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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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it is tuesday july 20 seventh. covid cases think up as illegal immigrants for over the southern border and a key trump your policy, what is president biden going to do about it? todd: a former democrat senator attacked and robbed in oakland, california. jillian: stay out of the ivy league. a social justice group asking white families not to enroll her kids in the country's top
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schools. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪♪ todd: the musical. jillian: one inch by one inch. we can see you that is. todd: didn't mean to mess up the lights for that guy. you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. jillian: good to see you this morning. the crisis at the southern border, major reversal from the biden administration is that migrant families who don't qualify for asylum will be expelled. jillian: todd: what this means as covid cases by, migrants. >> with little notice or
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explanation, a statement resuming a beer a policy that accelerates the procedure for moving families saying certain family units were not able to be expelled under title 42 will be placed in expedited removal proceedings, the biden harris administration is building a safe, orderly and humane immigration system. that was welcome news to texas lieutenant governor dan patrick. >> much too little too late, they are worried about covid, right now a lot of these people are coming from guatemala. there vaccination rate is 12%, 14%, honduras, 7% to 8% a lot of potential covid cases coming in. >> the health provision protecting americans from covid, 750,000 migrants this fiscal year is the rio grande valley
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secretary sing-along hundred% spike among migrant detainees and that full worries tom homan. >> the us government released hundreds of covid positive people into the interior bye-bye filibuster, plane ticket, us citizens held accountable in the southwest border is wide open. jillian: some members of congress led by representative iona presley are demanding the administration immediately lift title 42 and when asked about it she had little to say. >> what about the spread of covid? the cbp confirmed the 900% increase in that but you are not worried? are you asking secretary mayorkas to ignore? >> border patrol agents arrested two game, members and two,
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migrants convicted of sex crimes. >> a lot of reporting on those numbers and don't understand how people are not concerned or sharon the thought that you have all these people trying to come into the country that are spreading to border agents, 70 of them in the last week of tested positive, that infiltrates into communities. look at the unaccompanied children this week alone. no denying that will infiltrate. and i crazy? todd: i don't understand it. they must see something in their polling that says no matter what we do we are going to win. on an open and shut case this won't impact them. otherwise for every other politician they need to switch course on this because this is a
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major loser especially if we are back to masks in a large part of this country. if we go back to lockdowns and the images we saw from the border, walking across the border while you are shutdown that is not going to be a winner at the ballot box. jillian: while you are trying to figure out when can i travel, a lot of people who live in other states or overseas, some of my best friends haven't been able to see their family in a year and a half and people watching can relate to that so a lot of people wonder when will i have these freedoms back and listens with jen psaki has to say. >> you have seen this with the delta variant. we will maintain existing travel restrictions. the more transmissible delta variant is spreading driven by the delta variant cases arising
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at home particularly among those who are on vaccinated and will continue in the weeks ahead. the cdc advised americans against travel to the united kingdom. todd: how could any of these covid warriors who try to force their views and opinions and mandates down our throats not look at the border and say that is a problem? what if your arguments on covid are right. i will give you that for the sake of argument but you can't say look at the border and say not a problem, those are two internally inconsistent fox and the height of hypocrisy. jillian: certainly. todd: i don't understand that. jillian: i was thinking as you were saying that donald trump had won another term and we are having this issue the issue wouldn't be the same but point being if we had a surge in
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migrants and people would point to the southern border saying this is how it is spreading. todd: if one person came across it would be the top story on any other network. 6 minutes after the hour, former us senator barbara boxer assaulted in oakland as crimes skyrocket across california and other major states and cities. jillian: marianne rafferty joins us with what happened. >> reporter: a tweet reads the assailant pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in the car. she was not seriously injured. crime has gotten so bad the fbi announced it would get involved. in chicago police say 73 people were hit by gunfire of the weekend, 11 people killed. david brown says the force is doing what it can.
