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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  July 27, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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to be so bipartisan was if you were prosecuting dave qureshi were not thinking we should get branch davidians on the committee too. laura: insanity took a night off at 7:00 pm. that is all-time we have tonight. freedom matters on the website, gutfeld next. todd: illegal immigrants pour over the southern border and now a policy except to expire, what is president biden going to do? >> more brazen crime committed in broad daylight, former democrat senator robson oakland california, the new backlash on the soft on crime policy. todd: social justice group is asking white families not to enroll the kids in the country's
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top schools, i read that accurately, your ears are not deceiving you. "fox and friends first" begins right now. ♪♪ kristen: we got close to that. >> and she doing other things? todd: i thought people wanted to hear your music, taking the last 5 years off. after the show. >> is it tuesday? todd: we are going to go to griff. the crisis at the southern border taking hold, major
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reversal and circuit migrant families who don't qualify for asylum will be expelled. jillian: griff jenkins joins us with what is causing the spike. >> dhs releasing a statement about a beer a policy accelerating the policy, certain family units not able to be expelled under title 42 will be placed in expedited removal, the biden has administration building a humane immigration system, welcome news to dan patrick. >> too little too late. they are worried about covid. a lot of these people coming from guatemala, it is 14%, honduras 7% to 8% so you have a lot of potential covid cases coming in. >> the administration has title
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42, 750,000 this fiscal year as the hardest hit sector seeing a spike among migrant detainees. we asked tom home and about the pose to americans. >> the us citizens, the southwest border is wide open. >> the members of congress led by anna presley demanding the administration lift title 42 but when asked about it she had little to say. >> are you concerned that it would increase the spread of covid, if the cdp confirm there's 900% increase, you're not worried it would do that?
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are you asking secretary mayorkas to ignore? >> reporter: in the rgb, arrested two gaining members convicted of sex crimes over the weekend. todd: i like it. i don't think ayanna presley would enjoy. the question, is this reversal too little too late, why are they reversing course at this point. i think they are trying to have their cake and eat it too, to fulfill their campaign 2020 border promises which was more or less no border at all but then they want to pretend that of this happened as they prepare for 2022. republicans need to keep democrats from getting away with it.
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todd: 70 border agents tested positive. jillian: 27% of the unaccompanied children tested positive and we always say on the show numbers don't lie. when you look at the numbers and break them down, border agents working day in and day out, they've got families at home so the fact that someone could argue this isn't infiltrating our communities i don't see how that argument and you look at one person gets it you are able to pass along to other people, they are trying to keep a safe. >> the democratic party likes to rebrand itself as the big bad covid police and this seems a perfect example to say we are the big bad covid police, let's stop covid at the border but they are doing the opposite. it is striking the hypocrisy that you see right there. another area in the covid realm this apocrypha is taking places
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with regard to ordinary americans who have the vaccine and want to travel overseas, jen psaki is saying not so fast. >> if you've seen this with the delta variant we will maintain existing travel restrictions at this time, the more transmissible delta variant is spreading here and around the world. driven by the delta variant, among those were unvaccinated and appear likely to continue in the weeks ahead and to get to the other part of your question the cdc advised americans against traveling this past monday. >> feels like a year and a half ago. it feels like we are going slowly back to where we were with the travel restrictions and certain restrictions are mandates that have come down in certain counties or communities, that is difficult but we talked to a number of business owners
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and what they've been through and how much they've lost and had to battle to keep their businesses open if they were able to come if they were lucky enough and i hope we don't go back where we were because there's so many people who are going to suffer. laura: the official position is if you are lawful law-abiding vaccinated american citizen you can travel but if you're unvaccinated illegally crossing the border come on over. that's a huge problem for many americans. >> and those still deciding whether or not the vaccine is right for them it begs the question i would imagine, why get it then? >> that's not what the white house needs or what america needs. >> lawlessness at the border, former us senator barbara boxer assaulted in oakland as crime skyrockets across california and other cities.
