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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 27, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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dhs confirming secretary mayorkas will hold virtual events this week after coming in contact with a individual that tested positive for covid-19. news for the head of homeland security today. that is "the story" of july 27. the story goes on. we'll look forward to see you tomorrow at 3:00 and every day at three. "your world" with neil starts right now. >> sandra: you're looking live at the centers for disease control where new mask mandates have just been announced. we will be looking live there in just a moment. the cdc recommending that fully vaccinated people wear masks in certain indoor areas. advises universal masking for schools k-12. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." that new guidance coming as cities like new york, los angeles and st. louis are already implementing new restrictions as the delta variant continues to spread. and the white house saying it
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will abide by those new guidelines. coming up what dr. marty makary makes of the guidelines. first, we go to peter doocy standing by at the white housekeeping track of, this seems to be changing now. peter, what do we know? >> sandra, we know now it's all different. the cdc said on a call earlier this hour that fully vaccinated people have a very low probability of becoming very sick with covid-19. but there's a better chance that they could carry this delta variant and pass it along to someone that is not been vaccinated. so now in high transmission areas in this country, they track it county by county and the counties with the highest transmission they want people wearing masks again regardless of vaccination status that affects people right now during the summer. once it's back to school, it affects everybody that has to go to a school. >> cdc recommends that everyone
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in k-12 schools wear a mask indoors including teachers, staff, students and visitors regardless of vaccination status. >> this is an about-face turn from what the president proudly proclaimed was possible as a result of the way he handled the pandemic. >> if you have been fully vaccinated, yo no longer need to wear a mask. let me repeat. if you're fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. >> if washington becomes a high transmission area as defined by the cdc, white house staffers will go back to masking again and so will president biden even though most people on the white house grounds have been vaccinated. which makes some of the guidance difficult to stay on top of. >> it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated still, why do vaccinated people need to put the mask back on?
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>> peter, first of all, i'd say again to go back to the chart will i will point to again. if you were vaccinated, you're -- you can save your life. >> the cdc director said this is not a decision that she or any of the medical professional there's took lightly. it's definitely a decision that will affect a lot of people, sandra. >> sandra: peter doocy live from the white house. are the latest restrictions warranted? with us fox news medical contributor -- is it needed? do you believe that also to be the case? >> it's good in public health to change guidance. it's good. it should be applauded. because they said something two months ago doesn't mean that they have to stick to it now.
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this is not politics. we're in a bit of unchartered territory. it may be reasonable in areas where there's active outbreaks for those fully vaccinated to wear mask indoors. the problem is when you create a mandate, you politicize something. public health, we very rarely use public policy to force people to do something. you have to be careful when you pull that fire alarm. >> sandra: that's a fair point. i spoke to an infection disease expert in my show this afternoon. you heard a stanford doctor talking to martha at 3:00 eastern time. it seems to be a concern among doctors that i have heard from so far since this new guidance was announced that one of their major concerns is telling vaccinated americans to remask up, that that could be a disincentive for those unvaccinated to then want to go get vaccinated. if they don't see that that
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means that they can remove the mask, perhaps that leads to less people getting the vax. >> yeah, we have to put things in context. i'd love it more people on a bicycle wore a helmet or people stopped smoking. when it comes to those fully vaccinated, less less than 900 deaths out of those fully vaccinated out of 161 million people fully vaccinated in the united states. so your risk of dying once fully vaccinated is so rare it parallels other rare causes of death. we think most of those deaths are people with a special pre-existing condition. where i had an issue in the k-12 group. if they're vaccinated, you're talking about inefficient modalities in kids. that's where there's no data to support what he said. senator marshall pinned them this week. it's clear that they have no idea if any healthy kid has died of covid.
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>> sandra: this is an important point. those children that have been affected by the virus, less than a percent of them have ended up in the hospital. but they're not just saying kids have to be masked when they return to school k-12, all staff, all teachers will have to mask up even if they're vaccinated, dr. makary. >> that's right. you also saw in the announcement today a re-affirming of ignoring natural immunity using the wrong terminology in america. talking about the vaccinated and unvaccinated. when we should be talking about the immune and nonimmune. we're talking about 10 to 20% of adults in america where delta is ripping through. 50% of new cases are coming from rural communities in five states. that's where we're seen low vaccinate rates. that's where the problem is. in areas with low population immunity, we're making policies that affect areas where there's
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high population immunity. >> sandra: time thought, dr. marty. we heard from the cdc director that she has new evidence and new research about those vaccinated and their ability to carry this delta variant and then spread it. how concerned are you about that? >> i think it's a very small contribution to traps mission. it's much lower than influenza. if we use these criteria, we'll be in this state in perpetuity because of influenza. what you heard her say is there's some transmission. if the government wants people to get more vaccine uptake as we all do, they should issue a full approval by the fda for the vaccines. it's abernathy -- absurd. they just did it for a controversial alzheimer drug with no evidence.
