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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 27, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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potatoes, fried in goose fat, topped with 23 karat gold dust. this all in the guinness world records book. i didn't know that they could serve this with edible gold dust? >> john: french fries are good but good for you. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. happening right now, breaking news on "the story" this afternoon because any moment now, the cdc will make a huge announcement. they're reversing some of the guidance on masking for fully vaccinated americans. the cdc is expected to recommend americans in hotspots should wear a mask in certain indoor public settings.
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remember, it was just about two months ago when americans were declaring liberation. how sweet that was, from wearing masks. if you got the shot, you could go out without face coverings, inside, outside. you can feel free to do that. now we're getting guidance from director walensky. we'll have that live. but first, let's check in with peter doocy who has a sense of what we can expect here this afternoon. high, peter. >> good afternoon. this is going to affect a lot of people watching right now. ahead of the cdc director walensky's announcement, we've seen the bullet points about who is vaccinated will need to wear a mask according to the cdc. in areas with substantial and high transmission, cdc recommends that fully vaccinated officials wear a mask in public,
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indoor settings to head protect against spread of delta and others. when school starts again, universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students and visitors to k-12 schools regardless of vaccination status. children should return to full in-person learning in the fall with proper prevention strategies in place. we're told if washington d.c. becomes an area of high transmission as defined by the cdc, officials here including president will start to mask up. we're further told the president has confidence if the cdc director walensky she's saying in is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and her opinion keeps changing. >> why did the president say if you have been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. let me repeat. if you're fully vaccinated, you
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no longer need to wear a mask if that was possible that that would turn out not to be true? >> we're all dealing with an evolving virus where there's no playbook or precedent. >> the press secretary said that even though the delta variant is mostly harmless, two fully vaccinated people are now going to be asked to start wearing masks again to prevent the spread to the unvaccinated, to people that have chosen not to get the shot. martha? >> peter, thank you. obviously this is a huge story. it has large ramifications for the u.s. economy, for back to school, for all of it. so peter will be standing by as we watch this. we're waiting that briefing as we said from the cdc. i want to bring in dr. janet, family and emergency medicine doctor and fox news contributor. doctor, what is your reaction to this decision and do you believe it's merited? >> hi, martha.
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yes. when we have an evolving situation such as this coronavirus that changes, we need to reassess and reevaluate as new variants emerge. it's important, martha, to point out this is not punishment, this is about protection, this is about keeping you healthy and alive and out of the hospital and off a ventilator. i believe that this cdc is most likely at least going to say if you are fully vaccinated or unvaccinated and you have an underlying medical condition, if you had a surgery, a kidney transplant, maybe copd or diabetes or some underlying medical condition that puts you at a high risk of complications, perhaps give yourself that extra layer of protection by putting on a mask -- >> martha: seems like common sense. stand by, if you would, doctor. the briefing is underway. dr. rochelle walensky. let's watch. >> the delta variant is showing its willingness to outsmart us and be an opportunist in areas
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that we have not showed a fortified respond against it. this week our data shows that delta remains the predominant variant circulating in the united states. eight in ten samples contain the delta variant. in resent days, i have seen new scientific data from resent outbreak investigations showing the delta variant behaves differently from past strains of the virus that cause covid-19. information on the delta variant from several states and other countries indicates that in rare occasions some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others. this new science is worrisome and unfortunately warrants an update to our recommendations. first, we continue to strongly encourage everyone to get
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vaccinated. getting vaccinated continues to prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death even with delta. it also helps produce the spread of the virus in our communities. vaccinated individuals continue to represent a very small amount of transmission occurring around the country. we continue to estimate the risk of a break-through infection with symptoms upon exposure to the delta variant is reduced by seven fold. the reduction is 20 fold for hospitalizations and deaths. as cdc has recommended for months, unvaccinated individuals should get vaccinated and continue masking until they are fully vaccinated. in areas with substantial and high transmission, cdc recommends fully vaccinated people wear masks in public, indoor settings to help prevent
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the spread of the delta variant and protect others. this includes school. cdc recommends that everyone in k-12 schools wear a mask indoors including teachers, staff, students and visitors regardless of vaccination status. children should return to full-time learning in the fall with proper prevention strategies in place. finally, cdc recommends community leaders encourage vaccination and universal masking to prevent further outbreaks in areas of substantial and high transmission. with the delta variant, vaccinating more americans now is more urgent than ever. the highest spread of cases and severe outcomes is happening in places with low vaccination rates and among unvaccinated people. this moment, the associated
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illness and death could have been avoided with higher vaccinated coverage in this country. covid-19 continues to present many challenges and has exact add tremendous toll on our nation. we continue to follow the science closely and update the guidance should the science shift again. we must take every step we can to stop the delta variant and this pandemic. now i'm happy to take your question. thank you. >> thank you, dr. walensky. we're ready for another question.
