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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 27, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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walk. tomi lahren as always, thank you. make sure you don't miss no interruption with tomi lahren on face. todd: no tomi on there they took you away. tomi, i'm going to raise hell. of i don't like that. it's going to change, tomi. >> i appreciate that i always appreciate it many okay, "fox & friends" start right now. ♪ ♪ sean: violent crime is skyrocketing. >> former california senator barbara boxer attacked and robbed in oakland. >> these democratic cities have lost deterrent. >> courts are releasing these people. >> the department of home atlanta security released a statement that certain family units will be placed in expedited removal proceedings. >> it's much too little too late. >> no longer investigate whether andrew cuomo violated the civil civil rights of nursing home residents it? >> was an outrageous allegation. >> there is multiple investigations and we will hold this governor accountable.
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>> senator josh hawley love america act. >> if a school district get federal money you have to treat kids about the basis of the country the constitution and bill of rights. >> what america i do live in? >> america is the home of the glass slipper. some of us had nothing and now it's like a cinderella story. ♪ ♪ will ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live in new york city looking at the boardwalk and the ferris wheel. this the is second ferris wheel we have had in a row on "fox & friends." brian: a new record. steve: i don't think we have ever done back-to-back days. yesterday it was the national
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wheel. today it is the boardwalk in wildwood which as you can see they built bigger and better than ever. rachel: looks fun. steve: look who is here again today. brian: how many days is this in a row. rachel: i will be here through the weekend. brian: how many outfits do you have. i know steve travels with one suit. rachel: one reason i had like wardrobe yesterday going -- i need more clothes. took care of that yesterday. brian: keep us up to date. rachel: not very divaish. steve: keep you up to date. something terrible happened at 1:15 in the afternoon yesterday. in jack london square. in oakland, california. that is former senator barbara boxer, she was taking a phone call a business call. she chose kind a quiet street.
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and she noticed out of the corner of her eye some young man was following her. and then she was getting a little nervous and then they jumped in a car and he thought oh, that's good. then the driver jumped out. came over to her and strong armed her. put his arm -- shoved her. put his arm around her waist and took her phone. and she screamed at him why did you do that to a grandmother? i need to call my grand kids. rachel: it's really unbelievable how safe these streets are when it comes home to roost with somebody like barbara boxer a leading figure in california. they were scoping her out and saw that she was vulnerable and elderly. and that's the target. brian: if you need something like this does not get people's attention over in california in the city of oakland, i don't know what does. she tweeted this out earlier today. former senator barbara boxer was assaulted in jack london center in oakland. pushed her in the back stole her
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phone and jumped into a waiting car. she is thankful she was not seriously hurt. if you have seen some of this video that we get from the ring door bells to police video released in major cities across the country. the law enforcement agencies are saying one thing crime is out of control. you told us to step back, and this is what you get. david brown, who used to run things in dallas, now the superintendent in chicago, is he overseeing and i will pick that up in a second, i apologize for that. steve: everything okay down there? [laughter] brian: i'm not sure. i think it might be someone from laura ingraham's show last night. steve: he woke up. brian: or the weekend. it wasn't just california, it was also chicago, again, where 27 hit by gunfire, at least 11 died. people are having a problem with the fact that there is nobody who is paying for the crimes they are committing. especially the police chief. is he frustrated by the system, listen. >> what we can do different is
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challenge the courts to render chicago safe by holding violent offenders in jail longer. not releasing murderers back into our community. murder. i don't think there is another city in this country releasing people charged with murder back into the community on electronic monitoring that should be a headline in this city and it's not. it should be adversaries of courts. use the same energy that you just asked me that question to ask the courts why are you releasing violent people, dangerous people, the christian police officers arrest and charge back into the community. to create this environment of lawlessness. if we had our druthers. we would keep violent people in jail longer. we would hold them accountable for the violence. brian: sounds like the police
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chief d.c. rachel: you can understand his frustration. the cops are arresting the people or trying to arrest the people committing the crimes. and the prosecutors aren't charging them and the courts are letting them go. there is a reason behind it. i'm sorry, but, you know, there were prosecutors that were funded by george soros and eric holder, they had a group together. and they said we are going to put prosecutors in who will not, you know, prosecute criminals who will let them out. it was very effective. by the way, you can make a huge change in this liberal mindset because it doesn't take as much money to fund a prosecutor's race as it does a congressional race, a federal race. brian: no one pays attention. rachel: this happened. this has happened not just in big cities but any size and smaller communities it's having an impact. steve: no kidding. i wonder was this what they had in mind when they started to do that? that is where we are. you look at barbara boxer who immediately called the police. there is thousand dollars reward
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out if somebody can figure out who did it. i didn't get a look at his face. young guy, probably a teenager. she said the most important thing was i went to the verizon store and i was able to wipe that phone so my data was gone but then from the cloud i was able to bring back all the picture us of the grandkids. but she was very -- she -- look, she was a democratic senator from the great state of california for a very long time. she knew that the optics of this are really bad. and so in the "l.a. times," she talked to them and she said, listen, i want to push back on anybody who suggests that this is a function or a result of democratic policies. she said democrat have no intention of defunding the police they want better policing. rachel, you touched on it. there is randomness to this crime wave all across the united states. you don't know where it's going to happen next. a marine was at a baptism here
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in new york city. just walking through times square he gets shot in the back. family leaving a toys r us gets shot just randomly. it feels like nobody anywhere is safe because you just don't know where it's going to happen. that's what senator lindsey graham was talking about last night how the criminals don't feel scared or afraid. steve: there is no cons sequence. are. >> we have lost deterrence big democrats cities and states have lost deterrence. people don't feel afraid to assault someone in the street. nobody feels afraid to go into walmart and clean out the place because nobody in the prosecution level is going to do a damn thing democrat democratic party catch and release when it comes to criminals and illegal immigrants. we have lost deterrence in the border and lost deterrence in the major cities in our country and the only way you are going to regain it is for these people
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to suffer at the ballot box. brian: you would think they would realize the consequences of their action. lack of prosecution. emptying the prisons, make the police the bad guys and have them back off put down the badge or actually quit. you are not aoc and this is what president biden is dealing with he has an insane group of people who his left. ao crmpleght says she is calling now abolish incars seller system i want to accomplish our system she has nobody to call because they took her phone. 68-year-old walking down the street got the crap beat out of him at 9:05 he wonders when his wrist is going to heal and nose be rebuilt. he had the audacity to walk down the street in brooklyn. out of control. safest city. chicago out of control. do you know what they did in chicago a year ago.
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lori lightfoot had ambitious plan to narrow the safety gap. flood the street with cops. not only did it not go down it went up. steve: an instance where a guy walked into a wall greens in san francisco. we are trying to get the video. he took the backpack off and went counsel the aisle and he filled it up. rachel: he went shopping. steve: there are employees going sir, what are you dismoog he said i need it. they said please put it back. they had store security. nobody could stop him because, once again, there are no consequences because those crimes have been cat gore rise add misdemeanor and the prosecutor just throws them right now. why not. fill them up. walked out. he is gone. brian: no other network is covering the crime surge. rachel: no, they are not. we're covering and it we are going it cover more on the cody cases ticking up as the migrant cases cross the southern border.
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big reversal for the biden administration. brian: maybe not big enough. american sports writer with great reputation not thrilled to see the stars and stripes flying at the olympics. media's latest stripe at old glory next ♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning back with headlines, mike enzi dies after
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suffering serious injuries after a bicycle accident it happened friday. he was one time chairman two of senate panels driewcial domestic policy. he was elected in 1996 and did not seek a fifth term last year. he passed surrounded by his family. he was 77 years old. release new video of a possible suspect of a brutal beating in brooklyn. subway video shows the man appearing to wear the same clothings the attacker along a masked man with a bike. both men are being sought for the questioning. left a 68-year-old man with a broken nose and wrist. turning now to fox weather a state of emergency is issued after widespread flooding in southern utah. heavy rain causing water to flow on to roadways and flood homes. in northern colorado. officials say three people died following last week's flooding in mud slides. six homes were destroyed. and satellites capture the smoke from several wildfires burning in the west.
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janice dean tracking that. all eyes on the u.s. women's gymnastics team as they look to defend their gold medal at the team's coach tuition. meanwhile lydia jacoby pulling off a huge upset in the women's 100-meter breast stroke to bring home gold. army first lieutenant men and women's. the u.s. is currently tied with china for the most gold medals at nine apiece. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: was she 17 years old? teenager. jillian: yes. joel knows everything. when in doubt ask joel. steve: joel, who made that noise downstairs earlier that we were worried about joel joel a >> a gremlin. brian: amc who parked the car? steve: turn to the crisis at our
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southern border. >> major reversal from the biden administration certain migrant families don't qualify asylum won't be expelled. brian: i'm a little confused. griff jenkins joins us from washington with what this means plus the spike in covid cases at the border. who would have thought coming from a country without vaccines we would get covid cases at the border? griff: good morning, brian, rachel and steve. with no notice or explanation dhs quietly released a statement yesterday resuming the trump era policy that accelerates the procedure of families saying, quote: certain family units who are not able to be expelled under title 42 will be placed in expedited removal proceedings, continued the biden-harris administration is working to build a safe, orderly and immigration system. this as has expelled under title 42 health provision protecting americans from covid more than 750,000 migrants this fiscal year. border patrol officials are worried that could soon be
3:19 am
lifted and it comes as the rio grand valley sector is seeing 900 percent spike in covid cases among migrant detainees with 27% of unaccompanied children positive. and nearly 70 border patrol agents infected. in fact, some migrants are coming now sister norma who runs humanitarian respite is center in the rgv has asked border patrol to stop dropping them off. meanwhile some members of congress led by representative ayanna pressley is demanding the administration immediately lift title 42. when i asked her about it, she had little to say. watch. griff: are you concerned it would increase the likelihood the spread of covid the cbp confirmed yesterday for us there is 900 percent increase. >> no. griff: you are not worried it would cause a bigger spread. >> no. >> griff: are you asking dhs secretary mayorkas to ignore? >> we followed up with the press secretary to find out more about the timing. he has not gotten back to us.