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they should do that now to avoid the inconsistent message of telling everyone to take it. >> martha: there's unvaccinated saying they're waiting for the full fda approval. there's people pushing them to do that. dr. makary, thanks. >> thanks. >> sandra: so if you want to go to my next guest's bar, you'll have to show proof of vaccine. tim ober is from san francisco. he joins us now. hello, sir. thanks for joining us, this seems to be your strategy to keep your doors open and keep the brewski flowing. >> for sure, yeah. it's a strategy that we're taking to make sure our guests, our employees and families are being kept safe and also so we can continue to be in operation and not get closed down again. that's why we're taking this policy. >> sandra: that is every business' biggest fear if you survived. certainly you don't want the
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delta variant to wipe you out. that's for sure. how do you do this? somebody shows up there and how do you ask them for proof of vaccine? they have to show their card or -- >> yeah. the way we're doing this is straightforward. it's a bar. you have to show your i.d. to drink inside anyway. now you have to show your covid card. a lot of people have apps to show your covid card on your phone. and also requiring just that you can show a picture of your card if you don't have it on you. >> sandra: what has the response been from your patrons to that request? >> in general, san francisco is very conservative. even since the mask mandates have gone away, everybody wears a mask here still. so in general, the people coming in have appreciated it, that we're taking the efforts and said that they thank us a lot. we still see a lot of people even though they're fully vaccinated to dine outside, still choosing to wear a mask
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outside. with that being said a very small portion of people who are i guess you'd call them anti-vaxers and they're mad at us about the policy. we had one lady that i think it was her intention not to dine but to yell at us about our policy and calling it's fascists. >> sandra: that's positive as a business owner. were you worried about the latest cdc guidance telling certain americans that they have to mask up? >> no. the city of san francisco is enforcing that policy. it's not strict. we've been requiring people to wear masks anyway the last couple weeks. something that we saw coming. it's a good measure to make sure that we stay safe and stay in business longer anyway. i'm not worried about it. >> sandra: our small businesses are the engine of the u.s. economy. wish them well through this. tough to navigate.
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thanks for joining us. thanks. >> yeah. thanks for having me. >> sandra: a potential summer bumfer you're headed to the airport. some planes are having trouble fuelling up and could leave flyers down and out. more ahis.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. some big earnings just out as s&p 500 companies continue to report their quarterly earnings. 90% have beat estimates. microsoft's earnings are just out and came in $2.17 a share beating estimates that were less than $2. revenues beating forecasts coming in at just over $46 billion. while the stock was down in today's trading session, it takes a further tumble after the earnings were announced. now down about 2% in after hours trading. so we're watching it. some cases sometimes even beating estimates isn't enough for the expectations for some of these companies. it has called for improvements to linkedin, job markets, other services. their going to hold their
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earnings call in a little bit. microsoft beating expectations on wall street. it's pumping out the green and you keep paying more green. the federal reserve in the middle of a two-day policy meeting. our next guest is worried that the central bank putting billions in the economy, inflation will be more than a temporary rip. pat toomey is here. thanks for joining us. what is your biggest concern as americans are clearly, at least for now, paying a lot more for everyday items in our lives. >> yeah, we sure are. prices are up more than they've been in a very, very long time. inflation is here. it's real. you know, an an annualized basis, the first six months, inflation ran over 7%. that is painful. that's a lot higher than the rate at which people's wages are growing.