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[technical difficulties] >> martha: okay. we're going to keep a focus on the q&a. i want to bring in dr. janet. she's a family and emergency medicine doctor and a fox news contributor. marc thiessen is joining us, a scholar and fox news contributor. so doctor, one of the big questions that everybody has, there's brand new science and new information about how this delta variant behaves. i keep going back to several months ago when we saw this one going through india with like a fire, right? we kept asking questions on this show, tell me about the delta variant. what can we expect? is it goes to cause a setback in the united states. doctors say no, it won't because the vaccine works against the delta variant. you have said and other doctors are saying that people are fully vaccinated still getting this delta variant. so is that still true? >> martha: yes.
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yes, martha. this new data that the cdc is putting out matches exactly what i'm seeing with my patients. i'm having a small number of patients as dr. walensky said fully vaccinated have tested positive. very, very few of them have to be hospitalized. but their symptoms were not just mild. some of them had bad headaches, cough, developed pneumonia. very few had to be hospitalized. so it's important, the best thing to do, get the vaccine. the delta variant is a lot more contagious. it has a high reproducibility index, which means one person can spread the virus to up to eight other people in seconds. so even though the vaccine is not 100% protective, can it do you the trick to keep you out of the hospital. that is critical. >> martha: all right. we're listening to questions. we'll be back with marc in a second.
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>> the difference is that in those cases, those rare cases that we have break through infections, we felt it important for people to understand that they have the potential to transmit virus to others. now importantly to convey in this is that of the transmission that is happening in the country right now, the vast majority of transmission is occurring through unvaccinated individuals. on that exception that we might have a vaccine break through, we want -- we thought it was important for people to understand that they could pass the disease on to someone else. that is important in the case, for example, of vaccinated individuals who might be going to visit and immunocompromised family member. we want to make sure that they take the precautions necessary to not pass the virus to those. >> next question, please. >> next question is from hillary brick. the line is now open. >> hi. thanks for taking my question.
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i just wanted to ask, thinking back to the pandemic of the unvaccinated, is there a better way to think about this situation than now? like what are you telling your vaccinated friends and family when they go out for dinner, for example? >> thank you for the question. we still largely in a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the vast majority of transmissions and severe disease, hospitalizations and death is almost exclusively happening among unvaccinated people. which is why we so very much want to double down on making sure people continue to get vaccinated. that said, you know, if you have a vaccinated individual who is in a place that -- with substantial or high transmission, they're contacting a lot of people, one in 20, one in 10 of those contacted could lead to a break-through
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infection if you have effectiveness of 90 to 95%. so that's why we're seeing in areas of high transmission, even if you're vaccinated that it is important to wear a mask in those settings. >> next question, please. >> next question comes from kaitlan collins with cnn. your line is now open. >> martha: we want to bring marc thiessen in. they keep talking about the areas of high concentration across the country. i think a lot of people that live in all of the rest of the country are also wondering what is it going to mean for them. are their children going to have to wear masks, too, to do back to school in just a couple months. >> yeah, i think what she's doing and the biden administration doing here is so destructive. it's undermining confidence if the vaccine. they're saying 99.5% of the deaths right now are in unvaccinated people and they're
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undermining confidence in the vaccine. this is what the message should be. if you're vaccinated, the pandemic is over. you have next to zero chance of dying of covid. there's 161 -- this is cdc data. 161 million people that have been fully vaccinated. of those there's been 4,750 meshes hospitalized with symptomatic bake through infection. 849 have died of covid. a death rate of 0.005%. to put that in perspective, you have a better chance of dieing from a lightning strike or seasonal flu than dying of covid. a better chance of dieing from a wasp sting, car crash, choking on food than dying of covid. for children saying that they have to mask, next thing is they'll require them to be vaccinated to go to school. our friend dr. marty makary as