3:20 am
all this comes as ice says they have arrested 302 criminal migrant sex offenders since jun. steve, rachel, brian? >> all right. griff. thank you very much. starting with the story that he was talking about from the "new york times" where now they're fast tracking deporting whole families, you know, they are doing something smart for a change. they are actually interviewing them right at the border as they apprehend them. and essentially what they are doing is they are trying to figure out if they qualify for asylum. and the bar is very easy. it's do you have a credible fear of persecution? if you don't, they are just turning them around. here's the thing. immigration advocates say this is denying these migrants. these people who are non-citizens their due process rights. what they want is they want the federal government to release them into the united states of america, into the interior, give them a court date and then, 80% of them will never show up. >> border patrol says many of
3:21 am
them aren't even getting court dates it says like to be determined. steve: we are in a hurry. >> to be determined and that's it. what are the chances of you coming back when you don't even have a date you need to come back? how are they going to find you? steve: right. >> more importantly these cases of covid we saw this earlier in the year when we saw the brazilian variant. that was so dangerous. fauci was asked about it and he said i don't want to get political. i'm not going to talk about covid and the border. and people coming here illegally. now we have, again, this situation we're seeing spikes in covid increases federal government health bureaucrats, politicians people like fauci have no problem masking up our kids hampering our businesses but no problem letting people in who as you mentioned brian have very low vaccination rates coming from guam, central america, et cetera. brian: the numbers are unbelievable. testing the ones they give 70 border agents have tested positive.
3:22 am
27% of all the unaccompanied children have tested positive. now 9 rio grand valley sector catholic charities run this facility so many people you got stop bringing people they kept dropping them off anyway because they have nowhere to put them. in the middle of the pandemic variant we can't control admittedly and people from tore countries vaccination rates and very few to give to their people coming across the border and not testing with any consistency. not a great combination. even though they are just having expedited removal is a positive step it is just a step according to the lieutenant governor dan patrick. >> much too little too late, laura, it's still bursting over the dam like a flood coming into the united states. i think the reason they did this, laura, this goes back to a trump policy is they are worried about covid. right now a lot of these people are coming from guam, i think their vaccination rate is about 12%, 14%, honduras 7% to 8%.
3:23 am
they have a lot of potential covid cases come in. and, of course, that is an issue for them as you talked about on the top of the show. this has gotten out of hand. he said he would control this. i think that's what this is about. >> he makes a great point, as the administration says right now regarding covid, the pandemic is with the unvaccinated and 99% of the people coming in on our southern border are unvaccinated. we are still restricting international travel unless you want to come into the united states of america and that come on in here and you probably have covid. brian: 671 new covid cases reported on monday in hidalgo county on the border. isis has just made very few arrests but some of which are sex offenders. and i got news for you. for those of how are worried that the people coming to our country illegally will be rewarded. the democrats are reportedly eyeing a path to citizenship of 8 million people here illegally in their new reconciliation panel that's going to be jammed down our throats within the next
3:24 am
couple of weeks. keep an eye on that. >> absolutely. another thing keeping our eye on is espn. never cease to amaze us how they politicize sports. it's with olympics. espn sports writer is a little worried about the flag at the olympics. he is very concerned about it. take a listen. >> i love opening ceremonies. then i just realize man, particularly after these last four years i had it wrong. nationalism is not good. we have seen the rise in white nationalism. nationalism is not good this whole idea i keep thinking back on the capitol riots and i saw a lot of, you know, u.s. flags. >> right. >> so now when i see the flag like raising it what -- what america am i living in are the ones that don't think we should be here? steve: so, you know, it's team u.s.a. so naturally they would be carrying a u.s.a. flag and he is
3:25 am
troubled by that and then. rachel: that's racist. steve: talking with the rise of white nationalism. if it's unclear he is suggesting team u.s.a.'s delegation was involved in white nationalism or if he thought they had racist views. he was not clear about that. but he was clear seeing the red, white and blue being carried by that member of team u.s.a. was really bugging him because it reminded him of something that happened in this country in the first week of january. brian: 168 george foreman famously won the gold medal. go on to win the heavyweight championship twice. same olympics where john carlos and tomi smith put up their fist for black oppression in america. george foreman grabbed a flag and walked around the ring. has he changed his views? here is what he said. >> your regular joe american citizen, we built all these things. it was us who put up the money for the stadiums, the gigantic stadiums all around the country. we're going to be in sports.
3:26 am
it's our sports. we can't let any kind of misbehavior turn us away from going out there and america, this is the home of the glass slipper, if you know what i mean. some of us had nothing. never were anything. and now it's like a cinderella story. it will continue. if we americans just stick together. there will be some demonstrations, but that's the way it is with kids when they are not heard. they are generally just seen and we do things that really are not good. but, america is going to be here. it's going to be strong. it's the right country to be. in and it's a great athlete who comes and represents america. we just got to showcase it a little bit more. that's all. steve: well, that's all. rachel: brian, i loved your interview with him last week. it was incredible. he said that he had a lot of pressure from, you know, leftist groups trying to get him. brian: to pull back. rachel: onto pull back and not
3:27 am
love america. i can't quit loving america. you will never let it happen. brian: real quick his it aal was with marriage. he said from the moment i got married, it's, you know, for better or for worse. so that's my wife. you better not say anything. and i'm going to deal with that and i'm in this for the long haul. rachel: i love it. brian: indicating nothing is ever perfect but no other place i would rather be. steve: he is married to america not going to divorce america. brian: that's the analogy. steve: indeed or leave it. it is 6:27 in the east. governor andrew cuomo of new york taking what appears to be a victory lap after the department of justice dropped its investigation into a portion of the nursing home scandal. >> it was toxic politics. and it did a lot of harm and a lot of damage. brian: yeah, just part of the investigation dropped. janice dean lost both of her in-laws to covid-19 inside
3:28 am
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3:32 am
it violated the basic concept of justice in this nation. and it did a lot of harm and a lot of damage. to say to people who lost a loved one in a nursing home it could have been appreciated. it was a mistake by government bureaucrats. that's why your loved one died. how cruel. brian: wow, our next guest both lost family members in nursing homes due to the governor's policies. joining me now is our very own meteorologist janice dean and ron kim who have become fast friends through this and allies because they want to get to the truth. first off, janice for you, was this the right time for him to say he was exonerated? janice: no. i'm so used to this and i'm sure ron will say the same thing. is he like a broken record. he blames everybody else except the guy who signed the mandate for 46 days to put covid positive patients into the nursing homes. the "new york post" this morning
3:33 am
got it absolutely right. here it is. >> liar. he is a liar. brian: they chronicle this, ron kim. brian: ron, what exactly did the doj do and what exactly is left to these investigations? first into the nursing homes? >> doj closed the original investigation. that's into the publicly run facilities. which is a very small portion of the entire nursing home industry. the civil investigation is still open for the entire nursing homes and the criminal investigation, more importantly, is still ongoing. for the governor to take the media, national stage and take a victory lap and play the victim while thousands of families like janice and mine still seeks the truth, that is what is cruel. brian: here is the thing melissa der rosa chief of staff told lawmakers on a call basically apologized for stonewalling when
3:34 am
it come to the total deaths. on the record. is he going to throw her under the bus? >> he will do whatever he has to do, say and do to save his own behind. is he a dangerous man that's drowning. and we need to continue to hold him accountable. he thinks this is toxic politics? this is not politics. this accountability so we can get the state in the right direction so we don't repeat the same mistakes. brian: janice, he feels like he has been thrown a life preserver and is now on shore. should he feel as though he beat all these investigations? what's left? >> he better prepare for the a.g.'s report which is coming in the next couple of weeks there are multiple investigations here. brian: the new york attorney general? janice: absolutely. there is an fbi investigation and new york attorney general's investigation that's supposed to come out in the next couple of weeks. i think he has to prepare himself. i would love for him to talk to victims' families in a town hall and tell us face to face that he
3:35 am
is the victim. and see what happens. but he won't. because he is a coward and a bully. brian: i know you guys understandably focused on the pursing homes. what is also left, at least 10 shower. 10 sexual harassment accusers. got 5 million as an advance was that. like his brother whether it came to test. how much do these other investigations matter? what's he doing about his own a.g., democratic a.g. investigating him? >> it's all a pattern of abuse of powerful and abuse of behavior here. he chased down a $5 million book deal at the peak of the pandemic. that is the main reason why he committed fraud. he himself last year, it is criminal fraud to lie about nursing home death toll. and that is precisely what he did. we need to again hold him
3:36 am
accountable for that. brian: all right, janice, is he starting to marginalize the investigation by latisha james using surrogates to say it's all political. real quick? janice: he is trying to demean her investigation into him saying she going to run for governor. victims shaming them again. this governor needs to go. if new york doesn't understand that yet, wake up. brian: right. he is not out of the wood. don't let his arrogance fool you. ron kim and janice dean, thank you so much. janice: you are welcome. >> thank you. brian: meanwhile, 24 hours before the top of the hour. >> politico says statements like this haven't caused americans to not trust the covid vaccine. >> let's say there is a vaccine approved and even distributed before the election. would you get it? >> i would not trust donald trump. brian: yeah. unbelievable. what does pollster lee carter think? she bucks politic facts in just
3:37 am
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♪ steve: well, as the white house scrambles to get more americans vaccinated politifact is rejecting accusations at that time biden administration casted doubts and distrust about vaxing safety despite pastor remarks during the campaign like this one. >> let's just say there is a vaccine that is would you get it. >> i think that's going to be an issue for all of us. i will say that i would not trust donald trump. and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever is he talking about. i will not take his word for it.
3:42 am
steve: okay. there you heard it republicans are now calling on the administration to refocus their vaccine messaging. here with more on what's going on. let's dial in lee carter pollster, president and partner of maslansky and partners. lee, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so, politifact said that essentially they said that the clips used in the video were selectively edited to take the statements out of context and as it turns out, harris and joe biden, they didn't do anything wrong. >> listen, i'm not sure that they did anything wrong. they are entitled to their opinion and they were reluctant to trust the vaccine. that's how a lot of americans feel today. and so i think if they were to refocus and say we're going to have a conversation without judgment, we used to be concerned too. this is what we learned that changed our mind. i think the whole tenor of this conversation needs to shift away from one of judgment and one to empathy.