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so people are falling further behind. my worry is that despite this very strong growth, despite this tremendous recovery in employment and really every major economic data point, the fed keeps pumping money into the economy as though we were in the depths of a severe recession. we are not. money supply has grown so much and, you know, too many dollars chasing too few goods is the recipe for inflation. i'm also worried the fed has put themselves in a position where it almost has to wait too long. they said it's transitory and they will tolerate inflation above 2%. how do you know something is transitory once it's ended, right? you have to wait to see if it ends. by then, the genie could be out of the bottle. i'm concerned about where the fed has position itself. >> sandra: the administration has said the higher prices are only temporary, they do point to wages going up as a positive
1:18 pm
sign for the economy. but if we're making more money and spending more money, it crosses each other out and doesn't do any good. the prices in our every day lives going up like food and fuel, we're also talking a lot about the real estate market. everyone across america with look around as homeowners and say there's a real estate boom happening. the price of their own home has gone up substantially. the stock market is clearly booming. so one has to ask themselves, why does the fed continue to pump all of this money into a system and has this free money environment and see this happen something are you concerned we're looking at a housing or stock market bubble, sir? >> you know, i hate to use the word "bubble" but there's no doubt in my mind that the tremendous rise in asset prices across all kinds of categories, commodities, real estate,
1:19 pm
stocks, other categories, it's certainly related to the massive amount of money that the fed is pumps into the economy. housing is a great example. if you have a house, feels good. the house is worth more. what if you don't? what if you're looking at being a first-time home buyer and they discovered prices were up 24%? 24% over the previous year. nobody has wage increases of 24%. despite that, the fed is still buying mortgage backed securities which drives down the cost of mortgages and drive up the price of real estate. >> sandra: for so many americans, their home is their largest asset. want to ask you about this new cdc guidance. the guidance for some americans to mask up if they're in areas where there's a high infection rate or a low vaccination rate in some cases.
1:20 pm
senator, nobody wants to go backwards here. it's painful to think about it. in some cases, the cdc says that that will be necessary. what is your concern with this new guidance as it pertains to the economy and possible shutdown? >> what my concern is, what do we know about the vaccine? we know if you've been vaccinated, virtually zero chance that you'll die or get -- a small chance you might test positive but you won't get seriously ill. therefore to require people that have been vaccinated to also wear a mask, that undermines the most important goal, which is more people getting vaccinated. we need as many people as possible to get vaccinated. if the message is after being vaccinated you have to wear a mask, we'll discourage progress on vaccinations. so i'm not at all sold by this idea that vaccinated people should have to wear masks.
1:21 pm
>> sandra: we've spoken with several doctors that have shared with that concern about this disincentive to mask up. do you see possible shut downs in the future based on the delta variant? >> i hope that. that would be a terrible mistake. we shouldn't have done the shut downs anything like we did last year. at least then we didn't know better, not initially. no, there's no justification important repeating that mistake. >> sandra: senator pat toomey from pennsylvania. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: the senate committee on the january 6 riot holding their first hearing today. so was it productive or part shan? we've got fair and balanced coverage coming up. the migrant surge showing no signs of letting up. now covid concerns are heating up after this. as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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>> sandra: we're moments away from finding out apple's
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you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> sandra: the migrant surge continues and worries of covid spreading. 87 agents reportedly testing positive for covid-19. so how concerning is this? border patrol union president brandon judge joins us now to discuss. welcome. thanks for being here. this is a story that has been coming on for quite some time. as all of these migrants surge over the border, we don't know their health status. so can we -- do we have hard numbers as to how many of these migrants are actually bringing covid to the united states? >> we don't have hard numbers. nor are we going to get hard numbers, this should be a story to scare every single american in the country.
1:27 pm
the front-line agents like myself are dealing with these illegal immigrants and we're exposing ourselves. worse is once we let them go, one without testing them to see if they have could i individual and we're releasing them to ngos that we don't know what they're doing and being released to the population. if our agents have covid, it stands to concern that american it is citizens will get covid. >> sandra: why do you believe there's not more urgency put on the crisis at the southern border? not more urgency on the covid that is coming across our border? when you see such urgency placed on like the new cdc guidance on stopping the spread of this virus? why are they not focusing at the southern border? >> i'm go to point out what i've seen with this administration. they pander to their base.