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>> we are resting violent offenders. the courts are releasing these people back into the community, 90 people charged with murder have been released. it should be a headline in the city and it is not. be adversarial to the courts as what the courts do differently rather than release violent people into their communities. >> lori lightfoot hoping a tentative deal reached the city's police union including a pay raise for officers while adding more community policing and expanding on use of force training saying the agreement also recognizes the stress of the job and provides additional health and wellness support for officers. james craig says deals like this are a start and lawmakers called
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to defund the police while hiring private security for themselves. >> it is comedy, hypocrisy. they defunded lapd. i better released the size of the security team since she is a defund reimagining. do this. put a social worker on your detail. >> facing scrutiny for her anticrime plan, shootings are up 10% while homicides are up 48%. todd: those numbers are not good. todd: soft on crime policies will punish them at the polls. >> i think there's a title wave brewing. i think it will be 1994 all over again. when you look at rampant inflation, out-of-control crime and a broken border and lack of
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competency the republican party is going to have a great comeback if we recruit the right people. we have a lot of opportunity to take back the house unless we completely screw this up. >> the crime on city streets and at the southern border democratic policies taking their toll. americans optimism about the direction of the country plummeting 20 points from biden's first 100 days at the 6-month mark. todd: that is quite a flip. a victim of the condo collapse is identified, 54-year-old estelle had a a was recovered. 98 people lost their lives in a tragedy. crews searching for human remains in the debris which has been brought to a warehouse. jillian: britney spears find her father threatening and scary. the pop icon describes jamie
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spears as an incompetent financial manager calling the relationship then a miss stating it appears miss spears's mental health, well-being and ability to continue her extraordinary career. according to filings jamie spears raked in $2.1 million. todd: this is a father and daughter having serious issues. time 11 after the hour, nancy pelosi taking he as the select committee holds its first hearing today. joe conchace is the partisan panel all but ensures her retirement next. jillian: we will tell you how much he was fined for flying the american flag. ♪♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart - david ruffin ♪ my bad, my bad... good race! -you too! you were tough out there... thank you, i'm getting you next time though. oh i got you, i got you. hamblin goes down. d'agostino helps hamblin back up. are you okay? -yeah. jillian: the january 6th committee will hold its first hearing today. joe conchace is the anything but
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bipartisan commission will feel her retirement. i was a late add to the segment because they wanted me to chat with you. are you that confident that she's going to be, quote, retired or are they spiking the football before we come close to the midterms? >> i agreed to be on the segment because i was told griff jenkins was in today. what happened on january 6th was tragic and chilling and worthy of any commission in the past. we would rather see something like the 9/11 commission which had former politicians, not current ones that will make this ultra partisan, the 2 thirds of cable news will gladly eat up and it will have the same effect we saw with the first impeachment of donald from where
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pelosi and democrats overplay their hand and had them all for partisan hearing that half of them pulled out and it had a boomerang effect. people that are put on that are republicans, liz cheney said pelosi has no business determining which republican sit on committees because it sets a dangerous institution, she flip-flops her way into this committee by saying republicans shouldn't be determined by pelosi and adam can figure is another insult to bipartisanship. they have one thing in common, they criticize the president no longer in power donald trump more than the current one, when you don't have jim jordan, no question to nancy pelosi about
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the breakdown of security on january 6th. when all the theater is gone democrats still have 2022 with inflation, crime and education, they know they are in trouble in terms of losing the house, the senate is 50/50 and should be easy to flip. jillian: january 6th affected a lot of people. undeserving of it being theater, it deserves answers, proper answers and deserves to be bipartisan. here's what kevin mccarthy had to say. >> why do you think nancy pelosi did not add jim jordan to the committee? why do you think that was and are you upset? >> at the history of congress
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never -- it makes the committee a sham. jillian: everything is so political these days and some things shouldn't be out of fairness to america. >> priorities are out of whack, nancy pelosi represent san francisco, we see in that system in terms of skyrocketing crime and homelessness is out of control, you did a story about barbara boxer attacked in broad daylight. should be more worried about people she represents than putting all her time and energy into impeachment and this theater around january 6th but republicans have a little bit to answer for as far as kevin mccarthy because they could have agreed to a 9/11 like commission and they didn't want that. to get to the truth of
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january 6th particularly security breakdowns of both parties, apart from their houses, don't know what that means. todd: a number one statement in cable news. i'm old enough to remember but let me get you on light foot here. she has no ability to read the room. she was unapologetic defending speaking to reporters of, say i would do it again, let's pop up the full quote. i am unapologetic because it is an important conversation that needed to happen that should have happened along time ago. what is she thinking? this was roundly shot down by democrats, republicans, everybody. >> lori lightfoot is talking about this, let's talk about what is going on in chicago, it
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is an amazing amount considering the city was already a war zone and she should be worried about losing control of the city. does this mean she's not going to give interviews, only give interviews in terms of people of color, what does that mean for latinos and asian reporters because they were not included in her diversity last time and some reporters have a problem with it as well. requested an interview and hasn't been granted one. thank you very much. that was the magic repartee. new jersey parents and students taking the governor to court.