3:43 am
because people have really valid concerns about why they haven't taken the vaccine yet. i have done a lot of research for this. it's not the way a lot of people would have you believe that people that haven't taken the vaccine it's not that they are kooky or uneducated. they have very real valid concerns they want more information and they want it addressed before they go and take the vaccine. steve: just to be clear because we had a teleprompter issue right there. politifact declared that the claims that biden and harris justed the covid vaccine under trump false despite past rhetoric as republicans say the biden administration needs to refocus their vaccine. politifact says it was all out of context soundbite with harris and biden out of context. the writer actually put the context there. it looks like the politifact organization is just running interference for the administration. >> and i don't think it's doing
3:44 am
them any service. if they -- i mean, we can all remember the soundbites from the debate and from the interviews when they were running in 2020 that did say that they had concerns. and they -- you know, there is nothing wrong with their concerns. their concerns are valid. and so i think, you know, it's a mistake for politifact to get in here and say this isn't the truth. i think that a lot of people had concerns then and people still have concerns now. and we need to be able to talk about them, again, without judgment. but with understanding. and saying we need to get a place that you can get unbiased information. steve: see, that's the key. unpiesed information because. politifact is a fact checker. and you figured, okay, they're right down the middle that outfit is not right down the middle t doesn't appear to be that wait a minute one of the things that we have been hearing from all the folks that we have been talking to is that they don't have a place that they feel that they can trust to get
3:45 am
unbiased information. everybody is pushing an agenda. and when you see an organization like this, it's supposed to be the fact checker. it's supposed to be the unbiased one saying this i think it causes more questions. so what i have seen, too. people just don't know where to go. there is no place for them to get the information. the information is constantly shifting and changing. one day they feel completely safe. if you look at what is happening even with the mask conversation. masks are going to keep you safe or not going to keep you safe. you have have to wear one mask or none at all. wear two masks. those shifts in information is making people confused. and you can't blame them. steve: well, there is a lot of information out there. you just have to look at everything and try to figure it out for yourself. we report, you decide. all right. lee, thank you very much for joining us live. >> great to see you. steve: all right. quarter before the top of the hour. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather. she is outside with one of the greatest chicken finger outfits on the planet. janice: absolutely.
3:46 am
we are going to talk about it in just a moment. take a look at the nation's forecast. we are dealing with hot temperatures for much of the country, especially the central u.s. where we have heat advisories up and that's going to be ongoing throughout today and tomorrow. temperatures in the 90 or 100-degree range. with the humidity it's going to feel pretty dangerous. that's why we have all these heat advisories up from really the northern plains down to the gulf coast and stretching into the southeast. in terms of radar, what are we getting? showers and thunderstorms still for the four corners that could cause some flash flooding. and we saw severe weather last night for parts of the great lakes in towards the northeast. that's going to be an ongoing threat. still the showers and thunderstorms throughout the day today for the florida area and southeast. i just want to point out that we have wildfire smoke that's going to be traveling across the ohio valley in towards the northeast by thursday. so we will keep you up to date on that. raising cane's chicken fingers is here on fox square. the chain is in the process of opening more than 60 restaurants across the country. how do they do it? founder and ceoed to graves
3:47 am
joins me now. hello, my friend. how are you? >> good morning, janice, i'm great. >> tell us what you are doing. >> well, today is national chicken finger day. it's the holiday i created 12 years ago. this is like christmas morning to me. i spent my whole adult life dedicated to chicken fingers and this is our day. janice: what are you doing for charity. >> i have a really nice announcement this morning i'm proud to announce for our crew this is coming up on our 25th year. i'm very proud to say we are going to do $25 million back in this 25th birthday year to the communities we are doing business in. and so, anyways, all over just great day. janice: how have you survived this past year with the pandemic. >> you know, it's been the toughest labor in the restaurant industry has ever had. to compete, we have put in things like $25 million of extra incremental labor in wages. it's rewarding the crew we have. like a $15 million thank you bonus for the crew that comes out and works so hard. restaurants are super busy. and not a lot of people working
3:48 am
in them. it's a tough time for our industry. janice: i cannot wait to celebrate national chicken finger day with canes. where is the food? >> well, let's see, hey, we have got some for you right here. janice: very nice. we are going to keep on checking in and i am going to have one of these babies right now. janice: oh my. so good. steve, you have to come out here. it's amazing. steve: i have had raising cane's and it is fantastic. they are giving away freebies today. >> what we're doing today at any raising cane's get a box combo go on the app. and order a chicken finger give out chicken finger. we will give out hundreds of thousands chicken fingers today. almost 600 of them across the country. janice: steve, this is what i'm going to be doing all hour. steve: steve. >> you are going to eat off his
3:49 am
plate all day? >> yes, i am. a dozen minutes before the top of the hour. still to come, stay out of the ivy league. a social distancing group is demanding white families not enrolled -- rather applied to the country's top universities. columbia university grad rob smith sounds off on this outrageous request coming up next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing. from prom dresses to workouts get 0.9% apr financing on the all 2021 lexus hybrid models. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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3:53 am
rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." calling on ivy league schools to give to minority students instead. they write talk is not enough. open up spaces for black and latin x community by refusing to send your kids to ivy league schools or "u.s. news and world report" top 50 schools. the group even reportedly threatening to publicly name those who don't sign the pledge. our next guest graduated from columbia university with masters in journalism. this is host rob smith, he is the host of the rob smith is problematic podcast. rob, he joins me now.
3:54 am
welcome, rob. >> thank you, thank you. rachel: so here's what i'm a little bit confused about. my understanding is all things being equal. grades, test scores that it was actually easier for black and brown people to get into these schools anyway. >> no, it is. especially after decades of affirmative action. rachel: right. >> i think that this far left group has a couple of things wrong. first of all, there is this idea that minority students, whether they are black or latina, latin x is ridiculous. rachel: i hate that term, too. >> the idea that black and latino kids somehow need give something up in order to be successful in ivy league universities. that's a false idea first of all isn't second idea is very elitist idea. that's the idea that the ivy leagues are somehow some gold plated path to riches and success for working class african-american and latino students. that is simply not the case. like i said, we have gone through about decades of affirmative action. what nobody talks about among
3:55 am
black and latino kids in the ivy league is the fact that so many of them get there. they come from public schools that are not really the greatest public schools in the world. and so when they're there. they are forced to compete with very wealthy kids that have been privately educated pretty much their entire lives and they fall behind which is one of the reasons why there is this push towards making that racist. and sort of bringing down the difficulties of some of the work there. so the idea that just because of black kid gets into an ivy league school all of a sudden they will be successful, i don't think that's the right idea. rachel: you bring up such a great point the public elementary in high school. if you get that right. you will have kids who milo might actually be able to succeed in ivy league regardless of their color. we asked dallas justice for their statement they said this we understand this is a minor sacrifice for privileged families. we think it's the least they can do if they are truly allies of our community. and my question to you, rob, where does this end? you know, what more should white
3:56 am
allies, woke allies of this movement do? should they just not just sacrifice their children to the movement? should they also sacrifice their net worth? where does it end? >> the thing is, rachel, it doesn't end anywhere. these far left blm types they have realized that they can hustle and grip brain dead white liberals, the kind of white liberals that put blm signs in their front yard in order to not get bothered. they can pretty much hustle them for anything they want. so, no, it will not end. rachel: that's right. well, listen, we are still looking into this group. we want to find out more about them. and thanks so much for joining us, rob. >> we have interesting discussion. >> thanks. rachel: coming up, turns out the art dealer representing hunter biden has long understanding ties to china. how is this shaping up to be an ethics nightmare for the white house next?
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
barbara boxer assaulted. >> if you lost a loved one in nursing them could have been appreciated? how cruel. >> for the governor to take a victory lap. that is what is cruel. is he a dangerous man that's drowning. >> hunter biden's art dealer said back in 2015 he wanted to be, quote, the lead guy in china. >> this stinks to high heaven. the only reason it's not getting more scrutiny is because the mainstream media is part and parcel to the democrat party.
4:01 am
>> major reversal biden administration as the certain migrant families will be expelled. >> comes as the rio grand valley sector seeing hundred percent spike of covid cases among detainees. >> the u.s. is currently tied with china for the most gold medals at 9 apiece. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: this is another group that i worry about. steve: b-52. brian: do you know why? steve: b-52's are obsolete? rachel: emission? brian: b-52 group emission. i worry they have only had a couple of good albums and too many people in the band. rachel: there are a lot of people in that band. steve: brian, they have been
4:02 am
together like 50 years. i think they are going to do okay. brian: playing same song over and over. steve: they just got $3 because we played it. brian: too few people very little overhead. like elo problem. they have a horn session. >> steve: solo acts. brian: exactly then can i sleep at night. steve: that's good. rachel: glad you are looking out for the music industry. brian: rachel on emissions. april april i was like what? steve: rachel is in this week. anxiously is off. good to have you. brian: and she regrets it. rachel: the reason i mentioned that joe concha said the jets were in danger of being canceled because of climate change their name. that's why i thought what's going on? woke names. steve: i knew you were talking about joe concha. rachel: knew i was talking about joe concha. brian: i missed that segment. steve: listen, on this program, on this channel we have been
4:03 am
detailing over the last number of months how there is rising crime in big democrat-run cities. yesterday, unfortunately, in oakland, california, barbara boxer, the former u.s. senator, a democrat, was -- she was robbed and she was assaulted in broad daylight at 1:15 in the afternoon. rachel: yeah. knocked down from behind. she was actually being followed and. steve: she was shoved. rachel: and then she was shoved. they took her phone and it's been, you know, a scary incident for her. there was a tweet that came out from barbara about it she says earlier today former senator barbara boxer was assaulted in the neighborhood of oakland. the assailant pushed her in the back. stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. she is thankful she was not seriously injured. that's right. if she had fallen to the ground on the concrete, i mean she is an elderly woman at this point. you know, something could have happened. she said she ran to verizon, i
4:04 am
guess, she wanted to save her grand kids' photos. you know, as she deleted her data she had her priorities. i agree with that you want to save those photos. i think, steve, what bothered me about her statement is she followed it with a statement in the "l.a. times" that you brought up. go ahead and tell them. steve: former senator pushed back at people who would say what happened to her is an example of rising crime under democratic leadership. you know, that apparently was something she was concerned about. and her quote is democrats have no intention of defunding the police. they want better policing. and then she went on to detail how during her senate career. she was all about trying to provide better protection in the community. rachel: how sad that after that incident happened, and she is probably going to get private security right after this. she didn't look out for the other citizens in her state. people who can't afford private security and talk about the policies that have led to that.