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pointed out there's 343 cases of children who have died with a covid diagnosis in their record. the cdc has no idea whether those people tied of covid, whether it was accidental or causal. they don't know. marty did a study of 48,000 kids under 18 with covid and found a zero mortality rate. so the u.s. government doesn't know whether a single american child under 18 has died of covid. so the idea that we're going to not let kids go to school or force them to wear masks or the teachers are going to demand that they be masked or vaccinated, teachers are at zero risk, vaccinated teachers as long as they're healthy, zero risk from their unvaccinated children in schools. we have to stop this. we have to tell people if you have the vaccine, you can go back and live your life, period. >> martha: all right. mark, thank you. i want to give dr. janet an
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opportunity to respond to what marc just said and then bring in dr. jay in just a moment. but go ahead, janet. >> yeah, to mark's point, that is true. the death rate in children is extremely low. we have to remember, we have over four million children who have been infected with covid. four million children with the opportunity to spread the virus to those that have not been vaccinated. it's a matter of safety. i have an issue with the cdc putting out the guidelines two months in advance instead of reassessing in the fall and putting everyone having to wear their mask, whether you're vaccinated or not. we have to reevaluate where we are in two months. this current delta wave that we're seeing, it may die down in the next couple months. we may not have this surge that we're seeing now. so it's important to continue to evaluate and reassess versus making these blanket decisions two months in advance.
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>> martha: i think there's a lot of whiplash going on around the country as we listen to all of this conflicting science that we keep hearing. i'm going to ask both of you to stand by. we're listening to the questions happening in the virtual room with the cdc and we're going to keep an eye on those as well. going to bring in my next guest that argues that this reversal from the cdc increases vaccine hesitancy among those still not vaccinated. dr. jay is here, professor from medicine at stanford university. great to have you back on the program. you listened to the cdc director, dr. walensky. what is your take on what she's telling us today and what is your response to it? >> i think the biggest goal in public health right now as far as covid is concerned to make sure that vulnerable people from the mortality of covid get vaccinated. we've done a fantastic job. the biden administration should take some credit for that.
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because the vaccine roll-out has been excellent among the vulnerable people. there's 1,000 fold different in the risk of the disease from the oldest to the youngest. the oldest, almost 90% of the people that are old have had the vaccine. we've done a great roll-out among the younger population as well to some extent. what is left is people that are still vulnerable. but they're vaccine hesitant. they're the ones that have the most distrust of the cdc. this decision sends a signal to that that the cdc itself doesn't trust the vaccine. it's an enormous mistake. the most important thing is to get the vulnerable people vaccinated, to provide them messaing and a reality that this will protect them. the fact that the vaccine doesn't protect against all transmission is not the relevant question. the relevant question is does it protect against severe disease? it does.
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i think by making the decision that the cdc has taken us a step backwards, we're in a position where the vaccine hesitant will be reinforced in their belief. this is a mistake. as far as schools are concerned, the evidence doesn't say that masking in schools reduces transmission. it's the opposite. there's evidence out of florida which had some districts that masked and others that different, the districts that masked didn't have better results as far as disease spread versus the districts that didn't mask. same thing in sweden. which had in-person school all year long with no masks, no distancing and had very few -- no child deaths and very low levels of teacher transmission. i think this is an enormous step backwards. >> martha: you think people that are fully vaccinated should be wearing masks when they're in public, indoor places, doctor? then i'll let you go. >> yeah, if you're fully
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vaccinated and you're in a public indoor place where there are unvaccinated high risk people, then it might make some sense to take some precautions with good masks. to do it universally to require everyone in every single situation sends the incorrect signal. >> martha: thanks, doctor. good to have you with us today as we get this important announcement from the cdc that will have people talking throughout the afternoon as they urge some vaccinated americans to put the masks back on. new data shows also today that in the rio grande valley sector, the number of detainees that tested positive for covid is up 900%. so what is the biden administration doing about thorough testing at the southern border? what else could they be doing to make sure that we're not bringing in new covid cases with migrants crossing the border. senator lindsey graham will join me. he is demanding accountability.