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>> reporter: the account read the assailant pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. she's thankful she's not seriously injured, crime has gotten so bad the fbi announced it would get involved. in chicago police say 73 people were hit by gunfire of the weekend, 11 were killed, david brown says the force is doing all it can. >> we are resting violent offenders, the courts are releasing these people back into the community, 90 people charged with murder have been released, that should be headline in the city and it is not. ask what the courts can do differently. rather than release violence people back to these communities to create an environment of
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lawlessness. >> mary lightfoot hoping a tentative deal reached with the city's police union will help that includes a pay raise for officers violating more community policing and extending use of force training. lightfoot said, quote, the agreement recognizes the tremendous stress of the job and resulting trauma and provide additional health and wellness support for officers. former police chief james craig says deals like this are a started slam democratic lawmakers who called defend the police while hiring private security for themselves. >> it is comedy. it is apocrypha he. la just through $15 million from their budget. i bet they didn't reduce the size of the mayor's security team since she's a defund reimagining. put a social worker on your detail, just do that. jillian: she's facing training
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for hands i crime plan, shootings are up 10% from this time last year while homicides are up 48% from 2019. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham said soft on crime policies will punish them at the polls. >> i think there's a title way brewing. this is going to be 1994 all over again when you look at rapid inflation, out-of-control crime, broken border and general lack of knowing what you are doing, lack of competency the republican party will have a great comeback if we recruit the right people. we got a lot of opportunity on the map in the senate. we are going to take back the house if we don't screw this up. todd: democratic policies taking their toll, a new poll shows american optimism about the direction of the country plummeting 20 points from biden's first 100 days at his 6-month mark.
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jillian: the illegal immigrants convicted of killing molly to the to appear in court. attorneys for christian rivera seeking a new trial. they will call a number of witnesses who will testify to an alternate theory of the crime after two witnesses claimed someone else confessed to killing to bits, she was stabbed in july 2018, she was only 20 years old. >> court documents reveal britney spears finds her father, quote, threatening and scary. dmz reporting he is an incompetent financial manager. britney's team calling the relationship in a stating, quote, it impairs her mental health, well-being and ability to pursue and continue her career. jamie spears raked in $2.1 million. jillian: all eyes on the us women's gymnastics team as they
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defend their gold-medal and off to a shaky start, that is a breakthrough to the finals. lidia jacob he makes a flesh pulling off an upset in the 100 meter breaststroke. todd: she is surprised she won. on the men's sidelined the 100 meter backstroke, taking gold and silver, the first time since 1992 the american men lost a backstroke race at the olympics. hancock and amy english with matching goals, shocking upset and women's tennis, soccer bounced out of the sediment and out of the other pics. the basketball team beating
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nigerian the hardwood, japan friday, china leading with my goals followed by the us and japan tied eight gold medals was i was afraid of running out of uplifting news. did i cover? jillian: along read. time 13 after the hour, the aclu says the second amendment is racist, gun sales up 60% among black gunowners, antonio oka for joins us to shoot holes in the argument. jillian: live readings for the olympics openings money so in comparison to rio. ♪♪
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for women including one who is pregnant tabitha during a fight in philadelphia, fifth woman stuck with a baseball bat, one one it was stabbed is incredible condition. the pregnant woman had minor cuts and is expected to be okay.
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unclear what sparked this brawl, no arrests have been made. jillian: police release new video the suspect in a brutal beating in brooklyn. the way surveillance video shows a man appearing to wear the same clothing as the attacker alongside a masked man with the bike. most men soffer question if the attack which left the 60-year-old man with a broken nose and wrist. >> the aclu facing backlash for arguing that racism is, quote, foundational to the second amendment and its inclusion in the the bill of rights. >> joining us is national spokesman for the gun owners of america and fellow, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. this quote, do black americans have the right to bear arms from the aclu and it says the vigilantes of widespread gun
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ownership with black americans in an especially vulnerable position given the brutality and human cost of discriminatory policing, the rhetoric of gun rights has been selectively manipulated and utilized to inflame weight racial anxiety and frame blackness as an inherent threat. what is your reaction to this? >> my reaction is we have an aclu that is not the aclu of the past, not preserving liberty and in the quote you just read, the many holes that are in that argument that it is inherently racist is what they are trying to say but looking at the facts over 16%, 58% of african-americans are gunowners and that is important for people to know, that is showing it is not gun rights that are racist but if anything can control has shown throughout history that it
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is racist and kept african-americans from being able to be in the equality stands they should have been in the first place. >> that is a tremendous tremendous number and cuts against that argument. the author use the word vigilantism. that people should be allowed to defend their homes against the second amendment? >> part of the whole in the argument thing vigilantes who happen to be african-americans, talking about racist people who don't like to have someone else have a firearm when they have the same force because they want to do the most time in the least time, criminals and racists and whatever type of background you have you want to do the most harm in the least time so the fact is we should be empowering
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people, pushing equality through the second amendment and that is what the second amendment is about and what is always been about. we have people who are truly racist keep other african-americans from realizing it. jillian: we talk about hypocrisy all the time. cuevas wants to defund your police while dishing at 70,$000 on private security. this is a story we talked about yesterday, listen to a a gouty has to say. >> he wants to defund your police while she has a robust personal security detail in washington and st. louis and that sent a clear message that her safety is more important than yours. jillian: no one's safety should be more important than anyone
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else's, we all deserve to feel safe in our homes or walking down the street. >> absolutely. this is a classic example of one of many examples of the anti-gun left the push this gun rights for me but not thee mentality, we are the important people who should have security and have the money to do so, your own taxpayer money. we the people should be able to protect yourself and defend yourself. it isn't about -- it does allow us to make sure we don't have to rely on the police the government or legislators for gun control, we don't want them to do so, we can defend ourselves. >> i wonder what her security will be comprised of, how many will be former officers with guns.