1:28 pm
they try to appease the people that they think they're going to get out to vote. these people want open borders. because of that, they're not concerned with what is coming across our borders, whether it's drugs, whether it's illicit products, counter fit production and they're not concerned with the diseases coming across the border. what they care more about, they care more about appeasing those individuals that they can get out to vote. >> sandra: i want to bring to your attention something that the la jolla police department. it was sent out as an attention to citizens of la jolla as a public health announcement. this was as a police department officer was waved down by a concerned citizen at a whataburger location in la jolla. the citizen explained to the officer that she observe add family that was not being observant of proper health guy lines. she stated that the family was
1:29 pm
coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and not wearing masks. the officer was told that they wanted the people to leave due to their disregard for people's health. the officer then approached the family, brandon. they approached the family. they were told that they were apprehended by border patrol just days prior and they were released because they were sick with covid-19, brandon. >> this is just another example of the failed policies of this administration. what they didn't do is they didn't take into account what was going to happen down the road. they repealed trump era policies to implement their own and it's having a devastated affect on our community. they don't care as long as the border is open. this is not rocket science. you and i have discussed this at length over the years. we know what needs to be done.
1:30 pm
this administration just does not have the political will to do what is necessary to protect the american public. >> sandra: i should finish off by saying that the officer learned that the family was housed at a texas hotel. they observed a group of 20 to 30 people were out without face masks. talk about the risk that this poses to the citizens of that community. brandon, thanks nor the discussion. thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: the january 6 capitol riot front and center as the house select committee holds their first hearing today. it is who is sitting on that committee that is raising questions. we'll talk to lawmakers about that next. thanks to imbruvica. imbruvica is a prescription medicine for adults with cll or chronic lymphocytic leukemia. it will not work for everyone. imbruvica is the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll,
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1:35 pm
chad pergram has the latest on all of that from the hill for us. hi, chad. >> good afternoon. emotional testimony from the police officers at the hearing today. they're haunted by the harrowing attack saying the sting does not go away. one officer thought there should be consequences for whoever sparked the riot. >> to describe what i wanted and what happened, and hi killed somebody, the hit man goes to jail. not only does the hit man go to jail but the person that hired them. >> the d.c. police officer has nothing but contempt for some lawmakers, the people he was trying to help. >> i feel like i went to hell and back to protect them and the people in this room. too many are now telling me that hell doesn't exist or that hell wasn't that bad. the indifference shown to my
1:36 pm
colleagues is disgraceful. >> jim banks of indiana was one of two members that were bounced. she installed republican adam kinzinger. >> he has a deep hatred of donald trump. that's why he accepted this assignment. >> the gop says they should investigate pelosi because she's in charge of capitol security. the committee could hot another hearing in august. >> republicans crying foul after nancy pelosi appointed the only gop members on that panel. we'll be asking house republican policy committee chairman gary palmer about that. first, pete aguillar joins us now. congressman, welcome. thank you. first of all, what was your biggest take-away from that hearing as we saw day one? >> my take-away is that this was
1:37 pm
just powerful comments from the capitol police officers. two capitol police officers, two washington d.c. metro police officers. they were the last line hoff democracy for us january 6. that i protected us, held the line so we could exercise or constitutional responsibility. so this was an appropriate first hearing for us to hear from them, their experiences, the weapons that were used, the slurs yelled at them that is important context for people to know. these were not peaceful tourists or protests. these were real insurrectionists that set out to do harm. >> sandra: no doubt offers compelling testimony. the video obviously couldn't help by stop and watch and be moved. horrifying from the scenes that played out that day. as you know, many republicans
1:38 pm
not happy with nancy pelosi rejecting the two republican congressmen from sitting on that. where did you stand on that and did you approve of her doing that, ultimately putting liz cheney and adam kinzinger on the committee. >> yes, completely approve of those two members. they'll be guided by the constitution and what the house resolution says, which is we have a responsibility to get to the truth. so other members -- keep in mind, the speaker would have seated three additional other republicans except those were withdrawn. the two individuals that were not allowed to be seated clearly have the former president's interest in mind and they're not guided by the truth. they're not guided by our oath to the constitution. they're guided by their allegiance to one individual. >> sandra: they would disagree with that. to those two republicans that say that nancy pelosi rejected
