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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  July 27, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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show trial of the capitol riot in an attempt to label all 75 million trump voters as enemies of the state. >> bret: all right, jonah, quickly. >> in response to the new mask mandate, california governor gavin newsom books lavish kinner at french laundry. >> bret: all right. that's it for us. fair, balanced and up be afraid. tammy bruce is up next. hey, tammy. >> tammy: hi there, bret. appreciate it. welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm tammy bruce. ♪ ♪ >> tammy: and tonight, we broaden our indictment of the biden agenda and expose institutional corruption across seemingly every corner of our government. our justice system and, of course, the tin foil hat media smear merchants on hit on all of it, including exclusive reaction with senator john kennedy. it's all come up. make no mistake, the corruption seemingly in every agency and throughout the swamp leads to breakdowns in society itself.
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manifesting in surging unrelenting crime. malaise, hopelessness, and even anger. tonight we expose the growing rot inside the fbi. remember the fbi? remember that once esteemed law enforcement institution that tried to tell us that justice was blind and that justice would seek the truth and treat everyone equal under the law? yeah, whatever version of that fbi that may have once existed it exists no more. and has been replaced with a cabal of entrenched washington operatives committed to carrying out the bidding of democrats, the deep state, and committed to demolishing anyone who gets in their way, not that i have an opinion, right? as we now have growing evidence that is the fbi itself who are inciting that which they claim to be preventing. for example, we recently learned that of the 14 beam indicted in the plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer, at least five were working as informs for the fbi. was this more sting or set-up. and, of course, at the explosive
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revelations we already know surrounding the fisa abuse scandal and years long russia hoax that sought to undermine the trump presidency. take a less partisan example. recent findings fromment department of justice inspector general concluded that the fbi disregarded complaints of sexual abuse against former u.s.a. gymnastic physician larry nassar and where exactly are the fbi's priorities? that agency and many others seem to have been weaponized against the american people and its perceived political opponents. as senator rand paul points out, where is the effort to find and prosecute the mob that attacked him and his wife after the republican convention last summer? quote: the fbi arrested exactly zero of the mob who attacked my wife and me. meanwhile, every day the fbi arrests anybody and everybody who came to d.c. on january 6th. double standard? you bet. and it's not just the fbi. what about effort by health
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officials inside multiple government agencies, including the nih, to down play evidence that the virus came from the wuhan lab? and dr. fauci's refusal to be honest about whether or not the nih funded gain of function research. and now we have breaking news revealing that the french warned obama state department in 2015 about the chinese communist party and their nefarious activities at the wuhan lab. we'll have more on that explosive report about what obama-biden knew and when they knew it later on in the show. all of this happens while cities across the country are experiencing crime surges. far left district attorneys making it clear that crimes like theft, property destruction, and others will go unpunished. taking away the power of police for even the most basic enforcement. combine that with no cash bail, calls to, quote: reimagine public safety, and turning away from the rioting and looting. and you have a perfect storm for
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a breakdown of society. the latest of so many victims in deep blue cities now former senator barbara boxer was attacked and robbed in oakland, california. something legacy media is trying very hard to ignore. why? because it requires admitting the fact that under democrat rule crime and chaos are ruling great american cities. suddenly as the nation faces crisis after crisis brought about insane democrat policies, we're told covid is back. be afraid again. put the mask on again. subrogate, subrogate, most of all, be afraid. that's right the cdc has reversed itself issuing guidance for renewed mask-wearing. even by the vaccinated. none of this makes any sense unless you are desperate to distract the public from a nation on fire with inflation, chaos, murders and open borders. and a president whose biggest decision during the day is what type of ice cream to eat.