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todd: phil murphy leaving it up to school districts to see if mandates of masks in classrooms, they are suing claiming mask mandates are unconstitutional. the plaintiff in the lawsuit, thanks for being here. >> my breaking point around spring of this year, i thought this would go a because it started under temporary emergency order and as time went by i saw it not going away. this is called into question. probably around spring of this
2:27 am
year. todd: this is kind of week. why did you make that call. >> the fight over medical evidence. we want to focus on kids constitutional rights and that is being violated, their freedom to associate with other children and teachers, to go to school in an atmosphere of decency and compassion, they have rights. todd: your personal situation is unique, you're dealing with your 2 children and they have situations that led to the conclusion you reached. what you say to critics who say just put on the mask. >> you haven't walked a mile in the shoes of people who cannot wear masks. my son cannot wear a mask.
2:28 am
he has epilepsy. wearing a mask is not possible for him, puts his health at risk in people with panic attacks, my daughter has anxiety about wearing a mask. two big things, let me explain my sin is being isolated from society. todd: how confident are you in a victory? >> reporter: we can't guarantee a case but clearly children have rights in school, children lost all ability to function. lost the right to speak and see other people, to not be isolated at lunch.
2:29 am
i feel strongly about that. todd: the state declined to comment on this case. jillian: the state of florida, ron desantis being sued by out of work koreans for cutting off unemployment, he said he would opt out of the federal program in may. todd: this is exhibit a of the pitfalls created by free money. >> reporter: this lawsuit accusing desantis of violating statutory duty to provide unemployment benefits, seeks to reinstate the $300 we can benefits to 10 unemployed floridians. florida is one of 26 states that ended the extra benefits with reports of businesses and qualified workers as the country was beginning to reopening process.
2:30 am
similar lawsuits filed in texas, indiana and maryland. president biden has denied the extra cash led to the labor shortage. jillian: a shortage of a different kind. ed: >> reporter: you need fuel for planes to go places. a jet fuel shortage across the country, they are asking pilots to conserve fuel when possible. in an internal memo the carrier said delays will continue through mid-august due to logistics problems like shortage of truck drivers. actual trucks, pipeline issues. the airline telling foxbusiness it is not experience cancellations but they did acknowledge it is happening right now. jillian: prices will stay low, not skyrocket at all. todd: how 2021 is it that someone would be find for flying the flag on the fourth. >> reporter: illinois restaurant
2:31 am
owner was find for flying two american flags in front of his business over the fourth of july, he wanted to celebrate the holiday but officials said he was violating a city ordinance that prohibits, quote, improper display. he taped the ticket to his front door, his flags were too close to the road. they are saying we believe in the flag but they were too close to the road. todd: where they blocking traffic? jillian: and we get him on tomorrow? >> sounds like a lovely italian restaurant. todd: 31 after the hour. stay out of the ivy leagues. jillian: a social justice group asking why families not where
2:32 am
older kids in top universities. we will tell you about it. ♪♪
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don't address insulin resistance. that's why they don't work. now there's golo. golo helps with insulin resistance, getting rid of sugar cravings, helps control stress, and emotional eating, and losing weight. go to and see how golo can change your life. that's todd: barbara boxer assaulted and robbed in broad daylight in oakland. the latest attack as the bay area sees a spike in retail theft in broad daylight. jillian: san francisco community advocate who ran for mayor in 2018, ricci greenberg.
2:36 am
the tweet reason the assailants pushed her in the back almost all her cell phone and jumped an awaiting car. tell me what is going on in that city. >> a pleasure to be here. it is outrageous. san francisco and the bay area including across the bay bridge seeing this tremendous surge in brazen robberies, assaults and most often with guns. it is terrifying to san franciscans. jillian: why is it happening? >> criminals have been given the green light. we see clearly whatever ideologues are in office are feeling their policies, their policies a failed, we are being failed and there is no criminal justice at all, we have road
2:37 am
activist das and judges that most often are in cahoots with the district attorney's to not hold criminals accountable. todd: why federal intentions turn us out? >> we see those in power, the elected officials doing what they want and so we need a higher authority, we need feds to charge criminals using guns with federal crimes, gun crimes, district attorneys not doing that, letting criminals off almost immediately. jillian: you wonder how this will work out. la is considering guaranteed income as more cities offer no strings attached, we can pull up the information, $1,200 in guaranteed taxpayer-funded income for low-income adults
2:38 am
under the new plan with guaranteed income programs listed on your screen. how will this work out? >> we have to laugh at this because it is so ridiculous. to keep these people on guaranteed income they are not going to have the incentive to want to work anymore. we need to get people off government assistance so they can flourish and they are not going to do this especially if there is no accountability of what these people do with those funds that could be used for illicit drugs or anything. takes away any incentive whatsoever to move forward. todd: how worried are you this wealth distribution scheme will spread nationwide? >> it is a wealth
2:39 am
redistribution, taking money from hard-working people, law-abiding hard-working and giving it to those that are not deserving at all, creating resentments. we can't allow that to happen. todd: thank you for your time. jillian: state of emergency issued after flooding in utah, heavy rain causing water to flow into roadways and flood homes. in northern colorado three people died following last week's flooding and mudslides. jillian: todd: satellite capturing smoke from several wildfires burning in the west. a lot to break down. carley: >> janice: heavy rainfall across the 4 corners with monsoon season, moisture off the pacific but the areas that need it, the northwest and california not
2:40 am
getting any of that rainfall. we will see potential for more rain and flash flooding for the four corners towards parts of the rockies, wildfires, 83, it could spark lightning, the moisture evaporating and smoke from the western wildfires across the ohio river valley to the northeast. with respiratory programs. it will continue towards the interior northeast and the heat, temperatures in the 90s, all of the above today. todd: this summer keeps bringing the pain the matter where you are. carley: in so many ways.