1:39 pm
those other republican congressmen because she wanted the other two to fit her narrative. to that you say what? >> that's just not true. what we're there to do and you heard it from the questions that members asked, believe me, this is not a bipartisan democrats and republicans. our work will be nonpartisan. you saw that in the questions that we asked. we're going to be guided by fact finding and getting to the truth of what happened january 6 that is the only objective and members were willing to do that, have an opportunity to sit at that table. those that don't want to hang out with insurrectionists, they shouldn't be allowed to do that. >> sandra: it's been put out there that there may be testimony needed from the former president, donald trump himself. do you believe that to be needed? >> we should follow the facts. so we should talk to everyone who had a hand in what happened --
1:40 pm
>> sandra: is that a yes? >> there will be time for this and a work plan. we will ask individuals to speak about the intelligence failures and plenty of opportunity to have conversations about what should testify. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> sandra: we'll circle back with him as this goes on. fair and balanced. want to get to our next guest for his thoughts, house republican, congressman gary palmer. can you respond to what you just heard from your democratic congressman? >> i'm very disappointed to hear congressman aguillar allude to congressman jordan and banks of not upholding their oath. i can't believe any democrat would bring that up. the reason that jordan and banks were left off is because i think they know that jordan would really drill down both on taking this to the -- all the way to
1:41 pm
the top. i heard already the law enforcement, the police officers talking. there was a failure, a failure of leadership. they didn't have the equipment that they needed. they didn't have the perimeter establishand they had actionable intelligence as early as mid december and it wasn't acted on. one of the things this committee needed to find out, this commission, is how far up the ladder that went and didn't get acted on. ultimately speaker pelosi is responsible for the security of the capitol. i want to know what she knew and when she knew it and why they didn't take the actions necessary to protect the capitol. >> martha: you say you believe that banks and jordan would have drilled down to the events that led up to that day to find out why you and other republicans are questioning whether you believe is a lack of preparation for the events that unfolded that day. kevin mccarthy and jim jordan weighed in on that. so if jim jordan was sitting
1:42 pm
there, what are you suggesting his questioning would have led to? >> what they would have brought are serious questions about speaker pelosi's role. the chairman of the commission, put it off limits to ask any questions about the speaker. i don't know how you can have an investigation without having everything left on the table. that's what they were concerned about. jim jordan -- jim is a bulldog. he wouldn't have let it go. if you want to get to what really happened, you have to have everything on the table. we know that there was intelligence. we know it wasn't acted on. there was additional intelligence just three days before the event. they didn't do anything. they could have mobilized the national guard, could have provided helmets and shields and equipment that the capitol
1:43 pm
police officers could have needed. they didn't do anything. >> sandra: you're not taking away from the horrible events that unfolded that day as you heard from the capitol police. one of the rioters called him a traitor, shouting that disgrace. the detailed testimony that we heard today was just awful, some of the things that we saw unfold and heard. shouted to the police officers, the committee chairman, bennie thompson saying some people are trying to denied what happened to white wash it. let's be clear, the rioters that tried to rob us of our democracy were propelled here by a lie. respond to that. >> i have the utmost respect for the capitol police. the people that did what they did on that day are despicable. as you know, sandra, i'm one of the people on the baseball field that morning. i would not be here if it wasn't for the courage and
1:44 pm
professionalism of the capitol police. so i think that the capitol police were not served. their leadership did not serve them well that day. they did not give them the equipment, didn't take the preparations necessary to protect the capitol or the capitol police department. they put not only the capitol at risk but law enforcement officers that have done such a magnificent job with the capitol police at risk as well, again, everything needs to be on the table including questions about speaker pelosi's leadership in this and her failure to act on the intelligence. >> congressman palmer, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, sandra. >> all the price spikes we've been talking about are not stopping americans from buying new apple products. so what is that telling us about this economy?
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it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at >> sandra: choppers still taking a bite out of apple. the tech giant blueing through earnings and including big iphone sales. the stock is little changed in the after hours. what is this telling us about the state of the u.s. economy? let's talk to scott martin. record profits, $1.30 a share.
