing that. there is a huge potential political advantage in claiming only republicans question vaccines and the pandemic is their fault so that's what they say day and night.
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conservatives of the reason people are dying, this was cnn yesterday morning, rather msnbc. >> this is months and months of antiscience, anti-vaccine aggression coming from the far right elements of the republican party. you saw it play out at the cpac conference where they said this is nothing more than an effort for power and control. they're going to force vaccines and take away our bibles and our guns and all of that disinformation, deliberate misinformation came out of cpac, the conservative news outlets. >> tucker: far right elements of the republican party! consider the cost of rhetoric like a bat. if you wanted americans to believe their physicians and if you cared about the country, you would want that, you would want them to be believable. you probably .8 porky partisan like that guy on television with an md after his name, he does not inspire confidence in our medical establishment, he
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destroys confidence because he is lying, he is doing it openly and because he can't control himself he is gratuitously attacking christians as he does it. only right-wing religious nuts with their bibles worry about vaccine mandates? that's what he told msnbc viewers, it's crazy, a conspiracy theory! but that's not true. america is in fact getting a vaccine mandates, we aren't making that up, it's a fact. on thursday to present the united states will announce all federal employees will be required to get the vaccine regardless of whether or not they have active antibodies. that is not a small development, the federal government is the largest workforce in the world. it employs close to 3 million people, an awful lot of life will be affected by this policy. what is interesting is back in december which wasn't that long ago, joe biden assured us that nothing like this would ever happen. >> i don't think it should be mandatory i wouldn't demand it be mandatory but i will do everything in my power, just like i don't think masks have to
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be made mandatory nationwide. i will do everything in my power as president of the united states to encourage people to do the right thing and when they do it demonstrates that it matters. >> tucker: "i want demand mandatory vaccines or masks," joe biden said. now this week he's demanding just that. you have to ask yourself what has changed? has a pandemic become worse? it hasn't. in the months since it joe biden told us that, more than 100 million americans have been vaccinated against covid. you would think on the basis of that number the administration would celebrate maybe even taking a victory lap but they aren't doing that. in fact they seem angrier and more demanding than ever, more determined to single out americans on the basis of their health status and denounce them. that should tell you something. we have long ago left the realm of public health. this is about politics and a social control, the biden administration has decided it owns your body and the media
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that. if the rest of us allow that grotesque claimant to go unchallenged, we are in deep trouble going forward. american citizens should never be forced to take medicine they don't want, period. government should never require people to submit any medical procedure whether that procedure is a sterilization or frontal lobotomy's or covid vaccinations. most americans still believe that, it is a foundational belief in this country. every poll shows it. the majority in both parties believe that. who is defending the people who believe that? no one on capitol hill is defending them, even the supposed libertarian think tanks that believe in freedom. professional republicans have decided to ignore this topic entirely, as usual they have utterly internalized the slurs of their enemies. they seem anxious to prove they are not neanderthals, not
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anything like these in rural america who vote for them and send them contributions and make their jobs possible. we are totally different! we are enlightened, we believe in science. you see that all of her television, reading pfizer talking points and telling us how great the vaccines are and that is fine. if you want the vaccine, go ahead and take it, it's entirely up to you, we support that, most do. what about the americans who don't want to take the vaccine. who is standing up for them. if republicans can't even do that, if they can't even defend science and fight mandatory injections, then why bother to have a republican party? one not spare the rest of us the indignity, sign up the twitter account for good and take a job at quiznos? america would be much improved if you did that, sandwich shops could certainly use the help right now. pedro gonzales is associate editor at chronicles magazine. here's what i don't understand, you can be entirely for the vaccines and believe in science -- i've never met anyone who is not for vaccines, most
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people think the code vaccine is a good idea, why can't you come out in favor of the vaccine and also defend people who choose not to take it? why is that not a principle worth us taking on, why not an essential principle he should not be forced to take medicine you don't want. why can the republicans stand up and say that? >> the vaccine is so important that we are relying on a limited number of unvaccinated people to enter the country illegally and even have in the military show for them around. the answer to your question is it isn't about public safety, it's about control. the hysterical push for vaccinations has enlarged the national security apparatus. biden allies including the dnc are pushing cell phone companies to work with them to dispel misinformation about vaccines through social media and text messages, the state becomes the arbiter of truth and public and private life.