4:05 am
brian: meanwhile the private number she has in that phone after years as u.s. senator and democrats in power right now. meanwhile if you look at oakland it's a mess. crime gone through the roof. in san francisco, you can't park for 12 minutes on the street without getting your car smashed and your stuff robbed. and then in chicago, we know how bad it was. even over the weekend, 73 hit by gunfire. 11 died. this is about a year since lori lightfoot came out with an ambitious plan, that's her words of a safety gap. she wanted to flood the zone in bad districts which were about all 22 police districts with more cops. with a push to get more jobs for kids and counter act the gangs. it's been an epic disaster. fatal shootings are up 566% from even two years ago. new york city, we show you this horrific video that's out. you have this 68-year-old being knocked to the ground, broken wrist, wrist, broken nose. you watch a woman with a walker get knocked off her feet. and they smashed her walker and smashed her. meanwhile, they are trying to find that guy got a shot of him
4:06 am
walking through the subway turnstile with a clear shot of his face. so he should be arrested soon. i'm sure he will have a nice record. think about this. hit you with homicide numbers, carjackings and tell you how bad it is. you know if you are in the city. number two, cops aren't running from it. they are showing it to you. they are told to step back they're the problem. number three, you also have the incarceration issue. they are emptying the prisons and not keeping people in prison because they are convinced democrats that this country is skewed against black and brown people and, therefore, everyone in prison is there unjustly and people aren't getting a fair shot. you put all this together, it's throwing kerosene on a wildfire. it is just exploding. at one point someone has to step up and acknowledge reality. but it's not being covered on the other stations. rachel: no. in fact, media coverage of the crime crisis is just look at these numbers. cbs on monday night yes, lapse night. zero on the crime crisis. msnbc zero. abc 18 seconds about a police
4:07 am
standoff within a armed man in bakersfield, california where five were killed. then you know that the democrats and allies in the media are worried about the rising crime because they are not covering it whifer they are worried about something. they censor and just like with hunter biden's laptop, they censor those things when they're worried that it's going to impact them politically. and i think it really goes to show there democrats who claim to care about people that claim to care about black and brown people, when it comes to crime and school choice. their policies never help the same. brian: the victims. >> exactly. precisely. >> here's the thing. even though the networks are not covering it people see what's going on in their own towns. rachel: yeah. steve: and there goes somebody taking a bunch of stuff out of that store. how many of those people were arrested? brian: zero. steve: we have no information about it but we have seen stuff. and there is a police officer
4:08 am
right there. and yesterday we were telling you about the abc news poll that showed that over the last 80 days we went from a majority optimistic country to a majority pessimistic country. 55% of the country is pessimistic about the direction we are going. and the abc poll said that, you know what? it has to do with crime. and it has to do with immigration. and then abc, as it turns out. only devoted about less than a minute to talk about their own poll, which makes the administration look bad because, clearly, the honeymoon is over for a lot of people with joe biden. because they thought, you know what? maybe this guy is going to do something different. now, here we are, toward the end of july, and america is experiencing a crime problem like we have not seen in decades. rachel: remember when the "the washington post" said that will.
4:09 am
steve: democracy dies in darkness. rachel: democracy dies in darkness. william jacobson law professor and media critic. cities die in darkness when you don't tell the truth about what's happening there "the washington post" famously said that cities die in darkness. so do cities in shall disservice in people in cities who are victims and contributes to the downward spiral that these cities almost entirely have progressive mayors and suggest some of the lack of coverage is politically motivated. you think, brian? you think that it's politically motivated? brian: this is one thing that you have a choice on certain things. but when it comes to crime it hits home. even the administration knows their numbers are so bad on crime they're starting to try to take action by blaming the gun. meanwhile at 9 minutes after the hour. there is multiple investigations into governor cuomo. he was the golden boy during the pandemic. as soon as trump dropped out they looked into what he was doing. in terms of the nursing homes putting infected patients back in and the death it caused
4:10 am
afterwards and not being candid about the number of people who did die in nursing homes and being caught when your chief of staff was caught on a conference call explains to democrats that they had to keep the number down in order to win an election, governor cuomo, actually taking a bow yesterday. saying he beat the investigation into the department of justice, says they found nothing wrong. and then decided to talk in grand scale about how he is the victim and how justice triumph. i want you to hear what he has to say. then we are going to qualify that on the other end. >> we are not even near the top in terms of percentage of deaths. in nursing homes. why new york? except that it was all politically motivated. to say to people who lost a loved one in a nursing home it could have been appreciated, it was a mistake by government bureaucrats. that's why your loved one died.
4:11 am
how cruel. it was politics. it was it toxic politics. it violated the basic concepts of justice in this nation. and it did a lot of harm and a lot of damage. and it went on too long. steve: so there he was trying to take a victory lap as if he is off the hook. he's not. all the doj said is they would not pursue a probe into the potential violations of the civil rights of institutionalized persons act. that little sliver of troubles for him. that investigation would have only covered 30 state government run homes out of 600 in the state. he is still in great legal peril because the fbi and the doj still, he is the focus of criminal probe by the fbi. by the brooklyn u.s. attorney as well. into their cover-up of the total nursing home death toll, and the
4:12 am
sweetheart deal he got with that $5.1 million book deal where they doctored the numbers and did they do things to make it look even rosier for that man right there so he could get a $5.1 million book advance? rachel: we had assemblyman ron kim on. he has been a great voice along with janice dean on this fight for finding the truth. here's what he had to say. >> civil investigation is still open for the entire nursing homes. and the criminal investigation, more importantly, is still ongoing. for the governor to take the media national stage and take a victory lap and play the victim while thousands of families like janice and mine are still seeking the truth, that is what's cruel. >> he's like a broken record. he blames everybody else except the guy that signed the mandate for 46 days to put covid positive patients in the nursing home. i would love for him to talk to victims' families a town hall
4:13 am
and tell us face to face that he is the victim and see what happens. but he won't. because he is a coward. and a bully. brian: he also has 10 shower. accusers. he also has an ethics violation when it documents friends and family getting tested including cnn ache core chris cuomo, including donors. also finding out when it comes to his book deal that he actually used his staff during work time to write the book for him. so while cashing none the $5 million in the middle of the pandemic as a second wave was just heating up. it's unbelievable he would do the deal. no wonder like 9 people bought the book. steve: yep. we will keep you posted on that. in the meantime. let's talk about another ethical problem for the white house. you know, hunter biden has now decided he is an artist. and there is some suggestion that his art, which covers a number of genres, very interesting. brian: blows through a straw. brian: steve: that's brian's depiction how he creates these works of
4:14 am
art may be sold half a million dollars per piece of art. now he is being represented by george burgess who has art glearls in new york and los angeles. it's interesting, when you look into george berges the garr glars background berges. 2015 resident magazine. he said he wanted to the arrested leader in china. quest magazine he says he travels to china 3 or 4 times a year and solid group of 25 collectors most of them overseas. here's the thing. the buyers are supposed to be confidential. and hunter is not supposed to know who they are. but he is actually going to meet with them when they go okay, so, hunter, tell us about the blue face at the top of that or what was your inspiration on that thing that kind of looks like a shell fish. and he is not supposed to to be with them because the worry is that somebody is going to pay half a million dollars for one of those things to buy
4:15 am
influence, essentially over this white house. rachel: put the pictures back up of those paintings? brian: please. rachel: it's interesting, congress has an art contest and one person wins from each state and they actually display it along the hauls, you know. in the capitol building. all of the artists i have seen and i have passed that many, many times are better than this and, yet, he is getting. steve: anybody related to a president? rachel: exactly. half a million dollars for that the guy that you were talking about, berges, he actually said high plan is to be the lead guy in china. the lead check tore and art dealers discovering and nurturing talent from that region. plan to find and discover and bring to the rest of the world those i consider china's next generation of modern artists. so, hunter biden is the next generation of artists. and we saw this week by the way, you guys. that tom barrick, one of trump's
4:16 am
friends and allies indicted for lobbying and influence pedestrian lick. i guarantee you there is nothing tom barrick has done that is worse than what hunter biden has done. there are two different modes of justice in this country. one for democrats, one for those connected to the media's ideology and one for republicans and trump supporters. brian: fbi is still looking into hunter biden. i guess they are stuck on something. how long douse it take to look at the hunter biden as overseas sales. and with all this money, who is paying tax on it? the big guy? i'm not sure. but tony bobulinski met with senator ron johnson and gave him all this information. sadly ron johnson chairman of the committee and conduct this information. he knows about hunter biden losing his secret service in china and so many other foreign business trips that make no sense. here he is yesterday on hunter's art career. >> we have -- across travel records from secret service where hunter biden had secret service protection 5 and a half
4:17 am
years. during that time period he made 70 trips overseas. think about that. that's about a trip a month. and my question is what was he selling? you know, most international business people have a product or real service that they are selling. other than the biden family name. peddling influence, what was hunter biden cooking? of course, this was before he became the 21st century picasso and, of course, now he is selling that artwork. this stinks to high heaven. the only reason it's not getting more scrutiny in the mainstream press because the mainstream media is part and parcel to the democratic party. they are the communication arm of the democratic party. they are not going to even look at this much less be concerned about it. brian: is he trolling his dad. i'm going with victor davis hanson saying for him to do this and cause this much problem with the white house and get in the face and take time as jen psaki has to explain away his straw paintings. rachel: very passive aggressive. totally passive aggressive.
4:18 am
brian: so in our face. rachel: in the end it isn't about hunter it's about joe biden and the big guy. that's what you mentioned before. why can't they get to the bottom hough is the big guy? there is a laptop full of information. brian: alias email communication. steve: whoever buys the works of hunter da vinci would have ties to the communist party of china. the reason they paid half a million bucks was all that access. brian: basically blistering wendy sherman right now in china as we meet diplomatically. steve: we will keep you posted on who buys that stuff if they tell us. all right. 7:18 now here in the east. jillian joins us with the latest on covid. jillian: that's right. good morning. let's go ahead and begin with this. the department of veterans affairs becomes the first federal agency to mandate the covid-19 vaccine. it will require all frontline healthcare workers to take the shot or face possible removal. when asked about the requirement, president biden appears to snob a reporter you
4:19 am
decide. >> you are such a pain in the comic but i will answer your question this has nothing to do with iraq. [inaudible] >> biden did not answer when asked about a vaccine mandate for all federal employees. florida governor ron desantis being sued by out-of-work floridians for cutting off unemployment. desantis state as quote violating statutory duty to provide unemployment benefits to florida residents. reinstate $300 a week benefits for unemployed floridians. critical race theory a bill under his proposed love america acts, students would recite pledge of allegiance by first grade. by fourth grade they would be able to recite the preamble of the u.s. constitution. the preamble of the declaration by eighth grade and the bill of rights by tenth grade. we will certainly keep you
4:20 am
updated there. the cleveland indians rebrand has hit first snag last week the team announced it would change its name to the guardians. you heard this right. after the guardians of traffic statute hope memorial bridge. problem is a local roller derby team has had the team for yours and owns the url. that team seems to have given up trademark on the name possibly due to a deal with the mlb club. both teams have declined to comment. brian: we still have roller derby? brian: wow. steve: i hear the guardians are great. brian: what is good about them? what is their strength? steve: they play with all their hearts. jillian, thank you for that update. brian: chicago's top cop fuming after another deadly weekend. why is he blaming the court system for the violence plaguing the deadly city. rachel: woke culture coming from math class. look at teacher training taking
4:21 am
hold in kentucky school district. we will talk about that coming up. ♪ ♪ overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic or mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death, may occur.