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yes, democrats are launching attacks on every part of our civilized structure. i contend all in an effort to keep you from looking at the anarchy, the lawlessness and destruction disending on this country. if bringing back covid hysteria doesn't do the trick, they will rely on january 6th. the house committee to label former president trump and all of his supporters a national security threat. all morning, members of nancy pelosi's partisan commission made a solemn promise to ask the probing questions and get to the truth. >> making sure that we get to the bottom of everything that went on. >> and to get answers for the american people we do need to get to the bottom of who incited, who brought those people here. >> well, now, that last response is arguably most telling. because everyone taking part in today's proceedings have already made up their mind about who incited the riot. democrats don't need a
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commission to blame donald trump for january 6th. this already happened. if they really wanted the truth, they would ask questions like who killed ashley babbitt? what was the fbi's role in the riot? and what did nancy pelosi know and when did she know it? but instead we get scenes like this. >> will you guys held. [crying] democracies are not defined by our bad days. we're defined by how we come back from bad days. how we take accountability for that. >> god help us. but i have faith because of folks like you. and adam i didn't think this would be quite so emotional it must be an adam thing today. >> tammy: wow, so this is not an investigation. this is a struggle session.
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straight out of move's playbook. this is propaganda. look at what katie benner, the "new york times" justice reporter, justice department reporter i think tweeted in part about what she calls a national security crisis. laying bear the narrative and agenda of the kangaroo court unfolding in the house. this dilemma was unresolved by the russia probe and two people impeachments in other words one last chance for democrats to take a swing at donald trump hoping against hope that their efforts keep him far away from the 2024 election. this agenda is dangerous. it's diabolical and destructive and all staring us right in the face. joining us now for reaction senator john kerry -- john kennedy, excuse of louisiana. thank you, sir, for joining me. clearly today was -- it was an assault on 57 million americans i think it was meant to be and last swing at donald trump. what's your take away from all
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of this? >> tammy, i don't -- i don't hate anybody. and i try to look for grace wherever i can find it as to speaker pelosi's january 6th commission, i guess it comes down to would you buy a used car from speaker pelosi? i mean, that's what this is all about. isn't it? speaker pelosi says that her commission is a nonpartisan search for the truth. i don't believe that. just about everybody i have met in washington, d.c. is partisan speaker pelosi is the most partisan of them all. if partisanship were an olympic sport, she would take home the gold. of she has said repeatedly what she thinks. she stacked the deck of this
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commission. i think she put 8 democrats or seven democrats and congresswoman cheney on the commission. and i think six or five republicans and she rejected some of mr. mccarthy's choices. i think that what speaker pelosi plans to do is give the republican party, not just president trump, but the republican party a fair and impartial firing squad. i think that she. >> tammy: looks like it. >> i think she is planning to, as she has in the past. to try to equate the atrocities and they were atrocities of january 6th, with the entire population of people who didn't vote for biden. most of whom are republicans. >> tammy: i think you are absolutely right. and everyone on the democrat side is missing that irony that they are complaining about an
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assault on democracy and here they are using taxpayer dollars campaigning propaganda to demonize and smear half of the american population when already there is violence in this country, when this is a figure of maybe they can get more votes. i want you to listen to a, if you could, sir, some sound from a cbs news conversation, a contributor about his reaction to the olympics and comparing his trouble with it to january 6th. let's listen. >> my favorite part of the olympics is always the opening ceremony. then i just realized man, particularly after these last four years i had it wrong. nationalism is not good. we have seen the rise of white nationalism. nationalism is not good. and, also, this whole idea, i keep thinking back on the capitol riots, and i saw a lot of, you know, u.s. flags. >> right. >> so now when i see the flag it's like raised, wait, what america am i living in? >> tammy: doesn't that sound,
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sir, this is creating an environment and mentality that i think what the democrats want which is one that rejects america, one that looks at your neighbor suspiciously, that your neighbors are the problem. that people who don't think like you are the problem, it worries me. does it worry you? >> well, of course. america is not perfect. but america is good. more than that, america is the freest country in all human history. america is the wealthiest country in all the human history. america is the most powerful country in the all of human history and greatest country in all of human history. we are not perfect but we are good. and many of my democratic friends, not all of them, but many of them seem to hate it. they think that america was, when it was founded. and it's more even more wicked in their judgment today. they think that the america is