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first to rich edson live at the border in la jolla, texas. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, martha. in a two-mile radius from here, border patrol agents say they've been encountering hundreds of migrants. we spoke to a couple of them. they said they took a two-week plus journey to get here. many are tired, need water. border patrol agents say they're running out of water they're encountering so many folks, this is the rio grande valley sector. 6,000 migrants and counting this weekend alone. that's according to u.s. border patrol. official was in nearby mccowan texas say they have never seen this many people come through. they're urging the biden administration to say that denies certain migrants entry because of the pandemic. an authority known as title 42. >> we continue to ask and
12:22 pm
customs and border protection and department of homeland security say the same thing. we don't know if and when something will change with title 42. we just know if it does, if it goes away, we can expect our numbers to likely to increase dramatically. >> the white house says the authority will remain in place as long as health officials recommend it. 70 border patrol agents in this sector have tested positive for covid-19. more than a quarter of the unaccompanied children have been deported this week. the department of homeland security has announced a couple of steps to deal with this. one of them expedited removal for people that don't have a basis to be here. >> martha: thanks very much. my next guest is demanding answers from secretary mayorkas. joining me exclusively,
12:23 pm
south carolina senator lindsey graham, ranking member on the senate budget committee. good to see you this afternoon. i'd like to actually started by playing this sound bite for you from tom homan who worked on the border, former acting ice director. he raises a question that is very important. listen to this. >> northern border, we have with canada is city closed because of covid. the southern border is wide open. you're right. ice has had 7,500 positive covid cases run through their system. what really scares me is nearly 300,000 got-aways this year. >> martha: senator, i know this is something that has you fired up as well. tell us what is in this letter that you're sending to the head of homeland security today. >> what i'm asking the homeland security secretary to do is to tell me and the american people of the million people you've apprehended, how many of them have been released in to the united states, how many of them
12:24 pm
do you test, what is the positive rate, what is the system in place to test people before they're released into the united states. congressman cuellar said there's a big spike in his district. he's a democrat. the border patrol agents and custom agents have experienced an uptick in positives. what i want the secretary to tell me, you and everybody else is of the million that you've apprehended, how do you think you've missed and what is the positive rate of the million, how many are tested and of the million, how many have you released into the united states. before you released them, were they tested? >> martha: this policy makes absolutely no sense to anyone that travels, right? if you live in europe, you can't come to the united states because of what's going on with covid. if you live in canada, you can't come in to the country. but if you live at the southern border, for some reason, it's just open. you're allowed to pour across the border. you might get tested, might not
12:25 pm
get tested. how does the white house -- how do they -- how do they justify this? it makes no sense in keeping with the other policies right now. >> it's an exception that doesn't have any common sense behind it. the european union allows me to travel to europe. i'm going in august. i have american business in bmws made in south carolina, michelin tires produces tires in south carolina. an employee of michelin, bmw has family in germany or france can't go back to see their family because of the laws that the biden administration has imposed. we have travel bans to our best allies with robust healthcare system. we have nothing in place regarding illegal immigrants coming from the most severe hotspots in the world with no healthcare. doesn't make any sense.
12:26 pm
what i'm trying to do is ask the biden administration to have an accounting for how they deal with the million coming across, how many are tested, how many are released in the united states. they're basically telling me to go to hell. i've written to dr. fauci. i asked him, what is your view of taking title 42 away from the border patrol. he said that's not my area. dr. fauci, you're the medical adviser to president about covid. the border patrol agents and their families are american heros. i've been to the border several times. it's chaos. i don't know how they go to work every day. they're american heros. the biden administration doesn't have their back. doesn't seem to matter that the border communities are exposed to illegal immigrants. what matters is the biden administration is trying to restrict us as americans and just completely deaf, dumb and blind to covid through illegal
12:27 pm
immigration. >> martha: let us know if they give you any attention on this latest letter to alejandro mayorkas at dhs. it's a really -- it's an it question, makes perfect sense to ask this question and we know some people are tested, people are not tested. as tom homan just said, 300,000 just got away. who knows what their situation is. >> if they don't answer my letter, it's an affront to me as a senator, an affront to the border communities, an affront to the border patrol agents and their families on the front line of this covid mess. i'm not going to take a nonresponse as a response. we're about to ratchet up the pressure on the biden administration to account for this stupid policy at the border. >> martha: senator lindsey graham. great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: so new york city, los angeles, boston police commissioner bill bratton on how
12:28 pm
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65-year-old man. a shocking video. it's an example of just how brazen crime is right now in america. so here's the guy that they found to attack. took his phone, took some jewelry. that is all they got off of this guy after leaving him broken wristed and bruised. that was that situation in new york. bill bratton has led the nation's two police departments, chief of los angeles police department and the police commissioner of new york city and also in boston as well. the only person who has covered both of our largest cities and the author of the new book "the profession." thanks for being here, chief. you're also the chair of the homeland security advisory committee. so what are you advising them right now? if they turn to you and said chief, give us two or three things that we need to do today to get this under control, what would you say? >> the committee is still forming. finalization of the nomination
12:33 pm
of members. issues at the homeland security advisory committee will address nash name issues and focus on cyber security, terrorism, immigration. the crime is not specifically within homeland security. that would fall more to the justice department. we have peripheral involvement. there's no denying that the issue of crime is basically rising once again. as the coronavirus is rising, we have a second virus keeping pace with it. >> martha: i spoke yesterday to violence corrupters in chicago. here's what he said. >> what is driving the violence is a lot of interpersonal conflict that spirals to gang conflict. it's all over the place in chicago. it's like fashionable to shoot into crowds of people, fashion able to carjack people. it's like a purge going on.