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getting an opportunity to show her stuff. nonstop, displayed at the highest performance level... finding something and the us takes gold! ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ ♪ dream on ♪ - yes! ♪ ahhhhhhh ♪ ♪ dream until your dreams come true ♪ ♪ >> we are violent offenders. the courts are releasing these people back into communities that over 90 people charged with murder have been released. ask what the courts can do different rather than release violent people back to these communities to create an environment of lawlessness. steve: there you have got chicago's police superintendent calling out soft on crime policies as more than 70 people
4:26 am
were shot over another bloody weekend, this past weekend. the violence rocking the city nearly one year into mayor lorii lightfoot's anticrime plan which is not going so he will with. chicago alderman nic is here with reaction. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: the superintendent has a great point. you know, the prosecutors and the courts are just letting the violent offenders right back on the street because in chicago, just like in every other major city, it seems, there are no consequences for breaking the law. >> yeah. well, that's what it seems like. they are not afraid to do anything. we have seen better than jailing criminals, serious criminals. we are talking about murder. we have almost 100 criminals murderers on ankle bracelets roaming our streets right now. steve: why are the courts releasing these people back onto
4:27 am
the streets. >> i have no idea. i still can't figure that one out. we're afraid of criminals. we are afraid we are going to offend them. and we are letting them run the streets wild. not only in chicago. i should say, as you know, it's across america. it's a national pandemic as i would say. it's not just -- it's every major city in america have these problems. steve: lori lightfoot, the mayor there, we are now one year into an anti crime program there that cost them a lot of money. but the numbers are going the wrong direction. >> yes, they are. so, unless we get help from the state's attorney and the court for some consequences for these people until they get their day in court, court, i believe in the presumption of innocence, but most of these are repeat offenders, they are out there, they are cutting their ankle bracelets they are fearless of nothing. absolutely no consequences for them. steve: speaking of the mayor, she defended something she said
4:28 am
earlier in the year where she would only speak to reporters at city hall reporters of color. this is her comment during a sway podcast. >> it's not about individuals. it's about systemic racism. it's about calling it like i see it and challenging the heads of the media companies here in town to do a better job of bringing journalists of color, women into the fray. i would absolutely do it again. i would absolutely do it again. i'm unapologetic about it. steve: nic, what do you think about that? >> well, i mean i know she says she is unapologetic about it. i think it was a big mistake. it was just for one day though. so it wasn't forever. for a week, a month. it was a one-day. i believe it was a mistake. i do know she says she is unapologetic and she has to, you know, speak for herself. i can't speak on her behalf though. steve: nick, i know you are
4:29 am
alderman there in chicago, given the crime numbers and the revolving door on how many people who have committed murder are back out on the street, can you explain to me why somebody should continue to live in chicago where, you know, the lawlessness for somebody from outside chicago it's like oh, 70 people shot this weekend. that's just a typical weekend. it seems like things are out of control there. >> well, they are, in certain neighborhoods. i wouldn't say the whole city is out of control. our west side and south side is a big problem. of course, it rolls over into our central business district downtown chicago as you guys show on many of the videos we see what happens over there. just groups of -- i'm going to say kids because anywhere from maybe 15, 16 to, you know, 18, 19, just roaming the streets. robbing, knocking people down. fighting. you know, doing whatever they do. and, of course, you know, businesses worry about it and
4:30 am
tourists are worried about it. steve: no kidding. that's an understatement. we thank you for joining us today from chicago. >> all right. thanks for having me on the show. steve: you bet. all right. let's move down south, texas. now the lone state, the united states arresting migrants on trespassing charges, congressman tony gonzales reacts to this new get tough effort to ease the border crisis and he's coming up next. ♪
4:31 am
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♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, a michigan sheriff's deputy shooting and killing a man after he allegedly stabbed a canine officer. investigators say the violence broke out as deputies try to perform a search warrant for an assault. the suspect's name has not been released. the canine officer was taken to a vet in kalamazoo. it's unclear how badly the dog was injured. a major explosion at an industrial park for chemical companies rocked the german city. residents have been asked to stay inside and close their windows. look at this video. the explosion has been classified as an extreme threat. it reportedly started in a garbage insynergy ration plant in the city of leverkus her.
4:35 am
n. home to baier one of the city's biggest chemical companies. the cause ever the explosion is still unclear. california governor gavin newsom making a shocking comparison when talking about the unvaccinated. take a listen. >> like drunk drivers. you don't have the right to go out and drink and drive and put everyone else at risk including your own life. jillian: newsom did not say whether he would bring back a statewide mask mandate amid a rise in cases only stating it could be easily avoided if people get the jab. a beloved airport piano player get the surprise of a lifetime. watch this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: here's the story. a social media influencer saw tony carter playing at the atlanta airport and posted a video online asking followers to give the pianist a tip. within 30 minutes $10,000 was raised and now over 70,000 bucks. that is a look at your headlines. rachel, kent send it back to
4:36 am
you. steve: that's quite the tip jar. just saying. rachel: it is. texas is now arresting migrants illegally crossing the border on trespassing charges. more than 30 now confined to an empty state prison up from 10 just last week. steve: this as the administration quietly resumed a trump era policy accelerating the remove of migrants and families to curb the surging spread of covid. brian: tony gonzales. congressman, how much worse has this gotten and how much better has operation lone star been it for people in your community. >> things are as bad as they have ever been. it hasn't gotten better. it's only gotten worse. sadly, texans feel as if we are alone. and we see it we are doing everything we possibly can to fight against this immigration crisis. but the big guy is awol. kamala harris is awol. i mean, federal government is nowhere to be found.
4:37 am
texans are having to take care of texans as we fight through this pandemic. a couple month ago my county judges were asking for more body bags. i had to work with the texas division of emergency management to get them more body bags and, guess what? now they are asking for even more body bags. rachel: right, because the summer months are here and the journey is more dangerous. you famously were at a ranch where we saw little girls who were abandoned. you put that story out there. you are a dad of six children. i can relate to that. especially as a congress. how -- the left democrats claim that their open border policy is compassionate. talk to me hownot compassionate for texans and how it's hurting those coming across as well. >> yeah, their open border rhetoric that has turned into open border policy is dangerous. and it's killing people. it's killing migrants. it's creating this chaos. you are seeing a spike in covid
4:38 am
cases. i'm getting told on the ground in these detention facilities that the numbers are reaching upward of 20%. brian: wow. >> it's absolutely out of control. and they are going about it the wrong way. you know, you have got 1.1 million illegal immigrants that have come through. and they are encouraging even more. this administration should focus on legal immigration re form instead they are creating this chaos and sadly, migrants are dying horrible deaths. imagine running out of water in the middle of a dessert. imagine being stuck in a u-haul. it's absolutely despicable what's happening. steve: sure. at the same time, the government, because this administration has given ice new marching orders where if you want to arrest somebody. you have got to call the front office. they have apparently focused part of their mission and they are now cracking down on sex offenders. and since the month of june, which was just last month. they have already arrested and are in the process of deporting
4:39 am
300 sex offenders. congressman, this is the same time joe biden's administration is spending $2 billion to simply stop building a wall which, obviously, a lot of people would say we really need. >> oh, yeah. experts on the ground tell me we need three things. we need a wall. we need technology and we need boots on the ground. these are the people that live it every day. what is joe biden doing? he is defunding the wall. he is not adding any technology. and the appropriations we are about to vote on appropriations bill this week. the appropriations bill defund border patrol and ice by $1 billion. does that sound like somebody who is trying to tackle a problem? brian: no. >> it's exact opposite. they want open borders to happen. brian: put out expedited removal. come up with any sob story you will be allowed to say. kamala harris nowhere to be found. $2 billion is being sent to settle diveels contractors on the fence, on the wall to either destroy it or store it it's on
4:40 am
taxpayer's expense. we are paying not to have a barrier, incredible. congressman, thanks so much. >> thank you have a great day. rachel: good seeing you. paying people not to work seems to be the theme of the biden administration. brian: fantastic. rachel: woke culture come for math class look at the anti-racist teacher training taking hold in one kentucky school district next. steve: and help wanted signs seen in shops all across america. ened a growing number of business owners think federal pandemic benefits are to blame. a chicago restaurateur is urging the governor there to take action. rachel: colorado. they ran that up too fast. steve: they are going to join us later this hour. ♪ ♪
4:41 am
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. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends first." a kentucky school district set toe host a year long program to educate teachers on racism in math. the application says the program will teach, quote: anti-bias, an tis rayist and racially equitable practices to eliminate curricular violence and eliminate mathematics education. of here to react is college professor and co-founder of free black thought eric schmitt. eric, welcome. i have to tell you i went through the woman who is instructing this i went through lesson plan for the year. after i read it i thought it was a bunch of academic goobably gook b.s. really. let's take a look at this. it says anti-racist mathematics. white supremacy in mathematics. environmental racial trauma in math matt particulars. it goes on and on and on. what do you think of this curriculum? >> well, what is going on is that everything has to cater toe
4:46 am
a victim narrative. and when i say everything, i mean everything. the powers that be among the anti-racist circles, for example, really want to be thorough about that. and when i say thorough, i mean thorough, yes, math is racist. going to racialize breakfast cereal soon. they want to touch on everything. rachel: the bottom line is this helping or hurting minority students who these programs purport to be wanting to help? -- they are actually going after language now. black linguistic justice. it's racist to teach black students, especially standard english. so, this is not just a math thing. and, obviously,. rachel: right. >> to a 5-year-old this is not good for black students.
