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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 27, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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including opening remarks and additional questions for witnesses. >> you've been watching coverag of the democratic led the selec committee hearing on the events of january the sixth. we've heard from a few officers who responded to the right of the capital. i'm john roberts in washington. >> this all began about 9:30:00 a.m. eastern time. going to the 1:00 hour obviousl we've heard some very compellin testimony from many of the officers that are on duty at th capital that they.
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the description from his officers is how they thought they were going to die that day. the threat has not gone away an that one point the republicans sitting on the committee went from laughter to tears at one point describing why was so important for him to stand up i the face of what happened. the house minority leader has submitted five republicans to the panel. kevin mccarthy told the rest of the.
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we saw a lot of very dramatic video that we saw initially played during the insurrection on january 6th. >> if you are watching you saw compelling at times damning emotional testimony from these four officers that held the lin to try to protect the capital and the lawmakers inside. for anybody watching and watch the videos their testimony abou that day and thought it wasn't violent think it's an eye-opener. we talked about january 6th a lot in the time since then but putting it all together and seeing it again is jarring. listening to these officers say how they wanted to fight and hold onto their lives you've mentioned he said he was being beaten and finally what he thought it was coming to an end he yelled out i have kids.
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he thought that would get some sympathy from the people that were beating him. event went on to any opening statement say how upset he was in hopes that he was with the indifference of some of these people during that day as they downplayed the significance of the day at one point slamming his head on a table. he said this cannot stand. why republicans politically are saying that this is a partisan effort and that they charge tha it's not going to get to the questions about january 6th while it is so ill-prepared for what happened that day? you can't watch the testimony and say that's not a big deal. he can't what the testimony and say that there were questions taking place and i don't know where we're going to go yet.
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>> to the point about the questions that many republicans feel they have that went unanswered they claim in this testimony kevin mccarthy is one of them. he said you won't hear this fro the committee what was in the national guard here? what changes are needed to be sure it never happens again? these republicans have a point that some of these questions were not asked. today this is the opening setting of the table but i thin that you've heard from liz that they are going to ask every question about who was doing what in the capital but also in the white house. you would hope that down the road you get to those questions about actual security presence
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in the conditioning of the national guard. as well as the speaker's role i overseeing capital security the presence and what that might look like going forward i do think they are going to get to the stirring up question. they're going to to get to dismissing the fbi today i thin david set the front. >> again we saw this back in january during the impeachment proceedings. we need to know if somebody in power was influencing all of this that would apparently be a nodded to the president and the speech that he gave that mornin
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and both thompson was a chair o the select committee as well as liz has said they haven't ruled out the issuance of subpoenas t the former president as well as others in his circle the human expect that we could see this? this would be a pretty strong precedent and potentially be a very large hill to climb. >> i wouldn't put it past the committee listening to the opening statements as you mentioned they both said they want to get to the bottom of every communication and every back-and-forth i would expect a few of the trumps and others that were in the white house that they to be asked and subpoenaed to be questioned. what the battle looks like as far as testimony we will have t see how this plays out.
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>> thank you for sticking aroun with us through the hearing thi morning. as we mentioned we are bringing in the congressman is one of th few nominees. he joins us now thank you for joining us we still have live photos up on capitol hill after the hearing has concluded for the day but can you first react to how you saw your republican colleagues handle their roles o this committee? let me say these are tragic stories and a tragic day in january 6th. the stories these officers had to tell our stories and experiences that never should have happened. i heard an officer say somethin that is most notable in this entire hearing in that thought they were not prepared for what happened that they. if what had been allowed to be in that room and do my duty as
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ranking member of the committee i would've asked a question tha neither of my constituents asked. would've asked him to impact statement. last week i demanded the capito police union chief represent 90 percent of the rank-and-file members and the men and ladies that serve to protect us protec my staff and family everyday wh would we not allow another voic in the voice of the capital police union to be on hand to give his testimony he was rejected from being in the room to testify. he would've unpacked the question why weren't they prepared? is it a systemic failure of leadership at the highest level that left them unprepared?
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two travesty and part of the hearing you did not hear fully examined. in the run-up to days committee proceedings you said the committee is meant to align the conservatives and justify the authoritarian agenda after what you witnessed with the compelling testimony do you still believe this is the agenda? >> imagine where this goes from here without a minority leader being allowed to submit my name the voice of the minority was taken away. congress was created by our founders and never in history a they rejected names of the minority party to participate i
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the hearing like this it has a long ways to go it's not lost that everything that comes out of -- they want to talk about her narrative without looking at other narratives. >> he spent a lot of his time questioning this morning it too time to criticize his fellow republicans holding him directl they have treated this as just another partisan fight he's named kevin mccarthy by name he went on the record this morning saying i'm a republican number conservative in order to kill the damage caused that they would need to call out facts.