12:34 pm
>> martha: he's saying basically it's cool for gang members to shoot into crowds right now in chicago. we know the police have retired in record numbers. >> a number of issues compounding the problem right now. in the mid 90s after the crime bill of 1994 was passed, we had 800,000 police. they reduced crime by 40% in new york. we have 670,000 officers. the largest crime increase in decade. fewer cops to deal with a growing problem with a criminal justice system that is in disarray. it's not even a system any longer. the d.a.s are not working with the police. so effectively as we're dealing with this criminal crises, we have fewer tools than we had a to deal with the last one in the 90s. >> martha: so we listen to chief -- superintendent in chicago, david brown. here's what he says about the
12:35 pm
system that you're referring to. watch. >> the courts cannot hold people in jail that are violent, been arrested, charged with murder. murder. i don't think there's another city in this country releasing people charged with murder back in to the community on electronic monitoring. >> martha: i don't know what the the police officers can do or the sergeants and superintendents can do when they watch this happen. they arrest somebody, bring them downtown and next thing they know they're out on the street with a electronic bracelet for murder. >> the crises right now is a crises created by the political leadership. many instances by district attorneys around the country that forget that their primary obligation to protect the innocent. they're concerned with the rights of the criminals and too much time focusing on penalizing
12:36 pm
the behavior of police. you have this system where the criminal justice system is no longer functioning in the way it was originally created. courts are not back to precovid levels with jury trials or arrangements. new york city has over 5,000 people walking the streets arrested on gun charges that have yet to get in front of a judge. most cases i will predict will end up being dismissed by district attorneys because of lack of speedy trial provisions. so what is to keep them from committing more crime when they get a general get out of free card. >> martha: a stunning statement. because of covid and the fact that the court system hasn't been in place, these folks will get off scot-free because they didn't get a speedy trial. it's hard to imagine anything that is more essential in terms of essential workers than having to court system up and running during covid, especially during
12:37 pm
covid. so that is a pathetic state of affairs. final thoughts, sir. >> in new york it's compounded by district attorneys and a state legislature that are hell bent on getting prisoners out of jail faster than putting them in. there's violent people that have to be separated from the rest of us. i'm hoping the new mayor in january is talking about getting tough on crime. something that we have not done in new york in several years. we're seeing the results of it with the significant increases in violent crime and disorder. the disorder in this city is increasing at a chaotic pace. >> one of our producers witnessed a mugging this morning. they said they say that every day. it's happening all over the place. bill bratton, thanks very much. good to see you.