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laura: the front of veterans affairs require from line healthcare workers get vaccinated against covid 19's. they have two months or face penalty. the va is the first agency mandate the vaccine but when asked about the requirement president biden snapped at a reporter. >> nothing is very direct.
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todd: kelly o'donnell playing that off nicely. i confirmed the va mandate but about answer when asked about a vaccine mandate for all federal employees. laura: hunter biden has long-standing ties to china. here to break down versus columnist for the federalist it is gary. i want people to understand what we are talking about, this is a report from an interview that said my plan is to be the lead guy in china discovering and nurturing talent that region was i plan to find, discover and bring to the rest of the world as i consider china's next generation of modern artists. why should we care about this? >> donor who looks at hunter biden and said that is china's next generation of promising
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artists. don't know where that came from but i do know the new york times and the rest of the media spent enough a lot of time piecing together the details of the second by second details of this strange meeting trump's kids and others had at trump tower in 2015 or 16 and the main contribution from the media -- something in plain sight, let's ask an ethics official about whether there's anything gone awry with hunter biden becoming an artist. has anyone seen him paint. i'm wondering if next he will sell bracelets on the subway for $1,000 a pop to someone in china, they act as if this is confusing, murky water, we can see on its face something is not quite right here and when it came to anything donald trump there was no confusion about this at all.
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jillian: it blows the minds a little bit when you think of this in perspective, looking at the art, we had a clip from cnn panelist, hard to get around that, the point a with donald trump's family can you imagine if this situation involving the trump family people would screen from the mountain tops as far as ethics day in and day out yet it seems like we are not as much as we otherwise would've been. >> it was never unclear when it came to donald trump. this meeting happened at trump tower during the election because someone promised compromising information on hillary clinton, there was no question whether that was improper, untoward, anything at all when it came to the trump family but we have this in plain sight and seems like a joke, it
1:31 am
would be funny if not so depressing that he becomes an art dealer, we know his background, his dad did know about it, he was implicated in some way and this is let's ask an ethics desperate if there's something wrong with this, we are getting the useful information from the new york post with the new york times and the rest of the media has nothing to say about this, it was clear under trump but under biden and his sons it is murkier water, it is a little silly. anyone -- don't need ethics desperate to tell them that. laura: that is why it is important, so many questions with ties to burisma, ukraine, president biden saying he never had questions with the sun so there are still a lot of questions that are unanswered.