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he accepted this assignment to serve on this committee tragic stories in the capital police officers experiences that never should have happened. if those that saw the capital police they had done their job we would have trained them and given the better equipment we would have warned them about th intelligence report and january 6th could have been a lot different had to do my job with true leadership at the top why did this not happen and why are these questions not being asked the committee? let me ask a few questions firs of all if you watch the video that we saw today and was seen
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in the past or very similar if it's a nonviolent protest you are on the wrong side of histor do you believe the commission i going to get to the bottom of what happened? >> let me take the most important question first. clearly it's politically designed by the democrats to stop republicans for winning back the majority. they want to talk about january 6th and what the republicans did. we're pushing the stuff on the troops in the military. every word that comes at her bu is not on the committee has bee strategically designed to fit the narrative without another
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side in the room to ask questions. i don't know any of their publi conflict myself that want to serve on this committee that will ever minimize what happened. if those responsible are not held accountable this will remain a cancer on the country. if they are capable of getting to the bottom of this are you willing to wait for the?
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>> i spoke with the head of the capital police union. he said the capitol hill writer have better equipment and the capital police officers. why did they lack the equipment and training to handle what happened that day they had warnings that something could happen. we could really investigate wha happened. >> we will see if these questions are asked. they will leave no stone unturned obviously subpoenaing
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somebody we could prevent this member happen again i don't see why that would be a protective measure. >> we have a congressman coming up in just a little while to give insights onto the hearing and what life questioning he ma have pursued. meanwhile it's a very busy newsday because we have another story for you now. >> standing by for new guidance on a mask. early reports suggest some
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people are going to be wearing masks again. >> all of this is the delta variant spreads these are just few places that are acquiring mask. he is in atlanta the home over the cdc where we dissipate an update. >> a federal official told fox news that they are expected to announce today they had indoor public setting in a community where there is widespread
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transmission. is essentially two things going on. although vaccines offer protection breakthrough infections occur which is why health experts have been wearin masks when they go to the grocery store. >> i would do that if any group setting. whether it's a wedding or a funeral any kind of group activity where there are people that are unsure if everybody is vaccinated. >> and they're also expected to recommend everybody were masks to school. they've artie announced all students and staff will have to wear a mask this fall regardles of whether they been vaccinated although children are in lower risk.
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school officials say they are concerned that this variant may be three times more transmittable than the original virus. children are still ineligible for the vaccine it still only 1 are fully vaccinated and 58 percent of employees safe they've either been vaccinated or they plan to get vaccinated. these levels are not high enoug to instill confidence. it will affect all of us to som degree. for more what's bring in doctor mark and we've heard again and again and it's going to last more than a month that people are vaccinated can still contract the virus. suddenly a reversal on this in the circumstances we have the new guidance following the science.
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some of the science is not in yet. this is a reaction to the delta variant and it's at least 2-3 times more transmittable than the original virus was. even if you are vaccinated and let me be clear your chances of spreading this are extremely lo compared to if you're unvaccinated. your chances of being hospitalized if you are vaccinated is extremely low. the problem they are looking at is if you are vaccinated can yo carry it and can you spread thi to somebody that the high-risk somebody that's immunocompromised somebody that can't be protected that's what they are looking at. studies in schools have shown that children are less than 1 percent likely to spread to
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another child. this in his advance ovarian. parents are going to fight back and it's only a recommendation it's not a mandate but local municipalitie can go about this anyway they want. recommendations at the local level can immediately become mandates whether it be a local municipalities they can say thi is of the cdc says we should be doing so we should go ahead and do it. i wanted to ask you about something else because it's ver important. in opinion from an office of legal counsel at the department of justice said if vaccine mandates are illegal despite th
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fact that these vaccines have only been approved for emergenc use and don't yet have full authorization what could that mean for the future? >> i see problems with that us as i see problems with ask mandates. we don't know if they work for sure in terms of the vaccine th problem is there is no flexibility when you come to th word mandate. what about people that asked fo exemptions if we all ask for exemptions how effective is the mandate? one thing is for sure everybody in the country needs the vaccin it's incredibly effective in th on the way to fight the variant. the mandates may very well backfire.
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we are seeing this uptick in compliance my because of the variant. masks vaccines everything seems like it's being pushed onto people. i think people want to feel if they are making a decision themselves in the right decisio here is the vaccine. healthcare workers have to comply to. they all have to take the vaccine and the altar as role models. new cases about 15,000 everyday.