12:38 pm
>> great to be with you. a all the best. >> martha: thank you. pete hegseth joins me on the shift underway in some of these democrat-led citying with a call to reimagine the police. now they seen what has been wrought and now they're begging for help. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. (realtor) the previous owners left in a hurry, you're in good hands with allstate. so the house comes with everything you see. follow me. ♪
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> we've got four blocks in seattle. >> how long do you think seattle and the four blocks looks like this? >> i don't know. we could have the summer of love. >> we could have the summer of love jenny dirken. she finally gave the order to clear the area out after weeks of violence. not a summer of love ensued in that area of her city. now seattle's police chief says the number of shots fired is up
12:43 pm
40% compared with last summer with fewer officers on the street. the city saw six shootings in 24 hours, four people were killed. the mayor says she's working on a plan to help deal with a staffing shortage. >> it's a false choice between community led solutions and police officers. we need both. >> martha: no kidding. let's bring in pete hegseth and former prison guard at guantanamo bay. she went from summer of love saying we need more police on the street. they're desperate for more police on the street. >> yeah, because the idea of handing over city blocks for citizens to govern for themselves is the dumbest idea anyone has ever had and
12:44 pm
tolerating it is even dumber. let me ask you this. when the people were shot in seattle, the locations where they happened, a park, an encampment, outside a bar, outside a nightclub. which situation do you send a cop or a social worker? which situation do you sent a violent interdictor or member of the community? you have no idea and neither do i. neither do the citizens calling. by the way, five day as week, the seattle police department has to prioritize calls based on how urgent they are and whether or not they will send actual officers. if you're being a saulted in your home, may not reach a level of priority because someone else is being shot. this is lunacy. it's like me being in the infantry. we're going to reimagine it. your mission is to destroy the enemy but we're going to determine the motives of the enemy and then decide what your mission is later.
12:45 pm
it's different from policing but there's tried and true guidelines that police engage that work. you had bill bratton, broken windows policing, it works. it's not racism. it's equal justice. they abandoned it. >> martha: you make a great point. everybody has to know their mission. that's what you're talking about. it's like what is your mission? why are you here? these police officers know what their mission is. to keep their communities safe. they have their hands tied behind their back by prosecutors that won't prosecute and leadership that won't support them. police chief after police chief that breaks your heart. these dedicated professionals. this is the seattle police chief diaz on what he's going through. watch this. >> i'm down a remarkable number of officers and are reduced and restricted budget. i have to make tough choices where my hands are tied to having enough officers to respond to multiple scenes and
12:46 pm
shots fire, provide medical emergency aid, interview witnesses, gather evidence and honefully make it possible to hold people accountable. >> he says i he has to bind their wind and figure out which place to send the few officers that i have, pete. >> martha, you said they know what their mission is. they did. they knew what their mission fls was. now they're the ones being charged if they take a risk on the job. washington state changed their laws when they can pursue what is considered an actual engagement. how do you deal with an environment where the rules are shifting and the politicians are against you? it was never a summer of love. it was a lost summer where we fell behind on what actual law and order looks like and who knows when seattle will catch up. >> martha: so many places where
12:47 pm
even pursuing offenders isn't happening anymore. if it's what is considered. thanks, pete. always good to have you on. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: moments ago president biden said that a mandatory order for federal workers is being considered. more after this. dress my fellow because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value.
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newday can loan you all of it! the newday100 va cash out loan. >> a consideration right now if you're not vaccinated, you're not as smart as i thought you were. >> martha: president biden moments ago called new guidance from the cdc advising some vaccinated people to once again wear masks inside. another step on the journey to defeating covid-19. dr. tom freeden, former director of the cdc is standing by. first to jonathan serrie that brings us up to speed on the new
12:52 pm
guidelines. >> the cdc is now recommending that fully vaccinated individuals wear masks in indoor public spaces when they're in communities with high transmission rates. now, in theory, this could impact more than 63% of the country. 63% of the country reporting high or substantial rates of transmission. federal health officials say the delta variant changes everything because it behaves differently than previous variants of the coronavirus. it behaves in ways that concern federal health officials enough to change their guidance on masking. >> the information on the delta variant from several states and other countries indicates that in rare occasions some vaccinated people infected with the delta variant after vaccination may be contagious and spread the virus to others. >> the cdc also recommends
12:53 pm
everyone wear a mask in school, k-12 schools even though the virus has posed a lower risk to younger children. >> younger children are less apt to become seriously ill. i didn't say it was zero. if it's your child, it's 100%. think about this. covid has become one of the ten leading causes of death among children in the united states. >> the delta variant is circulating rapidly among large unvaccinated populations here in the u.s. federal health officials say as long as that is the the case, with each transmission, there's also a risk of further mutation. dana? >> all right, jonathan. good to see you today. my next guest over saw the response to the ebola and zika epidemics under former president obama.