1:32 am
let's listen to what senator ron jensen has to say. >> travel records from the secret service protection for 5 and a half years, during that time he made 70 trips overseas. other than the biden family name peddling influence what was he doing, this was before he became the 20% report costco. this stinks to high heaven. >> this is a problem in the media pretends there are questions. we are at the bottom of this and if it were the trumps we would have no doubt but because it is biden, this is more complicated. jillian: will the art sales
1:33 am
remain anonymous? we don't know the exact answer to that but we will follow it. check out the book privileged victims. >> andrew cuomo taking a victory lap after the biden doj drops its investigation into his nursing home scandal. >> it was toxic politi >> a lot of families have a lot to say to the embattled governor. >> social justice group is asking why families not to enroll their kids in the country's top universities. carley shimkus, fill us in on this after the break. premium c'? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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jillian: a look at america's crime crisis, barbara boxer us ultimately. as we reads the assailant pushed her in the back, so her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. >> crime has gotten so bad that the fbi announced it will get involved. senator lindsey graham says democrat soft on crime policies are to blame. >> democratic cities and states have lost deterrence, people no longer feel afraid to assault someone in the street. nobody feels afraid to go into
1:38 am
walmart and cleanup place because nobody on the prosecution level will do a thing. and the democratic party is the party of catch and release when it comes to criminals and illegal immigrants who lost deterrence in major cities in this country and the only way to regain it is for these people to suffer at the ballot box. >> recent poll revealed 39% of americans approve of how president biden is handling rising crime. >> i'm sure this will be one of the top issues in 2022 and wonder if this could be the top issue. a lot of people are focused on immigration and the southern border but as you see these videos in a variety of cities it is not just happening in manhattan or san francisco but across the country and this is starting to rattle people. the video is not lying. you are looking at this happened on your screen where you have people literally walking out of
1:39 am
stores with bundles of fortunes i strapping off. you have people being viciously beaten whether it be right there with your hands, with a cooking pot you name it it is happening. todd: they didn't become that in the last year and have, they always were bad, they just didn't act on their badness because there are consequences, now there are no consequent is, you can beat somebody up in the street and be out until minutes. i want everything as long as it is $950, no consequences, we are in a lawless society and it is already and you are seeing what you are seeing. jillian: we talked about hypocrisy and we will talk about it again. there's a lot of information to digest, this is democrat mayors defund hypocrisy.
1:40 am
$120,044,000,000 in 2015-2020, lori lightfoot spent $73 million. todd: deblasio 360,000 on his president will bid. brandon scott $3.6 million and when you're alone, todd lori, $2.6 million budget in 2021. if you and i wanted private security, three people, 8 hour shifts, with that up? how much are you paying these guys? jillian: in chicago, 17.3 million, to guard, quote, a named city officials. there are a lot of questions. there's a lot of money spent on private security, law enforcement, to protecting people yet so many people on
1:41 am
city streets don't feel any protection right now. todd: because of the policies of those who have the $17 million security forces behind them. if these mayors all want security why not give health worker, social worker to come without a gun and be there security. let's see if they like it when it is their only line of defense. jillian: andrew cuomo reveling in the fact that the justice department is dropping their investigation into nursing home death. todd: carley shimkus here to tell us more. carley: new york governor andrew cuomo doing a victory lap after the doj announced it was dropping its investigation into whether or not he mishandled
1:42 am
covid 19 and nursing homes, the governor is saying that investigation into him was politically motivated and cool. watch. >> it was toxic politics. it violated the basic concept of justice in this nation and a lot of harm and damage. people who lost a loved one in the nursing home, it could have been prevented. it was a mistake by government bureaucrats, that is why your loved one died. how cool. >> is calling the investigation cool but in march of 2020 his administration ordered nursing homes to accept covid positive patients, then it was discovered his office had underreported a number of people who died as a result. aside from the nursing home scandal new york attorney general letitia james's office
1:43 am
currently investigating sexual harassment allegations and whether he misused state resources to write that book. that investigation wrapping up very soon. >> i'm dumbfounded by the brazenness of this organization's requested is unlike anything i've seen in my life. jillian: i was going to ask what you thought of this. carley: you just revealed that very thing. there is this social justice activist group called dallas justice now asking white students not to apply to ivy league schools. here's why. this is what they have to say. talk is not enough. open up spaces for black and latin x communities by refusing to send your kids to ivy league schools. they go on to say we understand this is a minor sacrifice for privileged families but we think it is the least they can do if
1:44 am
they truly are allies of our community. conservative commentator candace owens disagrees. >> the bigotry of no expectations because we arty have affirmative-action. they are already more likely to give a spot in a school to a black american with grade lower than a white american, that exists and they say that's not enough. it doesn't make sense long-term. it is such foolishness. >> rather than calling for advancing education in black and hispanic communities so students can get on the merits they just say no one else apply. todd: i'm down dumbfounded by this. it goes to that overall point of liberals thinking the government and liberals themselves need to be parents to everybody. you have an obligation to be parents to your child and it is your obligation to make sure
1:45 am
that child achieves the height that he or she can and that is so offensive that you would subjugate your child for the sake of this greater good which is not a greater good. jillian: not a lot of parents will sign on to that pledge. and a lot of people watching the olympics. the olympic opening ceremonies were the lowest rated in the last 33 years, three time olympian little jones is out with why she thinks that's the case. >> sometimes people want to watch sports and they are not there for the political side of it. jillian: carley: joan says several things could be at play. the time zone differences a big reason, they are 13 hours ahead so all these events happen at weird times, no fans in the stands but she also said a lot
1:46 am
of people came up to her after gwen barry protested during the national anthem and said we are not going to watch. >> i didn't even know the opening ceremonies were on. carley: you guys are not allowed to see. there were 200 reported cases of disappearances in cuba since the start of the antigovernment protest. >> craig steube wants the human rights investigation and joins us live next.