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i think that caused an initial backlash. i think they should say that we have this vaccine it's a tremendous tool in the previous administration we are running with a. without the partisan divide whe you say the word unity you should mean that we are meeting you where you live superimposin
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where we live. is the infectious disease exper at the john hopkins facility it's great to have you here wha are we about to hear for the nation's children in the fall? we are looking at teachers as well as expected they are going to say and recommend that everybody returning to the classroom in the fall including vaccinated teachers rather masks. why would we see this change based on the science that says
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if you are vaccinated you do no need a mask? it is something that's unclear to me but will we know that fully vaccinated individuals ar not a threat to others but a major driver of spreading it's pandemic of the unvaccinated. if you want to get vaccinated especially children that are lo risk you need to tell them not to wear a mask. i wonder if this will decrease update? i think we talk about the students that are not vaccinate it's a bit difficult. they had to modify that to ensure it's as uninterrupted as possible. i think they should also push teachers to get vaccinated.
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we are digging up the numbers i the wall street journal put out again this morning the american academy of pediatrics highlighting that kids do get the. do you worry they are balancing the risks with the following back in education of the kids and the difficulty of the classrooms to teach about the masks and the lack of socialization. do you worry they are balancing these things?
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>> throughout the pandemic have not balanced that ordered all. it something that was a very lo risk to children over the cycle development. it's not what the virus did but because with the adults and teachers unions did. this is something we've been fighting from the very beginnin is school safety. children are typically spared from severe diseases. we had many examples of schools doing this correctly. it was difficult to get them open but i think that was to al of the children's detriment. hopefully now people have seen that in person schooling is the best way to do this. i think it needs to be a priority that schools stay open during this pandemic because we can do this much better than before.
10:28 am
such an important point coming from infectious disease expert obviously see the importance that the big statement from you. we've got a statement from the white house about a new mask guideline. ninety minutes ago here we were just at the white house. >> i think we are all dealing with an evolving virus where there is no playbook or histori precedent. were going to look at health data to provide guidance as needed to save lives to protect the american people.
10:29 am
we were dealing with a very different strain of the virus that we were yesterday it's mor transmissible spreading more quickly it was nearly nonexistent before. what do you think about that she's attributing the evolving nature of the virus changing ma guidance when i just heard from you is that you are concerned i they move the goalposts your concern is that they could stil be persuaded to get the vaccine. >> we know that the rate increased when they said there' going to be different guidance go back to the pre- pandemic like. we saw vaccinations rise now i think the science can evolve very clear this variant is a ne threat much different than
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before and not everything is going to hold the same and it's a fair statement when you look at who was hospitalized and all unvaccinated individuals. we don't see vaccinated people driving outbreaks. there are people that have high viral loads and that may count for a very small amount of transmission but it's not what' going on here if you look at states where the vaccine rate i the lowest that's where the infection rate is the highest that's not a coincidence. if you are fully vaccinated the virus treats you very differently. a real quick final question as we wrap up we know this vaccine is now suitable for children ages 12 and older.
10:31 am
has an infectious disease exper are you going to advise these children get the vaccine if it' ready for them in the fall? >> and like to see the clinical trial data when you get into th younger age group the risk is small. you want to be sure you get the risk-benefit ratio correct. if the data looks good i think would recommend this. it's a different age group and you want to be sure the study was right. i really appreciate your time thank you. >> johnette think we have similar positions to everybody at home.
10:32 am
we've got some ideas of water coming changes for vaccinated americans. people have questions. the change for the kids is goin to be no change. take up the masks or be vaccinated. in school districts across the country we are seeing this is the case. >> it's a big deal and i saw th last words i thought they were very interesting looking at the data kids as young as five year old we could have them ready to vaccinated in september. we could see some big changes coming. that the conversation to have with your doctor. back to the top story she was picked to investigate the right on capitol hill that held their first official hearing today an kevin mccarthy had a couple
10:33 am
rejected and two were appointed. rodney davis joins us now. >> it was tragic and it was a historic event. with everything those officers went through on january 6th i was looking forward to being a part of the select committee bu the speaker decided i wasn't suitable. >> you mentioned harry who pushed the officer we saw in their pitch to be on the committee by the congressman mccarthy. but they were pulled -- is the police officer we saw trying to block the terrorists
10:34 am
at the capitol building. he said in closing the people saying that the select committe was part of a political exercis but he said january 6th was political and that shouldn't be that hard to tell the truth and you pointed out he's a friend o yours i've seen pitchers of the two of you embracing each other in past occasions we do have a sound. >> it's no secret that it was political. they were there to stop the stealing of the election. it was and it is there way around this.