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the adl and paypal recently announced a partnership to be platform extremists, they also considered vaccine criticism racist, extremist anti-semitic conspiracies. you can see where this is going from a vaccine criticism could cost you your reputation and livelihood. meanwhile as you noted the cdc has announced everyone vaccinated or not must wear masks indoors including everyone in k-12 schools, this is psychotic. children of the least susceptible to covert and most vulnerable to fearmongering. this isn't going to stop on its own because there's so much money involved. covid-19 vaccine profits have minted nine new pharma billionaires, the same industry pushing the opioid crisis, there are no heroes, right? where is g.o.p. leadership. mcconnell says everyone needs to get vaccinated or it's back to lockdowns. the g.o.p. is fixated on virtue signaling about totalitarianism in cuba and abroad while seeming uninterested with its creep at home and that needs to change.
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>> tucker: it used to be considered a foundational principle of both parties that you couldn't force people to undergo involuntary medical procedures. not people of sound mind, anyway. and you had to explain yourself, if you had a national policy that affects everybody particularly their children you have to justify it. you can't just tell people to shut up and obey. i don't see anybody standing up to demand -- peter doocy asked it in the white house briefing, with the explanation? i believe in ufos, you can convince me of anything. the only way we are doing this and no one will answer. why? >> i can tell you why, more and more people are asking that question which is important because it is a deliberate coordinated effort to kill that question in the crib. i never had a strong opinion about vaccines, i was ambivalent about them. but like you said the removal of consent forcing this not only on us but our kids, that to me was
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the lie. there was no going back at that point. this is not going to just stop on its own unless someone or some party takes a stand. in california for example the san francisco county has filed a health board that has allowed minors to consent to take the vaccine, the state is going behind the backs of parents to push vaccines on kids and if you are a parent, you now have to fight with the state over custody of your kid, this is insane. >> tucker: it shows what frauds professional libertarians are, of course they are silent. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you very much. in a big news day, here is the other thing that happened. a january 6th commission convened on capitol hill for its first day of hearings and if you tuned in, we did, hoping for an answer to some of the many outstanding mysteries that remain from that day, you probably can we disappointed because there weren't any answers provided. we still don't know who shot an
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unarmed air force veteran called ashley babbitt or why she was killed. we still don't know what's on those thousands of hours of surveillance footage that the government persists in hiding from us, why can't we see it? we don't know how many fbi informants were in the crowd inside the capital or to what extent they encouraged to do make others break the law, why can't we know? someday we will get the answers, we always do, but the hearings today seem designed to keep those answers from us -- so much for transparency. the one thing we did learn and something we long suspected but never seemed confirmed is an awful lot of members of congress are emotionally fragile. at some seem unable -- unstable really. some to the point where they might qualify for federal disability of those grounds, they cry a lot. as members of congress filed into the house chamber, they handed out tissues for the weeping that was certain to ensue. it didn't take long for adam kinzinger to make use of the kleenex, watch.