4:47 am
rachel: no, it's going to set black siewnts back. it seems to me like a react. as much as it is misguided it seems like a react. and the taxpayer, the parents and the students are getting ripped off their money, their tax dollars are being spent on this garbage and not on teaching our kids reading and writing and science and all the things they need to succeed and move forward and achieve the american dream. >> let's make no mistake that racism is an industry in america. there is money to be made. not just giving speeches but giving workshops or giving curricula that is quote, unquote, anti-racist when it's actually quite racist. rachel: erec, we appreciate you joining us this morning. we reached out to the public schools for a statement but didn't get a response. all right, thank you, erec. we are going to check in now with senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. at least the weather isn't
4:48 am
racist, right? janice: the weather is fantastic. i haven't been accused of that yet, rachel. it is national chicken finger day and we will be talking about that in a second with raising cane's. first the weather forecast. it's going to be warm across the central u.s. it's really beautiful now here in new york city. no rain in the forecast today. showers and thunderstorms for parts of the gulf coast and florida as well as the four corners where we are concerned with the flash flooding. that has been ongoing for the last several weeks. we had storms yesterday across the great lakes and upper midwest. even a tornado report and we could see the same today for parts of the northwest and northeast. we will keep an eye on that and as i mentioned it's national chicken finger day and raising kaine is here with us. we will be giving out chicken fingers all morning long. come see us on fox square. i have to pace myself these are too good to be true. rachel: bring some back up to the studio. janice: here you go. rachel: growing number of small businesses say that the federal
4:49 am
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4:53 am
brian: here we go. 's democratic governor under or fire over his refusal to end job benefits despite a pleading letter from business owners desperately trying to fill jobs with people getting paid too much not to work. chad mcgriff, thanks so much for joining us, we appreciate it, chad. what -- why -- >> thanks for having me. brian: describe your struggles. >> basically, you know, we've got staffing issues. it's getting relevant that this extra $300 a week for unemployment is, you know, basically buying, you know, paying for people not to seek out jobs. and it's stretching our staff really thin, and ultimately what's going to happen is, you know, we're going to be burning our core staff, burning them out and losing customers due to not being able to fulfill, you know,
4:54 am
their normal job duties. brian: two things that the president always says, the data doesn't line up, number one, and number two, pay them more. why don't you pay them. >> you can't do that in the restaurant industry. our margins are single digits, they're really tight. i don't have the million dollar, deep pockets like the big chains do to weather this temporary storm, you know? mcdonald's and other places like that have, you know, they can -- they have the money right there, you know in we just don't have that kind of revenue, you know, as far as -- i have to pay them $20 an hour to match their $300 extra benefits for unemployment. there entry-level people just aren't going to do that. brian: i imagine some of the 1,050 are democrats. they're asking the governor for help. the dollars, i don't know if you're a democrat or republican, and the democrat just doesn't want to do that to a democratic president's policy, i guess. here's what the governor's office said, congress shouldn't
4:55 am
be paying it if they don't want states to use it. to be rejecting benefits would be rejecting hundreds of millions of dollars coming into the state of colorado. it's free money from the federal government for colorado. what do you say to the prix money in. >> well, that's a ridiculous statement, because it's not free money. it was previously collected tax dollars, and they're distributing the money. the government doesn't make money. they collect it from you in the form of taxes. if i can't hire people, i'm not writing checks x they're not getting fica. if my business slows down, the state and local governments aren't getting that revenue. they're literally shooting themselves in the foot. st the poster child for that kind of thing. the government is actually paying people from previous revenue for them not to work. now they're not going to get it upstreaming from the return on it. it doesn't make any sense at all. not a revelation. you don't have to be an economist to know that's just
4:56 am
not right. brian: these people have never been in the private sector, and it shows. hey, best of luck, chad. i'm glad you're taking alaska, get people's attention -- action, get people's attention. and the good news is it ends in september. >> thank you for having me, it was a great honor. appreciate it. brian: same here. special announcement, really pumped up. going to new jersey september 25th with the great dana perino. if you want tickets, we'll be talking about our books, history and great advice books and plus dana's years at the white house. go to brian brian r ticketmaster. .com september 25th in asbury park, new jersey, which i hear is beautiful this time of year. straight ahead, the heroism of police officers on fullsplay. they will join us next hour to explain how they saved that child's life. h, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on?
4:57 am
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5:01 am
>> -- ivy league schools. >> that's a false idea. >> today is national chicken finger day. >> hundreds of thousands of free chicken fingers today. we've got some for you right here. >> okay! >> what do you think? >> oh, my god. it's amazing. ♪♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends" at the 8:00 eastern hour here, and that's a beautiful shot of myrtle beach -- steve: missed the sunrise. if you notice, rachel, the shore is clear down in myrtle beach because everybody is celebrating national chicken fingers day. brian: right. [laughter] a that could be it or sharks. rachel: yeah? steve: always looking on the
5:02 am
bright side. [laughter] rachel: the optimist, the pessimist. brian: a lifeguard got bit by a shark or yesterday -- steve: i was down a couple weeks ago in florida about to get into the water, and i saw a shark right out there, and i decided, you know what? today's not a good day to get in the water. brian: are they bored? shouldn't they be in the middle of the ocean? rachel: this is why i love lake life. i mean, i like to lay out on the beach, but i don't go in the water. but in the lakes, i do -- steve: there are no sharks. there could be a land shark. [laughter] rachel: all right. well, today we are going to bring you a lot of stories, we have brought you a lot of stories about the rising crime. you wouldn't hear about those stories if you were watching any other network. we've covered how they're not covering it. but the latest crime we want to tell you about is one that happened to a former senator, barbara boxer. she was in california, she was walking along near oakland, and
5:03 am
she was attacked. they shoved her and stole her cell phone. she put out a tweet about it or at least her people did. it said earlier today former senator barbara boxer was assaulted in the london square neighborhood of oakland. the assailant pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. of she's thankful that she was not seriously injured. steve: that's right. there is now a $2,000 reward. she told the l.a. times she went home and called the police and told them what happened. i wonder if they're going to go after him or her. she said, pardon me. she said that it appeared that the entire crime was planned because it was coordinated between two guys in a car. she said they were looking for someone vulnerable. it was planned. the guy knew what he was doing. he hit me hard, never said a word. she said if he would have said give me your phone or else, i would have given him my phone.
5:04 am
she said she didn't see the guys' faces, but she felt that they were just teenagers, and she pushed back at people who are going to say this is an example of rising crime under democratic leadership. she said democrats have no intention of defunding the police. they want better policing. rachel: always the politician. i love that. steve: had there been better policing, maybe barbara boxer, the former democratic senator longtime, decades in the senate from california, maybe she would not have been attacked yesterday if there were better policing for oakland, california. brian: i mean, that's one thing too. the bottom line is there are people in her party that want to defund the police. they say it over and over ebb again. and when joe biden was asked about that, he said something ridiculous like they also saying i'm trying to suck the blood of children? a nonsensical comment. meanwhile, the crime is not just in california, although it is finding a home there. it also has a place in chicago
5:05 am
where over the weekend 73 were hit by gunfire,11 have died. and this is a year in which they decided to have an offensive against crime in chicago. remember are, president trump offered the national guard to try to get some law and order, tried to reorganize and do something about the gang problem. david brown is the chicago superintendent, he's got his hands full just like he had in dallas. he's exasperated because there's no hell to pay for offenders, and there's no prison today for the convicted. listen. >> what we could do different is challenge the courts to render chicago safe by holding violent offenders in jail longer, not releasing murderers back into with our community. murderers. i don't think there's another city in this country releasing people charged with murder back into the community.
5:06 am
that should be a headline in this city, and it's not. we should be adversarial to the courts. use the same energy as you just asked me that question to ask the courts, why are you releasing violent people, dangerous people that chicago police officers arrest and charge back into these communitieses? it creates the environment of lawlessness. if we had our druthers, we would keep violent people in jail longer. we would hold them accountable for the violence. brian: does that sound like the police chief from friday? d.c.? rachel: that's why what barbara boxer said was so remarkable. here she is is just the victim of violent crime, and her inis to go, wait a minute, it's not our policies. the police chief in d.c. saying, yeah, it is your policies. the police chief in chicago saying they're letting murderers
5:07 am
out of jail, you have aoc on saturday at a campaign event saying i want to abolish our prison system that's designed to trap black and brown men. and you have democrats like eric holder and george soros funding prosecutors who promise to do, implement these kind of policies that basically let out criminals. so, yes, this is a democrat policy, and the reason barbara boxer says that is because she knows the democrats are in trouble when it comes to crime. you can say it's not happening, you cannot report it on nbc and cbs, they're giving zero time to it, but people feel it. and she just got it. steve: and people feel it here in new york city and state where they got that new bail thing where you can be arrested for pretty much anything, and you don't wind up going to jail, they don't even -- you know what? not even worth my time. but the chief, the superintendent in chicago made such a good point. these people who have been arrested and charged with murder
5:08 am
are being released back onto the street, and what is the deterrent? they're wearing an ankle monitor. finish is that going to stop you from pulling the trigger again? that's why -- and, brian, you gave that number a moment ago, six dozen people were shot over the weekend. and it's just a regular weekend there. things are out of control. we had a chicago alderman on with with us just about an hour ago, and he, he sees the headlines, he knows it's bad. he had this to say. >> they think that ankle bracelets will work better than jailing criminals, serious criminals. most of these are repeat offenders, they're out there, they're cutting their ankle brace letses. they're fearless of nothing, so there's actually no consequences for them. we're afraid of criminals, we're afraid we're going to offend them, and we're letting them run the streets wild. not only in chicago, i should say, as you know, it's across america. brian: and the personal protection is bulked up on all
5:09 am
these city officials while their police budgets are bulked down can. meanwhile, turning to the border crisis, yeah, we have one. griff jenkins joins us outside the white house with a major reversallal on the border situation from the if white house itself. explain this. >> reporter: no notice or big fanfare about it, no explanation either. dhs is quietly releasing a statement resuming a trump era policy about removing illegal migrant families saying in the statement, quote: certain family units who are not able to be expelled under title 42 will be placed in expedited removal proceedings. the biden/harris administration is working to build a safe, orderly and humane immigration system. this as the administration has expelled more than 750,000 migrants this fiscal year under title 42 protecting americans from covid. but officials worried that could soon be lifted, and it comes as
5:10 am
the rio grande sector is seeing that 900% spike in covid cases with migrants and nearly 70 border patrol agents infected. in fact, so many migrants are coming there right now, the humanitarian residence center has asked border patrol to stop dropping them off. meanwhile, some members of congress led by representative ayanna pressley is demanding the administration immediately lift title 42. but when we asked her about it, she had little to say. watch. are you concerned it would spread the likelihood of covid? the cbp confirmed yesterday that there's a 900% -- >> not. >> reporter: you're not worried that it would -- and are you asking secretary mayorkas to ignore -- this as the number of criminal migrants encountered and apprehended continues the rise. i said that they apprehended 302 criminal migrants convicted of
5:11 am
sex offenses since june 4th. steve: i was going to say, griff, in talking to that lawmaker just outside the capitol, it sounded like one of her people said she's got to vote. she was leaving the capitol. that's where you vote. what's she going to vote on and where? >> reporter: that's an interesting question. to tell you the whole story, she held a press conference right there outside the capitol, and then she was going in for another series of voting, but when i put a question to her about the timing of her announcement, she wouldn't talk to me. she got in her car to drive under the protected carriage entrance. i asked the press secretary later could she simply give me a comment about the timing because with rising covid cases, it doesn't seem this is a good time to be lifting title 42. they didn't get back to us. brian: wow. don't let it affect your self-esteem, griff.