10:35 am
>> i wish people would get to know him like i know him. after i was able to get back to the capital immediately after the break-in and immediately after the riots one of the firs people i saw was a good friend harry. he told me the stories my goal in my chars in this ranking member on house administration jurisdiction over the capitol police and what i want a roll t be is to make sure that the officers to save my life in a baseball field just a few years back should never have been put into this position in the first place. we have to ask why the cure he was not there and it should be political and it's something i've been asking since january 6th is the question he
10:36 am
has asked if we knew this was coming or something was coming based on intelligence that we know the fbi had why weren't th national guard there why weren' political leaders more prepared for the possibility of somethin like this happening? >> when you look at the preparation i don't think there's anything that would've led me to believe that we could having comfortable we saw that they. now we've got the inspector general of the capitol police giving flash reports that said there was not enough training the officers were not put in a position to succeed and to top this off intelligence was given to the capitol police and to th
10:37 am
board that was made up of political appointees that shoul make all the decisions here the capital. they were the ones the capitol police that handed them a note at 1:43 p.m. asking if she believed that she call the national guard. 's are questions that should have been asked today and they should be a part of a future committee. what about the issue of incitement and the president's role in making all this happen? i expect this is going to come up you believe -- of course it's going to come up and of course they are going to look at what his role was in making all of this happen. they were appointed by the speaker. of course those of us that were
10:38 am
going to make up the five appointments we were ready to effectively half the questions as to what failed on january 6th but unfortunately i don't think we are going to get them to ask those questions because the chairman of this committee said the only questions -- it's not going to help and pretty much out of time but i just want to ask you very quickly about what you just said. them members of the republican party yet you refer to them as others. they did what i would not do they accepted appointments. she knew what she was doing and we had a chance at a bipartisan commission i wrote a bill in january every republican voted for this.
10:39 am
there was some disagreement as we move forward a month later because the speaker was asked t change the scope and address some staffing issues. she didn't do that so she put this committee together she kne what she was doing and it's not a coincidence. it's a way she can get them too not ask the questions that need to be asked. the congressman rodney davis from illinois. clearly there is some issues there. >> it's been a busy afternoon and a busy day. we expect all of this to be coming up shortly would have continued reaction but now we have breaking news on the biggest name on the us olympic with the drawing competition wh she dropped out of the team gymnastics event.
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the russian olympic committee takes the gold medal in the lady's gymnastic after the american superstar left the games she appeared to hurt herself during an attempt at th volt early in the competition but after she withdrew the team competition she then cited mental health concerns we are live in the new york city newsroom and she said she felt like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders as she i still just a teenager. >> we are learning more about why she put one of the team competition. she said the medical issue she suffered from was not physical but emotional she may be the greatest gymnast of all time sh said after she allowed the
10:46 am
russians to win the gold and th team had to settle for silver. later she spoke to reporters an i say put mental health first because you can't succeed as much as you want to sitting up big competitions it shows how strong of a competitor her teammates were a bit shaken. it something that was unexpecte we were emotional when we found out that she wasn't going to compete we all had our minds in
10:47 am
a great position because at the end of the day she said physically she is fine no injur she is the reigning gold medalist and right now she's no sure if she will compete in any more events on thursday. >> time passing for all of us. thank you so much we appreciate it. >> yesterday my kids were three it's amazing how that happened. >> it's been something to watch for it while. she's done so much representing this country and it makes for a grueling sport. >> house watching some video of her practicing and she just appeared to fly. there was nobody else that coul touch her.
10:48 am
>> everybody wants to watch gymnastics. remind all of us how these thre weeks have been. >> pretty good. >> i'm sure they are having fun as well. >> i'm sure you'll see them soo meanwhile britney spears asking the court to replace her father if she gets her way who would control all of her money? the answer may surprise you. tums vs. mozzarella stick when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪
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britney spears lawyer filing a petition to replace her father as a conservatory of her estate. her lawyers asking that her private accountant manage her estate. now worth $58 million. carly is here to weigh in. her father goes away in a perfect scenario for her and sh controls or money. >> surprising thing her lawyer didn't petition to end the conservative ship altogether which some thought that was going to happen but it's a very
10:53 am
smart strategy on the attorneys part. the immediate goal is getting data out of the pitcher with a long-term goal of ending the conservatorship. in the meantime her lawyer is asking for an accountant named jason rubin to replace dad. as for his credentials he appears to be a perfect guy for the job. is a very impressive accountant with all of these special skill and one of them happens to be handling complex conservatorshi cases. this is new from the filing but he's also guilty of the malfeasance of working in a position of damages and other legal actions against him. what happens to data feeds remove? >> she's made it clear she want her father in jail for abuse an some of these things that she i alleged should be investigated
10:54 am
like the fact that she claims she was forced to take birth control against her will. a lithium against her will some of these things because they been setting court may be investigated our legal experts seem to think that she wants he father in jail because it's a great strategy by the team to possibly make her father standdown associate gets her way. the next hearing is scheduled for september 29th but she says she is not going to perfor again. it's interesting that people ar asking if she could really retire on the million dollars. you think she will truly never perform again?