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>> i never expected today to be quite as emotional as it has been, you talked about the impact of that day. you guys held. democracies are not defined by our bad days here it we are defined by how we come back for bad days. i would take accountability for that. >> tucker: it was all too much for adam kinzinger, he wept thinking about it, he let it all pour out right there in the hearing, couldn't help it. he hadn't cried this hard since he drank too much rose while watching the final rose ceremony on the bachelor, the one they were mean to breanna. he's highly sensitive and he doesn't care who knows it. what surprised us was adam schiff of california, you think of him is a tough character. a few years ago he single-handedly took down an entire facebook page of russian means and lived to tell the
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story, he accused us of working for vladimir putin, so naturally we pegged him as a hard guy but even pollutant fighting heroes have their limits. he broke down and pretended to cry. watch it if you can, it's a moving moment. >> god help us, so driven by bigotry and hate that we attack our fellow citizens as traders if they are born in another country so they don't look like us. and god help us. but i have faith, because of folks like you. and i didn't expect this but it
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must be adam thing today. >> tucker: did adam schiff just complain others were calling people traders? really? he cried anyway. suddenly you can see why these guys want women to fight our wars. how afraid are adam schiff and kinsinger and their friends in congress of the queue and on shaman coming back? they are afraid enough they have allocated themselves more police protection in most american cities get at a time when most american cities are becoming much more dangerous and thousands of americans are dying and it's not an exaggeration, we pulled the numbers. the u.s. capitol police, their personal bodyguards have a budget of more than $160 million a year and that number is rising. how much money is that? for perspective, the police budget for the entire famously dangerous city of detroit as well over $380 million -- oh. the u.s. capitol, 535 elected
5:21 pm
representatives almost at $100 million more per year in law enforcement money than the entire city of detroit. in atlantic, where shoppers are routinely shot at the mall, the police budget is just over $200 million a year. less than half of what those 535 members allocated themselves. to be fair, no one in detroit has to deal with the queue and on shaman, it's not really an apples-to-apples comparison. how do you justify a budget like this? how do you prove that you are so endangered you need more than twice the budget for law enforcement that the entire city of atlanta has in the middle of a crime epidemic? to justify it, democrats picked four carefully curated police officers to testify as the voice of the law enforcement community, we told you but one of them, a man called harry dunn and he would probably turn out to be a partisan activist and we were right about that. watch as he claims to know that officer brian sik nick of the u.s. capitol police died not
5:22 pm
from a stroke -- that's what the washington, d.c., medical examiner determined but instead from injuries sustained during the line of duty on january 6th. >> before i begin, i would like to hear moment of my time to ask for a moment of silence for my fallen colleague, officer brian who died from injuries sustained in the line of duty defending up the capital our democracy. >> tucker: there's nothing wrong with asking for a moment of silence, we welcome that, you aren't supposed to lie in a professional hearing. there is zero evidence to claim that he died from injuries at the capital but of course harry dunn just said it anyway -- that's not true and he wasn't the only one who said things that weren't true. harry dunn was joined by several officers including a capitol hill cop.
5:23 pm
watch as he compares what happened on january 6th to the iraq war. >> they tried to convert us, they tried to persuade us to let the men. in my time, compared to a rack, totally different, these are our own citizens. people we have sworn an oath to protect and they are attacking us with the same flag that they claim to represent. it was bad. >> tucker: those of us who disapprove of rioting, who said what happened on january 6th was wrong are at risk of becoming a little bit cynical when people like that and virtually every member of congress on both sides, intentionally overstate what happened. when they lie and they don't stop lying, when they compare it to the civil war or 9/11, they
5:24 pm
make us all very cynical and they suspect that we are lying all the time. what happened on january 6th according to video did not look a lot like iraq, it's not fallujah. in iraq they didn't wait al qaeda into the green zone and according to the video that is exactly what happened on januar. officers let the riders into the capital. they had casual conversations with them inside the senate chamber. at some of the riders had face paint and carried american flags. for the u.s. capitol police which are used to checking ids and leaving firearms unattended in bathrooms, apparently it was very much like 9/11. that's why according to d.c. police officer michael flynn wed to conduct immediate investigations into political views including members of congress and their staff. >> that's what i'm looking for investigation into those actions and activities which may have resulted in the events
5:25 pm
of january 6th. also whether or not there was collaboration between those members, their staff and these terrorists. >> tucker: you're looking for the real threat from january 6th? that happened after the fact. it's statements like that, claims like that, changes in policies like that. it's the depoliticize nation of law enforcement that has become normal after january 6th and that just proves that right there. that testimony that you just heard, people like michael fanone are responsible for enforcing the law, that's it, they don't make the law, they enforce the law and yet you just heard him call for some sort of ideological inquisition into people he doesn't agree with in washington and that is unacceptable and that should make you very nervous. watch fanone cite the psychological trauma he as an
5:26 pm
excuse for ditching our bill of rights. >> i've been left with psychological trauma and emotional anxiety after having survived such a horrific event. >> tucker: not to anyway underplay the crimes were committed on january 6, there were crimes committed on januar? what is interesting is he didn't mention or experience any trauma during the time he spent last year on the d.c. police force. it was just last summer that rioters in washington torched the oldest episcopal church in the city just steps from the white house, dozens of police officers were injured that day. the secret service had to move to take the president to a bunker, remember that? a few weeks later, another mob assaulted senator rand paul of kentucky as they left the white house, remember that? a blm writer punched a cop in the face, a cop who was trying to get rand paul to safety. the cop was injured so badly he required surgery to repair his face. what is interesting is what
5:27 pm
happened next. no one called that blm lunatic a dangerous insurrectionist spirit adam kinzinger didn't cry thinking about him. liz cheney hasn't gone on cnn to denounce him or compare him to somebody flying a japanese zero at pearl harbor or to al qaeda on 9/11, why? interesting. because the blm guy supports the program. what happened to him? he was detained briefly for his crimes assaulting a police officer required surgery and he was released from jail on his own recognizance. he did not rot in solitary in a d.c. jail for six months accounting for a nonviolent offense like so many trump voters on january 6, you notice any difference here? no one in congress seems to notice the difference. during today's hearings, officer harry dunn inadvertently made that point, when people in charge condone crimes, he said, things tend to fall apart. >> they had marching orders.