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racist misogynistic and that everybody who doesn't think the way that they think is -- is ignorant. >> tammy: that is really it seems, sir, that seems to be the message of anyone who recognizes this charade for what it is and shame on representative cheney and kinzinger for participating. just shameful on both of them. sir, thank you very much for joining me tonight. i appreciate it. got a lot of work coming up. now, coming up on "fox news primetime," the masks are back whether you are vaxxed or not. the cdc said they are following the science but are they? but, first, a former senator attacked in broad daylight, why the lawlessness in blue cities can no longer be ignored. ♪ ♪ insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> tammy: as major u.s. cities are rocked by violence in crime. yesterday former california senator barbara boxer was attacked and robbed outside of her apartment. claudia cowan is here with more. claudia? >> good evening, that's right. the retired senator is talking about the attack that happened. yesterday she said it was a very scary attack and really shook her up. she is thankful she was not seriously hurt. you mentioned it happened yesterday afternoon in broad daylight right along oakland's waterfront where boxer has an apartment. she was walking alone and talking on her cell phone. she told fox affiliate ktvu she was approached by a young man who got out of a black sedan. she says he pushed her down and grabbed her phone and jumped back in the car and the driver sped off. >> high my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking and i was glad i was on my feet. it's nerve-racking but all is
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well and i just -- i feel bad because i love this town. >> it's a town fighting more violence with fewer resources. the city council just cut $17 million from the police department's budget while so far this year robberies are up former president donald trump used the attack to slam boxer's party and defund the police movement. in a statement he called out the leaders of new york, detroit and san francisco saying these cities have become a, quote, paradise for criminals because of democrats. the 80-year-old boxer pushed back telling the "l.a. times" that that narrative is, quote, a false flag. she says democrats want better policing and more resources to deal with incidents when they happen. oakland police are investigating this incident. they are looking for the two assailants in that black sedan that they say may have also been used in several other vehicle break-ins in that same area at
4:20 pm
right around the same time. police are also offering a $2,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. tammy? >> tammy: all right, thank you, claudia, if that's what the democrats are doing they are failing and i think she knows that and now oakland, california is not. the only city feeling the impacts of the defund the police movement as the fight for funding now rantle in austin, texas, the capital of the lone star state. casey stegall fox news senior correspondent joins us with the full story. casey? >> yeah, tammy, good evening. imagine calling 911 if you are witnessing a violent crime here in austin. the average wait time for an officer to get to you is about nine minutes. and experts say it's even longer than that for their partner to arrive and those could be precious minutes wasted. that is because there is such a shortage of officers out on the street. 150 vacancies, in fact, across the department. the murder rate in austin 96% according to the data from
4:21 pm
june 2020 until now. many argue this is all from the fallout last august when the city council here slashed the police budget by $21.5 million and another 128 million was diverted to other city departments. >> we have got to do more. we have got catch up. and we have to make, you know, evidence-based public policy decisions that keep the community safe and not be reactionary and reckless. >> now, pro-law enforcement groups are begging the city council to reinvest that money for next year's budget you, which is being considered this week; however, supporters of defunding the police say the stats that we're reporting well they're being manipulated to scare people. >> fear-mongering is not the danger. and there is no data to support the idea that police prevent violent crime. there is no data to support that. >> many would argue that is not
4:22 pm
the case but the texas governor, by the way, has signed legislation since to prevent other cities or municipalities from slashing or reallocating any law enforcement budget moving forward. tammy? >> tammy: all right, thank you, casey, yes, of course. it shouldn't surprise anyone even democrats don't want crime. it's not acceptable. it's not what anyone votes for. unfortunately this crime epidemic is not contained to just one or two cities as across the nation we have, of course, seeing violent surge in the streets. let's turn now to chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher with more. trace? >> tammy, when people talk about 2020 the will covid and crime daily riots and riots that dominated the news cycle yet the violence in 2020 pails in comparison to 2021. here is a sample los angeles county homicides this year are up 111%. philadelphia homicides up 31%. portland homicides up 327%.