10:55 am
>> if she doesn't want to i think it could be bad for the fans but also she deserves a break she's been through a lot. a judge recently corrected her request to have her be able to choose her own lawyer and our lawyer is using this as a strategy saying if she is sound enough to choose her own lawyer she should be sound enough to choose her own conservative. i think she will ultimately get her way in the end and maybe if it's rare for her and her situation the able to end it al together as for her future career plans who knows. >> she may be changing her personal life plans to because she clearly wants to have another baby. >> a high-profile democrats attacked in broad daylight how does this square with far left
10:56 am
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with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. a foxnews alert the top of the hour they are about to make it unofficial the pandemic is stil here meeting americans will hav to wait even longer before we can return to normal. good afternoon all of you i'm i new york. >> john roberts and washington coming in about one hour's time the center for disease control will tend up the guidance for wearing face masks. recommending people put them on indoors with the new guidelines mean for everybody just ahead w will bring you this announcemen live at the 3:00 p.m. hour but
11:01 am
first we have a lot to get to a 2:00 p.m. we begin the brand-new hour wit a surge in viruses. now targeting one of their own. she's describing miscarrying counter and everything that happened with the attacker. >> she said the attackers were just a couple of kids she said she was violently pushed to the ground as one of them swiped he phone and she was yelling at them asking why they would do such a thing the increase has come but at the same time some lawmakers are talking about decreasing police funding. >> a year after slashing the bucket texas reporting the number of people murdered in th city this year has spiked by 96 percent. we will have live often once
11:02 am
again. >> we are back with our senior correspondent reporting live from its. she was mugged in broad dayligh it happened yesterday afternoon in the city of oakland along th waterfront where the former senator keeps an apartment she was taking her daily walk aroun the neighborhood talking on her cell phone. she was approached by a young man getting out of a black sedan. >> i tried to cross the street and get away and he kept me on the back. he reached across me and grabbe my cell phone out of his hand. i said how could you do this to a grandmother they got in the car and they sped away.
11:03 am
>> the former senator did not fall down but she was pretty shook up the van that may have been involved in several other robberies in the same area at last report they have not been found. the attack comes a months after the city council cut more than $70 million drum the police department budget the police ar investigating the case and offering a reward to make the arrest. >> it seems the movement in austin texas is coming home to roost the city cut millions fro the budget last summer as protests swept the country but one year later they are down 15 officers response times getting longer and longer.
11:04 am
they are live in dallas with more this is being reflected in the crime stats. >> it really is and when you mention the shortage of police officers on the road in austin that also includes the police chief he's conducting a nationwide search for a new chief they hope to have one named by the end of august but whoever gets the job has major challenges ahead when you don't just talk about the crime statistics and the staffing shortages also the particular kinds of crime violent crimes and murders data from june 2020 until now.
11:05 am
we've got to do more. we have to make policy decision they want to reinvest money and next years budget which is something they are considering this week. are they being manipulated to scare people? >> your mongering is not the danger. lawmakers in austin are trying to create consequences for othe texas cities like freezing of property tax payments for large committees.
11:06 am
the latest piece on mine the democratic policy failures from crime to migration let's get everything right the democratic led cities including texas were markers are up 55 percent year-over-year. >> it's a complete disaster and what we are learning is the democratic party is the party o crime. we just need to do a number of things like defund the police and demoralize the police and demonize them and everything would be okay.
11:07 am
organ up a hundred percent it's amazing. by somebody getting out of the getaway car this wasn't just some impulsive person that longed for her. this is obviously an organized conspiracy. 's robbers may have been involved in other types of crime. has lucy the democrats have criminals getting these message and they are backing off they are going forward under attack. so sad to see in the question i why would you do this to a grandmother? it's happening in some cases in broad daylight. it cyclically deteriorating bay area you come to the window of the country chicago and the crime statistics we are seeing their every monday morning.
11:08 am
and they have this lack of getting this under control. david brown said this today. >> we are arresting violent offenders. after releasing these people over 90 people charged with murder had been released. >> instead of releasing violent people back into the community and to creating an environment of lawlessness you've heard the passion in his voice and the frustration with these violent criminals ping released back into the community is not going to help. >> it's not going to help at al and he cites another brilliant democratic deal.