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todd: a demonstration in front of the us capital, kevin mccarthy will be joined by several gop lawmakers to demand action in support of the human fight for freedom, thousands of cuban-american protesters participated yesterday, demonstrators gather outside the cuban embassy. jillian: amid recent protests. todd: there have been 187 cases of disappearances since the protests began but the true
1:51 am
number likely in the thousands. for economist craig steube leading the charge for answers and accountability, thanks for being here. how dire is the situation? >> we heard 187 but the numbers much higher. there are mission trips to cuba, speaking to faith leaders and pastors in cuba and cuban counterparts down there said people are being pulled out in the streets and murdered and disappearing so that 157 is the tip of the iceberg. the human rights violations in furtherance of the castro regime is committing against the cuban people. jillian: why should every american pay attention to what is going on? >> we care about human life and we should care about the cuban people and cuba 6 miles south of florida.
1:52 am
we should care about their quest to be 3. this is a communist totalitarian regime that of downtrodden their people for decades and we should stand with the cuban people, stand for freedom and liberty and do what we can as a nation to support them. the biden administration is not doing that, you hear silence from the biden administration of the secretary of state because there are progressives who are part of the congressman part of the democratic party that want socialism in this country that once communism in this country, he's being pushed to the left by his own party. >> it is being handed the biden on a silver platter and he's doing nothing with it. i want your thoughts on this, senator and paulsons beneficial, referral on doctor fauci to the doj, senator paul in his own words on why. >> sending a letter to the part of justice asking for criminal
1:53 am
referral because he has lied to congress, scientists will lineup by the dozens to say the research of this funding was gain of function. he's doing this because he has a self-interest to cover his tracks. >> you always help us understand how washington works. what comes of this? is that going to be a little investigation? >> we have a very politicized doj, it was politicized before trump took office, we remember russiagate and all that ended up being false but senator paul is right, doctor fauci should be criminally referred for the testimony he has given that the united states government did not fund gain of function research and they did. we have democratic led doj and i don't think they will give senator paul any credence entity any investigation whatsoever
1:54 am
which is unfortunate, just look at the emails that have been made public, freedom of information request that he was trying to cover up that he funded through the nih gain of function research, that caused this virus in this pandemic and we should get to the bottom of that and do an investigation and i applaud the senator for doing a, referral. jillian: so many eyes to gain of function research, what it is, where it is happening, everybody should be able to know where it is happening, what the money is being spent on and there are questions that remain. thank you for joining us. todd: texas and oklahoma take their first step toward leaving the big 12, they say they will not renew grants after they expire in 2025. this is basically somebody tell
1:55 am
you we are getting a divorce, they did not say what congress they plan to join but they are eyeing the ftc. both schools have been big 12 members since it started in 1996. >> didn't surprise people when this news came down? aaron rogers landed in green bay at a training camp. there's been a lot of discussion. he told the team he wanted out, now is being reported he might play this season so we will keep you updated that rogers has been cited multiple issues with the team, skipped mandatory minicamps, unclear if he will show up for the start of camp tomorrow even though he's in wisconsin but we will see if he's going to see a packer this season. neil: this contract he will get
1:56 am
a trade at the end of the year if daniel joan struggles new york giants -- next hour of "fox and friends first" new jersey parents and students taking their governor to court, their argument that school mask mandate are unconstitutional, talking to one of those parents. jillian: joe concha and tomi lahren live. was actually ibs-c giving her grief. so she talked to her doctor because she wanted more relief. that's when she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling.
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it is tuesday july 20 seventh. covid cases think up as illegal immigrants for over the southern border and a key trump your policy, what is president biden going to do about it? todd: a former democrat senator attacked and robbed in oakland, california. jillian: stay out of the ivy league. a social justice group asking white families not to enroll her kids in


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