5:28 pm
when people feel emboldened by people in power, they assume they are right. one of the scariest things about january 6th is the people that were there, even to this day, they think they were right. that makes for a scary recipe for the future of this country. >> tucker: he's right about that, when people feel emboldened by people in power they assume they are right and that is absolutely true but not in the way that he meant it, that is precisely why the country burned last year and no one was ever held responsible for that, not the people who did it come out the people who funded us, not the many members of congress can build it publicly and we await a commission on that. brit hume is a fox news senior clinical analyst, we are happy to have him join us tonight. i thought when that january 6th
5:29 pm
happened, it was bad, i hated when people break stuff commission provided a federal building, period but the disparity in the way those writers were treated in compared to the way the riders last summer were treated as too much, it's making me feel like equal application of the law is dead. >> if this were covered the way the rights of last summer were covered it would be described as mostly peaceful. i think to a great extent it was peaceful, the picture that you have shown of the people who are in the capitol building milling around, the guy walking around the senate chamber -- most of them were peaceful but some obviously were not and that explains the nightmare experience that the undermanned and overwhelmed capitol police officers who testified they had to go through. some of them obviously had a terrible experience, there's certainly a disparity between the way it's been covered and responded to politically and the way the more serious riding last summer with more deaths to show
5:30 pm
for it had been treated. >> tucker: 70 people were shot in chicago this weekend which is two days ago, 70 people. i wonder if adam kinzinger will cry about that or maybe not because it's not about him. i wonder if there has ever been a greater display of narcissism on capitol hill and that's saying a lot, ever in history. >> i have noticed in the reactions of some members of congress and some former members of congress whom i've spoken to about this, very intense personal reaction. they are the ones inclined to consider this incident, this riot it was an ugly by it to be sure, and disturbing. they considered it an insurrection. it was an insurrection that failed pretty spectacularly if that's what it was, when you consider the event they were trying to interfere with, went off later that day. it was delayed but that was all they did, that doesn't strike me as close to overthrowing the government which was a lot of
5:31 pm
people claim these rioters and insurrectionist's tried to do. >> tucker: does it surprise you the capitol hill police apparently, the personal bodyguards of the nine states congress has a budget that is more than twice that of the entire city of atlanta and more than $100 million the entire city of detroit one of the most dangerous places in the western hemisphere? what is that? >> i grew up in washington and lived there most of my life. it is the most policed city in the united states with more different police forces active. you have the d.c. police, capitol police, a very large force when it's deployed with everybody out. you have the park police which is no small force either, the fbi, the uniform services, division of the secret service, you have the aqueduct police you have the u.s. mint police, it goes on and on and on and the total budget for it has got to be absently staggering. it doesn't quite surprise me
5:32 pm
that capitol police budget would be large, what is surprising is that so few of them were there and ready and fully prepared to meet the onslaughts that came in the aftermath when those people went screaming down to capitol hill. there's a lot to be investigated here about why it was there were so under armed and undermanned because had they been properly deployed, we can all agree these people would not have gotten into the capital and what happened would not have happened. >> tucker: not a single member of congress was injured. more than a thousand americans have died since then, maybe they should've spent more time worrying about the rest of the country, that's my personal view -- you don't have to endorse that but i appreciate your analysis, thank you. the administration is bringing back masked mandates but there still still refusing to stop the flow, the massive flow of covid positive foreign nationals illegally across our southern border, they aren't getting
5:33 pm
vaccines, they don't have to. where are the people who have crossed the border with covid, does anyone know or care? is a report on that, next.