11:09 am
we've got criminals coming in normally needing bail to have their hands tied but they want to take their pitcher and put them back on the street. we had a guy arrested for bank robbery he was arrested and released four times. he was just handing over a note saying this is a robbery. we can't hold them under local state law and that you have people like kim fox in chicago. i call them prosecutors in name only. they had the title but they jus let people go and release them and we believe the american justice system is a racist justice system. the just thing to do is to let them free and go back on the
11:10 am
street and see why they engage in more crime. they are career criminals which engage in career crimes people can be robbed and beaten in new york we had a lady attacked and stole her walker. the brazenness of these attacks are just staggering. the party is proving themselves to be the party of crime it is brutal reality and it's just awful to see what's happening here but so many american citie are experiencing the same thing. we have the battle cry of defun the police gave yielded an endless winter of chaos. let's talk about the shootings and murders that are plaguing these democrat led states.
11:11 am
we are talking about the immediate consequences but real quickly look to the future with the election next year the political consequences that the democratic party could suffer a a result. >> i think they should suffer for this these are not good ideas these are not new concept to demoralize the police. fish pay a legal price for this one really hearing is i have to protect myself before going to turn to vigilante justice. i think unfortunately this is the next step. >> john as you very well know when they go to the ballot box they ask themselves if they fee safe in their city. at the end of polling so many people are saying no.
11:12 am
>> now the threat is from domestic terrorist. we could see the problems at th ballot box these december. >> january the sixth they wrapped up the first hearing today with testimony from officers that defended the capital that day but one republican was not there a former sheriff that literally stood shoulder to shoulder with officers that day. he was not on the committee we will speak with him coming up next plus a signal from north korea after more than a year of silence. we will see what he's up two. >> we are still waiting for the new guidance on the masks at th top of the hour but in the meantime they are threatening the economy we will have steve
11:13 am
on not just ahead.
11:14 am
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11:19 am
public health officials are concerned about health of the citizens amongst the unvaccinated cases are growing. they are also expected to recommend everybody wear masks at school. >> younger children are at risk to become seriously ill. think about this the pandemic i one of the ten leading causes o death amongst children in the us. the public schools are amongst the many major school districts
11:20 am
adopting universal mask mandates. these officials made the decision here in atlanta in par because more than two out of five of the staff in four out o five of their students remain unvaccinated. >> thank you as we await this announcement once again its guidance from the center of disease control at the local level guidance often becomes mandates. turning things back is always difficult. >> this is true and is the whit house explained their changing guidance because the white hous is likely to adapt this as well. things have changed with this guidance but we are going to se at the top of the hour.
11:21 am
>> take this in for a moment on of every four unaccompanied minors deported from the valley came up positive for the virus. nearly 70 this week alone these numbers coming from a democrati congressman representing the district in texas. >> good afternoon and more are crossing the border officials are going to tell lessons area that when you have a slow day it's usually followed by a very busy day yesterday was on the slow side today we saw agent racing up and down the street. the valley according to border patrol 15,000 apprehensions las week alone. to address this to announce thi
11:22 am
morning series of steps including a process to work wit the silent claims they're going to work with the expedited removal of families without valid claims to enter the us. expedited removal provides a more accelerated procedure. state officials say this plan falls short. >> it's gotten out of hand and he said he would control a. >> this is just going to be a trickle of the people they're going to stop and they are goin to come back we need to close the border. >> title 42 is an emergency authority granted because of th pandemic. they denied entry to more than 750,000 because of this pandemi
11:23 am
related order. they wanted to potential in the authority at the end of the month that they wanted to keep this in place until the advisor is fine to let the. >> the speaker presiding over the first hearing of her commission and police officers that came under attack gave emotional compelling count of what they went through. >> i was unable to retain my weapon i was being bashed in th face and head. >> i yelled out that i had kids and i said that hoping to appea to some of their some of those individuals humanity.
11:24 am
>> those of us that were in the thick of this several hours worth of testimony one voice wa not heard from come to my congressman that was also in th thick of it as he helped officers hold off the attacks. there you can see him beside officers in the house chamber that they were trying to break through the glass in the door this texas congressman is a republican that was set to serv on the commission but was pulled. thank you for being with us i expect you had a chance to see the proceedings this morning. i want to say it was an honor t serve alongside the us capitol police.
11:25 am
i spent 3.5 hours watching at all from my office building. what we heard from those for officers obviously there was a lot of very graphic video that was played here over the three hours of testimony. the testimony from the officers and what they had to go through the violence that took place inside the building was very difficult to listen to and quit honestly to watch as well. >> is this going to be a fair and comprehensive process where is this going to be a political show. he took my 30 years of law enforcement instead sheriff i want you to examine all the evidence. i want you to examine senate reports.