12:54 pm
joining me now, dr. frieden. what is your reaction to this guidance, do you think it's too much, do you think it's not enough? >> well, i think first off, all of us are tired of dealing with covid. we wish it were over. but it's not over. in fact, the delta variant makes it doubly dangerous. because of that, we have to double down on our defenses. that means wearing a mask in indoor places where the virus is spreading, whether or not you're vaccinated. that is frustrating to people. i understand that. this bottom line is we have enormously effective vaccines. they're already saving tens of thousands of lives in this country. there's tens of thousands more lives in the balance. the sooner people get vaccinated, the more lives we can save, the safer our kids can be when they go back to school in the fall, which is so important and the quicker that we can get our economic growth
12:55 pm
back on track. we need to use our tool, the vaccinations, other safe and effective and in certain circumstances indoors we need to mask up. >> martha: do you think the medical community is surprised how this delta variant is behaving here in the united states? >> it is so important that no one of us underestimates this virus. it has changed, gotten stronger and getting faster. so it's adapting. if we don't adapt, we're going to be behind and too many people will die. no one should underestimate this virus because you do so at your own peril and the peril at the people you love. >> what about those that say it's not masks because they just are so tired of getting such mixed messages on markets that vaccines that will make the difference. as you're saying, if you're vaccinated and you get the delta variant, you're likely to be okay.
12:56 pm
>> it's not a war. we wear seat belts even though there's a safety feature on the car. so getting a mask in certain circumstances is a smile price to pay for kids to learn in school full time, for our jobs, for economy coming back, for doing the things that we miss doing for so long. it's a setback. the setback is from the virus which has come up with a way of spreading twice as fast as in the horrific times before. the good news is that our vaccines are working extremely well and that about 80% of the most vulnerable people have been vaccinated already. it's not going to be as deadly as the scenes we saw last spring but every death is preventible at this point. almost all the deaths are in unvaccinated people. so vaccinating can safe your live. wearing masks can tamp down spread giving time for more people to get vaccinated and
12:57 pm
reducing the risk that the infection will spread from one person to another and ultimately reach someone that may die from it. >> martha: dr. tom frieden, good advice. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> martha: also breaking today a stunner at the olympics. simone biles pulling out after a shaky start on the vault. biles said she didn't want to be second guessing herself in the other events. >> i felt like it would be better to take a back seat, work on my mindfulness. i knew the girls will do a great job. i don't want to risk the team and medal for kind of my screw-ups because they worked too hard for that. >> really big news today out of the olympics. let's bring in jim gray, sports caster and fox news contributor. jim, good to see you this afternoon. this is a headline grabber obviously. big news from simone biles. what do you make of it?
12:58 pm
>> well, we're seeing mental health come to the forefront. we saw it with michael phelps, the weight of gold. we saw it today with simone biles. she said she's been the face of the olympics for quite a while now. it's a heavy burden. we saw that burden today. she didn't want to put her team in peril. >> martha: you know, it's interesting, jim. this emergence of this discussion. i think people are a lot more aware of mental health issues today. when you look at olympics in the past, i was reading one of these accounts of these young women that talks about having these emotional stresses because after the olympics, they didn't do at well in the national things that they were competing in. i couldn't help think, that is the way athletics is. you're in the spot light one moment and the next somebody else is better than you. it's part of what we've seen throughout the history of sport.
12:59 pm
why is it different now in terms of how people handle it do you think? >> i think it's different forsy money biles. the pandemic put these olympics off for a year. second of all, she's been called the goat, greatest of all time, in her sport. that means you can only have to keep repeating yourself. it's not being great yesterday. it's been great again and keep going. that's what happens when you're considered a goat. she's out there competing for herself. the last thing in the world she wanted to do was have to withdraw. she knows her body, her mental health and they worked in sync. so as much as she feels that she might have let down everybody that is watching, she's really out there for her chef. she didn't want to do this for herself. it's a heavy burden, a heavy price to pay for this fame and this success. >> jim gray, good to get your thoughts. thanks. so before we go, we want to mention this story that just
1:00 pm
broke. dhs confirming secretary mayorkas will hold virtual events this week after coming in contact with a individual that tested positive for covid-19. news for the head of homeland security today. that is "the story" of july 27. the story goes on. we'll look forward to see you tomorrow at 3:00 and every day at three. "your world" with neil starts right now. >> sandra: you're looking live at the centers for disease control where new mask mandates have just been announced. we will be looking live there in just a moment. the cdc recommending that fully vaccinated people wear masks in certain indoor areas. advises universal masking for schools k-12. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." that new guidance coming as cities like new york, los angeles and st. louis are already implementing new restrictions as the delta variant continues to spread. and the whi


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