2:41 am
>> hope it is not setting up for a tough hurricane season. >> janice: quiet so far. don't jinx it. good morning. jillian: the idea representing hunter biden have long-standing ties to china. todd: concerns already mounting, not looking like a pretty picture. ♪♪ ♪♪ why don't you just meet me in the middle ♪♪ i am moving a little ♪♪ imbruvica is the #1 prescribed oral therapy for cll, and it's proven to help people live longer. imbruvica is not chemotherapy. imbruvica can cause serious side effects, which may lead to death. bleeding problems are common and may increase with blood thinners. serious infections with symptoms like fevers, chills, weakness
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>> coming up in 15 minutes senator rick scott joining us, headed to capitol hill demand the us take action against cuba's communist regime, texas officials arresting migrants on trespassing charges. we will talk to tony gonzalez about how that is working. leo terrel and the heroic rescue, police officers and bystanders lift a car and pulled a child and mother from
2:46 am
underneath. we will hear that story. it all kicks off 14 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news. are you upstairs? you are in tv land somewhere. heather: never visits, he never writes. jillian: new york governor andrew cuomo, the justice from dropping their investigation into new york nursing home deaths. todd: carley shimkus here to tell us more. >> reporter: victory lap after the doj dropped its investigation into whether or not in nursing homes. he was politically motivated and. watch.
2:47 am
>> it was toxic politics. it did a lot of harm, in the nursing home. it could have been prevented. it was a mistake by government bureaucrats. that is why your loved one died. how cool. >> in march of 2020 his administration ordered nursing homes to accept covid positive patients in that it was revealed his office underreport of the number of people who died as a result so the doj dropped its investigation but he's not out of the woods yet. the fbi and us attorney's office investigating. jillian: from some outlets, hunter biden and his art.
2:48 am
>> the hunter biden sketchy are telling saga. his art dealer has ties to china. in 2015 he said my plan is to be the lead guy in china discovering and nurturing from that region to bring to the rest of the world those i consider the next generation of moderate artists. on "fox and friends first" earlier, this obviously raises ethical ethics issues and this story will be treated differently if hunter's last name was trump. >> don't know who looked at hunter biden said that's china's next generation of promising artists. selling bracelets on the subway 12,$000 a pop to someone in china. you can see something is not right.
2:49 am
there is no confusion about this at all. jillian: hunter biden selling art to anonymous buyers. hunter's past dealings with china called into question. does anybody see a potential issue? jillian: thank you. todd: get ready. remember that? bringing back the good, the bad and the ugly. the air force piano player getting the prize of her life. ♪♪ todd: social media influencers saw tony playing and posted a video online asking followers to give her a tip, 10,$000 was raised, now 70,$000. jillian: i'm sure it will skyrocket. breaking out in a brooklyn pizza
2:50 am
place, employees told police the fight happened after customers claimed the pizza was taking too long. one man used a pizza panel as a weapon, a customer was arrested and charged with assault. todd: i wish the yankees would show that stuff. the ugly. watch this shocking footage of a couple kissing each other so passionately, they looked stunned, the pilot glass, running away from the scene. jillian: could we do something. todd: can we do that? still ahead what california governor gavin newsom is saying about unvaccinated americans. jillian: what tomi lahren has to say coming up. ♪♪ - had enough? - no... arthritis.