11:26 am
we want to uncover the truth. we want to find the truth. i don't they are really looking for trying in search of the truth because it just seems lik there was no questions at all. why would the police so ready t deal with this on january 6th? >> should the question not go t the leadership flex we are looking at the oversight of the capitol police and there is a committee. should those questions not go t those people? >> had i been in that hearing i would've asked the officer because hearing his testimony h said he did not think in januar different than what he experienced before. i believe he was referring to a demonstration that was very
11:27 am
uneventful. he believed in his own mind he did not think january 6th would be any different. all the evidence is they are th intelligence that the us capito the police had the leadership they did not share it with anybody. it's clear in the reports that january 3rd assessment actually produced a document with the likelihood of violence on january 6. dhs is resuming removal of certain families that are not eligible for deportation air mobile under title 42 if a surprising move and do you see
11:28 am
this as an ink knowledge meant by the administration that ther is a crisis on the border? >> have been down to arizona i been out to san diego californi there is a crisis and i think the president is beginning to realize that the american peopl are starting to pay attention. this could all be resolved it's quite simple revert back to the old policies. shut down the southern border remain in mexico and finish the wall. a very quick answer if i could. title 42 was responsible for th removal of 751,000 people acros the border. this is rescinded i think it could obviously be a problem. when people come over here with
11:29 am
diseases why are we just allowing people through the border? what's get a grip. >> it's good to be with you thi afternoon thank you. >> a shortage of truck drivers on the road could be a problem next time you have to count catch a flight. >> this was supposed to be host and the next freedom of roaring into the fall but the disease i spreading across the country could the economic rebound be stopped in his tracks? with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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11:35 am
jet fuel shortages. they are asking pilots to lighten up on the accelerator a little bit to conserve fuel. delays are expected to continue into mid august. there is a lack of fuel supply it will carry additional fuel a the airports affected. >> very interesting a dual threat to the economy. the anticipate this meeting wil happen today down 177-point >> maybe you can bring calm to these markets what exactly is the market concerned about at this point? considering we've been through pandemic and it appears we are
11:36 am
in a state of solid recovery. >> i think there are two risks at the market right now and i'v talked to a lot of analysts all day about the sentiment and i think the worry is first of all obviously they don't want the fed to take the ball away if they wanted to continue to put money into the economy i think it's a mistake because it feels inflation. in other words this is somethin i worry about as an economist i are we going to see more shutdowns to the economy? re: going to see stay-at-home orders in some of the states ar small businesses going to be forced to shut their doors? i don't think it's lately but i think if possible. was happening in europe and other foreign countries many of them are shutting down again. i think this could have a very negative effect especially on small businesses. i talked to a lot of economists everyday and it seems to be the
11:37 am
whispers are both the variant o bigots getting and how much of spreading. she was asked about justice a short time ago whether or not this is going to hit the us economy. >> there is no significant sign of the variant impact at this point we would expect much of the impact is going to be felt in communities with lower vaccination rates but we don't expect to turn back the clock t what it was in march of 2020. >> i don't know how the spreading variant and tip the economy if you are looking at the news media coming out for acquiring masks in his lower areas to game changer for the restaurants concerts and things like that how could this not affect the economy?
11:38 am
>> i'm no health expert but i talked to some people. it looks like the variant is much like the flu so it's not nearly as dangerous. the question we have to ask of the country is are we going to shut down the economy every tim we have a flu virus? there's clearly the potential for further shutdowns. >> here is my problem with more lockdowns. you live through this one year ago and it's clear the lockdown didn't have anything effective
11:39 am
going on there are states that shut down and their states that the. for some bigots rooting for america and getting everything reopen but don't see a case for the lockdowns. there is no reason to be lookin at the lockdowns. >> this is only coming from a very small basket of goods. inflation is still emerging and becoming a larger threat.
11:40 am
this was just airport i was looking at before we came on th air. when manufacturing prices go up that means the end product has been a go up. i think they are getting behind the curve on this. i think it's just a temporary problem and i believe they are correct. they are worried about this and they don't see this as temporary. it's great to see you thank you. >> north korea reopening the communication hotline after one year of silence. they say the two leaders of the countries have agreed to rebuil trust that kept the
11:41 am
communication last june but the have called this the worst crisis ever experts say he may be reaching out because the economy is in such bad shape. it talked for three minutes thi morning and agreed to talk more. ties between the us and china are getting worse as the chromatic talks over the weeken was quite confrontational. this comes as the chinese government refuses to cooperate with the world health organization. they are looking at the origins of the pandemic. we are in washington with the latest as tensions get higher. >> they certainly have a complicated and tense relationship they are eager to approve this at least slowly.