1:49 pm
record quarter. june record quarter. sales, 194 billion in cash. by the way, tim cook is returning that return to office has been delayed to october and possibly later. so they're doing all this while so many people are still working from home. apple just keeps winning. >> they keep winning like charlie sheen once was, sandra. the numbers are outstanding like you mentioned. i'll throw in another one. record number for iphone sales. 5 billion. ahead in revenue. so the estimates can't even be high enough for apple. yet you made a good point. you know this from your experience in the market. the market is flat. the apple price is flat. the stock price after hours is flat. some of the other companies that came out like google, microsoft are flat as well because these
1:50 pm
are expectations built into this market. be careful if you're buying these stocks. >> sandra: we're all complaining about higher prices of groceries, fuel. certainly not letting the $600 iphone bother us. we're still buying that. what does that say about the state of the economy? >> well, i would love to find a $600 iphone. the last one i bought, this one here was like $1,000. >> sandra: that's true. not everybody gets the latest one. >> the lower models, which every time they do an up great, the other model gets stupider. just do an experiment. walk around and see how many people are glued to their phones. walking around our in their cars driving. it's unbelievable how they're basically an extension of our arms and legs here. the fact is, these are integrated more than ever in our lives. the service revenue, another great number in the earnings report for apple, it was act a
1:51 pm
billion ahead of street expectations. that's the apple music, the arcade, clouds. so sandra, the fact is apple is the biggest part of our lives that we have as far as tech companies go. they're just going to keep crushing it. >> sandra: they crushed it again. apple in grand central. while grand central is empty, there's still a line to get in the apple store there. they stop you if you don't have a mask. they line you up the stairs and people keep buying them. that turned up in the earnings. great to see you. thanks, scott. >> see you. >> sandra: after florida governor ron desantis cut off federal jobless benefits, some unemployed residents are now suing. where does this go next? we'll have that after the break. good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand.
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>> american airlines reportedly warning a fuel shortages nationwide, the company supports of his having a minimal impact on flights and a shortage of fuel trucks and drivers are causing delivery delays. meantime, some jobless florida residents are suing governor ron desantis for cutting off federal unemployment benefits. the governor says the move drove people back into florida's workforce, republican pollster lee carter is here, here to
1:56 pm
weigh in. i will start with the press, there is been hard data back up that in many of these red states and one blue that decided to end these extended federal unemployment benefits that it did see a correlation to people getting back into the workforce. >> i mean, there is evidence to support that for sure. the other thing that i think it's important to note is that the americans really concerned about the extension of an employment benefits, 53% of americans are concerned that we are doing this too long and it's going to hurt the economy, only 45% think these unemployment benefits are actually helping anyone. so i think, not only has it been proven to say we are going to send more people back to work if we end unemployment but it's not popular with the american people. >> as far as the unemployment benefits, those that are suing in florida say they are taking action against the
1:57 pm
broward county residents to deprive them of real and personal property rights. perhaps they are going to have it a point in court if they were provided at the federal level but at the state level, then they were stopped from receiving those? >> well, there is really no authority that gives governor desantis the authority and the power to cut off federal benefits. it which is $300 a week. let's not forget about this, $300 a weekend i'm surprised to hear that people just let go of some lucrative employment option to get $300 a week. silk people were on unemployment and get $300 per week are desperate, they really need this money, they really need to put milk and food on the table and to be more accurate there are many other lawsuits in other states, suing the governor are suing the state government for cutting off these benefits and
1:58 pm
one has succeeded so we are not talking about people just sitting around doing nothing, a lot of people really rely on these government programs especially for the pandemic to make ends meet and secondly the governor himself, it's unclear where he gets the legal authority from, either. >> sandra: but still with us on a very practical level, it's quite the opposite in the way that governor desantis is talking about it, saying there's millions of open positions happening in our state and across the country that people are not applying for because they are receiving these benefits and it is worth more to them to stay home and collect that than it is to go to work so isn't the goal to encourage people to apply for jobs? >> the goal is absolutely to get these jobs, also, people have a
1:59 pm
higher standard of living when they are working, they are more engaged, they are happier, all kinds of studies on how important it is for individuals to work for their self-confidence and their families and everything else, many people are deciding right now to stay home because in order to go back to work you have to get a job, 60 or $70,000 to pay for the benefits, talking about all the other benefits they're getting at the same time and i think it's really important that you don't just dismiss it as just that. >> sandra: everybody making great points, about to leave it there. thanks for both of you, we will have to have have you back of course. we are looking lined up florida, royal caribbean is about to launch a test cruise, very exciting, the first one from brook canaveral since the pandemic began. i know there's so many people out there watching that are big on cruises and they haven't been
2:00 pm
able to get back to its or perhaps it's a little sign of hope that things will get back and set sail again, we hope at least. thank you for joining us here, catch me tomorrow at 1:00 eastern for "america reports" with john roberts, a lot of news continues to have come in and we appreciate you joining us. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with dagen mcdowell, geraldo rivera, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the cdc pulling an about-face on masks, reversing their indoor policies they set just two months ago to help prevent the spread of the delta variant. fully vaccinated people, apparently you should now begin wearing masks indoors but only in places with


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