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>> get everybody rack sin nateed that's not vaccinated that refuses to get vaccinated and living vaccine free like drunk drivers you don't go out to go out and put everybody's life at risk including your own life at risk. can comparing up vaccinated to drunk drivers. become mandatory for state employees. >> here to react is tomi lahren. how wildly is that excitement a mother or a father who lost a child to a drunk driver. >> it's incredibly insulting. it's ridiculous for him to make that comparison. you know, i have a real problem with anybody forcing vaccinations through shame. it's going to have the unintended consequence to push more people away from vaccination which is not their goal. also, for gavin newsom to preside over a proud songs area state for criminal aliens and then to say that those that are unvaccinated are putting other
2:56 am
people at risk and they don't have the right to do that, excuse me, governor newsom, how about the criminal aliens living in your states and on your streets? how about your coddling policies putting your constituency at risk every single day, day in and day out. what do you have to say about that so let's talk about that. let's start there. let's talk about the lawlessness in our cities and border endangering people before we start talking about the unvaccinated being compared to drunk drivers. absolutely abominable for him to say it. but i got one word for you guys, recall. and luckily that's happening. jillian: correct me if i am wrong, but drunk driving is a offense you could be put in yale for that it is illegal to do. not getting vaccinated, sure, there are certain regulations, schools and things that require it and then you can get exemptions for it if you can't get an exemption, it's still not a situation where you are going to end up in jail for not getting a vaccine. you are comparing apples to
2:57 am
oranges here. >> well, let's certainly hope you don't end up in jail for getting vaccinated, yet again it is california so nothing would surprise me. of for this state, again, this is the first state to lock down. he handled the pandemic horribly. he handled coronavirus horribly. if you look at the numbers and other states they were rewilling to reopen and handled things much better like my home state of north dakota and florida. he handled it wrong from the get-go. to own constituents in the midst of a recall election. buddy, this is exactly why you are facing a recall. you don't insult your constituents this way. i would also remind folks that little incident at the french laundry right before thanksgiving when he was telling his own constituents not to gather, not to dine indoors, there he was at the french laundry putting other people at risk so, gavin newsom, we have the pictures to prove it, my friend. maybe we should start there as well. todd: meantime aoc says she wants to abolish our prison system. take a listen.
2:58 am
>> i want to acknowledge designed to trap black and brown men. i want justice. [applause] i want peace and prosperity. that's what i want. todd: do aoc and other progressives don't see the fact that our streets are so bad and violent right now because those very criminals are not going into the jail? and if we completely abolish our prison system, it's going to be a thousand times worse than what we currently see? >> well, of course they understand that because in several major cities run by democrats that are currently lawless, those democrats have private security detail and private protection. so they understand the lawlessness. they feel that their security and protection is more important than their constituents who are footing the bill for their private security detail. but furthermore, aoc, she says things. i'm convinced she says things because she wants to be in the headlines. she wants to be a celebrity.
2:59 am
she wants took shock jock whether she really believes the moronic things that come out of her mouth like diarrhea or not i'm not sure. the democrats trying to insist we have crime waves spiking and poll numbers show americans are very dissatisfied with the way democrats are running their cities and very concerned for their own safety and security. now that the poll numbers are showing that, the democrat are trying to convince us that they are not for lawlessness, that they are not for defunding the police. every time they try to say that i hope we play that clip of aoc truly running the democratic party by the way. i hope we play that clip on a loop. i hope republicans will play clips like that, and there are many, on a loop in the upcoming midterm elections. americans want to be safe and secure in their own backyard. regardless of race, socioeconomic class or political affiliation. going to come back to bite them in the butt. i hope they understand this are far before we get to midterms. we have a right to be safe in our communities no matter who is in charge. jillian: whether walking to work or grocery store or out for a
3:00 am
walk. tomi lahren as always, thank you. make sure you don't miss no interruption with tomi lahren on face. todd: no tomi on there they took you away. tomi, i'm going to raise hell. of i don't like that. it's going to change, tomi. >> i appreciate that i always appreciate it many okay, "fox & friends" start right now. ♪ ♪ sean: violent crime is skyrocketing. >> former california senator barbara boxer attacked and robbed in oakland. >> these democratic cities have lost deterrent. >> courts are releasing these people. >> the department of home atlanta security released a statement that certain family units will be placed in expedited removal proceedings. >> it's much too little too late. >> no longer investigate whether andrew cuomo violated the civil civil rights of nursing home residents it? >> was an outrageous allegation. >> there is multiple investigations and we will hold this governor


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