4:23 pm
and it's not just the major cities. albuquerque homicides up 90%. austin up 96%. and louisville, kentucky up 52%. we did not mention chicago, which has become its own separate war zone. this weekend alone, 70 people were shot. 12 of them fatally. the chicago police superintendent says many things are to blame, but the courts lead the list. watch. >> county courts hold people in jail who are violent, who have been arrested, who have been charged with murder? murder. i don't think there is another city in this country releasing people charged with murder back into the community on electronic monitoring. >> while shootings and homicides make headlines, look at this beat down in brooklyn where a 68-year-old man riding a rental bike was attacked by a suspect who first demanded the man's property and when the victim refused, punched and kicked the man at least 10 times, breaking his nose and wrist.
4:24 pm
the suspect then stole the man's cell phone and neck las. and in queens, new york, an off duty firefighter walking his dog was attacked by a mob of up to 100 teens who apparently yelled that it was fight night before targeting the firefighter who was then beaten and hit in the head with a bottle. luckily an ambulance just happened to be in the area and pulled up scaring the teens away and no surprise, nobody was arrested. tammy? >> tammy: wow, thank you, trace. now, joining me now to break it all down, host of the just listen to yourself podcast, kiera davis. kiera, i know you and it's great to see you. obviously, the series of news reports is shocking and it's not normal. this is not normally happening. it's not what the american people want. it's not what anybody of any economic frame would want. any color, any sexual orientation, party, partisanship. it's madness. you're in california.
4:25 pm
i'm a native californian, but we see with those stats trace gave us it's across the country. give me your take on the nature of how this is getting worse? the impact impact on the country but also what we need to do about it. >> yeah, well, obviously, this is happening for a number of reasons. this is a combination of things, right, tammy? it is defund the police. anybody who says there is no proof that police prevent violent crime, get rid of the police in your neighborhood, dude, and see how that works out for violent crime in your neighborhood. that's like saying no proof water is wet. it's absolutely -- it's insane the length that these people are going to go to to deny this very real problem. the other thing is that for over a year we have been ignoring violent protesters in the streets. in fact, hailing them. they paid no price for what they have done in our cities across america since 2020. so there is that. there is also the language coming from the left right now which is very violent. i mean, if you want to talk to
4:26 pm
the left accusing the right of violent language. well, the left is talking about trying to eliminate half the country or eliminate people that don't want to get vaccines. we are in a toxic culture right now. and that is what we are seeing. here in the state of california, you know, barbara boxer, i'm sure she was shaken up and thank god that she was okay. but, do you know what? there are people that live this reality in california every single day and she has not a word of sympathy for them. she has not a care for them. meanwhile, we are left to the wolves by ourselves, our police being defunded, our ability to defend ourselves with weapons being taken away. with this law and that law. it's complete chaos. in california and blue cities across the country and we can place this squarely at the feet of the left. >> tammy: excellent point all across the board. look, barbara boxer will have enough money to have security next time she leaves her apartment and the wish fantasy of the left places all the normals certainly more at risk. great stuff. where can people get your
4:27 pm
podcast by the way. >> you can find just listen to yourself with kira davis wherever you find your podcast. >> tammy: internationally famous. great perspective. up next, masks for you, masks for your kids. the cdc issuing new guidance on public masks and, trust me, you will be affected. ♪ ♪ (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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♪ >> in areas with substantial and high transmission, cdc recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks in public, indoor settings, to help prevent the spread of the delta variant and protect others. this includes schools. cdc recommends that everyone in k through 12 schools wear a mask indoors. we continue to follow the science closely and update the guidance should the science shift again.