5:12 am
[laughter] when you say expedited removal, if i'm one of those families, all i have to do is come up with a sob story, right? oh, they're going to kill me if i go back. i mean, that's it. if you don't have a reason to flee, you get set back. but there's still certain hot buttons that are going to admit you, correct? >> reporter: that's a great question as well. it's not entirely clear what the process will be about whether or not they have a, quote, credible fear to claim asylum, and we also don't know in their statement they say certain family are units who are not able to be expelled, the certain version of that isn't very clear either. rachel: right. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, they are acknowledging, i think, in this reversal it's fair to note that they are dealing with a growing, unprecedented number of families coming and now, unfortunately, many of them are covid-positive. rachel: yeah. equally confusing is that last week they said no cubans even though they really to do have a credible threat. so that's kind of strange too.
5:13 am
but i love the way you posed the question, you know, do you care about what's happening, this 900% increase in covid cases on the border. i don't think she cares. if you talk to tony, representative tony gonzales who lives along that border, who represents the people along that border area, he says this policy is just not working. listen. >> reporter: well, rachel, quickly i would add to that that mayorkas, the dhs secretary, said at the end of may that he would look to lift title 42 when there was no health reason to do so. and that is certainly not the case with the numbers we're seeing coming out of the rgv. brian: griff, i've got bad news, we have to say good-bye to you. i don't want to pay you overtime. [laughter] steve: it's never good-bye. it's see you later. all right, thank you very much. now let's say hello, jillian joins us with some other news. >> reporter: let's and bin with this story because today the illegal immigrant convicted
5:14 am
of killing mollie tibbetts are appear in court, attorneys are seeking a new trial. they will call a number of witnesses who will testify to an alternate theory of the crime. this after two witnesses came forward claiming someone else confessed to killing tibbets. the 20-year-old was stabbed to death while out for a jog in july 2018. today the house select committee will hold its first hearing on the capitol attack. four police officers will testify about their struggles to defend theg from the mob. house speaker nancy pelosi rejected two of gop leader kevin mccarthy picks for the committee, instead she hand picked congresswoman liz cheney and congressman adam kin sinkinger -- kinzinger as the only republicans. new court documents reveal britney spears finds her father, quote, threatening and scary, describing him as an incompetent financial manager. britney's team calling the relationship venomous saying,
5:15 am
quote -- her mental health, well-being and her ability to pursue and continue with her extraordinary career. britneys has named cpa jason rubin to take over asen conservator of her estate. and a fox news alert, breaking news now, simone biles drops out of the women's to olympics gymnastics team final. this is all unfolding right now, so it's unclear exactly why. usa gymnastics says she will be assessed daily to determine whether she is cleared to compete. right now she is standing on the sidelines with her fellow teammates. we will be following this story all day long, but there are, you know, a bunch of theories out there right now. of course, we don't want to say anything until something is concerned. brian: she had a vault where she only did one and a half if spins instead of two, and now the 19-year-old's got to compete in the floor competition which she wasn't prepared to do, so the russians came in after winning
5:16 am
the qualifying the number one slot -- >> reporter: kind of a mess. rachel: you're following all the olympics for us. are we bored with it? i can just get the updates from you. steve: everybody knows her. according to the daily mail, she left the stadium with a trainer and a member of the medical team. later she returned to the floor, that apparently is what jillian was just talking about. it was later announced she had withdrawn altogether. her coach confirms she has not sustained injury revealing that a she's been pulled out of the final because of, quote, a mental issue. rachel: she did say she felt the weight of the world on her. did you hear that? i did hear that, so maybe it's just too much. brian: she's considered the best in the world and many people think the greatest ever. and i guess the pressure of doing that also, keep in mind, too, she had a year to think
5:17 am
about this. the whole 2020 olympics was put off for a year. steve: we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, coming up, optimism about america's future is going to wrong direction as president biden marks six months in office. we're going to take a look at why americans are feeling pessimistic coming up next with mark penn. rachel: that's right. plus, police officers racing to rescue a baby and a mother pinned under a car. the heroes who did the heavy lifting are going to join is us later this hour. ♪ ♪ limu emu... and doug. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend.
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♪ ♪ steve: as president biden marks six months in office, many americans are feeling less hopeful about the future than, you know, a couple of months ago. a new poll finding 55%, a majority of americans, are pessimistic about the direction of the country. meanwhile, the president has mixed approval on the issues with pretty high marks on covid and the economy buddies approval on gun violence, crime and the border. look at that right there. here to discuss, former clinton 2008 presidential campaign chief strategist mark penn. mark, good morning to you. >> morning. steve: well, the biden people knew this was coming. honeymoon's over. >> yeah, it sure looks that way. i think we've had the first six months particularly coming out of the pandemic, the economy improving, job situation improving, but now all of
5:23 am
that's, i think, put in caught doubt. i think the delta variant is so far not under control, people are wondering if the programs9 that the president's pushing will create inflation, immigration, crime obviously are are issues, withdrawal from afghanistan. things are piling up here. they're not piling up in a good way. and most importantly, the mood of the country has swung really 20 points to the negative from the positive. steve: sure. so right now we're a majority pessimistic country about the future, and the numbers he does the best on and has was covid. but now, you know, to your point, with the delta and now they're talking about maybe they're going to make us wear masks again even though we got the vaccine, you know, that was the deal that joe biden said a couple months ago. he said get the vaccine, you won't have to wear the mask. well, now they're saying even if you have the vaccine, you're probably going to have to wear the mask, and that's not going
5:24 am
to sit well with a lot of people because that's why they got the shot. >> well, once you get six months in, you know, tests come in terms of can you really effectively lead the country or not and how does that work out. i think this is a real test of leadership. will the president lead us out of the delta variant and get us across the finish line with more vaccinations in a bipartisan fashion that brings the country together as he promised, or do they seem to be going down a morety vice isive path and, you know, pointing fingers at republicans. really what's required here is leadership, will the president do it, that's the real test of this presidency right now. steve: sure. and, mark, you know, covid impacts everybody around the country, around the world. something else that, unfortunately, is taking root is crime. you're down in washington. there's been a number of random gun violence incidents, you know, the thing last week at nationals park and then at that nice neighborhood over in logan circle where people got out and
5:25 am
started shooting willy-nilly. that's the kind of hometown issue that people get freaked out about because there's such randomness to this crime wave. >> yeah, i never thought i'd see crime as a national issue again. when i worked with president clinton, it was the number one issue in the country at the time. it was one of the key things that the president moved on on in order to improve. again, i think this is a second real test of hardship. you know, all the statistics -- test of leadership. all the statistics show that crime has gotten worses and is the administration going to do something at a national level. we did 100,000 cops along with other programs. steve: sure. and the fact that there have been members of the president's own party who have called for defunding the police which joe biden says i never said that. i talked about reallocating resources, but it's completely different. >> yeah.
5:26 am
no, i think you're really seeing the kind of rethinking about anything to do with defund the police. i think that's being reversed pretty quickly. i think people are realizing we need the police, we need the right to correct and train police, a lot of support for police reform, but it's incredibly important that we have an active, viable, properly trained police force. i think you're seeing that come through in the polls. steve: mark penn joining us from d.c.. mark, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: all right. still ahead on this tuesday, she's called to abolish i.c.e. and defund the police. find out what system of justice aoc says needs to go and go now. and republicans are standing in solidarity with cubans fighting for freedom. we're going to talk to senator rick scott and congresswoman nicole malliotakis as they bring the fight against communism to capitol hill. ♪ ♪
5:27 am
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♪♪ >> at least say the truth. give a press conference and talk about it. say it!
5:31 am
say it, say that we are killing people, say it, okay? say that they are doing it, because they are. i have family back there. my cousins are young that are 16 and older, they're hiding right now in cuba because they don't want to be taken. my aunts -- >> people are dying. no, it's from years ago. it's time to -- [inaudible] rachel: all right. thousands of cuban protesters are rallying outside the white house and the cuban embassy yesterday demanding the administration take a stronger stance in their fight for freedom. but according to an op-ed in "the washington post", quote, republicans give biden zero credit for his hard line on cuba. they don't even admit it exists. indeed, it's hard to imagine that trump would be doing anything more the aid cuban protesters than biden is doing. there really isn't much we can
5:32 am
do. rubio, cruz and the rest must know that, but they don't care. mere facts will not impede their effort to paint biden as pro-marxist. our next guests are also gathering on capitol hill for thallingly, gop congresswoman nicole malliotakis is a the daughter of cuban immigrants along with senator rick scott and american conservative union chair matt schlapp. math, this is incredible the me because i was speaking with many cubans, i've been doing that throughout the week, can and they all say they do wish trump was in charge, and they do think trump would have already had internet and cell phone access going over island and helping the protesters in that regard in the very least. >> yeah, this is completely wrong. and by the way, rachel, thank you for your coverage of this effort to bring freedom to the people of cuba. the people of cuba will one day be free, we've just got to make sure we retain that freedom in america. and the fact is the obama/biden
5:33 am
policies which are now the biden policies are complete appeasement with the regime in cuba. remember, barack obama thought it was good to have a beer and watch a baseball game with castro. rachel: that's right. >> we have to deprive this regime of financial resources, we have to give these democracy supporters access to the internet which is very cheap and we can do very affordably, and we need to project strength from america. it's hurricane's birthright to stand for -- america's birthright to stand for people who want freedom. rachel: congresswoman, matt makes a great point. we know the former members of obama's administration are running cubas' policy right now for the biden administration. many of the protesters that i talk to think they are just waiting for the protests to get squelched, for the cuban government to end this and for the cuban influence and the marxist influence to continue in the western hemisphere. >> that's absolutely correct.
5:34 am
this is president biden's berlin moment, okay in. rachel: right. >> compare what ronald reagan did in 1987 to what's going on here. very stark comparison. it is so critical9 that the leader of the free world speak out and take a strong stance, rally democracies around the world to get this ill legitimate regime out of cuba and bring -- freedom. remember, cuba is aligning itself with iran, with north korea, with china, with russia. they are spreading the socialist and communist propaganda the venezuela, to bolivia, to nicaragua. here in the united states of america we see a socialist movement and, matter of fact, during the protest last year we saw the hammer and sickle, the communist symbol, painted on buildings in new york city. so it's spreading inside the united states as well which is why if we end it in cuba, we will end it in the western hemisphere and prevent it from spreading further.