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>> tucker: on the very day we are told that we must wear masks in public whether we have been vaccinated or not and those federal employees who haven't been vaccinated must be vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs because covid is that big of a threat to our country, we want to remind to the biden administration is still shuttling foreign nationals throughout our country, without checking to see they have been vaccinated against covid, some of them carry it. trace gallagher has the story for us tonight. >> a la joya, texas, resident flagged down police to tell them
5:39 pm
that people inside a restaurant were taking zero precautions, turns out it was a group of migrants turned over to catholic charities by the border patrol because they had covid-19. the migrants were supposed to quarantine in a local hotel but when police checked out the hotel they found dozens of other migrants also ignoring quarantine guidelines. police immediately issued a public health warning and a county judge tweeted faced with multiple reports that migrants are being released in hidalgo county infected with covid-19, i am calling on federal administration officials to stop releasing these migrants into our community. title 42 already mandates that migrants be deported during a pandemic but the by the administration has made exceptions for kids and families. remember, migrants allowed into the u.s. with covid are on their own, there is no oversight, hence the restaurant incidents. here is la jolla police just moments ago.
5:40 pm
>> we did not know this, no one told the city of la jolla, no one told the police department that these people were here. no one told us these people were possibly ill. >> no one told them, the migrants tested by enforcement, 8.2% were positive. the lockdowns began and it's notable axios is reporting 50,000 migrants have been released into the u.s. without court dates and told to report to various offices so far, 13% have shown up. >> tucker: amazing. trace gallagher, thanks so much for that. if you have concerns that the u.s. intel agencies that are vast and very powerful can listen to anything they want to include in private communications are out of
5:41 pm
control and operating in effect as their own countries, you will be reassured by people within washington washington that actually the constitution gives them oversight in the form of the congress, the congress oversees the intel agencies and they do it through a committee in the house and a committee in the senate, the intelligence communities. take a close look at who sits on those committees. in the house, the house intelligence committee has a man called eric swalwell, a member of congress who we know has had sex with a chinese spy, and yet he remains on the intel community. does that shake your faith a little bit? it turns out according to new reporting from breitbart news that there is a classified report that describes in some detail, apparently, eric swalwell's relationship with that chinese spy but it remains classified, the biden administration will reveal it. alex marlow is the editor in chief of breitbart news, he joins us tonight with this story. thanks so much for coming on and
5:42 pm
congratulations on breaking this story. eric swalwell had sex with a chinese spy, that is not speculation, that is known. apparently the u.s. intel agencies know it. they have a classified report on him, where does this leave us? >> last night, matt boyle our political editor for breitbart news broke what are pretty explosive details about not just his sex life but the way our house intelligence committee is compromised. we knew she was infiltrating operations within the united states, various offices and having relationships with up-and-coming politicians before she abruptly left the country a few years ago and we knew she had an intimate relationship with him, now apparently we do. as of now, swallwell hasn't denied this is deep penetration by the chinese government.