4:33 pm
>> tammy: wow, so where do you think the science will shift next? towards more restrictions or less? i think you know the answer. in the meantime, the masks are back for you, your kids, the cdc recommending that everyone mask up indoors whether you are vaccinated or not. cdc director rochelle wolenski also imploring americans to get their shots saying that those who get the vaccine are incredibly unlikely to get seriously ill or transmit covid and the delta variant but, wait, that raises a whole different set of questions, take it away, peter. >> do vaccines work, which this science says that they do, then why do people who have had the vaccine need to now wear masks? >> because the public health leaders in our administration have made the determination based on data that that is a way to make sure they're protected, their loved ones are protected. >> tammy: oh, right so the classic because i said. so for those of you who have
4:34 pm
vaccinated joe biden has a message to you. >> only one thing we know for sure if those other 100 million people got vaccinated we would be in a very different world. so get vaccinated. if you haven't, you are not nearly as smart as i said you were. >> tammy: there you go. joining me now florida congressman byron donalds in this twilight zone era we are living in. sir, what is your take on this what we just heard. >> i don't even know what is going on in america today. if you have been vaccinated you are protected from covid-19. even in the event that you contract covid-19 again, the symptoms are far more mild than they were originally. so why are we making vaccinated people mask? that doesn't make any sense. here's the second thing we should be taking a look at, tammy. if you are somebody who has already had covid-19 but you did not get vaccinated, are you the population of people that's now having to be hospitalized? we don't know that information. cdc won't release that information yet. they should put that information out so we understand how to really gauge this but to tell
4:35 pm
people who went and got the shot in the arm that they got to put a mask on now, makes no sense at all. you are actually creating more vaccine hesitancy, not less. >> tammy: you know, great point. actually, i think it was kaitlin collins from another network who actually asked the question what is the science you are using to do this? and it's -- do we have the sound on that? do we have her asking? all right, well, this is about, you know, about the veeptions vs and what steps they were using the jen psaki answer was we are still looking at it so it goes to your point that strangly enough we never seem to get the numbers from these people. >> listen, let me help jen psaki and everybody at the white house. the number one thing we needed to do with respect to covid-19 was make sure that the vulnerable population has been vaccinated. in my state of florida 85% of sowniers, people over the age 665 have been vaccinated. across the country the number looks more like 75%. people who have long-term other
4:36 pm
health conditions, other health abnormalities they probably need to go get vaccinated. i hope they go do that now if you are talking to people between the ages of 12 to 64, that's a very different argument all together because the science clearly states that the vulnerability of your body to die from covid-19 is significantly less than if you are one of the risk categories. that's the science. we should keep our focus there. what this white house should be doing is promoting vaccines because they actually do work and helping people get all the information that they need in order to make that personal decision for themselves. going to another round of mask mandates is not the solution. it's going to create more problems than it is going to sol problems. >> tammy: yeah. i have to say, sir. i love that you are in washington, you are one of the few good guys and i hope to see you in other offices coming up soon in the years to many do. thanks for joining me here tonight. now, also here tonight "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth to give us a larger
4:37 pm
perspective. >> pete: hi, tammy. >> tammy: this new guidance affects all of us, of course. you have a bunch of kid, americans care about their closest loved ones. and, yet, here we have got an order that is frankly going to compel some people to not get the vaccine because of this distrust that continues. i got the vaccine in certain ways it's like if i could give it back at this point. you know, because what do you think the impact of all of this is going to have? >> pete: it's because the last six months have been dizzying, tammy. we went in the last six months we have gone from the vaccine is going to end covid-19 pandemic to you can still get covid even if you are vaccinated, then to you can still pass covid on to others if you are vaccinated. then you still might die or at risk if you are vaccinated. now we are at the point saying the unvaccinated are killing the vaccinated. you can't keep up with the so-called science that they are using as justification to put us back in masks. and my wife and i were sitting
4:38 pm
on the porch just 30 minutes ago talking about the reality that our kids could be walking back into school next year wearing masks. four our decision is we are not going to tolerate that and a lot of the americans won't tolerate that the science isn't there for kids. the teachers are vaccinated. they are protected but status can't resist. vaccine passports like europe is doing. we will never do that or punish everyone. and that's what we are seeing right now. everyone mask back up. >> tammy: what you said though first, which was true, which is the vaccinations will stop this. it is doing so. in addition to the people who have the natural antibodies. that's happening. >> pete: yes. >> tammy: this is actually working. the president, what do you make of him saying that it's a personal attack? if you are unvaccinated you are not as smart as i thought you were. is this what we have declined into? >> pete: of course it is. did they think shaming people is what is going to work? if you want people to get vaccinated, convince them based on the evidence you have
4:39 pm