5:35 am
rachel: there's no reason to believe this isn't just deliberate appeasement9 of the marxists, o. communists. senator scott, one of the things people really love about you is that you really are a business person first and foremost. so why can't even florida get it done? why can't the private sector in what can be done to bypass what the biden administration is refusing to do to help the people in cuba in. >> number one, they need to shut down the ill legitimate embassy in d.c. we've got to get the internet back on. i've been talking to private companies about how to do it. they need support from our coast guard to make sure that if they're attacked by the cuban regime, they can defend themselves. so i've been reaching out to the coast guard to make sure that they're going to provide support if american business people show up and provide internet access. this is ways to do this. the right thing would be for the biden administration to do it on their own, but they're not. the other thing the biden administration needs to do, talk about these peaceful protesters
5:36 am
that are being shot, kids being taken and put in the military, dissidents who are being tortured. i met with a man's family yesterday, in prison and being tortured, they don't know anything about him right now. biden needs to show up. rachel: yeah. at this point you can only draw the conclusions that the congresswoman drew, he's not interested in helping, and nothing is happening, and at this race, this crucial moment may pass without any help. anyway, thanks for your voices. we'll be following what you're doing to free cuba at that cpac rally which is so important, and thank you all for joining us. [speaking spanish] rachel: all right, up next, violent crime surges in the wake of the defund police movement, and now congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is making headlines with with a new call to abolish the carceral system is. >> i want to abolish our carceral system that's designed to trap black and brown men. [cheers and applause]
5:37 am
rachel: the great leo terrell will join us to react about to that after the break. veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. go with simparica trio it's triple protection made simple! simparica trio is the first and only monthly chewable that covers heartworm disease,
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at ♪ >> i want to abolish our carceral system that's designed to trap back and brown men. [cheers and applause] i want justice. that's what i want. steve: okay. well, despite a wave of violence rocking american cities, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez calling to end the carceral system, that means it relates to jail and prison. andour next guest argues it's rhetoric like in that's making things worse. brian: civil rights attorney leo terrell. leo, does she have a point in. >> no, brian. and i want to be clear on this because this is too important. aoc is a race hustler. she's playing the race card
5:42 am
alleging systemic discrimination, institutional discrimination. it does not exist. there is no white bogeyman. if you want to be honest, show the video you've been showing all day. look at chicago. you've got a black superintendent police chief, you've got a black mayor. look at washington d.c. how can -- black people running the system. so when he talks about incarcerating black and brown people, you're looking at the video, it's crime committed by people of color. if she really wants to criticize someone, look at kamala harris when she was a.g. keeping black men in jail. this is a joke. it's untrue, it's a lie. rachel: what's fascinating about it is it's so unpopular with black people, with brown people that are living in those cities. how is she still out there saying this stuff? there seems to be such a schizophrenic message coming from the democrats. on the one hand they're saying no, no, no, no, we end don't want to defund the police, and on the other handing she's
5:43 am
saying on saturday, yeah, we want to get rid of the prison system. >> becauseing rachel, the left-wing media is not holding her accountable. they're just allowing her to give these motional speeches without challenging her at all. we're challenging her. again, look at the video in chicago and washington d.c. black police chiefs complaining about this crime. it's happening in communities of color. and you have a double speak here. the biden administration will not attack aoc because they are afraid of her. she's a race hustler. brian: leo, they never asked, you might not say defund the police, prime minister, what about the entire squad? and you could have is those quotes right in front of him and make him answer the question and make him give a legitimate answer instead of they saying i'm going to suck the blood of children. rachel: crazy. >> other than the press conferences that are being held, they will never have any direct
5:44 am
comments, challenge of these race issues at all. they won't do it. they're ignoring it. they think we're stupid, we're not. we see it every day watching it on fox. stowe steve and you know what, leo? the polls are turning upside down for the president and the democrats regarding crime, and now the news this morning that barbara boxer, the former democratic senator from the great state of california, somebody strong armed her, shoved her, stole her cell phone, and she said, look, this has nothing to do with defund the police. >> steve, i'll tell you exactly what that is. i tweeted out, hey, any comment, black lives matter, any comment? antifa, economy comment? democratic caucus? they can't criticize their own. i'll give the democrats credit for one thing, they're unified. they never attack each other. but this is the problem. people will see this, i guarantee you, steve, in 2022 the public is going to speak out. the democrats are going to lose the house, period. rachel: yeah. it's going to be a bloodbath in that next election, no question.
5:45 am
leo, thank you so much for joining us. you're never shy. >> thank you, rachel. and make sure brian and steve treat you nice -- brian: wait a second -- rachel: thank you. brian: are you retaining leo terrell -- rachel: on my birth he said i could retain him to handle pete and will, and now he's extending his services finish. [inaudible conversations] >> i'm watching you, brian and steve. steve: he's not going to pay you. we're watching you, leo. rachel: thank you, leo. [laughter] all right. we've got to get over to jillian. jillian, what do you have? >> reporter: let's go ahead and begin with this story because today members of the house will hear from capitol police officers as they investigate the january 6th insurrection. this as house speaker nancy pelosi rejects minority leader kevin mccarthy's picks for the committee. and just moments ago he spoke out. listen. >> unfortunately, speaker pelosi
5:46 am
will only take on people on to the committee that will ask the questions she wants asked. that becomes a failed committee and a failed report, a sham that no one can believe. if you want the true answers, do not be afraid of the questions that will get asked. >> reporter: there are only two republicans on the nine-person panel. an illinois restaurant owner fined $200 for flying two american flags in front of his business over the fourth of july. local officials say the owner violated a city ordinance prohibiting improper displays and that his flags were too close to the road. the owner plans to fight the fines in count. that's a look at your headlines. back to you. rachel: i like the symmetry of two flags, you know? brian: thank, jillian. steve: all right. rachel: we're going to check in with senior meteorologist janice dean now for our fox weather forecast, and she's still eating
5:47 am
chicken fingers. janice: oh, yes. i hope there's to go bags, it's my favorite things now. it's national chicken finger day, but i've got to get to the forecast because that's what they pay me for. across the country let's take a look at temperatures, into the 70s but with the heat index going to feel a lot warmer than that. and then we have the showers and thunderstorms for parts of the central u.s., the great lakes and the northeast. that smoke, by the way, from the wildfires is going to dive into the ohio valley and the northeast on thursday, so we're not done with that yet. pretty incredible that we're going to see and feel and smell that smoke as far east as the east coast. heat advisories in effect for the central plains. okay, back to my other job, tasting these tasty chicken fingers because it is national chicken finger day, and we love raising cain, and it's just going to keep happening. steve: she's a paid to eat that on tv. rachel: best job ever. brian: do you think general mills will have a chicken finger
5:48 am
cereal? steve: no. brian: no? okay. steve: i don't think chicken sounds good -- rachel: we had to eat mac and cheese ice cream. [laughter] you never me what can happen. brian: meanwhile, a baby trapped under a car saved by quick-thinking, heroic police officers. they join us next. steve: bill hemmer's going to take over in 12 minutes. good morning. bill: i'm thinking chicken for breakfast. rachel: nothing wrong with that. bill: there's never really a bad time for a drumstick, right, guys? great show. big hearing coming up in a moment here on the capitol riots. we'll watch that. what will we learn as republicans say it lacks balance about a dark day in america. covid updates, many things you knead to know about the variant -- need to know about the variant and the vaccine. america's cops are blaming the courts, and we'll explain, and there is little room for
5:49 am
argument, simone biles is america's best known olympian. what we think we know at this hour, we'll tell you when dana and i see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour. rry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's an important time to save. with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... you feel like a big deal. ♪♪ you've been taking mental health meds, every trip is a big deal. and your mind is finally in a better place. except now you have uncontrollable body movements called tardive dyskinesia - td. and it can seem like that's all people see. some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling.
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♪ ♪ browne brian all right. now to a heroic rescue you're not going to believe.
5:53 am
the footage is tough to watch, but it's fascinating. it happened in yonkers can, new york, an out of control car crashed into a mom. to two police officers and bystanders were were able to lift the car and save the mom and child. you're looking at it now. >> i've got the baby. got the baby. hold up, hold up -- okay. brian: amazing. those officers join me right now. rocco, yonkers police department, along with paul. guys, thanks so much for being here. bring us to the moment, rocco. >> we were next door in the bagel shop just waiting for our breakfast -- brian: in uniform? >> yeah. we heard a car accident outside. obviously, didn't know the extent. we outside to see what was going on and found the car through a building. brian: when did you realize somebody was underneath? >> we saw the woman in front of the car x a few seconds later people said there was a baby, and the mother was pointing, and
5:54 am
that's when rocco -- brian: how did you lift the car? >> people in the community came rushing in, and everybody helped. it was pretty amazing. brian: what was going through your mind? >> just hoping the baby was alive. hope. brian: how long did the hole thing take? >> couple minutes. brian: and then who pulled the baby out, and what did you see? >> paul reached under, grabbed the baby while we lifted the car up. >> when i brought her out, she was covered in motor oil. brian: mom was -- >> in front of the car being treated by an ambulance. brian: what was the driver doing? >> the driver was, he was in the store. he actually went over to make sure that the woman was okay. brian: you watched him careen across the street and go through the window. >> yeah. brian: what was he doing, was he
5:55 am
drunk? >> we found an open container in the car and suspended license, and he's been charged with a number of crimes. brian: paul, you're a father of six. does that go through your mind in. >> father of four, but anything with a child, it definitely hilts you -- hits you harder emotionally, kind of a deep breath after. brian: this why you to this, rocco? >> yeah. we just want to say thank you to everybody across the country. the outpouring of support has been unbelievable. we're not special. any member of our department would have tone the same thing as well as millions of other police officers across the country. brian: do you know how the child's doing? >> i believe she had surgery yesterday and she's expected to do well, skin grafts and stuff. brian: really salute you guys for what you did. a salute to your training as well. rocco and paul, thanks so much. >> thank you for having us. brian: meanwhile, more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ ro
5:56 am
and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala? fewer asthma attacks. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred.
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don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection-site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala. find your nunormal with nucala. >> today is national chicken fingers day. we're celebrating on fox square. you're giving chicken fingers away at your locations. >> 600 raising canes across the coast. this is our day. my christmas. >> it is my christmas. it is my christmas. i will eat this all day long. >> i want to be part of the segment but i really want to eat. >> really delicious. >> do you like it?
6:00 am
governor of new york. >> that's awesome food, chicken fingers. >> and the sauce. >> that will wrap it up for national chicken fingers day. >> bill: chicken for breakfast. good morning. america in the midst of a coast to coast crime wave. in california a well-known former senator reveals she was robbed in broad daylight. how did that happen? no one is safe. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to our program today. >> dana: welcome to you as well. i'm dana perino. "america's newsroom." a strange thing in california. we'll hear in a moment. they only took the cell phone. were they targeting the cell phone? we'll have to find out in a moment. the video out of new york as we


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