11:42 am
the administration says it raised several concerns including china's disregard for human rights and the recent crackdown on a democratic protesters in hong kong. the president ordered intelligence but they put the pressure back on the us. they keep making an issue with china the us side has nothing t work about a highly misguided mindset. you will see if he is anything else a say in the next few minutes we looking at the director of national intelligence.
11:43 am
we will see what they have to say. the man convicted of killing molly back in court fighting to be free. the evidence his lawyers are saying it shows he did not commit the crime all of that coming up.
11:44 am
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in july 2018 the lawyers for christian rivera are asking for a trial after two witnesses claim they heard somebody else confessed to the murder this senior correspondent is live with this crazy story. >> it is in the motion heard today is a case of christian rivera who was convicted of killing lobby a savage murder h now makes the claim that he was framed the motion generated by two prison inmates speaking to third-party who claim to have seen her bound and gagged in a trap house and another inmate claimed she was kidnapped for the purposes of trafficking.
11:49 am
one of these inmates testified the effects together seemed charged for it right now i said i don't be said that he set him up it was a trafficking case gone on. >> the fbi agent dismissed the new testimony and gave little credibility to the name's commitment to the today. >> he said he did this by himself and of never heard the other names before. >> she was a student at the university of iowa she went for
11:50 am
a jog and disappeared he led police to her body in a cornfield he told investigators he followed her because she was attractive for testifying in hi own defense he said masked men forced him into a car one of them killed him and then they forced him to hide the bodies h was convicted of first-degree murder today. this is just an attempt to get himself a new trial. >> the president promised to bring a fractured nation together when he took office no seven months in the nation it does not appear to be united up next we make the case that the president is not only failing i actually widening the divide. home loan. e a so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan. every veteran, every service member out there
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11:55 am
>> john: what happened to all of that talk of unity from president biden back in january?
11:56 am
months in his presidency, the nations is as divided as ever, maybe more so prompting an op-ed that president biden failed to unit but his policies are widening the political divide. michael goodwin writes the op-ed from the "new york post." good to see you. in his inaugural address on january 20th, president biden promised he would heal a fractured nation. let's rewind the clock and listen for a second. >> i know speaking of unity can sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days. without no unity, there's no peace. we shall right an american story of hope, not fear. of unity, not division. unity is the path forward. unity, unity.
11:57 am
>> john: so six months, seven days in, how has he done on the unity front? >> john, as you know, the inaugural address is a rare moment for the president to have a clean slate and to lay out everything that he wants to say and how he wants to define his presidency. by that measure, joe biden dedicateded himself to bringing the nation together. he was speaking just days after the january 6th riot. still in the middle of the pandemic. so he had an opportunity, i think, to really pitch that -- make that pitch to the public and to be heard. here we are six months later and everything he has done has by definition divisive. the racializing of every government policy, the radical prospects of all of these spending bills. i think what he's done is reneg on that promise to pry to bring
11:58 am
the country together. i wonder whether there was an ounce of sincerity in what he said. >> john: you said a number of examples where the president didn't take the opportunity to bring the country together. you point out there wasn't an attempt to try to bring the various constituencies together on this. >> many of these things were done by executive order. you have all of this talk of ending the senate filibuster, which is the one thing in the congress that would guarantee some kind of consensus. biden and the party wanted to do away with that. his attacks on the voting reform laws as jim crow 2.0 and the most dangerous thing in our country since the civil war. these things are simply not true. they're not based on any fact whatsoever. yet he's got the department of
11:59 am
defense indoctrinating our soldiers in black lives matters theories. he has the department of education hoping to fund critical race theory and the department of agriculture trying to help only black farmers. the secretary state invites the united nations to come to the united states and judge america on its racial landscape. these things are very divisive, very polarizing and you cannot say gee, this will bring the country together. there's no possibility. >> michael, it's an interesting read on thanks. good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> john: sandra, now i'm hungry. >> sandra: wait for this. the world's most expensive french frieses in new york city. they're going for a cool $200. the price is all the ingredients, high quality
12:00 pm
potatoes, fried in goose fat, topped with 23 karat gold dust. this all in the guinness world records book. i didn't know that they could serve this with edible gold dust? >> john: french fries are good but good for you. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. happening right now, breaking news on "the story" this afternoon because any moment now, the cdc will make a huge announcement. they're reversing some of the guidance on masking for fully vaccinated americans. the cdc is expected to recommend americans in hotspots should wear a mask in certain indoor public settings.


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