provided to them. don't shame them, wag your finger at them. that's never worked for americans. if anything, it creates the backlash of well, if you are going to force me to too it then i'm probably not going to. present the information to me and how it makes my life better. the reality is the delta variant is less deadly it may be more transmissible but thank goodness it's not as deadly as earlier strains. we should be just encouraging vaccinations and giving information and leaving it there. >> tammy: and that requires -- it requires respect for the american people. it requires respect for this audience that we know what's going on. we have dealt with it for a year and a half. that is the dynamic. there is no respect for the american people. it's clear and we have got to have legitimacy with the government and trust in order for all of us to get through this together. >> pete: great way to put it. >> tammy: thank you very much for being with me tonight. >> all right, tammy. >> tammy: missed warning, why obama state department ignored a dire alert about the wuhan institute of virology back in
4:40 pm
2015. that and more next on "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪
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♪ >> tammy: as china fights an investigation into covid's origins it appears there were warning signs in wuhan all along of the obama state department just chose to ignore them. in 2015, after partnering with china, french intelligence alerted the u.s. to suspicions about the wuhan institute and by 2017, france was kicked out of the lab all together raising concerns about china's true motivation. so did the u.s. take heed and cut ties with wuhan? of course not. instead, nih continued funding the institute to the tune of $1.1 million over 10 years. former covid investigator david asher did not mince words when detailing what china was really after saying the chinese basically state into its honey pot operation to gain access to u.s. technology, knowledge and material support. so, why did the u.s. ignore these early signs of trouble in wuhan? joining me now are w.h.o. adviser jamie metzl and former state department spokesperson
4:46 pm
morgan ortagus. hi, morgan. >> hi. >> tammy: let me start with you, jamie. it wasn't just a vegas concern -- vagueconcern was it. they were worried about the potential of what was happening in that lab really meant. their intelligence services were shocked and concerned. tell us more about what was going on. >> there were warning signs. the french government worked with the chinese to build the wuhan institute of virology. and the idea was to have a world class virology institute with a lot of french activity there. and the french thought and there was a division between the french government and french intelligence but the french government thought that would be a way to foster collaboration, to understand more about potential pathogen nic outbreaks coming outs of china. then when china built with the french support the institute, they essentially kicked out the french. that was a concern for france. they relayed that information to the united states. and certainly there were a lot of warning signs.
4:47 pm
it's easier to pick them up now than then but there were a lot of warning signs and i think we need to ask tough questions about ourselves, china about france for everybody to dig and understand how this terrible crisis began. >> tammy: obviously the monday morning quarterbacking is always easier but china has never had a history of being the fabulous, wonderful free country that everyone can trust. wouldn't you say though that it makes sense that the french would want to at least be around while the chinese were doing something like this, correct? >> oh, absolutely. the chinese communist party is horrific governments under the world. under move close to 50 million people died unnecessarily. there are all kinds of terrible things happening then and now in tibet, in gin jong and the south china sea. we shouldn't have any trust in the chinese government having said that, there are areas like climate change, like pandemics where we need to cooperate and
4:48 pm
collaborate and the trick is to find out well, with very little trust, how can we collaborate in areas where we must for the common good? >> tammy: yes, exactly. it's a nonpartisan issue. all of us are affected the same here. you have got genocidal government a remarkable dynamic. you were at the state department coming n '16, what did you see there? it's difficult because we had four years of donald trump this dynamic continued on. what was your experience? >> yes. i came into the state department in early 2019. but i will tell you, tammy, is that the chinese communist party behaved in the wuhan lab exactly the way that they have always behaved and the way that we should expect them to behave. as jamie pointed out, they kicked these french scientists, researchers out. they were there to ensure that it was a level 4 biosafety lab. they were there to ensure the design, the the technical buildout and the chinese basically said nope, we are not
4:49 pm
allowing any foreigners in, no scientists. this, by the way, continued into the trump administration where you saw the nih funded this lab. there were u.s. aid grants that went to third parties. >> tammy: morgan, wouldn't it be fair to say that the bureaucracy that was handling all of this simply continued rolling on eryp until the pandemic? >> well, one of the things that we did, tammy, under mike pompeo at the state department is we started taking a very, very critical look at every activity that we were engaged with the chinese communist party. and the scientific parts of our government should have been doing that as well knowing their behavior. so we looked at things like university campuses. right? people that are doing business in gin jong. no one was talking about forced labor. jamie just talked about the genocide. no one was pressuring american companies not to do business there until we really took that on at the state department. >> tammy: great point. >> in every place where there is a u.n. election mike pompeo said to the team we are going to map
4:50 pm
out every place where the chinese are trying to take control of these international organization was and we're going to compete to win. unfortunately, the scientific community, that part of the united states government, should have been doing what mike pompeo's state department was doing. >> tammy: i will tell you, we have at least a good perspective now about what we must do and the american people are getting educated and clearly things have got to change. both of you, thank you very much for being with me here tonight. now, up next, you know how the russia hoax already revealed the fbi's true colors. if you thought the agency was bad under president trump, imagine how bad and political it is now. ♪ ♪ trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess.