5:43 pm
>> we directly asked him to come on and comment on this, it sets up a very uncomfortable and bad dynamic, if i'm your boss but you have information on my weird proclivities, i'm not really your boss anymore, you have power over me and that's what it looks like here -- the intel world knows the details of his sexual relationship with a chinese spy that he supposed to be overseeing them? that is not the way it's supposed to work, is that? >> is in the russian word for that kompromat? the only reason to know is to keep this report secret and classified as protect his feelings. the chair of the community has covered for swalwell the entire time, this is a deeply compromised individual and we don't know the extent to which he's been compromised or if there are other spies out there? >> tucker: are there other members of the intel communities who have had sex with chinese
5:44 pm
spies? >> they won't come clean with us who is on these committees and how much detail is not just our own intelligence agencies and we stumbled upon this story but how much information to people like known communists spies have about our congresspeople? >> tucker: the fight administration should declassify this immediately to restore faith in the system which is rapidly ending. alex marlow, i appreciate you coming on tonight thank you for the report. >> tucker: if you read twitter, you'll see some of our pentagon leaders on their expressing their political opinions and if you disagree with them, they will accuse you of working for vladimir putin. how does that make them any different from msnbc hosts? we will consider that next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: as many times as we say it out loud, it's pretty unbelievable that eric swalwell, a member of the house intel committee had sex with a chinese spy called fang fang. it's remarkable patrick donahoe is a major general in the u.s. army. he's a general but he doesn't seem as interested in keeping the country safe as he does in promoting a very specific political point of view, he spends most of his time apparently online harassing political opponents of the biden administration. last week, he was lecturing a student at hillsdale college on the merits of mandatory vaccines. come get your boy he built, that
5:51 pm
guy is really a general? that's one another user asked how many wars have you won? rather than ask that question honestly, the answer is zero, he responded this way -- "don't be a shill for putin." here you have a major general in the u.s. army accusing apparently an american citizen of being a shill for putin because that person criticized joe biden. are you comfortable with that? i highly politicized u.s. military, a military that acts as the armed enforcers of the biden administration? you shouldn't be comfortable with that spirit and ned orion's founder and ceo of american majority. i can't help thinking -- you think of all the guys who joined the u.s. military because they love america and they want to defend the country and were endlessly grateful for their real sacrifice, it's a cliche but it's true, they do sacrifice in a big way. and they have leaders like this who spend their days on twitter:
5:52 pm
people prudent putins because they disagree with joe biden, why is this guy still commanding anyone, why has he not resigned? >> i think the left has yet again been successful against another long march to the cedar leadership were military, i don't think it should be that surprising, one of the senior officers have gotten advanced degrees from indoctrination centers of higher learning like harvard or columbia and a lot of them got their start i think if we were to look back in the obama administration where they got advancement, not necessarily through merit, how good are you at tactics and how good are you at killing and destroying, how good are you at parroting the left's talking points? even more so it appears this general donahoe thinks he will win praise and advancement by attacking conservative populace. we have gotten to this point were a major general in the military who looks at attacking a private citizen's right to
5:53 pm
speech which includes a right to dissent is that with the right thing to do instead of extending their constitutional rights to be able to have freedom of dissent. i think conservatives need to have adjustment in their thinking and a start to look at the world in a different filter in which the doj and the fbi and quite frankly the military which are supposed to defend the rule of law and protect americans basic rights are no longer doing that for basically acting as a praetorian guard for the ruling class, the ministry of state which is a very dangerous place not only domestically but also on the international level as well. >> tucker: i don't understand why republicans in the congress, why mitch mcconnell or adam kinzinger or liz cheney, why don't they sign off of the military budget? i want to defend the country but patrick donahoe has to leave fort benning and resign, why doesn't somebody say that?
5:54 pm
>> republicans have lost sight of the fact they do have oversight, they have lost the guts and lost the courage to do so in which chris wray and donahoes, they have politicized military and the fbi, they continue to do these things because i think they can get away with it and it's simply a lack of political courage by republicans in d.c. who would rather posture and ascendant sharply worded letters instead of actually doing something by cutting budgets and having real consequences. >> tucker: i feel so sorry for people who serve under him, he should resign immediately and thanks for coming on, ned ryan, thank you. it's been a huge news day, we will be back in just a moment. and you need it here. and here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean is now helping the places you go every day too.
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>> tucker: we told you what that lunatic general at fort benning was screaming at people on twitter and accusing people of being foreign agents. our friend laura ingraham went one step further and reported up the story, she found the guy he was parading, she will be talking to him tonight on her show, good for her.
6:00 pm
brand-new episode of tucker carlson originals out on thursday, documentary series we think is worth watching. the episode is called the illegal invasion, shot right on the border. on that note, we are going to head over to our own sean hannity who stands by to take over the 9:00 p.m. program, high, sean. if. if >> sean: welcome hannity." the cdc's credit is in the toilet and circling the drain with the american people and what is another policy reversal, the cdc is now recommending that i'm vaccinated vaccinated americans wear masks indefinitely come also demanding that children of all ages wear masks in school indefinitely and biden meanwhile is loading vaccine mandates and new lockdowns for federal employees. we will explain all of this


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