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>> the fbi is under fire after a series of bombshell reports and lawsuits illustrate a history of corrupt predatory behavior within its ranks. the fbi consumed with illicit romances, unwanted
4:56 pm
sexual advances and a frat house like environment but of course that's not all, the fbi has been used as a political weapon as we know against the trump administration and its supporters. look no further than the plot to kidnap gretchen whitmer, that may have never happened without informants. joining us now is a man who served as a former fbi assistant director, denny colson. you have a love for the fbi no doubt like i have a love for this country and most agencies, we see so many things unfolding. we can look at them discreetly as individual dynamics but it looks like there is rot at the core of this, what is your take? >> the rock is at the top, it started with comey, he didn't follow the rules and violated the constitution of my view. if there is no rules at the top,
4:57 pm
why would agents at the bottom in the middle follow rules? i don't necessarily agree with you that it's endemic in the fbi, i worked at the fbi a lot in my business and there is still the same guys and women that we were but there's instances going on right now that we need to address. the real problem for me is lack of courage at the fbi to investigate things they should be addressing and addressing problems. >> we can agree to disagree and you have had more experience in the agency but when we think of something like the larry nassar case. for the head of the indianapolis office and another agent we don't know to look away at serial child abuse for at least a year, at least 70 more girls were assaulted. when the fbi knew it not only didn't start an investigation or issue a report, how do we explain that?
4:58 pm
>> i don't think we do explain it. it's a fact of life, a bad fact of life. the fbi has faced a long history of investigating sexual abuse cases. they do child and go after it with a vengeance. i don't know what's wrong with these guys. you will never get me to apologize for that, they should be going after those cases and frankly not go after cases like that where there is evidence of wrongdoing, that's a felony. you know about criminal conduct and you don't go after it, you're guilty with a crime. >> i think you mentioned at the start, you got the top and it signals downstream the natures of attitudes and also models other agents, what kind of behavior or attitude will be elevated and will be promoted?
4:59 pm
perhaps that is something taking effect? >> i think may be but think about this. we don't follow the rules in this country anymore at all, we are not investigating our border, we are not investigating antifa and blm. we aren't doing that. it's not just the fbi, it's our society, our government doesn't have the courage right now to go after things they should be going after and the first duty of a society's security and we have abandoned that. >> great point, obviously yes, it is affecting all of us and we look more to law enforcement to try to save us in a certain way from ourselves. they are as much a part of ourselves as we are, so it is messaging and dynamic in society as a whole. i think there are enough great people i think you would agree that we will be able to get out of this. we must address it because we too often ignore it, thank you for being with me tonight.
5:00 pm
thanks for watching fox news prime time, i'm tammy bruce, see you tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: did you hear the news today on capitol hill? we did, pretty amazing, will not get to that in just a minute. strong regimes are like strong people, self-confident. admitting honest mistakes does not threaten them, why would it? they can tell the truth


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